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It Was for Me

Chester Clark III


Join Pastor Chester Clark III on a journey through the Garden, the cross, and empty tomb, and learn how each step of the way was taken for you!


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • April 15, 2017
    11:30 AM
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Father in heaven today we are grateful that you have given us. Not just this day of life you've given us every day purchased by the Blood of Jesus if it weren't for the cross of Christ Lord we wouldn't be here today we wouldn't have the probationary life in which to make a decision for eternal life we thank you lord that you have stood in our place that you are standing between us and our just desserts even today that we are alive and have breath and food and can have the sights and sounds of spring flooding our senses or because of Jesus so today Father we pray that you would just be close to us inspire our hearts and lighten our minds speak to us where we need you we ask it in Jesus' name and that. It was the twenty first of May one thousand nine hundred forty six a top secret project in Los Alamos New Mexico and now we know as the Manhattan Project was developing nuclear weapons now one of the things that they had to do in order to develop these nuclear weapons they had to determine the the critical mass values of different types or cores of your rainy M and plutonium now one particular core had already caused a fatality harried dog dog the N. had been exposed to radiation by the same core that was on this day being used to once again conduct this experience experiment but it but today it was a Canadian experiment a chemist by the name of Luis Alexander slot and who was putting these two cores closer and closer together and measuring their reactivity want to another now I'm not a nuclear physicist so I don't even understand completely what Luis was doing but I know that as he was doing this some. Thing went wrong the record shows that he was not quite following protocol and the tool that he usually used to separate those two cores back apart somehow slipped and as that tool slipped the cores came closer and closer together reaction began to take place that filled the entire room with a bluish haze without his tool in his hand Luis did the unthinkable he grabbed of these two items with his bare hands and pulled them apart. He was carted off to. Probably. Probably some sort of confinement or treatment but as he did he told his Co Co workers you will be OK but I won't be Luis knew and in Indeed he died just a few days later from the radioactive exposure that he had experienced. However. Luis had saved the others in the room in fact he may have saved the whole laboratory. He had sacrificed his life for that of his coworkers Now today we're remembering the death and the resurrection of Jesus and Ivan titled our time together it was for me because indeed it was for me and for you that Jesus lived and died and that he rose again let's start with the Bible say this morning we're going to start and looking at a number of ways that Jesus'. Sacrifice was for me we're going to start with his time in the garden of gifts and he's open your Bibles we're going to look at Matthew chapter twenty six to start with verses thirty six to forty six and we're just going to trace Jesus' life through. These hours these last hours he's already finished his last supper with the disciples he's made his way or he's making his way to the garden we know it as the Garden of gets seventy and as he makes his way he has something to say Matt Matthew chapter twenty six and we're going to begin reading in verse thirty six The Bible says Jesus went with them to a place called Jeff seventy and said to His disciples Sit here why while I go over there and pray and sitting with him and talking taking with him I'm sorry Peter and the sons of Zebedee he began to be sorrowful and troubled then he said to them my soul is very sorrowful even to death remain here and watch with me and going a little farther he's fell on his face and prayed saying my father if it be possible lead to this cup pass from me nevertheless not as I will but as you will the bible his record here is recording a phenomenal experience in the life of Jesus Jesus has always been the obedient son right Jesus always been the strong Savior he has been the one who even though none of his disciples completely understood him poignantly illustrated here by his three closest ones falling asleep while he prayed right even though no one understood him no one experienced what he experienced Jesus always sits good strong it was for us that he stood strong by the way but now he is going through a very unique experience that has heretofore been unknown to him he is experiencing the beginning of the weight of the sins of the world and it wasn't just the weight of the sins of the world this morning I have to be reminded it was weight of my sins that he was experiencing the guilt that I should experience he was experiencing and that guilt was driving him from the sense of the presence of G. of the Father Jesus was being separated from his father eventually he would he would experience what he felt was. A complete separation from the presence of the father. And this my friends is actually. What we call the second death it's dying outside of hope dying outside of the presence of God dying with no dying with no sense of the Spirit's peace filling your heart that's the cost of sin sin causes death and it's not just the death that we experience on a regular basis here it's sad when people who