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  • June 28, 2009
    7:00 AM
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father as we contemplate this most essential topic called the seal of God may we learn possesses what I'm thankful for each one of us come this morning as well as for those for unable to make it for whatever reason I pray that we may not lose the effect of what the purpose of this conference lots and that we may be displaced different she transforms with the mind of Christ within us since you just now but I spirit in this early morning air may we breathe in the spirit of Christ name we read his word and maybe he blessed refresh print Jesus was turn on Bible to Revelation chapter seven as we begin our study on seal of God 's relationship to seven will begin reading in verse one revolution chapter seven verse one and after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth holding the for what four winds holding the four winds of the year that the wind should not blow on the earth nor on the sea nor on any each tree and I saw another angel ascending from the East having the seal of the living God and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was given to her beer and the sea say hurt not the earth neither the sea nor the trees till we have sealed the servants of our God and therefore had heard a number of them which were sealed and they were sealed hundred and forty four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel couple things to notice here him home when they are for awareness and for angel is saying in the four corners of the unfolding before when and according to these verses that we have read when those wins are let go what do they do on your visit to her earlier Saudis and winners of constructs and or wins of destruction when the destruction or Windows strife we call that an understated miss letting go of the wind is synonymous with the troubles at the end of time or the time of trouble is another term that we use and what is the only thing according to be effective this passage here what is the only thing that is preventing those lands those wins astride the troubles from being unleashed on the air what is being what are we waiting it is the ceiling so once got people here known as the servant of all are God 's servants of the living God one hundred and forty four thousand one they are sealed and what will come immediately following troubled when the strife after the time of trouble understanding of the final event what was the final trouble begins a irreversible sequence of events transpires right and he culminated in one of the second thing is this is ADD Ms. engaged that is holding back if I find out the mass which includes of course before Wednesday let go but once the when I go in there any possibility to hold them back once the final event leading to transpire we know that the final event the rapid ones and it will culminate in the second cc the seal of God now is that the sealing of God 's people is that the guys that is holding back but when this and until that ceiling is completed a final event will not continue you follow my line of logic so isn't it important for us than to understand what it means to be seeing you because we want to receive and we know that until the ceiling takes place Jesus cannot come all right so what does it mean to be sealed now if you haven't done any study of this concept in the spirit of prophecy you will know that was his wife says several things that we usually know when we got an evangelistic meeting and leave me here the sermon on the seal of God where in the ten Commandments to refine the seal of God the fourth command it contains name the rule and Dominion all in this necessary components of a seal and authority yet individual with authority that is true and what kind of that moment but let's look at a couple passages from Mister Prosser first many many many have access I guess the me check here all but two X using all three passages that I'll be sharing with you are found in the book of the last events page two nineteen to two twenty one two twenty two or so so that the section that a lot of these Verizon passages is condensed into this for your information so this first passage from laughing message to nineteen paragraph four is just as soon as the people of God are sealed in therefore has it is not any seal or market can be seen but is settling into truth both intellectually and spiritually so they cannot be moved just as soon as God 's people are sealed and prepared for the shaking it will come indeed it has begun already last invented at page two ninety so there is a little insertion in the middle of this thought here where Mrs. White defined what the seal of God is at least one of the definitions she says it is not NaCl or Martha can be seen the one is settling into the truth both intellectually and spiritually so they cannot be moved there are three parts I seem to the definition first there is a settling industry settling what that brings the model Continental picture of me is when glass of dirty water shake it up what he is sprinkled under in Minnesota next then what is required for things to settle not very one-word settling into the truth it doesn't necessarily say iron into the truth or draw into the truth or welded in addition if not instantaneous event procedure secondly intellectually and spiritually does more than just a all we can all intellectually there is a thorough understanding of the truth yes spiritually settled into the business spiritual component of the deeper components maybe we'll come to that moment the third part is that so they cannot be moved this one is featured God says they are sealed the seal represents a such steadfast firm roots or the some men said into the truth so they can be moved to think about these three aspects but let's go back to the first two parts of this definition selling the truth intellectually spiritually let's look at a Bible verse I believe corresponds to that found in Hebrews chapter test side Hebrews chapter ten West look at verses sixteen and seventeen before we meet is this passage is actually quoted from the Old Testament from Jeremiah chapter thirty one so this is an new covenant we find in the Old Testament as an interesting thought for your contemplation okay he presented ten or sixteen this is the covenant that I will make with them after those days say the Lord I will put my laws into their where hearts and in their where the minds will I write that her seventeen and their sins and I see so well I've been on were no more all right what is the new covenant here according to