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Getting on Track with Strategic Planning

Steve Dickman


Steve Dickman

President of Harbert Hills Academy




  • August 6, 2009
    3:30 PM
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father in heaven thank you this afternoon for your many blessings we invite you to be here with us today we invite you to be our instructor and to show us the way in Jesus name we pray amen my name is Steve Dickman I am the president and general business manager for Harvard Mills Academy in Savannah Tennessee and eyes serve also as the Southern Union ASI chapter president and so I love a aside and let what I do for education and I'll have an opportunity couple of years ago to attend a seminar in the topic on the seminar was fund-raising because we were anticipating the need to raise some funds for the school went to the seminar was a one-day seminar and when I finished with that one day I realized that my plan for going to the future and raising funds had been altered and I needed to come back just a little bit because the foundation for all successful fundraising is a strategic plan some of you may have come to the seminar this morning and learned about some of the details of fundraising and those are important details to know but the other thing that's important to know is that you need a strategic plan in place to move forward and with the documents etc. that you will develop as you do your own fund-raising and so this afternoon we're going to address the topic of strategic planning and what it means now there are some people that say we shouldn't be planning today we living so close to the end of time that there's no reason to have a five-year plan well I would question that I believe that God requires us to do planning as we look to the future it would ask the question does God have any plans if you look at and study the Bible does God have plans for obviously Godhead that it plans to create a world here or we would not be in existence when we in fact that's probably where the contingent started in heaven when Lucifer was upset that he was excluded from the planet so when he got excluded from the strategic planning committee he got upset well I don't know exactly how happened but you know some reason he felt like he was being mistreated Jeremiah twenty nine eleven says for I know the thoughts that I think toward you saith the Lord thoughts of peace and not able to give you unexpected in NZ study this word that is translated here thought the King James version and some other versions it's translated plans and God says if I know the plans that I think toward you the plans of peace and not of evil and so God has plans Jeremiah fifty verse forty five therefore hear ye the counsel of the Lord that he hath taken against Babylon and his purposes in the purpose against the land shall be now another word that is also translated into plan sometimes is this word right here purposes so God has purposes he has designs he has thought about the future not only has he thought about the future but he knows the future now is not a benefit that we have as human beings to know the future but it is the net one of the benefits that God has knowing the future this question does God expect us to have plans Proverbs fifteen twenty two says without counsel purposes are disappointed and again that word can be translated plans so without counsel plans are disappointed but in the multitude of counselors they are established that what is the day referring to that there is referring back to the purposes so if we have a purpose for a plan we need to get some counsel and so you might say that Solomon here in the Scriptures is recognizing the need to have plans and they have counsel that we adhere to as we move forward Luke fourteen twenty eight for which of you intending to build a tower citizen not down first and count the cost whether he have sufficient to finish it down actually the context here is more of a salvation concept because the context is talking about have we counted the cost of what it means to follow Jesus and so certainly we want to count the cost but I believe that in the Scriptures when they are written for our benefit they also include an application that may apply to us personally as we read and study that Scripture and so I believe that this scripture refers today the fact that we need plans God expects us to have plans expects us to have a way to move forward with his work it makes sense with a couple of quotes here from the spirit prophecy because often these quotes are referred to when people are talking about having plans this one comes from help in daily living page eighteen of this is Christ in his life on earth made no plans for himself so we've just seen in the Bible he talked about the Bible concept of having a plan to get we see here that is talks about Jesus and even have a plan so how does this line up in and of and what about this should we have a plan should we as individuals and should we as organizations have a plan for sure we follow this other method with no plan what event okay so that we should have a plan was looking little more closed also from help in daily living page nineteen now notice that this is one page later one days later she says too many and planning for a brilliant future make an utter failure let God plan for you so the concept here is that we need to have God involved in the plan right now if we're making plans for ourselves then it's it's it's totally true when trouble and were going to make an utter failure of what we're attempting to do if those are our own plans that are made for ourselves in our own human wisdom and understanding but if we will allow God to get involved in the planning process and I believe that we can experience success as we plan okay we need to ask God to give us special guidance as we think about planning as we think about the future if we don't kneel down first and say Lord help me that I will plan according to your will and not my own well you know so that the previous statements that Jesus made no plans for himself a lot of times that's what we are doing were making plans ourselves we're not asking God what to do when I'm taking his counsel were not inviting him into the process for making a plan that we think similar and that's what we get ourselves in trouble let's go on here this comes from review and Herald March one eighteen eighty seven all the enterprises and temporal earthly things prosper in proportion to the wisdom to act and concentration of powers exercised in acquiring the desired object just so must it be in our Christian enterprises we must work according to God 's word there must be wise planning so here we see that we have counsel that there must be a wise planning now is there wise planning to if there is such a thing as wise planning and what's the alternative to that foolish planning ride so we don't want to be foolish planning we want to do wise planning this is the instruction this is the council that we have you know which children of that goes on to say the children of the world are wiser in their generation than the children of light and herein is seeing their wisdom their object is for earthly gain and to this and they direct all their energies and then she laments in this statement all that this seal would characterize that Tyler for heavenly riches are we as individuals putting as much energy into our work for God as we put into our business work in fact I would say today that our energies that we put into our toiling for heavenly riches should far exceed what we put into the toilet we put into for earthly riches because of earthly