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God's in the Marriage Business

Charles Cleveland


Part two of Elder Cleveland's inspiring personal testimony


  • April 29, 2017
    10:45 AM
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Our father. As we bow before you again this morning and worship. We asked Scituate come close to each of us young and old. Visitor. Death student. We pray that your Holy Spirit will guide us this hour. For the privilege of sharing a personal testimony. To honor you any courage or people. But before we do that we want to lift up. The call of Standish and his family as he has some health issues that are very threatening disease in the hospital as he is trying to get some care. And the families Wayne the best options what is the best way to help him and he's being held here on campus and around the world where. This man has dedicated his life to true education and mentored many. And we just pray that you would remember him you know you won't forget him you don't throw away your older workers you keep them and you love them you understand we are going aging process. We just hold it to you Lord say you will be done. Comfort and strength and as far as possible and restore as appropriate. Thank you for hearing this prayer and bless each one of us now in this hour or we thank you and Jesus. Then. I have written my messages morning. In two ways. I want to share my message that God is in the marriage business. For those who are married and remember. The vows you took. On that day. To keep and serve each other. For better or for worse and to death do you part or neither and that. And I what part of this message to appeal to those that aren't married. I learned some lessons that I learned it will help you. Get the kind of wife I got. Because heaven is either hell. Married to you there hell are have. Not much in between that's why so many I have to horse are miserable. God has a better plan. And then God has a better plan. And he's able to help make it happen. But it takes divine intervention. As in the married business. But in the. It was a wrong time of the school year for a new student to come. Here and a spelling school of nursing in San Diego California had already begun their school year. With this girl that's arriving or five months late. When she arrived in San Diego group by Greyhound bus from Workington state it was no in their Demeter it was in the old days you know you just going to have to make it on your own. Somehow she finds a city bus in San Diego that would take her the last ten miles of the National City as close as she could get to Paradise Valley Hospital. She loved her one big suitcase on to the bus the bus driver equips to her so a young lady are you running away from. Home or something. But she was going to take her seen. She wasn't coming late by accident. But back in Washington. Shortly after being accepted into the fall class of nursing in one thousand yes sixty three Her father was diagnosed with cancer. And it was he was not expected of the very long. She determined to stay and help her parents. She sent word to the school of nursing that she would be delayed in coming in fact she temporary enrolled in a local community nurses training program hoping she could at least take similar classes and go back to go to Paradise Valley and catch up later. For months later her father died. I God's grace he had given his life for the Lord seven years earlier and he now could really rest in peace. For two weeks after this happened. News came from California Central California. That her brother just died suddenly unexpectedly he got up one morning he wasn't feeling well he went for a favorite chair to sit down for a few minutes before going to work and he never woke up he was dead in an hour. The autopsy didn't help a whole lot they thought maybe interested children Monia but they were sure that it didn't matter there was no more daddy in the home and they were three children. It was a quick trip planned from Washington State to central California mother and daughter would attend the funeral and try to comfort. Her daughter sister in law three little girls. After the funeral there was relatives who sent it with us said to the prospective nursing student you ought to come down P.V. and make sure. What you're taking. There and Washington State is really going to dovetail. Because now this young lady want to go home and comfort her mother for a while before coming to Paradise Valley so she took the offer to take a day or two to come down to Paradise Valley it was just a few hundred miles. And she met with the director of nurses Maxime Blome and they went over the curriculum. And was told You know you're not getting hydrotherapy we're teaching that this semester you're not getting nutrition. And if you don't come right away you're probably going to lose the whole year. She got back on the bus with back to her mother was in central California to discuss that they prayed about it and mother said I'm going to be all right you go and take the nursing school you need to go to our school. You got back on a bus in the back and started Paradise Valley. By the time she got there the nursing class and finished their first semester and were into the second semester for a few weeks. And this semester was going to include some social activities you know of one of our schools and we do both things. Each year the school planned an annual nurses' banquet. Course there were lots of girls in a nursing class. And there were many of us guys. The story gets into. The never forget the phone call I got some on known student nurse invited me to go with her to the student nurses banquet. Now like most guys I didn't really respect girls that chase guys but