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The Revelation of Esther - Part 1

Roger Seheult M.D.


Roger Seheult M.D.

Assistant Professor of Medicine at Loma Linda University



  • June 17, 2017
    10:00 AM
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Lord please be with us as we open your word. Please make sure that. That what I speak or not my words or your words. And then also make sure that what we hear is not my voice but your voice as we speak and today in one name Amen. While I have to be honest with you I'm very excited about speaking today I feel like. You know in some area when they see Israel and they couldn't find any food and the lepers went out and they found the four lepers when I feel like one on one of the four lepers I've gone into to the enemy's camp and I found gold and food and I can just enjoy it by myself right some evil is going to happen if I just sit on this so I feel compelled to kind of show you what I found. So about about two or three weeks ago my wife and I went on a cruise to Alaska an amazing thing if you ever get a chance to do it one of the stops was this place called Skagway Has anyone gone to Skagway before it's a beautiful place it really went into a boom town in one thousand nine hundred eight when they discovered gold up in Canada and what happened as you can see on the map is just about one hundred thousand people rushed up from the United States and Canada to go for this gold and for those that didn't have a lot of means they went to Skagway because that was kind of the way that they got up to where they needed to go they got to Skagway and you know that little panhandle there in Alaska where the Canadians were just off maybe about fifty or sixty miles and they would not allow anybody into Canada unless they had provisions for one year so that's about two thousand pounds they had to carry every person to get in there for the Gold Rush had to carry two thousand pounds of supplies to get where they wanted to go so that meant they had to carry fifty pounds back and forth back and forth. Until they move that a certain distance and then have to move again and you can kind of see here on the map that they had to get to a place called Dawson which is where there is a big lake and in the winter time froze of course but in the in the spring it thawed out and then they had to build boats after going hundreds of miles out to actually build a boat on Dawson's lake and then travel an additional five hundred miles down the river to get to where the gold was that's the only way they could do it people sold everything people rist lives why. For Gold So here's a picture up in Skagway of these people carrying this stuff up these huge Alaskan mountains and into Canada. Where they are up in Dawson's Lake building these boats you know when the when the lake thawed and so you cannot all of it but when the lake thawed eight thousand boats were put on that river to go down that's how many people were there within the first mile or two thousand of those boats had already sunk. That they were they were completely ill prepared completely ill prepared for it as it turns out I found out do some research that my great great grandfather was actually one of those people and fortunately he was a ship captain so he was a little more experienced and he made it down to Fairbanks where he did some mining at the turn of the century and it was all for this gold. People were willing to sacrifice anything they could for gold it's sort of spirit of prophecy. Education one eighty nine the study of the Bible demands are most diligent effort. And the person very thought as the miner digs for the golden treasure in the earth so earnestly persistently must we seek for the treasure of God's word. By many man's wisdom going to talk of trying to set the tone here for the talk by many man's wisdom is thought to be higher than the wisdom of the Divine Teacher and God's lesson book is looked upon as old. Stale and uninteresting but by those who have been vivified by the Holy Spirit is not so regarded they see the priceless treasure and would sell all to buy the field that contains it and stead of books containing the suppositions of repeatedly great authors they choose the word of him who is the greatest author and the greatest teacher the world has ever known who gave his life for us that through him we might have everlasting life crisis the truth his words are truth and keep this in your minds they have a deeper significance than appears on the surface all the sayings of Christ have a value beyond their unpretending a parents' minds that are quickened by the Holy Spirit will discern the value of these sayings they will discern the precious gems of truth though they may be buried treasure. The Bible contains all the principles that men need to understand in order to be fitted either for this life or for the life to come and these principles may be understood by all this is education one twenty three no one with a spirit to appreciate its teaching can read a single passage from the Bible without gaining from it some helpful thought but the most valuable teaching of the Bible is not to be gained by occasional or disconnected study its great system of truth is not so presented as to be discerned by the hasty or careless reader many of its treasures lie far beneath the surface and can only be obtained by diligent research and continuous effort the truths that go to make up the great hall must be searched out and gathered up hair a little there a little eyes I twenty eight ten when thus searched out and brought together they will be found to be perfectly fitted one to another each gospel as a supplement to the others every prophecy and explanation of another every development of some other truth that Types of the Jewish economy are made plain by the Gospel every principle in the Word of God has its place. Every fact it's bearing the complete structure in design and execution bears testimony to the author such a structure no mind but that of the infinite consumer fashion. Education one twenty three God made the human body God made the Bible is the Bible not a living word. Right I have spent most of my academic career and medical career studying the human body and I'm telling you we haven't even scratched the surface is it possible that that may be the same with the Bible as well are we going to study it for it eternity OK. I'm setting you up here OK we're going someplace with this we must think not well we have all the truth we understand the main pillars of our faith that we may rest on this knowledge the truth is an ever advancing truth and we must walk in the increasing lights this is councils to writers and editors page thirty three and thirty four new light will ever be revealed on the divine word to him who is in living connection with the Sun of Righteousness let no one come to the conclusion that there is no more truth to be revealed. Think about that the diligent prayerful seeker of truth will find precious rays of light yet to shine forth from the sacred word many gems are yet scattered that are to be gathered together to become the rest of the property of the remnant people. OK. You know when my great great grandfather went up to Fairbanks I'm sure by the time he got there most of the good places already staked out and in fact the sad part is the majority of the hundred thousand people that went up to Fairbanks. They didn't get gold is already staked out they were working for other people getting the gold that's not the case with this gold