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Are you at the place?

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • July 4, 2009
    10:00 AM
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the morning of and hope for a happy Independence Day I like that this is that the first Independence Day second isn't it I woke up this morning and I found out it was Fourth of July so I am happy to be here today we look a little more intimate in this setting then Burton Hall nobody gets to hide in the balcony anymore I been here out of the incognito a few times I love you notice but I haven't been here for a while before that and it's always good to be with it with you here it out and hope it feels like home just like family well this morning the title bar message is a question a question that I have no answer for at least no answer for you but I sure hope you have an answer for what this question are you at the plates are you at the place so before we open .org was started for father this morning as you spend a few thoughtful moments contemplating your word and the experiences of some faithful men in your word I pray that we may find the answer to this question and more importantly may you speak to our soul and when we leave this place maybe leave with the assurance that Jesus is living in our hearts that he is the Lord of our lives so we invite him to speak to us now in spite of the feeble dust made servant that is speaking to Jesus be heard in the spirit touch us we pray in Jesus name we're going to look at a couple Bible passages in rapidfire and I want you to think with me as we read these verses about the common thread that runs through them what's the common theme okay let's begin first in the book of Luke Luke chapter nineteen beginning in verse one Luke chapter nineteen beginning in verse one over there a couple more pages flipping in the back all right Lou chapter nineteen verse one and Jesus entered and passed through Jericho and behold there was a man named what Sasaki S which was the chief among the publications and he was rich and he sought to see Jesus who he was and could not for the press because he was little of stature and he ran before and climbed up into sycamore tree to see him for he was the past that way and when Jesus came to the place he looked up and saw him incidents in the sack yes make haste and come down for today I must abide at the house and he made haste and came down and received him joyfully Zaki is without the place are you at the place Genesis chapter twenty two also beginning in verse one Genesis twenty two beginning in verse one the Bible says and it came to pass after these things that God did tempt Abraham as it is in Abraham and he said and then behold here I hear I am and he said take now thy son thine only son Isaac whom thou loveliest and get the answer the land of maria and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell the and Abraham rose up early in the morning and saddled his donkey and took to his young men with him and Isaac his son and cleave the wood for the burnt offering and rose up and went unto the place which God had told him then on the third day Abraham lifted up his eyes and saw the place afar off and a grandson and his young men are buying easier with a donkey and I and the lab will go yonder and worship and come again to you and Abraham took the wood of the burnt offering and laid it upon Isaac his son and he took the fire in his hand and a knife and it went both of them together and Isaac spake and Abraham his father and said my father he said he am I my son is at behold the fire and the word but where's the land for a burnt offering and Abraham said my son God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering so they went up both of them together and they came to the place which God had told him and Abraham built an altar there and laid the wood in order and bound Isaac his son and laid them on the altar upon the wood and Abraham stretched forth his hand and took the knife to slay his son an angel of the Lord called him out of heaven and said Abraham Abraham said here are mine 's a laid not thine hand upon the lad neither do thou any thing and to him for now I know that thou fears God seeing thou hast not withheld thy son thine only son from me Abraham was at the place are you at the place Exodus chapter three also beginning in verse one Exodus chapter three now Moses kept the flock of Jethro his father-in-law the priest of Midian the flock to the backside of the desert and came to the mountain of God even to pour it in the angel of the Lord appeared again in a flame of fire out of the midst of a Bush and he looked and behold the bush burned with fire and the bush was not consumed and Moses said I will now turn aside to see this great site why did Bush is not burnt when the Lord saw that he turned aside to see God called and him out of the midst of the Bush Ensign Moses Moses and he said here and my and he said draw not my hitter put off by shoes mopped my feet for the place whereon thou status is we grow Moses was at the place are you at the place three characters three passages three experiences faithful men that are recorded in Scripture each of them where do we find them at the place but notice what the Bible does not say the Bible does not say a place what's the difference between the work a aware the an indefinite verse is a definite article if I say I went to a place does not tell you anything if it's nonspecific if nebulous it's sort of like he just went somewhere but when I said I went to the place it's a specific point in time or location the place specific and the slaves for Zaki has Abraham and Moses was the place where God met and do you think God knew as active to be in that tree that day do you think Jesus knew that even before he became incarnate net do you think God knew that on that fateful day Moses was going be walking past that Bush on Melchor do you think God knew that he was given make an appointment with Abraham to meet him on Mount Mori a with his son on that fateful morning you give gone live and God made an appointment specifically to be on time at the place to meet his appointment do you think God has made an appointment to meet you at the place do you think God in his infinite wisdom in his omniscience omnipotence on the presence with character have set time aside in his calendar for you God wants to meet us the place the question is are we at the place it's not the same place for everyone present is within a tree for Abraham it would before an altar with his son bound upon on not more for Moses it was in the desert on the backside of the wilderness before a burning bush where God have you meet him I don't know but I just know that he wants to meet you there let's think about these