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A Mighty God

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference




  • August 8, 2009
    5:00 PM
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did you enjoy the music and I sure did as I can acquire once I was kept in the Catholic basketball team I always was the group quickly as teenager and always shooting jump shots from the left-hand side of the court and as captain of the Catholic basketball team the none came to me one day superior non- mother superior now when you're going to Catholic school and mother superior comes to you you don't refuse what mother superior it eventually said Mark we need you for height in the back of acquire the most quietly voices but they needed height in the back of a choir and she said we think it would be a very positive thing for the captain of the Catholic basketball team to be seen at mass in the choir singing but I can't put you on the choir until you try out so you have to try out for the choir because it wouldn't look good for me to put you on just because you're the captain of the basketball team so she's in I want you to come out on such and such a day for the tryout for this choir which I did at the end of the tryout she got me aside and she said no Mark you have made the choir congratulations but when you sing for mass please just move your mouse so you don't spoil the rest so I say that in the back of the choir in mouth words the first time and I was last I never went to choir so I appreciate very very much good music let's forget father we thank you so much that we can share today about how great and mighty you are I just pray that during this period that you would catch a vision not of ourselves but if you would catch a vision of the bigness the greatness of God in Christ name amen have you ever read a book that profoundly changed your life and you really believe that God gave you that book at that time I just become a Seventh-day Adventist I was eighteen years old I read a book that profoundly influenced me was a book by JB Phillips you may have read the Philips translation of the Bible but JB Phillips wrote a book called your God is too small and in that book he talks about why young people often reject the concept of God and one of the reasons they do is because young people can spot a phony a mile away and what young people really want is not a form of religion not a pretense of religion but they want to see a guy that's being a God 's mighty God can do something that is transforming in that book he talks about different views of God he said some people have a view of God is the resident policeman that's one concept of God is the resident policeman that he sitting up in heaven with his policeman hat on with his blue blue uniform and badge almost like a traffic cop that has his radar on the interstate ready to get you if you go beyond the speed limit of fifty miles an hour so some people have the idea of God as the traffic copies the resident policeman he's looking down as you did that wrong you did that wrong and that kind of God only produces a guilt but certainly no power the JB Phillips develops that one chapter another chapter he talks about God as the as the cosmic Santa Claus some people view God as a lawyer I really want that new Ford Taurus and you are the God who is the cosmic Santa Claus give me that which I desire but that God again is too small some people pictured God as the benevolent grandfather he psychotic God that John always puts his arm right and it's going to be okay I know you did it's been a be okay and Phillips points out that any one of those views of God is far too small that God is the all-powerful the mighty Creator he is the loving Redeemer he is the coming King he is the one who is far bigger than our inhibitions were dreams I want to talk to you this afternoon about a God that's bigger than you can possibly imagine about a God that's greater than you could possibly ever can see about a God that has an incredible plan for your life that's beyond your wildest dreams now there are two texts that I want to read it and I want to illustrate how fantastic this is the first passage of Scripture is Isaiah nine and verse six Isaiah nine in verse six and looking to pick up the theme in Isaiah nine verse six of who this God is Hosea nine six is a prophecy in the Old Testament about Christ as Messiah and it says for unto us a child is born unto us a son is given the government will be upon his shoulder his name shall be called wonderful Counselor mighty God everlasting father Prince of peace of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no land no notice what kind of God is in verse six what's he got a verse six whatever God mighty God why don't my eating God we serve the Africans have a song and I love to hear them sing it he goes on it on again what a mighty God we serve what a mighty God we serve what a mighty God we serve God is mighty in the final analysis none of the powers of shall stand before him I share with you some stories this afternoon their incredible but their attribute to this mighty God this God is bigger than all the powers of hell this guy that is greater than all the totalitarian forces of evil this God who is a weapon Isaac mighty God this God who is mightier than any flow that will ever stand against you second passage Ephesians chapter one verse nine the Ephesians chapter one and verse nineteen God has given me the opportunity for the last forty years to see Almighty is the last twenty five years I've been traveling the world having the opportunity to share his love and grace and I've seen this mightiness of God Ephesians one and verse nineteen what is the exceeding greatness of his power but this is no small God this is no God that is some God-given box that can do nothing here posters I've seen the exceeding greatness of his power doing