we know and love pass to their rest that is a difficult experience but that's not the wages of sin. The wages of sin is what Jesus was already starting to experience a blackness covering his soul and Jesus says something he's very interesting in these verses verse thirty seven numbers thirty eight he says My soul is very sorrowful even to to death I don't think Jesus was one prone to exaggeration. It's Jesus is saying this separation my soul is feeling this weight of guilt this hopelessness this despair is such that it could kill me Jesus is the way the what. He's not the father of lies he tells the true these not exaggerating here he says My soul is exceedingly sorrowful even unto death because the wages of sin is death and he was feeling my sin he was feeling what the sinner would feel when faced with the awful reality that he could have had eternal life and yet he is eternally separated from God He will be dying the last time Jesus was feeling this this this burden the burden of sin and he came to the disciples as he's praying this prayer of consecration surrender he's comes back to the disciples he's he's looking. Somehow he's looking for some encouragement he doesn't feel any encourage me feels despair and despondency he feels depression and discouragement but he looks to his disciples Surely in this hour when he's told them he's hurting so badly about to die surely they're listening surely they're awake surely they're praying but no they're sleeping. And he says to Peter the one who had been so confident a few minutes earlier that he was willing to go to death with Jesus said to Peter so could you not watch with me for one hour watch and pray that you enter not into temptation the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak and again he prayed the second time he went to he and he prayed my father if this cannot pass unless I drink it your will be done. And again he came and found them sleepy for their eyes were heavy so leaving them again he went and prayed for the third time saying the same words again then he came to his disciples and said sleep and take your rest now. Sleep and take your rest later on see the hours at hand the Son of Man is betrayed into the hands of sinners rise let us be going see my betrayer is at hand here you find the story of Jesus struggling in the garden and I want you to know that this struggle in the garden. Was for me. It was. He was struggling the struggle that I should have to have he was feeling the weight that I should feel Luke Chapter twenty two let's look at Luke's account of the story very briefly here Luke Chapter twenty two verses thirty nine through forty four Luke Chapter twenty two and beginning with Verse thirty nine he's going as is custom was to the Mount of Olives assignable Zer following him and in verse forty says he came to the place he said to them pray that you may not enter to temptation and he would drew from them about a stone's throw and knelt down and prayed Father if you are willing. Move this cup from me nevertheless not my will but yours be done Jesus was so agonized in the garden I want you to see something here Jesus was so agonized into the in the garden that his words that I am I saw as exceeding these are full even to death they were not idle words in fact his the weight of the sins on the of the world upon him separating him from the father were so great that he was experiencing physical agony it says if you skip down in verse forty three there peered and angel from heaven strengthening him and being in an agony prayed more earnestly and his sweat become like great drops of blood falling to the ground I am told by medical authorities that this is a very serious amount of stress when your blood vessels begin bursting and you are sweating blood out of your pores Jesus Jesus words my soul is exceedingly sorrowful even unto death were the truth and the reality is that Jesus very well could have died right here and now in the garden. But an angel was sent from. An angel sent for heaven from heaven to strain that. In essence to preserve his life. Because he would die at the proper time the hour of the sacrifice on the day of the pass. Which was not yet. Jesus in the garden of guests and many is bearing the weight of the sins of the world and he's doing it for me. He's doing it for me but it wasn't just for me that he cried it was also for me that he forgave look at me a few verses. Later in Luke Chapter twenty three Luke Chapter twenty three in verses thirty three and thirty four this is skipping over the history I know you're familiar with it after the after the garden of get seventy the mob comes and captures him we have the whole interchange with the servants ear and and and so forth Judas betraying the the Son of Man With A Kiss he's hauled from one farce of a trial to another He's taken from pilot to back to the Sanhedrin to the High Priest and the former High Priest he is given this this mockery of justice. And here we find he's now taken out to go Gotha he carries his cross as far as he can and can it was my cross he was carrying by the way finally one African man siren the Simon the Sirene was drafted to carry it in his place what an honor what a privilege Jesus now is being nailed to the cross verse thirty three of Luke twenty three we find it says when they came to the place that is called Gold or the scroll there they crucified him and the criminals one on his right and one on his left I want you to know the wall Christianity has sanitized the cross it was not a pleasant. Symbol. When the gospels were written. We now think of the cross as something we put on top of steeples