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From Partyer to Teacher

Jessica Frame


Jessica Frame only lived to party, until at the age of 21 she became a Christian. She experienced an amazing transformation and even decided to respond to her personal calling to be a teacher. Jessica shares her story of radical transformation that led her from partying to missionary!




  • August 6, 2009
    6:45 PM
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I don't analyze my dynamic libraries I hope he listens when speaking angrily back on in the related pictures and it is an invite to the first I was a little thing that I myself relatedly because you God over Vincent as he got has a plan for people like you you will deliver the last thing I was not a Christian growing up maybe he is twenty two and the shock still today's anywhere and Harry now and is everything Andrew Whitley in a panicky denigration and that happened internally I know when I was in college I started partying has really young pretty pretty when Rollins got it got a lot worse and in leading means you becoming a Christian life they got so bad on Goldberg pictures and other information like many pictures are based on a ghetto that is partying in staffing training a little and invited me that late partying and dating and all that and doing crazy things I'm doing everything I can to try to fill a hole inside of me and me doing it and it becomes really frustrating when you're doing your life and so when it regulated more drinking or drugs and it just was it's like a whole with getting bigger and financial waiver I just wanted I was taking so many different connotations of drug consent to think and will maybe you and I and it would have been fine with me on that link and then my dad came out of college and a fragment that realizes antenna and he is not an act and still isn't but the millions that got bachelor preliminary beginning of mailbox and humans at the Adventist church was like ten years thinking eleven years ago and you have an Internet seminars when he came down rabbit living fifteen hours away and not as amended a student union master like that I can't think that maybe Jesus can ever leaving your right at it at a shocking that we didn't go to church growing up the wildlife that talking about you somewhere so he could meet his administration remains out I read in college and stuff and how to the very first unveiling and I charged it with lingo and even people that made me feel not like I like I was not a bad person and I never stopped going and I immediately was like wow this is what I needed inside and so I quit hanging out with all my friends I was halfway through college and I literally did not have any friends after that because I had every myself when you're doing drugs and methods it's hard to continually be around himself at that point I actually tried my best friend is learning a great engine economy actually tried to hit me and was merely waiting about a mountain so at that point I realize not I can separate myself from all the people last year 's college I never really made any Christian friends because there were a lot of young Christian people at the beach it was like a party place to be and they went over the last year the college me being alone having a lot of friends by learning about God for the first time in my life at twenty two twenty one again I went on the most fulfilling kind of my entire life with you can be completely alone in arguing the go a few have gone there and he's working again it feels them and I've never felt as great as I did at that time it was wonderful that I have lived my life as an art major in college for some reason I changed my major to elementary acknowledgment college I don't know why I hated school up until the aggregate in late I hated it and that God had a plan for my life and somehow integrated education when class ended up becoming a teacher shocked me hiding until my dad for like a year that change my major he was an art major didn't hurt his feelings and it's like I'm doing new things but it's like God was moving me and I didn't even know after college and started teaching public will I love that icon a really disadvantaged school on ideology is that nobody is getting teachers wanted and I enjoy the challenge of trying to make them want to do good in school and one of the things and be positive and so I love that job but still there was something missing and Vonage I baptized him I have a job in return for three years in the public school and I'm on the job but I still felt like I regularly living at my potential and I know it's the archery again seminar I was holding it like a week long at the end of it is that my talents were working with disadvantaged children and angry are you allowed to write out something with meaning and purpose and need a lead me on to something a little bit more fulfilling and I got after that Senator Re: I like working with the finished counting on children long story short I fly out here a lot in South Carolina five eleven West and I e-mailed the conference up in here and said I'm integrated moneymaking drinking on emissions or untimely killing you would like enjoying up with a cartridge is not doing anything mission like back east and illegality something for God and all I wanted was like a weeklong mission trip and an update and delete the missions are going on right now with the perfect person for this job there's this little phone reservation has been open when you're there participating our public school but it was like when I got there is no money number five Beacon lived there for three your money and grow the school final money around once they get into like