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The Addiction Culture

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

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  • June 26, 2009
    9:30 AM
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father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to come together caring nature using Lord the canopy of this florist Lord as I is the jewel today is asking father Duffy Holy Spirit we asked Lord that Eric Walsh should not be seen or heard father God instead ask that you would show up in this place which would lead our discussions on prayer in Jesus 's name and then arts our talk is called rumbles in the mind from Linda mine and it really is focusing on addiction but I want to talk about a few other things that I'll also influenced the way the mind works in the spiritual sense from so the first text our architects actually for all of our talks they come from second Corinthians chapter four in verse four and it reads in one the God of this world have blinded the minds of them which believe not lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ with the image of God should shine unto them actually believe that Satan has to work to actively blind it distracts distort the gospel in order for it to not have its full effect what I mean by that is if people come in contact with the gospel descriptors of the word of God cannot go out and come back void so Satan knows this so he works tirelessly to set up a system where the gospel can get me around and be with the attention to it were gospel around the people don't respond to it anyone went to the devil can do this is the right apology Daltrey is so for goodness Scripture once you start to make allegiance to any other God by default it becomes and the show your allegiance the God of the universe Jennifer Jesus even exactly he cannot serve two masters assume Jesus was a very close one of the devil do we work very hard to set up other gods adhesive so sophisticated nowadays that he doesn't do it like you do not believe after Robin and Morlock and always crazy godly does that as well still but he also is much more sophisticated probably one of the greatest efforts he uses all the way back to agency ancient Egypt and the double acting as his people and personalities of God so that you begin to worship how you become a fan of someone and and and and is no accident that American Idol is called American Idol because of an accident of the show like dancing with the stars is going to Woodstock the Scripture says the dragons still do a third part of the stars and casting the earth I think the reason of the college of their what Mitch Avenue judicial and the personalities and lives of these famous people that literally they become blinding force on your mind and you know that because of the move followed TMC people magazine they are religiously attached to somebody makes a somewhat the couple discovered divorce him there were guys names and other organisms on a gateway in plus eight is a way that they're going to a divorce is like the biggest talk I mean even on a Christian radio 's horrible Christian rate as those in Southern California to talk about is amazing how much we really want someone elevated into the public on how much we I shift to wanting to follow that individual it's amazing and is one of the ways I think that would be like this actually is resurrected in hydrology in every of it it really nipples were it works like a charm in a very spiritual sense as for Satan was Abdallah Bible story here is the sizzle of the Salome before Karen the time to cut off a nightmare no evidence of the effects of sex drugs and rock 'n roll this is one of the first examples where I wanted great biblical examples were a few things came together with disastrous consequences for the people of God this is one of the classic renditions of that the Bible story on agency or their dancing in the mother wanting that God John the Baptist said in a severe Matthew fourteen number six but when Herod 's birthday was kept the daughter of Herodias before them and please delivered whereupon he promised with an old together whatsoever she would ask is you being before instructed of her mother said give me here John the Baptist said in a charger and the king was sorry nevertheless for the old sake and that was that with him at me he commanded them to be given her any sense and beheaded John in the prison and as it was brought on much larger and given to the damsel and she brought it to her mother and the disciples came and took the body and buried it and they went and told Jesus powerful Bible story we often will go through this one into the other stories and links to the New Testament really does a lot means that it wanted Eric knew that he was already doing wrong maybe we were with his brother 's life that's resulting starts and on about the only breach of bold enough to call since then anything and because of that he was imprisoned that got them in jail in the first place what was the wife wanted John the Baptist that it was a monopoly was contained in log he was alive he was the voice against her marriage and a different lifestyle Ruby so she determine our minds to find a way to have the now that will will last unfortunately watching there was dozens of her own daughter father daughter dance before in the process of Melissa Doctor even overview of ancient music playing in the wine is fallen in the in the end of the enemy of the dance all but indicates all of them to all I want to get a little bit tipsy but maybe lots of the envelope and what is the nose life now step daughter basically he is willing to make an open give anything up to as large was out of his kingdom third of his kingdom is one of the giveaway of the kingdom because of how you excitedly about his younger the motherboard zones as Outlook so John the Baptist head on a platter back at Americans for girl talk was just one class a civil settlement out of the Belzer intention from the beginning but of course another mother says and regular rest of the story is has come off broader much larger not the end of John the Baptist Bob at least in the Bible Jesus is very highly of John the Baptist afterwards and one other point intentions elected to deal with the fact that his disciples wondered Barbara Biden why would anyone same job if feasible side of the remedy Adam was the Jubilee was feeling the size of widening on things on a visit to build his new kingdom well our little bona fide than in the story you have the mix of alcohol which is a drug music and visual entertainment the Bible sexual seduction in this one story you have inherited being theoretically a Jew no better than what he was doing and you see the dire consequences in the Bible the Bible says if you given that health in front of his friends he actually would probably back down the goal given by King see some of the last out so there's another one ancient bridges of them was from a story went on his head being actually brought the erroneous cares what his music visual seduction and alcohol to destroy God 's prophet hears key in the same way as we face the end time the beast the beast and the false prophet will seek to destroy the people of God with these three things the same method will be applied to destroy people in the last days it was an effective disruptive tool to silence the group wanted greatest prophetic voices of all times or bulletin boards of all times one of mostly abusive of very clean very different life than everybody else and yet this is how you met it and because Herod was the scene this way and we have to be careful as Christians we don't get to see by the same things and literally that of the prophet was awakened was a big double double watches are the following world and its entertainment and it's in the delicacies one of the things of the Dublin Avenue if he's going to say you know what the first lady starts almost all people in the white of funny people becoming an answer I went on a bus for no reason at all and you live the same reason eleven Brody is what it sounded than symbols being called out was to make all that you want to silence the voice of