or maybe we make it as a sign that we are Christians maybe it's a bumper sticker some people put it on a necklace the cross is something that is filled with love and feelings of hope and forgiveness. But Jesus was not crucified between two of those crosses he was not. Between two candles he was crucified between two thieves It's like the electric chair if your church if your religion had the electric chair as its symbol. How attractive would that be. That's the cross Jesus yours crucified. Tween crew two criminals one on his right and one on his left and Jesus said notice these words Father forgive them. For they know not. What they do. I can only imagine that as Jesus spoke those words he was thinking primarily. Perhaps of those Roman soldiers those Roman soldiers were just following orders weren't they they were just doing what they had to do they were doing what had been done over and over and over again the Romans had crucified thousands of people perhaps these very soldiers had driven the spikes through other prisoners and executed many they were just following orders they were just doing what they had to do and there as Jesus is thinking of them not thinking of himself he is the opposite of narcissistic isn't he Jesus is the opposite of worried about himself and selfish Jesus so self-less in this greatest demonstration of the difference between selfishness of Satan and the selflessness of the Son of God Jesus even in this hour of agony the weight of the sins of the world upon him the physical pain of those nails being driven through Him Jesus doesn't think of himself he's not feeling sorry for himself Jesus is thinking about those soldiers and he loves them. They're hardened Roman soldiers. Their characters are probably dissolute. They've probably done many. Evil things in the past they may have even been cruel hearted and. Impatient. Lustful all the rest. But they were nothing that you and I aren't. Jesus is not just thinking of those soldiers he's thinking of you and me. Because in reality it wasn't just for the soldiers that Jesus being nailed to the cross it was for you as for me it was for my sins that he was he was willingly submitting consenting to let the Roman soldiers nail him to the tree it was probably the most unique crucifixion those soldiers had ever seen not a struggle not a resistance it was because Jesus knew that this was his Father's Will he was not worried about his cost to himself he was worried about what he could do to save those soldiers and save me. He knows my sins. Your sins not just those soldiers and. That put him there. And his prayer forgiveness doesn't just extend to those Roman soldiers his prayer but forgiveness extends to you and me. Jesus is saying. Father. Forgive the one that is putting me here. Forgive Chester for as it's. Father. Forgive them. They don't realize what they're doing I can only imagine that as these soldiers. As these soldiers were nailing Jesus to the tree as they heard these words they must have had an impact on them to think. We know this and Terry in their leader after it's all said and done he said Truly this was not an ordinary man. Surely this is. Turun had the Holy Spirit working on his heart. By the way that's evidence the Father and the Holy Spirit did not neglect Jesus on the cross they were there. It was just the sins myself. That removed Jesus ability. To feel and to sense. That the father was still with. Father forgive them. They know not what they do. What a god. What a savior. What a man. But Jesus didn't just cry in the garden for me he did not just forgive while that cross was still laying prone on the ground. It was raised and thrust into that hole. And Jesus agonizingly struggled to breathe as the Friday afternoon. Wore on. And it was for me that Jesus died. We continued the story in Matthew Chapter twenty seven look back with me there for a few minutes Matthew chapter twenty seven What a what an afternoon this was. The Romans had never seen anything like it for that matter the scribes and Pharisees and never seen in the like the the disciples. The disciples. They were just beside themselves with grief and confusion. And Matthew chapter twenty seven will be get pick up in verse forty five we find the story of Jesus last breaths Matthew twenty seven verse forty five says now from the sixth hour there was darkness over all the land. Until the ninth hour. And about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice saying Eli Eli lama sabachthani. That is my God my God why have you for saken me and some of the bystanders hearing it said This man is calling a lie and one of them ran and took a sponge and filled it with sour wine and and put it on a reed and gave it to them to drink it was customary is customary to give a dying person some relief. And here they offer him. This drink that would give him some perhaps. Relief from the pain and from the agony but Jesus was not agonizing from physical plane pain he was agonizing from spiritual plane and the other gospel writers record that he he did not drink it because he needed to keep his mind clear for this but it was a spiritual battle he was in after all. Numbing his mind and his body would do no good because this was something that he must carry and he must carry it for me. The separation from God Others said wait let us see whether Lodge will come to save him and Jesus verse fifty Jesus cried out again with a loud voice. And yielded up his spirit. Behold verse fifteen on the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom the earth shook the rocks were split. Jesus. Had drained of that he asked the father to take from