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Like Sinner, Like Savior

Randy Skeete
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Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • February 12, 2016
    11:30 AM
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Our loving Father in heaven we are so grateful for the gift of life we thank you to God for forgiving our sins for being merciful for being patient for being long suffering as we bow in your holy presence there Father we ask you to grant us your spirit in abundance that he may direct our thinking father that our spiritual things are discussed they may make sense to us we also are slowed for a contingent of such angels that excel in strength that they make guard us as we worship you that we may do so in safety Father in Heaven as for me forgive my sins to God have mercy on me father he uses me for your glory alone as I speak and let me speak with no consciousness of self or the consciousness of cheese a scribe now that he deserves all the glory he used to me I pray to father and let the spouse of the words soften the hearts of those who are listening bless my little brother Benjamin their god thank you for the effort he made continue to give him in spiritual things I pray in Cheesus name let God's people say amen. Let us go to charm seventeen our subject like sinner like savior John seventeen. We are a for sixteen. John seventeen this is really the Lord's Prayer the entire chapter read it some time read it several times read it slowly read it microscopical eat it read it prayerfully a beautiful chapter listen to Jesus Christ talking to his father John seventeen four sixteen Jesus prays they are not of the world even as I am not of the world Paul's. Christ expresses a similarity between him. Self. And his followers. They are not of the world the same way I am not of the world. Sanctified and through by truth VI word is truth listen a verse eighteen as thou has sent me into the world even saw Have I also sent them into the world now we have a broader area of similarity Jesus is saying the same way you Saint me that's precisely. The same way I say and them. By saying that crisis establishing a very powerful truth that the relationship between the Father and the son must be replicated in the relationship between the Son and the believer. Let me say that again. The relationship between Christ and God must be reflected in the relationship between Christ and the belief let's go to John fifteen. John fifteen. Let's read for state our subject like sinner like say if you. Hear it is my father glorified that you bear much fruit so shall you be my disciples as a father have loved me so have I love to continue year in My Love this in the first line again as what. As the father half loves me. So have I love you we have that similarity again Jesus is saying the same with the Father loves me that's how I love you. I repeat the relationship between God and Christ must be reproduced in the relationship between Christ and you. As the. Father have loved me so have I loved you continue easy in my love listen first then if he keep my commandments he shall abide in my love that's the relationship between the believer and Christ what is it based on even as I have kept my Father's Commandments and applied in his love here again we have the same teaching emphasized. The relationship between God and she's us I say again must be reproduced in the relationship. Between Christ and us. If that's clear so you. Say it again. Maybe it wasn't clear let me repeat. Jesus said the same way The Father loves me that's how I love you the same way I abide in my Father's Love by obedience that's how you abide in My Love the same way I am not of the world you are not of the world let me say it one more time. The relationship between God and Christ must be reproduced in the relationship between Christ and you if that's Clair So am I am. All right are subject like Santa like say here tonight our purpose is to emphasize the closeness between Christ and us. If you have never thought during the series think tonight. Let us go to Job Chapter fourteen we read first one our subject like sinner like savior job fourteen reading first one. Now while you're searching for job. Let me set up a scenario for you. Let me take this. And put it right here. This represents. One group then I'll take this. And put it. Right. Right here this represents another group or another person now. OK Let me explain. This is the sinner. This is a saint here. All right let me see if you're following me. Come on say it. Your perfect marks All right listen now to Job fourteen first for first one if you're found to say ma'am read it with me now man with that is born of. A woman is of few days and many saw troubles now man that is born how. Come on I need to hear you of a woman. What's right is this. I was a sinner born. Of a woman. Let's go to collation some to for we're a first for relations for we read first for I was subject like you know like saints you. Relationship before reading first four. And you found it. But when a fullness of time was come God sent forth His Son reading the actual words made up born of a woman now. Saying Oh. Come on tell me something about a sinner Senyah born of a woman Safia Yes let's right again. No. Change here one more time Siena. Safia wonderful woman. Let's go to staying elations for. This begin first for again but when the fullness of time was calm God sent forth His Son made of a woman made how under the law keep reading to redeem them that were c'mon c'mon give me a volume made of a woman made how under the law to redeem them that were under