then well this is a nursing school I mean maybe this is different maybe I shouldn't judge right away. But right now I had a bigger problem I didn't recognize the girl's name that was calling me. And I was embarrassed to keep asking her because I'd never heard the name Phoebe before and I not that. I think I asked her for a crime. She was so embarrassed and so as I but I had to know who was calling me. Before I can tell you how it turned out I need to. Back up just a little bit for years to give you a little bit more background. Last night it told you about my navy experience and when I returned from the Pacific cruise. There were several things going on in my life. Praise God I was reading the Bible regularly and it was impacting my life the Word of God is powerful it was changing my heart but I was still in that early stage of process I didn't have a mentor I didn't have a somebody give me bible studies and say it was there working to. The year before I went overseas on the U.S.S. frontier. Just before that time we were given a leave so we could go and have occasion before we sailed. So I went up to see my mother and stepfather my little sister Oregon. And that week that I was there I discovered the next door neighbor was Mary Lou. We we get it often just a few days you know that could be. She was sweet sixteen and I was only seventeen and. She was proud of me. We agreed to write often and we did every week we would write each other when you're away from home and you're in a different country sailing the ocean blue meeting different people to different cultures you you missed the familiar things and we all looked forward to mail call Mary Lou always had a letter there waiting for me and yes I. Two. I remember writing for three or four months and when I arrived to Hong Kong I want to do something special for her and Tater it was great in Hong Kong still is actually and I had a beautiful coat made for her and I had her name put right inside of it and writer very you. And I mailed it to where. Our letters progressed. The move you may know what that means. From chit chat to dreaming about the future to no real substance. But our letter is still progress love Chuck. I love you I miss you. Something in every letter all I think about is you. Finally all I could say is I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE. I ran out of ways of saying that she did too but we did it anyway. When our ship returned that next year to Long Beach California and we had some leave time I told my buddies next time you see me I'm probably going to be married. And I headed for Portland Oregon right into the arms of Mary Lou. Where was my bible and all this. I don't remember. Because I was infatuated over Mary Lou. And that can block out a lot of Bible. And she was with me. But when I met her in person and we headed out on our first date that night and this is holding her in my arms a girl I was thought I was ready to marry suddenly I realized. That even though from her side she was ready to say yes to married or anything else I wanted. She was really like a stranger to me. I didn't really know or. This letter writing was so artificial I was in a real. Shifted escalated artificially through the mail and into words but not in reality and the devil was pushing me to flow with it. Grays the Lord I heard his voice and he said one thing. Well messages young people support that. Work of the five. Satan is busily engaged influencing those who are holy and suited to each other. To unite their interests. He exults in this work you know why or by it he can produce more misery and hopeless low to the human family than by exercising his skill in any other direction. That serious. And I lead. I know I hurt Mary very deeply it was never my intention. But I just wasn't right. I felt so bad she wrote me a number of times what did I do wrong her girlfriends wrote me what did she do wrong. Wasn't there well. What a mess I got myself into and Satan did everything he could to shame me. But I knew in my heart I'd done the right thing it's far better to cut out the puppy tail one than the do it over and over again in a life of crime and eventually or. And I go back to the ship I had orders waiting for me to go to now. To San Diego to the Naval Training Center where I had been promised to take formally at the dental dental technician training course. But was only a few months along and it was easy for me because I'd work all year of the delicate mission. So I did real well and when they offered us assignments. Both put down our choice problem but I likes and stay there. That's why I got a station the Marine Corps recruit you go United States Marine Corps Recruit Depot there in San Diego where we burnish their dental care recruits. As I shared last night during that two years on the. Marine Corps base serving is where I really found the Lord. Was baptized in the church. On almost my twentieth birthday I was seventeen years old and three days when I went in the Navy and I was twenty years old and. Just imagine in three years. To go from a high school dropout. Getting the highest diploma yet visible that. It was a wonderful experience. Shortly after baptism God gave me another blessing he started I started working towards you briefly last night a Paradise Valley is at the hospital and. It was wonderful to work with Crane people. I told you the nurses were great to me good of spoiled. They gave me literature and books and motherly counsel and. It was a joy to go there when I get done the base during the day I go there in the evening. So I didn't mind working on the back and work. Later when I got out of the Navy. I started attending a community college trying to make up for what I didn't do when I was in high school