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The Revelation of Esther - Part 2

Roger Seheult M.D.


Roger Seheult M.D.

Assistant Professor of Medicine at Loma Linda University



  • June 17, 2017
    10:00 AM
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OK Well thank you all for coming back. We're going to start in right where we kind of left off so we showed how. The Book of Esther is a typological scenario chronology of the great controversy and now what we've done is we've ended up at the very end of the Book of Esther where the Saints are finally saved now you would expect that the Saints would be saved on a specific day just like we all think crisis coming back it's very simple but in fact that's actually not the case before we get to that though let's review quickly. We have we have. The second in command if you will Basti who is deposed because she is insubordinate to the King that's Lucifer then we have the plan of salvation that is in acted that is Esther becoming queen then we have big fun and to rush going against the King that's Adam and Eve then we have the death to create that is Heyman talking to the king King Xerxes who then Anish it to death to create at the cost of about ten thousand talents of silver. And. That is associated with the death to create Adam and Eve from God then we have the then we have the execution of the plan of salvation Oh there we go then we have the execution of the plan of salvation which is Esther going before the king OK and she's going into the inner court and then she goes into the most holy place the plead on behalf of her people against the law that cannot be changed which is exactly what Jesus Christ did for us in eighty thirty four and then again in eight hundred forty four when he went from the holy into the most holy place following that just have we have two different phases of the investigative judgment there are two I can feel it getting cooler now there are two. There are two nights of the banquet the first half of the investigative judge. Nothing outwardly occurs the first night of the banquet nothing outwardly occurs however after that we have the opening of the books we have the reviewing of the specific thing that happened with big time into Rush by the way who represent Adam and Eve By the way who will be the first ones that will be open were the first ones in eight hundred forty four when the books are opened. And we have the rewarding of Mordecai with the robe of righteousness which is exactly what's going to happen to the righteous dead in the investigative judgment then we move on to the investigative judgment of the living OK and that's going to happen at some point after the Sunday law passed as we know because people who are alive are going to have to make a decision about which way they're going to go just like Alija on top of Mount Carmel saying if bail be God worship him if Christ be God worship Him right everyone has to make a choice and then as you recall after they made a choice after three and a half years of no rain the latter rain fell corrects because a lighter prayed seven times for the rain remember that OK so you have the sun a lot then you have the falling of the Latter Rain the things that happened at the second night of the banquet which was that it was a wine banquet that the king was wrath that Haman fell and the king thought that he was trying to form a cape with Esther are the four words that we see in the second angel's message which is fulfilled at the Sunday lot preferably specifically fall and fall and as Babylon because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication we see this in the Book of Esther because right after this morning elevated to the prime minister of Persia he is given power he is given the signet ring he makes laws a law that allows the Jews to stand on that day of judgments against the law that cannot be changed and that's exactly what the Holy Spirit does for us the Holy Spirit puts the law inside of us. In our hearts that allows us to stand with the robe of righteousness in the day of judgment against a law that cannot be changed. And how was that able to be unfolded it was because Ester and Mordechai worked together to make that happen just like Jesus and the Holy Spirit makes the work that together for that to happen that the Jews in Persia have anything to do with it all they have to do is pray for those three days they had no part of it they had no merit nothing that they did cause them to be saved on the thirteenth of a dark and we're going to talk about that we're going to talk about a lot of things we're going talk about justification sanctification glorification. OK salt here we are to the time where the Jews are saved now let's get into it what happens in Esther Chapter nine this is a few empty seats down here people want to come on down. It's all about the thirteenth the fourteenth on the fifteenth OK this is going to be I could have title today's talk the thirteenth the fourteenth and the fifteen. That could be the talk because what we're going to do. Is we're going to show how many of you have seen three D. printing it's kind of a new thing but not so new right what happens is the printer prints something and then it prints on top of that until it actually starts to grow right what I'm going to show I'm sort of setting you up for this is I'm going to take every single Passover or I could take every single Passover that was ever mentioned in the Bible and I could take it and put it in a two dimensional plane and put another one on top of that and put another one on top of that and what you would see eventually is a three dimensional object of the plan of salvation OK and that's good explain what's happening here in Esther watch so in Esther Chapter nine which is read Esther Chapter nine I'll break it down for you there are two groups of people there are people in the provinces and there are people in shoeshine. On the thirteenth day which is the day of execution the people and shoeshine gather themselves together and defend themselves against five hundred attackers five hundred attackers come to take their life. Come to take their property but they are successfully defended and those five hundred people are killed in addition to those five hundred the ten sons of Haman who are instigators of this rebellion are also killed. In the provinces seventy five thousand go up against the Jews this is one hundred twenty seven promises this is the largest empire the world has seen up to this point seventy five thousand attackers attacked the Jews but they successfully defend themselves and those attackers die. Sounds like a good day for Esther it's not enough Esther is not the sheepish innocence girl from the ON THE BLOCK OK She is now a well seasoned political operative who understands the workings of. Washington. So she has to request of the king the king says to her Esther your people have survived what is it that you would like to do she has two requests these two requests. Are going to be amazing when we get broken down the first request came Give us one more day to fight in Shushan only and shoeshine he grants it so he extends it one more day to the fourteenth The other thing is please take the dead bodies of the sons of Haman and hang them on his own gallows which is an shoeshine. Kind of an odd request that's going to be the peace the resistance of today's talk when we come back around to ten Suns that's exactly what happens they fight another day on the fourteenth this time three hundred attackers go against the Jews in shoeshine and they are successfully defended and humans tend sons bodies are hung on the fourteenth while that is happening in shoeshine the provinces are resting they are done they celebrate So while there while they are celebre. In the provinces there brothers and shoeshine are still working and attacking finally on the fifteenth those and shoeshine are able to rest and this is exactly I'm just basically breaking down all of Chapter nine that's basically Chapter nine of Esther why does this happen this way This bothered me for a year I told you I studied for Esther I said yesterday about three years now I came to this I said this why is this this means something why would you do it this way go and literally it takes ten or eleven or twelve versus to say this if you have a read Esther Chapter nine go see what I'm talking about so as I said this morning it's likes to do go OK it's like buy was to do go all of these things fit if you haven't played to do code you have to know that every row house they have the numbers one through nine I know you're like why you explaining this everyone knows to do go right anyway the other thing I like to think about is that this is the epicenter Esther Chapter nine I think is the epicenter of everything else that happens in the Bible and kind of draws it together like the British Airways map of their flight schedule to London this is an amazing breakthrough I think and this again is a picture of three D. printing what I'm going to do is I'm going to take this this is. This object and I'm going to show you in different parts of the Bible how everything meshes together and you know that the only way this could happen is if one spirit was in charge of the whole Bible OK So this is going to be an amazing journey so let's look at climb line of Esther in for this this whole thing the whole book of Esther happened in four seventy four B.C. now. The Jews count time very differently than we do their calendar is based exclusively. On the lunar calendar OK exclusively They don't look at the sun they look at the mood in fact the way the know that they must but the Month starts is two witnesses two or three witnesses come and report to the high priests to say that they have Tsotsi in the first Crescence on the Moon OK when that happened. That begins the beginning the month because of that the fifteenth of the month is always a full moon those of you who recall the talk about this when the Israelites were leaving Egypt remember that the Passover occurred the death angel occurred on the fifteenth of Nissan and if you read it Ellen White describes that the moon was full list and brightest and highest at midnight exactly when the death angel came and it was a full moon and that's because the fifteenth of every month is a full moon so those of you who know the lunar calendar goes around twenty nine and a half days we are getting some math here OK twenty nine and a half days that means some months are twenty nine days long and some months are thirty days lot so if you do the math twenty nine and a half times twelve is going to be much less than three hundred sixty five correct so eventually what's going to happen is that the Spring Festival is going to start to occur earlier and earlier and earlier and earlier in the air so the High Priest has to make a decision is and he makes of the sitting around the tenth or eleventh month OK what he has to decide is is there going to be an additional month that they're going to add to make it a leap year so just to show you a timeline here here's the year and what I'm going to show is that this year I think is represented of the timeline of Earth's history at the very beginning in the first month we have a man's death to create which occurred on Nissan thirteen. To be executed on a dollar thirteen which is the very last twelve months. Just to create the beginning to be executed at the end I think that's pretty easy to understand interesting Lee Mordecai goes through this process and he comes up with his own decree on C On twenty three that's right out of Esther. What's interesting about it is that it's exactly seventy days after a man's death decree. Went tell me when Christ sent out the twelve These numbers are going to go over these numbers you see these numbers over and over again and it's essential that you know what numbers mean numerology is not antithetical to Christianity and numbers mean some. And you have to know what biblical numbers mean when Christ sent out the twelve who did he send them to he sent them