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4. Fervent Prayer

Justin Ringstaff



  • June 13, 2016
    9:30 AM
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A father in heaven we do want to humble ourselves before you we want to have that complete an absolute surrender this morning to your heavenly will and to your direction in our lives or I pray and I ask this morning you would come and visit us once more may all of a busy ness that we talked about May all of those thoughts all those things may they just leave the way in this time together this Lord bring us together into the heavenly place where all the things of this world there just if they pale in comparison to the light and brightness of your good Lord we pray that you would speak to our hearts today we pray of your that you would continue to draw us to that throne of grace were all blessings Lord thank you so much I do pray once more that you would speak through me I was think of that Treasury gave me this morning oh lord how I I want a deep experience with and I believe each and every one here they are they're here because they are seeking a deeper experience with. So let all of our pride all of our so in all of our so if we'll let it be laid aside so we come to you this morning bless us to this and Lord I pray in Jesus Amen. Amen. On Monday we looked at the life of power God wants to give us a life of power and that power can only come from is thrown. On Tuesday we looked at that we need to take time to pray and if you know you're getting East. Started at that and it's growing don't get weary keep pressing on you know if you fall down give back up what is it say in Proverbs twenty four sixteen. Or a righteous man may fall seven times and do I. Rise again but the wicked will fall by calamity so get back up and let's keep pressing forward as we march to Zion on and then yesterday we looked at our God wants to remove all those entrances to our prayers we looked at how to make prayer work we were to cover everything we're out of time to go through some things but we want to make sure that we're always seeking for the Lord's will to be done in our life and there are those things that are outside of that we want to let those just be washed away so they were looking at her bent career the Bible says Psalm eleven three if the foundations be destroyed what shall I. Mean it's a fearful thing to think that we're about ready to head into the most terrible time that this world has ever seen and so many of us have not built upon that foundation and we cannot build upon a foundation we can have a knowledge of the truth but unless we have a love for the truth we're going to be deceived and I I believe this with all of my heart that we cannot really love the truth unless we have a deep abiding experience with Jesus because Jesus is the truth is the name so we need of a. Will def ound ation and once we have the foundation the the structure of the Secure the reigns may come the floods may rise but those who are built upon that rock it will not fall. We cannot afford in our lives to not build upon the right foundation and if you're looking ahead don't look too far ahead and look to each day every day you want to be thinking Lord I need to build the foundation of this energy build the foundation of each day you'll be building the foundation of tomorrow in a sense because you can be building and strengthening in that but if you wake up and you don't build that foundation or you're going to do. Foundations are destroyed and foundations aren't there were the righteous going to do we don't start that day in the right way what are we going to do throughout the day when the devil comes to tempt us when the devil comes to pull us from that right path. So let's build that foundation heavenly places page eighty five guard jealously your hours for prayer and self examination guard zealously. Zealously your hours what does that mean. Don't let anything guard that time more as it is as if it were such a precious precious thing to guard it. Go learn anything taken from set up are some portion of each day for study the scriptures in communion with God Thus you obtain spiritual strength and grow in grace and favor with God He alone can direct our thoughts are right he alone can give us noble aspirations and fact. Our characters after the divine similitude you know what that is what's another word for this fashion in our characters after the divine summons. To be like Jesus sanctification is that daily walk with Christ his reach rainin re structuring the components of the mind to be trained upon him and he's refining our character and each day he's making us more and more like him that's the Biblical. Pattern right the path of the justice like the rising sun that shines ever brighter into the purpose it's ever growing more clear more perfect until it's in its fullness if we draw if we draw near to him in earnest prayer he will fill our hearts with ha right and holy purpose and with deep earnest longing for purity and clean. As we begin to seek God there is an earnestness that comes when Davis says you know as the idea here tense longs needs that water from the cool stream so my heart hands or longs after a few that does that's not natural for us but as we're seeking God he begins to do that within us we become earnest in seeking Him and will long not just to seek him but it will be his character that we find beautiful and will say Lord fix my thoughts fix the the rough edges in my Jarrett or so she said I am in. Because if we think that our prayer life is just for God to give us. Power and in the life to do the things we want then we not understood what a life of power is God wants to refine he wants to shape he wants to give us strength in the Christian walk he wants our thoughts to be him. First Corinthians two two or I determined not to know anything not to know anything. We want our minds to be steadfast on