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A Peculiar People

Nicholas Allen


  • July 16, 2016
    11:30 AM
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You know everybody very organic You're always. It's. Very Trimble there are many many years maybe you are come alive this place and light shine upon us. Our. Bibles are looking at the. Time. To say. We relationship to the guy who will be eighty. Holding tight to stop the ones by saying Paul a servant of God on the apostle of Jesus Christ according to the grace of God. And the knowledge in and not the engine of the truth which is after darkness. Or did not come any so. With the letters after his name but simply say this I am a servant. Of. The Living God. Here we must take time to take notice that the server takes orders he doesn't like to be. Any poor and always degrees behind his name some theologians say that Paul by estimate could have had three degrees. Warmer made known that he was caught up to speed up the mania. These days of piracy I am on fire and see this stripped of all the sect but yet his current version was about humility that has never been seen before with men. One that was so pious nobody my servant should direct. American I was moved by the Spirit of God manifest. The Spirit of God in his life and his daily war. We should see to learn of him these days because the Spirit of God is able to move him and he able to meet me I need you and me. God has no respect or a person. Whether your man or woman or boys or girl guy is able to move if you are unable to let him move you. Hold was never a punch in Millionaire first sentence. Of. Life that's why he says to us a lot of knowledge to not be true which is after the time limits. To this he further. Continue on to eternal life. To this already had clinging to the whole after her life. Which is God cannot lie sorry for for the world regardless this shows clearly. That. Guiding not being ten fold and to die or to be lost but that man was to leave it turned to me with his mate. Higher than mine and I see he more than happy and I would love to reach out the arms of the dead. And the prison house of the great. Hall and. I would be eternally secure. Well guarded would not leave that way for guard and that we may go away and he has made a way that Americans still be terribly secure from it that they are all up that. Down mind of God is on the cross. A variation of life your life my life. We should stay high to analyze this. Because many a man say that there is no old up and at the same time there are those that say God does not hear about clouds Why should I care about our life of suffering. We need to bring a message to them that I understand that sin is the result of suffering and not God. But unfortunately even among us as believers or supposed to believe birds that are possible all of us warn that really this Wolf so that it's there and the people are. So under the very sound of my advice. As I am talking with you have made a corner death. And hell are in agreement with them. God wants to do this alone this government and he wants to create a new one with the individual who is here in this. There are powerful within the word of the Bible. If he indeed followed more closely some of the problems that are existed in this church and society at large would not be there and can be rooted out. And we as a people would not have to be dealing with specific issues that are happening right under their noses we didn't establish. This need any. More in the groceries five hundred ninety. Four The late clearly the criteria for him to be and held up. The Bible is clear from the reading of it. Not only is the dead the poor it is. But the character and benefit that bit's a man. Not just any man but apparently one is set. Before us. The Stand there are one to be the overseer of the flock of the whole soul to fail. You see you do not put someone in a position for the sake of filling your position. There is a standard that there must be adhered to. And he goes on to say. If any be blameless the husband of one wife have been faithful children and that people's right here or and really what our bishops must be blameless as a steward. Not self-willed not Susan I am not given to wine nor stray not given to food to look at all but a lover of hospitality a lot of old men sober just wholly temporary holding fast pay for word as he has been a court that he may be able by some How will doctrine both to exhort and to kindness the gainsayers. If we take time to analyze this president especially in verse seven he say is that for that we should almost be blameless as the steward offered up in other words he says if I don't receive one who is able to manage the work of life and property up by our order I count up what it means to be paid by me it's that done and to take place. Sort of individual or the people in the position of an elder one who is not itself will self will person does not see their own game there that itself pleases him. I reverse Barholm all. Approach of all. One that is able to rule their own household with the law and clear up by. He uses this strange word to say that then might. Strike and if you look at that word he simply means one who is NOT turn attention for what some. And pleases and I would term not given to you will be cured in other words their base game they are greedy for money they don't keep their hands in the Lord's money they don't misuse that which God has given to them. You see these qualifications are necessary. For the simple fact you are able when you have these characteristics that guided by the influence of the Holy Spirit. Despite and deal with the characters that are mentioned in verse ten very in the deceivers specifically they are the second spirits. The law boys sucks worse and that is written by the spirit of a guy is able to deal with opposition arising from the household a pay day with it deal with error and heresy as they are already been in. The