to the Jews when Christ sent out the seventy who did he send them out to the Gentiles So who is this this message is for WHO seventy days there's a meaning there seven it means completes ten is the law so we already said that months had twenty nine or thirty days it started with the new moon so the full moon is always on the fifteenth Leavitt year was eleven days too short so what they would do is they would have to make a decision if there was no signs of spring around the eleventh month that means it's too early in the year we need to add an extra month they would add an extra month but the interesting thing about how they added the extra month is they would take the last month and put question to the end and they would insert the extra month in the middle. And they would change the twelfth month and make it the thirteenth month why is this important all of the holidays associated with the last month stay with the last month. You understand what they're saying they're saying that it's important that whatever is the designation about month it's less important that it be in the twelve months it's more important that it be in the last month more and another points. The events that occur on eight or thirteen in the leap year would have occurred on the first month if it was not a leap year so what I'm going to say we're going to show you by the way what are the guess what the sign was guess what the sign was that the high priest looked for to see whether or not it was too early in the year for the for the Spring feasts the harvest the latter rain. To come back in other words God is looking out and if he doesn't see the Latter Rain ready to fall he's good at the lay another month that's a window of time that's a period of time I don't just get to put little seeds out there remember Ellen White saying. I'm starting to realize that we're going to be here on Earth a lot longer than I thought we were going to be here Ellen White saying that we could have been home in heaven back in one thousand nine hundred in one thousand eight hundred or. Could it be possible that God looked out in one thousand nine hundred eight and saw that there was no way a lot of rain was going to fall and we were now living in the thirteenth month these are questions we'll see so. The point is OK so here's some quotes that we're going to we're going to go through. Very quickly because we don't have a lot of time but let's say in one thousand one Ellen White said we may have to remain here in this world because of insubordination many more years as to the children of Israel but for Christ's sake his people should not absent a sin by charging God with the consequence of their own wrong course of action. OK so if we've got a regular year and you can see her regular year I'm just starting off here with the eight month which is around him March plus of have it all of these are I don't know how to pronounce these necessarily but there they are and here is a leap here so you can see very clearly that the thirteenth month could fall on the first month now if we look at that want carefully. Those days that I'm talking about the thirteenth the fourteenth and the fifteenth day of the twelfth month which of those three days that the Jews were saved over. Are one with me Paul Exactly and are super imposed on the thirteenth the fourteenth the fifteenth of the month of Nissan what holiday are we referring to when we talk about Nissan thirteen fourteen and fifty Passover isn't the entire earthly situation nothing but a big house over. OK so what I what I want to go do and by the way I also know this that when unclean Jews could not participate in the Passover because of ceremonial I'm claiming us when they brought the issue to Moses Moses went to God and what was the. Answer. Exactly come back the next month but on the same date. So the dates are important here so that's why I feel I have the license to look at the thirteenth fourteenth and fifteenth and compare it to The Sun Also what was the date that the execution was written on the thirteenth day of the first month to be executed on the thirteenth day of the last month and all those were drawn by Watts. OK So again let's look thirteen fourteen and fifteen five hundred Tucker's diet and sons of Haman die they defend themselves Esther goes to the king asked for we've got the one more day and we've got the gallows there resting on the fourteenth three hundred defend themselves or three hundred are killed in the defense of themselves on the fourteenth and then on the fifteenth they're resting so the provinces are resting on the fourteenth so where did I go from there I said God The the answer has got to be somewhere in the Passover OK So let's look at the Passover So what was the first Passover that ever happens Egypt's OK. We'll talk about that. First of all though let's look at the thirteenth So what is the thirteenth and this is what I'm going to do this is going to be a double presentation here OK now I like chalk talks here's thirteen and for those of you who are listening on audio verse or whatever I want you to just take a big blank piece of paper and I want you to divide it into thirds and write thirteen fourteen and fifteen here's what we're going to do is we're going to make a thirty three D. drawing So what's associated with the thirteen The Desta Cui was given a nice on the thirteenth writes a thousand ten thousand talents of silver was the price that was paid on the thirteenth Christ was sold by Judas on the. Thirteenth. Christ died for our sins. It's right on the fourteenth actually but he that he was sold into this on the thirteenth all of the bleeding Jews lives are spared Esther Mordecai did all of the work so what are the themes that we see with the thirteen we're seeing the ten thousand why didn't God. Why didn't God forgive Israel. In our Matthew eighteen story it's because of the covenants. Right there's a covenant. There's grace that's involved what did Ellen White say about the ten thousand talents it was something that he did that we could not do for ourselves there's no way we could pay back the ten thousand talents of silver This is Grace. By the way what's the number in the Bible associated with grace. And. The body now. Christ fed the five thousands the seeding at this Christ of the five thousand with five loaves the altar of sacrifice as five cubits by five cubits when Christ came to Abraham and said that he was going to kill all of the people in Sodom and Gomorrah Abraham says will you not for fifty and then he started going down by fives until he reached the number five. Every fifty years is the Jubilee when everything goes back to the way it was you guys picking this up what's the number for grapes five. OK We're going to go back to that later all of those stories have grace associated with it by the way OK all right in other words did any of the Jews who survived on the thirteenth and that they have to do anything that they have to go before they came up so this was all grace to them so in other words the Jews were saved on the thirteenth completely because of grace nothing else. That. So here's the numerology ten thousand ten thousand represents the separation between humanity and divinity I brought that up with the fact that it was ten thousand that was put toward the death decree it was ten thousand talents of silver that the servant owed the king that could never repay Saul Slade his thousands and David his ten thousands ten thousand is the highest number in the Jewish number in the Jewish numbering system in Psalms three six this is not afraid of ten thousand around me a thousand shall fall at my side and ten thousand at my right hand Jesus is the cheapest among. OK so what we're getting here is ten thousand is the number that separates us from God that God is ready to Claire based on His grace we have no part in that we can't even begin the longest trip to do that that's a ten thousand symbolizes grace or forgiveness as I said Obadiah had fifty prophet one hundred prophets by fifties in a cave and then for them fed them bread and water a jubilee was fifty years feeding of the five thousand I love this feeling of the five thousand member that story Jesus for the five thousand how did they arrange the feeding of the five thousands in rows of hundreds and fifty tell me if you take five thousand people and arrange them in rows of fifty how many rows you have. One hundred that's why one version says rows of fifty the other ones as rows of under ones counting one way ones counting the other way Question What were the dimensions of the sanctuary in the wilderness. Fifty cubits by a hundred cubits. Right so those people were arranged exactly along the dimensions of the sanctuary in the wilderness which represents the entire sacrificial system of the outer core where. There is laid the altar of sacrifice where Jesus died for. All tell me where there are some people in that five thousand that was just there for the food yes and when the Jesus saw them on the other side of the lake and started talking about eating his body and drinking his blood did they want to stick around. But it's clear that the five thousand was for everyone. We're starting to put stuff together here OK Abraham bargains with God We talked about over the way when got when Jesus at one of the Passover is goes to the pool of Bethesda and heals the man without asking him for any faith it mentions how many porches are at the pool of Bethesda for some reason how many porches are there are five workers. It's these are little things that God puts into the Bible to say this is what I'm talking about this is a little signal here OK So when you read Matthew eighteen and you see the king found that he owed ten thousand talents you should immediately start thinking OK this is talking about humanity and the bit in it there's a whole code to understand the Bible and we talked about that OK so now what you can do is you can take that understanding and translate into something else so let's go to Leviticus twenty six eight here it says and I will give you peace in the lands and you shall lie down and none shall make you afraid and I will read evil beside the land the other shall the sword go through your lands and you shall chase your enemies and they shall fall before you by this sort and five of you what's five represents Grace sell chase a hundred and one hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight. Can I interpret that what was a hundred number one hundred was the amount that. The pence number the fellow servant owed the servant five hundred or that and that was represent of the thirty pieces of silver number one hundred equals thirty pieces of silver and that is the same as Christ death on the cross because that was the price of Christ on the cross so now let me read verse eight here using the fanatical are. And the grace of God will cause him to die on the cross and that shell puts the difference between you and him away. You see that five one hundred ten thousand five gets rid of ten thousand God's grace is what gets rid of the separation between you and God you can do it Ellen White says that if you inject one little piece of merits into that separation between God and you if you say that part of this is my merits that would be accounted as treason. Treason OK we're talking purely on the thirteenth how we talked about the fourteenth yet no we haven't talked about the fourteenth yet I'm just talking about the thirteenth This is Grace our evangelical Christian friends they've got this perfect OK they're absolutely correct for the thirteenth by the way what is the number of Jesus. Was the number of Jesus no completeness is the number of Jesus how many when was Jesus the name Jesus and what day of the eighth day what day was he circumcised the day if I take Jesus Christ and put it into Greek letters and add them up like we do for six six six What number do I come up with eight eight eight. How many people are on the ark. New Beginnings Jesus Christ Christ rose on what day of the week. The eighth day of the week. Thirteenth. It's