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  • August 7, 2009
    9:00 AM
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good morning or anywhere is a great group of young and all rumors he had a great day yesterday to helping others I also was very glad that you sang that song why never hard again as I tell my story and then share with you on that when I went to the Portland church and very fast bath when the song they sang in my mind though I were to go on a journey this morning I've been asked to share my own life experience and how God has led me in my life and let us and our ministries own minute trying to take you through several years here and just about an hour this morning but the reason I want to share also this experience with you is because I have no question in my mind that God is a little girl from the main and lead my life completely and if you can lead my life I know he's leading your life and we just have to be sensitive to his spirit and so I want to want to share with you a few pictures this morning to sell in it we don't have that there and so we can put that on I have a few pictures along the way and I'm going to share with you and you like to think about how Godhead that is leading off your life and how that all many times you say I wonder if I is really leading the eye have some big decisions that may have made the decisions were going to go to school off will do my best to have them in my life hand yeah all the things that are so important and so on when there is car with and family to share my experience and that he is not uncommon sure that the young people I think that building is fired to see how God has led to so I want to first start by saying throughout history have led people if you look at Scripture God by black people if you look at Moses I'm going to even tell if something goes right and I I mean he was the question that child had the baby and hairy and him and behind the whole process in the river and you wonder how is he going to lead any pain in his life level will develop my bare and yet I allowed nowadays to lead the children of Israel and then you Daniel Daniel was seventeen years all you can get many believe this country and its friendly family and I will and yet all nations is changed because of Daniel and them and you went on to say I mean his brothers are angry when they think he father 's hand had done more for hands and then there is Alice and they're angry there that doesn't really want to kill and but they don't want blood on their hands they decide Bill Clinton and in what can only change is in going okay the the now neatly down the whole nation in the air in the home team call from my time I'm glad I'm gone in fact and is this chapter sixteen verse nineteen when the brothers and I were bowing down to him and that the hallway are you certain you don't understand them don't be afraid for I am in the place of God be afraid they were afraid until then anything don't be afraid from the place of God but as for you you meant evil against me but God meant it for good in order to bring it about admitting mistakes is saying many people alive so he said he will live my life and management and he and Michael are a better night my people from from and because of where he placed me so I believe I am long time that I mean that in my whole life I want to take you back to a cold winter day in December and a little girl is born in Portland Maine a girl only had a single parent no father Justin what can I is sometimes difficult in your life try being raised by a single mother and very little money in a poor family and just six months all I laughed for a remain and went on to a little town in the North and you and in now my mother I is in a relationship with a woman in the future I thought there so I now in this little house but the young girl I saw that God had a plan for my life and I had met spiritual mommy but I didn't know how that was going to be fulfilled in my life the unit were really very my mother my sister and myself I did not grow up of course and I spent a day at present and really not even in a Christian home low occasion I might would dress up in a certain way on the very next draft that we had go to the Congregational church student by the United Baptist Church that we had and how will they just want things whitening here never really had any religious background occasionally when investors but there was Conway in the home there was difficulty in the home there was abuse in the home and it was a very difficult situation and so we would be wrong and told that we needed to go to our grandparents home now my grandparents lived way out in the country in an old house that my grandfather and his father was actually born in existing acres out of our and moreover we now have three-hour from where I live and we would go down in that house I would get his hair you see my dead father I didn't want him around so healing given a little bit of change as they go to the movies on Saturday and when I went to my grandmother 's house he lay on Friday half are on Friday night my grandmother grandfather would gather around you is just like when you saying here today and then on Saturday morning they like in the church for easy someone knocked on their door and they had become seven a.m. but not early enough possibly in there alive that the rest benefited from that but they now became that you may thought these two little girl with a single mother and now I bother being involved and not in that situation and so we would go down and just enjoy being with them but it was different it was a different environment but soon we would have to go back because the primary school to start we would go back and we would go back and forth on sometimes even in the school year we would have to go and live with our grandparents because they would be kind of rough at home and on felt we were in and out of several more and that sometimes can be very difficult on a young person as well but God again was leaning because I had grandparents who were trained for these two little girls and but it became know that one night in the middle of the night on a prewar I don't even really know God is in Lagrange is leading my life one day at time back in my home and going on at a knock came on the door it happened to be called order and the call quarter wanted to sell books and Bibles in all and ending in tears in case is that all were also offering a free Bible for you and I or I was nine years old he Bible