him to its final draw obedient submissive not because his father made him but because he loved me. It was for me that he drank that cup to the bottom the last dregs not the Sauerwein the cup. The cup of God's wrath against the cup of separation from the Father which is and must bring you see friends let me let me just remind you that God is not an arbitrary dictatorial God who somehow thought what am I going to do to punish people who have sin that's not it at all he did not just pick out of a hat the wages of sin is going to be death I'm going to kill them that's what I'm going to do no he's describing a reality when the Bible says For the wages of sin is death it is describing any reality of the universe that God Himself cannot change. Because separation from God is death. He cannot even escape that himself. And here he is separated from the father experiencing the second death and so when Jesus yielded up the ghost when he drank that Cup It wasn't because God was furious with him any more than God is furious with me no God and sin cannot co-exist God has a an innate repolish sion of sin and in repel in the sin that Jesus was bearing. Jesus was repelled from the father as well separation brings death Jesus was simply experiencing what you and I ought to experience you see friends there's a high cost of living sometimes because right now as we live in two thousand and seventeen it's April fifteenth the birds are saying the sun is shining the spring green is filling the air it seems like a life is beginning in a new and endless cycle but it's not the only reason we have this day today is because the cross of Christ is standing squarely between us and what we deserve of death it's because Jesus came and died that we might have probationary light. If and in this probationary life we can choose to have the gift of eternal life Jesus stands between us and death saying I have borne Chester's sins he may not have accepted me yet in my pre-crisis days he may not accepted me yet but I am vouching for him because I died in his place he doesn't have to die right now that's the cross of Christ the desire of ages that says it this way every breath of air we breathe every glass of water we drink every loaf of bread is stamped with the cross of Christ. Because Jesus is our life. Now and eternally because for me. He tasted. What I deserved. For me. He could not leave one drop in that cup because even one drop of the cup which I am to drink would kill me. When Jesus said it is finished father and divided into the hands I commit my spirit in faith. Even though he could not sense the Father's presence even though he was experiencing what I should experience in the second death in faith he conquered. And even though he didn't feel he's involved Father why have you for saken me he is saying to the father who must be there I'm still choosing to trust in you. And it was. It was for me. Without that death. I have no hope. So interesting story Vice President George Bush at the time. H.W. Bush. Made a trip to the funeral. Of. The former Soviet. Leonid Brezhnev. Now you know Russian It was an avowed atheist anti Christian crusader. But Bush told the story the deeply moved him as he watched the funeral proceedings there was something there was a silent protest that took place beside the coffin it was Brezhnev's widow. She stood there motionless. Until the final seconds before the coffin was closed and then as the lid was about to come down. And no one could stop her. She performed an act of great courage and hope. Perhaps. One of the greatest acts of civil disobedience. Ever committed she reached down into that closing coffin. And she made the sign of the cross. On her husband's chest. In the citadel of atheism. Over the dead corpse of the very man who hated Christ. The wife of the man who had power to run it all. Believe that her husband was wrong. And she hoped that there was another life and that life was better best represented by Jesus who died on the cross and that that same Jesus might yet have mercy on her husband. Why did she do this. Is because she had faith. And she knew that if her husband had any hope at all. It was hope in the cross of Christ. The fact of the matter friends is that if you and I have any hope at all. It's hope. In the cross of Christ. It was for me and. But thankfully the story didn't end there. It was for me that he rested look at me in. Luke Chapter twenty three the last few verses of that chapter. Luke Chapter twenty three beginning of verse fifty we're alternating here between these gospel accounts Matthew and Luke particularly today. Look Chapter twenty three and verse. Fifty was we begin and this is what it says now there was a man named Joseph. From the Jewish town of it he was a member of the council a good and righteous man who had not consented to their decision and action and he was looking for the Kingdom of God This man went to pilot and asked for the body of Jesus then he took it down and wrapped it in the linen shroud and laid him in a tomb cut in stone where no one had ever yet been laid. Fifty four it was the day of the preparation is Friday Good Friday we call today and the Sabbath was beginning sundown Friday evening the Sabbath would come. The Bible says it was the women who followed. Good come with him from Galilee followed and saw the tomb and how his body was laid then they returned and prepared spices and white men's on the Sabbath the chapter in they rested according to a. Court in command the good news is friends that it wasn't just the disciples that were resting it was Jesus who was rest. His life had been committed to G.'s to