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Family Worship Adventure

Cinda Osterman



  • June 13, 2016
    2:00 PM


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Well you have thank. You for inspiring. And moral. Value going no topic. Or you know those rain of our soul and spiritually and. We know that in. Fact. When I. Realize. Day and years we have. Right to our. I thank you for. This opportunity. To be instructed by you. Today. Right thank you again for the purpose of your. Well thank you for coming out another the lot of good summoners going on right now. I'd like input at the end on how the seminar be understood it if it went well I'm actually working with I started doing talks here in two thousand and seven and nine years ago on child training and we are the few year I was really impressed that I need to get a series out for families that I asked I'm not one to work alone and I'm fight AFAM women in our church and then different ones that have actually applied my principles over the years if they would join me and so we meet once a month on a Tuesday night and the purpose is for me to introduce a section of my material and the parents go home and practice and then they come back and share what they be learned and what happened and we're actually going to put the series together is hoping to so many November but it may be the first of the year instead but we're going to have a. All theories and this can be broken down with there's going to be a part and a workbook for you to work out and then when you come back and you'll be able to look at what the parents did and how they apply the principles so it's a very very hands on her Ogram and so this year as I've been putting it together I told the Lord united to practice and for the Lord to start to bring phone call been travelling quite a bit to do the seminars which is good because I try it out on people let them be my guinea pig see what works what doesn't work and then change this is a one part series it's my foundation that I have actually sat for my series in the foundations we have how to implement spiritual emotional physical in our home and to get out sure foundation to raise our children and this is the one part out of the three part series that child training. And. I think is the most important part now for me I don't know how many know my background I actually when my girls were little Stacy works for the conference they see us dimensions got married last year and autumn my youngest has been a teacher she has worked at Bass memorial she's worked at found view for three years and then she was in Africa for year and bat she would have stayed up. Found knew that Canada wanted her to leave the country never been kicked out of any place they wanted her to leave was in the mill the year she was teaching chemistry but they want to Canadian teachers not American teachers to she left and then when she was in bad and Africa she stayed about a month and went to some of the bush hospitals to see what it would be like and they needed help and her right into emergency or into the operating room and she did some really gross operations and she came out I found my love so anyway she came back home after last year teaching at Bath and she is in a nursing program which the Lord really opened up there's only two hundred fifty people they would that were applied but they would only take fifty in a supporting month program and the Lord has. Really blasting the other day she got a nice guy a scholarship but you have to be there on Friday night to receive it and. Ask Mom what I do and so well let's just pray you know if you have to give up the money we give up the money and way we prayed and she went to talk to them and they said the people that have really given a scholarship have died so it's not like you will offend them so you have to come if you don't want to come east of the. Lord bless them for they lost the people but the Lord blessed so he just keeps showing her that she's where she's supposed to be. Now these are my children when they were little the Stacie on the side in Ottoman this they grew up folk that my children now thirty eight and thirty seven so they're not little anymore. And this is our picture of one of our worship So now when we first started off we came into the church we had a mentor family who kind of took a funder their wing when we first came in the church they were add the next My husband and I were far from Advent we were very worldly people met fact I was a motorcycle Mama can you believe that you loved to ride around a Harley Davidson go find hard to believe anyway I'm glad God knows how to redeem people from where they were so we had no spirit I came from a very functional home my parents I'm never my parents I never heard them argue very functional home I was not function I was a very rebellious teenager but I had no biblical principles I didn't know what a family worship was I didn't want any worship we didn't knew nothing so we had a mentor family who actually took us under their wing and taught us and we just watched them and then we stayed of course in create a row with our children and we watched what went on there and then we watched our church service and how it operated we thought well we can do this so we actually came home and started implementing family worship and at that time was very simple we used the Sabbath school songs and we use them in the verses that the children had and. And then my husband always have a reading that he would do with them and that's. With the children right now the one of the bottom and staking out a month. And. Family Worship has really improved evolved over time and that changes to a kid change it changes also you know you have to kind of kind of keep up with what's going on and dad just say I don't know what happen but we actually stopped family worship for a period two and it was probably the most crucial time we needed it and that's when our girls were in their elementary ages and they really needed that and I keep thinking why do I don't know what happened we moved I don't know if it's because they got too busy they got too tired we didn't know what to do but we stopped and it was several years that we were not doing family worship and the Lord convicted me again that you're going to lose your children you know this is crucial time they need to be in God's word right now they need to be solid that and I started taking the rebellious teenagers off though and these are kids that were added the NIST and they were into demonic force they were pregnant and they were into drugs and a life started showing me that's why you're there had it if you don't do something and I kept thinking when they get older and a lot said you know what do you lose them before you teach them my wherry you know you need them now so I came under strong conviction and I went to my husband I talked to him about it and I talked my head and I talked my husband and I have about I can nag and the life's a quit nag the man and I want to thank all union out here because I know as a woman if so nice to have the husband the worship because they need to see fathers do it this isn't a women's religion it's a man's religion too and so to have husbands lead out is a real blessing and like I said I have to have that and a lot to go I have so I started leaving out and my husband was there ARE him my being there he just didn't want to lead out I'm not sure he was uncomfortable I don't know the reason but I just kept praying that God would put a burden on his heart to. Take that role. And I remember after it was going and I tried several things that didn't work in this work and finally I had it working and then I have since that's all tickled now I was sad. And I went to the Lord complaining and he said yeah in that what you were praying for get over it but how you been what I prayed for you know so I had to go do some repentance and tell him the battle that was going on my heart and that I was very thankful that he let out and worship and I think that's the thing that my girls. As they were growing up and they had to wait my oldest had to wait till after she just got married for she married a year this year Jen make a long time for that man to come into her life and her dad was the spiritual man in her life to be spend time together he had to be that man and when they look they know what they're looking for they want to man that lead in the family and in the home so they knew what they were looking for and what they were looking for so and he's always been that he's They have full morning and evening to take us before God's throne and pray for us and that's why he was still here he wants to make sure I'm OK because honestly computers give me a horrible time when I do seminars and last night the think bleeped out. MEMBER I was asked to go to mazing tax and do one of their presentations and we were there they come there fly me and fly me out of the real fast so they flew me in and they said upright about three hours a thumbing and I was in school so they sell flight back out and get back to classes we were there from it o'clock in the morning until midnight at night and he said we've never had computers not work we've never had lighting have a problem we never had a sound system go down we never had it as I said oh I have this every time I do this very very cool I mean for me so just really works and I was and Washington state the same thing my computer went out couldn't get anything to work I got three I don't know. These are called at the side where you can put in like a jump drive here I've