Christ plus grace. Where my going next. It's going to be Christ working through men. Finally it's going to be Christ's work is complete. I see a lot of. Her brows let me go through number one what is the numerology of number one there is only one God it is God the Father one God and Father of all that's a seasons four six and two out of the six for unity of the Godhead before the father in the Son He is everywhere and he is all knowing you take any number and multiply it by one it is that number. Jesus is number eight Jesus was named on the eighth day of his life Jewish boys are circumcised on the eighth day of life by the way circumcision is Aber member and so what the covenants Exactly so let's Where does covenant go circumcision. Hope you can read my writing. A Bullock or a lamb could not be sacrificed until the OP eighth day of life Jesus rose on the eighth day Jesus represents a new beginning there are eight people on the ark Jesus names out of the eight number three that represents the third person of the Godhead that's the Holy Spirit's. OK Quickly do this we get all of us go to first kings seven twenty six. First Kings seven twenty six this is what atheists like to use to discredit the Bible I know I'm doing a lot of things I'm going to bring this all together you're going to see this OK First Kings seven first kings seven twenty six and it says a person they're talking about the labor the bronze and see in Solomon's Temple OK. And it says here and it was a hand breath ic and the brim thereof was rot like the brim of a cup and flowers of the leaves and it contained to how many two thousand baths about was a unit of measurement how many. Baps two thousand OK let's go to. Second Chronicles four five. It's talking about exactly the same piece of furniture exactly the same piece of furniture Second Chronicles four or five I'm slower than you guys OK four five. But I mean first Chronicles that's why the. Second Chronicles four five. Here we go and the thickness of it was a hand breast and the brim of it like the work of a brain in a cup with flowers of lilies and receive in hell how much. Wait a minutes in the just say it was two thousand and now it says three thousand what gives. Read the verb very carefully it says it held two thousands but the second one said it could holds a total of three thousands right how many people can fit in the car that you have today. By about but could I get more people than five in there I probably could write what's the difference one includes when there's an abundance of rain latter rain it can hold up to three so three versus two you'll see this over and over again do you ever notice in the Bible it says two or three how many witnesses do you need to establish something how many people to jazz a bell over the arch two or three how many firkins was there at the wedding feast and Cain A In each of those stone containers two or three two is the nonstandard state three is when there is more rain when there is more water that represents the Holy Spirit the Latter Rain how many people. Were converted on the day of Pentecost. Three thousand so three represents the Holy Spirit It's the third member of the Godhead it's three thousand. Bats three for Akin's three Unix and Second Kings three thousand were converted on a day in Pentecost there is three hundred Gideon's men three represents the Holy Spirit six That's obvious right man was created on the sixth day six six six is the number of the man system on earth that competes and finally seventh is completion is the rest hey these are not controversial these are kind of here here's the. The name of Jesus in Greek. It's pronounced a sous if you know how to speak Greek and you can see that at all adds up to eight eight eight OK So what does this mean I started looking at the Passover. And let's just leave this up here we get to that later OK so. I could not figure out the five hundred but I could try to figure out the seven hundred fifty or seventy five thousand so. What is the thirteenth all about us it's about Grace what's the number that represents Grace great is this any kind of grace this is probably the most graceful act that has ever been accomplished in the history of the entire universe we have the very highest person at the very highest level coming down and dying the death on a cross for us so if I were to do a numeric computation that would be five. To the fifth power. That's grace the grace power and who is giving us grapes. Who is giving us grace God the Father. Jesus Christ and God the Holy Ghost. Do the computation where you get. Seventy five thousand. That's how many attackers died on the provinces on the thirteenth OK. Now let's talk about the thirteenth What does five mean. And how many people died on the thirteenth in shoeshine five five hundred right OK so now I said let's go and look at the Passover OK So let me get in a race or. The first Passover as you said was the Passover in Egypt what was the first thing that God asked the Israelites to do getting ready for the Passover. What was it. Before the sacrificing of the Lamb. Before that's on the tenth right but before or before that what they have to do. What do they have to do. So they all had to be circumcised all the men. Can't spell up there because unlike the board OK circumcised OK then what was the next thing that they have to do. Sacrifice a lamb right. And put it on the door. OK At the evening sacrifice put on the blood on the lintel in the post and then what do they have to do what are the instructions that God told them to do you have to go into your house and do what. Shut the door who said shut the door you got it absolutely right this piece of wood is going to symbolize shutting the door OK now what happened the next day. Freedom. The first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread by the way did they also have to get the leaven out of the house here yes. Leaven had to be gone no leaven and here they had freedom. And it began a seven day period of time. Without any leaven. You guys with me OK I'm trying to build this got to bear with me OK once we start to get this this is the start to go had to be circumcised they had to kill a lamb they had to put the blood on the door there was no leaven supposed to be in the house and then they had a seven day period of time and they were free but were they out of Egypt you know when did they hit the Red Sea. Because you know what happens at the Red Sea they emerge out of the sea kind of like a new birth OK Kind of like a resurrection and the Egyptians die right. Right how many days did it take them to go from. Freedom to the Red Sea seven days. Seven days. When I saw this how many how many people are seeing a pattern here there's three periods of time the first period has to do a justification the second period has to do with the eleven. Sanctification and the last period has to do with glorification in other words we've got the outer courts holy place. Most Holy Place you guys are so are you seeing anything else those of you who know Adventist eschatology are you seeing anything else. This is what struck me and also this a little bit later there was a chart hanging in my bedroom for years that was made by Gordon Coyer how many of you have that chart by Gordon Kohler. OK it's the most amazing chart I've ever seen on everything that has to do with the end times it has Bible quotes it has Ellen White quotes it's so it's huge it's about this big. And the font is like that small. Everything there are there are three major time periods up here the only way I came across this was because I had those three time periods and blazoned on my mind watch this. Eight hundred forty four. Sunday a lot. Of cruel basin. Seven last plagues. Second Coming of Jesus Christ every single Passover that ever is recorded in the Bible fits this pattern. The Passover is that even occurred before the Passover you're not even aware of Passover that occurred before the Passover I will show you Passover that occurred before the Passover. Jesus for Passover set for Passover while he was on this planet his first Passover where he cleanse the temple the second Passover one of them was where he fed the five thousand and finally the last Passover which is the Passion Week which is an exact replica of what we're about to go through where are we right now we're right here. That's where we are. You guys ready for this OK. Watch think about this now I want you to think about everything we're going to do right now in terms of. Eight hundred forty four a Sunday lot. Sunday a lot of clothes a probation clothes a probation second coming of Christ three time periods and when we're read these stories you're going to see the connection let me give you a little bit of a hint you're Remember when Christ had to go up against barabus you know grab its means. Jesus Christ Son of The Father barabus literally and son of the father they were both put up and they had to choose between the two who did they choose more or rabbits was he was he an impostor of Jesus Christ what day of the week of the passion we could that happen on. The fourteenth don't we know from Ellen White that Satan is going to come in person a Christ is that this at this very time. Do you see this. The issue lights were in Egypt but no longer under the power of Pharaoh. Just like the hundred forty four thousand will be on Earth but no longer under the power of Senate. You see this OK I've got example after example after example I can go as long as you guys want me to go but I don't want to go that last there is something. There is something here where they have to the Jews even to this very day have to get rid of the leaven in their house they get rid of it back here but there's a certain period right here where it's got to be gone do you know what they call that. They call it sealing away eleven I'm not kidding what is happening in this eschatological time period of the fourteenth. Ceiling. Ceiling is happening during that time. It's this is OK so we've got that now. Five hundred are here right at three hundred here so I what I did was I went to the very last Passover. OK I went to the very last Passover the Passover of the Passover week I'm going to there's so many other examples I could give you and skip to the crux. Something happens in the last week of Christ's life called Simon's feast anybody aware of that So Simon's feast is where he goes to Simon's house who is living and Bethany which is outside of of Jerusalem and he's there with Mary Martha Lazarus Simon and his disciples now just so you're aware of the relationship here. How is Simon related to marry her. Uncle and who is Simon son. Judas that makes Judas and Mary cause us. Ever wonder why they were Ferris's at the burial of Lazarus. Because Simon is a fair city. He's family. OK question is Mary Magdalene the same as Mary the sister of Martha Yes. Absolutely is correct question is the woman caught in adultery the same woman as Mary Magdalene and the sister of Martha Yes they're all the same person we can we cannot figure that out from the Bible but Ellen White says specifically that in socking about the woman caught in adultery that she was at the foot of the cross she will be at the foot of the cross later on seeing her savior die on the cross and unless it's another Mary it's the same one so what does that mean Mary so someone talked this morning in so I think it was yes in Sabbath school that if you have somebody inside of you a in evil and you try to get rid of it and you don't fill it with something else what fills back seven other demons the Jews were the Jews obsessed with getting rid of sent Did they fill it with with Christ so what happened to them. Mary Magdalene had how many demons. Asked out of her Mary Magdalen. Was caught in the act of adultery she had broken the. Covenants. She was saved by grace. She understood that Grace and she went to the feet of at Simon's feast. She was so moved by the grace of Christ that she took her alabaster jar full of Spike R. and broke it and anointed him she thought he was going to be king she had