mine let none think that there is no more knowledge for them to gain the depth of human intellect may be measured the works of human authors may be mastered but the highest deepest broadest flight of the imagination cannot find out God there is an infinity be. On all that we can comprehend we have seen only the glimmering of divine glory and of the infant the infinitude of knowledge and wisdom we have as it were been working on the surface of the mine when rich gold or is to meet the surface to reward the one who will dig for its I love this part the shaft must be sunk deeper and yet deeper in the mind and the result will be glorious treasure through a correct faith divine knowledge will become human knowledge that's Christ object lessons page one thirteen. I'm going here is the end there let all say I want I want to make sure that you guys know where I'm go with this let all seek to comprehend to the full extent of their powers the meaning of the Word of God A mer superficial reading of the inspired word will be of little advantage for every statements. Every statement made in the sacred pages requires thoughtful contemplation it is true that some passages do not require as earnest concentration as do others for their meaning is more evidence but the student of the Word of God should seek to understand the bearing of one passage upon another until the chain of truth is revealed in his vision as veins of precious or are hidden beneath the surface of the earth so spiritual riches are concealed in the passages of holy writ and requires mental effort and profile attention discover the hidden meaning of the Word of God Let every student who values the heavenly treasure put to the stretch his mental and spiritual powers and sink the shaft deep into the mind of truth that he may have tain the celestial gold that wisdom which will make him wise and to salvation however this is not open for private interpretation any goal that is mind from the Word of God must fit I as I age twenty to the. Law and to the testimony if they speak not according to this word it is because there is no light in them so I have dug deep for the last two or three years the Book of Esther has just captivated me and I think my kids who are here today can tell us oh daddy not Esther again. But I want to sink the mine shaft deep and I want to show you what I found because what I have found is beyond words remember that the Book of Esther. Almost didn't even make it into the Bible the scenes who wrote the Bible who copied it copied the entire all Testament except the Book of Esther Martin Luther thought it should have been excluded from the canon. John Calvin had nothing to say about it in the institution of the Christian religion books that he wrote OK It is why is it here today it's basically a Hollywood script the Word of God isn't even mentioned in it but yet it's in our Bible I think after today you'll see why so it was written about four hundred fifty years ago for those of you who don't know the timing of it this is when the Israelites were where the Hebrews or the dues were in Persia under captivity However Cyrus had released them when he conquered Babylon but they still stayed and Persia Xerxes was the king of Persia at the time and for eighty six this is still twenty nine years before fifty four fifty seven B.C. which we all know starts the seventy weeks prophecy in the twenty two hundred a prophecy there's still about a million Jews living in Persia and the setting of the story takes place in the city of shoeshine OK So Esther begins with let's just go right through quickly just a whole brief synopsis is one hundred eighty day feast public one to use the seven days in the garden Queen Vashti refuses and is insubordinate Vashti is deposed there's a search for a new Queen Esther is taken to the palace and made queen Mordecai saves the king's life from big entourage Haman is then promoted him in. Resents Mordecai wants to take revenge on the on the Jews Haman's decree to exterminate the Jews on the thirteenth day of the first month to be executed on the thirteenth day of the twelfth month Dela come up again. Estie or Esther then realizes that our people are going to be exterminated Mordecai entreats are to go to the king the Jews fast Mordecai peals to Esther Esther accept the challenge Esther goes before the king and actually lives then there's a banquet that occurs Haman's plot to hang Mordecai is hatched the king is reminded of Mordecai service Haman is compelled to order more members he puts the king's robe on him and he marches through the streets of shoeshine on a horse's back there is the second night of the banquet Esther then finally accuses Haman before the king Haman is executed on his own gallows then Mordecai takes over the place of Haman He then gets the king's ring writes a new law that allows the Jews to stand in place then you have the proclamation the feast to pour him more time a prime minister of Persia OK that's the story of Esther. What do we do what do we need to do with the shaft. Dig deeper. This is from prophets and kings page six o two you know you can by the way just saying what was the Spirit that inspired the writers of the Bible it was the Holy Spirit do we believe that it's the same Spirit that inspired the writings of L. and white. Can we sink the shaft deeper with Ellen White too I think we can. Listen to what she says here on page six of two this is really interesting the events that followed she's talking about what happened in Esther and rapid succession the parents of Esther before the king the mark favor shown her the banquets of the king in the Queen with a man as the only guest the troubled sleep of the king the public on her show Mordecai and the humiliation the fall of him upon the discovery of those wicked plots all these are parts of a familiar story. Which story she's talking about. A. A lot of things in the Bible have a dual meaning write pray that your flight not be on the Sabbath or in the winter that have to do with the Jews and seventy eighty but does it also have an application for us which familiar story she's talking about so let's see if we can figure that out so let's get started OK So let's dig deeper king of Persia has YOU WHERE IS THE KING OF KINGS other kings pay taxes to him he was the third Persian king fourth right Daniel Daniel live in verse two he was the most powerful of the Kings he inherited the title from his father of king of Babylon he wanted nothing to do with it he went up and destroyed the city of Babylon. So he is the king over the largest empire the world has ever seen and it just so happens that there is a second in command who becomes insubordinate to that king there's an investigation that occurs at a seven day feasts and they find out that this person needs to be excluded from the kingdom for the betterment of all the people that are living in the King of that story sound familiar to you Do you see where I'm going with this what happens right after this is the king we know from history goes to war with the Greeks it's about some most famous battle that ever occurred in European history it's the battle of. Literally it means the battle of the hot Gates Have you heard of that there is three hundred Spartans you know what I know of a story that's very similar because God sat on his throne and ruled over the universe the second in command of that kingdom was insubordinate his downfall was associate with the creation of man which occurred during the seven day period a wind feast Lucifer had free will to choose