Christ has was for the church falling five page one sixty one we must be what much in prayer if we would make progress. If it's very easy to just stay well maybe I should say that way mash say this way because I think it's more true you're going this way or you're going that way. You're there drawing closer to Christ or you're being drawn away from him but sometimes you know we put one foot in the world one for than the church and were wavering but if we would make progress what is progress progress is forward have forward movement if we would make progress in the divine life if we would be growing in that Christian walk we must spend much time in prayer Yes. So I would do it you do. Whatever you wish. You need to me you know. I have. I get my mom I'm the. One. The men need a man years ago in. Russia. A. Love it love it. But we must be much in prayer limb let me let me say it like this the reason why I have to be much in prayer because when we're in that time of prayer where are we really. Present as you know if you take a child and you put him with one family. That child is going to grow to have that bent towards that you and with another family they're going to develop and bend this way now there are there are natural hereditary traits that that we have to overcome I understand that but there are such a profound influence when you're around certain people that's why with our children we would beg them choose good friends right choose the right kind of associates because they have then influence upon you were in prayer with Christ or where prayer with with God in the heavenly places that is an influence that is having its impression upon us so when we would have progress we need to have the right kind of influence so we need to be much in prayer we want progress in the divine life we cannot cross forward unless we're with Jesus you know I know I says about Jesus he's already gone down the path and pressed down all those are horns he's made the way for us that is mean it's not difficult at times but he's there. With us. When the message of truth was first proclaimed how much we pray and why why was that what I mean why was it that as the truth was being proclaimed Why were they praying so much they saw the great need the truth was having an effect upon them as they were studied these things they understood that that this truth had to go to the world's they understood that they wanted to stand in a right relationship between that between before the throne of God when the message of truth the first time how much we prayed how often was the voice of intercession heard in the chamber in the barn in the orchard or in the grove of the thought of that note those are those are everybody's secret places a prayer. Frequently we spent hours in earnest prayer two or three together claiming the promise often the sound of we mean was heard and then the voice of Thanksgiving and the song of her aides their hearts were just going out after God The Lord said to them seek my face and their hearts said your face oh Lord I will see each Now the day of God is nearer than when we first be leading and we should be what more earnest what were lessons we should be more. Zealous but were less the less we should be more fervent but we're less for God have mercy on us first we must. Change the order of things we must set aside the things of this world we must go and find that time for prayer that play. Yes a prayer and let our hearts once again go out after God we should be more earnest more zealous and fervent then in those early days our perils are greater now than then souls are more hardened we need now to be imbued with the spirit of Christ and we should not rest until we receive. Whoa to be if we would go apart our knees say of Lord you must do this for me Lord I will no rest until you let me being at peace with you and know that you're going to work in my life I do I have to know Lord that your promises they're not true just for that say are that say they're true for me personally one of the greatest things that I've struggled with is that I think well God's promise all sure I believe the Lord will work it for you well or could you really do me you know our have such boldness to pray the problems for someone else. Could you do that for me to. Zero and then the joy of knowing that the Lord's promises are for me. Oh Lord do this for us friends we have to get earnest we can't be lax a days or call any more we have to get serious about our walk with Christ definition for there's just one dictionary and looked at very hot. That. It is better glowing. Memory type of a countenance shouldn't we be a glow with the light of heaven should only be so glowing that people they could not help but know that we have been with Christ. Just put out today I want to talk about not just what people see but what our father sees in the secret place should we not be glowing for him exhibiting or marked by great intensity of feeling zealous I'm not talking about some weird. Just manufactured emotion I'm not talking about that I mean anyone they can start acting foolish in that start you know like in the early if you've read the early agonist history of people accusing. There are so much fanaticism the people of God were distancing themselves from that but often they were accused of being mixed in with it because the devil wanted to hurt the truth but there are so much craziness people roll in all over the floors you see for those holy laughter movement's best that is not of God's But we're talking about our hearts being drawn out so much after God that there is an intensity a feeling. There is a longing for God and you have to have it that hungering and thirsting after him so testimonies volume such as for church volume one. Do not. Neglect secret prayer I'm Tony friends we have to regain something that has been lost we have to see there's going to be such a false revival but God is going to have a