the father. He was resting in the tomb keeping the Sabbath. As his disciples were doing as well now sometimes sometimes there are. Bill who begin keeping the Sabbath in a how can I say it a with the wrong motivation perhaps now most of the evidence pastor you're in church you're on Sabbath morning must know something about us for one thing we're seventh day adventists right we go to church on what day Saturday you're here you didn't just get your can count are confused so we're seventh day adventists we're here today were worshipping were resting but sometimes there are people who even. After they see the truth about the Sabbath they begin just going to church on the Sabbath because they think that's what God wants them to do and if that if they go to church on Sabbath God will love them or you know I'm talking about I mean some how it is they don't say that they don't even think that they don't verbalize that but somehow in the back of our minds we as human beings not as something absence or even as Christians but as human beings we tend to want to have some part to offer to our God. To feel that we deserve we've done something. We don't like Grace and the. We don't like to receive gifts and eight we want to earn. And sometimes we might even start doing the right thing for the wrong reason which by the way is wrong when we do the right thing for the wrong reason our motives do not they rather condemn us rather than saying divine the actions we're taking and so I don't I don't want to have my Sabbath observance be because I want God to love me more no I want to rest on the Sabbath because I love him so much he's already loved me infinitely for ever unconditionally with internal love right nothing I do nothing I do can ever change the love that God has for me nothing. Nothing I do can ever make me merit God's grace or God's forgiveness or God's salvation or eternal life nothing. The only merit for eternal life. Comes from what Jesus did for me it was for me that he died and that's the merit that I get not because of anything I do. But Jesus for the rest what's he what's he doing he symbolize. The work of salvation on the cross is complete. I didn't say it was completed. He's going to rise again the Bible says for our salvation he's going to rise again for our justification even says so it's not complete dead salvation is not completed but what he has done on the cross is completely not one thing is lacking or missing from the sacrifice that he made not one person not one sin no exceptions have been made Jesus' death on the cross is complete and he can rest. And by the way this Sabbath that we observe is not only a memorial of creation past it's not always something that we can look forward to in the future worshipping together with him from one new moon and from one Sabbath to another this Sabbath which we have served is also a symbol of the rest that comes from the cross of Christ because of the cross of Calvary. We can rest from our labors weakens rest from our trying to make ourselves better by our own efforts we can rest from trying to pull ourselves up to heaven by our own bootstraps we can rest from trying to be saved because we deserve to because we've done some new sets and we've started this program we've given this money or this gift or we've done whatever it is we can rest from all of that because Jesus rested and if Jesus said it was enough I should believe it's enough if Jesus said the cross of Christ was sufficient for my sins I should believe. Across a crisis a vision for my sins and the Sabbath becomes a symbol of our rest in Jesus notice of me Exodus Chapter thirty one and verse thirteen this is not just a New Testament concept even the Old Testament to verses particularly will to look at one of them to tell us this truth that Jesus Cross well that that the Sabbath is a sign of what Jesus does inside of you and me Exodus Chapter thirty one and verse thirteen X. is thirty one and verse thirteen this is speaking to the children of Israel and we I believe are called to be spiritual Israel today this is what it says. You should you are to speak to the people of Israel and say above all you shall keep my Sabbaths for this is a sign between me and you throughout your generations that you may know that who. I. Have a lord does what sanctifies you. We keep the Sabbath because we remember that we cannot save ourselves but that's God's job to do and only he can do it he forgives us by His cross he sanctifies us by His grace and it's something that he can do is something that I cannot do and the Sabbath is a weekly reminder of the spiritual rest we are to have every single day. As we relax and remember that it's God's job to see. It's my job simply to stay committed and surrender to. My I rest from my labors. It was for me that Jesus cried. It was for me that Jesus forgave it was for me that Jesus died it was for me the Jesus rested and praise the Lord it was for me that. Jesus rose again from the grave Luke Chapter twenty four and verses one through three. Look with me back to Luke's. Account. They've arrested according to the cab commandment Luke Chapter twenty three verse fifty six told us and now we begin with the next chapter of the story continues but on the first day of the week at early dawn they went to the tomb taking the spices they had prepared and they found the stone rolled away from the tomb. But when they went in they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus. What a shocking discovery this was the women have gone to try to do what they did not have time to do before the Sabbath began they've arrested according to command but