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Reaching the Secular Mind

Jonathan Zita


Jonathan Zita

Associate Director, Review & Herald



  • March 11, 2017
    4:00 PM
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Happy Sabbath. So we're going to talk about compassion reaching the secular mind for Christ and as some of you know I mean I have I mentioned it a little bit before. I work with literature ministry across Canada so we do three main programs one program we do is Canada Youth Challenge can you challenge we have. It depends on the year sixty To hundred students pretty much in every province across Canada every conference across Canada and we knock the knock on doors sharing literature with people we also do Glo ministry and we also do I feel I heal is a healthy lifestyle coaching what we do is we do lifestyle assessments with individuals and we use the books that we have we have very good books specially books from from Spain suffer at least to help people with their lifestyle so everything centers around literature. And but we meet secular people all the time and sometimes people ask well how do we reach out to people who are secular how do we reach out whether it's on campus whether it's people we work with whether it's family members that don't we have an interest for God How do you reach these people and so what we want to do we want to just to cover some basic principles and then just share some practical tips of how God can use you to be able to reach them because these individuals are human beings that need to be reach right so. I. Want to start with. With a brief story I was. I. Was knocking on doors one day this is a story that really marked me I was in an apartment building in Ottawa actually which is the capital of Canada and I remember it was time to go home I had been knocking all day and I had somewhat some success sharing books about health care to building and spiritual books and I remember. I said I went into the elevator. You go out for the for the for the day. And I think it was like the twenty second twenty third floor and then the floor right under a couple walked in a young lady and a man and the door shut and we rode the elevator together all the way to the bottom and you know during that elevator I felt very uncomfortable because they started to discuss things that were not appropriate things that they had done probably in their bedroom house like what is this you know and I felt like rebuking them in the name of God but something told me hold my peace and just pray for them and. And I've never been around prostitutes per se but the way she dressed I thought she was a prostitute and so I prayed and I said Lord Obviously this young lady especially the young lady she was the most doesn't know you and I pray that she may somehow get to know you. The bottom the door open I walked out they walked out that was it now I've knocked at thousands and thousands of doors I don't recognize people most people don't recognize me but about a month or so later I was walking in a shopping in a mall and I'm walking down the mall and I see the same young lady with two or three friends walking towards me and I'm thinking. You know first of all I don't recognize people usually but I recognized her. And I was prompted again to pray to pray for her and I said Lord and I'm walking towards her she's walking to you know just to pass and I'm saying Lord it's interesting I find this young lady again. I don't know I mean I predict she may find you. And then I added something I said Lord if you want to use me to reach out to her and so I keep walking and she keeps walking and that's it. Few months later I'm knocking doors in an. Another partner building and this time I brought a church member with me she wanted to know how we do it she was excited about you know knocking on doors and I said sure come see you know people don't bite generally and then you can have a wonderful experience so she went with me for a couple hours in the evening. And it was time to go home I think was around nine o'clock and so I said we were in another part of the building somewhere and I said Sister we need to go home says no we need to keep working she was a very enthusiastic she was shot with the Gospel she was a West Indian you know and she had that West Indian fervor in her and so she says no we need to do one more door we keep going she actually said I said not all we know and I was trying to explain to her that comes a point where when it's really late knocking becomes counterproductive. You know like they call the police and things like that that's not gospel you know it's not the best. Light the Way to let your light shine right so but she could not be deterred says no we need to do one more door at least and I said and you know my dad is from the West Indies and. Sometimes when they are set on something and it's not the only culture like that there's other cultures like that too but when they're on center on something there's nothing you can do to change your mind I saw that look in her face and I said OK. We're going to do one more door but we need to go OK So let's just do one more so at this door and we had this door says no spirit says when you do that door and I'm like Lady let's just do a door and so I went to the door and out to the door and it all and who do you think opens the door. And I like. And I crave Lord please help me not to mess this one up and so I pray quick per like me and my and I start talking with the lady the young young lady and. She actually lets us into her apartment and though we go in we sit down we start talking she was sick that day and so she had stayed home all day and that's why she was actually interested in. Yes us in because she was sick and we were offering something on health right so she let us and we said Dallas are talking making friends with her we there was a book on Health called Health power by Hans Dio some of you may know a very good book and so she was really excited about that and so I called on a book another book called God's answers to your questions and when she saw that book her face just changed and like most Kony many Canadians do because they don't I think you atheist type country anyways she saw the book and she says what God is NOT want anything to do with God and then she muttered something about if God is so good why did he let her dad get shot and she used to believe in God Now she was all mumbling this stuff you know I learned something that day I learned sometimes what people mumble is. You sometimes what's the most important and and sometimes also it's what it's not so much what people say but sometimes what they don't say so we have to be in tune with God's Spirit to be able to listen to individuals and so I listen and I caught the mumbling and I said since she was young I said hey you want to know why your dad died God's answer to your question this is a no brainer I mean you know. OK OK that's fine so. You know we have to do a little bit damage control make the mood a little bit more happy again. And then when things are just right the church member lady pulled the book out of my bag same book God's answer to question gave it to her and says God wants you to have this book. And I'm like are I. And she is and she looked at the book says No I don't want to do anything and so we had to put it back she went to get the money to get the health book. And again my church lady took the book out says God wants you that you need this book. And then. And funny enough this time she actually paused