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Does God Care?- Part 2

Dee Casper


Does God hurt when I hurt? In part 2 we look at God’s experience in the great controversy and hear His side of the story. We primarily use Old Testament texts where God Himself is speaking to show that the God of the Old Testament is love, just like Jesus in the New Testament. By the conclusion of the message it should be clear that God hurts the most in the great controversy.


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program



  • May 20, 2017
    11:30 AM
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Father think you and I can come into your presence thank you that you do why to speak to us today to share your side of the story in the midst of the great controversy and I'm just praying that you would do something that none of us would soon forget for your holy name sake. Abide here a while we pray and we asked this in Jesus' name in. So does God care part two the first part for those who were not here we dealt with the origin of evil and what God is doing to eventually eliminate evil from this world in the process he's going through not only physically and otherwise but also what God is going through emotionally in the midst of this great controversy and very very excited to share this last part with you again the idea of the Old Testament God that there are some that we we view it as two different entities that you've got the God of the Old Testament that may seem like a fire of wrath and war and judgment and then you see this lovely Jesus in the New Testament and for some there's a seeming dissonance a seeming disharmony but what I'd like to show you today is that the Old Testament passages of God Himself speaking will be painting a different picture to us and I hope that it can be of a great help to you in your view who God is how he's working and the specific question we've been asking is does God care does God hurt when I hurt Does God know anything about what I'm going through in the midst of the great controversy and why is hardship taking place so first text I want to use to pick up from this morning is from the book of his ego chapter eighteen. And. This text was shared with me right after I preacher said You'll never believe this this is the next text I'm sharing. By the way while you're turning there for those who have mentioned family members in children that they love with all their hearts and wish would come to the Lord I want to give a bible promise to you it's. Jeremiah chapter thirty one verses sixteen and seventeen for those who are praying for a last we were children last we were friends Jeremiah thirty one sixteen and seventeen the says the Lord refrain your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears for your work shall be rewarded says the Lord and they shall come back from the land of the enemy there is hope in your future says the word that your children shall come back to their own borders. Jeremiah thirty one sixteen and seventeen. Yeah I got people I love that Jesus doesn't know he knows them but they don't know him and. Claim every promise you can he go Chapter eighteen is wed like to start with does God care now we're going to be giving God side of the story and it's the great controversy. Verse twenty three. God says do I have any pleasure at all that the wicked should die says the Lord and not that he should turn from his ways and live in his ego thirty three eleven is very similar. As you kill thirty three eleven a few chapters over. Chapter thirty three in verse eleven. Say to them as I live says the Lord God which is from everlasting to everlasting I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked but that the wicked turn from his way and live turn turn for evil ways for why should you die oh house of Israel so God is making it abundantly clear here today that he has no pleasure in the destruction of the wicked is not something he looks forward to so he talked about this morning in Matthew twenty five forty one God says that the destruction was only intended for the devil and his angels your name is not on that list your lost family members names is not on that list in the worst tyrants the world has ever known the. Their names are not on that list he never intended for any humans to be there and yet God is going to have to lose people in the process and it's bad enough for God to LOSE LOSE of for in a third of the angels but it's even worse now this one make it abundantly clear he's not taking delight in this and second Peter three nine says the Lord is not slack concerning his promise he's not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance that's the brief New Testament illusion. Most of these would be from the Old Testament and God Himself speaking that was intentional but again God does not rejoice over the death of anyone no one creates something out of love and then takes enjoyment in destroying it. It's a contradiction in terms right God doesn't work that way to take enjoyment in these things now Chapter five. Isaiah Chapter five and all begin in verse one. Isaiah Chapter five. And beginning in verse. One and all the references are also up on the screen here too you don't quite catch them now as if i Verse one now let me sing to my well beloved a song of my beloved regarding his vineyard my well beloved has a vineyard and a very fruitful Hill he dug it up include out it stones and planted it with what type of vine. The choicest vine the nicest that you can find he built a tower in its midst and he also made a wine press in it so he expected obviously it to bring forth good grapes but what type of grapes did it bring forth wild grapes one translation refers to this is actually a poisonous fruit. And now on habits of Jerusalem in