the Law All right let's review begin with the first characteristics see no. Need to hear you hear no use I want to hear something clear say now. Same here. Santa. Same here. Let me tell you what it is you're probably right Santa made of a woman savior made of a woman Cinna made under the law Savior made under the law now every time I add the list gets longer. So you have to really use your brain Cinna made of a woman saint he made of a woman sitting on made under the law Savior made under the law. Let's go to Hebrews eleven Hebrews two. It was too quickly. Like sinner like say here evil stew. When you found it's a man. For both he that sanctify of and first eleven Did I tell you what verse story verse eleven Hebrews stew My apologies for both he that sanctify if and there who are sanctified all of one for which cause he is not ashamed to call them brethren there I won. Let's get some more information about how much they are one first fourteen of Hebrews two Forres much then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood he also him sounds like wise took part of the same stop. Let's start from item number one. Cinema. St here. Santa. Safia. Santa flesh and blood. Let's read it for us much then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood. Is that in your Bible. He also himself likewise took part of the same let's try it again Santa. Savior. Cinna say here Santa Safia Yes you're getting better. Let's keep going. Let us go to. Let's see. Matthew. Matthew Well not many of us go to James first then we come to Matthew James then Matthew. Three Characteristics so far made of a woman made of a woman made under the law made under the law flesh and blood flesh and blood meaning he shares a nature with us now James Chapter one reading from verse thirteen the Bible says and this is the brother of Jesus writing let no man say when he stamped it I am tempted of God For God can not be tempted with evil knife attempt if he any man but every man is tempted when he has drawn away of his own he lost an entire use then when the US has conceived it bring in for sin. And sin when it is finished bring it forth death that first tells us of that passage James one thirteen to fifteen that people are tempted now let's go to Matthew three. And Matthew four reading from first one of Matthew chapter for our subject like sinner like saints here Matthew Chapter four reading from verse one. What time is it my good brother. Seven twenty eight All right we have some seven hundred and I may go to it fifty and I may not but I that's what my thinking right now Matthew for reading from first one the Bible says then it was Jesus who led of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil and when he had fasted forty days and forty nights he was afterward on hunger did and when the attempt to came to him he said in file be the Son of God commands of these stones we made bread but he answered and said it is written man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceed if out of the mouth of God very clearly the Bible tells us that Christ was tempted we read in chambers humanity is tempted we've added a fourth characteristic Let's review from Kalak touristic one and I want to hear you loud and clear pronouncing the words clearly here we go say no. Say via. Sina. Safia. Sina Safia Sena Safia. Yes What's our subject. Like Ciena like say here all right. Let's go to Hebrews chapter eleven. Hebrews chapter eleven. It's very familiar passage you should know it without looking for six. Years eleven for six. When you found it's a man but without faith it is impossible to please him for he that cometh unto God must believe that he is and that he is a reward or of them that diligently seek Him Romans one sixteen and seventeen for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believe it to do to you first and also to the Greek for there is the righteous God righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith and is written in the chest shall you live by faith now so we've just established we are to live by faith now let's do some reasoning go to John eight twenty nine John eight twenty nine are subject like sin or like say here. Johnny my second favorite book after the book of Genesis. You have John eight first twenty nine you listen to Jesus Christ and he that have sent me is with me the Father hath not left me alone for I do always the things that what pleases him now we are right in Hebrews eleven six but without faith it is impossible to please him. Now let's put two and two together Jesus says I do always the things that police AM How did Jesus do that. By faith Yes So what kind of life to Jesus live you live a life of faith now we have five items let me see who falls by the wayside we're starting out I took one Siena. Safia. Santa. Safia Santa. Safia Santa saved. Ya Santa Safia Yes live by faith. You doing very well. Let's look at the next item as we continue like Santa like Saint Here let's go to first there's a long years up to five we read first thirty Well now let's go to look eighteen you're close to look because we were just in John looking eighteen Let me first one. Make it easier to for you to find those passages look eighteen reading from verse one the Bible says and he spake a parable into them to this and that man ought all ways to pray and not to faint What did Jesus say we ought always to do pray and not fame first as a loan yes five seventeen cents for a without ceasing. Matthew six verse nine after this man and therefore three Our Father which art in heaven hallowed be Thy Name the Bible tells us we are to pray All right let's go to Luke eleven. Look eleven are