the person calling out the same the war against Ellen White is is is exactly what it was fun against John the Baptist and the Matador many in the Jewish leadership that considered John the Baptist the false prophet committee longer called of all kinds remain in Iraq are the things that were very happy to be with you this way at the same war against our modern-day prophet the same one being fought over the same issues people do not want sin called out publicly one of popular worship leaders in the country he works with one huge evangelical churches in Atlanta and he flies here twice a month to do a program in orange county allows were flat in the Serio airports and he actually reported would be like Israel will bomb the new breed in the reason of really big version immediately is about major movies written some as long but maybe with some of us loaded a domicile and all this will all discuss it on the plane was he believes that the church focuses too much on sin was amazing he's actually that it is the thing was really want to accept God UK lost profitably once they've always a minibus up a little bit but that's really what you really want to say jealous as I said well that becomes too much use of the same man chose to be lost when you don't save you you forfeit your choice and I stopped him with it because love is the great monkeywrench of the universe choice is the remote viewers the universal love in other words if God didn't require a desire love you and you and he were not given a choice regarding the one thing that one of things I cannot do he cannot lie he also cannot force you to love them is not love unless you shall so why wouldn't he if you accept Jesus in one minute and a move choice of lodging which choice you can love God would say about telling the war over what is said and traveled back from you on on on Jolo Sierra Nevada from popular preachers and on the whole transcript from our CNN with Joel Stevens on Larry King live on Larry King live and I am holding a double single to double out in the Musa workcenter it be anything any sticks to it in a number of the Berlin Commandments eleven call about lifestyles because that is the brand of Christianity my problem with that is if there is no sin for the reasonably within the in limine to come in the first place is really a problem the wattage enough about across the Rodriguez stated in heaven of accident and that battle within this as this issue is is is really the central point of why we're certainly evangelical dosimeters are really going fast in that direction a really walking away from standards in any kind of boundaries into audio category started to disgrace naturally what was that Missy was inevitable at end of his life is why is it that why is it that they took his head and I think honestly it will regardless he had the mind of Christ Jesus I think I'll leave several is realized that she can convict articulate many of the way the model of the level to test with Bobby was still condemned person and called them to repentance was youngest of the religious center point what was really given over to God completely and John the Baptist was in line with completely given over this she wanted that disconnected to God it is vital for second full combat zone about this later on in a story and talk a little bit about the Temple the top levels in existence at the time of the second Temple built by Nehemiah and Ezra after a reboot of the elimination of June at that time had been taken into captivity is a small example of what was said to Solomon 's Temple but I ironically it's the Dublin dealer actually so in a sense more holy than any other Temple was the one who has walked in front of you walked out and basically said that by leaving the house and the desolate tablets for the Temple shifted the Temple seems to be building and became a body not just talking to my singular bodies the temple actually becomes the collective body of Christ the church itself is the devil he wants to inhabit us and so Paul makes it very clear when he says no you not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you would you have of God and you are not your own you are bought with a price therefore brought by God he glorified God in your body and your spirit which are God 's so clearly something shifts back to the store and have never been rebuilt in fact that is the main argument in Israel and the Temple Mount where Robin Israel where the mosque sits which is the second most holy place in all of Islam you have to fear that mosque now technically to actually rebuild the Temple were supposed to go the problem with that of the detox that mosque it literally what inside the Third World war so you can't believe that even if it was done without it can replicate that mosque suggests that whatever Wailing Wall that one wall map was actually in them from the second blogger is actually from the blood of the Temple of the Ottomans actually will do many centuries later enabled that wall sticker praising the crevices and a human cry and pray in Wales the loss of the temple even to this day the rabbis that will loss of the Temple didn't understand it once Jesus came to earth you may looking manual windlass while the first two doubles were built on the economic Tabernacles will need to dwell with us once Jesus Kane exchanged again not actually was with us there was no more need for a physical structure in which I'll stop at Jesus wanted to come really out of this fire every night the people to become the place where that where God dwells in Seoul before you leave the reveals a lot he gives the owner the Holy Spirit can actually fill all of us simultaneously all the world and see the other living breathing human dynamic Temple is a powerful thing far greater than Avenue of Dublin the best gold and marble and all the other stuff that will been there but so outdoors are done bachelor talk about on the body is the temple when I was a professional Celebrex likely when the research community mentions a few one thing the one of the thoughts and I was divided on many of the people he knew this was Olive lived in the sanctuary in a start and get out of the sanctuary actually relate to the body continue make true in all analogies of the body in the Temple and so everyone is in the sanctuary animals is using these in these illustrations but I look at the stomach or mitochondria to the horizon regardless of your level so these of us really becomes like a cell in the body of individuals and we together make up like organs and we work together the actual functioning living church body a little more detailed than talk having human feet and hands but honestly believe each one of us singularly lack of cell functions of the individual Temple would like the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell we can actually make a correlational way down the stomach and digestive and as the brazen altar the immune system is circulatory system available as the breeze and the laborers the wash before you go into the holy place the tabernacle of the minds of it in the holy place you actually are dealing with the mind the conscience thinking and once it was over what if I was on the research the Ayers and hearing because what I want to celebrate its friend well the bread is also the word is that was the word of God is alive so you want to hear God 's word it's how we receive the bread of life golden altar of incense in my speech and language is that of Switzerland was and is a memorial to Tom Cole pulled the fire even a Pentecostal one-on-one when the Holy Spirit fellow life of God was at the online pulled until the fire they came down in that instance when that wiggled up the Bible says that God actually pays attention to our prayer like incense Lehmans and going up on the Golden job listings of what is I envision the represents the light of Christ and of course eye 's aware light comes in and are the most sophisticated neural part of our bodies and when many many many neural connections not only to the back of your head just a little with your brain and I put the ten Commandments that is what I like you so you go on the most holy place that you can see in the picture here