of Judah judge please between me and my vineyard What more could have been done to my vineyard that I have not done it why then when I expected it to bring forth good grapes did it bring forth wild grapes and now let me please let. Tell you what I will do to my vineyard I will take away it should be burned and to break down this wall that should be trampled God here has in his using illustration for the nation of Israel he removed all the obstructions that he could he placed them in an ideal situation you put them on a recovery diary getting them out of Egypt clearing their minds in their bodies he gets them out he teaches them how to worship him again because they've completely lost sight of this and four hundred plus years of paganism and an appeasement based religion. So God has done all that he can to ensure that these people for arrive in their experience with him and yet when he is expecting it to bring forth good fruit it brings forth poisonous fruit and the question that God asked is. What what more could I have done. I remove the difficulties I remove the obstructions but the choice they made led to what we see now some would say to the question that God has or the question is asking is What more could I have done so much say that he should stop it from happening he should manhandle these people and keep them from being fools well let's go to Genesis chapter two first of all God is a God of free will he allows free moral agency and the thing we close with at the end of the small it was a fact that God and all powerful all sovereign God. Is going to be stuck with the decisions that other inferior beings made. Because he's so loving he only always ever does what's in your good but he's still going to leave the choice with you and what you do with that choice is up to you but he's going to inform that choice as best as he can and as frequently as he can so that you can make an intelligent choice that makes sense so he doesn't just leave you and hope you make a good decision and that's where I want to go here so Genesis Chapter Two beginning of verse fifteen we alluded to this this morning I'm still in Isaiah someone should have told me to turn my Bible John. This is chapter two. And beginning in verse fifteen we alluded to this in the Smalling Genesis two fifteen then the Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to tend to keep it and the Lord God commanded the man saying Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat but of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil You shall not eat for in the day you eat of it you will surely die. WILL BE THE POINT this morning that God does not say in the day you eat of it I will kill you he tells of there are consequences to this decision if you make it the choice is yours but I wanted to be abundantly clear to you I love you I desire your good I'm trying to protect you I'm informing your decision I'm informing your will. What is out and do and what does Eve do. They eat of the tree sin and the poisonous death that breath it brings into our experience comes into the human bloodstream and it's genetic right but here's the point so much say that God could stop these things from happening will God just tried in Genesis chapter two wasn't like he said you know hey there's three doors and behind one of the doors something bad could happen. Good luck God doesn't work that way God thinks of the money to clear not any tree this one right yonder don't stay away from that it leads to difficulty. Go to Genesis Chapter four. It's a warning in love right so you can imagine God at the end of Genesis Chapter Two asking the same question he asked as a chapter five What more could I have done. That I I told you this would happen now he's not doing you know and I told you so good luck I hope you can fix it the immediate thing that God does when Adam and Eve fall is he preaches the gospel he tells them that a promised Messiah will come through. Who will crush the head of the serpent but waltz will be wounded in the process a suffering messiah will come to reverse the curse for all who will accept Yeah his sacrifice was deficient to save all but it's only going to be attributed to those who accept you know see the difference now in Genesis Chapter four we see another similar situation of this kind of summarize for time sake so Cain and Abel both offer sacrifices to the Lord Cain offers one that is not of the flock it's bloodless It's Christ lists and his offering is not accepted but Abel's is and he's live it. And God stores up to this end and who says God needs to do this first of all. But God shows up to him and he says why are you angry and why has your countenance fallen if you do well will you not be accepted but if not sin lies at the door and this desire is for you but then he says but you should have mastery over it. God literally caused the sins to speak to a man with murderous thoughts and negotiates with them and says I know what you're thinking right now I know and I'm telling you you don't have to do this. Sin lives of the door but you should have mastery over it and he's not saying you should do better and not God is promising the strength to overcome writes very similar first printed Chapter ten with the temptation to make a way of escape. So God first heard his thirteen verse to nothing but God again condescends toward this man what does Cain do with the warning that God gave him. He still kills his brother. Still kills him even though God in love came to warn him of the harm that could come now you've heard it said you know that I'm not going down with the fire you know that Cain is not going to go down without a fight that's all well and good buy. Would phrase it this way God is not going to let you go down without a fight. He goes down