you one power in your life God says he is exceeding great power do you want to see God do something through you in the high school that you go to at the place where you work there is exceeding greatness of his power he is a God is a God of no limits there is no limit with this God when you give yourself to him as Ellen White so aptly puts it there is no limit to the walk usefulness of the one who puts self aside and commits themselves wholly and totally to God the reason we don't see more working of the mighty power of God is because of the fact that there has been that failure at times to make a full saran God if you make a full surrender to God he's getting something amazing for you see how the mighty he is as we make a full surrender to God we see that the greatness of his power verse nineteen what is the exceeding greatness of his power toward us who believe do you believe in you do you believe right and what you see if you believe what is a tech site the exceeding greatness of what his power to those that believe we go on according to the working of his mighty walk power these are mighty God and he is mighty power when communism fell in nineteen eighty nine as the results of Miguel Gorbachev 's emphasis on Pettus but I got an glasnost pedestal I got is a word in Russian that means restructuring and glasnost means openness and so the job saw that the former Soviet Union was isolated and he wanted to restructure and Abbott of of openness in that society when that openness occurred the former Soviet Union opened the preaching of the gospel and we were invited I have been working since eighty five in communist countries are eighty five and ninety working in this communist countries I was largely helping to negotiate religious freedom and opportunities for Seventh-day Adventist old evangelist at meetings and so I was able to understandably somewhat about the Communist mind nineteen eighty nine when Russia in top opening communism fell were invited to come to the former Soviet Union in Moscow particularly at that time we had one Seventh-day Adventist church in Moscow that church existed for probably seventy years are religious liberty was for it was very limited but now the doors of religious freedom open then we went out an evangelistic meeting in an auditorium the University or its article on a university when I got there the Russian leadership the Adventist leadership was concerned they said Pastor Mark where you get your bodyguard no I'm not concerned about bodyguards because the Bible says that I've got a thousand angels find ten thousand watch over me but occasionally I will yield to what others think and so they said we want to sign your bodyguard to one that was what with my bodyguard Boris and he wasn't a usually while he was probably five eleven maybe five ten he was pretty muscular and fairly fit and so we were walking down a hallway hotel one day and I said I got pushed in a little bit he was in his early twenties and I save arts facility exactly what would you do these all show you ate what I could have done and he shown any as he jumped and bit a karate kick it literally was this level any foot prints on the wall above my head and I went and I said I need to know little bit about your background tell me who you are any smiley said Mark I wouldn't do that today but I was just teasing you a little babies that I get my arm around and talk to the president who are you is not tell you my uncle guarded stolid you know Scotland needs it we talk about Hitler as the evil unit limit field still six million Jews Stalin killed twenty to forty million Russians when the Russian Metro was being built under Moscow it's one of the nicest metros in the world it was fantastic it had beautiful marble statues and columns and artwork shops is the most advanced that for the world Stalin wanted the Metro built so we called in the foreman and he put his finger on a Dayton he said I want the Metro finished by that date he said Comrade Stalin managed the governments honestly take twenty thousand men is out of care of you twenty thousand these would have to work three shifts they are night I don't care it's the cost millions of rubles I don't care comfort style and were to lose at least ten thousand people and a die if we push them because the stimuli cave-ins with your work the safety advocate he was ten thousand people building that natural and they die if they don't build it you may die bill that Metro and they accomplish the Metro I think they lost five thousand ten thousand people Stalin didn't care Stalin was ruthless anybody around him but got close to it that he thought or perceived may be a threat to his authority he killed this young man that was my bodyguard his uncle garden style she wanted all of his life to be a KGB agent and a spy against the West I come from the West he wanted to be a spy against the West that was his dream know what happens what happened in the former Soviet Union was they would choose the most intelligent in the brightness take them aside and train them to be KGB agents so I sat down with Boris and I said Boris tell me about the classes you took a sip well I took psychological manipulation I can walk into any room and within five minutes find out in that group was seventy five or hundred people this man's a leader this woman is the leader if I can manipulate the minds of the leaders I can take the whole grew and control of so I understand my control I understand manipulation secondly I took karate I know where to hit and how to get instantly thirdly I took explosives to blow up bridges fourthly I took a class in knives and guns we talked about his background I said wet what were the plans for your life these are the plans of my life is I was to be a spy in Italy as can be dropped into Italy spy in Italy so I had to learn Italian I was any a Russian businessman in Italy sparring for the Russian