which doctrines he would follow just like the seven day wine feast had a choice about what wine you could drink if you wanted to in diverse vessels there was an investigation the king the courts decide what should be done with Lucifer and he was eventually deposed and expelled out of heaven for the betterment of those remaining as he would have been a bad influence and you know what happened after that war in heaven. Let's back up this seven day wine feast there's a very specific term that's used there it's called the Misha that's the Jewish word for it it's used only a few times in the Bible maybe about twenty times in the Old Testament every single time it is used it denotes that there is going to be a judgment that follows the the feast let me give you some examples where it was used when Lot entertain two angels that was at a Mischa what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah when I was weaned from Sarah and Abraham through a Misha Haggar was deposed when Pharaoh had a birthday party Amisha the Baker was executed the butler was elevated Samson had a mission to for his wife and then made a riddle about the lion and the honey that was a mistake what happened afterwards the thirty guys lost their clothes and lives right in the balance Abigail and David that was at a Misha Daniel and his three friends eating at the king's table that was a Misha then judgment occurred the Last Supper has the same kind of connotation right there eating at a supper and what happens to Judas then there's the Marriage Supper of the Lamb So the bottom line is whenever we see Misha what do we hear judgment let's do it again whenever we hear Mr we go with exactly think about that. So banquet equals judgment so what comes next. Well it's this battle it's this war in four eighty B.C. which is right after we know exactly when this was because we know what year of Xerxes it was that this happened was in the third year that they deposed that we know that exactly right after that Xerxes goes to battle with the Greeks and a man named Leo Knight is who leads the Spartans against them it's a very small fighting force the king takes his massive army and he goes to war at the Battle of their mop only which by the way they thought was the entrance to the gates of hell. OK Hades So Xerxes leads sixty thousand troops that's found and he loses about a third. And by the way they're known as the immortals. OK And Leo in itis is offered to be given King of Greece he refuses it and says I would rather die than serve you. Does that sound familiar. Leon itis by the way means lion as in seeking whom he may devour So there was also war in heaven a third of the angels who were formerly immortal were lost to the other side God won the battle but suffered a lot of losses so did Xerxes Lucifer was offered forgiveness before the war started but refused and was ready to fight read the story of redemption page fifteen to eighteen Lucifer is notas a lie a lie and seeking whom he may devour and here's a statue at the very spot of the battle in eastern Europe which shows a statue of Leo Knight us and it says in Greek underneath come and take it literally Xerxes says put your weapons down and he in defiance of says Come and take it. What comes next you guys know the great controversy story right Warren haven't Lucifer's cast doubts on what happens next you have to have a plan of salvation right was in the plan of salvation figured out before man fell absolutely So we have Esther happening next in the story of Esther right Esther grows up in obscurity Esther hit her origins until the time was right Esther was orphaned and raised by an adopted father Esther was fully Jew and fully queen and was the only one able to intercede because of that quality the Jewish Targum states that Esther was as beautiful as the Morning Star. Esther was visited every day by Mordecai Esther was loved by the king more than all of the other women Esther's appointment to the Queen ship was done in a high priest like manner she was separated from her. Adopted father she went through purifications and then she entered into the. Pallas. Jesus grew up in obscurity Jesus his origins until the time was right Jesus was orphaned on this earth and raised by an adopted father Jesus was fully man and fully divine and it was and was the only one able to intercede because of that quality Jesus is the morning star Jesus was trained every single day by the Holy Spirit and of Jesus The Heavenly Father said Behold my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased and Jesus Christ is our High Priest. So here we have an Esther. We have you guys should know this is this is the sanctuary right so in the outer chamber we have the altar sacrifice which represents the crucifixion of Christ right the land that was slain since the foundation of the world and then we have the laver which is where purification occurs but it also represents Christ dying and being buried in the tomb and then after Christ rises from the dead he then enters into the holy place the Heavenly Holy Place and then finally in eight hundred forty four into the most holy place well if you look at Esther Esther it goes she the guy who raises her at the inn in the precincts of the temple is a guy by the name of hag guy and that literally means groaning or separation was Christ not separated at the cross and then what happens she goes under purifications for six months that's the Laver and only then the she enter the house of the King. And by the way. Christ when Christ entered the holy place in thirty four eighty he took with him what. What was the only thing he took with him into the holy place his blood. That he got back here at the altar sacrifice correct is not what the High Priest does it says in Esther that when Esther was asked to go into the king she only took with her what had guys. Had given her. Here it is Esther two fifteen now when the turn of Esther the daughter of Abigail the uncle of Mordecai who had taken her for his daughter was come to go on to the king she required nothing but what high guy the king's Chamberlain the keeper of the woman appointed and Esther obtained favor in the sight of all upon them that looked upon her when Christ went into the most into the holy place and Heaven did not find favor. What comes next we have the plan of salvation now. We have the Fall of Man So there's two people interesting lead there in very high positions in the court of the Persian king by the name of Big Don and to rush much trust was given to them but yet they sought to kill the king and it was found out by Mordecai it was figured out if you look at the McGill which is the Jewish literature it was found out because one of them left their posts That's what told it off that's how Mordecai figured it out one of them was not standing at their posts. OK. And when Inquisition was made of the matter it was found out therefore they were both hang on a tree and was written in the book of the Chronicles before the king by the way big son if you look it up in the Hitchcock dictionary means in the press giving wine or in the press out of pressure you will get needs food whereas to rush means desire. Adam and Eve were given a special place in honor of kingdom of God Adam and Eve raised their hand against the king of the universe when they decided to become insubordinate it occurred because one of them left their posts and investigation was conducted and they were found guilty and were sentenced to death and the day the Dow It is surely die. What is out what was out I'm