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The Way of Love- Part 2

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.



  • January 21, 2017
    11:30 AM
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Father in heaven. We are think full that we can come before you this morning as your children. Knowing that we serve a God whose ear is bending low to this earth to hear our petitions. And father this morning the prayer is simple. Take our Bibles in our hands study it. We pray Father she would take the message and send it home to our hearts. That it would change us Father become more and more like Jesus we thank you for hearing our prayer for answering it as we prayed in Jesus' name. When. You have your Bibles go ahead and turn with me to first Corinthians thirteenth chapter this is where we're going to be spending our time together the small Last week we began an introduction to this study of this chapter the chapter that has sometimes been referred to as the psalm of love First Corinthians chapter thirteen is probably world renown in Christian circles and in this chapter Paul tells us he defines the very essence of what the Christian the character is made up of but before he gets into that he actually gives us a little bit of a preamble that we studied in our time together last week in verse thirty one of first Corinthians Chapter twelve right before he introduces this concept of a god Bay He says there verse thirty one but you should be eager This is in the New English translation for the greater good the gifts of the Spirit that He has just outlined and then he says now I will show him to you a way that is beyond comparison as the King James puts it a more excellent way and so Paul takes this time to to describe to us the gifts of the spirit and how important they are to the long jeopardy and the prosperity of God's people to the to the to the success. Of us fulfilling the Gospel Commission and he uses that as a contrast that he is making in First Corinthians chapter thirteen that as important as the gifts of the Spirit are to the work that God has given to us as a people as important as they are to our church even more important than that the more excellent way the way that is beyond comparison is what he is going to outline for us in the very next few words in First Corinthians the thirteenth chapter now the main point that he is making here is that as important as these all are they are worthless the fruits of the Spirit are worthless unless they are in Firouz with this a got a love that he is about to show us in first Corinthians chapter thirteen Now last week we looked at a quote that I wanted to reiterate again the small and just so we can have this fresh in our mind sometimes it's good to have a little repetition and this comes from the Southern review January one of nineteen zero one this was such a a. Paradigm shift in my mind when I read this quote that I think it's worth repeating this morning it says this he only who loves his fellow man to a purpose can know God only those who know God can or rather only those who love their fellow man can know God that's a Bible principle this is the reason why this is the reason that there is so little genuine vitality or life in our churches and then she says theology is value this unless it is was saturated with the love of Christ and we talk about saturation what that means it is so full that it can't take any more theology has to be infused as to be saturated with a got they love in order for it to have value this is something we really need to meditate on we need to think about we need to ask that the Lord will give us this experience not only collectively as a group but individually in our own personal lives that. Our theology that we believe in our minds will be saturated filled to overflowing with Got The Love God is supreme she goes on his love in the human heart will lead to the doing of works that will bear fruit after the similitude of the character of God in First Corinthians chapter thirteen Paul is outlining for us there the character of God He is breaking it down into its component parts what the character of God is made up of now as we're looking at First Corinthians thirteen we're defining this word of God and we spent a little bit of time last week looking at the different Greek words on the god Bay or rather the different Greek words on love and we look at the definition for a god pain which is a desire to do what is best for another so a godly is a desire to find somebody and do what is good for them irrespective of how that might make me feel irrespective of how it how what position it puts me in I simply do it because I want somebody else to benefit in a positive way and a copy is not dependent on another person's response in order for it to exist in love's not because of what it gets or how the other person responds but because it cares for and wants the best for others you know the more I study a GAAP and the more I've looked at First Corinthians thirteen the more I realize it is very difficult to actually define what this love is and it's interesting that even John himself at some point became exasperated in his attempt to describe a love to describe a god and so he said Behold what manner of. Love the father had bestowed upon us he got he just got to the point it's almost an exasperating statement I can't describe it I can't I can't define it any longer so he says just behold look at it and you will understand it in a more intimate way the more we behold it the more we look at it the. More we will become like what John is describing there as you look at first with the in chapter thirteen we're going to begin this time together this morning looking at this but you actually find that the chapter thirteen versus is divided into