government I said what changed all that is in one night I was going to KGB school and I was doing guard duty and I was it had rained that night and I was up in a guard tower and when I stepped to come down off the guard tower step in the first step and I began to tumble and I fail I broke my back I ended up in a KGB hospital special hospital while I was in the hospital I was watching television and this was the time it to but we see in Georgia not Georgia and the United States releasing this was the time into the leasing in Georgia that the Georgian Russian Republic was written failing against Moscow so Moscow sent ten KGB agents who were in forces class to infiltrate the crowd to incite riots against the government remember I told you they knew psychological manipulation so they were to go into the crowd insight liens against the Georgian government to bring it down so ratcheted up to send all its troops and that they wanted to cause revolution within and that's the function of the KGB and so he said I was watching TV with my broken back looking at the crowds on television and the Russian this report I saw my own classmates inciting riots and ice and I said to myself is this the way you want to spend the rest of your life you need to see in lying in cheating is this the way you want to spend the rest of your life the reason I lay there on my bed thinking this is not the life I want and he said as I lay in my bed day after day saying what's the purpose of my life what's what can I find to do in life that's worthwhile beside building the Soviet Empire scores of young people gave their lives to build the Soviet Empire because they believed in the ideology of communist young people want to give their life to something as big and grant and the greatest thing you can give your life to is the proclamation of the gospel is the greatest thing in the biggest cause on earth is this gospel of the kingdom going to every nation kindred Todd and people there is no greater cause than that Boris was lying on his bed and he said I thought of somebody called Jesus is and I heard the name of Jesus with one time in my life one time either the name of Jesus and he came in my hat and he said I had heard that this Jesus had given amount this sermon in another sermon on the Mount he photos mom servicer loan amount but he said I thought if I will if it was only I can only get a copy of this mountain so if somebody said it said something about I had meaning in life like the peacemakers and I want to be a peacemaker I'll do what is right revolution is sleeping I know what I will write to the Orthodox priest in Russia maybe in the archives of the Orthodox Church there is one of these top yes the mountain sermon you think one of those might be still around so he wrote to the Orthodox race now in Russia Internet in those days in an attempt to control all religions they put all the religious mailboxes in the post office next the one and when the letter came to the Russian Orthodox priest the postmaster put it in the Adventist pastor 's mailbox by mistake as you think it was a mistake what you think the Holy Spirit leads in miraculous ways Bethany the letter came the the Adventist pastor read the letter as he read the letter he went and visited Boorstin the KGB hospital in force in all the typical arguments against the Bible you know I I want learned about this Jesus but look the Bible to be true the Orthodox the Adventist pastor opened the Bible and he said let me share with you a prophecy in Daniel L Boris had studied Babylon it studied me to purchase it studied Greece and Rome his mouth was open he's what university did you go to in those days the Adventist pastors condoning the University the Adventist pastor talked about the prophecies of Daniel Boris was convicted and he said when I get out of the hospital I need to see you know you don't know to the KGB after the trains would sit I think I want to do this anymore I think a change professions but they said to him because you broke your back and because you may have a physical infirmity that would be a liability for some of the tasks were so sorry to disappoint you but you're not go to qualify for the top KGB officer will relation was moving powerful Boris left the Adventist pastor studied with he became a seventh there is a certain remark I know those things but I'm here not to use any force I'm here to just guide you around by my knowledge people that they want to harm you I was with them for three years at the end of three years that young man made a decision to become because we kept going back and forth the Moscow Treaty made a decision we talk to become an Adventist pastor I gave him my graphics and he began preaching the Adventist message of his early twenties has a powerful evangelist DL five meetings ten meetings twenty meetings evangelistic meetings today he is a conference president in Russia a former KGB agent we serve a what kind of God what kind of God is he the is a mighty God is a mighty God we began walking around the Kremlin the Kremlin is an incredible piece of property over two hundred major buildings in the grandma and as you walk around the Kremlin is probably a mile I have around when we first forgot it looking at the crime we begin to pray Lord if you could give us the Kremlin for an evangelistic meeting in the center of the former Soviet Union it will have a message that will go to all of the republics of the former Soviet Union in touch over two hundred million people we get great God please give us the Graham who are our own evangelistic meeting in the Kremlin this is where Khrushchev spoke in a drop-off smoke this is where the great Soviet leaders espouse atheism Lord we want to know the meaning and grammar God opened the door the cream they agreed it would have evangelistic meeting their panda at first they said you cannot carry a Bible we began to pray