told in Genesis three nineteen in the sweat of the I face bread. And Eve in Genesis three sixteen died. Desire shall be to the husband. OK what happens after that great controversy now what happens after the fall of Adam and Eve. We have the ascension of what type of religious system our religious system that is loyal to God or religious system that is not loyal to God not loyal to God Question question in the story of Esther who is the one that told the king that big fun and to Rush was going to kill him Mordecai figured it out then he told Esther and Esther told the king who should have been elevated at that points who should have gotten all of the reward it should have been Mordecai who was sitting at the King's gate but this is not a story that is a normal story this is a story about the great controversy so what what system of religion gets elevated after the fall of Adam and Eve BABYLON So what do we see raising right next in the story Haman Haman represents Babylon Haman is a religious power that likes to use civil authority to get his way. OK There's a picture of Mordecai not bowing down to Haman So who is Heyman Haman's an interesting character he is a descendant of King a gag of the A Malakai it's remember Samuel saying what's this bleeding I hear in my air it's because they didn't kill him when they should have that we have payment. By the way King Saul is a descendant of which tribe Benjamin Mordecai is a descendant of which tribe Benjamin. OK this is where you start looking at these things and you start to see a lot of connections so here is Heyman and he realizes that Mordecai is not bowing down to him so he goes to the king and he says there are some in the kingdom that don't follow your laws what were we in the great controvert. Adam and Eve just send Lucifer is going to the King and saying Are these the people that you're going to replace me with are these the people. Justice says that you ought to kill these people justice says that they ought to be destroyed he demands worship but that he gets the king to issue a death decree to all Jews he issues on the thirteenth day of the first month to be executed on the thirteenth day of a twelve month listen to what Lucifer says to Christ prophets and kings page five eighty eight R D's the people who are going to take my place in heaven and the place of the angels who united with me. They profess to obey the law of God But have they kept its precepts have they not been lovers of self more than lovers of God Have they not placed their own interests above his service have they not loved the things of the world look at their sins that have marked their lives behold their selfishness their malice their hatred of one another will God banish me and my angels from his presence and yet reward those that have been guilty of the same sins old lord in justice justice demands that sentence be pronounced against them does that sound like a man. Absolutely and Haman said to King as you were there is a certain people scattered abroad and dispersed among the people of all the provinces and my kingdom and their laws are diverse from all people neither keep the king's laws therefore it is not for the king's profit to suffer them to please the King let it be written that they may be destroyed and I will pay how much ten thousand pounds of silver to the hands of those that have the charge of the business to bring into king's treasury let's back up Haman is telling the king they need to be gone they're not following your laws you should not suffer them that's the death to create out of any to see where I'm going with this what's the price associated with the death decree ten thousand talents of silver to the ten thousand the number ten thousand was the single biggest number. In the Jewish. Numbering system they could count higher but it was a single biggest number it's to show the huge amount OK we're going back to this so the debt to create goes out the letters and post everybody's going to die young old Little Women children it doesn't matter if you're not following the king you're dead and that is exactly the death decreed that our parents Adam and Eve suffered when they sinned so where are we we've got the king of the universe we've got Lucifer that just got deposed we've got the plan of salvation we have Adam and Eve we have the execution of the sentence what's the next step. We actually need the plan of salvation OK. So the death occurs a type ology of the death the Creed given to Adam and his offspring by God accused of Lucifer number one why it is a law that cannot be changed the law of the Persians cannot be changed can the law of God be changed no young old male and female are under a charge it will wipe out all and there is no hope without an intercessor So watch this OK this is the digging deep. OK Esther. Haman's death decree goes out and for seventy four B.C. God saves Esther in the Jewish people writes So how much did the Jews oh god. But in money. Ten thousand pounds OK. God says you know what I want you to rebuild you to be my people I want you to rebuild Jerusalem in four fifty seven B.C. essentially forgiving them. Of that ten thousand talent debts because he wants them to finish the transgression make an end of sin reconcile for iniquity confirm the covenant for a week he starts that in four fifty seven B.C. everyone clear on that. The same people the descendants of those people at the very ends. Take Christ and crucify him on the cross. And when. Judas comes back to give them their thirty pieces of silver will they accept repayment they don't accept repayments. It is all this is all basic truth. Christ the worst of them for three and a half years. And finally. Time runs out seventy weeks are gone Stephen is stone and. The seventy weeks are gone and then in seventy eighty the Jews are turned over to the Roman tormentors and row and Jerusalem is siege and destroyed everyone clear on that. Look at Matthew eight twenty three. There's a king who's checking out all of his debts there's some guy that owes him how much. Ten thousand talents of silver Isn't that amazing it's the same number this is how the Bible works God puts little tags on things so this is related to this because this is the same numbers this. Ten thousand tons of silver This servant owes the king he pleads the debts forgiven. Same servant now goes out to a fellow servants who owes him one hundred four hundred pence. Demands payment. Won't do it. King finds out. And ends forgiveness and turns him over to the tormentors. Now in Matthew eight twenty three the first word in that verse is therefore now I'm not very good at English but I know that therefore is a type of word that's called a conjunction right that means it's connecting the thought right before it what was the thought right before it's Peter says Christ how often should I forgive my neighbor should I do it seven times because. No the rule is three and one is cry say to him not seven times but. Wow that's seventy weeks. That's seventy weeks this is not this is not just a parable this is a prophecy it's going to get even better OK the ten thousand talents of silver. What was the date that Hayman sold the Jews it was the thirteenth day of the. First month what was the date that Judas sold Jesus the thirteenth day of the first month. Now when you look at the story the Greek story the Greek word when the servant is bowing down to. The king the word there is a completely different Greek word it means to worship to bow down when it gets to the point where the fellow servant is talking