city to split up prophecy says that we have more the fear from within than without this is putting up those that have the all the gentle rebuke. And balance in Scripture and convert it into her. There are probably end up either side of the spectrum. When it comes to dealing with the word. They are needed for illegally. Or there are a serious problem there either a liberal. In their believes in the plain statements of Scripture. Or they are just plain. Believe birds. And the strange things about I would believe people were targeted and later they do not have to call our right to stroll down there I believe or. What the Spirit of God will give you understanding to point out an unbeliever the Bible does not say that you won't be able to point type here he just says Don't rule them out because because in doing so you will root out those that I was grounded of weeds. You see the Pharisees. Come to me and jokes. Merciless. And the liberals don't have a right view of what justice is. So when you have these unbalanced elements there is probably within the household of faith because see that needs to be dealt with and not be dealt with. And when things are to be dealt with that we by the Pharisees they are going to harsh. And the love of God is not shut up or in the hearts of men to win souls. We are to be here for a mindful that we are not an evil side of these extremists. You see many more depth of God's work by their own Testaments. But I will not abide by its own estimates. That is why you end up with fire season side Missy's legal Eastern liberals we need to find out straight paths. Which is not all and keep on it. That we haven't led to the left nor to the right legal I would put the way. No we are to understand why we need men who are. Jost holy and temperate. To me the errors I'm proud to see is that are pretty pleased with God church. Amongst crowds of people their wives. Who claim to be of us who really are not about us. There are strange doctrines that have been coming into the Seventh Day Adventist Church. The rejection and attacks under spirit of prophecy by some that twist in the name and lining up her writings the extreme view by some of my health messages or the Cold War right rejection of the HELP message. The desecration of the seventh day Cyber by sun and even of the century. And tablets and I was signed for a message and a rejection by daughters who are coming from within I've left and taken many with them. We have gone along the way of course beloved. We have come a long way. And there are only faithful few. That are holding up the lights and pair you know with this word. It brings to mind I bring this to be. Where he lives I have to contend with tears about. And I passed a city that was in Israel at that time. And the show down on Carmel. You know and even after that he would like to have defeated the fourth prophet he run. Went as a bell sent her correct. Here is a powerful man of God that has saved all these evil prophets and yet he is running up the voice of a woman. The apostasy with him is wrong. But God has says there are those that have not bowed to me. And such people will meet opposition. Where it is from within or without. For Truth never come lest it be rejected all be tapped. For the Satan is always underground to come ten whatever guy has put forward as truth. We are told it is preaching some prophet that when God was in the mountain given the law Satan was underground working amongst the people serving them up and he started with the mix multitude there is always a mix more teaching the one side people. Selected messages one stays page two hundred twenty two we HOW FAR more from within and without the hindrances to success the strength and success are far greater from the church itself than from the world I believe birds have a right to expect that those who profess to be keeping the commandments are large open to play God Jesus will do more than any of our class the poor more honorable by their consistent lives by their quietly example and they are apt to influence the course which they are really serious. In other words those who claim to be Christians especially this aren't these those outside and pay for us and those that don't know us but look and see expect what we preach we practice what we stand fall back to the do stand for. So we are without a few days she goes like this she goes on. To say what how and then how does the professor of the case of the truth prove the greatest obstacles to its eyebrows and cement that I'm really going to put out to express that that this cherished current under presidents are evil angels. Is a let me read that part again I'm to believe in dogs that are Taoist express the darkness cherish and courage the presence of evil angel and open the way for their accomplishment of Satan's devices you know why she says she said God's people should be Minutemen. If you remember the story of when God was leading these children are true that there's a. It came for point where God had said the water is flowing I will stop or rock is going to stop. And by planting is to instruct Moses says when you go over to live moa. By the people such things as he me trading with that. What the children of Israel started to murder by the time they had a gun to go and ask permission to go for the learned evil angel spirit of prophecy say I was going ahead and had turned the mind of the came there could not hold the land I had to tear and go nor lead them in their journey. This is real. We are not probably wise fables we are probably really off spiritual war here. Things are happening around us but what if we are not standing up and standing for the word of life then Satan will pay a mark to have a cost. So the tilt children of the meter out have to stay a bit longer in the desert. And Morse's lost his way. And spoke of our poor house which he should not have done and an Arab was not permitted to enter the promised liable how many will stumble into that