three sections so you look at the structure there it's divided into three sections and the three sections are this in verses one through three John Paul there is describing the Suprema scene of a god being how all encompassing is how great a gap is he makes five contrast in statements there comparing love to different things or comparing that got paid to different things that's we're going to look at in our time together this morning the supremacy of a god being verses four through seven is really the heart it's the soul of First Corinthians thirteen and there he defines the characteristics of a god he breaks it down into different points and he says a gop is this a God he is this a god is that he defines the characteristics of what a god day is a made up it's almost like he he takes a god pay he brings it into a laboratory and he puts it under a microscope and he looks through that microscope and he looks at it in great detail the fabric of what it is made out of I'm going to look at that here in a couple of weeks the characteristics of a god being verses eight through thirteen he talks about the permanence of a god how it lasts though other things may fail the other things may pass away the other things even in translation when we get to the kingdom of heaven will not be there a God day with stands the test of time and it is permanent throughout eternity and also here on this Earth so this is the division that you find the three points rather the overview of First Corinthians thirteen the supremacy the characteristics and the permanence of. Pain now today we're going to take a look at the first part of this I'm going to do our best to march through as much of it as possible but you already are touring there first Corinthians chapter thirteen and we're going to look at verses one through three in our time together. The smaller in First Corinthians thirteen versus one through three Paul says this though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels and have not charity I am become as sound in breasts or a tinkling cymbal and though I give my though I had the gift of prophecy and understand all mysteries and all knowledge and though I have all faith so that I could remove mountains and have not charity I am nothing and though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor and though I give my body to be burned and have not charity it profited me what. Five contrast the statement that Paul makes here he uses the word zero to introduce each one of them and it's unfortunate it's not a very good translation in the King James Version the word though it simply means even if even if I had the tongues of men and of angels but I did not have charity I would be nothing even though even if I had faith that could remove mountains and I did not have charity it would be that would be a better translation but be that as it may this is the way the translators wrote it and we have these five contrast in statements here and I want you to look at them in an overview he talks about tongues he talks about prophecy he talks about faith acts of charity talks about the stowing his goods upon the poor and then ultimately the fifth contrast in statement is martyrdom and he says all of these things without love are what. They are what I want you look at that list their. Tongues prophesy faith acts of charity martyrdom me ask you something if you saw somebody or if you met somebody that had these five characteristics would you think that they were a good Christian yes or no. You probably would. If you met them you would think hey this person. As God together they seem to really have a good relationship with the Lord they seem to be good solid Christians but Paul here this morning is telling us that even if you had all five of these things or even if you had just one of them but you did it devoid of a got a love in your life it has little to no value in fact he says it has no value he says it is nothing in the eyes of God So this is why that state in the southern review is so important that everything that we are the very fabric of what we are made up out of is out of this thing that Paul is defining here agog everything has to be infused has to be saturated filled to overflowing that's what brings life that's what brings vitality to your spiritual life to your community to your church life to your family life when we are filled to overflowing with the character of God that is described here in First Corinthians the thirteenth chance now to go through each one of these very quickly here in our time together this morning and take a look at them first that is Chapter thirteen first starts off with tongues there we go it's lit up there now first with the and thirteen first starts off with the gift of tongues though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels and have not charity I am become as sounding brass or a tinkling symbol doubtless Paul mentions this gift of tongues because if you continue reading in First Corinthians you'll find in the fourteenth chapter that it appears like the Corinthian church had some level of interest above others with the gift of tongues if you read the whole chapter there Paul is actually defining the gift of tongues and what it should look like and and how it should take place among God's people he really spends a lot of time belaboring this point of tongues the Corinthians for whatever reason put a high value on the gift. Tongues and Paul himself probably possessed the gift himself he was a very intelligent man he spoke in several different languages and he probably possessed this gift himself but it's interesting that on of the list of the gifts of the spirit in First Corinthians chapter thirteen and first Corinthians twelve by the verse verse what is it twenty eight out of that list list of