true revival. Is going be a revival of primitive godly ness if you want to look at the movement of the early church they were a movement of prayer you look at the early Adventist movement it was a movement of prayer and that movement. Led to the changes the life you cannot have a life of prayer and also a life of the world it just doesn't mix do not neglect secret prayer for air is the soul of religion with earnest fervent prayer pleat for purity of live for that purity and plead as earnestly as eagerly as you would for your as if as you would for your mortal life were it at school. I mean just let that sink in for a minute if you were about on the on the brink of some some disaster and there was someone there that could reach out their arm to save you would you not plead for your life. Or if it was your child there is so much could say that would you not plead for so much to reach out their arm to help them plead as earnestly as eagerly as you would for your mortal life I mean every day and week wake up we need to read to pray as if that were our last day on the face of the earth Lord use me today protect me Lord be with my children be of my family we were things precious souls that are Bridgie now for The Lord be with our church be with our work be with Brother So and So and their family was struggling with this we are pleading with God as if our lives were at stake because as someone said it they truly are I love this these move you I hope they do have a go I'm walkin out. I mean these just. They just tear my heart. Remain before God until on our wall longings those rooted longings after God Arba go in with in you for salvation and the sweet evidence is obtain pardons Yes yes that Roma His righteousness. We have at the throne room of God it was in our song this morning. I mean look at us no condemnation. Now. That's this we have just we've come and we've we've had the Lord worked out within us and we have this sweet evidence of arson be washed away and then we sing Jesus and all in him is mine to live in him a living head and clothed in Rochus midst of I when you commented that state between you and the Lord know comes next bull's eye approach the terminal. Where we have that you will find a boldness and a fervent sing and an earnestness in prayer that you have never imagined before because we've moved from that superficial. Dear Lord please for this. Will have to think about it because we said it a million times it just comes out and we get up it's a former you know often. As I as a go to pray for my for Yasi we pray. Why would I do that because it was it was so wrote such a form. Better there maybe I didn't even remember it there we pray oh I prayed. Lord. That I would be like the dog that goes to the food without thinking the creator in the one who gave it now we don't want that we want our hearts drawn out after God don't you want to have a live in power in your prayers. Oh how God wants to do that for us that sweetness of heart and then we need to regain this. Gospel workers H two fifty five it is own this I highlighted and this just to notice the focus here. It is only at the out altar of God that we can kindle our tapers with Divine Fire nowhere else you cannot get it anywhere else if you want your life to be a flame for Christ is only one place you can have that that is that the altar of God It is only the Divine Light that will reveal the littleness the incompetence of human ability and give clear views of the perfection and purity of Christ's it is only this it is only as we behold genes us that we desire to be like. We're there in our time as we're ringing as we're as we're seeking that word from God to us we're sitting at the feet of Jesus. Ten lower teach me have you. Teach me a few months I want to be like you more than anything else. It is only as we behold Jesus that we desire to be like. We may think that we desire to be like Christ we may go to church we may hear sermon and we want to we our hearts are pricked we want to be like Christ but you'll never find that desire like you find it in that time of prayer alone with Jesus his nerves no substitute for. Only as we view his righteousness that we hunger and thirst to possess and it is only as we ask in earnest prayer that God will grant our hearts desire we have come to God was such a sense of our need of it we're not going to receive it or are going to see that interview and herald What's the fourth month April. Twenty three eighteen eighty nine. Bar your fervent prayers the pay you can move the arm moves. Of friends we need a for vent life where you can have the time of prayer you can have your methods of prayer you can remove those Henner says but unless you come with a great lawn gate for God and warning guard to speak to you until move and develop in you at a Christ like life. You will not find what you are really really looking for. It will be there and then it will be gone you'll say I tried it it didn't work so I'm moving on. Oh. God help us to be for. I love this promise. This is probably one of my favorite promises on prayer you're going to fall out of your seats. When with earnestness and intensity we breathe a prayer in the name of. Crites there is in that very intensity a pledge from God that he is about to answer our prayer exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or. Is that not power. As where there in prayer in the Lord is open in our hearts to Him He is the one who puts that intensity in us and we are pleading with him and in that intensity it is a promise as a pledge from go od that he was about going to answer our prayers. More abundantly and we can even ask for and then incredible. And we can claim that because we know that as God is moving that intensity the only way that intensity can really be filled in our lives as is when the answer to prayer is after God's will and everything God does is exceed of all that we ask or think the smallest thing God