she looked at the book and then she kind of woke up says no I don't need this book and one thing to do with God and put it away and because she was young we could get away with certain things maybe that we couldn't get away when with older people by the way she was not a prostitute she was actually a haircut or hairdresser so and she was living on her own but she had a rough life and a rough. Childhood and so we're making friends we're we're discovering a lot about her sharing from ourselves also. And at the end of the time with her making friends not judging but just showing. I. Can color Cindy I said Cindy I know you don't believe in God. But is it OK if you pray for you before we go just tongue in cheek right because while you can do whatever you want sure whatever said OK so we prayed simple prayer and I don't remember. What what I prayed for but I do remember at the end she was in tears. And. I. Didn't really know what else to do so I took my bag and. So we quietly went to the door. And just when my hand was about to reach. The door knob she called out my name Jonathan and I looked around. And she's crying and she says. You know that God book I think I'm going to take that as I'm ready to give God a second chance and. I was thinking about that what made the US What made the difference some people will say Well what made a difference was the Holy Spirit. Because we're studying about the Holy Spirit this order. But with the Holy Spirit there before I arrived. Of course the holy spirit was there a long time trying to guide her and help her so what made the difference the difference is the holy. In me right when we allow God Spirit and us to portray what is called compassion it's a hazing the difference that can happen I remember one day I was knocking on doors in Florida and you know. Canada is much more secular I'm knocked up quite a few different States and United States and I can tell you that Canada is more secular than America in general I mean I know California is a different beast but anyways in general from what I've seen I'll tell you one thing. One thing is for sure we not get close to four to five hundred thousand dollars a year and we may get one police call but when I was knocking into us so often they would call the police on us for almost everything and I remember you know the police will be called in and caught ever and I remember this one time I'm not going to door the door opens and the lady's in her bathrobe. And if she could have killed me with her eyes she would have killed me she just you know and she had she looks sick and she looks as what do you want. And you know what crossed my mind here comes the police they did right so I didn't give her my name I didn't tell her anything I just said Hi Mom how are you I'm doing bad. You look like you're sick yeah what do you care and. And so I'm praying. And I say What do you how will I have the flu and then this is not enough and I said You flu let me tell you something when I have the flu you know what I do I go in the shower you have to tell your family it is but I want to shower and I do see three minutes as hard as you can and then you do thirty seconds as cool as you can and you tell your family because you're going to scream and shout and dance about right and you do that three times and then you go into your bed and it's amazing how many times. I was supposed to get sick and I just kind of just kind of feel it coming and I do this hydrotherapy and I and she looked at me so strange. Like some of your look at right now. She to me. And you know I doubt very much that she ever went and did the hydrotherapy treatment. But you know it doesn't matter she did it or not what made a difference was compassion it's amazing how just showing interest in her just for who she was and we started talking for the next twenty minutes and after twenty minutes is that this she just kind of woke up from her dream says. You know say what are you doing at my door again I suppose well actually you know I'm a student and this what we're doing I was like oh yeah yeah sure stop sign up for Bible study probably mostly. And you know what came through my mind. Was wait a second I was in visioning police coming and taking me out of town. Versus. A Bible study interest and we could pray together and hug each other I'm thinking what made the difference the Holy Spirit. But the Holy Spirit wasn't all these great and the angels there before I arrived was in the Holy Spirit working on her heart already. Compassion we want to discover certain basic principles can you say this with me can you bring this with me people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care again people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care this is a very important principle and reaching those that you think are reachable sometimes you meet people that are plain atheist and they and you're thinking I could never reach these people but you know about the very staunch atheist many. Times they are atheists because of a reason. And many times it's an emotional reason that is tied to it maybe their mother died of cancer or they prayed things and happened maybe they were molested as a child is different reason sometimes those are just kind of like atheists whatever but there are people that atheism is a religion and many of them is because of an emotional region reason and so when you come and try to be able to teach them by proof tanks and all that stuff sometimes it will work. But they first must learn to know that you care so then they can trust what you will start saying to them and so I care about Jesus and I want to talk to you about Jesus you care about Jesus you care about other things and so what we need to learn is how to be able to bridge that gap to help to reach these individuals right so people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care so we're going to get to the Bible we're going to read four basic verse I need for volunteers. Yes that will work for recording. Oh OK OK I'll read it anyways Matthew Matthew fourteen. If you can turn are quickly with me because we're going to read these four verses quickly and I want you guys to think through what is being said here Matthew fourteen looking at verse fourteen says and are we there. Matthew fourteen verse fourteen. The Bible says and Jesus went forth Matthew fourteen fourteen and he saw a great multitude and he was moved with a while. Towards them and he healed their sick so Jesus comes and there's tons of sick people and so his compassion it's interesting that he doesn't say he decided to have compassion the Bible says that he was moved with compassion it's as if something was in him that pushed him to do something right so he was moved to compassion because all these people are sick and so he decides to give them a Bible study Amen. Amen. That. Is Right. People are sick and so he decides to pray for them because they need prayer amen because they're probably sick because of their lifestyle so they need prayer to help with their lifestyle. Amen. Got one Amen amen. Out of a hole we need to think. People are sick he's moved with compassion his compassion leads him to do what. Very good all right Matthew fifteen thirty two actually fifteen thirty two just flip the page so then Jesus called his disciples on to him and said I have compassion on the multitude because they continue with me now three days and have nothing to eat and I will not send them away fasting lest they think in the way so once again we see that C. word was the C. word compassion once