Lord bless me. But I still kept working at Paradise and. God brought several people in the my life that year. And. I don't recall exactly how I met Sharon that was her real name on that day. Because she wasn't taking nursing at Paradise Valley she was actually doing printer scene at Lossie or college a hundred miles away but because her parents lived Paradise Valley she was pretty quickly on weekends in this special after she met me. You came home regularly Her father was a chaplain there and Bible teacher at the school. And even with him we hit it off nicely I had a whole plague and had Volkswagen he was a convert I was a con hurt him like it was a lot in common and every Sabbath. Day I was at their home with Sharon and her family. As we got to know each other I began to ask myself if she be the one that the Lord was going to give me an answer to. Or prayer earlier for him to choose my wife. But nearly a year afterwards after we had been knowing each other and enjoying each other and talking even about married suddenly and unexpectedly. She suggests it would be better for awhile if we back off our relationship and not see each other's law. Really. I mean you're gone all week a hundred miles away is only the weekend. But she was nervous. But there were. As I looked her in the what she said I saw someone under a lot of pressure and I sensed somehow this was. Not temporary. And I offered I only just end the relationship and then a wonderful year I didn't know any issues between her or family or US they decided for whatever. A reason they heard of back away I felt I needed to respect that decision with that God gave me grace to accept. Him. So I was twenty eight seven was very precious to me the Lord is my strength and my shield my heart. Trust in Him. And I am help. You god did that it wasn't easy. It was during my sharing year that the Lord brought into my life a married couple. I referred to them last night he became my spiritual mentor Dr Carol but Jensen is it was known in Virginia. They didn't have children I think it would have been great parents. John says were friends and college classmates with Sharon's parents and that's how we become acquainted that year and when Sharon and I broke up my sadness changed to her oust the Jensens house nearby. While I sensed they weren't happy the way the break up game they were careful not to play the role of a sympathizer or even that they were such positive people their councils their bible studies. The wonderful meals lots of talks and gave me such courage and I was at peace Dr Jensen was truly a spiritual father to me and I felt so blessed. Now this go back to that phone call. From the nurses banquet. It only been a couple of weeks and Sharon and I broke up. Most of the girls at Paradise Valley. Left me pretty much alone because after all everyone knew I was dating them. Well. Someone found out that were her. This work. And this little plot begin to surface in the nurses' garment Tory. One that would come to me as quite a surprise that's when the phone call came in maybe it only been at the school for about a couple of weeks when planning for the banquet was a banquet was in full gear one of the recent graduate nurses Joan took a liking to B.B. and recognising the trial that she'd recently been through. Experienced the death of her father and brother she told the if no one else gets a date for this banquet you're going. To do that I'm OK if I don't get a date I can just go there I don't mind go do anything special for me. That's Mikey. This Joan dials the phone. Calls my number and hands it to B.B.. She makes invitation to me and I turned into sort of an ally kept saying Who who. Was so embarrassing I didn't recognise her name I was having trouble understanding it. Who was this. Why couldn't I recall who she was what closet that she just come out of I had all kinds of thoughts. I know this was lame but I had to finally tell her well I did check my appointment book I'll get back with you. I was playing it safe. Now what to do. I mean I hate the cafeteria regularly I mean I know all the girls why didn't I know this girl. I thought I know. In the director of nurses offices have all those do you think. I'll get to the bottom of this quiet in the afternoon and then they go up there and take a look. Nobody was there when I got there so I helped myself and I'm looking at the picture wall and I checked the alphabet down to newbie and beyond and she wasn't there. At that time actually in bloom walked in director of nurses Well Mr Cleaver What can I do to help you she said with a nice smile was a great. As well I have a problem. Go ahead. I said I've been invited to the banquet by a girl I don't know and she's not picture of either and I her for. Who is that I said well her name's. All over she said B.-B. Nuvi Oh no no she's not in the picture. OK help me for and then she explained. To me about her father her brother and that she's there if you know we've been there a few weeks. OK now I understood why I didn't know or. That I want to take her. Sometimes you guys you know when you're just desperately need good counsel so I turned to her a Gandhi nurse and I said this. What do you think of the. I would go myself. She said Well. You know I think you can do it enjoy. It in all this I'm the person I'm so glad. God leaves quietly but he leaves. Well the banquet was a few weeks away and elder George Vandeman it is written it was having meetings in the El Cortez hotel. I didn't want to take P.B. cold turkey to a banquet so I called her and I said can you get permission to go with me to Vandeman in the. Most of that this is had to get find out. If you got permission from her several times for the van and me. And I look forward now to the banquet