the of the gifts of the spirit the last one that is mentioned there is the gift of tongues and Paul here is telling us that the gift of tongues as great as it may be to the to the moving forward the advancement of the Gospel commission because it's important we need that he says listen if it doesn't if it doesn't come from a passionate love for God and the love to see other people one into the Kingdom of Heaven he says it has no value in the eyes of gone but not only does he talk about tongues and it's interesting there are about six thousand five hundred different languages in the world you know that. Six thousand five hundred different languages in the world and about two thousand of those languages are spoken by people or groups of one hundred or less some rather obscure languages that are out there now can you imagine if you met somebody who had the ability to speak all six thousand five hundred different languages with a be an important person to the proclamation of the Gospel sure they would I mean. I don't this is like beyond even realistic but let's just take for example somebody who can speak five languages is that person important is there is their gift important to the church of course it is you know some of these missionaries men they go overseas they go to various places and they're there to teach the gospel and it takes them months after months some of them years to be able to get that language under their belt so that they can communicate to people in their native language this is an important gift but Paul puts it at the bottom of the list of the gifts of the spirit but he says even if you did have it is. Is nothing but then Paul kicks it up a notch you know it's one thing to have the gift of languages here on this earth but he kicks it up a notch and he says even if I had the tongues of men and all of. I don't know what the language of Gabriel is I've never heard. Maybe one day for faithful to God would be privileged enough to hear but that language is. A POS as even if I had the tongues of men and the language of the angels if it was devoid of love he says I am a noisy gong or a flaming cymbal and as I mentioned last week nobody comes to hear a symphony of cymbal. Nobody goes to hear an orchestra of gongs and Paul is saying that when the church does not have that gift or that characteristic of God's love that's how the world views them it's like a noisy gong or a cleaning cymbal and I don't want to be like that I want to be a melodious Christian I want to be one the people enjoy being around I want to be one that people say hey I want what they have I want that in my own life I want that peace I want that joy in the midst of trial in the midst of tribulation I want that experience myself Have you met somebody who's going through a trying circumstance and yet they still have a smile on their face they still have peace in their heart they still think about other people rather than thinking about themselves that's the experience I believe that speaks volumes. To people around us God's people possess that characteristic So what does this mean to me verse one most of us here this morning speak English some of us might have a couple of other languages under our belt but I think it's safe to say that most of us here this morning really don't have the gift of what Paul the find here is the gift of tongues so how does this apply to. Me Jason slightly I took Spanish when I was in high school and I dropped it two days talking to kids it just was not my talent languages without my town maybe one day a lord give me the gift of tongues I don't know but be that as it may most of us here don't possess this get so how is this a political to me in my own personal life I believe appalled the general concept to that Paul is getting at is that every one of us had been entrusted with talents yes or no. To one man it may be at the talent of tongues to another man it may be something else but all of us have been given talents. To use to advance the cause of God and the question is do I allow that talent to get in the way of God expressing his love in and through me to other people. What is the talent that God has given to you. Do you think of yourself as a better person than somebody else because you have that talent. Do you think that maybe you have a better relationship with God because you possess this talent and somebody else does it now I know the automatic reaction reaction in answer to these questions is No. But I think you'd be better off to ask that question to God because if you ask that question to God who give you the honest answer he'll give you the honest answer does your talent stand between you and God God's ability to express his love to a dying world I think that's the point that Paul is getting at here that our talents may be the very means of chasing people out of the church. When it's not expressed in love. By all with me here this morning. We need to towns we need to get to the spirit. But they need to come from the right source not from a source of pride. What a source of humbleness of God using US So Paul begins here by referring to the least of the gifts of the Spirit and then he continues in verse two by going to one of the greatest of the gifts of the Spirit this is the second example that he uses the second contrast statement he says and though I have the gift of what prophecy and understand all mysteries and all knowledge has it this is a very all in compassing statement that Paul is saying here that even if I had the gift of prophecy and understood all mysteries and all knowledge the ability to interpret prophecy I think is the general understanding of what Paul is talking about he specifically referring to the gift of a prophet but the general application is to those that also are able to interpret