swinging right he make sure that he can do all he can to aware you the situation so that you don't make the decision but he's going to have to leave you with it but he is not going to let you go down without a fight which implies to me that God actually kind of likes you in stuff. Haste. He not just he not only loves you he actually likes you he'd like to have time with you so what God then does is it provides a voice of reason for humanity throughout salvation history not just hey you got the books of Moses and if you don't do it hey it's our new pal No there's a continual voice of reason we just saw in Genesis three and four God Himself condescends to speak to these people after this you have Moses in the patriarchs God speaking through these individuals to where the world of what God expects what God need or want God longs to do for them there's a better choice available then the sins prophets and Jesus comments are what happens of the prophets they stone them they kill them Hebrews eleven says they got sawed into and they were completely rejected many times some people listen but many times the very people God sent out of love to warn them err no not interested you can keep it good. And there's a second I think it's an eighteen and twelve maybe on these Jeremiah eighteen and twelve it's in that general area but God is is sinning Jeremiah to speak to these people to wear them to their condition and he says these are the things you can come back you can repent and you can come back and they said it's hopeless we're just going to live a lost life style they won't listen to the merciful pleadings of God So Josephus a first century Jewish historian tells us there for four hundred years the Holy Spirit ceased out of Israel no one was speaking on behalf of. God as a prophet for the span of four hundred years in the interest of mental period from basically Second Chronicles Ezra Nehemiah all the way until John the Baptist no prophets no one is speaking on behalf of God because the people have killed rejected and despise all the council that God has given them but something changes in the New Testament we see John the Baptist as the preacher of righteousness calling the nation to repentance calling them to reconciliation to God and of the things they need for their relationship to thrive then Jesus Himself my all my the incarnation is the most profound warning merciful act of God imaginable Jesus became a man. Who says that has to happen right like of all the things God could just push the reset button and figure out something else but instead he's willing to send his Son into enemy occupied territory and not with all of his ammunition either there are aspects of Jesus divinity that he could not bring with him when he came into human flesh and he's taking a post fall nature there's been corrupted by thousands of years of sin. And yet Jesus does for man what man could not do for himself to bring us back to God but again his affording this voice of reason Jesus gave wonderful clarification of the Pharisees and Sadducees because eventually the Jews got in they realized every time that we do something stupid we get a woman and I'm tired of getting weapons I know what I'll do we're going to build a wall around the law just to make sure that we don't break it anymore and they've begun to lost sight they lost sight of why God gave the law in the first place it was two and a hands the relationship with him to draw them closer to him to see what he truly is like and that they could become the same to the power of God and they missed the whole point to Jesus comes and said You've heard that it was said but I say to you and you have heard that it was said but I say to you Jesus clarifies the law. And shows here's what my intentions were all along and I would know because I was there right Jesus knows so he gives this voice of reason and then he sends the Holy Spirit to convict the world in John Chapter sixteen of sin of righteousness and of judgment and internal moral compass to remind us that we have need of God a continual voice of reason through us of Asian history in the last was that we see Revelation Chapter fourteen vs six through twelve the messages and the repetition of the thirty S. in a revelation eighteen God is continually affording a voice of reason for the human race he's not a blind watchmaker right someone who just sets things and runs away he's actively engaged in humanity in trying to persuade them to follow him and they come back now who says that God needs to go through all this madness Genesis to could have been good enough and if they make it that's what they did but God doesn't work that way God wants you saved so badly that he's doing all of these things to remind you of where your real home is. We've forgotten we've forgotten who we are we've forgotten who we belong to and we've forgotten who we were meant to be and God uses these voices of reason to remind us of that now not only does God give us voices of reason he even offers to give us power to live a holy life he doesn't just give a list of expectations and say hey if you pass the the Navy SEAL tryouts then you can come join the big leagues right then you can be part of the hundred forty four thousand God promises new Zico thirty six the key to the power of the Holy Spirit to a surrendered heart he can actually make you an obedient person it's amazing good as you go Chapter thirty six. Thirty six and all begin in verse twenty two. Zero thirty six twenty two. Therefore see the house of Israel Thus says the Lord God I do not do this I'm about to do for your sake a house of Israel but for my holy name sake would superfine among the nations were ever you wint God's ideal plan his evangelistic strategy was to raise up a people that were better than