got three of them and none of them were working and I finally was able to e-mail to the past of the Power Point and the Lord really blessed because I did all the one shot just the kids only get one chance at it all of them went through so we had to use his computer and I said well I have to get mine when I get home but when I got home at work by last night I plugged it in and the thing wouldn't come up and it froze and it froze all night long and I kept trying to shut off through the night and so this morning I just. You know in either. But anyway so I know the enemy does not like anything to do with strengthening our families. So in a way as we started doing like a so we evolved over this and we had morning and evening worship and it was a little different when our children were very young my husband had to leave to work quite early so it was me and the girls and then at night with our Big time a family worship as they got older morning worship became sharing time now we're actually going to work through some of these activities as we go through so you kind of get an idea of what they're like they're very simple and that's what I'm doing then my child training seminars well doing very very simple there's a lot of things out there and this isn't the only way to have family worship but a very simple very easy to start and just start it you're not going get it all right it's OK you know like I said Are the ball with a K. just get started it let your family know it's important to come before God and you will find beautiful things happening as you start having your family worship. Now evening or morning join with your children in God's worship reading its word singing has prayed teach him to repeat God's law and you actually have a handout in his only one little piece on there that I've added after I sent these to Gilbert you'll be able to put those in so it says to read His Word it tells us exactly what we're to do things his praises and teach him to repeat God's law so I thought OK we'll leave those three things need to. Being there too leading up the word singing his praise and teaching God's word memory. Now we thought our children need to know how to pray because it's not something natural I don't know how to pray so I had to have people teach me how. We didn't know they don't know how to study didn't know how to share God's word and we thought Family Worship was actually a place that God has prepared for us to be able to teach those things to our children so we use family worship as a training ground when our children were very few and and I have several books up here will be sharing and I'm actually asked one of my. Team members to come in and share the books because that's one thing nice working on a team I've been a while since I've been in child training and like I used to actually work in homes with families of like a super nanny and this is the first thing I would set up a family worship but it's been a while I still work with families I still do that but I have parents that are right now doing it so it's nice having a group she's got some of the latest stuff that she's been working with and it's really nice because she stays she's always searching for books she's really into books so I asked Jen Cook to come share so should be here after the end of it she said in a seminar should I need be I said no no you're in my class you're with me all the time go go enjoy yourself take notes for me. But anyway so we'll be sharing some of that information but family worship is a place that you can actually share the things that you want your children to know now we felt like these were the central parts of family worship learning how to pray and praise God that was first the other was having God's word in their heart I just felt like that when a battle came or something was going on they need to have that word to put their tongue so they could claim it is we have no power in ourselves and I know when I would work with Beebe's in my arms and they would start going just creaming and I need to bring them under surrender to the Lord I would. Tell the Lord I read what the council was and I'd always say I'm doing my part this is what you told me to do I asked why that you just do your part part they will do my part and he would I mean both babies would scream at me and just stop just. And it would be done you know and it's because God works through his word he's powerful to change and so we want that were deep in the heart and we're going to be going to the step by step how to do them knowing how to study God's word we want them to understand that and we wanted them to apply the word to their own personal life and then go out and share it and that's a real blessing at the very end of this I will give you the first seven tax I gave my my little girl when she was sixty one to be a bible worker when she was six years old and who would have known she grew up to be that Bible worker she went to be but she knew how to read how to teach how to read first gave her seven tax and we were out there sharing and no one turned down a six year old to share a study no when has this like they really can give us that and she was a powerful witness at that time and she gave a powerful Bible study and as we go through it I'll share that with you so one of them to be able to share and people will ask you to church to share it to and it's not of our faith and I'm telling you when you go to a Baptist revival or something and I go to training sometimes that have maybe an advantage when I go to a Baptist when I have four hundred people there and a set is. For other people there to find out how to raise children how to learn how to say the word but so you want them to be able to study once they get done. OK the next one and this is the format that we always follow no matter the age we had an opening prayer and I like I said I really kind of geared it around church on what was going on scripture songs will go through those hams a memory drill and then we have Bible knowledge or games Bible study and the closing prayer herself and others that was always a format and all this is written down in your Powerpoint So you have all this information. So let's look at when they were very tiny Now we actually like I said practice whatever was going on in Sabbath school those are the things that we use so we start off with prayer now we went and got workshop chairs for our children and they only came out at worship time and we actually made everything from Sabbath school they had a little star that she thought the very beginning they had their sticks that they could use everything that Sabbath school was doing we had and our house we made them too so we just kind of didn't extension of church so when they went to church they had been doing church all week so Church wasn't born to them and so they knew how to sit they knew how to participate and we didn't let our children we didn't bring toys our children and church our children participate in when the sermon time was there they could do drawing the sermon so they always participate they stood when it was time to stand and seeing they now when it's time to Nia they participated even when they were babies in arms they participated it was no playtime you know we want to and we didn't let our children sit with other kids this is our family time to worship time and so church was just an extension of what was already happening in the home and I didn't have issues like other people did and if I had issues that only happened one time we take them out deal with it and get right back in church and they found out going out with up on. You want to be there where it's but you want to stay right where you are the first thing we start with with prayer of course and we always ask the Lord the Father the Son the whole if that be part of our time in our worship then we think some songs and I stayed with a lot of scripture songs and I'm going to go through some of the scripture book different things that you can do as we go through here but we did scripture songs because we want our children to have the word in their heart and I like I don't know what to call my have them call them little ditties and none of that's a good word but you know some of our songs that we sing with children are really shallow you know we need to get those strong him back in there because A Mighty Fortress is our God you know that there's so much meaning in the words and that's what we want. And the scripture when that song from the heart the heart will bring the song back so we did a lot of scripture song Our worship time with Bible time we did Bible and I had a really large felt that for my Bible and I still haven't and then I have a spirit prophecy set that I used to and so we did we did a lot of drawing a lessons as I got older and will go through how we actually set this up we act out bible stories and that was the funnest thing for my children but I think more so for my HAS BEEN A He did the walls of Jericho so we would build up the walls of Jericho and we march around them in the seventh time they were going to actually be knocked down we tell him that's really the angels that are going to knock him down and we're going to do that be the angel hands right now and show how it works that we've knocked them down and they love the Jesus on stormy Galilee a laundry basket for great for the boat and you can rock that boat and the kids with Will and laugh and then they'd say Peace be still and then Daddy stop you know I was just it was so powerful to see them quoting scripture too and we don't have grandchildren but I'm a grandma