does in your life is more than we can even ask or thing if we could understand in the light of eternity Christ object lessons one. You need him afterwards come up I'll give a cooker and you can go through it. But a couple things fervent prayer is fuel is fueled I said earlier that cannot be manufactured you know not I have to admit that I have heard prayers where I thought it was more of a show then more of a it just felt like a show to me and and I don't want to I mean I can't read the heart can't judge it but it just I felt like it was a show just like I'm sure we've all heard messages and those things that. You know it seems her illness a production. It just there wasn't. The THIS of the Spirit of God moving upon the humble servant I say that I've been blessed here I'm not saying that here. I've been so blessed here but I think you understand I'm saying that there's a there's a form and then there's a something that is so little and anyone but fervent prayer is fuels talk about this for a few moments. We went through on Tuesday how to find treasures and Jim's right. These are fuel for fire your lies that when you write these down they become fuel for your prayers when you read this new say Lord I want that deep experience in the things of God God starts to put a long in in your heart it's your that's not being manufactured. It's being well the Holy Spirit's doing that work in our hearts were being fashioned in that. This is fuel for our prayers. Fuel for our prayers when you have a desire to see your family in the kingdom of heaven that fuel for your prayers. You know how hard it is to clean for God to do a work in our children's lives when these trying to do that work in our highest. God to give that asks you for our prayers it is hard to find a more fervent prayer than a mother's prayer for her children. It's true it's true my mother's going to be here today and I'll tell you well I can't tell you the profound impressions that were placed on the. As a young child might actually my teenage years walking in and hearing my mother pleading with God her. I mean to this day it does such a I mean it does a work in me. And honoring notice day if she really knows maybe I should tell her. But. But to hear her plea. I mean what that did to me I mean not just Lord Jesus you know my my. You calls me just. To grieve. My mother and my wife. For her. But just to hear her cleaning with crying asking God to help. And I just I praise God for that but there are those that's fuel for our prayers it's not a manufactured thing it's the Lord is is putting that long and our heart along that he has FAR children he's putting that on our hearts for them so it's our families. Those that we are seeking to bring to the truth. I don't know if I have had outside of my family in praying for my church family I don't know if I've ever had more of a burden then for those that I'm trying to bring to the truth if we are not using we talked about yesterday Hendren stance or career is that we are always receiving but never imparting. And if we are not reaching out after souls if you are not sharing the truth of God's you will you. Will never find the strength in prayer that God wants you to have always been missing a component and if we're always praying but never going out to live out those prayers you will lose that fuel for your fire when we're laboring for souls there comes to our heart the heart of God and we will come to God and will plead with God for those precious. Hour of you were at Revelation again and when you come to those and you see people there come to the truth and you see the Lord drawing them you just you lump them and you want them to come to the truth. I preach the meeting in Grand Ledge and I mean just see those people commonly just long for them to be there and there was one dear person that had made a decision for baptism and through some circumstances what wasn't didn't come to the meeting and I called them hadn't been able to get in touch with them and I was praying all week for this person are please. And then it was Sabbath morning I just had a special burden her parents played with God to help me get in contact with this person and and then in our family prayer we prayed as a family and went to church. Got back later in the afternoon and says let's go for a walk I said OK I'll go for a walk we're going to go to and those who live and Lansing will know we're going to go to hawk a meadow It's a beautiful place to walk past pulling out of our road right on to Saginaw highway there and instead of turning left I just turn right now let's go here. And. And we went down to Grand Ledge and they have a little area there we can walk down there ledges we get out and it's five minutes into our walk and yes they're. On Me. If I had my eyes attune right our just see the angel or this person by the hand and my head and just joining us right there together. This is what was so incredible in not only see one interest a saw two three four of our interests on that walk was that not a divinely orchestrated event I just I just I couldn't help just go home and just sit there and just wonder at the wonderfulness of God just thank him for there and but that that's fuel for your prayers not only the pleading and longing it is the praise and thanksgiving for his goodness you know the joy of seeing someone come to the truth. The rustling the difficulty you know that when they come to the truth and then they're baptized I mean we had a dear precious saying here that gave their testimony a couple years ago I can't meeting and our test R.C. said after my back to them I went home and I danced on the devil space. Where do you find such joy for fades. I could think was there is a there is there is a right dance in. There at there not a demo thing. And. I better be careful how I say things. And. A man here. Right you're going to have a heart a man than I was. Going to know what I know now. That. I