Lord opened the door we want to give out Bibles learning about twenty thousand Bibles to the people that God I said okay Mister Finley any your Bibles and if you want to bring those Bibles in the Russian army has to carry the boxes as it brings the Lord will let the Russian army through the boxes and Cesar Deakins backs Russian army trucks picked up twenty thousand Bibles and delivered them to the Kremlin what can a God we serve him whatever God is he is one day I was sitting in a restaurant Moscow at that time the general Congress president was out of Neil Wilson became to me and looked at me with a very concerned look on his face and he said Pastor Mark we get a problem I said what's the problem it was March sixteen nineteen ninety two season we of the province and what's the problem is it didn't you read the headlines the paper today I said no he said the Russian communist party now this is what year is it nineteen ninety two when economy is involved eighty nine so he said the Russian Communist Party is that a large rally in Red Square they want to bring the nation communism you are having your evangelistic meeting in the Kremlin this is where the Communist Party always means the Yeltsin government in your member the Yeltsin bar shelters stood against communism he walked out and put his hands over the type the Yeltsin government that sense of democracy doesn't want them in the grammar they are going to demonstrate in the paper today the headline says Communist Party wants to hold their annual convention where they always have held it for the last forty years but because American evangelist Mark Finley is in there they can that's not good I said no it's not because I knew that my first meeting they marched around the Kremlin holding placards with my picture in the placard I felt good about that is those people marching on my picture than one direction passed in DC what's around the pictures of what's that isn't all Black belt is was that mean his death the one inside the picture I wasn't so happy to get but God is what I got is a mighty God so I was concerned you know and Pastor Wilson's remark on and what would you do there could be thirty thousand people in Red Square how we can get all those ten fifteen thousand people thirteen thousand actually returning your meetings how we can get them to Red Square because when these communist former Congress even coming through there could be right revolution is we maybe should cancel the meeting also let me go to the go to other Kremlin and talk to the chief Russian general the chief Russian jet know I had some experiences with the Russian military before during my first evangelistic meeting in the Kremlin at the end of the meeting the general that led the Afghan invasion for the Russian army came to me he didn't have Russian bear hug and I thought he cracked my back and he said to me I was here tonight your meeting with a number of Russian army officers and intellectuals from Russia we believe that the only hope for our society is a moral revolution and we want you to know that we concur with what you said tonight so was March sixteen nineteen ninety two and now I was going to find out what we will do about the meeting that evening because the Congress party was good going to meet in the and Red Square when I went to the Kremlin I went up and made an appointment with a top Russian official I told her the promise of sir I really need your counsel because I don't want to do we understand that this could be thirty thousand people former communists in Red Square and where to bring our people through Red Square and I don't want there to be any riot revolution a major problem should we cancel the meeting and he looked at many said Doctor Finley whatever you do don't cancel that meeting if you do the Kremlin will be open the Communists and want to come back in a you know I don't know if this was an experience like Daniel the change of history Babylon I don't know if this is a spirit like Joseph the changes in Egypt but this experience which I've rarely told I haven't told a great deal but some but I thought it since then what if we didn't have the meeting what if the Communists would oppress their way and gotten back into the Kremlin could Russia have gone back in that direction who knows I don't know the answer to that question but I know that this general told me he's it I will guarantee the security of your people what were going to do is worry to get ten thousand Russian troops we put them in the streets of Moscow there to seal off the area you tell your people to come through this certain date in Moscow and we will keep the protesters against the butt they said we are incredibly concerned about your safety so this is what could happen that rally is to take place at three or four in the afternoon your meetings at five o'clock you cannot risk personally about being on the streets during the time we send a card to the hotel when the hotel picked when the car comes you way down on the seat the backseat of the car when to take you inside the Kremlin and unity of the criminal that a car came to the hotel and already there were protesters against outside my hotel they were screaming and yelling and all American imperialism in American go home and so forth and so on I lay down in the back of the car it took me to the Kremlin when I came to the Kremlin that day and you know it's one of those days in your life it's etched on your brain it's one of those days that you don't forget it came to the crime on that day I climbed up on the walls I was in the Kremlin all day from about ten in the morning I climbed up on the walls of the Kremlin inside looking out and I saw hundreds and hundreds of people gathering in the streets for this rally communists and I looked down to the right and I must've seen with my eyes if the aura on grid army trucks and I saw a Russian soldiers sealed off