so in our church we've adopted some little boys that will come over and. Their collars up and with will get them and we are always act out stories and I have these old blocks that I bought my husband had them from work in the packaging and they're about this big in the foam so we take those out we set up Lion's Den and we have a little people who want to want to be an angel so I had. Trying go fight more like a diamond I'm shapes and stuff so we took a rubber band and put on that sort of angel wings and we set it all up and we did Daniel Elias then read the story first and then he acted it out with these blocks and stuff and told us the story well the next time this had been about three four months later he came back and it was evening again for worship and he went looking for the angel and he says where's my angel Where's my angel and I set it up. My ledge downstairs in my basement so it would be there. That my daughter been trying to get her all morning. So the angel was there are looking to me that I didn't realize my phone was on I'm sorry anyway so I got the angel out he went got all the pieces and he set up Daniel blind in a way went through it so children remember those things and they really enjoy the things and he looks forward to family worship at our time during the time that he's with us so those kind of things are always fun I remember the time my husband was doing. What it was. Elijah and bail and he was building the altar and he went and got oil and he went got the matches and he went and I said Ah and how my live in the lot of my one man in my living room you have a look at your draft agreement so we went out and it's really fun just to move your things outside too so that husband can have a good time and you protect the living room floor. And when you get has the above I tell you there creativity is just the learn you just have to settle him down just a little bit because some of those things look a little dangerous. Anyway he really enjoyed it look kids love it and they love daddy to be involved. For older children we have the same format we did prayer again this is like if it were a star they had we wanted that Rich saying and it's really good to start your children on one him a week a one him a month that they're going to learn to ham to stay with the same hymn that you always having as opening and till they learn it and then go to another him that way they have those hands and I know we hear the little boys behind us in church singing they're just bellowing out those songs and so precious to hear such a song coming from children especially when the so used to do the little diddy when they start doing him there's just nothing like it so deftly get them involved memory verse again we got a little bit into Holt. I have to use a member my oldest went to go with them and they asked her to take a test and it had to do with memory versus how mean they knew it was like a hundred fifty or something they were supposed to know and she came back with I know all but two new magic all but two you know so they had whole chapters and we used to memorize together as a family but they just far out she did last we still memorized but we were just they would be two books down we were still working on book one so when you starting young they pick it up really fast and whole books are going to be nice and I come from ever in a prison I'm really hoping it's next to my girls because I know there's lots of Scripture that. They didn't give me a look that in your head of well Bible drills were going to talk about how to do Bible drills because I wanted them to know their Bible the worship God deeper we actually would use the Bible itself and I would tell you the beautiful books are here to study but there is no book as great as this book the Bible and I don't know why I don't worship it sometimes the last book will pick up where to Mission books inspirational books and those are all good but the Bible is really the best book and I have an old hymn as Richard's book and at the very back it has all the stories he's put him down in a story order and where to go to find that story and that's exactly what I used in the girls were little were the stories that he set up and those were really nice and I don't know if there's another book that could have that but I thought about just Xeroxing at our buddy do it scanning it put in my computer and sent people that want because it's already set in the stories which is really nice and then as course when they were older they wanted to do glean personal lessons and we're going to talk about how to do that a little bit and then one year I'd like to really teach a class on how to start children say she was just talking to like to do an adult Bible marking class and I said I'd like to do a parent Bible marking class and we could do the same year and do it opposite so they can get how you start the children and then how you advance to go to others because what she's using is how she had. Dance and she learn the principles and we're going to have a little bit of that here and you then have an opportunity to some color coding in your mind you can see how it works and it's very simple we did use devotional books we did use inspirational missionary books but we always had a time in the morning or evening that we did just the Bible so we would. By this time our children were able to plan and lead out in worship start to children very early even the little ones when they start talking they can start leading out more ships they can pick a song they can stand up and they love standing up specially if you get fake mike They just think oh the great thing to talk in that Mike and they're going to get up and they're going to share There's nothing is going to hold them back of a get to talk in the mike and we've invested and a lot of tapes at that time so actually I could do everything on paper tape they could hear themselves so you want to plan let them lead out preparations for sermons our girls were preaching by the time they were ten years old Adam did one of the two covenants That's quite an intense little part for a child but Adolfo come back for the first time I've understood that kind of a through the eyes of a child and so they were out preaching we had an amazing church of a small so every Wednesday the let the children preach so they did the Beatitudes the needs of the child would take one of the Beatitudes to share so they were preaching early and when we started our ministry our children were twelve and eleven the girls and we were doing colleges they were open for the college student teaching now we actually use nature that's what we taught out how to see God in nature and so we had have a presentation that we gave with nature but they were up there teaching college student not nervous just doing the great thing now my youngest finally and she started getting older asked if she could run the sound equipment. That was in our favor apart but and everything they shared with what they learned in school because they had to learn it her parents and we were going to put our nature one on this year but we just didn't have time to put. They're the material who got each one going but next year we hope to put on seeing God in nature and how to get very deep into the word of studying also youth group stage she started her first youth group she was sixteen but she also had a Bible study group that she did on that ministry that we were let me get at the time the person who was running their correspondence school died and so they asked if she'd take it over and she was I must say twelve I'm not sure she was ten or twelve that around that age and so she took over the Bible Study Group the correspondence stuff so she started to really in-depth studies and there were pastors in Africa that would write her and want to use her materials to present to the congregation and ask for permission and such I should get things for some of those people back there that I just knew they did not know she was a female they really thought she was a male she read it and said Mom I don't understand though my husband wrote that answer it in your name if you get back to but but the Lord was blessed to get she ran that ministry for five years that correspondence school so you children can get involved very early there's a lot of prison ministries out there that need study and stuff so your children can get involved in outreach. A can this is one of the family tools that's what we're looking at prayer journals and I show you how to put together prayer journal now you can go to Walmart and you get small little journals and I am really sorry. The journals there are there and they're really tiny and I meant to bring fell but I don't know what happened when I got here at the group on my staff I must have a bag at home somewhere with this other stuff going to make of the not here and by the way the small ones there were three dollars back then they may be four or five now but the composition books that you can use and the composition books are another one but these were called WANT THERE WERE Wal-Mart journals and that way the girls could keep a journal I'm actually show you where to go that you can print them out composition books there are some out there that have a page blank on to. Up and. Writing down below and medicine Angie had some and hope seminar to show but those are really good for small children because you actually have draw all their lessons rather than writing out their lessons are the journals what goes in their journals so you want blank pages you can make them too I made everything