don't need to be careful. But I'll say there is a joy in the Lord. For all glory has to go to him that's why I want to say this here because. Let me say it this way I'm one who I don't like applause at that thousands. I know that sometimes it's a natural way for us to express ourselves. But we're not of causing that's that's a worldly. And there's a there's not appropriate place for prop laws here appreciating someone I'm not saying that there's not a place for it and sacred holy places. Where the Bible says that the angels cry holding home all where Ellen White reminds us that the angels when they come in the presence of the Almighty. Or you see the prophets of God They come into the holiness of God and they fall as dead and then. I mean there needs to be a holy rather nse. In the place of God. And I just said because you know a lot of times we do things out of ignorance and those kind of things and I don't judge people they do you know I don't I don't want that spirit in my heart. But as we can teach and lead you know I want to take that opportunity that's why I don't like applause in the in the sanctuary I don't like it I don't like applause in the time of warship I don't like applause for special music's I want all glory all thoughts to be directed toward our King who is worthy of that worship honor. And so I'll be the I'll be the loudest one to say men because they men means that we're agreeing with God in what he's done and warning that glory to go to him amen. So we see your baptism are going to shout Hey man how. You know how low you means. Raise the Lord praise the lord amen. That OK Give a pastoral counsel. OK I've got to share a story here I share this I share the story everywhere I go just because it's made such a profound impression on me and it gives me an example. Of what it means to be earns what it means to be earns what it means to have a fervent. So I'm telling you this is. You know I'm giving out because I want to go home and study these days lives. I. Want to tell you let me tell you one of my secrets I'm going to be in show examiner and out of time but I have to tell you anyway. This is this is my Some of my secrets. I want to spend most I'm telling I spend probably ninety percent of. My reading in the Bible in the spirit cross. Over ninety percent there are so many thing I love to read there are so many things out there I could spend all my time reading other people's thoughts when I want to lead. Other bills they have you read his book I heard about it and read it. And I do have a stack of books I want to get through. And there are some like this book here and I'll tell you the name in a minute that but this is what I do. In the spirit of prophecy and I see something interesting there. Where is she get that. Sometimes she'll mention a name like John Wesley and gospel workers in page thirty three or thirty or. Even mentions John Wesley seen mentions George when she says that God spoke to them that God gave them an influence upon people's lives that when they came God spoke to them such a powerful way that people in voluntarily yielded their hearts to God now that they were forced but all those things that seem to be such major roadblocks such as mountains they came as as as these men appealed to them those mountains just vanished they found themselves drawn after gone. So I look at those. Are our no background George would feel honored responding this guy John Welsh she mentions him that's why I want to read about him because the prophet talked about him in his life of prayer so they go through the Spirit of Prophecy that's where I find that's where I go to find those things I want to study those things you know you know when I was younger I was reading in and she was talking about the the youth and how. They go after the works of fiction in these things and today you know you go back you look at those works of fiction Moby Dick or Tale of Two Cities or whatever they seem so innocent in today's world but those are the things she was talking about those works of fiction that hold the mind after after the. This sense is the desires of the human heart to be. Entertained. Or she said rather we should tell them the stories of the missionaries. Moffitt those instant. So no I started doing sardine all those great pioneer. This great pioneers in the mission movement I story renos to my children. Books like John you know Livingston or Moffit or. Who is a great piano player just lost his name went to Africa. SCHWEITZER our Schweitzer. Or. Put me on the spot to remember always they William Carey. George real or. Was my one of my favorites. Yeah Charles Spurgeon Yes Hudson Taylor Hudson went to China yes you know we're just we're actually did we just got that we're going to go through that as a family and so usually on vacations or in that car we'll get a book and Shelley read it to us as we're going these powerful missionaries Chiron member and I know that you have to you have to you have to read this guy's life and look at Rick. I know I'm I'm like the virgin but yeah D.L. Moody when I read a couple years ago I ran the Chicago Marathon and I was running and I looked over and guess what I saw deal Moody's church. I read my. Lord of fire in this marathon for want to bring the run by this this place this great man of a prayer and evangelism OK I gotta just give this to you real quick. Cory ten Bowman as well as one. Eric B. Hare Oh here it is out in Iran Judson. And as a rich rich. Look to see if I have some others here yet Hudson Taylor George with thier field. Sojourner Truth David Livingston. Deter Bahnhof or. Wow brother Andrew. All of these you have to read the filter you have through the filter but what you want to do you want to you want to pull out those things where I mean like. Brother and or this is guy he he worked just to smuggle Bibles into the communist countries that would allow it and go to work and marvelous ways but no