three characters from moment for Zaki has what you need to meet Jesus at the place listing both actions the place was underneath or at that tree it was the place where he met Jesus as his Savior for the first time for exactly as it was the place of salvation I think about exactly to what he do Bible tells us to the public and the chief of the publicans and if that's not enough he was rich filthy rich but yet the Bible also tells us feel long to see Jesus who he wants but here's something fascinating about back years at least to me if he does something very paradoxical something contradictory to what he desires in his heart he wants to see Jesus doing to me than the Bible of what the video he hides himself yes he climbs in the trees they can catch a glimpse of Jesus but if you really wanted to see Jesus who he was why would he hide himself in a train it is ironic but nevertheless Jesus knew the true motivation the true heartbeat Zaire of vacuous he wanted to see Jesus you all for the piece of salvation but he was still hiding himself in a tree and you know that Jesus has been in the specialty he's been a specialist in finding sinners and trees did you know that put in Genesis chapter three Genesis chapter three and let's read verse eight and they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day and Adam and his wife hid themselves in the presence of the Lord God among select sure ease of the garden and the Lord God called Abraham and Senate and where are the God has been specializing in finding sitters hiding in trees as the dawn of human history but why is that significant is because that reveals the intimate nature of fallen humanity when we know we need salvation just like Adam and Eve knew that they were naked they needed help they were lost but what is the natural inclination of the simple art we hide ourselves the big news is that even when were hiding ourselves and trees Jesus has an appointment to meet us at the foot of that treat our some of us we hired ourselves no longer behind physical trees little children might do that when they get in trouble but as we get older our trees become more sophisticated art or fig leaves become more acceptable in society we put on ourselves then or of I don't care I don't care what other people think about me but just treat that were hiding there maybe other entries are life occupation we work our self so hard we try to be the best climbed to the top are in the most have the best so that people will not see us for who we are but inside we are thinking I'd know better than that you it may be the material possessions or physical appearance it may be relationships that we try to hook ourselves onto so people won't think so poorly of us and we in turn won't think so poorly of ourselves but those registries trees that we put up a tree that we climb into paper trees that we try to satisfy the longing of our hearts with trees may be the cover-up or guilds or inadequacy and for some of us the tree way buildup is full of forms full of prickles full of poisonous fruit in order for us to protect ourselves we lash out at other people yes we recognize that were short like that he is but we blame everyone else for being people the false that we feel so stinging Lee if that's a word we feel is so intensely inside in order front to feel satisfied with ourselves we have to look at the Alton of the have we found ourselves tangled up in a sycamore tree longing to see Jesus cruelly he really is while I'm beneath my friends that is Jesus is looking up at you at the bottom batch he is at the place but are you are you at the ways of salvation what exactly is what's for some of us it may be in the quietness of our room while we're reading the Bible and the spirit of prophecy in a morning devotions during a prayer time for others it may be doing a service much like this at church or GUI see your evangelistic crusade are doing Bible work or somewhere else but for others unfortunately like the prodigal son we don't really get to the place until we are eating with the swine it may not be until we are at rock bottom why wait to meet Jesus there when he can meet you now at the place what about Abraham Abraham met God at the place but what was the place for Abraham he had already set except that the father yet are they set the God he was a following God right but not more Ryan for Abraham was the place of sacrifice the place of sacrifice the sacrifice that God asked for from Abraham I don't claim to understand fully I don't claim to be able to fully sympathize and empathize with with Abraham because I'm not a father much less father of a miracle child this was the sign that not only was it a brand always fun it was the promised one God said no not Ishmael not the one I'm going to you and you Isaac when you're a hundred years old and Sarah was ninety years old he is the one and gone names in my name this is the one child in which all of the hopes all up aspirations all the joys in the future happy is the Abraham was going to be fulfilled and what was God asking him to do sacrifice Isaac are you at the place of sacrifice I would venture to guess that very few of us have ever had to sacrifice anything as large or as significant as what Abraham went from at the same time sacrificing to God is hard I'm not been a joke with you know it I know and perhaps we have come to the point we've accepted Jesus we living the life of no continual growth and were trying to be like Jesus and along the way God revealed there are certain things that we need alone leave aside certain things we need to let go there may be said that our lives I don't think they've got to go and we know that and I'm not going to to to pretend as though giving up sins is not painful it can be painful but what's more difficult is when God asks us like he asked Abraham to give all beings that are good things that he gave us the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away will our response be like Job Blessed be the name of the Lord are weak or are we going to fight Armageddon the man our rights or we go to stomp our feet RT clicked our faith is a God how can you do this to me don't you know how much I bring the Army offering public money and get to have and hope you know I come the Avent one time every week and how can you expect me to give this is what I worked my whole life for however be happy now are you are not more I had the Lord asks you for that they that idea that I hope that you reign that you love and cherish the most what is the first commandment thou shall have no other gods before and just think if God truly is our God and we have no other gods before him then who has the highest claims on us and everything that we have it gone and we claimed they keep something to ourselves they know God you can have been