no idea that she was annoying to him for death in fact Ellen White says that she doesn't she didn't even know what she was doing she was moved by the whole by the. So when the son they wanted comes what false. Latter aim. OK. And then what a crisis a to her at the end go in peace your faith has saved you. Here is a prostitute that becomes one of the most are new followers of Christ. She is the first one that crises after the resurrection she is the first one to spread the gospel that Jesus Christ has risen she is the first one to be disbelieved. I'm telling you that Mary is the type of the church in every way but she's not the only woman who's the type ology of the church will go to some others. At that feast there are two men to have a problem with what she's doing who are the two men. Judas and Simon let's talk about Simon first Simon says if you knew who this woman was and he would know who she was he is the one the letter into that sent. If you knew who this woman was you would let her do what you're doing and what is what is Criseyde a sign he says. SIMON I got to get to your story there's two people all both a one person one I was five hundred the other was fifty you frankly forgives both of them who love someone the one who owes him more. In this story Simon did not give the kiss of greeting Simon was a was a follower of Christ that's why he was over at his place to eat which one felt that they owed five hundred or. Why did she feel what was that five hundred representing It was representing the grace of Christ. What day do we talk about Grace thirteen's. Because of that Grace she was moved to do something when I say to do something she was moved by the what exactly what there now are we talking about. Right what did she do that she was moved. What did she do. You know I didn't write. OK. How much was that worth go to John twelve five. John twelve. John Chapter twelve. Verse five how much worth was it. One version of the Bible or one one gospel of the Bible says a lot are yours wage let's see what John has to say what's John Chapter twelve verse five say someone yell out to me. How much. Three hundred. But familiar. What is the three represents. Look up on the screen. Are things fall into place. How many people in shoeshine. Were killed. On the thirteenth. Because that represents grace that represents what Christ has done for us on the thirteenth that's a justification now we're moving in to the holy place this is sanctification It's what we do as a relationship of our faith this is the whole gospel of justification by faith. It is because of our faith that we have been justified that we are moved by the Holy Spirit to do what. To do what Mary did which was break the alabaster jar full of spike in R.. And. Put it on Jesus is. OK. So. Let's go to another. Let's go to another another addition here another Passover Let's go to Joshua turned to Joshua. I got to put this whole story together OK once this whole story comes together it's going to be amazing All right I'm building it it's coming go to Joshua five. Joshua five they've gone through the entire wilderness for forty years they crossed the Jordan River they're coming to Jericho but before they do they're going to celebrate the first Passover since they left Egypt chapter five. Verse three and Joshua made him sharp knives and what. Circumcised here we are in another Passover and we're starting pay turn over the page what is happening in verse ten. And the children of initially camped in the old gal and kept dot. There we go keeping the Passover when they see the Passover it's the preparation for the Passover. OK Now tell me what's the next thing that you see here. What's the first part of Chapter six of Joshua read that now Jericho was straightly what. What is this represents. It's closed the doors are closed this represents the close of probation right and what's the next image Asha's going to do he's going to march around Jericho how many times how many days. And there is one. Prostitute in the Quaids. And the two witnesses the two spies which are also two witnesses tell her anybody that's in your house and dies let their blood be on us anybody that's not in your house their blood is on their own head. Joshua and the children of initial represent God and the angels coming in the second coming. Jericho represents the earth there is a few remnant that is there what is hanging out the window the scarlet cord the blood of Jesus Christ they have heard of Jesus Christ and they have the faith that he's coming now who is she she is a what. Is exactly right. OK let's go to another story. They would start to put this together. Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham has just been circumcised. And Ishmael and what happens is he is visited by three angels you know the first Angelus. Jesus and two other angels we talked about this a little bit the first angel's message is Jesus he's saying Dear God and give glory to him because I'm about to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah and the judge in this coming. And what does Abraham. Do you organs down God by fives right fifty forty five they drops to forty thirty twenty five right all the way down it's just grates that's all it is Nene while the other two angels go off to. Sodom to me a lot are we before the children of Israel leaving Egypt is this story happening before that is it possible that we can have a Passover before the Passover was even instituted. Watch what does Lott make for the two angels for dinner here and here ladies is an example of a man making dinner OK it's in the Bible what does he make. What kind of bread does he make Unleavened Bread what's. How is he making Unleavened Bread This isn't we're not even at the feast of unleavened hasn't even been instituted yet yet. They're making unleavened bread now those guys outside that want to have relations with the two angels open the door lock goes outside and finally one of the two angels do. They shut the door it's right. And then where they ask what do you have anybody here that you want to take with you we're going to destroy the city and lot then goes to his two daughters and asked them to leave with them what do they think of them they mock him because over here let him who was righteous be righteous still let he who is evil be evil still see the dead and see that and then what happens they go and in the city is destroyed and lots. And two daughters in the cave What is the oldest daughter. Sleeps with Lot right so we have again we have this issue of a woman that is not. Going along with the covenants. What is the offspring of of the eldest daughter. The MO of ice OK. All right now you know the Bible has a funny way of saying this stuff but there is a term that is used I believe for the Passover before the Passover when you talk about Abraham and those angels it's called in the passage of time I'll give you another example. If you start off with Cain and Abel. Jesus comes to even Adam and says the serpents will bruise your heel but you will crush the serpent's head that's the covenants correct is that the covenant He couldn't have to do that was great scripts then what does Abel do in the passage of time Abel brings a what a lamb. And he slays the lamb and then what happens to Abel who represents Christianity he is killed by Cain who represents Judaism works. And what happens to Cain he gets a mark on him doesn't he. And anybody who touches Cain is going to get it seven foals who came and destroyed Jerusalem in seventy eighty. And what will the romans get seven folds. Seven last place. Seeing that OK that Passover how this is this is what I'm doing is I'm building a three dimensional object you're seeing the same thing over and over again and what you're seeing is this you're seeing a woman who was not faithful to her covenants. Becoming a chase divergent. And then will stick it to the rest this is where it gets amazing OK I have examples for instance we can do oh let's see here we can do we did Cain and Abel we can do the birth of Isaac we can do Josh we did Joshua we could do the first temple we can. The second temples we can do Christ first Passover Oh I love Christ Christ first are like Christ Passover So check this out Christ at the third Passover feeds five thousand with five loaves and fishes. OK. That represents justification and then where does he go he goes up to the mountain to pray alone with God. Jesus gives his bread his body that come across then he goes up to the mountain alone with God to pray that's his ascent into. Heaven and what he does when he comes back and being well what are the disciples doing there getting into a boat on the sea what is the sea represent peoples What does the boat represent they're in it it's the church the disciples are in so now we have the Christian Church on the water and it's getting a little choppy in the early centuries Christ comes down the mountain but he looks like a ghost. HOLY GHOST perhaps coming down the descent of the Holy Spirit the Christian church. Peter ironically is the one that wants to get out of the boat because he thinks he's supposed to do we have a church around that period of time who has Peter of the head who thinks that superior but it's not looking at Christ of what does Peter do into the sea assume this cry steps into the boat in other words as soon as the Holy Spirit comes into the church the boat is now at its destination. You see that OK and here we are on the fourteenth. So what happens on the fourteenth and now Christ is on the other side of the lake and now what is he having discussions about he's having discussions about tradition and the laws of man versus the laws of God and ceremonial cleanliness are those the issues that we're seeing with the Sunday law Yes And then what happens. Next in. It happens as he goes and we have the Mount of Transfiguration. That's the third Passover fourth Passover we already talked about. Grace We talked about Simon's feast the last thing I want to talk to you about but this all together is so do you guys get what I'm saying here with the thirteen fourteen fifteen justification sanctification glorification. This is the close of probation. That now there's something that you've got to know that you've done that I didn't know of that probably most of you don't know but it has to be learned and that is what happens. At a Jewish wedding OK So hopefully there's not too many young kids in the room because this is just the facts of life OK So what happens at a Jewish wedding there are three phases of a Jewish wedding OK the three phases and this is all biblical OK The first thing is there is a covenant to remember that Joseph and Mary were covenant to each other but they had not consummated the marriage correctly she was still a virgin right so I guess where we are here this is covenants. There is a covenant if he wanted to get rid of Mary he would have to divorce or because they were legally married in the eyes of the law OK what's the next step consummation. Of this is where gets really interesting then it always ended with a seven day wedding feast. Interesting is not. You guys picking up on this. How many days interesting isn't it. The three C's of a Jewish wedding covenant consummation. OK Now covenant is pretty easy to understand a man and a woman make an agreement we're going to get married it's OK you've got to be faithful. If the. Church is a woman and Christ is the husband has there been a covenants Yes there has has that woman the church been faithful now. Do you think that means something with all of these examples that I've gone through where we had Rahab and we had the second or the eldest daughter OK So in other words we're starting off with apostasy prostitution in the Bible is a form of spiritual apostasy OK consummation what happens at the some a lot we have people leaving the church and we have people coming into the church we have the tears and the wheat but by the time we get down to the close a probation has the church been made up. Absolutely the church has been made up finally the consummation occurred. And