subject like sin or like savior look Chapter eleven. And you found out say a man. Who stood looking if you're still looking say a man. OK hurry up hurry up we were looking eighteen we can't be that long to get looking left or right look eleven first one and it came to pass that while he was praying in a certain place as he said when he ceased one of His disciples said into him a lot teach us to pray as John also taught his disciples Let's read that verse again and it came to pass that as he was watch the ring in a certain place Christ was praying go to Matthew fourteen less free from first twenty two quickly Matthew fourteen reading to first twenty two. You have that. This is the last night where we have tomorrow but I am hoping between tonight and tomorrow that my friends on the right will change and so before this site answers it would make me so happy on my way home finally I want to picture with my friends on this side all right Matthew fourteen Rincon first twenty two I am straightway Jesus constrained his disciples to get into a ship and to go before him and to the other side while he sent the multitudes away and when he had sent the multitudes away he went up into a mountain a park to pray and when evening was come he was there alone Cheesus went up into a mountain apart to do want to pray and we have another item added to the list. Is getting more stressful Let's start again I'd like to hear the answer loudly from this side but it's just a request not a command here we go see no. Safia. Sin no. Safia say no. Safia say no say if ya sin on Sina say if ya say no. Say here. I mean years olds. Six For those of you who writing down and thereby cheating six. So let's add number seven. Let's add number seven. Let us go to. Mark sixteen. We read fifteen and sixteen of Mark sixteen sixteen March up to sixteen verses fifteen and sixteen. Mark is the shortest gospel of the four Mark was not one of the twelve disciples. You have Mark sixteen the very last chapter. That book first is fifteen six and he said into them go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature he that believe it and his walk baptized shall be saved he that believe it's not shall be damned So we are called upon to be baptized Let's go to Acts chapter two the book of Acts chapter two rearrange verses thirty seven and thirty eight. Peter is delivering that powerful sermon on the day of Pentecost and there's a pause in the presentation and in first thirty seven the Bible says now when they heard this they were pricked in their heart and said on to Peter and to the rest of the apostles Men and brethren what shall we do then Peter said into them Repent and be a lot baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost so we have a requirement for sinners to be baptized All right let's go to Matthew three. We read from first thirteen of Matthew three. Matthew Chapter three reading from verse thirteen I was subject like sinner like say to you. When you found it's a man then come in Jesus from Galilee to Jordan and to John to be baptized of him but John four Bad him saying I have need to be baptized of the and come in and out to me Jesus answering said unto him suffer it to be so now for it become in us to fulfill righteousness so he suffered him and Jesus when he was baptized went straight away out of the water and lo the heavens were open to him and he saw the Spirit of God is sending like a dove and lighting upon him and lo a force from heaven saying this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased Jesus was what baptized we're told to be baptized now let's with you from I do. Number one are you ready. OK Cinna. Same here. Say no. Say here. Santa. Safia Santa say here Santa. Safia Santa say here Santa say here yes and the list is not over. It's not over. How many do we have so far. Seven perfect number but we make it even more perfect let's add another one let us go to Roman six first twenty three. Roman six twenty three. Are subject like sin or like say here. Is a very good reason why I'm taking you through this exercise you really are you'll realize that quite soon what book did I say what Chapter six what first twenty three read with me you know this works very well for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord Romans five twelve four as by one man sin entered into the world and death by saying so the Bible tells us sinners die. Let's look at our Savior Revelation one let's wait for seventeen Revelation one reading from first seventeen are subject like sin or life savior. Revelation last book of the Bible the book in which all the other sixty five books find a fulfillment. You have revelation one seventeen and when I saw him I fell at his feet as dead and he laid his right hand upon me saying and to me fair or not I am the first and the last am He that liveth through. To make sure it's and was damned Jesus says I was dead sinners die Jesus died let's review now Item Number one I only want the men to answer. Only the man. Only the man man disciples apostles Here we go Santa. Santa. Sadia. Santa. Safia Santa. Say here. Santa Safia Santa say here Santa say here Santa savior Sana'a Sadia Yes Good good brothers I'm proud of you you write a handsome man. Ladies say a man. You know the church needs strong man families need strong man society needs strong men and strong man is not someone who can deadlift ten thousand pounds but someone who can take on responsibility are you with me all right OK how many how to do we have so far eight let's add another one. Shall we had another one yes let's go to first that's alone eons chapter four we read for sixteen persons alone yes for reading