was a Muslim place that actually begins in the frontal cortex of the brain this is the reasoning in the thought center of the brain so the ten Commandments I like your conscience conscience cannot make you do right to conscience let you know what is right act on their conscience because the terms of the obligor you don't really ought not do what you want to knew what they were given the same you do it anyway right but it's the fact that you have a conscience is what tells you that was wrong in the first place nothing can save us but what I think of members we would know we need Jesus they were going to mirror the cost of the mayor of force them to write errors budding rod a lot of manna wind up in the argument companies talk about that is memory of you to store information about Marine him wanting Rob in the bottom manner were always there to remind the children of Israel a previous blessing from God made choices calls I think it also represents faith faith is an intellectual process will get into later on a spiritual mother is of an intellectual side of anything can be exercised as you can develop better memory by exercising your memory will talk about we don't want television on Ark of the covenant is the final blackout same as above the top but I think that there is one last reason I was in the most holy Place was the time of the Shekinah glory of God it was the fall to you if you remember if the priest wasn't right in the world around us when you go and if you want to write when he went in there on one on the day of atonement in the event in the poem I was going there the plot line that really translates the meeting was a time of glory in our character that I wasn't the only thing we really dig what is the heaven is our character the maiden would be recognizable we are looking to develop character all of our lives the point is to develop characters than we of the character of Christ but really the whole point of a puzzle justification and sanctification try to get to the development are to be more and more like Christ Jesus in character than that of the Chicago it fell on the most holy place so understanding away with your brain is like a sanctuary why the Temple why would you type example if your enemy well into the enemy and you can weaken in the league and we can embody and destroy your mind actually can put your salvation in jeopardy there's a lot of health lessons on important without Mrs. helped to have a healthy mind in a healthier mind the better you can't do that we can dissolve Asia's another was making the choice of hours reading text that backs this up was the destruction of the second employer of their own Titus is Karen off the goods out of the Temple of the month I also was Isaiah one mercy was busily come now and let us reason together saith the Lord nor your sins be as scarlet they shall be as white as snow will they be red like crimson they shall be as calm and let us what reason salvation is an intellectual process so there's a lot of Bible says over and over and over again be sober be sober be sober be sober be vigilant for your adversary the devil like a Roman life what about thinking we made about it doubled to get you to not be sober you will not be limiting right decisions the development around the money was drunk you understand they knew things that wonderful what it would never do they say things that they would never do and the devil knows of a spiritual standpoint he needs to damage your sobriety that's the whole point of physical mission then you won't make the right choices about in the day choice and love are linked enough of these are really nice with the greatest ten in response to bring every thought into captivity every thought into captivity was developed absolutely wrong this is the power of the mind that we have the ability to faith in Christ Jesus the Bible says it like this in the love of Christ the constraint of us so when you choose to love God something awful happened he said the love of Christ comes back on you and become the force that helps you to make right decisions to get that our righteousness is as filthy rags and practices of my faith the Bible and Abraham believed and it was counted to him as righteousness the belief are in our peace and on I wonder what on one of my favorite authors are used to pastor of the videos Georgia Loma Linda more splendid wrote a book and one of things he wanted to see whether I really enjoyed and rewrote it and said we should fight the fight of faith and not the fireworks in other words we as you come than we thought we may have an emergency the only live help it will be a vacant predicting the new real book which will be very happened on it and maybe a strong struggle for you but if you change your attitude towards changing the name of the love Unlimited serve God I went up for a more ominous study more draw closer to him positively and the thing that I want to give up and let God take them from me and all of a sudden the transformation of an easier transformation is the lack of painful process that we draw closer to Christ the bottles of his love will constrain us the promise of God can't lie but a lot of them were jotted with actually constrain ourselves we wrestled decades try to constrain ourselves in a miserable Christian experience when in fact we want to do is turn their horizons over the roof confess our faults one to another and actually have the love of Christ draws in that's a bit important of all catalogs that you have been Jesus do a lot of work for you when you doesn't put your trust in your faith in him so as of this minute that was also in Christ Jesus and his just thinking on evil creates pathways in the brain mountains are formed that make doing evil of doing evil all more easy to an evil thought more easily for easy and volatile get a little while the Beasley acetylcholine packages that you were able to the end of neurons that when you've done something is easier to do it a second time I thought was a formidable talk about this later on a white amazingly actually describes this perfectly in the body lines that are made into the brainwashing of holders afternoon on a supply list of the brain of mine had to be protected so what is this why we stop smoking on a whole armor of God Ephesians six seventeen he says that a helmet of salvation and the support of the spirit which is the word of God the notice of the helmet is the is actually the helmet of salvation and is mainly to protect the frontal cortex of the brain from important is what my former employer for a bone marrow informal formal and informal driveline it is commonly to protect themselves work really well we J someone am in or Jonathan on the child death review team with Jay's recently where the general skateboard was aware to helmet skateboarders went out from under him I could probably have done a thousand times but he didn't eat nothing caught them in his head was the first thing that hit the ground in our helmet on he died instantly countless works for me there's something about wearing a helmet even in the spiritual realm that if you fall the helmet is able to absorb off from someone at hello the helmet of salvation that relationship with Jesus Christ and it is the protect the frontal mobile good morning how I says this is the mind that worships God analyzes the heavenly beings all the physical organs on the sermons of the mind and the nerves of the messengers that transmit its orders to every part of the body indicting the motions of the living machinery now the reason it is as important as I talked about the only reason you have a kidney that purify the blood and and and filter out some lots in the engine balance electrolytes in and in the premises fluid fluid to bring them into damaged deliver the processes poisons so the rate of an advantage of a stomach to guide his losing your nutrients the brain can be said the alarms and it didn't work to feed your body to bring everything about to feed your brain right with you lost an arm can still be you a leg of a nonparty liver kidney along with the appointment of a biblical brain transplant may be part of the brain when they were really remember a beautiful break up