the area so that Seventh-day Adventists in seekers and guests could come to an evangelistic meeting and my mind went back ten years or twenty years thirty years I thought of Miguel Colo co-op was arrested by Russian soldiers and sent to a dark cold prison in Siberia I thought of the hundreds of Adventist pastors and died in prison and I thought what a miracle it is what a mighty God we serve just two years ago all the Adventist pastors most of them were in prison we had thirty eight Adventist pastors in Ukraine and thirty forward present but now the Russian army is not putting Administaff is in prison without they are holding back so that the Communists can't get to those perspective seekers so people get God to hear the word of God we serve and what I find a job actually is these mighty in your life to let me leave Russia for a moment I want to take it a just a few countries and expand your mind as you commit yourself to Christ in your committed young people you've committed yourself to Jesus he is a mighty God you are to see the greatness of his power in your life maybe not in the exact same ways that I have seen it but you will see it in a Bible study you did you'll see the piece of liturgy of the about you'll see it in evangelistic meeting and get involved in contest something bigger for you and better for you than simply going out and working in some factory working at McDonald's are working of some parents are working as a doctor and making money and having some palatial of some big house someplace has purpose and meaning in your life he wants to work for you in incredible ways whatever he lead you to do whether the doctor nurse computer engineer whether it is a teacher a lawyer whenever that is your main work is the use that platform to lead people to Jesus that's the meaning of life in the greatness of life let me take you from their to China God 's doing some incredibly amazing things in China today we have approximately four hundred thousand Seventh-day Adventists in China recently our world President Doctor John Paulson returned from China and that as I sat talking to them about what God is doing in China he told me this story is set in the northeast corner of China there is a lady who is a pastor she is a godly woman she spends time praying and seeking God she was preparing candidates for baptism and she was waiting for them to be baptized until the district aspartame along who was going to baptize the I said basketball somehow makes you prepare for baptism he said three thousand freestyle was in the district pastor came along she said it in her district she has twenty thousand members in her pastoral district God is doing something in China it's like the book of acts all over again three that was able to be baptized the pastor winning to the water thirty o'clock in the morning he baptize with three straight days from eight in the morning to five in the evening that's indeed gives them into the water and pastor both of us this lady bastard why is it that this is happening she said they CRC you may see how committed we are looking to sample of the commitment of Chinese believers one lady in inner Mongolia and China had a small group studying the Bible fifteen people that she was studying with them the KGB police secret police security police broke in and they said look if you study next week with them were no arrest you and your whole group the next week she had a Bible study with a smaller group of people now they began to break up the smallest in little groups as she was leaving at Bible study the police showed up at Mason would take new jail they took her to jail that night in jail she know that it's okay Lord I got a year jail sentence on you to make this jail my mission field this jail is my mission field if you have led me here for some reason I stand this is my mission field so she began reaching out to the prostitutes over here and that it was a female prison the robbers of the hearing and the themes over here and she began sharing Jesus with them she would sing hymns that they would come dark raisin salad sushi at five fifteen and then twenty the thirteenth and forty and pretty soon she had fifty seven sixteen and seventy and she was studying about Jesus and his love in his salvation and the Sabbath the second coming of synergy at a church in prison that was meeting in the prison warden came there and he said we are commuting your sentences sinew home she said you can't do that she said it is Chinese law then I have been sentenced to a year in prison I only serve six months and I've got a circle year he said no you are going oh she said state imprisoned he said love we made the greatest mistake in putting you in prison before he went to go look for people that we gave you a whole prison so if you stay near the this whole prison we Seventh-day Adventists do you see why the church in China is growing because God is moving powerfully through people who are dedicated whatever God we serve I think that what I got on the mighty God the mighty God let's go from there the passing Pakistan's not easy it's the second most challenging the second largest Muslim country in the world okay what's the largest Muslim country in the world you got it then I got thinkers in Indonesia Indonesia is the largest Muslim waterway Indonesia hold evangelistic meeting three weeks without seventy six I understand two hotels were just blown up by a terrorist attack in Indonesia they just were about three weeks ago two hotels is a past failure to go the site as if I'm go if I know God sends me someplace if I don't go because there's trouble him not to go many places this is about trouble in every place you go in the world now if you going as a tourist don't know if you going at on a joyride for excitement dongle if you're going to want thrills don't go but if God puts in your heart a deep abiding conviction so we are going