again he's moved with compassion these people are hungry and so he's moved the compassion and so what he does is that he offers a revelation seminar in men. He gives them Bible study so they can give their hearts to him amen. What's the point they going to get hungry tomorrow so why feed them what they really need is eternal Bread of Life Amen. Amen. Amen. They're hungry compassion leads him to do what. Mark six thirty four. Mark six thirty four. Mar six thirty four. We have the side you see. We have the fairest we have the zealots and it seems that none of them really have a straight and we have. Of the Israelites that the mass population they're confused and you know that's a trick of the devil because the devil will say look at this here you have Ph D. and theology and they don't agree who are you who do you think you are if they can't understand there's no way you can understand and that's a trick of the devil because it's the Holy Spirit that teaches us right and I'm not saying that these individuals are not smart but one thing you realize in the Word of God is that willingness willingness to follow too has a way more to do with discovering what truth is than intellect are you with me the Bible says If any man will do His will He will love the doctrine meaning you must first come with a willingness to follow some individuals they come to the Word of God to be able to prove their point and they're as a result sometimes we have disagreements but here we see we see in Mark six verse thirty four he says and Jews when he came out so much people and was moved with what. Compassion towards them because they were as sheep not having a shepherd any begin to do what teach them and so he sees that people are confused that is the need and so compassion leads him to meet that need and compassion needs and therefore to to teach them the last one is Luke seven verse thirteen Luke seven verse thirteen. The Bible says. And when the Lord saw her this is the widow of Main He had compassion on her and said unto her we not and so he's moved with compassion and he comes first the widow right and on top of that he raises her son back to life. Here we say for examples people are hungry people are sick people are confused. People are crying. And the compassion of Christ led him to meet felt needs what. Now I have a question for you I mean this is Biblical when you see the life of Christ you see that. What he focused on was the felt needs of individuals first but then I have a problem because if that's the case why share tracks I mean even the ministry where I am I should just so all the books and just turn my office into a soup kitchen a man. A. Man I mean forget even having church we need just to have three stores soup kitchens and everything I mean why have evangelistic series because we need to meet felt needs first and I'm telling you this because this is something that within our church especially and with the even our division we seem to swing completely to the other side and say you know what since it's felt means first that's what we need to focus on and it's very biblical then we don't really need so much evangelistic series yet if we can kind of have the best grade but we need to focus on loving people going out in cleaning their neighborhoods and by the way I'm not making fun I'm saying we need these things I think you understand what I'm saying right but I'm saying is it to the exclusion and if not how come. It's the first step. To a very good point. But I want you to realize something I don't know if you ever read in that these are pages about the paralytic wonderful chapter you know the man that they lowered down from the roof. And when you read that chapter Ellen White had insight into this man's life and she says he knew that it was his life of sin that brought about this disease. And it's a very interesting concept because when he was lowered in front of Jesus this is the thoughts that went through his mind he thought if only. I could be forgiven. Of my sins. I'm located that I. Should know that many people there felt the need is spiritual. Are you with me. And specially here in North America. It is confused I believe at times. With emotional issues. Now don't go out and say that Johnson said that all the pressure and all anxiety or whatever is all guilt and whatever OK I do understand that there is a chemical imbalance but I do also believe that a lot of anxiety a lot of issues that we do face emotional issues felt needs. Are spiritual because I have seen in the vigils that worse that were suffering from mental and emotional issues were able to overcome these when they came to Christ right so I'm not discarding the use of medication that times that is needed but I think you understand where I'm coming through in some countries you go and it's so easy you can see they're hungry they're thirsty but in America it's not an especially in Canada where we have a system where that they get a check in and it's it's hard to see everybody has their house and their car and say what's their fault mean I don't know and some people are just dying for somebody to just come and to listen just listen to me just care for me right we live in a society that's so materialistic that we need sometimes the felt needs are not tangible the felt needs are things that we can do to be able to listen to them to meet their emotional and mental needs so felt means right so moved with compassion how am I to be will have compassion because that's the question is is OK I understand I want to reach a secular mind Jesus what he was he was moved compassion may help him to meet felt needs first but I don't have that kind of compassion so high my supposed to have it right so here it says in. In collations five twenty two but the fruit of the spirit is what love joy peace longsuffering kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness self-control so I want us to understand the compassion that this is talking about is this love for sinners love for the unlovable this is what actually you will start noticing is what we need as the foundational element to be able to reach the secular mind where does that love come from it comes from the Holy Spirit how are we supposed to get the Holy Spirit and I say unto you us going to shall be given you if you don't being evil know how to give good give some to your children how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that I ask when the Spirit of God takes possession of the heart that transforms the life sinful faults are put away evil deeds are announced love humility and peace take the place of anger envy and strife Joy take the place of sadness in the countenance reflects the joy I have. That's in review and herald once you know. What we need is the baptism of the Holy Spirit without this we are no more fitted to go forth to the world than where the disciples after the crucifixion of their Lord without the spirit and power of God it will be in vain that we labor or work to present the truth the presence of the spirit with God's work will give the proclamation of truth a power that not all the honor of Glory of the world could do and so the question is how am I supposed to have this compassion Well number one we need to pray for the Holy Spirit how many of us make that a priority in our lives and so we wonder why I don't really care when I go out to Walmart. Somebody goes a Wal-Mart or. Just have one OK that that is honest. I go there is to I go to Wal-Mart and I check out the lady gives me my change I give her the money she gives me my change and