today you can find anything on the internet when I did it you can find anything anywhere I made everything that I needed but we started with prayer journals and this is what a prayer journal would look like these actually come from W W W daily dwelling dot com And this is all your printable she could see it in there and you can go in actually just print these out so web page so you can set up your own book and we just got a regular notebook and we just have sections for scripture sessions for sections for praise for family for self for friends now like I said I created my own but these are actually created for you so just go in and print them out and you have what they need you need when you get on. Anything like that you will find tons of ideas that you can use pick and choose what you like but you don't have to do a lot of work I did a lot of work I didn't mind if what I did I enjoyed every bit of it but now it's just life has a lot easier in life just seems to be busier these days so it's already done for you so you put those out all ages can learn to praise us of we're going to start off with praise and in this case the praises they're talking about is how we're going to praise God for His Holy does his mercy faithfulness and we're going to go through some of these and teach you how but it's just adoring God and we want our children to understand that there was definitely the father there was Jesus and there was the Holy Spirit and each of them had a special work they all work together as a unit to bring salvation to us and to let us know about the Heavenly Father more but they all had individual work too and we want our children to recognize their work so that when they prayed and when they were going about when they saw things that were. Happening they knew all thousands of the speaking to my heart and that was the Holy Spirit sending me the same question right now that they knew who it was where it came from and that they knew how to praise him so we had to praise in the morning and pray that night and usually our night praise was thanking him for the blessings that we saw during the day that he was giving to us is always keeping your children mindful of God Always always always always in everything that they do and they will end up asking things of the father that you would never have considered asking of the Father and I remember my prayer life became a little Bagnet. Ranch and a lot of things were going on around that age and I had asked her if I could get in on one of her prayers which she let me come into her prayer time and she was happy to have me so I went and the first thing she said is Daddy may I get into your lap and talk to you oh God to sit in the laugh and talk to him but to her he was her daddy and she couldn't daddy and I get in your lap and I talk to you and the minute she got into his lap she said I need a touchy about my toe I've got an ingrown toenail and it will be bothering me I'm really concerned about my toe I would not but to touch to cut about my toe and she was just so all down to earth with him and told him everything she was feeling everything that she was thinking and it was just such a blessing to him now she was a child too but she was coming to God as a child and I thought that's how God wants to need to approach him so changed my whole demeanor when I came to him I remember the first of a call them Daddy I mean I am almost like get to travel just phone so different for me and then but the fact that ninety one sounds so nice now my father is the up. Of my SO to call my heavenly father Daddy it meant something to me to say that a lot of our children do not have that experience of daddies and fathers you know from that experience but even if you don't have only father does become Daddy to them and so we wanted to see that promises we had obtained promises for anything that they dealt with and I'll go through a little bit and how that works as we go a little bit more and claiming victory for themselves and writing down their victories and claiming it for others now babies can be taught to pray hold their hands they can ascend they can start the kneeling toddlers can repeat after you it won't be long before they say their own prayers I remember when Stacy was three we went to my parents' house and we're having family worship and my we were in the living room and my parents were in the family room and my daughter was like whoa something's missing here so she went got my dad pulled him by the hand said you need to come join us the family worship my dad now has had a family worship in his whole life so my dad came in and she said Papa you Neal and and she said we're going to pray and he just looked at her and she said OK papa I will say it and you repeat after me very simple and she did she said a prayer in public Repeat After I never heard my father pray the first time I've ever seen a prayer from my father and it was by my three year old that taught my dad how to pray so I thought that was real precious so children are very open they say exactly what's on their heart and sometimes too much a member my youngest one that my aunt know that smoking was not good for her that the enemy lives in our heart when we do things like that so there's a little bit instructions you need to know if they're working with people but they're so honest and they believe God answers any prayers I mean one day Stacy came to me and she's about thirteen and we lived in a trailer and had shag carpet and she lots of little gold shag pens and she's a mom I love. That pen in my watch come pray with me so I can find it and I like to shag carpet this high and that pins this big and it's gold everything's gold and I said OK and I'm glad I don't pray she prayed I'm glad because she had the faith that God would help I'm not sure I had the faith so we prayed and just after she said a man the Lord impressed her wish to go she got down dug around came up with that little pen and I said OK you know the faith of a child and the Lord does bless our children's faithfulness just because they are he wants to show himself faithful to them so they do pray for everything. OK the next one is pray for the journal should have something on self and self we have with. Now this is for a older people so but on words our intellects say you can make their own this one of more for a woman can pray for the wife for all the mothers role but you can make your own we want our children to pray for others their family their friends our church neighbors reaching beyond. And we even as when I was touching and Ashley take my children out and gather prayer request in our community and then bring him back and we would use those to pray in the church knew that we were praying as a church school for members and so please turn in their prayer requests so we can figure out answering and then I always have them date when it happens that we know when God actually answered the prayer so we had always a request for action in answer section and all our journals I also put in my journals for my children I always wrote out prayer patterns and one that we used a lot was claiming God's word for a promise like whenever my children struggled with something and their prayer journal where the things that they struggled with like it was obedience they would go took him Corin's write it on our courses for older children smaller children you can still do this you just draw pictures and today you can find all pictures you want on the Internet you just print the things that let them go. Into their journal of pictures that represent Arsht take snapshots of them and what they're praying for this for their sister take a snapshot but obedience Children obey your parents the Lord for this is right when they were fighting Be kind one to another tender hearted forgiving one another efficiency for thirty two now when they actually started claiming promises oh I can do all things to Christ who strengthens me a Libyans for thirteen when they started having battles in our home I always said we're on the same side so we're going to pray together as a family so I actually would have them hold hands and pray for each other and I had one that teased horribly in the other when we get mad so one had to find promises not provoking the other one and the other one had to deal with on anger but they would pray for each other and I tell you the best thing you can do is when your family are fighting and for them to hold hands and start praying for each other because you can't pray for your enemy it really works well for husbands and wives too because when you're holding your husband hand and you're praying for him and he's praying for you pretty soon you think his hands are so warm I really like the way they can you forget why you're mad at the other you're praying for God and God to be there for God They go to work through His Word to us so they do a lot of praying for each other and there's always a pray section in our journals and we always have them write out their praise and I try to have them go to the Bible now I use the Bible like I said I'm really into the word another lot of high cabinet stuff out there but there's nothing like the word you know it just sticks in the mind teach them how to use a concordance I just saw somebody get rid of a concurrence the other day and I try to snatch up everything I see because those things are going out and yet the concurrences so much and I saw many powerful ways that you can use it but we would have cravings and the girls would have to go their concurrence look up praises to God and. The whole praises God of