other theology is not right glean what is good but be careful in those and that's why I mean even you look at John Wesley did he have everything right no no no he didn't know he didn't there we have everything right. We have the message that we have the message of but our lives we want the Lord to make right. We do have the truth this is the truth but that's just a little insight still. Let's fill our minds with the things of God And let's if we need inspiration in those things let's find it in the work of got You'll notice though most of those are all. Old movements. Because it's hard to find contemporary movements that are outside of the work remnant Church of God. Jim Elliot. That's right that's another good one you know he didn't have it all right either OK There we go on. Who's that. For a moment I was in the heavenly places but I was here I'm serious. OK. John hide. John hide he'd have it all right either as a powerful man a prayer her love for souls. H. Y. D. e. Is in India he's pleading with God for souls This is a man who pray for God to give him a soul every day is a year. People laughed at him he will mock him he prayed God gave it to him how many is that. Your time there pioneering a work this is huge and like I said before there's a filter they they didn't have the fullness of the message that we godless preparing a people to come and be prepared for the message of truth so he prays for two souls a year the next two souls a day for the whole year the next time you're. Here you're crazy or gave it to him. Said Lord I pray for for souls and. For a year or David two. There are times granted that wasn't he was talking the cumulative effect and there were days where there might have been fifteen other days or the modern two or whatever but he had been in prayer and. Gotten up from his prayer and he was convicted the Lord told them what was going to give him ten souls that they load up the wagon they go to a village to be in labor and all day they're preaching they're singing they're appealing no results the day is. Coming to a close they are I mean the been out all day no refreshment no one coming to their aid they come to a house and and someone invites them in their day is coming to a close so they're there the other missionaries with him are eager to get back because it's dangerous to travel along the route to get home and so here OK let's you know let's get this going. And John says no we're not leaving without the ten. And so they make their way they come to this home and as they are getting some refreshment in those things they start talking to the spam about the Lord and they found out that these people they've been studying some that they could and that their hearts are open to Christ and they preach Christ to them there and just as do you believe they so we do is there anything that would keep you from making your stand for Christ right now they said no so he takes them and they baptize them now you'll see that now we have a thorough process for Baptists. And we have a thorough process for disciple in. Where they take they baptized them there are nine. Nine in the family so they have a mission. They're just so excited praise the Lord and we get to go home. So they they're there say let's go say come out of the house and they start going towards the the wagon to go home and John is lingering back he doesn't want to go and they they're they're pulling him as it were to the edge of the car they're loading up and he's there he's saying I'm not going to go there John the last Guinness nine saw loss starts to we what about the one what about the one in there and there are they are. Earnest about getting him on the car but he's more earnest that God would give him the one said later that began to be embarrassed by his earnestness their lack of. Well as their delays in the father of the house that where they work came out he's wondering why the delay he himself say you better get going is dangerous and Jones there is you know we pay no I cannot live without that one solo and as he's saying that. The father turns and looks assess here in this it was his nephew his nephew had come to live with him but his nephew had been gone that day he was out with friends. His nephew comes and they open the Word of God and he too had been wanting to give us hearts of God They take them and they baptized him and a piece comes over John's face says now we can go we have our head I just think I you know I think about that all the time Lord you must give us that earnestness for our prayers like he had for his prayers. If you want more example of his earnestness. He is he has this young man who came to live with him hold him right out of the world's living but this young man gets hired a religious living. And he says I'm going to go back to my friends and go back to my friends so we can have the pleasure of this world's John follows him to the train station. Begging him not to go there's a woman who's at the ticket counter and as they come she's observed sees this man pleading with this young man not to go and this young man is so rude so defiant back towards him he follows him on the train pleading with him the young man says no I'm not going to stay with you I'm going to go it was all call as John asked to get off the train but he doesn't go he goes to the window of that car he doesn't care who's watching hears and care who's listening he's pleading with everything he has tears are streaming down his face he's brave gain that this boy will not leave Christ and as the train pulls away there's his broken form weeping for this young man. This lady that she's just shocked she was gone leaves the next day the train comes she just watching and she sees this young man get off the train I mean she can't believe it he comes by and she calls out to the young men and said How come you've come back I saw you go yesterday you know I can't you. Out of my mind. I couldn't sleep