for and I started with the voice of prophecy as you and your last sentence at nine years old and very core I wanted to learn how to be saved I wanted to have a different lifestyle I didn't want to come for what I was seeing in my home I didn't want that for my life started taking the Bible or on the day today to the voices of processing for what they did in my life because you see I can send a newsletter and I learned where where it is stated anyway how did we get incident now I started learning things about helpful is that I work what are the main body was accountable of the Holy Spirit and I started telling my mother I want to support anymore I don't want anything I will make them designing learning about the Bible and I thought I would keep the Bible and my grandmother will be writing and going to church on Saturday or ballroom they are but how could I do that at first my mother was on very nice for them in fact I started telling her about all the things in she started taking the left and then we started doing things than normal just trying to do that but then on things became very difficult again at home we were in and out of different schools and will remain in and finally one night in the middle of the night and start job we were thrust out of our bad taken that we were going to another place and we were leaving and another person was unknown July and so we went to a town and my mother said now you have to go to hear and present the school year we walked only one I want to leave all my friends are my friends were doing that with my and when I is now even after the school year so we started to go to school there and then there are about six seven eight months started school and my mother said in our ability to play and moved to another house and I thought I just wanted you to remember all the things I learned and I wish I could follow them and I know better than people praying for me I know a hallway outside the voice of prophecy and he laid it out there that were praying for the people were taking lessons that they didn't know it was a night and ten -year-old girl that was taking the lessons that needed a change life on sure things went in the mail that they had trained that God will ask somebody lie and I wow I waited to mail the common I went down to live is anyone not named a C I had another last thing that I do that I was going to have to handle for me because someone is praying for me my grandma and my grandmother whispering for me I know I'm sure a loving and helping my eye and voice of prophecy worked for a first of these all that were taking the bipolar and then I was one of them so I got what do you think is a prayer say that what she would not do you prayer is powerful prayer is very colorful prayer and faith will accomplish what no other power on earth can is pretty for me as a difficult time and I start in high school I got involved with my I was a cheerleader although I knew about that now in the last end it wasn't possible for me to find an asset as security or defrag is that because my family didn't believe in practice and my sister and I were left alone a lot I was about eleven years old by now and we were left home alone alone a lot and go we were left to do what we wanted to do basically but again had Andover because this time when we moved in and we moved several times within five different schools in one year and this time without limiting the we remove the right next door to the cost of pastor him him they had a UK family those were my age and we got acquainted with them they were all late Christian family and they invited not only ensures in the Pentecostal church they invited he went down they invited us to their home and we became very with his family very often insurers and I I couldn't not write down what I have learned in the language and voice of prophecy behind the left and I still play somewhere way in the back of my mind is that the Bible is what he will I at the age of eleven twelve thirteen fourteen years old going to pray that there was no such thing as an Adventist church where I live the way that like I could just want to church and find one but not again when leading and so we went to church every Sunday every Sunday night we had young people meeting I was fourteen years old and it's time and cost of pastor was a wonderful pastor and one night there was a revival meeting among the young people my age and he had exists on your tonight that would like to give their hearts to the Lord that you want to know all a all in Jesus Christ and although I didn't know a lot I knew his name because I comprehended it understood the lessons that I have been dealing with the voice of prophecy I didn't have an opportunity to actually from in my life and so I said when I is will the people that day and know that you have a baptism in what happened after them with all eight hundred dollars I went to bed Saturday night just like any other night and I was the same but when I went to bed that night I had a dream three I received that I thought the end of the world and in three got only and are not very loud voice very I only inventory sad you're the wrong charge you need to find a sad kingdom charts had to open the start and I and my sister I think that my grandmother I think he might be right I think the thing that I learned in the process lastly why because we need to find a sanity keeping charts we tell our Sunday school teacher and consultant on the people that morning I started now about that and about the fact that I didn't think anything that time because I needed to find a sound attending church and I think that all you need not apply here I'm ingrained you don't need to see the fat burning is okay and my sister said there right now I don't think so and I can and believe me young people when you're tears around to him all call and you don't even do that when you know in your heart that Israel thing is for God and God will stand for UNC Wilmington and that is what happened and I know how I believe this is an ally I told her I will usually got into a discussion we got a question and answer a survey and eight at fourteen he don't you are documenting the time and I said I learned that I want to find out if keeping church and for that reason I don't think that we should not and cannot you and I and I didn't know a lot today but I knew this one is alive today we need to the lines in the testimony it is not according to this word is because there is no I I is a lightweight as I did and it seemed