heavenly Canaan. Hole and some councils tied to spice a verse fifteen. Under the pillow or all feeds off you up if you don't mind this P.R. It will save your that which you seek to deal with me about your motives why he doesn't finish a save verse fifty one to them or defiled unbelievingly is nothing if your but even their minds on some chance it is defiled they profess that they know God in a word. They didn't know he'd be an upper level we did it to every who work. The word pure means purifying especially by fire. That the word pure in this context it means also all. Like a fine cleanse by. And saw fit to bear fruit. Really from corrupt desires from sin and guilt. Feel. Deprived that means the kind of time we need to stay. Remember what I've just mentioned. How optimal have the progress I've kept true it's pretty the sparks. Who runs meant. We must take time to consider my people are my friends to the movement to guide. Some heart searching needs to be done individually. On the passage or for say. I'm afraid under the word I'm really. For it to be unbelievably simple means you are going to be ungrateful you are way less sold out which an individual who is professing to have faith in really by the works they deny him showing them to be faithful less This is why these songs that are. For sort of person he said they profess that they ignored are in the works deny him being a part in them all disappear disappear which means you cannot comply won't come right I'm to every word reprobate the word represent simply means not stand in the test not approve that which does not prove itself to be what you ought to be and if you look in the book of James Chapter two verse says twenty one to twenty four paws up Abraham how he was justified by his works why because his words was a manifestation of history you see once our works correspond with our faith nothing wrong with it why because Pew all Moti the Holy Spirit cut didn't you beat your hearts up your mind so when your words correspond to your hate that is acceptable to lie so your words now is a testament up your justification in the arms of God. So you see that words. I'm afraid for hand in hand. Like two wheels and a car they're all together the same journey the same my old. Baby cones we've got a great in charge chart a pretty gross one but speak of the things which becomes how only true. Strange things have been coming into our marriage. You see. We have this thing going on now where men are seeking to all men and women past all Ministry a big issue debated in the general kind of friends. And you know what this friend is finally a passage in the Bible where it says ministers are to be like they want fine but if you party for Elvis to be your day I can show you one. You see we have gone so far in taking on what the world must proceed to be the way which is not the way you fight it is right up hold it up for a kid because they saw the surrounding nations asking for a kid they say we want a kid dancer to someone they have not rejected you it's me they are rejected because they want a part of the world and so it is within us there are individuals who wants to look like the daughters up by their want to be like her daughters up by the want to go the way of the Bible learning. I'm agreeing these strange philosophies these strange ideas of course countries and among other people but if we stay away on the Word of God we will start sure we will side approve hence wholesale East and prices that our opinions make become sound the true. I'm a side note what you find is many of these individuals. Have strange understanding when it comes to the primary. Sprains understanding when it comes to sexuality. Paul tells you that when this sour on duckies start women will love the other husband to be faithful in the home the older woman will pay the young woman on the deal when teaching them how to the chase daughters it is for our while grown men who are know how to conduct themselves in setting the example for loop in our part by the younger men looking on. That they have not equal to say are you. When the grace of God that comes into the person is like. You know is not like it right it doesn't stay down it arises there is an active change of visible new friends. On the wire all of this. Why must the change believe is a book to those who look you know you see the world looks and they see. They don't understand spiritual beings so you have to be shown to them. I think child learns spicey. In first Corinthians Chapter one Verse twenty three but we preach Christ crucified them to Jesus stumbling block and then to the Greeks Polish ness that's why we need to see. Because when we speak to them they just hear what to them it all is ness but when they see it in action there is. Something that cannot be refuted is that acting like up. Holy Spirit in that individual Christians like let me say that another way the Christian life lives cannot be refuted by infidelity. No one can deny your experience while all of that is that is personal to you the individual No man can take that from you. No man can argue about what you went through. Because why only one gun went through it and it can not be denied by a hypocrite or infidel. Then common goals are very important and very cold and powerful words for the grace of God that bringeth soul really should have appeared on to all men. Why has it here going to all men because God has a people it is they can see it. This grace came in the form of Christ's body. The same is in the Hebrew for the pair that was best for me lo at home in the Bible my book it is written of me Christ came in Cornelius guy a man. That each. Debility wrapped in flesh one hundred percent man one hundred percent God the ministry and godliness. Came down that he is able to show you one Me How To me he came to sure all the way to the throne of the star. He did not come in His Glory les he can see where he came I saw baby in the manger. Scene Clark. He came. To