the writings of Bible prophecy such as the books of Daniel and Revelation it is though the gift of property through the gift of prophecy that we get an understanding of future events and what's going to take place right and for all we know if we didn't have the books of prophecy we might be around here for another six thousand years but the good news is that as we read the gift of prophecy if we as we read the writings of God's prophets we know that the end is coming soon Amen. So Paul is telling us here about this gift of prophecy goes from the least to one of the greatest of the gifts and he says that this gift if it is devoid of the character of Jesus says it's valueless as important as it is he says it's valueless if it is devoid of the character of Christ now what should read this statement here from the Bible this is from my slide work here we go second Peter chapter one verse nineteen the Bible says this We have also a more sure word of prophecy wherein to you do well that you take heed as unto a light that shines in a dark place until the day dawn and the what. Day Star arise in your heart now I want you to notice the direct connection. Here between the gift of prophecy leading us to the Days star Revelation chapter twenty two The Bible tells us who the day Star is that Jesus Christ the writings of prophecy lead us to Jesus Christ but I'm going to tell you something this morning Paul is telling us that even if it was possible to have the gift of prophecy without the character of Jesus. The gift would be of no value it would be of no benefit to the church to have this gift with out the character of Jesus. Paul kind of kicks it up a notch here as well. Because he's not just talking about the gift of prophecy. He says understanding what. All mysteries and all what. You know Solomon tells us in the Book of Proverbs Proverbs Chapter thirteen a proper step to three rather verse thirteen he says Happy is the man to find wisdom and the men that get if understanding you know one of the supreme goals of men is the acquisition of knowledge is it not. Many of you came to this church through the means of Bible prophecy. You saw advertised the Bible Prophecy seminar you say I want to go there why because you want to gain what you want to gain knowledge you want to gain understanding you maybe some of you received an invitation to a Bible study correspondence course in the mail you sent it in why because you wanted knowledge or you wanted understanding you wanted to grow and expand your mind to get a better understanding of God and His work one of the greatest quests of men is to understand all mysteries and all knowledge in fact if there was somebody on this earth who possessed an understanding of all mysteries and all knowledge you can guarantee that there would be a path that would be down to that man's front door people all over the world would be coming to this men religious people secular people scientists all kinds of people would be big. The path to this man's front door because there they would find knowledge and understand in fact that wasn't too far off from the truth when it came to Solomon he was a very wise man and people came from all over the world to find wisdom at the feet of. SOLOMON So Paul here is not just talking about the gift of prophecy but he's also talking about knowledge however. A. Knowledge that is only in the head and has not affected the heart in any way fails to do the work that God wants it to do. Have you ever met somebody. Who had the right answers but you can't stand to be around them. Or. Met someone like. You know what I'm talking about yet you know if you ask a Bible question then they got the right answer but you don't want to be around that person you know you'll get the right answer but you don't want to be around them this is not Paul is not listen there will be people who have the right answers but do not have the character of Christ in their heart and because of that they will miss out on the Kingdom of Heaven. We're going to look at that here in just a minute. Knowledge is important I can't overemphasize this we need to have a knowledge and an understanding of God's word but unfortunately for some of us we feel like that's where it ends we've got to take it to the next step and say OK now I need to take that knowledge and saturate it with the character of Jesus in First Corinthians chapter thirteen. Then it becomes attractive then it's like honey to a bear then it is something that is very attractive that people want to experience for themselves as I illustrated to you in our time together last week and this is where I believe we are in danger as Seventh Day Adventists. God has. Entrusted us with the wealth of understanding of His word Amen. He's given us great understanding of the Bible. And I used to think I. Used to think. That if I simply told somebody what the truth was of the Bible. They would accept it and that would be the end of it. I used to believe that that was in my spiritually naive days but I used to believe that and then I became very discouraged when I would do Bible prophecy seminars and I would present the message in a very compelling way I'd give all the proof texts all of the evidence it would lay right out. People walk out the door as if it was something that you know was unimportant. And for years I wrestled with this in my mind and I wondered to myself What is it what's the component that we are missing we've got the truth we've got the connections we've got the Bible we've got the History of God All of this stuff it's clear it's systematic It's logical but people aren't accepting it why is it that people are not accepting it because it's not only knowledge that people are looking for but it's an experience that people are looking for. They're looking for a