it turned out to be a really nice program I still remember the the dress she wore that night she wore the beautiful flowered lavender flower grass I'll never forget that she was gorgeous. And besides that I was even to get a friend of mine that was baptized with me to date her her roommate Nancy so we had a great time. The next months passed by quickly school kept Phoebe busy I was busy working in the hospital studied in the community college but sadness were high day it was almost always that. Wonderful who had lots of stories lessons from life a little taste of heaven for us and I hated to ever think of it in. But during the several months I was working on a plan to go to Michigan go back really to Michigan and do a manual missionary college called just named and her city I had a deep desire to go to one of our own colleges but somehow I just was not able to connect at Lossie era and when I visited the mother college on that campus there are very brink Michigan the country that come I knew it was the place. But when summer came there back at Paradise Valley and I was preparing to leave for Andrews who work that summer on the campus I remember saying to Phoebe why why couldn't we have met sooner we were really enjoying each other and. I really feared the long distance relationship you can imagine why I didn't want to do another Mary Lou. Those mushy love letters. So I talked to Phoebe about it and I said you know. I want to write you but I want to do it. Away there. What wish to share what we're doing. Over a little bit about my previous experience she readily understood that she'd been raised and then. So we wrote and we have void focusing on feelings but on things we were doing and I save my quarters for this weekly phone call. We did. But you know I even sent cassette tapes. But it just wasn't enough I wanted to see her I wanted a real relationship even if I had to be a couple thousand miles for. God gave me a temporary solution I don't recommend it for everybody but it worked fine first long as he told me I could do it. Someone pointed out to me. That if you if you get in get a big car in Chicago. And buy it right. Lot more in the West Coast market. I was an entrepreneur. Of borrow the money bought my first Cadillac and months old. And I bought other one. Almost every month I had a California. There was October there were Thanksgiving and there was Christmas. There was spring break and between. Forty hours of driving and advertise on the school bulletin board kinds of people needed a ride paid my gas. Sometimes help drive. I could sell the car I would create advertising before I got there I'd have a list of people waiting to see it I'd sell it within a day or two. Pay back the loan buy. My airplane ticket and have some of the coalition it was awesome. And I got to see my feet. Didn't have to have any mushy letters. Little side one day and birch all where I was staying at her steerage energy diversity. And she was back at Paradise Valley. The pastor that time for over a game was over rode very very tired he was a godly older gentleman gentle and kind and he would actually come to the dormitory once a week and it was a little off as their views and he just put out the word that if you want to come and visit or pray I'm here to be with you I thought that was what it is'. Nice school so I dropped in to see him. We visited and. Asked me though my background and told me some of the burdens and particularly I remember him talking about stewardship somehow this on his mind. And he said you know young people today are just not the same that is. Why in your spirit is why he says they're grabbing Cadillacs these days. I didn't explain anything to him. I knew who was talking about. But not everybody was doing that. On a record get Christmas that year ago. I bought a beautiful ten month old Thunderbird with a car. And I advertised for kids wanting to go for Christmas and I had plenty people coming in the car and I was hoping. Was hoping that one of them or two of them are good drivers turned out scary I ended up doing almost all the driving myself. So I got to California. Pretty tired but I was so hyped up anyway because I knew this was the time we. Could be going next summer. Maybe was in class or working and I knew I couldn't see her for a few hours so I drove over eight miles the two of us to where I had a little answering service calls for the car. And they drove to the residential district. Twenty five miles an hour that was no problem and I got this one place and went down a steep hill and by a school and. I know I was doing some daydreaming about the and the car sped up you know there have been and I caught it about halfway down I realize now I'm going faster than I realized the beginning and I did my brakes. And the guy behind me had a slight red one. Over. And. It didn't matter what I said to him that I just drove there you could see my Michigan play it had been forty hours. That I hadn't been speeding it was just the hill I put my brakes on without his help I was trying to correct it he didn't care I don't know why he should have like my story was true. But he didn't care I said when I read the ticket I had to go to court he says yes because this is the school zone. I said but I will be here in January you said that your problem you go to court you can go to court next week you just have to go there sign in and work you in at the end better take care of it before you go back to Michigan yes. I told the Jensen member virginities. You're not going to get out of this one you better be prepared or worse I said I know I hear you. So I went down. Descending to a court that day they had a brand new court building my it was the press of this courtroom and this this judge is way up