die. Is only mission is only. Purpose was for you one need to live to break that carbon and death. On top and not hold your covenant with hell or. He still has blood on our riffle you and me for humanity that we should be saved. I'm not subject to this kiddo and our whole eternity he desires was our purpose for he say if you love me you will keep My commandments. I know the subjects he calls us by sea dogs to golf or to purchase a message to bring all those who are out there to call me. Hands all sorted out quite soon I am servant because that which of servant is commanded to do that the servant do. And he hurries only verse twelve by say teaching us that denying the problem unless I'm a worldly loss we should live so Billy my right to see I'm carving in this present world Grace teaches us to be sold by. Grace is something that is practically experienced in the life of a Christian grace teaches. It is not something for loss of hope or. It is not philosophy who raced literally T.T.C.. And. Paul breaks it down by saving grace teaches you to night on God lives. Let's look pretty good amenable to our great city it's a nice when you look at the word grace in this context it means the divine influence upon the heart and its reflection in the life. Including gratitude she. Acted. Influence of Greece I'm my heart and I'm team every day I think God working with me and in me for always looking on to see God working on me. It is a teaching hard to deny unplugged minister the word teaching it means to train up like to train a child and Mackay instruct learn even by disability or why point he she may sometimes life support machine was. In that process of teaching upgrades to deny what is and partly David. He was called America by its own whole whatsit was no S.T.D. in the cycle about. The show not depart from your household and David's children died. And when the little words and say goodbye none were the children of Israel because of pride. He had a real choice of what judgment to expiate executed on him and his responses let me fall in the hands of the Living God for His mercy for. The word who did not really mean. Not to accept to reject to refuse something offer. Grace teaches us to deny God Lest we are to dare to refuse whatever the world has offered whatever Satan is offering us. He does not show them of what sin is he shows the immediate gratification. And the pleasures. Immediate pain certainly can get from it the power of God's grace every day in our life where we begin to learn its teachings with the aid of the Holy Ghost. To a higher power in denial that which is uncommonly that which is carnal nature that brings this word anything I thought and painted pleasurable. Popular of machinable self-indulgent revalue restraints. And a whole no passion appetite I'm. Sure this idea of. God's grace has power to keep you and me from all bad and base habits and we keep minutes. Of diction not need not keep you in prison let me say that again I didn't need another kid in prison. For all my family shit is a full time prison it is a form of barely. Some might be found. Pornographer. Or quite. Sure I did it. I thought it through fornication and all other we keep prices that are held and the individual is held prisoner to. So many even held prisoner to the way. But I was very struck to sixth form verse one tells us that Jesus is able to break us free out of those prisons. He tried to lever eight verse eleven tells us that he's able to write the laws of part of our hearts. I mean look hate that heart of flesh but start of stones are going to eat your heart of flesh. You see that teachers are very simple will not leave you at the mercy of the devil and his evil angels. But we didn't teach you to live soul it in other words you will have a sound mind. The teachings of a graceful change that directs. That you are able to comprehend what God is his' is saying to you and what I have in store for you. That means you are able to eat right dribble rights. And all of your five senses will be able to come into contact with the Holy Spirit. He will guard will at the time. He will guard what you see. That means your five senses will be divinely we find. All of this soul that he was able to live righteously. In harmony with the last part and how deep is over sit. For the first say teaching of the night and probably less in other words teaching us to live righteously. You are able to be in agreement with the word up by you are able to be in agreement with the spirit come by. You will live godly under divine guidance and grace. That means all that is not all that we are do like the character and nature or by. I will never work here I'm tired so young as you are by in Christ. We are as individuals that claim the name of Jesus Christ to be living under the teachings of grace. In a way that enable us. To. Be lookin says' in verse thirty. Forty. That will be a name enough for looking for that blesses a whole and a glorious a Parian up the great guide our savior Jesus Christ's work with looking forward to your not living under the teachings of grace. But are here Paul. Looking for the. Destruction of the drug spirit that is to come upon this world. The part of us as in verse fourteen who gave in so all its that he admired divorced from all iniquity not some all and all needs all. You are able to live right free from sin in. The power supply is able to annotate. Let's look quickly at what Through the sense of this matter. Do twenty four now one to him that if any were to keep you from calling him under present for less before his presence I feel glory extremely joy Guard is able to keep you from poorly but errors have crept in our movement and tells us that we are unable to overcome my Bible tells me a friendly. God is not a liar. He said he is able to keep you. And he can do it. How if you walk by. That's the kid I finally under the teachings of grades up by. Verse fourteen of the times to stop to tell those of us who gave