to Indonesia shortly second-largest Muslim countries Pakistan and the world of Pakistan is an amazing place when I was in Pakistan holding evangelistic meetings I was holding a Muslim auditorium I had on that part of the world all women sit on this site she looked the women they look at you and yet the man sitting in the center and they don't crack a smile not a smile on your face that went straight ahead so in that audience when Muslims with Parsi 's and we had induced and some Christians of the parties are interesting they are descendents of Cyrus of Persia you know that you are in a Parsi neighborhood if you cease all chimneys in a one I both burial grounds what the parties do is when somebody dies they had a chimney it probably is about may be twenty five feet tall and they laid the body on the top of the chimney and has a metal grate and the birds come along and eat the flesh and the balloons drop through the great and the crush some because of the crushes the skeleton and they drop it in the bones fill up the chimney then they start another chimney so though that those of the parties very fascinating customs and people why was there while I was there the vice president of squid Corporation the vice president this with cooperation this suite is a pharmaceutical country company vice president of squid Corporation was there was an attempted kidnap them Muslim militants dragged him out of the car and six guys with losing machine guns got around to and they were pulling him into kidnapping and the time was brilliant he had a Rolex watch on I don't have this advantage but here relates somebody got a Christmas on the poor creature so he relates what you and he looked at the guy he thought was the head of the kidnapped group capable of his Rolex watch he said you want me want this needed without a Rolex watch he turned around and got in his car drove away he was fortunate to get drunk on the death right after that happened when we were during our our evangelistic meetings the United States government sent out a letter and they said you need to report the American Embassy so about twenty Americans went to the embassy I thought that the ship is wholly camming meetings and the bastard at Karachi to the Pakistan developed and he said tonight English of your home but when not but we can bring you where to bring into this meeting the two top American interrogators on espionage and they are good to talk to you about two things one how not to get kidnapped and second how to live if you get it they had just spent debriefing American hostages and they brought them in a picture lowers the top espionage people in America shared with us how not to get kidnapped on the Internet lecture you can talk about that and what how to survive if you get kidnapped and it was fascinating so that was the kind of atmosphere we were functioning it I was pretty happy though because the auditorium assigned to Muslim bodyguards one stood on the right and he was coming huge guy six three oh six four and I was pretty confident and this guy over here it was a short I stood in the left and every night I preached peace to Muslim bodyguards standing there and so I said to one of the big guy after the meeting I said you know you are pretty a pretty glad you're here you know I just don't make friends right away the Angels and I just want to build a relationship as a pretty glad you're here you know in case anything happens is when you talk about I'm not here for you the owners of the auditorium assigned me so that is ever a riot and they burned down the auditorium I can protect the auditory blackeye deflated my ego little pits and one night we are bringing those three buses to the media bringing PB any of the women's bus amends bus a women's bus of men's bus in the buses were coming in as the buses came in to the meetings some became in the boat the women came in the women's bus I notice the women were really really nervous and so I would check every night we had thirty buses high bus twenty six go tonight what couldn't do well because it got stolen you know how to us seventeen go well at bus broke down and so we always have problems so I said one night when the women came on this one is bus I said how are things going in this were really afraid I swear you afraid because for men wanted to get into on the bus the bus driver told he wouldn't take them and they said to come and burn our buses I was preaching a flatbed truck pulled up twenty four young guys good luck with torches the burner buses I wasn't concerned because I was inside preaching they were outside but what happened was our Muslim guards went into action they began shooting in about twelve the guys got away but the court twelve of the growth of the police station that night after the meeting I was in my room and the knock came on the north the conference presents and Mark were big-time trouble is what is it he said you know those young men that want to break up the meetings I said yeah they had been captured the police have the unrestricted to the waist and just be there just be because these young men are not Muslims they come from an old village that used to be has Christian names they're not Christians of a church but they are not Muslims or non-Muslims and there would be that I said look go down to go down to the police station and drop all charges against because if we drop the charges is nothing that we can hold before we got to get those kids are there now so the conference present went down he said what we know these kids will convert our buses we know they're up to no good but were dropping while the charges against every single one we want to release the police had no reason to hold because it would be no court case and so they let them go the kids walked out when they came out into the garage tonight the conference president said we want you to know we forgive you these kids