to the servants It's to admonish to encourage. To comfort. Now do you see one problem with my analogy with my parallelism. Dr swelled. That's thirty pieces of silver That's one hundred denarii I. Watch. Go to Wiki. If you go to the very time that Christ gave this parable right which is between fourteen eighty and thirty seven eighty the amount of silver in one dinar I was three point nine grams so hundreds in R.E.I. is three hundred and ninety grams of silver if thirty pieces of silver is the same as the three hundred ninety grams of silver How much would one piece of silver need to weigh it's mathematics it's three hundred ninety divided by thirty which is thirteen. So who is paying the thirty pieces of silver who was the one who had them. Money Initially it was the high priests what was the money that the High Priest dealt with when all the people from all over the world came to the temple they had to change their money into the Tyrion shekel this was the this was the denomination of money that had the highest silver contents OK And there's some problems with it which we can talk about the South you know four o'clock it had the face of bail on it it's so here we have a monetary system with a pagan god in the temple Can you see some. Eschatological ramifications of that we'll talk about that so thirteen grams would have to be how much this piece of silver was so let's go to March nineteenth two thousand and eight rare silver coin found an escalation in Jerusalem this coming Tuesday before in the school bus for all develop Jews will contribute some money the shekel the house shekel a rare Asian silver coin of the type used to pay the half shekel tax and ancient times was recently discovered in an archaeological excavation that is being conducted around the walls of Jerusalem National Park near the City of David it was in that time the main drainage channel of Jerusalem during the Second Temple period the annual half shuttle it had tax was given in shekel and half shekel coins from the tire mints where they were struck from the year one twenty five before Christ until the out big outbreak of the great revolt in sixty six iii zero in the right time period yes at the time of the uprising the tax was paid using Jerusalem shut them which were specifically minted for this purpose the rabbinic sources say silver mention in the pence too is always Tyrion silver What is Tyrion silver it is a Jerusalemites many have interpret this to mean that the only Tyrion shekels could be used to pay to have Schickel tax at the temple next line the shekel that was found in the excavation ways thirteen grams. Thirty pieces of silver is one hundred. This not only predicted when Christ would be crucified but he predicted how much he would be crucified for so let's go back to the statements that we had at the very beginning every fact has its bearing every word its meaning system of truth I guess in this now. What I'm saying is that the death decree of Haman represents. Adam and Eve's death decree OK but what I've just shown here is that that ten thousand is related to the ten thousand in Matthew eighteen if I can find out what Ellen White House to say about the ten thousand in Matthew eighteen because a equals B. and B. equal C. then maybe a equal C. OK so let's go find out so what I'm saying is that ten thousand talents represents Adam's death to create and the price that would never we could never pay as the price of sin which justification removes and forgives all sin OK let's go to Christ object lessons to forty four This is Ellen White the parting granted by this King represents a divine forgiveness of all sin Christ as represented by the king who moved with compassion forgave the debt of the servant man was under the condemnation of the broken law he could not save himself and for this reason Christ came to the world clothed in His divinity with humanity he gave his life the just for the unjust He gave Himself for our sins and to every soul he freely offers blood bought part of Christ object lessons to forty for us in this. OK what comes next. So we have a death decree we have a problem humanity is headed for death we now need to execute the plan of salvation that involves Esther. I love the slide because it shows Christ's ministry in the most holy place between. Into angels and there just so happens to be a painting of Esther going before the king. Being held up by two supporters because exactly what it is OK in the Book of Esther Check this out this is amazing all the king's servants and the people of the king's promises do know this is Esther talking to Mordecai of Mordecai saying look you need to go to the king you need to do something just like wait whoa whoa let me explain to you how the court works. If you if any man or woman goes into the energy Court of the King who is not called there is one law for him to be put to death except such to whom the king shall hold out the golden scepter that he may live but I have not been called to come into the Kingdom thirty days and they told Mordecai Esther's words that Mordecai commanded to Esther think not with myself that skate the king's house more than all the other Jews for that all together hold this like peace at this time then shall there be enlargement deliverance arise to the Jews from another place but that what I father's house will be destroyed and who know it whether or not come to the kingdom for such a time as this. Then Esther bade them return to Mordecai and says Look go gather all the Jews that are President shoeshine fast for me for me and neither eat nor drink three days night or day I also my maidens will fast like lies and so I will go on to the king which is not according to the law and if I perish I perish Let me unpack that for you how long was Jesus Christ in human form on this earth before he was baptized separated from his father. Thirty years. If he had committed one sin in that thirty year period and had appeared in the inner chamber of the court in heaven after his crucifixion would he live he would not. Could it be that the same feelings that Esther was having are insights into what the feelings of Christ were about what he had to go through. Don't you understand Mordecai that if I have not I have not been in the presence of the king for thirty days I don't know how he feels about me I don't know if you will have favor with me if I go into this court let me explain to you why they did this the king sat in his throne room and there was a door that was open huge door then there was another huge inner courts the king could see through the door people had to appear over here because they'd a problem with assassinations Back then people would come in assassinate the king so if you stood in the court and he didn't call you but he saw you if he says I don't know what you're doing here and I don't that the default was you're dead. And. So Esther appears to the courts if she's not accepted she's dead. This happens the day after the death to create so in other words on Nissan fourteen which is a day after Nissan thirteen Esther. Comes to the realization that she is ready to die to save her people Jesus Christ's after being after being away from his father for thirty years on the sun fourteen comes to the realization that he will die for his people. This is what I was talking about now came to pass on the third day that Esther put on are you guys in the same mode as I am right now think about this you are thinking ahead it came to pass on the third day Esther rises up and puts on her royal robes and