a real official thing I would like what ever no sorry and I think of when encouraged by what you think that someone would want to leave up a well-paying job move across the country away from everybody they know on some reservation in vitamin C data and so literally I never gave it another thought I can make fun of it to my friends affirmatively misleading and that and then I don't even know how long it was later with a least a month later I literally woke up one day I'm thinking about it and I was late again unmoving feeling a better place literally I didn't even think about it somebody was running for mayor something of value I have planned for your liking you might not even know it and as long as your open and open to doing what he wants he will work things out and it will shock you seven years ago are they getting the job I went out there when I got there some of you you click for the school wasn't in the front end I had a grounded agent by the time I got there and talk to those unethical program and I would get detention of a trailer so I thank them to have the building and airlines are crazy Williams carried out in the new ruling on a net into the school that is a little late when I got there on and on the leader in an auto body here later we finally got enough volunteers mountains but it looked like after a year in which to me would like wonderful compared where I batted very happy with it then next election I put in a different of your work in American a preconceived intent look like a knife classroom and we are in their begin a nice running around inspired something that they which is what it was like that and with visually leaving England over at the junior high was linked and viewed the junior high kids were in the kitchen of their junior high classroom on hearing of the kids there's another view of the junior high classroom on which to split there there's a library management converting again at that point is my first turkey to know my something your teaching their native theology of their kind a young I also look at so both here and they're all grown out but a real blasting it still be there and have seen him groan and know that their learning learning learning learning about God all the time so that later lease when they graduate our Sony grade I know they have got so much knowledge about the Bible I feel like my students know more about the Bible than most adults you can read the Bible every day and the one time when their wide awake and listening to every word I say can be just as it shocks them the stuff that's in the book that they didn't even know with Americans no one has ever open it up to them and so they're really interested in and about how everything fits together on this is that trailer that under the new goalie held at the new school I delivered I told him inherently sorry about that on the other building and imaging out of it and I was sad about the only closer something little like a building from the glittering and you got anyways started writing about it fifty seven days after I started building delivered in some of you thought today and in the really nice goal and so thankful and happy for him again and again probably for they can be proud they're not ashamed of it whereas when they are and how people would make fun of them when I picked them up for school the bus like we go by any other yellow school buses knowledge it would fail in English neonatal people to feel Morgan in the little house even though they love their school may love a future love them in an inflationary show how having anything negative they know they can be a part of the school interacting way you want people to know that before we got the new building it was it was good for the whole community is one of the nicest buildings there and it just and I do think that the kids can feel good about their school and their parents to their split but we stopped at the front of it the next couple pictures to show the transformation of that on the one hand for the pictures got out a line on a burn them on all say nothing to the letter writer Alex is the first student she just graduated from eighth grade two months ago University and went all the way here our school Elizabeth her little sister the leading the background of their great grandma and she was like Amos Potter America China famous for pottery only a few hundred miracle that left not a lot of cultural pride at all they laughed when I training and donkeys and so their story and they laughed when I try to convince them that they should learn her language is only nine people that speak the language and you will be the program I think one of the most famous potters and she has pottery in the heard Museum to work late tens of thousands of dollars and you should be so proud Americans when questioned about anatomy it's your culture you should be proud of it people are enemies of Native Americans they think it's really cool to be Native American you don't even Kerry the following seven years ago in a common all-around and I had people coming in shopping the culture lessons in our having language classes in the language is slowly coming back on and so seems to the most precious story and all just seeing their transformation there's about twenty three people living in a little tiny house and burned down a couple years ago and actually simulating your project everything here in Arizona where the Pathfinders help students mission project raised money and build them in-house and on these girls and their family you know from the outside for people working on their family like outsiders they come in don't have a lot of respect because they live with their mom and grandma and grandpa and