then I leave. Does it ever cross. My mind that this lady is God's child. Would my life be different if she'd never made it to heaven you know these things don't naturally come to us because we don't have that compassionate Jesus Christ Jesus had that compassion so we need to clean for God's Spirit to come into our lives so that we can have that compassion the fruit of the Spirit one aspect of it is love and the second thing is we need to spend time beholding what I have realized in my life the more that I spend time in God's word and also in a book called these are of ages the more God gives me that love for especially the unlovable and then then we can start having the results that God wants us to have this is a call that we are very familiar with ministry of healing page one forty three still reaching the secular mind Christ method alone will give true success in reaching the people what this tells me is a few things one there is such thing as false success if tomorrow I said there's one hundred dollars to everybody that fills a seat guarantee you this place would be packed right but that's not true success that maybe Success is not true to success is success that last but it's also success that transforms right Christ method alone will give true success in reaching a people the savior mingled with men as one who does Are there good he showed a sympathy for them minister to their knees and won their confidence then he bade them follow me that's why I don't believe fully in media ministry a LOL because media ministry doesn't go. And if I don't mingle I can't discover needs and if I don't fully discover needs I can't show sympathy and I can't meet your needs are you with me and so unfortunately or fortunately I don't know in the ninety's they started have these net not you know and they were working because we still had the personal impact we would bring people but then people thought they got started a lazy and then they're just popping D.V.D.'s in and hoping that the D.V.D. will do the trick and it's not working why is it not working because Christ method alone works and that include. Mingling. And people say well I don't like to mingle the music is not good and they smell like cigarette and. Mingle with men as one who desired their good show sympathy for them minister to their needs and thereby you win their confidence and then you bid them follow me I know this is a quote you know and I know and I do encourage you what I will encourage you to doing your homework is to go home and see whatever outreach whether it's I which could be to my own children and try to be able to see the way that I live doesn't line up with this whether I serve as a deacon or children's ministry trying to align your outreach endeavors with this and I've had to do that within my life too and say wait a second my kids I want to when my kids for Christ do I mingle with the whole That means I may need to have to work a little bit less so that I can get home and play with them so that you understand what I mean there's because I can't just step in a suit it's important to have worship kids but I never play with them you know stand so that I start thinking I say what I need to change the way I do things whether it's reaching my kids whether it's reaching my neighbor I never mingle with him but I wonder why he doesn't want to come to my church program right. Try to align whatever you're doing with this but I want to focus on the three powers just briefly here this is the quote that goes a little right after that says there's a need of coming closer to people by personal effort in less time were given to sermonizing and more time were spent and personal ministry greater results will be seen where to weep with those that we've been we Joyce of those that we Joyce not catch this accompanied by the power of persuasion. The power of prayer the power of the love of God This work will not by the way that she says cannot be without fruit. Why are people not responding all you know just people are hard. They don't really want to know about Jesus you know it doesn't really really work but there's three powers three powers that we need to look at one is the power of persuasion one is the power of prayer and one is the power of the love of God I mean I have been to amazing programs that we've been held at our church amazing programs I mean we have people coming from the community but not a lot of prayer was done you know why because we're so busy doing the program we don't have time to pray. And we wonder why we can't reach them and then sometimes. We focus a lot on the love the compassion and we love them for a year and we love them for two years and we love them for ten years and we love them for twenty years but we never get to the point. Where we invite them to study the Bible on a well I don't want to mess my relationship with them you know if I actually asked them they might you know and then we will have the same relationship and I have to see them every day because I work with friends I. Have experience where a relationship at times have become different because we've asked after a year or two or three but wouldn't it be better to ask and to not have them say no than never to ask and know when you get to heaven that they maybe you would have accepted if you had just right and that's where the power of persuasion comes in where we say well we live in a world where we want to leave everybody had to do their whole thing and we don't want to you know pressure anybody to and I'm not saying we need to pressure. But what about this power of persuasion to actually comes a point where we need to try to persuade people that Christ is the way to go when you personally trying to persuade Have you ever tried to buy a car from a car salesman. I might be only one that has tried car first of all is there any car salesman here OK I'm safe so what happens is this you go and I just you know bought a car not long ago. Not from a salesman by. I did go to see a salesman first and I mean just to have to talk to him you know because I mean literally vandalism which is sales time I see them man coming from a mile away you know and I you know I smile and I try to be kind you know if someone comes to mind or I can't say no because I know what they're going through right I won't take their chocolate but I'll give them a little something you know for whatever they're doing but I I. See them coming and they're doing this for a car which is really to pay their mortgage what's more important the Gospel or the mortgage right I don't believe in manipulation some of the tax techniques and whatever they have I don't think it's Christ like I don't think it's right right but I do believe that we need to start seeking to persuade not in our own strength but I believe the more we're in tune with God's Spirit the more God will push us to be able to encourage people to choose Christ and yes that will mean that some individuals will say no that will mean that some individuals they will distance themselves from us but it is better to go through that knowing that at least you have tried to offer not at the beginning you develop a friendship but you've tried and they said no at least you've tried right and you would be surprised at the individuals that will say yes don't judge people friends I remember one time I went to a door there was this guy had earrings from every hole the no hole where he had tattoos everywhere he was actually a bartender. And in a rundown neighborhood and I'm chemist and in my mind I'm thinking. I'm wasting my