Himself for us that he might redeem us from all iniquity I'm sure if I am to himself accuse me for. The last two words. A particularly a people. Meaning beyond unusual or. In other words your special a special people. God is able to and very to be a special people because when you meet differently out of line with the rest of the world you are special in the sight of God. This Seventh Day Adventists remember that was holy name by the Spirit of Prophecy either the guidance of the whole because of Bible Revelation struck the poor tells us that already many will be carved out. Would be given a message. That is to go to the word of the king great nation common people that a special group of people will proclaim is message. And the power will be accompanied this message we are not left to just sound this message we are the people in power to our company this message while you have to be our special people to get this message. Before the Bible say yes dear friends let me emphasize that prayer. And the Bible say they are going to sell us in other words prayer when still. If you're not playing with a zillion not special you're not this variance you're not trying REALLY In other words. We are acutely on. Top three for us three tells us for we ourselves were so far the only this will be here to see certain diverse enough from pleasures living your malice and the hateful learn to hate it when a number you know words here is the old person describing it. But if this Lis that holds it lays out the humor of it. This horrible states person who you are you know or is this this is this your already be enough character do you feel you have not experienced a new birth. You are lucky in that each of us are gracious me to be kind and Bertie meant to be guided me back to that hand up by me to be a productive junior people that God desires to bring again and heads about himself out. And of whom one thousand souls Paul and I let him know whom I was and saw by your right because not mean that the enemy shall bring against that I was acquired shall prevail. And you as an individual on me as he is able to stand. And life short these days though or at least slay me yet will I foresee what I just told did not recognize is that was the devil that was ready to take his life not God. But God was testing him. And we are to understand what pictures come because of current events. But more prosperous problems and I so often say why. I mean. But when picture called because. That was the right. Mayor he. Said I hear the choir is a lot smaller than thousand men. Such as people calling for when we pray. By. Spreading this place. In the eyes. Of our in the breastplate. You have are and. Ready for battle. Hundred. Ready to exploit for. There are many private promises in the Word of God with me. I paid them. And. Only. That. Was. That. The Holy Spirit in our life. Time. And less believe me and. Me. Once. One of the things I have personally said I want. Is to go over the country. And its thing. You see the Bible says My people are for lack of knowledge. And knowledge is not there for them to get because they refuse. Supposed to get that knowledge the Bible says the beginning of wisdom if what you know leech. Dear God give glory to him for how I live his judgment is come. How can we think if we do not know about God What is the spirit guide. How can we bring our message if we don't know it. How does raise it up if you your people. The saddest stories cause people that know and have learned through the teachers are Grace how to refuse that which is evil. Are people that will not be sold or lords. Who are traitors to the cause but are live bearers for him covenant people or people. Who will sit with him and these problem where they are. And who are you with grand and good I mean you know maybe. People who are all in preschool holy nation a peculiar people that you should show for your praises a whole I woke up darkness into his marvelous life. This seems. How We're flesh of an inward change will be visible to all that are lifted up the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior I worked hard in dogs and I have a kind of his acquired presence with us. As our common talkers and our. Eye sees us hold up. He or remnant people. Tell themselves. Five verses sixteen let your light so shine before men that they may seal who works on the gurudwara of our which is in heaven for your words testify of walking with. And are who you represent. You see revelation of fourteen birth six to fourteen tells us these are the last day message that is to be given for perishing world. We have a light beer words. And where are the light berates if we are the light there is where the light mirrors. The revelation the ages are the ages of Revelation Chapter eighteen the Bible said is to come down and light in the world with its own glory. This is a symbol that our whole life to reign symbol of that our morning. I know that to rain is X. C. The former rain which happened Pentecost in other words it supposed the whole hour with more glory. Or greater harnesses to be higher than the day and to us and as a peculiar people that God is holy and how we are to be prepared we are to be different ready for when this rain fall it falls on us. Or if your shoulder in your house to rain will fall like you why do I me if you are comfortable. And easy. With the security that you have built top yourself. Up by I will say this is burning one day that security will be swept away. And did. God. How. He wants. That his work. Very. First. And. So the first. To do. The. We. Call our. Whole. And I see. Ed. There. Are people who are trying. Even. On the floor. That I'm. Life sure. This happened right outside. I'm sure. Whatever. You. Buy with. Your heart. And my. Life. And. I have no. But I'm asking. God. Really. And I hope. You get her to her. Eternal. Right. Place. Betty. And much more if you would like to know about.


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