for sixteen. Verses alone yes for first sixteen you know it very well. For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of the archangel and the trumpet of God finish that first and that dad in Christ shall do on rise first what will dead people experience Reserve action. First Corinthians fifteen let's read first twenty. First Corinthians fifteen verse twenty. First Corinthians fifteen first twenty but now is Christ risen from the dead and become the first fruits of fam that slept alright Christ was resurrected sinners are resurrected let us go down that list again this time sisters follow the lead of your men and I'm listening closely are you ready my sisters. And sisters are you ready yes or no all right here we go say no. Say here. Say no. Say here. Say no say here say no say via Santa. Tempo say via. State or. Say via Santa say via Santa say here Santa say here I am a man and I mean that genuinely a man now lets brain. Holy Father in heaven. We thank you for the excitement of Bible study as I move into this last phase of this message let the Spirit work even more astute you are sleeping dog I mean let him work perspiring Lee that minds me understand what is about to be delivered in Jesus name I pray Amen. Let's go back to accept a two. X. two. X. two thirty seven and thirty eight of X. two. When you find it so you ma'am. Now when they heard this they were pricked in their heart and said into Peter and to the rest of the apostles Men and brethren what shall we do then Peter said unto them. Come on loudly what it Peter say repent go to accept a three. Accept a three. This is Peter preaching again first nineteen what is the first word he uses in first nineteen repent. Let's go to Matthew Chapter four. Matthew four. We read for seventeen Matthew four first seventeen. You find as a man. From that time false began Jesus to say to preach and to say what repent why for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Now. We're told where to repent. Now when I said Sina You said. Born of a woman born of a woman. Made under the law made under the law flesh and blood flesh and blood tempted tempted prayed all imply faith live by faith prayed prayed baptized baptized died died resurrected resurrected no problem at all let's add one more to Sinner. Which is repent or you're with me. Or. You're with me all right. One more time let's go down the list everybody. Cinna. Safia. Cinna. Say here. Say no. Safia say no. Say here say no. Say here. Say none say here say now say here say now say here Santa say via Santa Safia. Why did you shake your head. Was number ten percent. Say it loudly number ten Santa. Say via. Well we need consistency. You can't tell me. It's the same for men of a woman. Made under the law flesh and blood. Tempted live by faith parade baptized died resurrected and then back off repentance. Question for you. Did Jesus Die yes or no. Why did he die. Give me one word three letters sin the only reason anyone can die is because of sin. Jesus died because of sin. But let me hasten to say or to us because of who since I was come and say it loudly our sins because Christ never sinned. Now if he can die for sins he didn't commit Why can't he repent of since he didn't commit. Because death is more severe than repentance. Listen to me again. If. Christ can't die for sins he did not commit why can he not repent of sins he did not commit. Jesus Christ did repent. Of the sins he took. Not the sins he committed if that's clear say a man. That a man was weak listen to me again. Let me ask you did Christ commit any sins no. Then for who sin city died our sins. Now is Christ an example for the believer yes or no yes Was he an example in resisting sin was an example in the way he conducted himself which you know example in baptism but what has to precede baptism. Repentance. Why are you telling me that Christ was an example in baptism he was an example in his earthly life he was an example in resisting sin but you will not say he was an example in repenting when repentance must precede baptism listen to what she's a stall John the Baptist suffered to be so not funny that's it becometh us to fulfill the what all righteousness there was one item missing which was baptism because the other items were already in place confession and repentance. Not of his sins but of sins he took. This art of ages speech want to leaven paragraph to. What I say. That is Ira features page one hundred eleven paragraph two listen carefully. Christ did not receive baptism as a. Fashion of guilt on his own account. Did he receive baptism yes or no yes but not as a way of confessing his own sins the writer goes on to say he identified himself with sinners taking the steps we are to take doing the work we must do now you tell me what are the steps we are to take. One of the steps. Listen again. I. Want you to think even if you faint I want you to think Listen to me carefully listen to the quotation Christ didn't not receive baptism as a confession of guilt on his own account. It was of someone else's guilt which he took he identified himself with sinners now listen carefully taking the steps. We are to take what steps are we to take Think of baptism what steps are we to take. Confession come on repentance and fan back to. Manuscript releases fallen twenty one page one ninety six paragraph two. Manuscript releases Volume twenty one page one ninety six paragraph two. When Jesus said thus it becometh us to fulfill righteousness Here's what the writer says in fulfilling all righteousness Christ did not bring all righteousness to an end listen carefully he fulfilled all of the requirements of God in repentance safe