stands in the inner court of the king's house over against the king's house and the king sat upon it will form the royal house of against it that gave the house its an old English way of just saying what I just showed you. And so it was that when the king saw Esther the queen standing in the court that she obtained favor in his sights the Jesus obtained favor in God's sight. And the king held out his scepter that was in his hand so Esther June air and touched the top of the center what Esther just do she went from the. Enter chamber she was accepted in the inner chamber and then she walks. Through the door. Getting where I'm going with this and into the same room as the can which is the throne room because you were going with this can you say eight hundred forty four. OK. All right. Then a king seven or what will the Queen Esther and what is the request it shall be given to the one to have to came in Esther answered if it seem good on to the king let the King and him and come the states to a what to a what. What's another word for a banquet. Unbelievable. Are you telling me that just as Christ after He rose from the dead went into the inner courts and then went into the most holy place and the investigative judge and began that here we're seeing exactly the same thing. This is a doctrine that has been around for less than two hundred years corrects eight hundred forty four and yet it's here in the Book of Esther twenty five hundred years ago. Only Esther because of her royalty might stand in the inner court and then the presence of the King and live but she could die if you did not find favor with her only Jesus because of his divinity might stand in the holy and most holy place and in the presence of God and live because he could die if there was sin found in him Esther was absent from the king for thirty days prior to her ministry but was given encouragement for Mordecai to embark on her mission Jesus was absent from his father for thirty years prior to his ministry but was given encouragement from the Holy Spirit to embark on his mission Esther asked all the Jews and shoeshine to fast and pray for her as she struggled with her decision to potentially sacrifice her life for her people it could be in vain Jesus asked his disciples to pray and fast for him as he struggled with his decision to sacrifice as lifers people it could be in vain. Esther submitted to the will of Mordecai and resigned to die if it was necessary a Nissan fourteen and fastener prayed on. Teen fifteen and sixteen Jesus submitted to the will the father and resigned to die it was necessary and some fourteen and rested in the tomb and the Son fourteen fifteen and sixteen. And these on sixteen Esther put on her royal apparel and rose up to one into the inner chamber the king's palace was accepted and entered into the throne room on these on sixteen Jesus put on his royal apparel and rose up and went to the Heaven of the inner chamber was accepted in God's presence and entered the most holy place Esther then entered the king's throne room to plead on behalf of her people against the law that could not be changed. She had one request Jesus entered the most holy place on October twenty second one thousand nine hundred four again in the presence of God and the investigative judge that began pleading on behalf of his people against the law that could not be changed. Banquet equals investigative judgment. Where do we get the twenty three hundred a prophecy from. Daniel chapter. All of this is happening where. Where is this happening to some palace. In the very heart of the shoeshine palace the twenty three hundred a prophecy was given the Daniel and Daniel chapter AIDS where was Daniel when he received the prophecy of the twenty three hundred days. He was in the very same place he was in the shoeshine Palace. There's a few people who are getting excited we'll get excited together OK All right. What is the essence of the investigative judgment it is simply. God is in heaven he doesn't sleep he opens the books he sees whose name is written in there if his name is written in there and he hasn't been rewarded he takes the robe of righteousness and puts it on that person is not the investigative judgment. That's interesting how. The faces of the investigative judgment are there there's the invest there's the judgement of the righteous dead and then it moves on to the judgment of the righteous So it's one judgment but there's two phases. If I were asked her what I've just gone to the king and said look there's a guy named Heyman he's trying to kill my people take care of them but this is not a story about that it's a story about what the great controversy. Here's a picture of what it looked like as just coming in she the guy saying hold on right there we've got to get approval. Otherwise you're going to meet my friend the with a spare. And this is where this is we're just it's unbelievable. Out of court in our courts most holy place Esther moving into the inner court pleading on behalf of Christ on the cross holy place intercessory I mean. It's amazing. Jesus refused to receive the homage of his people until he had the assurance that a sacrifice was accepted by the father he ascended to the heavenly courts and from God himself heard that the assurance of his atonement for the sins of men had been ample that through His blood all might gain eternal life the father ratified the covenant made with Christ that he would receive the repentant and obedient men and would love them even as he loves his own son desire of ages page seven ninety here's an actual satellites. Recording not recording but picture of the temple a shoe shine in her court or most holy place since the most holy place. Throne room in her court outer court. And we were talked about that OK. This is we're going to this is we're going to blow up it will blow you away because as we're going and we're running out of time here but the spirits moving me is very moving you want to keep going. OK as we're moving along in the story of Esther what's going to happen eventually we're already at eight hundred forty four what's going to happen we're venture going to get to. Today and that's when it gets really really. Really interesting come to the four o'clock meeting but let me just show you. Come to the four o'clock it's going to blow Have you ever I'm here's a commercial for the four o'clock meeting Have you ever wonder why a woman is what's regard as a church in the Bible. Think about all of the attributes that God put into women OK. Those very same and those attributes that are not in men OK So their ability to the way that a Jewish wedding occurs incredibly amazing the fact that they can that they have a monthly cycle OK this is all going to come up the fact that they can get pregnant the fact that they have labor pains are all these things that are used as analogies in the Bible they all have meaning every single one of those things have a meaning the fact that they can give birth to a first fruits. OK all of the story I'm just telling I'll give you a little sneak preview all of the stories in the Bible about women not being able to have children that means something it's put there for a reason number the quote so we have the beginning the class the class the sermon right every fact has its bearing it all means something and I'll just tell you the to me this is coming out now I believe for a very specific purpose and I believe the devil knows this and that is why he is trying to tear down those differences. Because this is going to be so important