now you have a seven day waiting feast watch. OK We talked about the Passover we talked about all of this we talked about that here's the chart by the way. That's that's only the top half. I'm going to focus in on that you've got because the commencement of the investigator judgment the national Sunday law the close of probation the second coming of Christ and there I put thirteen fourteen fifteen that's my numbers on there OK. So here we go. Justification sense of occasion glorification outer court holy place most holy place eight plus five that is Christ and grace here is Christ working in man and here is Christ being complete his ministry is complete he is no longer. Working on our behalf in the most holy place because he comes out at the end writes Jewish Passover there circumcision is preparation the leaven is being removed but it is not completely gone here on the fourteenth all leaven is gone out of the house. What is leaven a symbol of. It's gone. And if Judge. Event is coming here in the how and the church structure begins in the house of the in our house we're going to be the first ones to be SEALs because we know the issues. We know the difference between Sunday and Sabbath right to the people out there in Borneo. Or maybe they do I don't know OK but there's some people somewhere that don't and as soon as the last living person on earth makes a decision. Because of probation occurs we won't know when that is but it will happen. The Feast of Unleavened Bread at seven days here the Passover meal is eaten at the beginning of the fifteenth OK interesting watch this watch this this is this is something this is a little Jew a little gem I can give you here right now in the traditional Passover. All leaven had to be removed here but the Passover meal was eaten over here this would have been Friday night on the passion OK Could Christ have eaten the Passover with his disciples at the regular time he was dead in the tomb right so he ate it here at the beginning of the fourteenth watch the new covenants. Please remove all of your sin old covenant then I will dwell with you you know when you eat the lamb Christ as in you that's what it symbolizes right Old Covenant Please remove your sin and I will be your guide and you will be my people new covenant please let me be with you let me come in to you and I will remove your son. Just by switching the day from when he eats so that again you see how that just flipped around he says a new covenant I give you in fact as soon as Jesus dipped his hand in the bowl who dipped his hand in with him and who left immediately. Do you know that on this day on the very day that we celebrate the last. Supper would celebrate the Last Supper the Jews celebrate a meal as well where they have to gather all the leaven in the house take it outside and burn it before noon the next day what happened to Judas. Before noon the next day. Jesus is saying hair let me sup with you and if I come in to you sin cannot co-exist with me it will leave that's the new covenant. Genesis Adam and Eve given covenant Abel bring sacrifice was killed by his brother by the way you know situation Ellen White says she talks about the Jews being scattered over the whole earth she says it's as if they have the mark of Cain. Is it possible that maybe she was involved with the same spirit that wrote the Bible perhaps maybe Christ first Passover went to Jerusalem cleanse is the temple of money changers here we have an issue where we have money in the temple we have a foreign God on our economic our economy in the temple exactly on the day that we're dealing with the Sunday law Jesus does miracles and many believe hair Christ heals a man at the pool of Bethesda No faith is required he does this out of grace the five tortures and then it does exercise faith is healed but what is the man criticized for. On the very day breaking the Sabbath on the very day that we're talking about. The Sunday law and then what happens the he goes into it you lose me then John he starts saying right after that the time is now that the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God and execute judge I mean all of these things are happening in the right place in the text you can go back and look at these the third Passover I talked about feeding the five thousand with five loaves Sermon on the bread of life on the very day that Christ had the last supper he where of the leaven of the Farriss. The works the works and sealing this is all in the same order and finally get to the Transfiguration just when you should be getting to the Transfiguration which is when Christ comes Christ last Passover we talk. About that just as Christ died on the cross on the fourteenth we must die to self on the fourteenth and just as Christ was sealed in the tomb so we shall be sealed as one hundred forty four thousand. OK this is fitting perfectly into place now I'll show you this you have the covenants. You have the consummation. You have the seven day wedding feast question. If I could show you in some way that the close of probation was associated with the consummation of a marriage would not be powerful Those are two independent things that we have done this in layers and now I'm going to connect closer probation with consummation of the marriage. So let's see if I can do that. I believe it is in early writings to seventy nine. If those of you who have earlier I don't have early writings here with me. And my computers all down. Anybody have early writings with them. Now I've got this all in my head Well I'll tell you what it says in early writings two seventy nine Ellen White has a vision of the end of the third angel's message in fact the title Have you got it. Perfect I think it's just more powerful if I read it to you. It's way down here. It's at the end I'm taking the time to read this because I think it's that importance. Here it is it's called the third angel's message close. I was pointed thank you very much this is perfect I was pointed down to the time when the third angel's message was closing the power of God had rested upon his people and they accomplished their work and were prepared for the trying hour before them they had received the latter rain or the refreshing from the presence the Lord and the living testimony have been. Revive the last great warning had sounded everywhere and it had stirred up and rage the inhabitants of the earth who would not receive the message I saw angels hovering to and fro in heaven an angel with a writer's ink horn by his side return from the earth and reported to Jesus that his work was done and that the Saints were numbered and seals. Then I saw Jesus who had been ministering before the Ark containing the Ten Commandments throw down to censor he raised his hands and with a loud voice he said it is done and all the end Jellicoe slate author crowns as Jesus made the solemn declaration he that is unjust let him be unjust still and he which is filthy let him be filthy still and he that is righteous let him be righteous still and he that is holy let him be holy still every case had been decided for life or death while Jesus had been ministering in the sanctuary the judgment had been going on for the righteous dead. And then for the righteous living Christ had received his kingdom having made the atonement for his people and blotted out their sins the subjects of the kingdom were made up the marriage of the Lamb on consummated. That's early writings page two seventy nine thank you very much. OK So you see where we are here's the point now check this out this is going to blow you away go to first solid go to Song of Solomon chapter one now we're putting it all together OK. I promise you we're putting it all together it's a Song of Solomon chapter one this is where solemn men and the shoe of my woman are getting married. Oh I've got to tell you what happens in a in a in a wedding so there's the covenant and then what happens is the man the groom goes off to his father's house and builds a wedding chamber for his wife. Only the Father tells him when he's done. The groom doesn't know when he's done only the Father knows that sound familiar when the father says you're done you're ready now he breaks away like a fi thin the nights so go and steal away his bride's who is waiting at her house with the wedding party that's was happening when Christ was on the Mount of Olives and he was describing the parable of the ten virgins they were sitting there waiting with the bride waiting for the groom to come the stealer away like a thief in the night he takes her back OK this is eastern culture guys OK Just bear with me this is the truth he takes her back they go into the wedding chamber he consummates the marriage now this is going to be horrific for you ladies but the best man is apt the door listening so that when the marriage has been consummated. The groom yells outs the best man hears the news he spreads the words of the wedding party and the party begins. How would you like that ladies. OK. Now here's the serious part here's here's the serious part. If you read the Levitical law if a man is not happy with his wife for a specific reason he can take her to the course and then it is the wife's father's responsibility to bring the tokens of proof of her virginity before marriage. What is that is the seeds that the consummation of the marriage happens on if there is no blood the husband's is correct in his assertion and she can be taken out and stones to death. If she is incorrect or if he is incorrect and they show the proof. That he. He has to pay a certain amount of money he can never divorce or ever again that's live if a lot. Questioned in this analogy see I got your attention you've woken up in this analogy the church who was a woman she is going towards the consummation of a marriage tell me is there any way that she's going to have the proof that she needs in a court of law there's no way she's a prostitute. When does the consummation occur. Right here what's the problem she has no blood on garments who died on this very day that supplies the blood there you go. It's Christ blood that allows her to stand in that judgment because there's no way she can do it otherwise. Just as. This prostitute will become what is call say I want to present you as the church as a what chaste virgin so he she can go to the consummation. And have the wedding now. How many of you here are well how many of you are involved in medicine that's a come a dumb question on this campus right a lot of you have all the medicine tell me what happens if a war what happens if a woman. Consummates a marriage on the fourteenth the day of her lunar cycle. What happens if the consummation turns into up conception. Correct. And now what do we have over here we have a woman. Let's back up what day of the week is this the what number what's the moon. What does a long wait say the hundred forty four thousand to be to stand during after the close of probation they must fully reflect the light of Christ the Son. In Revelation twelve what do we have we have a woman standing on a full moon clothed with. Light of The Sun who is pure and in this very pregnant. Right. Who is she giving birth to. Jesus right that's one interpretation that's correct there's another interpretation Who is she giving birth to. Watch. Jesus Christ was the son of whom. Mary or Mary was a descendant of. RUTH. And Ruth was the center of the. Moabites and immobilize were descendant of. A prostitute. Jesus was also a and so are descendant of. Rahab. Correct. Judah and Tamer tamer. Humor had how many kids to which one came out first the Jesus the Jesus descend from the one that came out while one of them stuck their handouts by the way that story element has nothing to say about it there's no bubble commentary There's nothing it's a big gap let me tell you what happened. A hand comes out it gets tagged with a red tag and goes back in a second. Baby comes out. That one is that is the ancestor of Jesus Christ then that one comes out seconds. Jesus Christ was born of a chaste version who had prostitutes as its ancestor was born with the nature of Adam after the fall and never since and went to heaven to minister on behalf of his people. The hundred forty four thousands. Will be born of a chase virgin. What the nature of Adam after the fall will never sin will go to heaven minister in the sanctuary. And had and had prostitutes as they are and sisters. Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of every single type ology except for one in which he is the type and one hundred forty four thousand are the antitype. Everything leads to Jesus but Jesus is the first Jesus is the first fruits correct what else is described as the first fruits. Hundred forty four thousand. And he said again one hundred forty four thousands. Is the products of a chaste version. With the Holy Spirit coming into her the latter rain this do see that. This is this is a perfect analogy think about this. PROSTITUTE. Holy Spirit comes in. Conception a curse consummation a curse on the whore teeth. Becomes pregnant now we have Revelation twelve and what happens to the remnants follows the commands of God and has the faith of Jesus Christ. Everywhere when Christ says you must be born again. Christ you say what he said in a you must be born of water and of the up there. What does a woman do right before she gives birth. What does she do. OK What is the term that's used in the Bible. I say watch this I'm going to prove it to you the words travail. Look up. Jeremiah thirty how Let's do this look at jer I as I sixty six six. And would tell you is that every single time in the Bible the Word a woman in travail is used it's referring to that period of time. This is all tying together what is read I as I a sixty six verse six. I'm telling this is this is rough stuff this is not easy stuff here that's all I had trouble I tremble at trying to explain all of this stuff but its eyes I sixty six verse six. That I got that right. As a verse seven Well I wanted to back it up a little bit. Hey wait stop right there a voice of noise from the city of voice from the temple of voice from the Lord that render it recompense to his enemies that sounds to me like the close of probation like he's coming out of the inner courts there's a voice coming out from the temple and he's this is it this is judgment for his enemies where are we right now we're here to keep going. One day. Perfect OK. There's so many examples I can do but the interesting time I'm going to cut to the chase what's this trouble call there. It's called the time of Jacob's trouble go to Jeremiah thirty. And you can pretty much read the whole chapter it's not that long but I think it's going to be a fact I'll read it because I'm up here so. OK think about what we just said the word of came to Jeremiah from the Lord saying does speak the Lord God official saying write the all the words that I have spoken unto the in a book for lo the days come saith the Lord that I will bring again the captivity of my people Israel and Judah and just say the Lord and I will cause them to return to the land that I gave to their fathers that's heaven and they shall possess it and there are the words that the Lord spake concerning Israel and concerning Judah For thus saith the Lord we have heard a voice of trembling affair and not of peace ask you now and see whether a man does travail with a child's Wherefore do I see every man with his hands on his lawyer as a woman in travail were we talking about hair and all the faces are turned on to paleness Alas for that day is great and none and so that none is like it it is even the time of. Jacob's trouble. I can do text after text after text the reason why a woman is used in the Bible to the note the church is because of all of the aspects. How many know the story of Samuel Samuel was born to hey watch this once you understand this concept you can now open the Bible anywhere and you will see the stories light up Hannah was the wife of a man who had another wife with many children and she would at the time of the year where we go once every year to the temple Guess what time of year that was. Doesn't say but I can only assume. This woman had many children and she would persecute Hannah over the fact that she had none does that sound familiar so we have a church with many children who persecutes a woman with not. OK She desperately wanted to have a child where are we right now typological hear that she's already married she's got the covenants She's right here she does not have the consummation to give her the child she goes and by the way this is the Sunday law period he writes the Sunday law has to do with the wind of Babylon correct are we all on the same page there that if the church is going to go forward to the end it makes needs to make sure that it's not involved with the whine about a lot so Hannah goes to Ely at the temple and she is so distraught she is praying silently so much that Eli thinks that she is. And what is your life say to her when are you going to stop drinking the wine and put it away. That's a rebuke to all in the church. Maybe not a rebuke but it's a rebuke to the church who is praying for the latter rain but at the same time drinking the wine about one. Because this is where we are what does she do she tells you like no no no I'm not drinking wine I'm praying how do we get a lot of rain. And what does the latter rain do to the woman. It goes into her how many times have you read in the Bible or talks about an Adam went into Eve or someone went into some woman and they had a child that's the term for it how many times do you hear God says go away I never knew you. And Adam knew Eve This is what we're talking about Christ wants to come N.. Just like a consummation so she prays for it a year later she's pregnant. The consummation has occurred and what does she give birth to Samuel she holds on to him Cora nuff time. Before he can be weaned and then where does he go to work in the Temple all. Just like the hundred forty four thousands. See it put all these stories together put all these stories together Samuel the name literally means I have gotten my requests. Again let me review the church unfaithful not deserving yet said it is because of our of God's grace that we love him so much that we are like. That we are like. Mary Magdalene before I forgot to show you that I was looking at go back to Song of Solomon and you probably thought I was going to I lost my train of thought there a can you see how this is hard to explain you've got to build on it but I'm building on it's coming together if you go to Song of Solomon This is amazing stuff. And I don't know where we are on time but I don't care really now that. This is so good. OK. Song of Solomon. OK. Chapter one Verse twelve. She's talking about right before the wedding consummation What is she right there while the King sits at his table what was Christ doing at the feast of Simon. My spiking our descendants forth the smell there are. You know what the woman did on the wedding night right before the consummation of the marriage as a girl growing up she would save in an alabaster jar Spiker and when guests would visit her she would put a little bit more in there put a little bit more Finally she got a very large quantity of the stuff that was very valuable. And when it was time to consummate the marriage she would anoint she mother which is putting all into her husband everything that she saved up. And she breaks the alabaster jar so that the never be used again and she spills the spike not an annoyance her husband that's exactly what Mary did OK to Christ now Satan knows all of this stuff OK and he's going to watch of perverts things to the point where you don't want to think about this stuff and avoid this stuff this male female stuff it's amazing stuff but what we see today in the world we're devaluing male and female is right it's becoming blurred it's becoming not even an issue anymore. There is the temptation The Last Temptation of Christ right where the filmmaker made it look as though Christ actually married Mary Magdalene or some theories that that happens has nothing to do with reality Christ says Go Your faith has saved you she represents the church OK so let's go back we're going to we're going to close this up here on here on the fifteenth we have the full moon we have the woman who is pregnant we have the son she is a being illuminated and this is what Ellen White says she says many do not. Realize what they must be in order to live in the sight of the Lord without a high priest of the century through the time of trouble those who receive the seal of the Living God and are protected in the time of trouble must reflect the image of Jesus will. This is happening on the very day that the moon its fullest and highest and brightest right when the death angel goes out and the plague. We talked about Simon's feast. Talked about Simon's feast we talked about Mary so I lot of the stuff I just kind of already talked about now. I told you that the most important part of all of this was Haman's ten sons I'm going to tell you about that now before we go on. Oh yeah here it is the marriage of lamb was consummated so you have a lot of OK. Jesus was born of a chaste burgeon whose ancestors were prostitutes or deviants conceived through the Holy Spirit one hundred forty four thousand will be born of the chase virgin whose ancestors were prostitutes or deviants can see through the Holy Spirit Jesus is resurrection was the first fruits First Corinthians fifteen twenty one hundred forty four thousand will be the first fruits Revelation fourteen one before Jesus had the nature of Adam after the fall and never since the hundred forty four thousand will have the nature of Adam after the fall and will never send Jesus died and was sealed in the tomb awaiting the resurrection the hundred forty four thousand will die to self and be sealed awaiting the resurrection after His resurrection Jesus ascended to heaven to serve in the sanctuary after one hundred forty four thousand ascend to heaven that should be heaven only Bay will serve in the heavenly sanctuary. Ellen White says in early writings page nineteen Mount Zion was just before us and on the mount was a glorious temple and about it were seven other mountains on which grew roses and lilies and I saw the little ones climb or if they choose used a little wings and fly to the top of the mountains and pluck they never fading flowers they will all kinds of trees around the temple to beautify the place the box the pine the fur the oil the myrtle pomegranate and the think. Down with the weight of time the figs made the place all over glorious and as we were about to enter the Holy Temple Jesus raised his lovely voice and said Only one hundred forty four thousand enter this place. We talked about the story of Hannah we talked about the Jewish wedding. You want another example go and read Acts twenty seven. OK Check this out love us. So Christ says I'll make you fishers of men what do the fish represents converts where the coming out of the sea that represents people where they going into the boat that's the church so what does a bow represents church see represents people's fishermen as Christians and fish are converts. This is what happens in the second to last chapter X. when Paul is in a ship and he's headed to Rome but they run into an island called Multan. Do you know what the will of the military wing of the Catholic Church is calls the Knights of and what do they want to enforce Sunday laws so what date are we talking about us. Here's the here's the moral of the story Paul says that if you want to survive the storm you have to stay and. What is the what is the bow represent. The church. Do the sea captain of the boat want to jump out what should that tell you. The per people in charge of the ship are ready to abandon ship but what is Paul say stay in the ship so the fact that it's going into Malta or what day of the week must this be happening on. Or what day fourteenth. And when the south wind blew softly supposing that they had obtained their purpose losing pants they sailed. By Crete but