with what the journalism ring you cease to be at the front below the whole body functions for your brain that's the whole point and allow them to forget that within the brain from the bottom of the realtor we please so you know to us stability operations relax our body or somebody was the flip opposite our bodies exist for operations alike understood that very well so once we can mind less critical estate needs a strong foothold of the media influences of our time so I will be driven by Groner of the rapper fifty cent and I was at a bigger picture does this business platinum and diamond studded large cross hanging from and on him and our resellers at a vigil reminded people of those around him or know one of my favorite authors not remove all of the rentable and one of his books he talks about when he was there with demon worshipers descended and even presented one of individualism they make sure to have been wars of the Delaware crosses this is because it's an insult against God is the one across one but also the devil views across to the place he gained his victory as well so they want women wear crosses like this really fancy free ornate crosses of new to Christian history a lot naturally want across mainly look like Drudge but across the largest increase in the woods the graph together molded on a pretty fancy cross the border on the next button on my people died in college that the wearer across the goal is to the Red Cross and so puffy and Madonna in all rest of them actually where it crosses to me I really want to know is a sign of their legions the thing that they are somebody secret Christians as a little believe you thought of it as the breathing evil and the real impact of video games console article in one of science magazines on the follow the guy with a time when this article came out Margaret happened and he found out it actually did the bearded to go in and around doing the bid by videogame we'll practice shooting people in the videogame and in what indebted they also got it from the basketball diaries the movie was even there would goggle the classroom and pretends it an inlet of these issues everybody up and talk to get a job in the movie than getting it on the BBDO Hollywood Lord your God he describes that movie and I would really impact what happened at Columbine videogames a part of it even the 9/11 attackers used him simulation videogames actually a fun where they practiced what he did a minute I'm probably in the big job there but video games are interactive and actually have the brain participate in things that would otherwise never do us all years ago when my father that I am limited firstly season-ending at him again called Mortal Kombat is not about if of the more common forty and Arnold found it was more wanted to end this easy it was a decent income in my watchlist in their fight humans is really complicated and I can do to control the dual OS of any good I know that it's a reason grounds heart and out while the videogame will ever be largely a half like the Nicole will lead to them in the early of the reason I didn't reasons left to pull her heart out amigo but it will part of a greater demise is remarkably great we mentally let the dealing of the majority elected on you rapidly do they normally do Lord remember something out of Outlook Mobile games help me a lot about him arguably her to get settled in the healthy living that way so what will be the model when you do this in our benefits of modeling activity of the laptop if I was in the unified based on the literature and evidence is thinking things is to make it easier to actually dual subplots as aluminum maybe my also make it easier to do the best way to bring lesson designed to work on about music a little bit and so is the brain and you can see is the temporal lobe areas of frontal mohair primary motor cortex essential sulcus primary somatosensory cortex the parietal lobe occipital lobe there will be a intestinal robotic bomb would you see to the occipital and horrible actually since aware of it hearing actually comes in and it is very important for sensory input even visual Psalms sensory input is processed somewhat in the temporal mode ability of the ability to bypass the frontal lobe and affect the lower portions of the brain to bypass your reasoning center of either one person team now let us reason together newly can actually bypass that they can short-circuit that goal rounded the studies show that if you plug in a message to music people are less likely to actually analyze what the method is coming in over the music that's powerful because that's a lot to do with a lot of modern praise songs on it without positive Islam in Atlanta for this afternoon but in the house to the song they sing in some surgical undignified freeze and you listen to the lyrics of the song life why would you say that you want to give God undignified praise your home church is losing the song but in essence is the power of music don't usually doesn't get you what you will take a message about itself that is counter to yourself and you want at the same example with Kirkland and fire when asked to quantify what are some reasons on Louisiana Philip Bailey said he doesn't understand why people split as long reasons either way he's a great little song that basically is a curse on relationships is the reason the reason is that where the reader that we share star general resolution and all Marie Wigle even as woman and like there's a lot of for solving things that he was in the Egyptologist of the difficult result is that he loves that what he would play that encourage their own wedding on the first day is long to that but because of wheels is so soft and so smolders those about to be would like all the reason the monthly reason that they love each other when actually the opposite you don't analyze them asked the same way if your music is right that's a powerful thing about music and the reason why you have to watch you be careful what music you listen to what is actually say because if you don't than doubled in Britain physically intellectually like the new brain we want to know why so easy for young urban kids happen to kill today in working with twenty one thirty ago the music on a nephew don't know the time in the streets is a God it wasn't no Sugar pie Honey Bunch knowledge you kill maim destroy and that's really the music and is actually at some point because of the society the right of rollover the key brings iPod processing music there's increased activity there one focusing on harmony vocals on Army that will write several actually becomes more active bomb other studies show that the temporal lobe in concert with the frontal lobes are used identify certain records so your brain if I will get them all but again it is distracted the music itself in a message the words can sort by the music that are out of you see Tom not only the little music is actually can set mood people say the music doesn't matter the building itself of the matter that's a lie a good example are a lot of what I've been as representative illusions of activity in a room the boys at Phoenix if you are on the date you place our original music original music sets a certain mode you are March CCB what is there straight up I'm not sure but if you really want to set among the softer music in the point is newly assembled the best proof is new movies turn off the sound and watch a scene he remained out differently watch the same scary movies of monastery without music is stupid and ridiculous about using the newly independent doesn't that you will is screaming before it even happens that's the power of music one of best test of it is somewhat another troubling you and you watched scary movie turn off the sound as it was a steer the wheel with musical that's the power of music it sets out on an emotional state arrangement of the foulest deeper parts of the brain emulsions under the brain and actually stirs emotion and apply so long to give up music my friend Jamaican assistant in our group with a lot of reggae music while looking at languages but eventually I like reggae music as well one of his vandalism to the Bob Marley overrated music to the little