uncle to answer all the people living there and everybody drinks and get my stuff like that is a lie every family has treated me nicer than anyone in the Christians have I mean it really welcomed me and ever since I got there on they love their kids in town and that's where people get a misconception I I don't know if it's just a reservation or another mission areas that people come in and they automatically think all their drinking in a smoking or doing drugs and that an insulin and generations of people that have learned that that's what you do you know these kids it wasn't firstborn from a showing of hay not abnormal to start drinking when you're twelve including vagrants merely can and cannot graduate high school and not the norm and you don't have to do that there's more to life than that and fire school is so important because literally like they don't really know they don't they don't think anything of it her parents don't think a whole lot of MSA everything apparent as the majority of the people I've been there long time and I lived there for three years so that that's like my community to people I realize you know the kids are realizing out the grandparents and parents drink and that I had extremely traumatic sixth-grader in their cousin and he drinks and smokes for as Norman let family and they don't think anything different people need to learn reservations and change that perception and help kids need that you know I have never mailed acting out you need something every graduate high school you get a job and is little different I don't get a check in the mail late life enabling native people to get checks in the mail they now it's just like sometimes different casinos to write down and so you know it would benefit them to graduate high school try to get a job and maybe some of them go to college it would probably take one kid going to college from that little area that little three square mile area districts everywhere schooling and other kids are doing how he did it she did infamous holding in the least he don't want my kids when I first got there I had these overzealous expectations everything okay with you completely James and the like in no drug is offering everyone a cousin a perfect little angel then and it was frustrating it took a few years Ms. frustrating for me to see that it doesn't just happen that way because the environment and what it has been no they learn on the strength of the school needs great manners and how you treat each other and that's the sweetest thing what these girls are here I mean they're so lawful but they don't want people to know it is just not cool like the adults and the other kids in the community one time I got when we were in the own goal I have time for my pet dogs and the kids love them and they would come in the school of a long and once I finally got to the bathroom floor cleaning out and withdraw the ranking overs chute she wanted act also have to show it looks like a gangster 's and she grabbed this little thing is smelly fruit illusion over and on scrubbing the floor here and is amenable to those iron cleaning so you don't get something and so I will e-mail you even begin exiting and only the egg that they don't want people than knowing it's like trying to fight that battle were thinking on and be proud to be nice people and good people with good manners but you know other parents don't I think I will prepare here because I resigned my home and she didn't say thank you when he has nobody used in an Islamic marketing firm whilst you that another round of the eye cannot tell him to go home and they let you that I will any of the nannies around trees my kids in a similar information they're not allowed there they don't want to laugh anymore they don't want to be embarrassed of anything nuclear little late I curled eleven years old but appears limited teenager but they grow up so fast and in and really sat down at the things they get home on the little puppies they love it they love the couches they love our homey environment uses a different from red-hot home and another thing is that they like about the school is their structure in a note living room many people everything to be okay in untreated it happened every single one of my students have had to deal with e-mail going home and you don't know some of you can be drunk fighting cocks are always at people 's houses on that little girl for the people is running on her parents last night she's one of the kittens out just even never smiling pictures of the deal doesn't normally misses late absolute and just in our doesn't make it some not wanting to feel that because they know something it may get anything adjacent surrounding our femininity shooting at the minority that even in the EL in the hospital doors on the other proximity after someone for their hiding of minutes late and reading things that affect it happen as they do it on such a big deal even a big deal the meeting writer the story of every Monday morning I can get in the van I like my grandpa was Jesus around the fire within half last night I did open the window and it went really in there like laughing about it Emily is moving is really hard-core anyway visit San Diego I can do the is raising money they have yard sales but have they failed many times that we ballot rather than raising money I taken the money from the beach is one of my student she is like twelve and beautiful on a different dynamic left your pretty girl she was the project a lot of waiting around sheet around from income for the most part a in and she was running around the place is only technically as well as I'm apparently earlier seeing him again nearly shaking right now might well you