and baptism the steps in grace in genuine conversion Christ went through a conversions the conversion. EPS for us. In spite of want to just read some of you are resisting. A consensus no no no my savior couldn't repent Yes he did but not of his sins he repented of our sins the same way he died because of our sins and the same way he was baptized because of our sins it makes no sense to see Christ was baptized because of our sins Christ died because of our sins and then say he did not repent of our sins makes no sense. When studying the Bible we must release. My brothers and sisters let me tell you something about repentance. Repentance is not something the carnal nature can do. The carnal nature does not repent. Repentance is a gift from God. Without the help of God No man can repent. Evil Romans chapter two verse four not knowing that the goodness of God lead to feed to repentance I repeat repentance is a gift from God acts five thirty and thirty one the God of our fathers raised up Jesus whom he slew and hanging on a tree him have God exalted with his right hand to be a prince and a savior for to repentance is Ryo and forgiveness of sins repentance is a gift from God The carnal nature cannot repent last sinner can repent without defining hell and so Cheesus Christ repented on our behalf so that when we say I'm sorry I turn away and our repentance is accepted on the strength of the repentance of Christ. When you can. Yes a sin all I confess a sin that confession is accepted on the strength of the confession of Christ. No one can go to God and confess because it is not in the carnal nature to confess. It is not in the carnal nature to repent. It's not in a carnal nature to feel sorry for sin. By the way there's a sin we keep committing and we're not sorry I ask God to give us sorrow. Let me say it again I ask God to give us sorrow selected messages Volume one page three ninety three Paragraph three Christ pardons none but the penitent but whom he pardons he first makes penitent ask God to make you sorry. Because sorrowful scene does not come from the carnal nature it is a gift from above you understand that's why Christ had to do it. He confessed I was sins. He repented of our sins He was baptized because of our sins he went through the steps of confers because of our sins he died because of our sins. He never sinned. And so to Sinner. Is made of a woman the Savior was made of a woman the sinner is made under the law the Safia came under the law the sinner is flesh and blood the saint here was and remains flesh and blood the sinner is tempted the state here was tempted the sinner is to live by faith the Savior live by faith the Sena is required to pray the savior prayed the same. It's required to be baptized the Savior was baptized the same that dies the savior died the center will be raised the Savior was raised this Santa must repent a few repented. And confessed. This tells us how Christ deigned to fight with us. My brothers and my sisters were discussing God the one who said Let there be light the Creator the one equal with the father he came solo. Solo. As to be made sin for a second Corinthians five twenty one for heat that's got a father hath made him that's Christ to be sin for us who knew no sin Christ you know sin some how the father married him seen. First Peter chapter two verse twenty four who his own self bare our sins in his own party under the tree crisis literally took our sins and because he identified with I was saying he had to go through the steps confession repentance baptism. And so with Christ along the banks of Jordan before he began his public ministry. He was baptized and the father looking down from the portals of heaven. Was pleased with what the son had done. And a voice came running through heaven this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased every time a soul is baptized genuinely baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost for those words from the father applies to that apply to that person this is my beloved Son why. Because you accepted on the strength of the baptism of cheese yes. And so as she says identified himself with us we must reciprocate by identifying I was selves with him you see he identified with us as sinners we identify with him as a conqueror ah ah you don't know what I said Christ came and I drank he took I was Sam's we are not to take his sins we are to take his righteousness somebody say a man he took our sins he identified with I was shams we are to identify with this we carry. Remarkable fact that a shameless Christ said to his father Father I am so sorry. Why confessing the sins he took with which I dented fied were told and I say he was numb but with the transcriptions that's how closely he identified with I was since God looked down and saw a shame not on that cross and turned away. Now Jesus says to us as I tend to fight with your sins you identify with my victory. Identify with my righteous life. And walk and live the life. That I came to make possible for you to live which is a victorious life. My brother my sister what ever your weakness is what ever the besetting sin is Jesus confessed it. He repented of it on your behalf. Through faith in His Word. You accept that fact so that when you were confess when you're a parent you were doing it knowing that confession and repentance was only down by Christ for you and you place your confession on that you place your repentance on that and that is what makes it acceptable to the father. No one needs to leave this place tonight weak despairing never ever hoping to conquer Christ conquered and we are to identify with his conquest Christ was victorious