like he is writing and I and you and you and all is ridiculous and you know I been applying around according to the Enron and I want to be baptized to well afternoon everyone wins in the river and be baptized by immersion it was a wonderful Christ centered church they all stood on the bank she needs him shall the Lord Sheila Christin haven't you given your heart and I just feel that there is another issue here and I started believing all things and but again they Baghdad now they have the bathroom I laughed at I didn't know what to do because I just pray the Lord is my life I said I is coming I thought I saw Jesus coming in the clouds I saw that I needed to find a fat and keeping church I needed to be ready that I know I'm a lot die I can easily that the true Scripture is the only others me and so I pray that the Lord would lead me again one day my mother said were moving again I had moved a lot that I have advised Stallone within one year I've been reasonable in another year and and another couples another year and so not easy to keep changing will he and my mother said were moving to Portland and while enabling a new place for me we started first in the car again and then we start in another place in Maine and another plane of the world and when we got to Portland Maine how I add I'm not sure how you're going to lead me but I want to find Seventh-day Adventist church I looked in the following and I found that they had a conference I thought I can walk there that's not far from my home I want to the conference I'm not a web knocked on the door and walked in and I said hello my name is Stephen Kenny and I'm just wondering if there is keeping church and beneath it oh yeah I'm fourteen years old by now and they said he brief history there is the white Memorial Terrace is not granted as far as adware and they told me where I get on not too far that's only about four miles I could walk there you know I started that morning I got up early and I decided out and allow myself to church and community will don't think it wasn't because I was there I was shaking my and I is that I will lie to you I'm just wondering if there is a mitigating charge here they told me that I went over on grand Street and now I've got a lot to church I myself and I walked over to while I was walking to the church walking on a car stopped and pulled right up I mean and that little girl I guess I was a little girl I was for only fourteen years of that little girl I is not as I was getting her I was glad and you and you and the little girl would you like them I know he was okay and I kept wanting the third time when I was about ready to run he will be free are you going to the ministers and ministers that her you know what we did not get her into him how do I exists in all yesterday I overheard you when you came into the conference office I'm going to the Adventist church would you like to I will get a three hundred and eighty nine got in the car is brought into the church and when he is in charge is really making me because I am from the little pop culture are out in the country way in northern Maine in pictures I want to try something going on her whenever you it I hope that you are in in the position to be greeters at your charge at the door and show some real hospitality or at least be close by but whoever does that when you get a little older and unity that never say that on that found little girl walking through the door doesn't have potential in her life because when I walked through that door at church left me I'm indebted to the voice of prophecy and indebted to the Portland church the way that my life because when I walked through that door now ladies and being are you here by yourself that you have and she said well will air we want to welcome you but when she lying to mean something other young people will want to need some young people as she went and got a girl by the name of banking when she was my age she brought me and she came down introducing to be then she said I'll take expenditures as a young person showing another young person to start the very first time around the church I will doubt while I know I can be inaccurate I want to be in charge I just knew I why I made the whole of the Bible and when she showed me around the backyard she and the all the different rooms as the downstairs is this is below as long as whole is a church school as well how many grains is there is an alarm enemy in the ninth grade I like to go in as all are how you got is one such school and you have to change it out of his goal and I said while I have any money but I'm a hard worker is when I was back in the hallway and I was only alive and well thirteen and going on fourteen years all we barely had any food he is no after school I would have to go and maybe in those that we might have been granted to Cato 's e-mail in our home and so I said I know where I learned what it was like to change those little baby diapers and daycare and work until later in the night and go air from three thirty in the afternoon until ten thirty at night I wear I will just send what you have to do somebody needed a principal or somebody finally you must think while they can she's pretty brazen to say she wants to physical Hayes I didn't know how I was going to find the message of the Bible and I was praying that God would lead me and so I will the principal meaning that a man by the name of Raymond I think you are in care and wellness initiative and so I told him I wanted to go to all and I said having read my work what can we do I'm telling you for anything we had a fastball any extracurricular thing I have panicked I was not reported to go before adding anything I wanted to do that with you can do when you're on your own and now I remember going out and selling life and health at night I will come home until I told that he had lied and help every night to get a little bit of money in my pocket and no I went to that goal I was privileged unethical I was learning nine hundred and then what I do now where you will you pray that all is the Academy called South Lancaster Academy and I than young people go there after ten praise and how I know they are well one day they had what they call the Academy they and we went down there and I said I would like to go to school I love the school and the environment was solved when I saw on my home I like this will cost money to go to school so I can get is when I get a job and they said well they had different jobs I need a job in the summer I