said how could you do that we came to disrupt those meetings we came to burn your buses how could you do the reason we can forgive you was because price for gave us were not holding anything against you and the gang leader embrace the comfort present music with Pastor Finley let me come back to the meeting come to the median income he came to study the Bible with his indeed in our seventh amateurish that the gang leader came to Jesus Christ what kind of God we serve what time is these a mighty God is it worth mightily for you and him and one last story my wife and I just came from South Africa God is doing something incredible I hear a go I was a bit University where the top fifty universities and were holding evangelistic meeting as I was holding that meeting was the satellite one very the queen of the single drive call the visit was one of the most powerful drives on South Africa twenty one million people in the civil drive twenty one million the company could quit invisible gauntlet I'm so disappointed why disappointed we have the hope channel the Senate vanished shadow in the palace and we didn't see Pastor Finley on preaching on Monday night where was he because we're watching the palace the king is watching the Queen is a watching me that the princes are watching where's faster filling with it we don't have meetings on Monday night all she said that explains the now limited a Queens background when she was a little girl she lived in Swaziland she was brought up in a royal family a princess between shows Seventh-day Adventist use a visit that palace and some Adventists gave her some health suites maybe they were help suites but the paper in the suck on you know she is such a good impression of these Adventist that always smile me so happy later on when the scene was having a political challenge with the Chiefs and the king was getting sick you said she said just the desk and help the no cry once invited address we found it under the specifications health treatment the king got well the political problems were solved God is a mighty God mighty God and so the king was so impressed he said let's look at Adventist pastor statement analysis study the Bible with this is happened here to getting cutting-edge information this is happened within the last year and half two years when Peter the story the Adventist pastor came the Queen said to the thirteen I believe these troops one day she was sitting in the palace and she looks so despondent it was a Sabbath legend Damon basically what it looks of this monitor why aren't you in church with your people today she said your Majesty I could go and he said yes the Queen now has been baptized as a Seventh-day Adventist big we gave raised baptismal gift the Hope Channel the Navajo palaces watch that was a year ago just but now this is fresh just a few weeks ago my wife and I had an invitation to the palace we flew to Durban South Africa we drove up in the mountains for hours now the King has six wives every wife he has he builds a palace for say six adolescents ninety to explain this to you little bit about all the six wives and one is enough thank the Lord for the one I have what how do we deal with that as a church the head Queen has been married to him for thirty two years she is the wife of one husband she has one husband he has six watts so what you do you say war don't tell her after thirty two years leave him right so she is a faithful Queen Esther in the Bible your memo so we had said terrible if you had it if many young girls and adds an asset was witty queen missing out on you that this guy 's got enough once I go find a different hot sticky we prayed about it this queen is powerful she said come to pass my wife and I drove four hours we get up into the mountains war area here's a screen house we came to the palace with where they had banquet in honor of the palace the king said to the Queen what would you like which I she said I'd like to invite all of the evidence in the little churches peasants goat herders and and and farmers alike would like to have us so the finish came to the king 's palace for the Queen they had a huge banquet I mean it was still on the tables of elephant tusks coming at the center of every table and flowers and platters of fruit that the king gave it wasn't the hearing at four hundred I preached at how Jesus Christ can change your life I preached about how the only hole is Jesus the leading press was there six major newspapers featured that storming off here's my wife wants to the front page of the newspaper here is hiding in that they are thank you this is the front page of one of the leading newspapers in South Africa here is the governor of the state here is the key everything is highly educated he lectures at American University these meet the needs with the Kings and Queens of Saudi Arabia he meets with the kings of Europe here we are front-page of the paper it talks about Seventh-day Adventist talks about the meeting in the palace Wayne everything just got another one clean since twenty four the Levaquin studied with that woman and she now has become an Adventist friends is requested that guys become an Adventist that seeing responsibly twenty one millions to lose that said I am giving you land to build an unfinished church for the royal family right outside the palace to build a health center there to help being sick that was a little center for handicrafts God is a white Pentagon he brings down communism he is a mighty God he penetrated Islam he is a mighty God he penetrates little area he is a mighty God you can go on any of the people of the witnesses of Jesus Christ the government we deserve I haven't been this medium was using my money is only in the husband 's maintenance learn more and I find a man on a assignment is a worry as online user please visit www. nonbelievers


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