shall elect one area morning with a miniskirt on another call we need to talk to Doctor about your pregnancy and stuff like that a few months later she is pregnant as well that her baby we made an estimate as we can and that was years ago when it was released back issuing a veterinarian and she did so that she meant I hear of school and in like three months of the next year school and still scored above grade level on her standardized test I mean she was an infant girl but she dropped out and I and I worked with her when she was done with a grade she never went to high school and she still go over there maybe like you will never ever the projects she comes running up my daughter is in her little brother we don't usually do you know if they are the sweetest thing and she actually wrote a letter that I keep hanging in there and it was the sweetest thing ever thinking on this just I think you thank you for everything you've taught me I would have never learned it wasn't for the school he talked about my God my Savior Jesus and whatever the pilot never learned it and I believe that you know the things you probably have brought my family closer together and illegally claimed that all the trouble and stress of working another the things that are making me realize okay getting there into the candidate 's permissive market is getting through my car looked like it from the hearing but it's in there is all the kids everything they write me and say to me your paper or through hard serving they do they're not enough I don't hope it's all trying to I than sharing your feelings you know in sometimes I'll think somebody needs me to leave me a letter like totally not the intended meaning of being the sweetest thing in the world like the most awful thing I save everything I've got confidence health of letters and pictures of the kids of drawing the human when they show their feelings we can put there very is is just a part we like I try to give them a reason to want to go because it's not enforced on a reservation to go to school and so they would enter parents on enforcement of the literally related not uncommon for them in ten twenty thirty forty fifty days physical it's totally the meaning of privilege when they show up his nomination by training and reward them when they are part to play PE in Maricopa pottery from some of the elders of the tribe is a little museum in the Gila River on the girls by command of a pottery the girls learn in their part the heard Museum out grandma turning Barbara Johnson is an event may not occur in every recipes and cooking baking we have to do is raise money birthdays are out there I'm not kidding University and one student out of ten in Munich date of their birthday is in kindergarten through sixth grade I had the first year in one of many their birthday so we make a big celebration every year for their birthday I make an occasion they get a room decorated in little treatments of Christmas play they hate the play I will I will like the girl there is a little girl that the beer not a girl like me will wear a beard ten dollars and is only so much cooler to make it slightly funny there air I lay there like a behavior on the quality of hearing what they look like they're terrified thinking out loud but they do it every year we play every year they hated me for a him him out of America which I was traditionally farmers in the long story night on the Gila River in on uranium information the Gila River needs me Molly Maguire energy I need to be farmers and down they named off the water in diaper in a line passing her hand and so there went like a hundred years ago was behind and started drinking is announcing tried giving money to get his army going and we had a garden every year in their finished product one of them in the next measure the difference there's a finished product of one of our garden is a paragon underneath the throne in which a field trip pictures I say one thing about the business right in New Mexico we went a couple years ago the convention are no other reason other than the given everything down and looked like what he likely does not identify flag that defines what can that we went flat writing in New Mexico and they loved it is inherently an important like the pictures of the Argentine national Monument is as though we didn't even rate every year and they got older and their terrified people make fun of their traditional medical address leave me a little sweetheart there loves gay that he likened that the lovely loving and uncovering cool and seemingly that picture loving gay I love to hear that my dog and my puppy is happy with her baby was in the background like that the combat areas of victims are linearly bigger grownup and absolutely it's evening together I don't think that's him and that all and copy her mom the mountains we go hiking a lot I know we really didn't know Google years ago I went over and had known of the first anything and everything that Fraser Institute off to church every single weekend on Fahrenheit as part of the little girl pictures even in her mommy Valley in Armani 's pictures of the kids and how started on that little girl and last blame on you now her monument Valley Drive everything on their company last night I actually saw my digital camera and came and told me two things organized for an easy install anything that appeared when using our yard that she needed or he's been pounding the own feelings Bonnie Hunter five hundred on camera ninety nine camera for promoting or school and only let Fiji opening and making written in Arabic Allah community loudly and only he is six grams in two hundred and ninety and get me reword and I went home she's the only