time why am I Do you know I showed him my health book. And I say you know what's the point this guy has no religion and there's rock music blaring in the back. But God said you know just show him any way the spiritual book you so that's what I did I start choices you cool what else you have what else do you have what else do you have. And yet he ended up taking all these spiritual book and he looked at me. And he says. And he pulled out a wad this thick of hundreds fifties or whatever I don't know where he got the money but I didn't ask I just you know accept it so he took the money put it and he looked at me and he says you did not expect that I would buy it. I couldn't. Couldn't. So friends ask us you'd be surprised right all right when you stand up in one. But we can spend. So we crack the doors open or something get a little breeze in here stretch up really high stretch high stretch. Breathe. All the carbon. Oxygen. Breathe. BREATHE THEN. Breathe out stretch again I would have you touch your toes but I don't think some of you can write. All right have a C. we're going to try to wrap this thing up OK. OK so let's just review real brief people don't care how much you know. Until they know how much you care very good Christ was moved with what. Compassion led him to me what felt needs first should we still have eventually succeed should we still have this tribute tracks why because many people still means though they know it or not are what spiritual very good so then we have Christ method alone will give to success the first step in Christ method is what mingle with people right then the second one is what you don't know your be tested on this right was a second one. Mingle with people these are under good the second one hears. You. So sympathy. That's very important we need compassion to do what's the third one. Was the fourth. And you say follow me that's persuasion there has to come to a point where you ask them and many of us we just don't want to get to that point right then we talk about three powers what are the three powers number one is what. Are what persuasion the second one is the power of prayer and the third one is the power of love of God with those three she Saint your word cannot be without fruit and so if your work has no fruit then that means you're missing one of the one of three powers very good by the way how am I supposed to have compassion there's two ways we talk about one of them is. Ask Ask for what Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit the fruit of the spirit the first and most important aspect of it is and the second point of how to get compassion is how. They'll you in dollar question. Yes by beholding by the holding you become. Very good you guys are Varia. One individual decided to map out and probably heard this before but it's good just to be refreshed the site to map out spiritual interest and it's not a holy formula missing if you could kind of. Realize what spiritual interest and put him on a map how it looked like and what he did is he put like negative eight to be the most non interested in spiritual things and positive it to be like very you know so the the negative eight would be the. Drug dealers. You know the drug and whatever the atheist in the cursing whatever and then you as you move along and you negative to that would be a seeker somebody that's involved in Buddhism Hinduism just seeking seeking for meaning of life and and so forth zero would be conversion positive to. Be a brand new Christian you know that's excited about Jesus that's running out there and telling you if you don't keep us out of this Sabbath you're going to hell like soon so it's still us but maybe not with according to knowledge and then you have positive eight that would be your mature disciple of Christ to have clean the promises of God to have gone through storms together with Jesus have learned to trust in him. But the more you realize that. You think about this the more you realize that. Negative eight doesn't have to be a druggie you could actually be a pastor because we're talking about spiritual interest and positive eight doesn't even this really have to be an Adventist right and doesn't necessarily have to be an old person think about that you know Shadrach Meshach and Abednego I mean they were young men they have seen probably their parents killed in front of their cells but they have learned to trust God to walk with God They had an experience with God and. But it's important to be able to realize where people are in their spiritual interest and that's why we're going to the last section will deal with practical ways to be able to discover where people's interests are and then to be able to approach them why is it important to have the discernment because you approach a negative eight completely different then you approach the negative to argue with me and evangelistic series that's were negative to people but I see Cain and praise God We need to mention a stick series but like in Canada the majority of the people are negative eight meaning they don't really have spiritual interest so how do you approach them well that's a compassion that's the health aspect where you don't talk about God You don't say hey God bless you from the start because that turns people off right away you say hi how are you you start talking about the weather start talking about their children you start talking about things that are interesting to them you start talking about health and slowly as you gain their their confidence and their sympathy then you can slowly bring them up from negative eight with God's help right it's important to be one of the search when we go to knocking on doors we have to figure out very quickly. Where people are because it's not we're not there just to sell a book we're there to save a soul by God's grace right so we want to be able to see where I can where are they in their interest in spiritual things and how can I be able to meet that right. Well. This is a very important part point crisis. If you've lived who here has lived. Only five who here has lived. You will have gone through some kind of pain in your life right. And this is an important point don't miss this point. Everybody has gone through some kind of crisis and some people there crisis have been a lot worse than others but when I talk about crisis I mean about to experience something beyond your control Yeah I have my two cars I have my garage I have an amazing job and everything is I don't mean your god. And then I have prostate cancer. And all my money and all my garage and all whatever my reputation and nobody can. Crisis meeting. It's somewhere where I controlled everything and almost sudden I can't is something I can't control sometimes for parents is their kids they become teenagers or an adult and it's a crisis they can't control them anymore right. And sometimes it's a sickness maybe it may be abuse somebody has gone through it to the addiction and so maybe it's a death in the family everybody has gone through a crisis and I'm telling you it is important to understand is why because it's only when people experience crisis that they realize their need of a savior when everything is going well and I got my girlfriend and I got my car and I got my job and everything's going well and my. Everybody's happy I don't mean God. But it's a false illusion you still leave him but when my parents are going through a divorce or I start going through a divorce then always something crisis and I realize I can't control I need outside help. And for the