everybody else God was not a nationalist God with raising up evangelists not nationalists there's a huge difference God is raising up people to declare to the world that there's a God in heaven who loves you who has a way that is better than your way it will lead your happiness and he wants to bless you he wants to provide for you he wants to love you and mold you into His image so the Israelites were meant to be those messengers but they didn't do a very good job the surrounding nations are blaspheming the name of God because of the actions of God's evangelists they are making God look awful and that can happen to religion sometimes can it and so in this situation God says not for your sake but for my holy name sake would you prefer and among the nations where ever you went and I will sing to fire my great name which has been profane among the nations would you prefer in their midst in the nations will know that I am the Lord says the Lord God how. When I am hallowed in you before their eyes when you look like Jesus these people are going to realize that Jesus is the name above every name he's altogether lovely He's what I've been looking for all along how do I get what you got that's what God wants to have what has that going to take place he says take you from among the nations get you out of all countries and I'll bring you into your own land and then I'll sprinkle clean water on you and you should be clean so we're dirty he promises first to clean this right these are tin I will statements from God then He says all clingier Moyer filthiness and from all your idols all the things that we run to to escape religion to escape accountability to God to escape the pain that we're feeling in our lives all of those idols God says I can cleanse you from those. This is a verse twenty six I'll give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you I'll take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh maybe you're cold hearted maybe you're hard hearted and you just have complete indifference to anything about God He says I can change that too then he says in verse twenty seven I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you will keep my judgments and do them notice that God promises that were will be obedience in the human experience when we make a radical surrender to the God of heaven in the Spirit of God lives within us we live a life that we couldn't have lived otherwise and it's an obedient life that's good news that's a people that will look like Jesus because guess what Jesus lived an obedient life and God will live that life through a surrendered heart through surrendered will and this running nation to realize you know what they have is better than what I have. I'm interested I want what you've got this is what God intended for the human race and they give it who says God has to do this for us he could put a sign at that said warning no lifeguard on duty swim at your own risk God could have done that and just said here's what I want and if you get bitten by sharks or something else happens that's on you but yet God is working so hard to awaken to people how much he loves them longs to provide for them has all the answers to the wounded and broken hearts and even the things that he's requiring of them to help provide that too. Many people in our church are wrestling because we specialize in communicating what God expects but sometimes at the expense of how God enables us to do what he expects and this leads to two basic responses particularly with our young people but I've seen it with the older generation as well. I'm a loser and I might as well quit because I'm never going to be good enough I tried and my strength I crashed and burned I must be a loser who isn't going to be able to cut it. The other response is it which eventually leads to atheism but the other response. My mind has left was thinking about something else within the context of my thought how dramatic and awful. I'm only thirty one and not that old. The first response is atheism and the second response is legalism can happen a lot of times it will just keep doing our own thing that's not even the answer I was looking for oh well it'll come back later this whole disk go on but it leads to people being discouraged and giving up and it leads to people just leaving God entirely It happens a lot unfortunately so is ego thirty six is God's extravagant provision and his amazing desire to see you saved so your dirty Auckland's you you've got I don't I can get rid of them you have a stony heart I'll give you a new one you're cold and indifferent I can make you feel again I can give you the ability to feel again by giving you a new heart you can obey all empower you to obey so the question is do you have any more objections right I am willing to do all of this for a disobedient people why because I love you because I want you to be with me and I mean your corner in this Gaza rooting again you he's rooting for you amen and that should be clear from the actions that God is taking here. So the people who are lost at the time are not lost because God did not make ample provision. They are not lost because God didn't do enough the people who are lost at the end of time. Are lost because they had no desire to take God up on his amazing offer many of us are shaming ourselves out of heaven. We are beating ourselves to death with our inadequacies and our unworthiness and we see when we view that God certainly would not accept me I see what I am and I see what God expects so I'm just not going to make it. I'm not going to be good enough and so we assume I might as well just throw in the towel. Or shaming ourselves out of heaven or we're allowing the devil himself in the people around us to do it and God is asking you to make your own decision