all last night all I could see was him pleading and begging for me I have to go back to this young man. And came back you became a powerful Christian worker in the cause of Christ I think Lord. Me That earnestness you know how many times we're so worried about what people think around us we're so worried Lord if I give my life to a life of prayer and you start doing these things what are people going to think let them figure. Let did not lead your face your life get out of their mind let them see your life and see it as a call for their own life to be right with Christ prudence we must be fervent in our prayers we cannot worry about what people think sometimes we worry even about what our children think what our wives me think do you want them to think that we're a hypocritical Christian. You know that or think that we're in love with the world we have less concern about that than if we're to be concerned that we are in love with Christ come what may. Come what Me Oh friends we have to be earnest and I want to say something very plain again we cannot be earnest in our prayers without the component of a burden for souls we must plead to God to give us have heard of her souls because that is the heart of Christ coming to police for us that move you. Notice this gospel or space twenty six I have to speed up your I'm sorry. I got. I got carried away. Page twenty six Ernest self-sacrifice sacrificing men and women are needed who. Who will go to a guard was strong crying and tears to plead for saw for the souls or the brink of ruin Oh friends could we not come to God and plead with him as if it were for our own children for the souls of those he's calling us for God is calling us to that fervent prayers persistent It is not letting go of the arm of God Let us look eighteen eleven then he spoke a parable to them that men always thought of prayer not what and not lose heart we can't lose heart we must come we must press it gives us two parables as examples the person weirdo coming to the judge wanting justice we see the man at the door asking for bread for his his friends that are coming we see that now we even see the count of the woman coming to Jesus begging for even the crowns that would fall from the master's table we have to be persistent we can't lose heart. It's not only true for so many for the Cause of God is true for your prayers do not become weary and doing good do not become weary in your prayers go on telling you you will reap you don't lose heart Genesis three twenty six and he said let me go for the day breaks who are sane. Let me go does God want us to let go no hope sometimes he's letting us Linder because he wants our hearts to be drawn out to him that much more yes. OK let's read together that's a good that's a good suggestion this last sentence starting with but ready but he said I will not let you go. You bless. Us not let go of the arm of the Lord to soon. US come to that time person Lord I can't face this day unless I have your glass I can't do it Lord I did care not to do it I dare not Christ object lessons page one forty five God does not say ask once and you shall receive He bids us ask on wearing Lee purse sist in prayer the persistent asking brings the petitioner into a more what. Do you catch that. As your seeking God being persistent was a doing to us is doing a work in us it's making us more earnest and gives him an increased desire to receive the things well if he asks is the Lord wonderful event in the way he enters us he's working in a way to draw us our hearts out after him more so that we will come to the place where we are hungry and thirsty and pleading and begging for that which we are asking. Who is this oh right you got it Elijah I knew you get that one. When I was reading. You know my oldest son James Alija my second son is. Not correct you need not. Be so my son last night on the platform that was the idea. Those two characters and scripts are very near to me and I found it or when I was reading a story of a life in is just this little thing. And and you might just skim over it but to minute it gave me an example of earnestness and fervent see that happens in prayer when we are enclosed in the in the atmosphere of God in all else just slides away she says here and I don't have it on the screen but I have it written here testimonies Volume three page two eighty six. To eighty six. I was more encouraged to read through the testimonies for the church they are just and Herat noble. You know I've always used them as reference I've never read all way through the but I'm reading through them now and I'm in volume six and I'll tell you are just incredible and when I can't read them sometimes when I run or I'm in the car I listen to them. I was trying for a marathon are when I went through two books. You know out in the middle of no darkness runnin right down if you know those the lanes around Iraq the right down the middle a sag on a highway listening to test they started to record. Some of them are just wonderful wonderful times yes. Very credible Hey I like that this is very credible now there reminds me of Truly truly I say to you. OK you're not going to where you'll get it in the most painful position his face bowed between his knees the most earnestly supplicate God and I read that I would say in the most painful. Just. Why does that mean as I just more and more about it so much she's telling us that because you have humbled this this giant of a. Reformer of God This giant men of God crumpled on the hard ground. Not thinking of thing about himself he falls to the ground here isn't even think of it's painful or not he crumples himself to the ground and is in the most painful position but his heart isn't there his heart is seeking God answer his there and I think about that his prayer was so fervent so earnest so Persis. That ground he could have been anywhere I just think about that Lord how did tons of thought more about