it's come to the four o'clock mean but watch this this is a real this is where it gets amazing OK I got to I can do this quickly Adventist teaching and Esther here we go so we know from Adam the teaching in an eight hundred forty four the first phase of the investigate. Judge It began with the judgement of the dead Jesus enters the presence of the king right. Esther entertains King and Haman nothing happens at first banquet Haman goes home. And he is on top of the world's intil he meets somebody called Mordecai who won't bow down to him right so what happens. By the way Mordecai was in sackcloth and ashes now he's by his back at the King's gate. I take that as eight hundred sixty three with the institution of the seven DAB in a stretch now back at the Kings gate doing the king's business right would have Boaz go to get married to Ruth yet to go to the elders at the gate because they were doing the business of the king Mordecai is back at the King's gate we now for the first time since. The death of Christ's have the Spirit of Prophecy once again we have a commandment keeping people on the planets of these professing right. Eight hundred sixty three Mordecai is now back at the gate we now have the institution of that Haman sees more at the Kings gate whose Haman. Represents Babylon whose Mordecai now represents the seventh Avenue which And he's getting error tainted because this guy's not bowing down to him. So what happens his wife patches him a planet says take him out build a gallows and we'll just take him out go ask permission from the king. A religious person is getting civil authority to take care of somebody who's not bowing down to them Are you guys following me OK. Eight hundred eighty eight what happened in eighty eight very big year. In advent of theology number one eighty Jones at the in May goes to Congress to. Test to testify against a national Sunday law instituted by Blair who is a senator from New Hampshire in the subcommittee on labor and education. In the U.S. Senate before it never got out of committee never even went to the floor of the U.S. Senate's OK And what happens later that year they have the Minneapolis General Conference in one thousand nine hundred eighty Jones and a physician from California Watch out for those. Wagner goes to eight hundred eighty eight Minneapolis and instead and institutes what Dr right now Dr but righteousness righteousness or justification by faith which is the thirteenth was message OK think about this now I want you to put this all together OK think about this is what's happening in Esther the king goes home from the banquet he can't sleep. He asked the chamberlain to bring the books to open them. And they start going through and they realize by the way who's the first names that came up in eight hundred forty four the best to get a judgment. For the first names Adam and Eve and whose names come up big thousand and to rush. OK. And they say well look more of it was the one that save the king's life what are we done for him here's a guy who's done good they open the books he's done good nothing's been done for him what happens he gets the king's role put on him I mean how much clearer can this be this is the investigative judgments do you see this OK but Heyman is coming back as this is all going on the trying to figure out what they're going to do Heyman is coming back by the way what court does Haman appear in he appears in Esther six four where Esther went to the king in the inner courts and then went into the. Throne Room Haman comes from the outer core it's Revelation eleven verse two don't measure the out record it's given unto the. Gentiles So Haman represents himself OK. Before Haman can get the words out of his mouth so the king. Change the subject before the Sunday law can get out of subcommittee something else completely changes and later that year in one thousand nine hundred eight we have righteousness by faith which is represented by. The robe of righteousness that is put on want to see already ahead of me exactly. By the way Haman is deceived into thinking that all that glory for him right Ellen White has a vision in early writings where she sees in the holy place people going into the most holy and those that stay in the holy place Satan comes up in into that area and they are deceived into thinking that they're getting the spirit from Satan This is exactly what happened to him and he is deceived into thinking that all of these riches and blessings for Mordecai are going to be for him yet he's the one that's got to lead Mordecai around the streets of shoeshine do you guys get the first part of the banquet by the way is it to banquets or one banquet Actually it's one banquet two nights. Two nights it says that actually Esther seven So is there one judgment yes but there's two phases it's perfect. Now am I correct in saying let's check in with Ellen White Let's check in with Ellen why am I correct in saying that Mordecai is a seven day Adventist Church and Heyman is pro as a pasta Protestantism and that she wants to get rid of them by using a gallows which represents a Sunday law. Review and herald return of the exiles eleven quote the Protestant world today see in the little company keeping the Sabbath a Mordecai in the gate his character and conduct expressing reverence for the law of God are a constant rebuke to doze who have cast off the fear of the Lord and are trampling upon his Sabbath the on welcome intruder must by some means be put out of the way and what's the way that he's going to do it the gallows guess what the gallows makes three appearances in the story of Esther this is the first do you think the other two have to do with the son the law. Telling you or clock. Gallo's Sunday law what have. Next I love this part so Mordecai's in the King's robe. What's got we got to move so what is this this is justification by faith this is Minneapolis Convention eight hundred eighty eight this is the third angels message how can I say that right that justification by faith is the third angel's message I have it on good authority. We're going to herald April first one thousand nine hundred seven have written to me inquiring if the message of Justification by Faith is the third angel's message and I have answered it is the third angel's message in verity. Can't get better than that so here we are today we are in between the banquets. I'm sorry I said Iran where in between nights of the single banquets now Adventists theology teaches that at the Sunday law. You will have a shaking their will to the full unrestrained falling of the latter rain will fall and that is associate with the second angel's message which says fall and fall as Babylon because she made all nations trip to the one about the fornication the latter rain falls on restrain and the ceiling begins and where does judgment begin it begins and not house of the Lord us watch what happens is it possible that all of this is incorporated at the second night of the banquets she made all nations drink of the one of the wrath of her fornication Revelation fourteen sixty eight How is this done by forcing men to accept a spear eous Sabbath. OK. Not yet however can it be said that she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of fornication she has not yet made all nations do this not until this condition shall be reached and the union of church with the world shall be fully accomplished Christendom with the fall of Babylon be complete the change is a progressive one and the perfect fulfillment of relation forty eight is yet