long after they arose against that attempt to us when called. And when the ship was caught and could not bear up or when we let her dive and running under certain island which is called Clodagh we had much work to come by the boat which was which when they had taken out they used helps undergirding of the ship and ferrying lease they should fail into the quicksands stakes sail answer was and worse were driven and we being simply tossed with the tempest the next day they lightened the ship shaking and the third day we cast out our own hands of tackling of the ship and when neither sun or stars in many days appeared and no small Tempest lay on us all hope that we should be saved was taken away are we headed toward a time of Tempest the church if the Sunday law is going to start. This is a message for us today. And now he says Paul stood for them and that's them said Sirs you should have harkened on to me and not have loosened from Crete you saying you should've stayed in Crete and to have gained this harm and loss and now I exhort you to be of good chere For there shall be no loss of any man's life among you but of the ship now there is the ship is going to be lost but no one's going to die for there stood by me this night of the angel whose I am and whom I serve so he got a message saying fair not call down must be brought before Caesar and lo God have given the all them that sail with the wherefore Cers be a good share for I believe God that there's shall be even as was told me how be it must be cast upon a certain island but when the which night. When the which nights when the fourteenth night was come as we were driven up and down and aged about midnight the Shipman deemed that they drew near to some country. Which country was that. And sounded and for whatever. Found it twenty fathoms and when they had gone a little further they sounded again and found it fifteen fabs then fearing lest we should have fallen upon the rocks they cast for anchors out of the stern and wished for the day and as the ship men were about to flee out of the ship. When they had let down the boat into the sea under color as though they would have cast anchor in other words it's looking like going to cast anchors but there really a let's let's get out of here let's get out of the ship Let's go down through that to the lifeboats hold said the Pole figure out what they were doing he says listen. Unless you stay in the ship you can't be saved you must stay in the ship then the soldiers cut off the ropes of the boat never fall off and while the day was coming on them to take meat that means eat what Red saying this day is up. While. That you have tarried and continue fasting having taken nothing wherefore I pray you take some meat for this is for your health for there shall not a hair fall from the head of any of you. And then it goes on that there they hit land and they going to jump out in a century and doesn't want anybody to escape so he's going to kill everybody writes but Paul convinces of not to do it but the sincere and willing to say Paul kept them for their purpose and commanded that they would should swim should cast themselves first into the sea and get to land so who is the sensorium a sincere Ian is a soldier of which. ROMAN. So you see the type ology here ship Roman soldier stay in the ship fourteenth day fourteenth day. OK. Now the ends. Let's review. One hundred forty four thousands. Are going to stand. In what we have shown here is the most holy place of the sanctuary there will be will there be an intercessor on our behalf at this face. Now but Jesus has left the most holy place at the close of probation God are we are standing before God the Father in the most holy place without intercessor can we send. Now. That's OK because we're sealed with the Holy Spirit. Right there we are. Do we have a model on planet Earth for a human being standing in the most holy place without an intercessor Has it ever happened before. Happened every year who is it the high priest what did the High Priest have to have with him before he goes into the most holy place blood of a bullock and it's. A sensor which represents the righteousness of Christ's OK. We have one hundred forty four thousand we have the consummation the Holy Spirit on the church this comes by prayer one hundred forty four thousand are the first fruits they are born or of a chaste burgeon. After the Holy Spirit comes into her and makes her conceive look at Revelation twelve. Here the hundred forty four thousand they have the nature of Adam after the fall yet they never sent they are identical to Jesus Christ they're identical to Jesus Christ and Christ as be like me that's exactly what they will be like in almost every way. They would have had a prostitute as their ancestor but yet they will be born of a chase burgeon who has the nature of Christ after the fall nature of Adam after the fall yet will never sin and when they get to heaven it will serve in the sanctuary you see this. Only Christ is worthy to open the book and only crisis able to redeem us and make the hundred forty four thousand white OK. This is it this is the part that I've been waiting for because I love this part so every single year at Porro the Jews get together and they say. The little festival and they read the entire story of Esther there are certain parts where they all read together one of them is when they read the ten sons of Haman. In Esther Chapter nine they hang the bodies of Haman and they actually name the names of Haman but they do it in a very odd way they list the names vertically top to bottom like this. You know how he was supposed to go from right to left they name it from top to bottom but that's not all they do. They take a deep breath. And they say it all in one breath. OK they say it all in one breath it's read at the festival permit each year on aid are what done for right here right here right so what are the issues here the holy the sari the Holy Spirit is coming into the latter rain there is going to be a consummation of a marriage there is the making of pure whites' there is going to be an. Consummation and there's going to be a rebirth case you guys you know what I'm talking to here. They've been doing this reading it in one breath for twenty five hundred years and they don't know why they just do it. And just do it why do we do it what we've always that and want to keep doing it so they just keep doing it OK. Guess what it's got mean. This has been preserved for twenty five hundred years for your ears today. The fact that this is still in the Bible is a miracle in itself Martin Luther didn't want there the scenes didn't copy the books it's a miracle that the Book of Esther is even in the Old Testament so the reason why it's listed up and down is because they felt that these bodies were not hung on gallows rather they were in pale. That's how they used to do this stuff OK I know it's kind of gross but anyway these are the actual Hebrew names but just like Hebrew names they have their Persian names but they have Hebrew meanings let me give an example if somebody from China came and their name was ten OK in their own language ten would mean something but ten in our language means something completely different right ten is like metal correct so it's the same vocab it's the same sound but it has a different meaning so obviously Hayman named his children Persian names because they were living in Persia but those names as they are. Have Hebrew meaning and so when they're written down in Hebrew they become very apparent Well let's try it let's see if we can name all of him is ten sides by the way what day of the week is this happening on the fourteenth we got crushed not the delegates of the breath. Delphi on as path of Adelia air adopt a promise of a Heiress IRA diabetics death up OK. Do you want to know what you just said. Yes yes you do. So this is this is what I did I simply took standard Christian dictionaries that have been around for a hundred years they're not even denominational dictionaries these are Christian dictionaries based on meanings in the Hebrew language we have Strong's we got brown driver Briggs Hitchcock's Smiths Easton's the bear are proper names of the Bible and I came up with meetings for these things here the meanings and if you take the meanings of these words and string them together. Watch what you get and remember what day let's back up a little bit here Esther was the one that asked for this right who does Esther represents. And this was going to be raised in what city. So I haven't even told you what this means shoeshine represents the hundred for. Thousands the provinces represent the dead in Christ that is why the people in shoeshine must live an extra day to fight because they are going to give They are going to get the time. They they are saved. They are saved by the grace of God but because they are given the extra time. And the Latter Rain something that the provinces never got the benefit of. The fruits will come to maturity. And this will prove to the universe that God's law can be kept This is not for their sake this is for God sake read Izzy kill thirty six he says I will purify you but not for your sake for my name sake. Being perfect being without sin is not salvation all here what we are saved by His grace the fruits of that grapes are his perfection. You understand what I'm saying. The province's the seventy five thousand that's the thief on the cross he had absolute face that the grace of Christ would see him through and Christ can you imagine Christ personally telling you I'm telling you right now you will be with me in paradise. We can argue with that did he have a chance to be a perfect man he died on the cross a sinner. The thief died in the process. But he has the same grace so it's grace that saves us but here and here and one hundred forty four thousand will be a rebuke to Satan that your law God is arbitrary and cannot be kept. You'll prove them wrong. OK Now with that in minds Esther who represents Jesus Christ is sending a message to who do the people that are about to prove the devil on your writing are you ready have the context Prussia means given by prayer. Delph on means reign. As patha means to gather men like the harvest or to protects Perata means fruitful Adelia means to drop. ERA doth up means to harvest and the new and noble birth. Harma shot up means a yearling bowl or a bullock airside means to be like a lion or lion like Era die is the lion is enough excellence and worthy and best death up means to sprinkle the chamber to purify to make whites. Now take those and not with a lot of license let's put together in a paragraph. Given by prayer the rain shall gather men like the harvest protect them and they shall be fruitful for he will drop the harvest and give them a new and noble birth for he is a yearling Bowl but is also like a lion and he has enough excellent worthy to sprinkle the chamber and purify them and make them wait. That's all there he is the lion and it's the lion is the only one a line from the tribe of Judah can open the seventh seal. So here's a Jewish rabbi and he's asked the question why do you say the ten sons of payment in one breath. You can actually go to the v. D.