need a job I can earn lots of money because I take my whole way in Stonington well maybe you should try the bindery so I went down to the bindery and this is another miracle that God watches over its estimate I went down the line to add me interviewed me and I is and how long you want to go there I said what we do here is because I love kids and I wanted to be a teacher that I wanted to show you all and four years in college and I want to goal and learn how to be a teacher because I young people so when I said that he said okay and have a job where it were going to make you aware while he made me I taught me to be a seller but in the bindery now and again part of God 's plan because he sours where the one that got the most time and I was able to work eighty hours a week in the summer and then I was able to work thirty five hours a week during the school year a noticeable time design headline is so nice that unilaterally I worked from eleven morning till eleven at night that they are shift and if I had not had a somewhere I could not have happened those hours and I would have been able to go to school I went to that school God bless me and that will I went to college there I then pastor by the name of okay now and I was that I bypassed in the house I then had an opportunity to work with and I think he sure is that all and he taught there for three years but in the meantime while I went on at the New Orleans bowl guy again way leading my life to be involved in his work with young people we had a little or that we cannot thank you wary and I see that guy was even leaving the meeting now how to share my faith somehow and we are adding you think that you are handled by his virginity to something new let me tell you that I was a part of the young people voices of youth meeting back to their world so I was preparing my mind to get involved in what I was in I Atlantic Union collects light Mark and Dylan so is hearing me I was involved I I I know how to do this we have little far as great as we were involved in that graduate is on there and went to Atlantic Union Hall is at had a wonderful experience there that Mark Finley you might say the rest is history that God was leading me there had even while we were there we were asked as young people to get involved in evangelism there is has been in the back and here I am from here and we were involved in 9/11 hysteria evangelistic series and it was at that theory that the conference crown then happily my husband was only a sophomore in college and college second year of college and when we got in eating that night he said that my husband would like you to be part of our ministerial team and he finished his course 's next two years I went down to Hartford Connecticut taught there and then we join pastor always a bill that as the associate pastor and teacher at the school worked there for two more here our network engineers I have three years of violent on your early tonight I ran out of money I was working a lot seventy hours a week and thirty five in fact I didn't do what he wanted was working on those six hours outside I delete a clean or whatever I can do to earn money and so we were trying to really see how God was leading and the Lord led us to get married and that was a wonderful experience in nineteen sixty seven we just celebrated our forty second anniversary and I had no idea how God would lead out from that point on but again he was leading a letter from Hartford in Connecticut to our first church on first district unless you think it's always been easy and great from our family in the van was found that first church that we had young people wasn't so easy I remember my husband was all excited because the conference president and again after Finley we need somebody young to go to this church is dying and in fact there are two churches that are about ready to close down the other one knee and a morning in a graveyard and not sure what I went to church and maybe even with some young like you and your wife can do down there and work in the church and so we were excited about it we thought while they have at least one fairly good church I had been planned as a league prepared it and that my worth and proven that turns and that we threw his first preaching I we got there the deacon the only one there is pacing the floor back and forth and you look out the window you can anyone imagine minis as well this was our introduction to our first church as well after I hope someone shows up today that was our introduction while a few people did show up but that was when we started reaching out into the community is that we need to go out into the highways and byways we put a little ad in the paper I started I mean give me thinking nobody should answer that again prayer is what no other power can do we are sad were going to pray that the Lord output to three responses in her mailbox every single day and I did just we had so many Bible studies going that we had to pastor my husband had at least thirty five is only invited the young people from the Academy not farming down and help with literature distribution we were going to do everything and anything that we could do I people that needed Christ while we were there for three or four for two years and that Elder WG three p.m. while play and he wanted my husband 's economy and work with him and my husband was then ordained as an ordained minister and we were praying again as to where God was going to lead after a series of Providence and God bless spent three years at wildlife without different see and will renew our range is my husband and I were working together and we were reaching out into the community there is we were a people involved in the health ministry we were getting violent study where you aren't doing public evangelism we were doing personal and handling your Yahoo lyric twenty five years old twenty six years all organizers twenty seven years of one day my husband came home October twenty five nineteen seventy three that God is calling me into full-time evangelist one hundred I believe the Lord is calling for Alzheimer's vandalism how anybody can call us we were actually hired by the Georgian College conference on a wildly in AL at a self-supporting institution how anyone that a call asking a full-time evangelism that night young people we prayed again for two hours that God would lead our lives the next day October twenty sixth nineteen seventy three we got a call from the southern New England conference in our committee met