the Lord and greatly to be praised and of greatness and then it's unsearchable you know those are. Powerful words to contemplate on a don't let your children read it so fast that they don't think about what does that mean he is the lord what do you think of when you have great this is a good time to have your children outside looking at the mountains and saying Man as a great mountain with a great besides a man who created that mountain for one and who else is just as great a greater than that mountain will the Lord it remember a verse where it says that the Lord is GREAT and greatly to be praised you know so you want your the minds of your children always to be going toward scripture now we're going to actually do the this part of my prayer patterns I had one was called X. That's the one I started with later on I learned the word pray I know there's lots of an Alp there and they're probably used a little different depending on how you do them this is how we did it but we did X. and it's adoration confession things getting in supplication and what I'm going to do is I'm going to actually go through each one of these and then I'm just going to choose the person next to you a couple people and I want you to go around your little group and you're going to do the just so you know what it's like so we come together with Pray and the first thing we would do as we would ask the Lord talk about adoration and that's to adore God for who he is now so easy when children start praying to tell got everything they want you know what they start with I want this I want that these are No one you know this is only a Praise the God who God is merciful he he's wrong he patient he's long suffering and the reason why you're putting God in such adoration is that when you lift him up on a high and I know I do that if I'm struggling with impatience I call point your patience your conure merciful your tender and as I started going through his attributes I realized I can do that way too through the power he has made it possible for me to be like him and I can do that I just have to adore him. Lift him up and then call on his knee and God changes me because of it and so we want to children to adore So all of them say and out of nation we go several times around that we adore him that way you know your children know how to adore God how to praise him and then the next one is confession now we have confession of the family of what we have done to each other now and here you're just going to talk about things that you children would come faster that you would compare to the family the compassion and compassion of a time where you tell your family and I'm going to tell you as a parent talking to your children confession is a very very vital part because I know when I was going through this there were times that I was so unrighteous to my children and I didn't want them to think this is God you know and so I want to my children to know that we're in this together and that we're going to heaven together and there's times I'm on Christ like and so I need to apologize to you when I am this is not acceptable behavior and I also gave my children what they could do when I was being on Christ like they could not point a finger at that you're going to hell I thought you were being value No they were not allowed to do that and say oh you don't you know they were never allowed to be disrespectful but yet they could say Mom would you like to take a walk now the minute they said that I knew what that and that that and I faith by being on Christ like and they say it's OK I'll go out and I would go walk and when I came that my children knew that they could say I think if you have a long walk. Well that well I didn't longer. Take care of that so they were able they had an out because there's no reason my children should be listening to a non righteous person it's not there it's not right they have no out you know and so we need to let them have an Al because there are times that you may not be righteous I was then and so I gave my children an opportunity for me to go now what was really a blessing and I told. I'm an amen there praying you know mama's that link with the two of you Neal here and pray for me because I need your prayers because I can't do this without shoot me I'm not neither can you get to God's kingdom without me we need each other so I knew I was out there babbling and some of that of would go quick because I knew I had two little girls praying at home from my heart and I tell you your children can really bring you to. Your heart and humble you really fast because of their righteousness so so we want to children to us to be able to come fast so this is a time that we could confess openly now and cry that worship my children use these formats in their own private worship as well and that's when they would pray between something between their God and them that they need to confess they did not have to have those in our family worship unless that's an affected our family worship like attitudes attitudes usually affect the whole family so those are things we pray together they had a bad attitude when they were putting away the dishes they had a bad attitude when they were making bad anything like that affects the family and so that the king a time that they need to share Thanksgiving of those parts really easy for children they could think and they usually will start thinking for all the things that they have their toy there you know and so you want to make sure their Thanksgiving is going a little bit further than that that they're thinking of all the gifts that God has given them not in material type things but just waking them up in the morning giving them a warm bath feeding them and if they're not painful about those things you need to get the Master more mission work you need to take your children to some soup kitchens and some places where they can see what sense does to people because their prayers will start changing when they're out there watching we took rebellious teens into our home and a girl for a small. Times stop because the influence was going to close but when we did that our girl had no interest in the world enough that these. Teenagers we're going to need for adding this kid but they're saying why are they doing drugs look at what they're going through we had one teen that within demonic worship and she had burns all up and down their arms and cuts and stuff from her ritual she was going through and my girls would just look at that and say Don't they know but it would put up a desire to pray for the person but also don't even go there you know so if they're not praying for the right things the thankfulness isn't there because I'm a member of the Located in front of me and she say you NEED THIS IS REALLY GOOD FOR YOU think about all the starving kids out there in the world that they will find that for them you know I don't know what you know so my I didn't understand what it was like not to have food well when my kids first time complained I said you must not know what it feels like not to have food we're going to go out without a couple mil so we know what it's like when I see them. And we're happy to have whatever is placed before us it didn't take long for them to realize you know what there are really people out there that don't have food anything would be a blessing to them and so we just have to get them into a state a Thanksgiving supplication this is where we're asking for the needs but I always tell my children it's not going to be anything material because we want need not want it's. Mostly character I concentrated on character for my children because that's the only thing we can take to heaven as a character so that's what we want to pray for what character trait Are you missing right now that you feel like is needed what character trait is needed in our home that's not present right now do we need more respect do we need more honor here do we need more patience What is it that we're missing in our home that we need to be praying for you know that we're witness to God what are the things that we need enough start praying towards that so what I'd like you do right now is take just a few minutes I want you to find somebody right around you couple pairs it doesn't need much and I just want you each of you to do an ad a ration each of you talk about something that's a confession and it doesn't have to be. I think person if you want to open up a compassion go for a husband wife she can do that with each other you may want to keep it light here. But just open something up of what you can that a Thanksgiving and a supplication So just take a few minutes just so you can practice what that's like and then we'll come back for the next one. OK I don't know that gave you on that time but. Let's get back. Any of you were able to get through all of that. Just out of Asia hey that's crazy you know and not is really nice you think my kids are not going to enjoy this and I'm going to tell you something when we get to the nature part if you don't know how to adore God take him outside first and just sit there and just say let's just adore God for what we see that's all oh well look at that tree Lord those flowers are not how many of you walk by those flowers but every time I do I think those are so beautiful thank you for the flowers I just adore you that you're able to create those you know and so you can adore God outside the adoration is a big one and what we have time at the end we can go back how many were able to get to compassion or it's OK how many got to Thanksgiving. And suchlike ation for the OK