now on the first day of the week they go early in the morning they want to do it first thing they don't want to let any time pass by they have to honor the Jesus best way they can by honoring his body and bombing his body and yet they find an empty tomb there the stone has been rolled away praise the Lord there was nobody there there was nothing there there was not a trace of Jesus except those close grave clothes that were neatly folded there they find an empty tomb and what a blessing that is I want you know friends that while the cross is very important to us while the cross is extremely important to us we don't stay forever at the cross we have to go to the. We do i found a poem I want to share this with you if I can get my. Device to cooperate here with me I want to share this poem with you some of a stay at the cross some of us way to the tomb quickened and raise with Christ that yet lingering still in the gloom some of us bide at the Passover for you. With Pentecost all unknown the triumph of grace in the heavenly place but our Lord has made his own if the Christ who died had stopped at the cross his work had been incomplete if the Christ who was buried had stayed in the tomb he had only known defeat but the way of the Cross never stops at the cross and the way of the two leads on to the victorious grace in the heavenly place where the rivers risen Lord has gone and he Johnson Flint wrote that's powerful we are Christians friends because our God is alive there is an empty tomb the Savior who cried for me who for gave for me who died for me who rested for me also rose for me and today he lives for me because of that empty tomb when we look at that stone that has been rolled away these women found that stone it had been rolled away from the tomb we notice. That we have hope. Because of that into to know. Number of us went camping a couple of weeks ago we had a we had joined forces with the admin's Christian Fellowship and the. Dalton Hispanic young or youth and Pastor Juan and I were speaking and I don't remember who Pastor one was talking to but one of the kids was there and the over near the campsite as I recall the rocking from the tree was in it there's a rocking in from the tree. And. Pastor Juan started asking this boy you know what that rocks for you know it's for it's for telling the time or he says I was for telling the weather. You can look at that rock. And if it's raining if it's wet it's raining. Right if it's swinging it's windy and faster wants are telling the boy how to tell the weather by looking at the rock right I want you know friends. There is a rock we can look at. It was roll the way. It was rolled away. Are you wondering what the big deal about Easter is all about look at the rock. Are you wondering to how to be set free from your fear of death look at the rock. Are you wondering how to escape your addictions look at the rock are you wondering how to be delivered from the sting of death look at the rock. Are you wondering why Christian Christianity is different from other religions look at the rock are you wondering if it's relevant to you today look at the rock if you want to know of Jesus really who he said he was look at the rock. If you're wondering if Jesus is alive today look at the rock are you wondering if Jesus will speak to you today look at the rock you can look at the rock that was moved from the two and you can know that Jesus is alive. You see my friends the difference. Between Christianity and every other world religion. Is the removal of the rock. And the resurrection of Jesus from the dead we do not on or. A dead wise man. We did off follow a wise moral teacher who gave us so a saint and. Uplifting platitudes we serve a living Lord. The Rock tells me so. Over ends I don't know about you. But I'm glad Jesus is alive. I'm glad that we can live. Live and serve him today. The Bible records that early on the resurrection morning if you look at me back one more verse Matthew chapter twenty seven. Matthew Chapter twenty seven. And we're going to read verse sixty two and onward. The next day the Bible says that is the after the day of preparation. What day would that be. He's trying to confuse you here we've skipped from Luke to Matthew and it's a little bit confusing but the Bible says the next day at is after the day of preparation would actually be Sabbath wouldn't it the chief priests and various he's gathered before pilot now I want you to notice something. Those who are the true followers of Jesus have what. They have rest on the seventh. The priests and fair seas were Sabbath keepers to Sabbath keeper. But the moment Jesus died. Instead of feeling the euphoria and the peace and the happiness and the sense of accomplishment that they thought they would feel after having done what they had wanted to do for so long Jesus is now dead the priest the Pharaoh sees had no rest on that Sabbath. When you A do not have the forgiveness of sins you cannot rest of the seven. You can't Sabbath keeping only can really be experienced when you experience Jesus. Now you can you can not go to your job. You can go to church you can do all the external things but I'm telling you Sabbath keeping only have. It's for those who are resting in Jesus grace. The priests in the fair season stead of going to church that morning they were absolutely filled with ngs as to what would happen next they remember that Jesus that said it was one of the sayings they had used against him in trial Destroy this temple in three days all Bill all raise it up they tried to say that he was talking about destroying the the pride and joy of the Jewish nation the