little bit I'll go all the way back to the beginning in terms of desiring it again savagely just don't listen to it not even a little bit because I was the end of this power in the music and probably some old problems the government is that reggae music the baseline is slow seductive chance very very powerful music the people don't believe that music at all desires actually that is not true so newly submitted the lowest heart rate the regulation of blood pressure and respiration rates of faces with a little undergone surgery and aesthetically placed soft classical music after surgery and is the word was a heart rate the regular blood pressure and even with the respiration rate into the two thousand and a study in Germany found in music therapy help improve motor skills in patients recovering from strokes is nearly neutral Cathleen which will actually help improve recovery from a stroke and brain on that count about policy basic anatomical levels it was also affected a healthy brain are really targeted in the snow to the mix says studies on immunotherapy to boost immune system improvement of focus help control pain create a feeling of well-being and greatly reduce anxiety of patients awaiting surgery pregnant women in one study was the prerecorded CDs of some of the nude thirty minutes daily showed significant reduction in stress anxiety and depression one of one of my favorite Bible stories all music is in the Old Testament and residents as well as light on it when David Bob is in the presence of Saul and his purpose of the solid is spared from the Lord autumn Davis said he gets his heart he plays music and the Bible says the Bible says deploying the evil spirit of Saul so you can play a spirit of someone with music the reverse major could you actually play as fervent as I want lots of rock 'n roll things you with little words of the above all a great famous rock star MacGyver all in all the hullabaloo input when one of them I had a bunch of the public enemies at the top of the rhythm derive because the designed select and enter your mind the have always almost a mother thought to what well loops however what numbers are actually get to their collections and when Miami geologic Avalon owners are losing out the disciple of Satan with work to do the music actually becomes the way that the devil wants to bring the spirit into people and I got to be strong strong spiritual withholding music that doesn't really exist before Madonna 's come out and look into this law well that is really supposed to isolate to a common-law synagogue it was one of his these things ever ever ever ever ever was an wildly likely out of every one thousand people he was at the time but you belong to the dark place and he talked about how the world was greeted by pulling all matter back out of the middle the reason is that the middle and how to get him on his power through law is really like Jewish witchcraft is really what it is enough to dive me the Britney Spears also promote the stuff sooner music should be noted that there is to say him speak that while in route to lose a fairly new messages of people like Jay-Z and all of a sudden your arms to the music and I realized again in the hope of an evil spirit can be played out of you how do the same with music field is brilliantly in fact the way you described Mister Donovan regularly talk he was built in types and tablets the Scripture says in a living breathing organic but I don't say organic whatever the material of heaven is a living breathing musical instrument he just literally what is he is fundamentally phenomenal at doing music and a lot of us all that we need an amended plan and in and in popular music really a lot to do with Satan trying to move side and brushed him worked like a charm if you look at the moral decay of the United States human time rock 'n roll is introduced to the day of a divorce or a menu of the divorce record reads something significant happened in that same time as all music but I would but I have to believe that we would drastically change the world and the devil because of his skills orchestrated Rossignol another level why talk about the devil and his minions come together Evan below how to do these things are always leave them little new music it's so incredible to little but here so again bypasses the final therefore does not undergo intellectual scrutiny as those written or straight verbal communication if you want to get some of it is about is that if you play music and bring them down low is the leather their intellectual defenses and get messages into them so you really what I'm helping money really have to be careful to listen to that I think probably in one of most important places for this of course is in corporate worship because everybody's different the argument of people who are probably newly formed the something is and that will illustrate some that will affect others maybe that's true but I'll allow that one turned out and I spoke an analyst and authorizing a hand and I heard the band and the children and begin to play an old folk song called she is a bad mamma drama season we all remember the songs we don't do something and I'm not missing him like I was a liberal judge granted the complaint Parliament funkadelic and search and so what young people like the learning plan Parliament funkadelic insert on or about about the other Gospels long now every wrote words still use a little warmer body really will you okay with that music and it all up but enabled the way that memory in use of our time together you play it again and it will bring them immediately right back where they were the alcohol we look the other you are solving remember what you don't first honored as always and it brings you back in the house of God worshiping the wrong people perish nowhere with his own people in church this is not written by the board we really have to wish of the music is uplifting and ennobling to the window that probably better people to write never heard women will affect them as much of it will affect some and we have to save our people don't even know it may not be good for them the problem to the taste it will take you back about TV for a follow-up from DVD loses out the way that the Negroes Apple will affect on the brain that was muzzled and is able to bypass the television of the opposite of what was on our television actually mosey to sleep the fondness of the state television is a powerful tool loosely on our member this is the virtual knowledge and in research and in Hartford Connecticut to give us a story to always care so much out of the afternoon verify the story obviously a lot of missionary family and him they were overseas and will terrible car accident and need to see young children died in a car accident and because the winning word of people practice animistic religions and actually the blue presumable spirit as leader and by the passive meet with him at the little temple or whatever it was and passed away and as he walked into the place of the temple that children from running down optimal as the stories he tells the point of the stores on the sentinels as old as the other kids and following always go back and visit as the lead in dealing with his chisel was obsolete this is the way you can sneak away from the seventy minute congregation of actually through the windshield and handling work release children are part of the story anyway is the request is just so much of July stated that messages on portal and he says that and I know that the bloopers loaned me to my face from the interviews with somebody owning a lot of actresses was handsome tall strong looking man he knows it must be the devil anything hour or more high-ranking demon or something that is as I am one question up as I will believe how you plan to destroy God 's people and the double or will ruin the demon says than television television of the ultimate power are great last plan for the destruction of God 's people for the power to television has to influence your mind as we will talk about and why with major global watch because we don't wear me out it's amazing weird TV shows and taking his amazing went again one of the value up below