you have a need like a saw and it's nice to be stuck in adoration that's great that's stuck enjoy a time of enjoying adoration and your children will enjoy this too like you suggest go around the room a door several times yes ma'am. OK that's a good question how do we actually get started we're going to use X. all week OK So whenever we used our family worship this is training time so we're going to train our children how to pray we choose to do X. so we tell them about X. and we name. Adoration confession Thanksgiving supplication and I actually have this on a chart when I worked in Holmes as on a chart and so for the whole week we're just going to work on adoring got so we just go around we adore adore adore adore adore and then the next week we're going to come fashion and we talk about what compassions are and this is a good time to use Bible confessions who come first in the Bible who didn't confess in the Bible who knew how to do adoration David knew how to do adoration you go to the Bible and find lots of admiration that what you're teaching and that's your worship for the week you also join Scripture and then when we get to things giving talk about Thanksgiving for a whole week and then use Bible who have Thanksgivings who have prayed not think given who wanted a different well surprise Thanksgiving as well. No Thanksgiving is more about your blessings adoration is just naming God The Course in your Thanksgiving you're going to name God too because he's a want to give all our blessings to us but you want to make sure there's a distinction in their mind that we're doing our door is not you can thank God at that time too but you're letting God know who he is in your heart who he is and then we do supplications as a family and then we have it all down and then when we get together we say we have several pair prayer patterns we do use and then I say Which one do you want to night do would you like to actually get elected to prayers would you like to do Scriptures what would you like and I usually would find out before family worship what we're going to do that night but that's where we would get together the family decide how we want to conduct family worship so we were kind of don't have a family so by the time we got to family worship we were ready for family worship so we're actually doing as a family preparing for it as well and then when they got really good at this I would ask one of the children who would like to lead our family worship this week sometime this week and you can lead out in one of our prayer patterns who would like to in which bear her pattern would you want to do and then they would choose which one they wanted and then they would lead out so it's constantly lead. And then who would you like to go there is that that we could call and ask if you could lead out in a prayer time with their family who would like to do that and when would you like to do it and what they only would you like to do it to and all the family if they would be willing for you to come and if I'm not going to turn you down if you have kids that want to come to your house and lead out and worship is just not going to happen they're going to say well yeah they can do it I wonder how they're doing that they're going to let them come the neck and tell you that most of the going to let you come so that way they're sharing as they go does that answer your question. OK the next one is the same thing I was and pray and you can find them find out that you don't like these get on Tkinter a Google prayer patterns you'll find all kinds of believe this is the same thing you stop your prey's which is you have to ration your repentance which is your compassion you're asking which is your supplication the one of difference about this is yielding the rendering You're like to Christ now I am going to take you let a few minutes again I want to get in your teams again and I want you to think about things that you would need to yield to are things that you know the church would be to yield to and then we'll have you share a couple ideas after you discuss So take another few minutes and talk about yielding what yielding would mean you have a group that you're working with or she just left out. Or better slip over here if you like or if you want to wait like you just say Can she join your team go right there they show us somebody this is yielding what kind of things would you think yielding would need to look like. OK let's come back I want to have some time for some questions that the and so. Here we only have Jim we have like fifteen minutes my time go by faster OK let's come back together yielding What are some of the things that we need to yield. Give me a couple raise your hand give me a couple Yes appetite that's a good man appetite for food another yielding but that's another and very good at OK Now someone just asked me about teenagers now we took a rebellious teen when we took the man you start them right here and I'm going to tell you kids are not going to want it but I want you to look at why are they not wanting it if you guys are putting a lot of T.V. before them if you put in a lot of games before them they have their i Pads their phones there is not a lot of interest in spiritual things when we have a lot of worldly things for them that's just an honest thing and so young and Lord how to take some of that out the other want to go a little bit further on the move a little faster because time's going to run out the first place we're going to get our children is out in nature and I'm going to show you that because nature is the best place to go and I know when we took in rebellious teenagers there were times when we went on camping trips just to get them away from all technology so we can have time to connect them to Jesus Christ and the more you connect and the more you connect them and the more you connect them more they're going to want to but if you're in competition to some of those other things it's a hard world we've got a mix and sacrifices and those are the sacrifices to these are sacrificing when you look at them learning how to use an i Pad versus knowing how to say the word There's no comparison and that but but you also have to realize you're the parent parents kind of buckle down under the young people and the young people don't want to they don't do it this is there in your home this is what they do they may not be happy right now but somebody said you force your kids the prey yes idea and the reason I did is because the devil has their heart and I want Jesus Christ to have their heart and I don't ask me that I'll be there the devil doesn't after mission he's going to be there so I want God to be there so yes I did when you're in my home these are our worldly Garsten I was NOT mean I was not unkind of loving I was caring of a patient and if I wasn't I repented. But that's what we do this is what we decide how we share we want Christ in our home and I don't know if you really ask a child do you want to turn a deaf I've only had one child tell me yes and he needed to buy for diplomacy and I couldn't get that so but I'll get back to you just a little bit OK Keep your questions because I'm going to go on through overnight and get through this I just looked at the time the next day and I want memory now there was a memory class going here how many went to one of the memory classes there are two of them here they have not get to one of those get their tapes there or did one and somebody else did one and downstairs was actually at my fact I have some other stuff in here just to show you why number rise the time will come when many will be deprived of the written word but if this word is printed in the memory no one can take it from us as I said where I'd like to have my girls right by me at the time of trouble because they've got whole chapters in there now I'm hoping that I have whole chapters too so somebody wants me to be in the prison cell with them too so I can help them out so we want to put a whole scriptures and there it builds a wall of scripture build a wall of scripture around you and you will see that the world cannot break it down to nothing your children are learning scripture that this will help commit the scripture to memory and then throw right back upon Satan when he comes with his temptations it is written This is the way that our Lord that the temptations of Satan resisted them now when I was a teacher I did scripture songs I thought one of my students and I had in third grade ledger here is a real blessing to have my students come and that they're walking faithfully in the Lord that's a real blessing I appreciate that I just know that you your hard work was taking place in the school room as well as in your own home but we start singing songs from the membership the temptation is she came back and she said when I was tempted the song came to me that there has no temptation taken you the Such as the common to man but God say for you to be tempted above your able with will with the temptation often make a way of explaining that you may be able to bear it that was such a blessing to me because she said that she. Was able to use the scripture and had victory in her life and God will bring the scriptures back OK memories for small children you're going to do the word. When they're in the crib I used just songs going all the time I used tape recorders for the older when I got about five or six how to use a tape recorder they used a quarter I don't know why tapes are so cheap but I had always record on top of each other the other day I found a couple tapes that they had done and