on the high places you're down below and you've got a little podium and even a microphone and you know you go up there and the you're innocent and the towering over you is the black robe I remember when you came in that morning he said. After we'd all stood you know and. Proper And we spoke to the judge and he said I want to tell you one thing I have a lot of court cases today and there's one thing that bothers me. If you come up here and you plead guilty I don't like to spend the next five minutes telling me why you aren't. There I hope I was just going explain. And now I can't even do that. I listen for several hours as the people gave them their fine and he wasn't afraid to charge money. There when all my profit I thought. Finally in my turn came. I went up to the podium the gallery was still pretty full. On how do you believe I said serve. I was it happened or what I want to tell him the whole story and he looked at me and he said well you have anything to say for yourself. Is this and. I sit in my cell. I said to him I said sir I remember what you said this morning. You look puzzled like what did I say it looked like I said Sir you said not to come up here and plead not guilty and then spend five minutes telling why you're. Guilty and explain why you're not. He leans forward like well. I said. I said sir I said I just a direction forty hours from Michigan. I was in a car I wasn't really that familiar with I was going for an appointment it was only for a moment going down that steep hill the car sped up. And watching his expression watching the prosecutor expression. Didn't seem like it was good and. I said I'm going to throw in the whole works. And I found a set and a car sped up and I suppose I would have to admit I might have been distracted and maybe young men about to get married and propose wouldn't be driving and the whole court room burst into laughter. And the judge looked around and he looked even at the prosecuting attorney or whatever he was and he said Well do you have any recommendations and the man said Wells Your Honor I was just getting ready to recommend leniency. And the judge said Son I have one question for you did she say yes. I said Yes sir she said yes. He said Well then son today you may go out the free door congratulations and the whole gallery one who. And I left a red faced an api that I floated out the door. It was a blessing. We were married that next summer up and granted you Washington your home church in the Yakima Valley. Your doctor Jensen in Virginia drove all the way up there and you practice and you walk the. Line. Yet another year of schooling and so I could work for Paradise Valley in the surgery department as the O.R. technician I love the work there when she graduated we had a. To Michigan this time I'd help with the ministry. And. Enter the college and took a religion major and mentioned some of that last night. When I graduated I served in the Michigan conference I had a wonderful experience. In the north served there for years until I was serving. Then the call came in after the public health from our. Go overseas for the general. And that's a story in itself a mile see how God. Works in such marvelous ways. It's better we don't plan to. Do or. Want to just mention something because I close about Dr Denton. It until about two years ago he was in his mid ninety's this life and died in a tragic auto that in the. Room along the road he died and the doctor gent that had a. Long. Open Paradise California. Was going to go to paradise. Their very. Anyway I heard about his situation I used to write Dr Jensen and his wife Avi every Christmas or every other person and it wasn't a writer I never got them. But I've always been so grateful. That he was in the United. Council by the correct Mohnish. And I'd write and tell him how much he meant and what will I never heard from him but I do the I over surely appreciate the letters we see them once a while when we get on the West Coast. When I heard he was dying he had all those mental faculties but his body was getting out I determined to go out and see him. And I visited there in a nursing home. Sort of like. His mind was right sharp. We had such a wonderful those. And. He told me in tears I've never seen a cry before. You said you know you used to write me. I know I never wrote you your letters meant that when you and that is what it meant to us we never had to go. So I'm so glad i want to be less as you are. I said you know I've been more mature a little sharper I would have liked to call. If you like that I didn't have a verse that. We prayed together that day and as I went back to stay in his house. With his nephew who come here. After our prayer I said to him. That. His nephew came back later that night after he visited and that. This guy. Down before. God has so good. To give us. That men who are. There there may be hard to find God can find them. A mother want to just mention her she died last year. When I was baptized at twenty she was so impressed with changes made in my life. And her and her husband to. A year later they were about. Like a perfect story but they were baptized too soon but I. Do. They didn't change in the offing or. They said. It is but they were going to I've been in this for. I couldn't say a whole lot about it I felt. And I prayed. She was a good lady in so many ways but you had to the novel she read were so bad she put artificial covers on the Bible. How could I reach her. I prayed twenty years. Great her every day. And I didn't see any change. And never complained he one time to the Lord I said Lord it's not workin How long do I have to pray I was. Upset. I told him so. And the Lord said. Your mother is going to say. And. You promise. And then you think. If she