my own comfort of home this. Then about my prayer and they're all my oh nice I'm thinking about the things I have to do during the day rather than meeting you in prayer I'm so worried about all the responsibilities I've missed that earnestness and prayer as a lesson for me Lord when I come in that time if I'm going to be earnest and fervent prayer my mind has to be captivated by heaven. I don't want the distractions I have a little thing that I do I have a little notepad there if I'm yet distracted I drop it down I don't think about it now my devotion on trying to stay on track I think on it think about this I want to go here no later I have to be in that time with the Lord. I don't. No MARTIN. You know. When I'm around that. Yes yes. Remember fervent prayer needs what. You will. Why would he spend an extra two hours you had a whole lot of fuel. What he was facing as he was going to go before those councils in he needed to know. There was a god that was God speaking to the when he said Here I stand I can do no other. Healing to say that because of those hours of prayer I'm just telling you prayer needs you'll. Let off your little prayer. A lot of fuel a lot of prayer. OK I got one minute. I'm sorry I'm going to race through here but I know some are having to go I have to say a couple gyms here God's messengers must tarry long with him if they are to have success in their work when men are as devoted as he lied was and possessed the faith that he had God will reveal himself as he did then God will reveal Himself to you when men plead with the Lord is the jake up don't let I will not let you go unless what unless you bless me the results that we're seeing then will be seen again in our lives they will be seen power will come from God an answer to the prayer of faith we can have that experience it wasn't reserved just for Elijah or for Jake up it is for us. Yes G.'s us his life is the ultimate example sizer time September five one thousand nine hundred Christ is our example his life was a life of prayer Yes Christ the Son of God equal with the father himself also fish and the storehouse of all blessings who. He whose voice could rebuke disease still the tempest and call the dead to life prayed what with srong crying and many tears he often spent whole nights in prayer while the cities were hushed in slumber I love this angel Zz listen to the pleadings of the Redeemer that is our example in Christ some other times it goes on see the Savior browed in prayer his so wrong the with anger it anguish Why did Christ certain time spent all night in prayer. He had a lot of your prayers. When he was going to. Ordain the twelve he spent all night in prayer he had so much to pray about as he enter into that next day that's why he spent so much time in prayer is not praying for himself he did pray for himself he prayed for himself he prayed that God would help him carry the mission that was laid upon him but here she's saying he is not praying for him so for for those he came to save in the mountains of Galilee in the growth of Allah that the beloved God prayed for sinners then he came forth to minister to them his tongue touched a new we're living. How do we get our tapers Let with that divine fire it's only in the audience chamber with Gone. Only in that chamber in heavenly places page seventy three of Christ it is said and being in agony in an agony he prayed more earnestly and what contrasts to this intercession by the majesty of heaven are the feeble heartless prayers that are offered to God Many are content with lip service and but few have a sincere earnest affectionate long in Africa we can change that Amen we must change that. Sign the times of life twenty four eighty nine three one righteous Jesus openness po'd mission with what fervent prayer is that will makes manifest the fact that prayers necessary in order to lead a successful Christian life it is necessary if we're going to have a successful Christian life he was constantly in communion with his father and his life presents to us what. A perfect pattern a perfect pattern I hear people say well Jesus did this because he only had this long to live Jesus did this because of this we have a perfect pattern in Christ there is a mean that everything that he did will be exactly the way God leads our life but as we pattern our life after his will be led by the will of Heaven as was his not everyone will go to the cross for their death some of us may or was I. Here appreciate the privilege of prayer and his works show the results of communion with God you will bear the fruits of that life of prayer then lastly. Test me for the church volume five three eighty five. Which Christ has advanced for us. As with our. Amazing how can it be how earnestly he leaves How often was he alone in fervent prayer on the mountainside or in the retirement of the garden who are in out his supplication with strong crying in tears how her severely. He urged his petitions in behalf of sinners do you my brothers and sisters inquire what model shall we copy I do not point to a great and good men but to the Worlds. As my prayer that we will all be pointed to him a standing gather as we heard. Oh Father in heaven. Even now is or has or Babs let us know that we're in your audience. Or thank you for each one here oh Lord we can get glimpses of the tongues who will be in heaven where there will be no need to worry about the clock we know fearfulness of the enemy but Lord until that day May we find ourselves hidden in. May we as your people we found in that secret pavilion that secret place of the most high Oh Father I pray and I plead and I ask hey you would teach us to pray. Teacher Solon's teach us to pray that we might be more like Jesus. Bless each one for being here. And help them I pray. As they draw close to you in their own lives and I ask it in Jesus in. This media was brought to you. 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