the little voices are in there doing scripture and I think what I got out of whole Sure lots of those because they learned so much memory but only have three to eight maybe Sure but that is nothing of what I coulda had really wish I had. Kept. Thinking how we had. That's just how we go we're training at the right I'm just glad to hear this is what is for the good so we want to let them record and stuff and kid lever quarter they like touching a record and playing back for all the ones we did whole chapters and as a parent I have no qualms requiring things of my children and memory is just part of it because you need really are in a battle where fighting the enemy and if we don't have certain things that we set before our children they're not going to go they're just on their own specially if they're not they've lost the love of the board it just does not come easy but you don't have to be mean or cruel about it but we want them to learn and I'm going to give you two different ways now young disciple have a good set of songs in his heart of scripture songs by word creations are really good for small children those are all stories but of the songs for the older ones and my children just did scriptures and Bible scriptures you can find a lot online these are just some of the pictures but I'd like to talk a couple of them now I work with right brain learners and left brain learned this is a left brain waiting to learn so you're actually learning the task. Just and then you're taking the first letter of each tax in putting them on a card and afterwards this is Paul an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God and them take that out and just look at how many of the words can you remember what the P. represent. An apostle of Christ Jesus. I. Will. And then that and you carry this with you my girl how little packs we actually put it in cards and I want to show you where method of here I have it the next one if school kids like this one they just take the word and then we just started racing part of the text until we get to the end and see what's there I started with one letter at a time pretty soon we just did whole words the racing and see if they can remember the taxes what they're doing over in junior too but it's a nice way to remember this is very left brain memory These are also left brain memory These are young disciples I gave you the address they look like this their laminated taken for walks they have tons of stuff they have a whole chapter is on James so you can just go into their web page order these are all advantage on the site I mean actually get young disciple magazine excellent magazine for your children if you don't but here is the tax and on the back is just the one letter so there is a stick in your pocket carry it around when my children were babbling if they got to be teenagers and they start fighting me and we were dealing with that on Christ like heart I would give them one of these and say you are gone twenty minutes when you get back and you just memorized and they were going to talk you know so they had a take and I said a very nice need to take this going in there I think you can go whoa up and when you come back I'm going to talk and if they did not have this memorized there was always consequences at the end because I was trying to deal with unsanctified heart Yes OK So I want my children to have those memorized so you can actually get those. Two younger cycle magazine and addresses right here. OK so go to the booth for family life. And look at the youngest for magazines in my family I got a first for children not the other ones are for older memory this is actually one that's for a right brain learner some kids just need more right brain burning so it's taken a tax and as you can see the pictures are right underneath the tax so that makes it easier for right brained learners to memorize their text this one came from Sarah I counted out those that you went to her class I just asked if I could stand a couple of her pictures in to show you this is a right brain learning technique this is where not my alley at all but for my right brain kid this is very very effective so you're actually turning the tax into picture four and they will retain it this is another one that she had like instead of your kids are not interested in the words so they want to know God's word the best place to get him out in nature go on a backpack trip and I'm going to tell you your kid may not like it but if a dad goes to your kid and say Son is a girl of boys boys we're going back packing Let's go down if you've ever gone backpacking find somebody haven't. Although we're not asking Yeah we're not asking we're telling we're going back. We don't. Know we're getting them up you know and I tell you I never gave John options my girls quit making the bad as night in the morning they just quit making my young friend official make beds and more I don't know why but she decided not to so the next morning she went into her room and they were all the covers were nightly Maypole that at the end of her bed that night she just throw mud top of her the next morning when the maid I just folded I'm at the I never think they had a folder to cover the next day she partially made it and then I The next day I came and I just folded never said anything just call it a cover. That and more and night she made her bad and from then on it was always made never said anything just took right care of it is whatever you said your home your parent their children you set the law not them just kind what used to set the law sometimes parents Africa were parents so get your kids out in nature it's the best place to go and children love going out there adults even kids like I say we took them rebellious teens I mean these are rebellious and wish they were going backpacking and this is what we're going do we're going to go on a canoe trip we're going to find ten things out here that God shows us his last ten things and we're going to talk about them at night and if they can't get ten Things start with two things and then they'll get three things and then I'll get four things is like when you don't like somebody like phantom used to work with families husband and wife team when they came they'd be sitting apart which tell me just tell one thing you like about each other forever and then I skim our homework do a one two and then find three and we know this is the time went on they were telling all the things they liked about each other something was happening to their bodies and pretty soon they were almost on top of each other we said OK Our work is done we got through what we need to do. OK So while the Bible should hold first place an education of children you know the Book of Nature is next important next to the Bible nature is to be our greatest lesson book children should be encouraged to search out nature and objects that illustrate Bible teachings every object representing Christ they may that may they learn to see him in tree and Vine and Lily and growth and sun and star and every object in nature will repeat to them his precious last lesson great controversy forty five one now when I taught I did a lot of things on relationships and I want to children to remember the so I actually use your Cobell in bonding and ionic bonding when I talked about emotional relationships and bonding the two shall become one and covalent bond being the seven noble gases but every other element out there is not happy and then all is like. Going to hook up with somebody else to be happy but yeah the seven noble gases need nobody and I told them I got one should be a noble gas you don't have to have anybody you how ADD TO FROM thing that you don't have to have somebody and I teach it to before they get to chemistry so when they get to chemistry it the lessons there again for them to learn Christ object lessons have lots of good if you don't know where to go Christ object lessons have that character sketches if you don't know this was really good on nature and already takes a nature item it has something on the Bible it has something and nature has something but you take one in a fallen character traits so you may want to integrate it and it will have a Bible lesson on take thirty something out nature on integrity something on the human body on integrity there are really good resources if you don't know where to go but start with something that's in nature. I always had them have a nature backpack and they had a pocket Bible magnifying glass trees or journal pencils color pencils a bad kid you can put those and and still guides we would take a backpack and we would go out and we will see a lot on Sabbath afternoons our children were out in nature learning did you know that grasshoppers are actually boy grasshoppers a girl graph hoppers did you know that and you can tell the difference and you can catch them and figure out with a male Most of the male shark them mazing what's up there that we just don't realize but all that stuff it's funny may not be a first as you keep doing at it also nature walks to walk pick up something and this is something that was just required when we get together Sabbath afternoons particularly we have a lot of people in our home and a lot of have not had worship and so when you came to our house it was just part of this is what we do you know used to are the family this is what we do and if you don't want to be a part of the family there's the door that was the and you know we did find a place we had one teenager that came to us and the parents told him that you need to leave the home because he was