Amen an informed decision through the lens of the undying love Jesus so that's what God wants for us many will be lost by not taking hold of God's belief in them. And saying this alone is too verse ten kind of alludes to this if they did not receive the love of the truth that they might be saved. But wasn't just information Jesus Himself is the truth they did not receive the love of God and the understanding that God already loved them whether they loved him back or not. So the nature versus man argument here although to look at this this is pretty phenomenal go to Jeremiah chapter five. Jeremiah five beginning of verse twenty so God is pleading to the people of God wanting them to be his leading them to himself and beginning in verse twenty Jeremiah five I have to move with purpose here so the references are on the screen but Jeremiah chapter five beginning of verse twenty he says declare this in the help of Jake in the House of claim it in Judah saying here this now all foolish people without understanding who have eyes and see not who have ears and hear not do you not fear me says the LORD Will you not tremble at my presence who place the sand as the bound of the sea by a perpetual decree that it cannot pass beyond it and though its waves tossed to and fro yet they cannot prevail though they war yet they cannot pass over it right like just God amazing control of nature should be enough for us to fear him and to worship him he says but this for people has a defiant heart in a rebellious heart they have revolted in the parted they do not say in their heart Let us now fear the Lord our God who gives rainbow the form of the ladder in its season he reserves the appointed weeks of the harvest your iniquity have your. What is have turned these things away and your sins have withheld a good from you and as a chapter fifty nine of ours to it says that your sins of separated you from your God God is wanting to work on us God is wanting to deliver us from sin but when we choose sin instead of God we're left to the consequences of that decision you will surely die. Not I will kill you there's a huge difference but God here is trying to make it clear that the forces of nature seem to be obedience. Why are you. What have I done to you that you would rebel against me in this way David Platt in his book Radical taking back your faith American dream phrases this way he said we spurn our creators authority over us God beckons a storm clouds and they come he tells the wind to blow in the rain to fall and they obey immediately he speaks to the mountains you go there and he says to the seas you stop here and they do it everything in all creation responds in obedience to The Creator and till we get to you and me we have the audacity to look God in the face and say you know. Seeing all of what God is doing forced reservation history and when he asked things of us that he's promised to enable us to do our responses. The things. At other have this instead in his mind boggling to God Micah chapter six. Like a Chapter six beginning of verse one. Micah Chapter Six read one through four and also verse eight here now with the words this arise plead your case before the mountains and let the hills hear your voice here or you mountains the Lord's complaint in you strong foundations of the earth for the Lord has a complaint against his people and he will contend with Israel all my people. All what have I done to you. How have I wearied you testify against me show me what it is that I've done to you that would lead you to act this way for a brought you up from the land of Egypt I read deemed you from the house of bondage Egypt by the way as an illustration of sin like I've done all this for you and I said before you Moses Aaron and Miriam voices of reason skip down the verse eight he has shown you all man what is good and what does the Lord require of you but to do justly to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God the reasonable requests Now if you've had a conversation with someone than a third party shows up and you does feel that you're getting nowhere with this individual you might as well be talking to a container of Plato you're just getting nowhere And so you kind of look to the person beside you to say are you are you seeing this this is what God just did with nature. He tries to get nature to at least sympathize with him some because people are not listening to him. God is desperate to be understood that's why the great controversy thing needs to be preached he's destined to be understood so you wonder you'll see that wait a minute there's nothing to fear in following him why would I run from him. So he's hoping maybe the mountains wonder stand him because people don't want to Jeremiah chapter six. Jeremiah chapter six. Beginning of verse sixteen. This is heartbreaking one of my former students Leslie is here she's sitting there on the side in the black and whenever I share this in their Bible classes the last year that I taught at Heritage Brian one of her classmates when we read this verse his immediate response was we are idiots like we are fools and just look at what happens here Jeremiah Chapter six beginning verse sixteen Thus does the Lord stand in the ways and see him ask for the old past where the good way is and walk in it then. You will find rest for your souls and how many people here want rest for their soul yeah I'm so grateful for the Sabbath by the way. But you do this and you'll find rest for your souls you know they said we will not walk in it we don't want your wrist verse seventeen Also I sent watchman over you saying listen to the sound of the trumpet which is a warning of the coming destruction listen to the sound of the trumpet and they said we will not listen Therefore hear you Nations and