secular mind that's the time when you can introduce Christ so it may not necessarily be something that they're experiencing now it may be something that they have experienced in the past but as you become friends with individuals as you talk with them and as they gain your confidence as you gain their confidence as you show sympathy from the every day life as you try to meet their needs on different levels you will start realizing that people that are completely God blessed. Will come to you to confide in you. And you don't have to preach at them but you can share with them what God has done for you. And that is how I have found many times that the purely secular person can start opening up to listen and to be open to even think about prophecy think about what the Bible maybe even true my compassion compassion. Practical ways or methods of showing compassion ask questions share info and share a sincere compliment where you can so people say why I don't know you know how to mingle with people you know some people for example are elderly and they say why I don't really work anymore so I don't you know I don't really mingle with people except for church and they're all Christians and so what I tell these people go volunteer go join a swimming club and your purpose is not to learn to swim or to knit even though that's nice you're undercover purpose is to mingle with people right so that you can start mingling with them and you can show sympathy you can be able to meet some of their needs you can win their confidence and you can get to the. Well with the power of those three powers perswade prayer and up your work cannot be without. So you ask questions when I meet people I just use or are asking Hi How are you what's your name but you don't just ask questions you share info if I say hey what's your name that's your name and where do you live and what your bank account number and how long you've been here it sounds like an inquisition but if I say what's your name and then I say Well my name is Jonathan what he did not remind me and I say well how many siblings we have to what I actually have three simply he doesn't care how many siblings but you know I share with him because friendship is based on knowledge and that information will you very helpful in the future the more information that we know about each other the quicker and deeper the friendship can become in a quicker way you understand so when I ask questions I ask certain things from you I share I am willing to be vulnerable I'm not saying you need to share all your secret whatever but I'm willing to share and be vulnerable I ask I share I ask I share and I share come a sincere compliment I'm not saying flattery. I'm saying a compliment I mean if the guy swept the floor well you says while you did a good job right nice people are dying to be appreciated and then by asking questions sharing information it's a hissing how when you mean go with people how quickly you will gain their confidence while people say well why don't I talk about I don't know what to talk about with these people well start with. So are you me honest no this Ford you know when you meet people there's like a recent restriction or resistant like a fortress Well how do I break through the fort while God's Holy Spirit leads you to have compassion on things that are important to them and these are things that are important to them Jesus is important to you this is important to them it's my family it's my pet here in America I realize that it. Is very important I've never seen a pet walk around with little sweater on. When you go to a Caribbean island that is a no no I mean that's like abomination right but pets are important some people treat their pets better than they treat their children right but it's important to talk to about their pets this is something that is near to their heart talk about their culture their country of origin their language and so forth when I go and I meet Chinese people ask them how do you say hello in your language and they'll say how our supply that and then us how that's so wonderful and I'm not going to next door and it is Chinese Again not asking well how do you say hello in your language and I know say to me how mom and I go to next door and so what I'm doing and I'm learning about them and their culture and I asking similar questions idea on the street I can say pretty good you know ask questions let them teach you about their culture that don't teach about things are important to them it's amazing how when you talk to individuals and you. Ask questions about things that are so important to them how they brighten up all of a sudden right and then after a while they their hearts are open to start listening about what's important to you why because you develop a friendship right occupation this is something else that you can talk about some people love their job some people hate their jobs but they love their hobbies so you can talk about religion what are some people are not religious so you talk about their values their convictions and you know that I don't know if you realize here in United States even politics is a religion right so you can talk about souls you know with within restriction and the last thing you can talk about is testimony to share briefly what God has done for you and it's amazing how sometimes I'll pick up a hitchhiker and I'll just start talking talk about their family I'm sure about my family talk about what they do I share about what I do talk about their values or religion I share about matter and when I get a chance date we build a relationship and we ask I ask questions I share information I compliment and at the end when God opens I'm able to share what God. As done in my life I remember going into a very strict Muslim hole and it was so strict in fact that. I was interrupted. Once or twice I stayed at quite a lot time my presentation once or twice because it we had to stop everything for them to do their prayer. And. But you know I was to share in making friends and I remember at the end. I just felt compelled to share what God had done in life and I shared my testimony. And this very staunch Muslim man just stood there and just. And I just talk freely about Jesus Christ and what he what he means to me and what he has done for me. And i dn the man didn't say much but the only thing he said. That great controversy I need that book that was all he said and he took the book. Telling you the power. Of your testimony if you can get to that point by showing compassion towards individuals you don't know and this happened more than once on more than one occasion where God gave me an opportunity to share just prompted me to share with individuals write the testimony and I have the beginning but after I was able to build a relationship with individuals Christ example is must be followed by those who claim to be his children relieve the physical necessities your fellow men in their gratitude will break down the barriers and enable you to reach their hearts. I want you to understand this principle. I just want to pick on this young man just because he's a nice guy so what food do you like about fruit. Apart beautiful so what is the name Nick so make like Spitfires right and I like the pies too but let's just say I don't like the pious OK just for illustration sake so let's say I actually keep my. Empire is a disgusting I mean the smell the way they look when you cut them they have all these things I mean I can't believe somebody could even think of like impious I mean it's ludicrous I hate