disrupting the home so they called and asked if we were take him in so we did usually girls we took an. More than anybody usually boys are trying to find another place for them to have girls but we would take in children that needed a place to stay for a time so the parents to get together and the child back after we had done some of the work in our home but they pick up an object describe it draw it right out spiritual lessons that you've learned from it and how does it represent Christ and then they look for Scriptures to go with it and then apply our lesson and I remember the first time I sent my girls out my youngest one was so little I thought Oh Lord please help me please help her without her and she came back with this clump of grass and she had a vine going off this way it was green there was another child going out this way it was brown and she said this clump represents Jesus Christ if you stay attached to him as you go out to the world you'll stay faithful and you'll be able to continue doing its work this is somebody who was attached at one time but choose not to stay in the faith and they've gone off this way and now they're terminally lost and that was just a lesson she got out in nature and so those things teach nest lessons that you may not be able to teach that God has already put in nature for us another way to do the word and it's passed these Another way to do the word is against Bible games I think you could probably find them now we did concentration anything I want to my children to learn I actually put them together in a car game and so I have attacked and then I would have the pictures that we could play concentration for older kids read it other games these were like where is that and I'm going to ask you how we have kids how to know the books of the Bible and then it was where the Beatitudes where the Beatitudes and they not just call it up. To five whereas the Lord's Prayer. Matthew six where it's a promise of the rainbow Genesis nine where are the two places that mentions the Ten Commandments Exodus twenty and. Deuteronomy. You Donna. Five A get so you're just doing Bible drills this is really a nice way we did this when I taught we had Bible drill time court with another thing they really enjoyed and I just can put all these up here first court as we would pick a topic and it may be the stay the dad and they had to study it during the week and then we had one child I try to do this in a group where one person was on trial and then the other ones had to get a persecutor he asked all the questions and the other ones were the witnesses and they had concordances too and they would ask a question to the one that's on trial. My mom grandmother died she went to haven't. And they had to prove that that wasn't right and that they had the tax and could find it then they got ten points and they had to call in a witness they lost a point for every witness they called and we may start with five points and then if they had to have witnesses give an answer that witness had the answer they got four points the witness didn't have the answer they could call in their next next witness that way everyone's playing together and that way they learned their scriptures by doing it and again because I know one day they're going to be on trial so I wanted them to know how to combat the child real long put these down you start with a you start with a text where would I go. OK you start reading and the next person has to find you always have to start chapter one. And well it could be Chapter five but always verse one you start reading and say I'm a verse three I'm a verse five now verse six and the next person could join you remember one of my students when he was reading it would always be the same one and some A said you always get that when you always get me and he said well you only use one so he went home and he found one and I don't know Jose and he started reading that no one had gone home there and he started reading I said you have to know if I draw you on it you know exactly where it is but they would go home and start learning where to read so they would have text that they could read Hey deep bible studies for children I just Bible is. I don't know if any of you are familiar with Bible is an app it's very easy to get it you can download it free it's actually going to dramatize but I use the King James version and it may be New King James and I think new names but if I read to them folks children their crib would spend about ten minutes reading for older children I would give them the tape to read and then a lesson book that they could draw pictures of what the lesson was about and or we would choose topics as a lot of FOP that time the weather side take my own but now there's so much out there you can find free online for the older children we did devotional journals. Birth mapping color coding and I'ma show you some of those right now this is the first mapping of these i just went to go and got these off I've done these in the past but I couldn't find all my stuff I'm still unpacking all my stuff but this was just to give you an idea this and I got off a potential raft this one is the type. I use actually use this one for like concentration has taken the books. And showing what each chapter represents an expression. And you can turn those into your concentration lands. The Journal the Bible journals this is more for the right brain child like I got these on line this is from farm girl Bible journals so you can go there to find it this is another one I'm not going to go through these because the time I would like to actually teach a class here on how to do these so you have some ideas but this is just so you're looking at just that what's available. Now this one I do do and you should have do they have a handout on the front the color code or the giving a color code with that OK OK the color coded one is actually you're looking for God's part our part when you're first starting making just to god part our part now all of these that I'm sharing work for teenagers I said teenagers are not happy to sit down. But as a parent to say this is what we're going to start doing I've come under conviction that I need to do that that I get my girl the kind of conviction that I haven't been doing my job as a mother and that this is where we're going to start this is what we're going to do and not like and be funny at first and it's going to be hard but with this is what we're going to do and we just did it as a family and so we started doing color coding and so I was going to have you do this but I'm actually running out of time but they do. Oh oh oh my clock's off well OK then. Spend all your information is in here of what you can use space is another one that we use for climbing promises that's in here so you can go through and look at mind this is so cool and I have all this in your hand of the very last one I had anyway was this one which is the seven text Bibles that I gave to my children that they learned they memorized and they went out and gave the study and it just goes all have sinned and fall short of God's glory the way to send it back and but God so loved the world that he gave us a son and he laid his life down for us that we may know him and then the next text she will say as I stand at the door and knock anyone open the door will come in and they say would call for the heart that God ask you right now for your heart and I'm and she would graphically go through the study and then when she was done she'd call for the heart and if they would surrender should have prayer with them and then go through the next two steps which says that God has received you and then he will never let anybody pluck you out of his hand if they said no she closed up the book and she said What think you for your time with the Lord bless you and she get up to leave they say well what's the rest of it she says what doesn't matter you didn't accept the Lord so I can't go through the rest they say we want to know what it is and she says when you're ready to accept the Lord you let me know now the morning after to come back to the rest and then some of them would say Oh well of that reddish that's OK I understand just call me when you are this is my phone number and I'll come back in prison and should leave the she would not. Presented if they said no you know no one's going to argue with a look at but someone would call and say OK what are those texts again and I'm ready you know and then we go back and she would present it to them again and then you'd actually start regular bible studies. Were out of time if you want to ask questions right at the end things come up a bit more and happy to take your answers and maybe next year we can actually do some of the Bible study this self Oh the resources are going to be right here John just came and she's going to explain the earth so just go to the resources if you're interested there's some in here this actually is a ham no if you don't know you're a ham and there's a ham in the back either by Johnny Erickson for the him for back there the hemispheres of these are already knife for you this is a story of Jesus is about children this is desired ages for children OK so the other view that want resources to go right over here to general take care of the earth and the Gail have something in with. OK. OK Kind having a father who want to thank you for this opportunity to be together we ask that you continue to watch over us to lead us we thank you for your with them and for the areas that are hard and how to do. 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