this verse sixteen what does God promise to do he will ride in law and law truth right nearly right into voice and hard to analyze whether here to say that line represents the intellect and the heart represents the feelings emotions but this is center of this series of massive spiritual side selling industry where in our heart and mind intellectually and spiritually but no owners who does the writing on the law God is very good let's talk and come to verse seventeen from moment and offense and their sins and equities will remember no more this verse right here in our study I don't have time to go through all of the particular is that it is actually this arising a particular kind in particular in sacred history or immigrant controversy but it is if we were to ask God right now do you remember my sins in my iniquities does not remember them only on anything that thing about this land do you remember Sandy community sending an agent asked for forgiveness for yes so how would it be possible for God not to remember our sins if we still remember right now and follow my drift but there is a time there is assigned and when God himself will no longer remember I wanted that time in the judgment there are three books to life book of record in the book of remembrance book of records this is why a few sites are probably called many things look of death book essential to record recounting it is record of the sins of the people add on any feelings all the details ethical of the provisional right before the closing abrasion right before the judgment is over God does something to the sins of his people 's names I remain in the book of life under the due to the lot that out block out their sin and he says I will remember their sins no as the really great controversy people when they go through the time of trouble they will know they are helpless they feel as though they have no mean it is true they have no mediator in heaven at that point and they feel as though their sins will end really is later A possibly be saved in .net avenging enemy and they try to confess their sin but we are told that they cannot bring our caliphate I don't look forward to the troubles of course on young people I cannot wait for the day when I can remember myself so when is it that God says I will remember their instant iniquities no more it is when the sins are blotted out dancing twelve verse one set and at that time Michael shall stand up representing the closing invasion and it shall be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation so hopefully I don't than just getting over things here that a lot of gaps in my explanation but go home studying the investigative judgment vision fill in those gaps we'll have time right now what I'm trying to say what I'm trying to say is that God before you can close the judgment before you a lot I think you got to do something for the people that is arrived at law law and our hearts and minds because when probation closes the time the full begin the four winds I let go okay so how is God actually written how got lastly written in our minds okay let's talk about our mind first is the driving lines and in our hearts that two different places and perhaps I'm trying to split hairs here but I think if you follow through with me it'll make sense does it on right his law and our hearts in a instantaneous miraculous fashion and then address it we never sin again it requires something doesn't it requires our choice the freedom of what you are or will to be a line into his side held at the hate you through the process of having so been so settled and it is true that we will not be moved away cannot be how the okay is on you share with you an analogy an illustration as with all analogies they break down after a while those note perfect analogy the understand of son and try my best and hopefully it helps us understand how God actually rices our hearts are in online lackeys illustration brushing our teeth when we are little kid what does it take for a frustrating there's a whole lot after the whole Lotta external effort our parents have become and stand next to us and teach us how you will hold our hands and I have to model for us being I have to do it several times before we get it but that child says I don't want to verify to what his mom when his mom the responsibility you just have to do it in a very a need at that stage for reasoning with a child no explaining the physiology of cavities and in all that I think they'll need to say do it and may even without the reasons J Melendez I was a little bit older he learned how to hold to verify himself he's tall enough to reach to say see you may eat his meal and even out the sneak out the back door but mom says member would have to do okay on the version at that point that young man why does the breast disease is because his mom told him to do it is still an external force external reasons she wouldn't do it if you have the choice button long embarrassing to keep them in line this young man he continues to grow and he comes a point where he start brushing his teeth but he's in school she would always try and want of a better seat than convincing one look into the one I have bad breath as though that the motivation for brushing his seat is now a internal to the reason he is still a little bit of the UES because other people are watched but if you him to be around his friend this uses a home on break maybe not brush my teeth every day that he grows a little older he takes health classes he learned a few things he has his first half of the and he realizes I am brushed my teeth because there are adverse affects on my hell if I don't do it is that a little bit better overview than starting and then he grows up and down leaving college or whatever and now if he doesn't presidency after every meal he feels horrible he feels guilty all places I can't believe it and it is online I can't believe I can respect it I feel that he exists all I have to I have to do the rest is long and bring that you are dedicated to thrust into the category of Keegan seems to enjoy that and of course analogies start breaking down a deserted land is worth celebrating down and that he might even choose a life career as a dentist or dental hygienist so we can help people learn how to brush their teeth and this is what it really breaks down if we were to take his spirit applications with logical conclusion it comes a point where he would rather die than I is him and that he see a connection with this beer shall aspect of obeying God not take the step-by-step we'll have to know all the reasons right off of that I don't know all the reasons why