group of people who believe something so much that it is change the way they live their lives they're looking for people who are not just religious for certain period of time during the week but their experience extends throughout the week every day they are looking for a group of people who have the self sacrificing characteristics of Jesus and when they see that the truth will be accepted and they will flood into God's remnant church. You know I think as some of the other this we get a little on easy when it comes to first Corinthians thirteen. And I think the reason for that is because it's it's not as tangible as the Sabbath but you present the Sabbath I can do that I can go to church on Saturday not a problem I can do that you present the health message from the Bible you see it sure I can do that. If I want to I can do that I can take certain things out of my diet replace it with other things I can do that. You present the Second Coming I can believe that I can stop believing the rapture and I can start believing that I can do these things if you go through the doctrines and they're very easy for us to in a sense do but when it comes to a god pay you can't do it. God has to do it for you. And that's when we get a little nervous get a little nervous because it's out of our hands it's out of our control it's not something I can do it's not something I can say OK I'm going to do a God paints morning I'm going to do a God day today I'm going to do a God day to this particular person no no no it's something that God has to create inside of you so that it becomes who you are. There's a very compelling statement that I read in my preparation for this when I when I studied this out a while ago and it's from the book manuscript release Volume nine page one hundred twenty eight it's just a short little statement but it's just stuck with me all this time it says this a loving lovable Christian is the most powerful argument in favor of the law. If you catch that. What's the most powerful argument favor of the truth. Of I will prophecy seminar right. Now this is interesting because this statement this nature of this statement takes it out of the hand of the minister it takes it out of the hand of the trained elder It takes it out of the hand of the trained lay person it puts it in the hands of the lay of the other lady. It says the most powerful argument in favor of the truth is not an eloquent discourse on the Bible's evidence for that truth but the most powerful convincing argument in favor of the truth it is a what. Loving lovable Chris and Alison be careful this morning it's one thing to be loving. It's another thing to be lovable. Among a human it's one thing to be loving it's something quite different to be lovable and I believe that when we experience that it will be a powerful argument in favor of the truth when the church has that in them when it is who they are made up of and then they proclaim the truth of God's Word it is irresistible because that's what the world is looking for. What they're looking for now I'm not preaching just love the small any but I'm teaching love with the truth of God's word and when the two of them come together it is explosive as you see in many cases in the Word of God but we must hasten on there's other things we need to look at here this morning the third thing that we find in our study of First Corinthians chapter thirteen the third contrast in statement is the last part of Verse two Paul says and though I have the gift of prophecy and understand all mysteries and all knowledge. And though I have all face so that I could remove mountains and have not charity What does he say. Now I find it interesting because Paul says though I have how much faith how much faith Jesus said If I had faith as a grain of mustard see what would happen say it is not removing it will go not just much appalls kick it he's just he's pulling out all stops here he says forget the grain of mustard seed if I had all faith all that there was they could be possessed and it was without love. It's nothing now again Paul is not saying that it is possible to have all faith without love I don't think that is possible but a good policy even if it were possible to have all things if it did not have love it would be of no value and I find this interesting because when you look at the concept of faith in the body. It's a rather important thing you know here's a couple of statements from the Bible Heber's Chapter eleven in verse six the Bible says that without faith it is impossible to what please him first John Chapter five verse four this is the victory that overcomes the world even our faith faith is an important thing it's important to our spiritual growth but Paul says listen more important than that we need faith but we need faith that is saturated with a God day. So Paul is saying here and he he really does a good job throughout his writings talking about the concept of righteousness by faith and how it affects us the greatest wonder work in faith mountain moving faith faith which views nothing as being impossible is nothing unless it is saturated with the love of God We'll talk more about faith later on Paul brings it back into the chapter in a couple of studies we'll get back into that number four he goes on in verse three and he says this. Verse three says and though I bestow all my goods to feed the. The largest of all my goods to feed the poor this is what we would call acts of charity the word charity is used here in the Bible it's the Greek word of God pay but this is really what charity is right here feeding the poor or giving those who are in need what they what they need. To sustain others who are in need but use this interesting word the word bestowing. This word bestowing to actually use three times in the