yesterday and they want you to be an evangelist and lovingly clean God leads miraculously we simply want to follow God 's plan we want we had the privilege of meeting Elder can know how Nintendo was the man who carried out the vision of February twenty seven nineteen ten and when he or she said there needed to be companies of workers call quarters young people islands doctors nurses working together so we certainly want to bring a group of young people will not work at fifteen I think I'm me when you know that someone are those out there and using them that the hometown of Brad Thor who is now the president of help channel came and laid an arm who worked with Collymore nineteen years old came with he has now been the history of the best of all these young people were living in our home and I was laughing we were doing evangelism we had so many in the wedding and that we need to start a school we learned all there but we got a call from the late and we heard about what was happening very New England and evangelism and I would like you commenting that here in the Chicagoland was only about these young people living in our home and we want to know more young people that wanted to come we have five home now and I passed out and mail the very past her that we had to turn either to come and join our team and he had me believing anything home that leaders are below me when all is said to be involved in evangelism to train pastors seminary students and anything learn more about this and went out there in Chicago and on how you talk about a miracle story to tell you briefly what happened we went out there several times looking for building start is below when you live in Nashville today that was started in nineteen seventy nine through areas of Providence is a miracle when you have zero faith at all leave this beautiful meal and ten million in half an hour and I we didn't have five dollars and I can't let alone five million dollars women out there are overwhelming and five million three million and is now building three and a half million dollars and they had him as the only hair and is more tightly round that hasn't me as it was a retirement that our classroom there is everything you need to start a school here in cafeteria kitchen dining hall and all that we look at and how much would it be well we won based on passive family want you and your wife did not hear he was born the rack is building and seeing if we can we went out there and found we wanted to California to start school for young people we want to teach them how to do programs in the community to better the community is not smoking plan 's goals health programs I got a very holiday and and so they had gone on well where to go out and they will come back and you know when they went out to discuss it we went out and pray again I can't over emphasize audience is and is not an easy one to start the school you need to make the price right because we don't have five dollars in the budget we ask that you unanimously have taken my continuing I have anything in the budget and Freda got only while it went back and they said we look at a negative family time one more time what you want to do it is building we whining and wanted to start a solely wanted to bring young people and we wanted to do things in the community and they said well we thought about that we thought you have all these young in all there is Hillary will he all in all that bad in all times and handing Kim's and holidays as so we decided to give you an you can leave the building is as long as you want to get into one dollar a year ago I said anything to me I am one of them and then when you might get all user on the installment plan and laughing a job where we can only can we not the sole winning is building a one dollar and how it started we got one dollars and one dollar and one dollar for a week and that is not our own building started out in North America and is interested in starting it was first called his late unions only instituted in the North American division in Atlanta Europe Atlanta the communist countries tomorrow afternoon my husband will be sharing with you well Sheriff what I done by visually and verbally that when I was in a little town I get me that God would lead me on to have and I was in the auditorium and I like to think that God would lead me home and I are in my life until I went to South Lancaster how could he think I'm in her role who are you waiting around the world and how only think tank I believe the satellite evangelist and David got them going around the world we were just leaving him him how he was we were in Papua New Guinea a hundred thousand people came out why in the uplink site and eight thousand people in the ringside All-Star and when I called to her man young people not have a hand in people becoming law or an involuntary call a halt and what is happening we started by sharing with you how we got here how I viewed Danielle how I view as Joe said and I hear you people today and I thought that because the whole nation had different if you are not a face very NHL and I will write on you and you and I satellite downlink and I allied out late at night I still have another way because they are going to be on television every day and every day in Iraq have the will to hire and handling the meeting via television and then I said okay and nearby television by radio I satellite downlink I have it on radio people in the jungle and very remote place and had little transistor radio and they were hearing three angels being preached and then I couldn't hear my satellite outgoing downlink television radio you know what an regaling you with the Kenya human mind the whole passage he born in the paper I had a way of impacting the entire nation and he wants to see you very very fast away little girl and having the privilege is working and handling around the world and I work many years with my family and I was thinking why will it behind you I work in our series of posts outposts is host to the children leaving the record keeping all these other things that framework I kill evangelistic meeting and then one day got me on the shoulder and you do there is a meeting or mark in life not me I is you need to do your own meeting and then I saw thought wow I know how I ended as quickly and I want to share this as we had today because I think there maybe somebody sitting here today was a young person can go out and you can witness in your own way and God has many ways of human thing but some of