Joseph I made a covenant with my eyes not to look at the made who wanted covenants you personal gunshot of Babel God is not to get so caught up in any TV show ever again actually have to watch it to put on little to show the game on a every person I'd want to watch coffee right so it are now I don't want to leave Brooklyn what is the show I was out there is not reliable I think I might watch the nose out rebate about it was a lot discovered an almost history tells great Shoals facility digital much often dulled what are the predicted thermal evolution was really wants to shills besides you learn so much about it always different natural rock formations and things and would always come back to what was is our volleyball 's LII international show the talk of the whole law also the more you don't get no real Christian broadcasting until the television was a virtual hypnosis and the left side of the brain decreases activity which is the more this was a set of problems more analytic credible side of the brain to the right side screens up in memory storage and you use your defense is more dominant in one of his trancelike state when you watch television much of memory stick up so literally humans are visual and auditory information doesn't be planted in the minds are not legal process fully but it is a restored long-term enumeration that's a powerful tool to change behavior and how to act like the people on TV do TV can generate pseudo- emotions and experience of the midwife in the ability we are really dying or dead you want to show everyone crying about that is not actually benefiting the people are so almost with items of the movie or to show an important knife that people actually cry the other powerful stimulus on your brain if you can get you to do that and I want to make this point felt about moving the movie theater is even more of a pulled mind that number of the garage so what wrong I think it looks like number him with little movie there is actually a dark space with pencil completely control Psalm thirty forty foot rock solid movie screen is images of it someone's face is gigantic on the screen and because you really have no defensive nor to look away at a movie theater think about it at all at least it was believable as a way and see something different terribly good with nowhere else to look at just the screen suitability for the devil to really implant Hollywood than a few times in my life and or I will go to movies that are memorable and what I would want to visit my godmother and dates of the moves the ceiling for glorious something the weatherman 's executive constantly get the song American Idol week I believe the info I will probably only twelve or thirteen but couldn't you just bounced around in my head like this one my numbness and tingling tongue out of my edit to this day I will doubt like all the movie bothers me as well I is not worth losing though because you don't know what Minnesota movie don't know what secretiveness is again subliminally put in so many frames have no control of what happened in a movie theater is to me as one of his weight he is delighted to get a chance walking this is not a watch a movie in my opinion you never know what you're going to do what he normalized as well they are just movies and what about Shrek two is a whole scene where well-heeled usable to want to be a boy that was old funny scene where judges wear women's underwear would like the children a benevolent dialogue power your digital whether talking about is a disgusting scene actually when you motivated to get solecism cans of attainment and actually was a child all adult entertainment and your kids is gotten me through these messages that you are modified to job doesn't dedicate a lot of other stuff well out of front for the Nuovo Spielberg or Pixar people who don't know God worship probably the enemy literally entrusted shop of them is an amazing amazing amazing thing player Michael Jackson just passed away at age of fifty yesterday TCM therefore the symbol of the bottom of the Devils on the horns and with his hands and rock stars lives in order to constitute to draw demonic power to themselves in concert last wanted to his success as any was even out of many many people do it if you look at your popular culture lab will do this is a business is somebody do in order to disassemble to conjure up evil spirits the race objects to be in the race on it manuals they say that the symbols are just as a way to represent spiritual forces into certain hand gestures and symbols to draw spiritual power this is one of them was a demonic thing is made to bring power to stop it it really goes back to adopt and it will ban you with the articles is about Roman God is on the whole sushi like a boat and got over that gold will have to mail half e-mail half man half goat and he walked from Littlefield bristled the God of the Star evil music is that the symbol is answerable before a symbol of the Condor daemons and gain power to perform better and open it a coincidence that Elvis Presley Marilyn Monroe Michael Jackson now Marvin Gaye and so many of the popular famous overwhelming public figures die early of drug overdoses keep the leather quality is within the strong pattern used are playing with the devil eventually pulled the rug out from under you will cover the often pulls the rug out from under you to get to the same like your legend child molestation in this case pull the covers off to rule a good reputation and taking from the pinnacle of support complete world domination startled by Michael Jackson had acted the way thriller and makes him come all and is just terrible the client all the way down into the ghetto it'll basically what may have been a suicide for window that's the way that works on people he promises them a lot up front and I saw a lot more on the backside and he destroys the lives of the driver family foundation said American children and adolescents than twenty two to twenty eight hours per week viewing television more than any other activity except sleeping but age of seventy they will spend seven to ten years of their lives watching TV that seven ten years are continually interrupting the day and stop the Journal ten years from now and watch the twenty father they derisively by the easier basket equivalent amount of time spent watching television many children don't do good in school for the singular reason for they watch too much television many many children in fact if you look at will be looking at the groups how much time is spent watching television it will take out what was new in school and everyone a study that showed if you have as I watch television before you go to school the hypnotic effect mind and want to turn off the mind that effect actually lingers to go to school they can't learn and it reproduces ADHD type symptoms in the job the careful about that a lot more diagnosed with ADD and ADHD reasonable job diet and television and video games are only stimulated so much you take a mouse in a classroom with these and other blankets even though the light up the oven of the whistles that come out of our hands it's a bit of nothing like that is is that these is that it would be the job anymore a lot of times and some artwork on a wall method was used in every television every ten to fifteen second maintains a frame you want to keep you totally connected skills in order to best time to flee to follow something is twenty seven minutes Sosa just longer than that everything about it precisely set up so that you cannot even come and get drawn deeper and deeper and loosely translated watched television and hours go by and he realizes that his automata urges illegals these people most same judgment about the movie is two hours plus three hours long for bathroom will move when you wiggle the holder to put a bathroom that one is not a movie to come to church and you will will will quadruple in the focus you loudly prefer to spend time with the media of the world when he was in congregational worship one God for God is some serious thing goes I think everyone would agree with the list of what is called on the ability to since that was what I think I was leave is awarded