Bible two of them are right here in this verse Another one is in Romans Chapter twelve in verse two but it literally means the literal definition of it means to feed someone with small mouthfuls. Or to dole out all means to the poor that's what literally means to bestow is to feed someone with small mouthful or to dole out. With to the poor What does this mean so what happened was back in that in the bible times the cultural thing was for rich people to help the poor people right and what they would do is they would sit at the gate of their religion there a state. And they would set up on a little booth or whatever it may be and the poor people would come by and they would get things from the rich people to meet their needs so what the rich people did is they would give the poor people small quantities. So that more people could receive what they were giving therefore they would receive more praise. You see where the motivation is coming from but it's not so much to help the poor but their wanting to help as many people point many poor people as possible so that the more people they help the more praise that they get is not coming from the right resources not coming from a motivation of helping other people but rather it is a selfishly motivated. Thing that is going on and Paul says even if I gave everything that I own and to the poor. And none of us have even thought about doing something like that but even if I did. Says doesn't mean anything Matthew chapter six if you want to turn there that's fine if not I'll read it to you Matthew chapter six verses one through four four Jesus actually addresses this type of giving this type of giving. Matthew chapter six verses one through four he says this. Take heed that ye do not your all must before men to be seen of them otherwise you have no reward of your Father which is in heaven therefore when thou do a study on all means do not sound a trumpet before the as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets that they may have glory of men verily I say unto you they have. As their reward and then verses three and four he says this but when thou do is let not by left hand know what the right hand do with that. Maybe in secret and life father would see it and secret himself shall reward the how. Openly Jesus simply saying when you help other people. Don't become proud about it don't blast it out to everybody so that you can be thought well of by other people but do it simply for the fact of doing it do it to help other people in fact if you go over just one chapter here to Matthew chapter seven it's interesting statements here that Jesus makes that I think is worth bringing into our study this morning Matthew chapter seven twenty two and twenty three. Jesus says this you've read this before he says many will say to me in that day Lord Lord have we not one. Prophesied in the name and in the name have cast out devils and in my name done what many wonderful works and then will I profess and to them I never knew you depart from me ye that work what this is what giving without love looks like. It's possible to do it. Obviously here Jesus saying that there are going to be people when he comes in the clouds of heaven who have said haven't we prophesied in the name haven't we cast out devils in one name haven't we done acts of charity in the name and Jesus says Depart from Me I never knew you workers of iniquity it didn't come from the right source it came from a source of pride rather than a source of love it came from a source of of of lifting themselves up and stead of exemplifying the character of Christ to other people. You know what. I. Hate to say to you this morning but I'm going to say it anyways. Matthew chapter seven verse twenty two is a good Seventh Day Adventists. Have not we prophesied in the name and in one name that cast out devils and in my name not many wonderful works that's a good Christian is it not. Christian good Christians will have these things but they did not have something else and that's what Paul is hitting at here this morning you see it's almost like we try to put fruit on the tree instead of fertilising the tree so that the tree produces fruit on its own. That's really what we're trying to do but we're trying to to be and an oak tree when the Bible says Be an apple tree and so we tie on apples on to the oak tree so that other people think that we're an apple tree instead of the fact that we're an oak tree and so God is saying listen let me transform you so that you are no longer an oak tree but you are an apple tree and let me let me fertilize you so that you will produce fruit of from within rather than tying it on from with. This is what Paul is talking about here in First Corinthians thirteen chapter but he gives us one final contrast statement that we will look at here this morning and that is in the last part of verse three First Corinthians chapter thirteen last part of verse three says this and though I give my body to be what burned and have not charity it profit is me how much nothing. Arguably death by fire has to be one of the most painful ways to done this was not the coming form of death or martyrdom back in the time of Paul but during the Dark Ages it became a very prevalent form of persecuting God's people. Of Paul tells us here this morning. That even if I gave my body to be burned it came from the wrong motivation it doesn't really profit me anything and. If you look at some other translations on this part it's very interesting the way other translations render this passage they put it this way and though I give my body to be burned or delivered up my body to death that I may boast I have not love it prophets mean nothing in the reading of the text it gives the connotation that the former the reason for the martyrdom is not to the