but I had the smell I had the way it looks I would I hate everything about as a matter of fact my grandma died choking on a pipe she didn't but you just want to be so so so I'm completely against papayas. But the pyres are important to Nick. And Nick is important to me. And so papaya has become important to me not because of the taste but because it's important to someone who's a point are you with me and if you can catch that concept it's amazing what God can do you're walking up to the driveway Sometimes I've walked with students especially ladies up to drive in you have a guy. Shining his car. And he sees his reflection in the Mercedes Benz right. Now the young lady couldn't care less about the car I mean all she knows is that the car is black and that's all that matters is if you can just get me from A to Z. You know guys guys say how fast can the guard car go from zero to sixty you know and a lady usually ask how fast can it go from sixty back to zero so I shine in his car shiny. Obviously the car is something very important to him so when I come if I come and say sir my car don't you know that that thing is going to burn when Jesus comes I mean what are you wasting your time you need to. Know. The car is important to him. And he by God's grace is important to me. And so the car becomes important to me not because I'm this or like cars but because it's important to somebody who's an important to me are you with me and so I start talking about the car and I start asking questions about the car and I said and the man is just beaming from ear to ear and he's telling you how how much horsepower this thing has and he's telling you about you know how much he money he put it and don't you dare all your eyes God could have used that money in his church I mean I can't know because it's important to him that the man doesn't know much more that's that's what he knows so if you talk with him talk with him about the car talk with him about whatever it is and you will be surprised how all of a sudden this is happened to me so many times when I show interest in what interests people even though it may not necessarily naturally interest me and I'm not saying bad things just things that are just. How their hearts just open up and then after sometimes fifteen twenty thirty minutes all of a sudden they open up and they and you're a good guy and come on in man we need you need to drink something and we did talk about this and now they start being open. Open to spiritual things sometimes it takes more than one meeting but it's a principle that I believe US seventy avenues we haven't caught much because we hang around Adventist. All our friends sometimes our workmates and whatever and we don't really always like to hang because they smell different they eat different maybe their music is different. And sometimes we don't have an opportunity to be assault to lie to them right to be able to show care and concern for things that are important to people that are different from us. And not going to go through these last but basically the point is. The point is friendship meeting people is only one step we must also plant seeds in their hearts. Friendship evangelism is important but it must lead as he saying to something else we must lead them to God's word because God's Word is what transforms lives and even after God's word transforms it must be a support group for those so sometimes you may realize I'm very limited in what I can do well before you go out try to find who are individuals I could connect them with is there someone that could stay I can study the Bible with somebody but I know she can't and so but I'm still going to do my part and then I'm going to realize that maybe that comes a point where I can't go further but I can I can pull someone along and then and need them to to another step right so some people call the cycle of Magill ism and there's different names for it. But I believe that it's important to be able to reach out to our brothers and sisters. Which are really not brothers or sisters in Christ but by by God's grace if we do our work can become. So want to end with a quick story. I was knocking on doors one day and. Some time ago and I met this lady and she bought quite a lot of books from me I was very happy it was the Bible story said some of you remember those on court those bedtime stories in all the large volumes and so she bought quite a lot and she didn't have all the money so she just gave post-dated checks and as the money cleared and I would bring her books and she was in twaddle and I lived in trauma at the time and when the last check was deposited balance it was rubber and so I went to to her house to you know to to find out what happened and I realized the house was empty. Thing was strange they didn't tell me she was going anywhere and. Call her Linda and so I asked the neighbors nobody knew. OK so. About a year later I don't know how. But somehow I met somebody that knew somebody you know this lady had five kids she was a Christian and she was so excited about the books because she could finally use have resources to teach her kids about God in a serious way I was like wow that's amazing a year later I find out somebody who knew somebody and where she lived I said I just let me go and see this Linda lady so I went there. And I still remember it was dark it was evening and she opened the door and she saw me. And it was like at the ject and look. I. Saw in the what was happening. And she she let me and. Wasn't too excited about seeing. And she was very upfront with me she says Jonathan I'm I'm not the same person I was a year ago so what you mean because I don't. I. Don't really believe in God. So what he says Yes I don't believe in God a lot of things that happen in one year because I lost my job because I lost my job I was kicked out of the place where I lived my husband left me for a younger woman in the church that I was attending and so I haven't gone back to church I stopped reading the Bible obviously. And she told me something that really broke my heart she says you know John and I have five kids and I wake up in the morning and I try to look in my fridge my cupboard to put something in their lunch boxes and I can't find any. So if you know a God like that you can keep. My head a lot of objections in my life I don't have any money I don't have time it's too hot come back with all kinds of foolishness people tell you. But this is one objection that that floored me what do you tell somebody like that you tell somebody all you just need to believe everything will be OK. And like me I'm I offered a quick prayer to God I said Lord you going to have to help me here I don't know what to say. And God impressed me. Too to ask for a Bible. So I said. Well we call her Linda OK. Just to make sure things are OK so I said Linda you have a Bible I yeah I don't know where it is somewhere can you go get the Bible now I don't know where it is I don't read it for can you send one your child. So she says the kids looking for the buy when they finally find this Bible under a pile of dirty clothes all. Messed up and so they bring the bible. And for the next two hours. I just shared with her my own testimony of how God changed and God's promises God's promised. I shared with her how while when I was a teenager I made a deal with God After my first summer literally that list and how I made a deal with God that he was going to change me he'd have to do it or else I'd I'd walk away from him and I made a deal with God and I don't know if it's right or wrong but