-O. it's on Torah cafe and I say ten sons of Haman on the Torah cafe so this is what he said it's been the object of speculation the Jewish community as to why Esther nine versus seventy nine is treated as the other three were dumped a versa so there are four redemptive verses in the McGill which is the Book of Esther for instance there is a man named Mordecai who lived in shoeshine that is a redemptive thing that changed the story line and so everybody joins in and there's two other places that happens but for some reason they say the ten sons of Ham in this way and they don't know why it's obviously not redemptive they say you're killing ten people it's retribution of so Rabbi Levi Kaplan says an online by exercise there are four places in the gala where the congregants join the reader and those four places are areas that talk about redemption those spots that mark a change something great that happened something that ushers in the victory redemption salvation of the Jewish people at that time however this is not the case when we talk about the time sons of Ham on so why is it that the ten sons are recycled by the congregants and he goes on to give kind of some funny examples kind of on the poor inside for those of you don't know Corum is kind of a the new years of Jewish celebrations that kind of get a little crazy OK but then he gets down to some brass tacks and he says here but let's get serious. He says. He says since it is absolutely essential that each word be conveyed at a reading it was necessary for each member of the Congress to say these names the third reason he says which is the more serious is for the reading of the ten sons of Ham in one breath and together is the most important study reading the ten sons in one breast is something that every person must experience on their own we cannot fulfill our obligations so to speak by having someone else breathe for us we have to recite the names of Heyman's children in one breath of ours just as we can't appoint someone else to fill in for us we can't hire a proxy to breathe for us so too with a. Reading of the McGill we have to experience reading the names in one breath so let's read it again. Given by prayer the rain by the way what's the only rain before the harvest. So let's a substitute that N. given by prayer the latter rain shall gather men like the harvest protect them and they shall be fruitful for he will draw up the harvest and give a new and noble birth to them for he is a yearly bull but is also like a lion and he is enough excellent worthy to sprinkle the chamber purify them and make them whites. Does it give you goose bumps that message has been said every year for twenty five hundred years. Since the institution of our and if you think about this for a second those names. Were put in that order specifically and language was made and who invented language. This Christ control these controls the horizontal and the vertical. There is nothing that's out of his control he controls everything. Some day Venice have the Alija message correct. He represents one hundred forty four thousand because he didn't die but he was translated. He was taking care of by Ravens in the wilderness he gave a message about following God one of two ways God or bale rights and he prayed for the rain we pray for the rain here who else prayed for the rain. Life How did Alija pray for the rain that's how we're supposed to pray for the latter rain. Have you ever thought about that. So I believe you with this if you go to the Bible it will only tell you that he prayed seven times for the rain it will not tell you how he prayed Wouldn't you like to be. Fly on a rock. And translate somehow it for the Hebrew about how a lie to pray for do you think it might have an application about how we are supposed to pray for the lot of rain. If you go to patriarchs and prophets Ellen White doesn't say much in there abouts how he prayed for the rain can we be so happy though that she wrote it down and review and Harold's. An obscure texts are you ready to see what she said. Without this document we don't have it would you like to know the secrets about how Alija prayed for the latter rain. This is how he prayed for the latter rain you've got it you've got to make up your mind now before you find out that this is exactly how we have to pay for the lettering to come because we're right here. And we're not very far from here. And you know when this starts judgment begins in the house of the Lord and are we in the house of the Lord we're very close. And White says that the latter rain will fall on people around us and we won't even know that it's happening. Which says before the sacrifice Alija had said how long halt between two opinions if the Lord be God follow him but if Bale then follow him after the destruction of the prophets of Bale a lie just said to a have get the up eat and drink for there is a sound abundance of rain after the king's departure Alija went up to the top of Carmel and cast himself down upon the earth where we go he put his face between his knees when he had been a have to go up and eat and drink did he have any evidence that the showers were about to fall he told them go there's rain coming but did you have any evidence was there a single cloud in the sky that's what we have to have that kind of face OK when he had been a have to go up in a drink did he have. Any evidence that the showers were about to fall did he see the clouds in the heavens did you see the rain or hear the thunder know he spoke these words because the spirit of the Lord moved the pond his mind and led him to believe that his prayer would be heard he had done all that was possible to make manifest his faith and now he began to pray for the outpouring of the abundance of rain and this is how he prayed he said to the servants go out now look towards the sea and he went up and looked and said There is nothing and he said Go again seven times the servant watch while alive to pray six times he returned from the watch saying there is nothing no cloud no sign of rain but the Prophet did not give in discouragements. Watch this he kept reviewing his life to see where he had failed to honor God. Leaven is removed. Leaven is being removed as leaven is finally removed he kept reviewing his life. And he confessed his sins and thus continued to afflict his soul what language is this this is a Day of Atonement language are we living in the day of atonement. If while watching for a token that his prayer was answered as he searched his hearts he seemed to be less and less both in his own estimation and in the sight of God It seemed to him that he was nothing. And God was everything. And when he reached the point of renouncing self while he clung to the Savior as his only strengthened righteousness that is when the answer came the servant appeared and said Behold they arise with a little cloud out of the sea like a man's hands and he said Go up and say into a have prepared I. Chariots and get down that the rain stopped the knots and it came to pass in the meanwhile that the heaven was black with clouds and winds and that there was a great rain and Ahab road and went to just reel and the handler was upon the edge any good up as lawyers and ran before it have to the entrance of Judge real. I only have two more slides to show you but I felt that it was relevant before we ended tonight to show you what Ellen White says attached to what she just said here because I think it has a lot to do with our church today listen to what she says there are many lessons to be drawn from the experience of Israel and the prophet of God Remember this was written many years ago we are living in a time of apostasy similar to the time of which we have read there is a great religious declension in the churches among professed people of God The children of God should have a realisation of their accountability and should direct their hearts towards God seeking for strength and graced with an earnestness which they have never before manifested there was never there never was a more solemn time in the history of the world than the time in which we are now living our eternal interests are at stake and we should arouse to the importance of making our calling and election sure we dare not risk our eternal interests I'm mayor probabilities we must be in earnest what we are what we are doing what is to be our course of action in the future all are all questions of untold moments and we cannot afford to be listless indifference unconcerned it becomes each one of us to inquire what is eternity to me or the feet are our feet in the path that leads to heaven or on the broad road that leads to perdition all around us the world is manifesting intense activity there is a feeling of apprehension among all people they are looking for some great event. Yes but no not what it is to be the state of affairs in Europe excites men's fears and all are looking for those things that shall come upon the earth and their hearts are failing them for fair the nations are filled with a society and there is a spirit of unrest and tumult on every hand if ever there was a time when men should know their position it is now no man can afford to go blindfolded not knowing in what road he is traveling but careless and hoping to come out right in the end for a great and disastrous will will be his awakening those who do not appreciate eternal life enough to work diligently for it. Will never attain it those who are seeking earthly pleasure worldly gain and on are will never make a success of winning eternal life unless they repent and turn to God with all the hearts review and herald May twenty sixth eighteen nineteen one. Over a hundred years ago. So this is my burden this is what I've been and I've simplified things well trust me I've tried to simplify things. But the basis of what I have found what God has revealed is that there is a pattern in the Bible and if you take this pattern and if you remember this morning the first five quotes that we gave up there every fact has its bearing every prophecy is a completion of another prophecy This is a great system of truths. The Bible is a Living Word the Bible is alive. This book that was written almost two thousand years ago completed still has stuff in it today for us that is ready to be unfolded if we simply take the time to study it and put it through its paces. I have no more. But that is the Book of Esther and I believe let me let me just tell you Fred. What got me involved in this I was a I'm a physician I was very busy and every Sabbath afternoon I would listen to Ivor Myers. Or some other pastor audio verse and I would be so enraged and then the rest of the week was draining and I think one weekend three or four years ago I listen to Ivor Myers blueprint for the fourth decree or the proposal or something like that and I said in my mind I just remember getting off the couch and turned to my wife and I said is I ever Meyer's going to just uncolored the entire Bible before we get a chance to do this I mean what are we doing so I made a appoints of instead of quantity and on the surface take a small patch like you're reading in the garden so this is my patch right here and I'm going to dig down as deep as I can until I hit gold and for me that was the Book of Esther but for you it may be the Book of Ruth it could be a job it could be and I guarantee you if you just take one book of the Bible and just go from the beginning to the end and say I'm going to understand everything that I need to know about this book you can't help but be questioning the other bits of the Bible I I saw on this day the Book of Esther to see where we went today we went over the Bible everything was related to Esther but we went all over the Bible and the same thing with the human body if I'm going to study the lungs you know the lungs affect the heart or lungs affect the kidneys they're affected by the brain is surprising the heart and lungs they're all organs of the same body these are all books of the same Bible God created both so why would we expect them to act any differently. We serve a wonderful God. Let's go ahead and and have a word of prayer before we break there Lord thank you for bringing us through this marathon of study help us to study the Bible to get that goals that goal that leads to. Eternal salvation not the gold mine that eventually gives up its golden It has no more to give but this gold mine that has continued to give a will continue to give but it is not for earthly treasure but for eternal salvation so much more infinitely more valuable thank you for giving thank you for dying on the cross for us thank you for giving us justification that we may return your love and with help of the Holy Spirit and with the whole. That we need. In this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio. If you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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