by television as you'll see daily allotment of household and individual television viewing increase in the previous year to reached all-time highs during the two thousand five two thousand six season out of your notice but even though people think that the Internet is going to reduce his reducing the number of times I put them on the time we spend watching television the opposite is true you wanted more and more and more television and the Internet is not a lot of people watch television they get about a program when they want to watch it in Missoula and the rulers of these results demonstrate the television still hold his position as the most popular entertainment platform the purchase of a new of Nielsen media research at this point consumption of emerging forms of entertainment including Internet television and video on personal devices seems not to be making an impact on traditional television viewing that will change those things will get more popular but opened it makes a difference in the end they can with the watching video images on the screen until our time for household in two thousand five to the six hours and forty minutes a day on average spent watching television in the United States that is a full-time job you don't make a lot of money during that time so here's John Jamie Raskin from the American University on American University law professor two thousand four democracy now radio program is of everybody's got values the Dana finds me in that is the way that an eroding public school system and television on all over the place is leading to a steady dumbing down of the American public anticorrosion of basic critical thinking in the population that is a powerful quote from someone probably is not a Christian democracy now is a very liberal left-wing radio program that program in my radio on my car I have it on the right wing talk to the month program is a little job about tribalism what would be one of extremes are saying and that's not the movement that's a pretty left-wing shills Odis I don't believe in God Satan is probably about no but most of the limits or my Christians some little he said he said in a public school system and television in someone with probably not a Christian guaranty of an actual product written on it and because the things the American people been so dumbed down your last important the brain is important because against Luis is important and America is a democracy was supposed to be right one of the democracy work if the people can think critically a democracy that I forget all in fact if you can use media to just do people do democracy you don't actually have one thing that something that we have the keep in mind as I'm nervous person legally get so caught politics unless we realize how similar designs really are one in Barack Obama to George Bush and I worked in the Bush of ministries in order to Obama and ministries are now on HIV and AIDS in the White House site on Washington DC to meetings and allows with blasphemous reasonableness when Dom is different do something that I like different mood and below Woods is an obvious sense but in fact the same banking is was is running the financial sectors for Barack Obama that went over Jordan was saying anything is exact same people as much offerings and from exacting corporations will be able to the two-party system is the governor never on issues that they can be different on the move manipulate the people but what really matters and money really is more really matters housing was never going on the money more about you I'm using well a Democrat from the bar with them will stop the Waterloo leave Iraq come out of Afghanistan did that happen well to their bigger powers at work in the United States is not my subject but allows you to think critically he will analyze the political spectrum situation analysis and realized the double move back and forth between the two parties to move America where he wants it any thought of all of us really of about an incredible job doing how you got the church looking like a villain that brings out we do not enjoy message of limited use in general and also his idea to dump of the love the liberal Christian so leave you moved were now even be a Christian and believe in gay marriage you even been presenting the powerful move afoot telling you that some Formula One unity for real the legally one for another unity Sunday is as for the rest of the lineup where everybody's on the spiritual left and right always an economy Mussina publicly agree on in the popular families of the abortion we can all come together and get along with using Republicans like to know how the Democrats fight against the enough is one of the inevitable toward the general people don't think critically it was the any of the stuff coming out of it and that's the big thing facing American with an even more portly is also surmountable the dumbing down of the remnant is also happening for the seven advantage when the church for people just accept what they're told they don't study for themselves this is believable as being treatable number goggles in front and center what is a good person they just believe it in the research and study things I wasn't there I would like to read about an regular gentleman that don't understand to be one week one of what I wanted one of when a handout from sound school of the University Georgia Loma Linda and it was other things things Ellen White was a racist fifties and have you seen this anywhere doesn't seem through the listing on a front we were all whites are racist I notice the white nurse and like what you get his tools to do no stars in the number of vocal southern works to a racist she coming nothing about of the facts he was more progressive than even Booker T. Washington and many the black leaders of the day she was far advanced Caesar salad don't invest in our son came down the Mississippi River as young as that was one of Best Buy schools in the country that is very open University which is a racist why was he doing that would make any sense again people don't think critically is a several people tell you a handout and it must be true I doubt upon that fills me up on his Fox news MSNBC culture we've got a little what you want here and exactly what you want to know when and you believe whatever they tell you are just a couple more even Woodland will take a break so here the frontal cortex Saddam Snoop Dogg under smoking likely the minimum window are working there and I was flabbergasted that couldn't leave this in the market officially announcing the eventual things in Loma Linda already him so the cortex is not a pleasant pathways in the brain work and really we got designed as of the things that we need to do some form of a feeling of pleasure in the brain so when you chew and eat food the release of the limited of leaving a brain eating is pleasurable what it should be delivered with horrible thing that he did never do it it probably not live very long table trigger one hundred and one hundred water is a rush of dopamine that is produced so we accepted will come in off the nicotine was intelligent Watson lots and lots lots more because their nicotine doesn't even though manipulated from sexual activity is the most dopamine that can be produced naturally so and so it can be the reservoir pornography is a bit of business can become so incredibly addictive but also I was leaving gambling would you what you can control things to visit adrenaline rushes and they can also become frittered to consider the pleasant pathway brain that connect the dopamine also depicted on the second facility on the chemical dopamine of joint adrenaline serotonin and without dopamine in the pleasure and chemical in the brain adrenaline of energy chemical governments to up charges you have to focus on serotonin that you think I got enough satisfied I have what I need is what is the one him she tells her that they had a little more so who thought normal manner is the role of GABA so the devil uses drugs to possess the reason that alcohol is often called spirits in a demonic influence I can come upon you when your bars let down in the Bartlett down because alcohol marijuana same