no congregation what is among them here on Earth Behold I will certainly bring calamity on this people the fruit of their thoughts now there are times when the Old Testament. In the Hebrew mind when someone allows for something they view them as someone who did something is a Hebrew or new ones as kind of different and so God says that you know I will bring claiming other people but then he tells them I'm living them over to the fruit of their thoughts I'm turning them over to the fruit of their thoughts because remember he takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked so you may want to what you mean by that he says the fruit of their thoughts because they have not heeded my words nor my law but rejected it when they did understand that the law was also a means of protection not oppression a means of protection verse twenty for what purpose comes frankincense from Sheba and sweet came from a far country then look what he says you're a burnt offerings are not acceptable nor your sacrifice is sweet to me why I thought God cared about deeds and religion he doesn't if your heart doesn't care they're worthless to him. There is zero merit in them I don't care what you're eating what you're wearing what you're saying what you're watching if your heart does not go white in God It doesn't matter because God always wanted your heart and when God has your heart the side effect of that is God working in you to will and to do according to HIS good pleasure but if you're manufacturing your own good deeds to appease name regard you're wasting your time. In a stand the difference big difference so notice obedience doesn't disappear from the believers experience but. Obedience is only possible in a heart relationship with God Nothing else is considered obedience in the eyes of God Now this is this is a hard one Jeremiah for is a good two books to write is a good chapter eight in verse six. In verse six. There are abominations that Jeremiah is having to do is having to see but to go a God says here is verse six he says Furthermore he said to me Son of Man do you see what they're doing the great abominations of the house of his or commits here to make me go far away from my sanctuary now turn again and you will see greater abominations I don't know if you caught this but the sin of Israel literally kicked God out of his own house. God is made to homeless by the transgressions of his people he can't live in your heart and he can't live in his house. And it's devastating to him You have been tossed out of the place and you don't know what to do and you just trying to make gather the pieces and know where to go next God with through that with the people of Israel. God longs to dwell in our hearts he longs to dwell in our houses of worship of the decisions we make directly affect that and he turns us over to the fruit of our thoughts. Despite what he wants. Now the climax of this God So we've been seeing all throughout the Old Testament that God is loving us he's sharing his side of the story and it's just blowing his mind he does not understand why we're making the decisions that we make knowing what he brings to the table and could provide for us. He's beside himself but the climax of this is Jesus Himself in Matthew chapter twenty three in verse thirty seven Jesus is repeating here. God. Cry here. And he says I'm Matthew twenty three and verse thirty seven oh Jerusalem Jerusalem the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are said to her remember those voices of reason that I tried to use to wake them up I want how often I wanted to gather your children together as a hint gathers her chicks under her wings. But you were not willing. This is not a matter of God's willingness his resume is impeccable throughout the Old Testament and New Testament this is not a matter anyone being lost is not a matter of God's willingness it's solely God yielding to their willingness. And Jesus weeps here because he saw with the city could have been. Had they accepted him. And brought him to tears. Because the three texts here the two times that God cries in Scripture when Jesus weeps are both directly tied to the unbelief of the people of God. And for what could have been. Isaiah Chapter sixty five and three texts here is kind of an appeal and will start to come to a close here. I have some important thoughts on the close you if the god is really laid on my heart that I hope will come across is once Isaiah Chapter sixty five verse two. He says I have stretched out my hands all day long to a rebellious people who walk in a way that is not good according to their own thoughts. I want you to imagine being a parent I'm not one though I have about forty children and she's one of them in the Lord she's actually my firstborn it's a true story first bad tism and. So imagine being a parent and watching your child destroy themselves with a lifestyle. Maybe physically and maybe some of you have had to see this and you can resonate with God and ways that some of us can't because you've gone through this but imagine with arms out wide you can't strong arm the kid you can't you can't grab hold of them both arms open wide you're telling them son. Stop killing yourself. Stop it. You can come home. I know what you've done. I know more than you think I know and you can come home. And yet they will not come to him and God watches them pull the trigger take the bottle of pills and go bottoms up God watches them destroy themselves as His arms are open to embrace them. This is what the God of Heaven goes through every time a soul chooses something other than him. One time will be enough to put a parent in an insane asylum and God deals with this on a daily hourly basis. We're asking the question does God care. This god or her one I hurt I think