glorification of God but to the lifting up of self you find first Corinthians thirteen is the antithesis of what we see in the world today it's directly addressed the opposite but this is what Paul is saying God is looking for in his people he's looking for this stamped in their hearts no pride no selfishness but God and God cares God's character alone. So more precious and more valuable. Than the gift of tongues or the gift of prophecy or the gift of faith. Acts of charity or martyrdom more important than that. Is that it comes from the right source the source of Christ's character. I read something very interesting just the other day. In a little book. The greatest thing in the world I think is what it's called by a man by the name of Henry Drummond he was a Scottish evangelist. But he made this interesting statement I want to read it to you this morning he said this. In the heart of Africa among the great lakes I have come across black men and women who remembered the only white man they ever saw before David Livingstone you know who he is right it's a great missionary to Africa. He. As honest as this and as of as and as you cross his footsteps in that dark continent men's faces light up as they speak of the kind doctor who passed there years ago they could not understand him but they felt the love that beat in his heart they knew that it was love although he spoke no words. And I ask myself. If I could not speak would people know that I love them. Unconditionally the way Jesus. If I could not utter another word would people be able to know by my demeanor by my actions that I love God and that his love is within me you've heard it before Words are cheap. And the world understands that it's one thing to say you love God It's one thing to say you love the truth it's one thing to say you love the Bible and you read the Bible and you study the Bible but it's another thing to actually have that actually take place. To change you so much that you become like what the Bible says we ought to be. And I think Henry Drummond hit on something very important here. That without a god pay. Paul says we are nothing. And it profits us nothing. So I ask the question to myself if this if this concept of love is so important if first Corinthians thirteen is so intricate to the moving forward of the truth and the prosperity of God's Church if it is so important. Why don't we see it today. Why don't we see it if it is that important why don't we see it. More in our churches today. I think there's only one answer to that question it's found in the writings of Jesus and Matthew the twenty fourth chapter verse twelve Jesus says this and because iniquity shall abound via God pay of many shall would. When something done. What happens to its heat. When a gobby die is what happens in its place. There's coolness comes cold. But when a god day exists there is the warmth of the character of Jesus that is manifest there is a warmth that the world is looking for there is a warmth that is attractive there is a warmth that is transformative The Bible tells us the reason why that we don't see a God day in our lives in our church and in our community is because there is a love for something else. Are all with me this morning and I think if we're going to be honest with ourselves if we were to reach down into the deep recesses of our hearts and let God do some heart surgery we would find that there is a little iniquity that is choking any attempt of God's growth of a copy in our lives you can get that mental image that iniquity is putting its hands around the throat of a god in your character and the longer you let it exist the tighter that squeeze becomes and it gets tighter and tighter and tighter and tighter until it got they cannot breathe any longer and it dies and it turns coal. And there you find. One who will one day say have we not. Aside in one name in one name done many wonderful works and in the name of cast out devils Jesus they will depart from me because you did not have life within you. You did not have that I got the character grown with me. So I asked the question this morning. What is motivating your service for gun. Is your motivation purely coming from anything that you can get out of it. Or is your motivation to show others who Jesus is. What is your motivation is your motivation because you want truth or is your motivation to show others who Jesus is. The world is looking for people have a God a beauty in their hearts and I want to be that person that not only loves but has the truth to share as well. As we don't want to just love people we want to love them to the truth. And we do that through having the character of Jesus how of you want to say this morning Father please give me that experience I crave it I can't get it myself but I know that you can give it Father in heaven we thank you Lord for the challenge that you give to us. And Lord the small even as we have looked at this this beautiful description of how important the supremacy of a god. And how powerful it is how all encompassing it is Lord we realize that we can not do this on our own we must have God created inside of us and I pray Dear Lord that you would take away the cold stony heart and that she would give us a heart of flesh that is warm and that pounds and beats Cup God God. That lord this will become the. Of who we are made of that it would become what we are that we would not be able to respond any other way than how they would respond Lord we can't do it on our own we're not even trying to do that. We come before you this morning asking that. We created. Thank you Father. And. Yes. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. It you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit W.W.W.. Or.


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