we are to identify with his victory I need to see that again the same way he identified with I was certain. We identify with this victory can you say about. I thank God for this arrangement only a god can devise a plan like that. Right now crisis in what the Bible calls the most holy place there's a temple in heaven very clear from the Bible Hebrews nine and Christ is interceding on our behalf the merits of his victorious life his simplicity life his voluntary death he's trying to suppress a reckon from the dead when Christ came from the dead he came a victorious over death Hell the sin Satan under grace. He was victorious over everything that is of Satan and he stands to make that victorious power available to those who will connect to crisis. By faith. And surrender. My brother sister there is no power on earth as great as the power of the life of Jesus Christ no nuclear power no atomic power no hydrogen power the power of the victorious the life of Christ which is available to you. To me to conquer every sin large and small. And so tonight Jesus is looking down. And he says my son my daughter have you yet identified with my victory Have you identified with my righteousness have you I tend to fight with my conquest have you identified with me as a savior as I can to fight with you as a sinner. Without identity which is a matter of faith and surrender no one can conquer sin and no one can be fitted for a place in God's Kingdom let me say it again differently. Only as we identified by faith. Accepting what Jesus Christ did. Making it ours by accepting it as ours having me in other words Christ died for you forget the hundreds of those sitting around you Christ died for you he repented of your sins he can fancy your sins he was baptized for you he died because of your sins and euros victoriously you. Personal. Less you accept that. There is no possibility of having a place in God's kingdom and sort and I call upon you in the name of this Jesus who identified with our sins that we might identify with his righteousness I call upon you to name of Jesus Christ who became one with us a sinners that we become one with him as a victor in his name I ask you make a decision to invite to truly give your life to Christ who has all already confessed your sins and repented of your sins but is waiting for you to accept that because he cannot force it on you. The merits of that work in your life and mine when we accept it and the moment I accept that Christ repented of my sins then my natural urge is to say I am so sorry for my sins I confess them and I place my confession on the confession of Christ. Soon after Christ was baptized he went into the wilderness tempted forty days later he emerged and he began his public ministry. Some of us we need to do the same thing. We need to be baptized before we consider plunging into service for God the way we would love to before we consider mission service before we can to help consider what ever branch of service to Christ some of us need to consider being baptized already baptized with this understanding of what Christ has done for us I'm sure many of you have been baptized you were baptized as children you had no clue what you were doing some of you were baptized because your friends you were baptized you want to be baptized with them you did not know what you were doing some of you were baptized because you were forced by your parents who did not understand salvation cannot be forced whatever the situation is I am conflicted and convinced there is someone listening to my values who needs to make a decision to be baptized or rebaptized and thereby gain defying not only of the baptism but the confession and the repentance that preceded baptism. Identifying with your savior. In his victory. As you identified with you in your sin yet he remained sinless let me say it again someone needs to make a decision tonight as a father I desire to be. Baptized crisis confessed on my behalf he's repented on my behalf I accept that confession I accept that repentance and I want to take the next step and be baptized so that my confession repentance and baptism are all accepted to you on this train for what Christ has done for me. Aren't you glad for the plan of salvation can I see your right hand aren't you glad for this arrangement. That God has made that a sinless God can take your sin. And yet remain sinless but yet beach treated like a sinner so that you a sinner can take his righteousness and beach treat it as a righteous person. Second Grade five twenty one he have made him to be sin for us who knew no saying that we might be made the righteousness of God in him the same way Christ was treated like a Shana when we accept His sacrifice we are cheated as righteous loving Father we thank you for us like sinner like Savior we thank you to God for the train Mendus extent to which Jesus Christ I tend to find with sinners that we might identify with this righteous sinless life he identified with our weakness that we might through faith identify and connect with this power we thank you for the decisions have been made tonight to God for baptism and. We thank you for those who said we'd like additional information that we may quickly come to the place where we make an intelligent decision to obey God and to live according to his commandments father bless all those who responded That's all those who heard the word as we leave let us meditate on the word day caught Leigh's father hear this humble prayer we offer it Cheesus name let God's people say. A mammoth this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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