we're starting to get any answer. We plead with God asking why bad things happen and you know what he's asking the same question really in a different way. Why would you reject my grace and be turned over to the consequences of sin. When you ask why I just know that God asking the same question. Same question different context but the same question. All throughout the Old Test. That we have seen a god pursuing his people at the expense of his own heart at the expense of his own embarrassment trying to win them over heartbroken and devastated he continues nonetheless. So isn't as if forty two that he will not fail nor be discouraged. You cannot stop him. Except with one thing. What decision will you make in response to the please he's making. So we've seen throughout the Old Testament that God is pleading with his people he loves him with all of his heart he is pouring himself out to the dregs for an ungrateful people and listen to what these people have to say about God. Isaiah Chapter forty nine beginning in verse fourteen. Makes me sick at my stomach to read this Isaiah Chapter forty nine beginning of verse fourteen. But Zion the people of God said the Lord. The Lord has for sake of me and my Lord has forgotten me. Are you kidding me. And does responses basically that are you kidding me. And uses the strongest language you can he says Can a woman forget her nursing child and I have compassion on the son of her womb surely they may forget in the chances are very unlikely that it would happen by the way is why he uses that. Surely they may forget it yet I will not forget you see I have inscribed you on the palms of my hands and your walls are continually before me. Who's for Satan who. Who's for say King who. God is using explicit Calvary language here I haven't graved you upon the palms of my hands the wildest language of love that I knew was to pour out my life and to death for people who do not appreciate me for people who do not value me and for people who are spurning the sacrifice I'm making for them. Your name is there. He was thinking of you. In the midst of your a billion when he went through that. Individually wasn't thinking about you he was thinking about you. And you. God values you that highly individually that he went through this hell. And has your name inscribed in the palms of his hands and as a memorial. And he's a look at that hand. And he's missed the names that still said no. To it still said no. But God has made it abundantly clear that he has not forgotten us if there's anything that shows us that God has not forgotten us it's Calvary. Just loud as you can say it how could you say something like that about me he says is specially after all I've done to bring you back to me in spite of how you hurt me. God could have given up on you. He won't because I want to he want you too bad. There's an invitation from the Revelation chapter three in verse twenty. Here this verse a lot. And it sounds nice. But we need the overarching context of Scripture in the heartbreak of continual rejection. It finds in. Context. So in Revelation chapter three in verse twenty God says Behold Jesus speaking Behold I stand at the door and knock and if anyone hears my voice notice he doesn't discriminate I don't care what your nose looks like I don't care if you're late of Abraham or not. If anyone hears my voice in opens a door I will come in to him and dine with him and he with me there's only one per requisite for salvation. God needs permission. And every door in the house that you open. The more closing the more power comes into your experience but God needs permission for every single door not just the front door all the other doors to the pantry. The chest with all the entertainment he needs permission all these places of business set us free he works upon the parameters of permission but I want you to envision with me here he says Behold I stand at the NOR knock in the in the Greek this is in the continued of. I have been knocking I am knocking now and you better believe it I'm going to keep knocking into one of two things happens the door of mercy closes. Or you say yes but in the meantime I'm not leaving. You can turn your lights off you can turn the T.V. up and you can one for me if you want. But I'm not going anywhere. I'm going anywhere. I have been knocking on and knocking down all continues in dog and someone communicated to me a picture they've seen of this that I can't find this is a close as I could find imagine Jesus standing at the door of a house and there's cobwebs all over the door jambs you can tell that this door has not been opened in a long time. And there's no handle on the outside of this door. I can only be old. And from the inside. And there's this man standing and knocking on this door and just think of what the neighbors are thinking. Look man they're obviously not home and if they are they certainly don't want to hear from you you're wasting your time then. And if you look in the face of Jesus you're probably going to see two things one sadness and disappointment. There's also this little glimmer of hope in his eyes. Maybe they just can't hear me. Maybe they're just not ready yet. I'll keep knocking because they could come. There's anticipation that they could come. And he's singing every voice the reason he can find to hear that knocking on the door to remind them that. I'm still here. Still here. So you may be hearing that sound right now. And through the course of the day when I've been trying to make clear to the best of my ability which is weak is that he's safe. He's someone you want in your house. He's the only person you want in your house. You have to worry about hiding your dirt in your junk when he walks and he already knows and he still wants in and you know you says all