fine are we not placing ourselves above God but the problem and for Abraham he had to meet that count he had to stand at the place with a knife in his hand and his son before him the joy of his life the most cherished possession that he has any with about to give it up for ever are yet the place for us the place probably is not in front of an altar with a knife to kill our children praise the Lord but the place for us may be in front of the television it may be in front of our computers and maybe in front of our cell phone in front of the refrigerator it may be in front of the closet that is overflowing with stuff clothes shoes trinkets whatever it may be at the shopping mall it may be on iTunes I don't know but are you at the place has gone you to give something to have and you know it but do not dare there may be other things much more difficult than dreams hopes plan goals that God is saying those things are wrong they're not bad they're not evil it's not sinful but is not what I want for you are you willing to give God even that as difficult as it may be are you at the place without Moses Moses is that the place he was standing before that burning bush and that was a pivotal moment in which everything change in his life what was the place for Moses it was the place of service God in the burning bush he asked Moses not just for one or two things Moses was already on the same page of God he already believed in God but God was asking most for something far greater dollars asking Moses for his service for ever for us this may not be what God has called you to a life of full-time minister three full-time service perhaps not but has the Lord Connie to some form of service he I believe he called everyone to some form of service and as a Christian is there ever a time that we cease to serve only when we die we are told that in heaven some star of some crowns would have many stars laden with start I tend to think some people have no detectable removable you know spares the ground that they can do that so many but some may have only one but there will be no one in heaven have noticed Moses was at the place of service and for modeless it was not just giving up staff it was accepting responsibility for a nation of slaves uneducated ungrateful stubborn stiff neck murmuring complaining bickering whatever you want to call them that was what God was calling molded to service no we think of service as when things get convenient if it's easy if the people are nice like people and hope that author but since when has God called people to go save people who are already good if they are well they need no physician but the Lord today may be moving on some heart here some hearts on person who has plans for the future and we may be thinking I'll just be a good doctor I'll just be a good dentist a good nurse a good whatever and just pay my time at all support God 's people with my money at the not likely but somehow God is speaking to your hard and he's saying I want more than that I don't want your money I want you maybe some of you you are even at the point of giving God the money and maybe got this idea what you're much I'm not get you around any God does say that people but my point is for every single one of us some every single person perhaps in a different state than others God moved upon us to some form of service and that form of service may involve sacrifice it may involve changing our plans for our future in May putting things on the back burner it may mean delaying gratification that we want for ourselves it may mean a life of toil and hardship like Moses it may mean difficult low-paying poor reputation no appreciation these are all things that Jesus got our yet the place for Elisha was while he was working for his wealthy family plowing the field for Peter it was while he was fishing making them of earning a living for his family from SCO that the tax collector state for Paul is on the road to Damascus perhaps for some of us it is Sabbath morning July four at Avenel are you at the place the place of salvation perhaps for some it would never accepted Jesus before were hiding behind the trees in our lives that we could and may be the place of sacrifice God may be asking us for something some ideas some possession some might whatever that is so difficult to get for some of us may be the place of service or God is asking for our cooperation for the saving of souls but why should we go why should we meet Jesus at the place why give them our hearts why sacrifice why sir why Luke chapter twenty three Luke chapter twenty three and verse thirty three the Bible says and when they were come to the place which is called Calvary there they crucified and the malefactors one on the right hand and the other on the left why should we go to the place because Jesus went to the place where God wanted him to go he was there the cross of Calvary is the place for salvation was made possible Jesus was at the place salvation was made there why because Jesus was willing to sacrifice every day that was the place Jesus said not my will but thine be done he committed his life to fulfill whatever guy wanted to do and that led him to the place the cross Jesus has been already Jesus had made the sacrifice Jesus made the commitment to serve energy you may salvation possible for us so why not median at the place for the question for today are you at the place Jesus might be underneath that tree calling your name or even to take them home with you Jesus might be waiting him him or I have for you but are you going to tie up Isaac enlists that nice Jesus might be calling out from the burning bush but article to turn assigned and take off your shoes are you at the place from eternity past Jesus has made an appointment to meet you at the place are you going in there I can be in there today that's the question and I hope to meet him at that place let's pray father this morning we have contemplated for just a short time how men in our past have met you at the place and they have responded to the call of Christ O Lord we selfish and on discontented and unhappy as we are we long to meet Jesus some of us we need that salvation that you can provide like to did to Zakia 's for others of us we need your help your strength to help us make those sacrifices that you have asked for and for others there called us to service if called dear work for you in some capacity but Lord perhaps we're resistance perhaps we are unwilling press recently don't know how we want to meet you at that place the place that you have appointed the place to get set time aside in your schedule for us may we ever be grateful that you are about the care that much about us may we meet you there the place this is my prayer in Jesus and


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