I read my Bible I said I'm going to read my Bible every day I'm going to read These are pages every day and I told her most of the time I fell asleep because you're watching is exciting television programs. And you open the Bible and sit. By the way a little commercial if you find the word of God a little bit boring or maybe these are beaches or Ellen White books or a little hard to swallow spend a little less time by the way spend a lot less time television on face a man. Got fired. So. I'm telling you Facebook. Is addictive for some people right. You to. Some people so I don't watch television on home I don't watch cable television but I'm on You Tube You know so what's the difference right so what I'm saying is if you want to find a word of God more interesting spend less time and that's what I started to doing I start shutting up to tell the shutting off the music and I was saying maybe you have to be that dramatic or whatever but it's what I did and and God's word started to become interesting to me and my reaction when I was reading was I mean I'm a pastor's kid I was like I know this stuff I mean this thing and. Then I have to wake myself up I had to read read I've never read all in white and again you think what did I just read and have to go back and reread and so I had to do that many times. But I kept reading and I told her from one of the most boring books especially these are the ages it's a book that changed my life and I shared with her how you know I don't have time to share today but I share with her how my life has transformed how I I learned to forgive my mom for some of the things that happened when I was a kid and. Just like transformation. And then I said Look Linda I don't know why your husband left you why you lost your job why you can't feed the kids look I don't know. I. Can only tell you one thing. That I have cast my lot fully with God I. Have to. Ask his help to trust his promises and he's come through for me and I believe if you do the same Q three. And the next day I had moved to Auto which is about four hours away I had moved to Ottawa by then and but the next day what I did is I took one hundred dollars and twenty dollar bills nice and I put it into These are ages twenty twenty twenty you know and I passed by her house. Also I sit here lit up reading your may find more than you bargained for or whatever I forget what I used the term to write so I gave in the book I didn't have a lot of money but I felt I needed to do that and I did. The next month when I came back to Toronto I wanted to knock at her door and it was a holding cell and I looked at it and it was and. I. Think. She did tell me that she would get kicked out because she had no money of. These. And you know for seven years because he knew the main highway into almost a four a what for seven or eight years. I drive past and I can still see the place where she used. To live. I still pray say Lord be with Linda I don't know whatever happened to her but. One day I was doing a church service and it's wrong and I was walking down the side aisle. And I heard like. I. Didn't know anybody I was doing a promotion for her child. And I turned around and there was little I. Just remember me. As like clicked and she wet and she hugged me and she was crying and I was in tears too. And she says Wow thank you so much for coming to my house because you know I just want you know I'm a step or the other this Christian and I baptized in this church with my kids. And she says by the way it's true that book that you gave me was one of the most boring books that first. As I got to know Jesus Christ my life was. You know when I left that church you couldn't have given me a million dollars and I would have felt better. Just the thought. That God wants more could use a sinner like me to be able to reach out come. Friends compassion this love of God. It's not something towards people that are calling and that love you and that respecting the way that we know that we are children of God is when we love those that use you we love those that are enemies we love those at this spitefully treat us bad that's when we know we are children of God when we have love for these in the vision that's true compassion and the darker the night the brighter the light right and so if you love those that love you what are you different than the. Or the Hindu or whatever the one big difference that Christianity has which is the most powerful tool above everything else is the of of God is that compassion that breaks through atheism they can argue all your arguments but they cannot argue why you still treat them good when they treat you bad and you know if I was lost. I would have a nasty attitude and you would expect that because I don't believe in God and I would hope that you would push past my negative attitude and give me an opportunity to know the joy and the peace that you know. Compassion friends we all have individuals in our lives that I believe that God wants us to reach out to. And yes as we've gone through there's dead they have different spiritual interest. But the one thread through the different methods and techniques and whatever we've talked about and principles that we've talked about this afternoon the one thread that remains is unconditional love that only God. It can get through you for them. And I'm telling you when people get a sense. That you love them unconditionally. It's hard to explain but it's almost as if a little light goes on. And for once in many people's lives they feel that they can trust. And when they can get to that point then you can stir change Jesus Christ. And so my prayer is that we may go forth with a renewed fervor to be able to reach those individuals for Christ our neighbors our children our parents or family members or coworkers or student call students that. May not know Christ despitefully speak of Christ that we need to decide to earnestly start praying for them every single day and that's what I start to do with people around me every day without fail I pray for these individuals not only that God will reach them but God will give me love to reach them I start praying for my account and I start praying for my mechanic and I'm seeing my mechanic off and I'm wondering why because I'm waiting for him right and God makes sure my car break down so it's OK because God provides the funds right. Let's pray loving father. You have said that we are the salt of the earth that we are. The light. For this world. Or forgive us for so often keeping the like to ourselves. Forgive us for trying to get involved only in ministries that would. Not cause us to get dirty per se cause us to be rejected. And Lord it is true that those ministries are needed. There are situations where you're calling us to do more to reach out to love even the lovable. Father has many principles that we've talked about the stuff about the three powers about your message about compassion so many principles but yet I pray father of both. Holy Spirit to be a teacher to be a guide to bring back to remembrance the right principles for the right situation. But also. Give us. The love this come to us. To be able to meet needs of individuals including spiritual needs. For those around us that we may not think about or comfort but our interest but we may think about. Their salvation. And about the choice of heaven over that one sinner. Prayer. Media was brought to you by. A website dedicated to God's word through free. And much more if you would like to. Visit.


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