literal temple of Israel right but they knew what he was talking about. They knew he was saying that he would be resurrected. And so here on Sabbath's. They make their way to pilot. And they say sir we remember that impostor said while he was yet alive after three days I will rise therefore order the tomb to be made secure until the third day lets his disciples go and steal him away and tell the people he is risen from the dead and the last fraud will be worse than the first don't you love it. The more these priests do the more credit and the more credibility the story of Jesus gets. If gee if these priests had not been paranoid and afraid of a risen Lord if these priest had not remember the saying of Jesus and beseech pilot to send a centering with his hundred soldiers to guard the tomb and to put a heavy stone over to seal of the Roman seal there would not have been a hundred witnesses to the resurrection morning. God works in mysterious ways I want to tell you something I wrote a column for today's newspaper religion column and daily citizen you can read it if you have time but it's I'm telling you now the the resurrection is undoubtedly. The most verifiable miracle in all of the story of Jesus it is it has. To be. Things to those poor tormented priests. By the said to them are sixty five you have a guard of soldiers go and make it a secure as you can so they went and made the term secure by sealing the stone and setting a guard. No stone. And no guard. Is a match for my lord. Now after the Sabbath toward the dawn of the first day of the week Mary Magdalene and the other with Mary went to see the tomb and behold there was a great earthquake for an angel you notice that article definite article Article singular article and. One angel. And Angel. Of the Lord to sin and from heaven and came and rolled back the stone and sat on it his appearance was like lighting is clothing why does snow and for fear of him the guards tremble and became like dead men but the angel said to the women do not be afraid for I know that Jesus you see Jesus crucified he is not here for he has written risen. Then go quickly. Come see the place where he lay they go quickly and tells us he's risen from the dead behold he is going before you to Galilee for there he will see him you will see him before have told you and they departed quickly and they told the good news of course verse eleven now while they were going to hold some of the guard went into the city and told the chief priests all that had taken place I don't why they went the chief priest except I guess spotted sort of made them accountable to them so they went to tell them all the taken place and when they had assembled with the elders and taken Council they gave a sufficient sum of money to the soldiers and said Tell the people this what you tell them his soldiers came by night and stole him away while we were asleep now this has to be the stupid. This thing that the priest had ever done yet I mean besides killing Jesus rejecting him. Because this is the reality no Roman soldier had ever told that story not in history. Because the reality is in Roman Roman military rules if you fell asleep on your watch you were dead. That's a reality no Roman soldier ever told us or yeah I was sleeping my watch one day and one night and I fell asleep that had never been told before. You wouldn't say that. But that aside the priest the ferrous ease up to one further tell them while you were asleep his disciples Kanal and let me ask you something. If you're asleep how do you know the disciples it wasn't some of the grave robbers. It simply has no credibility. And this story friends was told around in fact the gospel even says it still being told today when it was being written this was a well known little story is told it was the most ridiculous tale anyone could ever hear. And it was much more believable that Jesus really alive especially after you appeared Paul says he appeared to more than five hundred in a single time. They knew he was. Because my God not only cried for me not only for gay for me he not only died for me not only rested for me. My Jesus he rose for me as well. And now her lives. To make intercession. For me and for you. And you thankful for Jesus today. What a wonderful see here. Is Jesus. Lord. What a wonderful see if you're. To me. It was for me. Bob in heaven. Today while every hot head is bowed and eyes closed we see we just. Marvel. At the Jesus who died. And who rose. For us. Or do we want to not resist that love that give that Jesus. We don't want to be like the Farriss Lord we want. To let that love melt our hearts. And as we spent a few moments here at the foot of the cross. Navigating this weekend's events. We want to pray that your spirit would speak to us. Or maybe there's somebody here who wants to say Lord. I just want to make you lord of my life. I just want to give you my heart my soul thank you for dying for my sins. I choose to accept that gift and make you the Savior of my life whatever someone here. I pray you speak to their hearts and I would just invite that someone to raise their hand right now. Ward. Thank you for dying for them. Thank you for dying for me thank you for making the gift of salvation accessible. Not because we deserve it not because we've done anything to earn it. But because of Jesus. It was for me it was for each one of us. Help us. To go from here ambassadors of that see your. We cried at. Rest. With. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio. You would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W. Verse or.


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