I obey God at the life and I really would like to know why but as we continue to obey the reasons and more than that as we make a small decisions small commitments here and that intellectuals will fold all obey step-by-step by step by step eventually there is a time and when you read images a moment and talk about this that it becomes an actual response are reflex our students think to do got in God can do that for us that's what it means to have the law written in our hearts and our minds exceeding downlines specifically they create shows rooms in our race I'm not a doctor not neurologists or anything psychologist anything of that sort but I do know what it how it is that habits and we can be the usual over years of law and how this don't come overnight and it does take effort are so whether the knee forgot lottery written in our heart it can be written in our mind 's yes we can actually learn suits usually speaking brush our teeth and we may be able to do it in our own strength and I say that hesitantly even with the risk of being misunderstood is also for people to force themselves from God committee adult there are people that don't believe in Jesus and ultimate adult there are people that don't believe in Jesus that never kill the point is that can keep their hands to themselves and not feel but I will submit that it is not possible it is not possible for us even if we are able to stop killing for us to learn to love our it is not possible for us not only do we hold our speaking allies but to rejoice in the truth and to have the movies of Christ this is this week and we can talk about the mind of Christ the humility of Christ me tell you something humility cannot be manufactured absolutely cannot we can take it to me to try the humility that is really very for is an issue of the heart and that's what it means when God says I will write my law in their lives at the heart theater there are certain aspects of our our nature that we cannot change even if we try and we don't know how this requires the grace of God and Jesus have to do that for us secure that quote that I talked about it really this is one of the ones are not found in lasting than the founders RVs page six hundred and sixty eight is all true obedience comes from the heart and that ties in directly reload than just talking about we can have the actions of not breaking any of the ten Commandments but it will be the spirit of the law is LLR heart is deceitful and desperately wicked cool Kindle only God can change our hearts and is that it was hard work with Christ and we confess this weather will come then if we can assess he will so identify himself without thought and a syllable and our hearts and minds into conformity to his will knows what it said that when old being hand me shall be but carrying out our own impulses the will refine and sanctified will find as high as the life in doing his service when we know God as it is our privilege to know him our life will be a life of continual obedience through an appreciation of the character of Christ to communion with God then will become hateful to her the hatred for sin cannot be manufactured it has to come from the become your carnal sold as the carnal mind that ended with God is not subject to the log on neither indeed can be as the years writing the lawn our minds intellectually we might know it we might even worse our hand to carry out activities and actions but Jesus have to change our hearts and he promises to do that that is the new covenant and he will do that before the closing probation so this is what needs to be sealed settling and the truth both spiritually intellectually and spiritually aligned and our hearts God writing the law in our hearts and our minds so that we cannot be so we cannot be moved in one sense is understanding that the little one we carry out our own impulses are reflexes when something goes wrong to be so aligned with the mind of Christ that we will still be obeying without thinking without thinking although I want to come to that point and I'm not there but I want to be so this is what means this is gone reprogramming our hearts are my reprogramming our thoughts as well as our feelings and positive feelings and together they create what moral character and the law that is really hard minimize the law is also known as the transcript of God what characters so having the law in our hearts and minds is not not synonymous with having the character of God this takes us to the next from their prophecy God 's amazing grace page two thirty five what do you do your character shone forth in the daily life of Christ he is a VR pattern there is a great work to be done in fashioning the character after the divine similitude the grace of Christ and hold entire being in his triumph will not be complete until the heavenly universe shall witness a habitual tenderness the only Christlike love and holy deeds the department of the children of God are now laugh the events page two hundred and twenty one graphic three different paragraphs give their all on that page it says the first one the seal of the living God will be placed upon those only bear a likeness to Christ in character second one those who receive the seal of the living God and not from him the trouble will reflect the image of Jesus Foley third one are we striving with all our God-given how is the reason measure of the stature of men and women Christ always seeking forcefulness ever reaching higher and higher trying to change the perfection of his character when God 's service he reached this point they will be sealed and therefore has the recording Angel declare it is they will be complete in him who they are by creation and my redemption so the second definition that Mister profit is the ceiling the seal of God is a half price character perfectly reproduced we talked about that yesterday and it is actually synonymous with the idea of having the obese settle into the truth usually and intellectually so that we cannot be moved because that's how Christ character was he was sounds as if you intellectually spiritually so he cannot the character of Christ the mind of Christ okay so we see how that the first two definitions in fact they are quite synonymous we can see how they go hand-in-hand not gone into putting a feel seal of approval FDA approved whatever you want to call it God is saying that this group of individuals is they cannot will there still settled in this remedy cannot be low that's a pretty the challenge now will you think of your state and understanding understanding the great conversation with is the audio the paper got a lot of character in all