Klinge you from your idols. I'll do it. So we have. Jesus can reason with us he can communicate and show us a better way but the choice remains ours he only works through love and allows and love has to allow for choice forced can't be use so the question is what will you do with the pleading of Jesus. What decision will you make. Scripture is clear God is not giving. Up on you I hope that if all else fails at least made that clear today. But he will have to eventually yield to you giving up on yourself. He doesn't want to. But for a large number of people he's going to have to. This is what breaks his heart and brings him to tears this is why Jesus wept over in penitence city. The Old Testament a New Testament picture showed the exact same story Jesus Jesus says in John fourteen resign he who is seen Me has seen the Father the Father looks just like Jesus. Stop confusing the do this to say it's not one or the other they're on the same team and one is God the Father like them if he's just like Jesus having a loved his own who are in the world he loved them to the end. To the other in the self to the other in of his self esteem. So is God care. More than you'll ever know. Does God when I hurt. You better believe it. And he hurts when you don't hurt. And he hurts all the time in the midst of a great controversy. There's never been a day since Genesis three really since Revelation twelve that God hasn't heard. Would Want You to read something here with me the a White says the book education and we're like couple slides from being done. She says those who think of the result of hastening or hindering the Gospel think of it in relation to themselves and to the world few think of it in relation to God Few give thought to the suffering that sin has caused our Creator. All the heaven. Suffered in Christ agony but that suffering did not begin or end with his manifestation in humanity. The cross is a revelation to our dull senses of the pain that from its very inception sin has brought to the heart of God. Every departure from the right every deed of cruelty every failure of humanity to reach his ideal brings grief to him. And when there came upon Israel the calamities that were the result of separation from God So by their enemies cruelty and death it is said that his soul was greed for the misery of Israel and in all their affliction he was afflicted and he bear them and carry them all the days of old. Education to sixty three. We don't look at his side of the story why it's so easy for us to yell at him to get mad at him. Because we don't want to see his side of the story. Because then we see what we're doing to him. Why we're told Romans two four that the goodness of God leads to repentance. Paul eventually contrast this in another post or he says that. You saw an ad for a godly Stuart. He says that worldly sorrow leads to death. Just being sorry because you don't want to open leads to death but he says God These are leads to repentance and a repentance that doesn't need to be repented of. And encounter with the goodness of God will bring that and this is why this perspective the great controversy should be shared loud and clear so if we continue to resist the pursuit him pleading of God what's going to happen. He's going to hurt for eternity. Our experience of being lost in the second death is actually easier than God to experience you know why because it eventually. In this. We have intially ceased to exist. But God isn't given an option. He has to continue to live with that pain. The great controversy never in for God. Will have no more sorrow nor crying nor fear as the redeemed and I'm sure he's in a wipe our memory banks but someone who isn't entitled to that privilege. Will continue to grieve because there's people that should have been here. That had a way provided for them. They had a voice of reason to remind them that a way had been provided for them. And yet they still said no. So my appeal to you today. Is to think long and hard before you utter no. Not just for your sake. But for his. Well put him through that. It's bad enough just losing the devil in a third of the angels is bad enough let's not make it any worse. Let alone the fact that he has the keys to the happiness in the deepest longings of your heart that you know good and well the stuff you're running to does not feel. So what will you say to my friend Jesus today that's the question. One of I cheated Neil with me and pray. And then we're going to close with the song Cold as Jesus care when he won but like to invite you to kneel with me as we pray for those who are able. Oh God. My heart hurts. To think about how much your heart hurts. And I know this is a drop in the bucket to what you're going through right now. I've heard you. Everyone in this room has heard you. And were sorry. Lord Jesus we're sorry. Forgive us of our sins I pray. Not only of breaking the law of God but of breaking the heart of God. I pray that you would sin the minute Third Person of the Godhead to do for us what we've been capable of doing for ourselves. Deliver us from the flesh deliver us from carnal desires deliver us from a willingness to believe a lie and refuse to accept the truth and to be saved through knowledge of the truth. God I pray for freedom. Genuine freedom and for all of us to fall head over heels in love with a man named Jesus into start afresh. Granted us that gift today we pray for without you we don't stand a chance. We desperately need Jesus we freely confess that we ask that you would just. Do for us what we can. We ask this. In Jesus. This media was brought to you by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. Or you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit W.W.W.. Or.


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