forty four in January on the amount hereby I give and they're bringing on the shot are so many minutes ago my card something you know it got any careful in selecting life and you want to be safe under market that occurred with becoming a church a interesting startup that Sally was graduated at your picture earlier Amy when a begin manner face of right-wing dynamic mom to be heard on November one she went into labor and even recovered the baby came out and the kids were the babies screaming and ridden environment blood all over the back and they reflect light in your dénouement by McGrady and Hermann evenly got legitimate needs of linking Anthony Fisher very sad about in the reason I nearly begin weaning I really love you but we do have it framed in my bedroom because they don't outwardly show that they love or appreciate anything from the candidate of the hour and we shall enter little things like that of hanging that eventually going to be figuring out why you and you really quickly I well you are you and the hot hand you know what political love that something was missing I tried mission work in areas no better feeling in the entire world and doing something where you know you're helping people in your result of your working the life eternal and I think I can do it standing up here terrifying doling to be in front of people very shy person God will enable you and you might have to figure on your own however more pictures there were some missing in different things going on but it was really fast then they got CPR certified as a family Thanksgiving Monday diabetes program I try to have a mentor program that will bring a parent many companies become in the church remains Nintendo Wii in the tripod in for us for physical education as I have learned that I really wanted to be classified as heavy heart and may earn bigger than when they are in a bunch will you hold anything in the pardoning love and no picnic limited learning the learning appointment community this is remaking this is nothing in the mountain mailing how do they get really tired are really going to this is than learning you that traditional journalism heard Museum in Missouri it was like before the game that all the kids that is modified event Alaska Airlines locked proclaimed that he needed thirty years ago we join in whenever walking through Flagstaff or six miles so that the kids are part of history is cleaning of the community the development of the cleanup this is great helping because they can contain his birthday party but it is Thanksgiving dinner don't let you know I have an obligation and they hate life but believe me they don't I is very important and enough intrigue mystery they don't have that at home they don't have that info will I have been in there for those of you who work in libraries may definitely like my first year there the last years playing indefinitely now I have to remember I found the other that is up in that hotel across the street and an attorney named spelling bee thing whoever had pre- selling scores for the entire year got to go out in the restaurant it turns around back here in the diet and white and ironing came I try to get the community in a stray when he was a little boy on over to where your moment you were there is no double-jointed theater and is not like it was a mistake and I knew that it was because she wanted to go to sleep you really hyper and she went on as a whole jointly secondary meaning that the camping we go camping all the time and that all of them if you take it all down it felt cool to watch that if you manage to take charge and they know that that's when we didn't have time I get it taken on trips that tribal and community commensurate is my little buddy Nathan even after it's really something is really proud of his parents apparently think they are there on hydrologic environment by the firemen come out changing in the coming magazines released minimum time and that evening of special study for the five that the tenant can people find the need member I tried donating computers we haven't had any burst figures that the governor is some governor scholar awards then we went to the dinner was a really big deal for them but the Governor Lieutenant Governor of San Diego camping graduation now that I've had so I do on an unrelated note nowhere thinking out you might want to do something for God we may have no idea what it is like night and I was like man carrying a research again for writing again and it was depressing to me can I couldn't think of a job that I while patiently waiting away you want to work for any praise bring your open and he will create you a job in just right I found he was there I love this job you know I was injuring her in a partier continues that anything they don't do that I know what happened you know he'll enable your project perfect that you will be open in pray about it and he will use union workers anywhere in the worker 's annual enabling anyway I tamely I think there is maybe herein I find today I'm completely alone I only been on it now I pick him up I cook for him I keygen I could once more and clean it up they compiled during the money to all the grocery shopping at the local market and raising there I think you want to think twice a weekend under one arm and the cart overflowing with brilliantly how many can you not me but in a way that helps me to have the energy to do and I'm not even tired but it's not like I'm miserable and completely happy and delivery he on telling and maybe rolling your lightning and rain mingling Niger I don't want to learn more a number on it I is a word Muslims were no means been www. maneuvers


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