of this kind of thing and gone here say there is a servant of the living God the seal of God this campaign will did he or Satan what would you say will have in fact there's a story in the Bible that God is something exactly like Joe has now considered my servant Job a perfect and upright man eschewed evil Satan says I don't think so so what was being permitted to come up on the highly informed without limits are the living God the people are sealed what must be allowed to come upon that in order for God to be proven right in this case they cannot be moved is gone to be said that Mises .org volunteers and animals had a thought God he came so what you do to try to move in the San Angelo penicillin Shauna the question is not the house of faith income to the task one and five what is the issue that is going to try people to demonstrate whether or not they truly genuinely cannot be moved what is at issue the Mark of the beast and the mark of the beast is a test in the area of the site on so the Sabbath is the seal of God yesterday but in one sense only but let's think about this are but a few verses or passages from last advances page two twenty the seal of the living God is placed upon those who conscientiously keep the Sabbath of the Lord knows it would have the seal of God and therefore have not keep the Sabbath of the fourth commandment is the fourth commandment alone of all the tab contains the seal of the great life giver the Creator of the heavens dear altogether so far notices Alaska lasted at least two twenty V observance of the Lord 's Memorial the Sabbath instituted in the seventh day Sabbath and the test of our loyalty to God the Sabbath is the seal of God is in the pressure point in the last days is that area in which we will be tested in the last day and got good and he's already told us where the pressure and testing of the company is like having the answer sheet for the final exam we already know but here's the point that issue is not simply to say that the family is only valid one area where the freedom focus is a tacit see if we obey God and every other area Filipinos that I'll get ready when the thumbnail and missing eye because the seal of God is not what I go to church all staff are not is not whether or not willing to die for the Sabbath the seal of God has to do with a whole character of the end of time knows and sees along God Siegel on God will lead us out only at the revelation of the OB/GYN and reading on their area it is an issue of character and when we say when we hear people say wait until the Sunday law to get ready problem is character is not developed over and when the test comes meeting will realize only two eight that I was waiting only for the testing is one area but I have failed in all the other areas of my life we don't want to miss the point is greater than just the day of worship greater than just one out of ten commandment is all in all of God 's and all the character is the law written in our hearts all right we are about the clothes and I want to end with a challenging passage from the book early writings early writings if you have read about you owe it to yourself to read that book it is this is the vision that LOI had lunch at January I eighteen forty nine remember that the will of the date January five eighteen forty nine the book early writings page thirty days she writes I saw four angels got work to do on your and were on their way to accomplish it Jesus McLeod with priestly garments engaged in pity on the remnant that raises hand and with the voice of the piggy cried my blood father lied lied lied lied my blood that I thought exceeding bright light come from God who sat upon the great white throne and worship all about Jesus then I saw an angel of the commission from Jesus Christ replying to the four angels who work to do on the earth and weaving something up and down in his hands and crying with a loud voice hold hold hold hold until the servants of God are sealed in therefore I asked my company angel the meaning of what I heard and what the four angels were about to do he said to me that it was God that restrained the powers that he gave his angels charge over things on the earth the four angels have power from God to hold or wins and that they were about to let go but while their hands were loosening and the four winds were about the below unmerciful IMGs and gazed on the revenue that were not he raised his hands in the father pleaded with him yes till his blood for that then another angel was commissioned to fly swiftly to the four angels ended in whole until the servants of God are sealed with the seal of the living God and therefore has been with his heavy dollars when the vision was given January five eighteen forty nine and what efficiency the Angels were already loosening their grip on the wind and in mercy for the retina Jesus says give them more time because there was a mean and already they have to receive the seal of God wanted me to have received the seal of God they have not yet settled into the church intellectually and spiritually so they cannot have not fully developing character how long has it been since eighteen forty nine much longer than I care to count we are living on borrowed time and I've said this before this weekend I'll say it again the mind of Christ the character of Christ is not just a neat saying is not just Adventist are you not just the clichéd I would toss around it is the sum of the purpose of art exist and Jesus cannot until we believe it until we really in the unsuspected that he doesn't just ask us to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps Sewall Wright has long in our hearts and our minds is we will consent and I want to lead the discussion list for father this morning we have once again heard your voice speaking to us as we have read this passage from the spirit of prophecy while you have held the wins for so long and for us because we have been unwilling to cooperate Lord I pray that you may help us help us to be willing because we cannot even make ourselves the really is a father I create a human implant within us that tendency against sin if you promise that he will write your law in our hearts and our minds as you have comments rights of fathers name in our four heads COS with the seal of the living God help us to grow into the stature of fullness of Jesus Christ I read as so on using an in the media was used by bodybuilders to him God 's word through reading audio and much more than he would like to know more about our universe is more certain that please visit www. .com universe .org


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