you sitting here today can do your own evangelistic meeting and contact me on the shoulder I said Lord you got the wrong person it's not need I know how I can and the layout and tell my family I was thinking about doing an evangelistic meeting I realize meeting what do you think you need to do that doing evangelism in your making contributions as well I think that's a good idea where would you like to go that well thinking about maybe Florida because I know is I I was very into a man who was my world Erin ninety six I worked with the conference are evangelists coordinator and so I thought I'll talk to him I talk to you let's talk about that I was going to have my first evangelistic meeting me tell you I thought it was any easy because I thought well I've been listening to Mark and me all these years but after I went down very different freeware didn't imbibe or different health program all of a sudden it was about four my evangelistic meeting and I add I can do this time that he is Mark Finley 's graphic on the complexities you obviously did it again I listened to these meetings for Ménière's and four at half out and pour out I finally finished the evening is that I was in the prejudgment and when the graphics stringers and pictures and what will I know intelligent enough to know that when the attack comes up there I read the tag will always graphic and scared and called Mike and Mark Canton 's evangelistic theories you've got to come and do it and you know you got to do anything know what you don't understand I cannot did a very good meeting and he said what will figure out a way and at that time I said the only way to do that is if I can learn how to play everything you say on that computer and I took I need to get on you know how to take it off your your audio tape put it on the computer for each of the computer I went to the graphic department learn how to do that the only thing that I had calculated that it would take me over for an hour is and I started doing all the graphics I start getting all and I I was getting closer and closer to my evangelism meeting called my daughter was a computer mouse inter- help me get these on and I'm going through my evangelistic meeting I hope in my first evangelistic meeting I happen upon Florida and we had a weight we had these graphic and computer citizen in the rock you think you can share him today and in the air a lot refined in that first one but we had two computers one computer here one computer here we had a wire going from in computers and computer one in the master wanted to play all the notes on this computer graphics on the computer and the audience saw the graphic I don't know for his first meeting one and tell you there and I live in the first time I tell you I you know I'm probably leaving the restroom about ten times before I was not present any as a candidate but when I get out there for the first Internet evangelism is different than anything out and get that all the numbers every time because you may not get your audience you can wander can get on to another subject you have everything in my new entity does everything is everything else all I needed to do was produce what was on that computer and then we can stay on track and no I'm not there are reasons I felt like you I was standing behind me in a prison I thought Lord why is he is really a Angeles and well it was to some people that were baptized in that campaign especially in the laser had been on ensuring with infringers and telephone conference president on his head as I was after twenty years in charge came back so that is one reason I'm not happy that there is the other reason young people that God had that series is because the four hundred hours turn in the six hundred hours turn in February two hundred dollars and I said now we have all revelation of whole graphic and his great work for him that's the one that many of you are using year at ASI is and so I have no question that God again leaving me to do when evangelistic theories because he wanted you and others lady not young people boy girl doing evangelistic meeting with John God and lead my life I know that I is leading your life and unlike and racist tax like to think about this text in Proverbs Proverbs chapter three verses by convicts ask trust in the Lord with all your heart do I dry and alarming on your heart and lean not to your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct when I is that young people say that data around anymore with all your heart and lean not on here all understanding and all your ways acknowledge him he will direct your path I have no licensing back to a little ten -year-old girl from no one I made a fourteen -year-old girl from the way me on report when he to find these that they are ministers in the truth in the Bible to Atlantic Union College where God led me into our family where God led you are alive and evangelism in my personal life and I cannot thank the Lord more I can't tell you young people how important it is to stay on the path that God has for you because it is more difficult to combat it was more difficult for keys after being on the church for twenty years to come back I hate when someone morning that sat at my table meeting providentially and said that he again out of the church for Wendy Ferree year and then came back and said the track that means you out often are many and often very difficult to combat the day closed as the United States is there's only three ways that I know after they closed as and that is that you need to have a strong relationship in prayer and number one and second you have a strong relationship with him in Scripture opening date in your mind in Scripture and the Bible and prayer for Windows how you have strong relationship with it I know God is in the blessing as you give your heart college and have given your heart totally gay he never let them go because John and I know that it was real to me than I saw in my dream had gotten out and get everybody in every night he knew that was the way to lead me and just as I thought reality in that dream of Jesus calming in the clouds of heaven I know that he is real and a half and I believe where I'm working at Carnegie and she is so down on me and you and you will you are you in a business here is my audio is is is is maintenance if you would like to learn more and I signed a lease then he is not a assignment is a worry as a cleanser when please visit www. nonbelievers .org


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