future Haman is falling but has not yet fallen How do I know that. If you go and read Esther you'll see that when she comes back she says Hayman. If Mordechai be of the Jews this memoir could be of the Jews that before whom you have begun to fall she actually says those words you will not be able to stand so we have it right there between the banquets Haman's own wife is saying you are beginning to fall against this man and that is where we are today so the question is does Hamman completely fall at the second phase of the banquet he does Esther says this is the man that wants to kill my people what happens. Think about the second angels message where the four words associate the second angel's message OK fallen wine. Wrath fornication. All forwards happen at the second banquet she points out Esther points out payment Haman as the man the king is a wine banquets Mish does. The can't be used in Wrath Haman falls down if you actually read the words it's a bed that she is sitting on a holiday dinner back then but there's a bed OK So Esther is on the bed Haman falls down next to her on the bed he is completely fallen. Off. OK he's fallen. McCain comes in and he thinks that he's trying to fornicating with Esther. And he says well you do this in the King's own house they take him out immediately and guess what they do they hang him on his own second day so in other words let me interpret that for you you can probably see it at the very moment. That Babylon declares. The sun they long they have hung themselves theologically. They have hung them. Selves doesn't mean they lose power feel when says Babylon has fallen it's saying theologically this system of religion has no more in its its fallen cut out of her before it falls OK to see what I'm saying all right so after the first of the banquet the books are opened big down to rest names are brought up Mordecai is rewarded him in his fall Lin but not yet completely fallen after the second and a banquet him and falls completely Haman is hanging on his own gallows Mordecai elevated to the highest level and countermands the death to create the decree is sealed and non Jews are converted to Jews I'm just going to speed up here because we're going to be we're getting to the end here we are going over and I've so much more to tell you it's the best part this is all foundational. All the stuff I've shown you is just foundational the real meat is Esther Chapter nine when they're actually saved because they're saved in a way that is just amazing they're not saved in one day they're saved over a three day period and that has so much meaning you guys are just going to be blown away OK I was blown away that's why I tell you Do you see how I say I'm I'm like one of the lepers that has found a tent full of stuff and I just can't keep my mouth closed so what happens after this happens we know that the ceiling occurs right the whole lot of rain falls and people are converted what happens here well interestingly all of the House of Haman is given to Mordecai Mordecai is given the reign he has the power to make laws. He Mordecai who represents the Holy Spirit is able to make a law that allows the people the Jews to stand against the old law. Holy Spirit comes in and allows us to stand and it's with help from from Esther who represents Christ as well. The number of times the word sealed is used in that paragraph I mean he takes the law and they sealed it and they did this and they sealed it again I mean I don't know how many times they could seal it but the word seal is used there so many times that it is a think. Ceiling writes and then finally I love this text right here non Jews are converted to Jews is not exactly what's going to happen. The he becomes such a powerful figure this is the most powerful that Mordecai has been in the entire story he starts off at the gate he's goes to ashes and sackcloth goes back to the gate he gets elevated on a horse and now he is the second in command he's the prime minister of Persia that is the that is the relative height that we're going to see with the lettering so where are we now close a probation is coming. Little time of trouble great time of trouble second coming of Christ were sealed the second night of the banquet Mordecai Nestor write a new law allowing Jews to protect themselves and it is sealed that's in Esther eight and Esther eight ten Mordecai's elevates a very high position Gentiles become Jews I mean this is exactly what we know. In Adventists eschatology. Jews live attackers die. OK. This is we're going to leave you because this is where they're actually saved and they're saved in different ways there's the Jews in the provinces and they're the Jews and shoeshine and they're completely treated differently on the thirteenth day when they're all supposed to be executed the people in shoeshine defend themselves five hundred people come up against them and attack down all five hundred die and the ten sons of Haman. In the provinces they defend themselves seventy five thousand attackers die there's a lot of people in the provinces. So great this is would be the story would end right yea and they all live happily ever after but no that's not the end of the story and you guys should know by now that if there's something in the Bible it's there for a reason right OK So this is obviously not the way it's going to happen. Esther goes to the king and she has two requests she should be happy my work is done. On Everybody survive no she has another requests she says I want another day of fighting only in shoeshine. Only in shoeshine. Seconds I want to take the ten sons of Haman their dead dead bodies and hang them on the gallows. OK. The next day so that they do they have another day of fighting only and shoeshine three hundred people attack all of them are repelled and killed nobody dies from the Jew side and humans ten sons are hangs in the provinces on the fourteenth they're all resting. There celebrating and this is the day that the Jews celebrate pouring on on the fourteenth of eight are. The next day the fifteenth Now those and shoeshine can rest so why are they treated differently what does the five hundred mean what does the three hundred mean what are the ten sons of Haman mean why are they hung again on the gallows Why does the gallows make a cameo appearance at the ends every single one of these things have meaning and it is absolutely amazing the only way I can explain it is it's Bible so do go. Because there is stuff from all over the Bible that I will state that I will show you how it fits in that because this is there that fits this way and that fits this way OK. And it's also a map it's kind of like the British Airways Bappa of our flying to London this is where I will leave you if you guys want to find out more and I really want to tell you more I'm just limited by time if I wasn't limited by time I would just keep going but we have to stop right so I will leave it at that isn't our God a wonderful God that he put in from the very beginning the entire plan of salvation into a story that's twenty five hundred years old in detail I think we can have faith in Him Let us pray. There. Lord thank you for. Opening up the word today and giving us really face that you are in control that you know the beginning from the end and that the life that you have shown us you've known all along. Please give us the Holy Spirit so we can understand more and give us the tools that we can. And sink that shaft of the Bible and I'm calling. 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