chooses. Not for. Money. And I had to pray quite a few more years. I'm happy to tell you ninety two years ago I've. Done that. And she was a person not. The form of art and she. Beauty in her life the last two years. See what God can do some one. I mean we were talk about milk a hollow. My mom and I love milk so much we didn't even buy it in court bottles we bought. Record hand over to our door. I never thought she would sing I didn't try to take her away from her like her cup of milk with her meal. I made other mistakes but I left that one alone. She saw one of our videos one time on health and she decided what am I drinking. I don't need. She switched to soy I didn't. And little by little her life changed just an example not of the vision thing but it's all those pieces that come together that make a real experience with mention. She gave her heart to Jesus it was a blessing. Even I have been married now in June for years I know I look so much and that's the truth. When I Pozen I just think about her I just have such great Thanksgiving. Proverbs thirty one ten says who can find a virtuous wife for her worth is far above. And then solve thirty seven who are the light that I sell also in the Lord and he should give you the desires of your are and. I praise the Lord for selecting or forming. It was his doing. I knew early that that she was an answer to my career. And now you've been as we've been married this is many years. I marvel how our love continues to deepen. It just reaches a new level and you say to yourself How could it get better and I'm not telling you is perfect. But I don't know anything better. This is really wonderful. Only a married man and a woman can experiences because with a combination of vying intervention. Those who make their marriages work. An especially after twenty years and I'm very sensitive about your. Because as a mother the voice of most the or. My grandmother divorced or has. There was nothing but divorce or family nobody know Cleveland made it out. But I'm just thinking as I watch other people's marriage sometimes they give up five years in the movement. But we have to keep pressing again the two are breaking the record with a simple one. B.B. and I determined to pray together daily regardless of who I have. There were times that I have offended my wife. That maybe the sun goes down and it is just not quite ready to think. You've been there you know that you try to get things settled as they. Were hurt. But never once when I said to me. Or our prayer this year for. Her how he felt. There was time she would say. Yes but would you pray and I accept that you understand that and I didn't pray please correct the. Other. You got to be reasonable about what you pray about. Family that prays together what they gather. So it's a very important part I'm amazed how many couples who are in the administers. Who. Need change. It's the privilege of their. I mean you could be romantic before and why can't you get with it now. I mean you can't just settle in. If you really want that experience that deep experience you have nurtured don't take it for granted. I remember one day I was going on a trip overseas and I was in by Lowe's buying a card for my wife for Mother's Day because I'd be gone. Overseas this Mother's Day He's gone through a lot of. Never complained. And I was looking for a Mother's Day card it was a little early I knew that and I asked the lady because I couldn't find one and she is oh we just got them today I'm putting them out just a moment and she'd take them out and she'd look at them and read them while I'm standing there course of her. And then tell me about it and put it on the shelf and get another one now in kind of drool over it and tell me about it and put it on the shelf and I was getting frustrated. I didn't want to tell her. And then she made this comment. And then I understood. The coin out and she looked at it she said someday. I wish my husband a very hard life. And that guy wrong with him can't buy a car on time. So I tell you just little things. Regular things are so important that Mary. If I were to try to find a description of infinity. This is. Because as you're married to the years and you go past the twenty year go with the press together every year don't get that. And at the end of the year you'll say I don't know that it could get better but it does. And that's how I haven't kind of you wonder sometimes what you're going to do forever. Don't worry it just get better I know it gets better and this is an example. The married ones I just want to leave. Enjoy. Married to the next or there's nothing out there better. Growing together morning and evening a possible. Regardless of what's happening to single one. I recommend my prayer to you I little innocent prayer I prayed in Japan when I met those little missionary girls and I saw the clean rules of the earth and I said someday Lord I wonder Heinie a life that I want you to know the gods in the Mary this. He had to experience just ask Cain and Abel I know I didn't mean that I'm adamant he knew what I was trying to say I'm just checking if you're awake. Event of the business for a long time and he can get you the right one at the right time don't try to manipulate. The godly. And you'll be surprised at what you do and he will give you this promise from at then a song page forty three. Mary just something that will influence and affect your life. In this world world become. US and zero Christian a wise virgin Christian will not advance his plans in this direction without the knowledge that God approves. Or. He will not want to choose for himself but will feel that god. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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