service do one thing in common and out as they remove destroy the plead as exhibit the effects of GABA so when you're drunk or high on marijuana alcohol what exactly is you are is limited in general in other words you say things you otherwise unsafe buildings were otherwise new the prisons are full of people who committed crimes just after alcohol and/or marijuana the north of the Woodlands and preserves crime organizations in order to get the cars are going to try this low wagers this mocha drink so enable and she enjoyed what everyone knew because this allows their normal conscience it actually turns off some of the conscience them behave in a way to otherwise they wouldn't not part of being intoxicated not just the pleasure from dopamine blocking of GABA which is one way to do continents actually works I honestly believe just like I was saying earlier the frontal mobile doubles will be placed honestly believe it is also how the Holy Spirit twenty chemicals the Holy Spirit actually interacts with the mind I can actually level price literally can actually constrain us thrown a release of chemicals like but it doesn't work a decimal integer is not enough yet while I help the brain will have an adequate amount of GABA in balance so when you are tempted to do something there's actually a neurochemical mechanism to help you not knew it these days the what devil tries hard to knock out all debris and across the country any errors on as an athlete himself easier guys holds the nicotine hair that goes than and wasn't on the transmitting nerve cell sends a signal down during the nerve endings here and able to receive his audibles on the synaptic junction near double becomes an insensitive settlement across the more people we labeled across the more pleasurable effects of the chemical have a Marine soldier some chemicals that actually block the real take on the dopamine that it stays in the space longer so for example serotonin is the demo equipment to feel satisfied salami treat anxiety now interview serotonin selective reuptake inhibitors Zoloft Prozac books like that when they do what I did jump to the business serotonin and dopamine when it comes out here and we expect the serotonin and leaves it in this phase longer the problem with that debris was a very dynamic organ soldier brain don't get actually either upregulated more receptors want down regulates him as well when the chemicals withdraw what happens you now have like no affected by swings in the whole opposite direction so any any one of far more anxious possibly than you were in the beginning and it often happens the magazine and dopamine releasing dopamine release and is now out of University pleasure it takes a lot more in fact one of these appellees low cigarettes and you get all of nicotine in it that you actually get the point where you need the nicotine to get high into the slope is the bonding of the blog of the individual involved in the first two months of old people they smoked cigarettes the field normal they don't feel normal and upset by government that I want to know how the big meet with the state of depression and dysphoria they really feel bad enough lovers why would you deal with ministry would be moved to get your mortgage if you are just quite not assembled in February and now at the cellular level and transformed and really feel horrible so you give all these tools to help them become off of the lobby of her behavior modification tools a dream that will probably never be easy once you start this is inevitable the wife cannot make either went to a Christmas party always sees the sloping class at the VA hospital window when it wasn't preventive medicine residents and these guys available Christmas party and have a Komodo dragon 's anal is the result was a level cigarette man's opening here ten years and twelve years sometimes than one cigarette big one I got glasses to go right back to a pack a day or two back window and they are doing it right back where he left off ten years earlier and backing classes we also bobble thing in the breakout have a memory connected to it as well so we have to be given as ally guarding the monosyllable watches that pathways towards all to them is veritable to underweight on it is visible to the brain to heal the wallet back to normal I was always it never really WNL like Ultima that the cluster this afternoon if he is very livable to face the lines that are drawn she says once this is not a just veritable to undo is less like never smoking and never drinking is the is the real thing from Maryland this week and said L one hundred friends and pictures of his argument the wine a lot of humans are those that we should build adrenaline like it was required in the Bible as well as I went to Loma Linda delivers that our borders from the ravenous as a ravenous the wine source was a lot of little bit of wine is good for you that that is why first logged the different grape juice and have the same effect the argument then fermented what anything good from it but this is the only thing that I want is a little problem is every time he drank it you start me little time to all the reasonable in the anatomy in a neuroanatomy at the cellular level each time is a little bit of a change in order to get the same effect the next time to jump into and doing a little bit more out of audio and imagery one last every night for twenty years than some modern authors of that happens and what dopamine properly before his stunting your emotional response so if you're going to something less painful when you do a lot of the cigarette will guess what it arrests your move a motional development you don't actually develop normally because you never actually deal with problems allotted on a chemical bases if you actually never dealt with a problem in all arguments from June ten or twelve hundred and fifty every time you got into an argument is not the cigarette you actually want to brave the amount of fully deal with the problem is you have what we call was the development of life people do drugs are often the age when they come up with there actually in the emotional age that is they were when they started they never really which Lord and Anna was because I will complain what Bobby Brown one married to Whitney Houston a long way when I'm just a week or two ago he comes on Bobby Angeles is a means not old guy he looks like he's sexy little while given a good deal of way over the mission is looking really miserable and took me out of the jewel he was such a horrible passenger cabin is the guy would've monoplane stores is threatened to land the plane and put them off and out of reach at Oakwood double catamaran item I give you a mobile myself him and him him him sounds a lot would know what they want they said your account all we doubted that now the Army of Rome and in the sea is childish immature antics when there were no well the show was terrible to sleep this evening they said it was horrible that the drugs were poorly as written by Robin Houston and the cocaine is working around is no bottom pendulum of money is always the cocaine in it and the rest of the development of iron hair and an easy one the body naturally releases the problem with these chemicals is that these arms is like a tidal wave compared to turn on a garden hose when you naturally good water is just a trickle of dopamine am even in like video him him like funeral in sexual activity you know if the case is still nowhere near the amount of dopamine be released as a digital line of cocaine wanting a cigarette because like all slotted opening comes through and allow it or even water food matters in all the studies on rats that neurosurgical game you can do full water human opposite sex they don't care because keeping a lever to get the cocaine order nicotine nicotine and cocaine basically so you know maybe it's not the same things in which one is the reason we have to do that because it allows the body the final release shape the new neuron out of me so you have to remove that dopamine stimulating them some of the Wilmington was like exercise the mild one but and actually would exerci


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