riches are passing away their something that will not be there well what about tomorrow can you guarantee me that the money in your bank account for in your stocks are in your CDs is safe and that you can go get it tomorrow you can guarantee me that because it's obvious from the history of the last year or so that we've experienced that is highly likely that this economy has not seen the bond in fact their people that say that it's highly likely that there could be a continual downward trend and even a steep one at some point I don't I'm not trying to predict the future I don't know the future so why do we need strategic plan now this word strategic and sometimes messes up so we want to be careful with it and basically when I translate that for his honesty why do we need thoughtful planning to get messed up by network why do we need thoughtful prayerful planning do you believe that God is strategic in his thinking he said he had a plan before the world ever began to solve the same problem should arise I say that's planning for the future and I say he strategized about that he thought carefully about that and he worked out this land we call the plan of salvation eventually called the plan of salvation only as I say God has planned I say God asked us to have plans and I see that God asked us to think carefully about the plans that we make it into print carefully about these plans the Council with others as we make these plans to make plans of isolation is not a good is not a good thing we need to take another's young problems in the multitude of counselors there is wisdom so many counselors will help us to make wise plans in the first counselor to become what's go on to talk about some of the details about strategic planning and this seminar today is a very practical kind of seminar I'm speaking not as an expert in strategic planning wanted to know that I am simply speaking to you today as someone who has experienced it and to share with you today some of my journey and some of my experience and hopefully it can be an encouragement to you and so if you came to hear someone who is an expert in strategic planning you probably don't have to go to another room somewhere I have experienced it I have learned a lot from it but I don't consider myself to really be an expert whether to move ahead why do we need strategic planning is the organization you're working for being a business or a ministry is there any change in mission and adjustment white squeaking of mission for an alignment issue that you need to make is your organization functioning just the way you think it ought to or are there some issues that need to be addressed if there's some issues that need to be addressed then you may have what we call next organizational uncertainties is that true well certainly there are a lot of uncertainties in our world today and could they be organizational in nature I think so what about this we need strategic planning because we need to make good decisions if we have a good plan in place then we can make more effective decisions August how many of you here today working in ministry we say we would like to raise some more files anybody okay I see several of you saying yes there is reason for us to have fund-raising efforts in our ministries the needs are greater the vision is greater than the reality and so we say we have to connect those two things and we do that by raising funds to help us move forward but do we always allocate the resources just the way they should be allocated or do we sometimes because we don't have a good plan make a mistake on that now I'll just share a few stories I go through your live just long enough to have a few experiences in life I was in an ASI convention number of years ago individual came to me and said they were very excited and they have been at their booth and taking care of business and someone to come by and made a significant contribution to the ministry and they were just really excited about what this was going to vitamins today that ministry is out of business is closed and the assets are gone we say why would that happen on the devils work that's true the devil 's work is no question about that but are we planning well enough so that the resources put into our ministries are on a firm foundation people have to have confidence that the investment there making the ministry is one that has a value okay so if you've been around little while you recognize and you will recognize just like I do that this sometimes happens and we look at we saw that's too bad and you're absolutely right it is too bad it's too bad when it happens we don't like it when it happens but it happens sometimes and it may be happening unnecessarily because if we had done better planning for more thoughtful planning about the future it might be but it wouldn't have happened okay now how about this performance evaluation do we want to measure the success of our organizations and if we want to measure how do we want to measure it we want to measure it by somebody else's idea everyone measured by God 's idea have we been through a process of planning this is these are the things that we've prayed about with counsel together now we feel the Lord is leading us to do these things and now we want to do these things and we're going to see if we do these things to measure how did we do on that did we accomplish that or are we still standing back your waiting for somebody else to do something so we can ask a get something done so performance evaluation organizational effectiveness I think all of us would like to say that we are affiliated with the most effective organization that exist but very few of us can say that I know personally for our school we have been working on this were trying to become more effective and it's a struggle it's a battle it is a battle to become effective than what we did were fighting all these things in and so it does not come easily and we must recognize that strategic planning determines where the organization is going over the next three to five years so that's kind of a little nutshell definition for you what is strategic planning it is a tool we use to determine where the organization is going over the next three to five years so this is not what we can have breakfast tomorrow okay this is what we want to be doing three to five years from now and so you want to think about that is your vision thinking about your organization so this tool strategic planning within several things it helps the organization do a better job should organizations be doing great jobs yes indeed it focuses the energy of the organization have you ever seen someone who couldn't get anything done because they were trying to do so many things and nothing was ever completed in time irritating entertainment happens to me on my desk one day and I look around and has all the stuff stacked one outcome from how come I don't have this project on how to win on this project maybe I'm attempting to do too many things if I focus my energy on one thing I can usually complete that but it requires a plan in order to focus your energy it ensures that members are working towards the same goal and elaborate experiences been a board meeting you been in the organization of some aliens doing this and somebody doing this and enough focused on a single I think that we need to be focused in our organizations and have the same but we work together we come together we prayed together we plan together until we come to the point we say we agree we're going to do this in a sound simple but as simple as it sounds and you know that from working with various organizations human experience that okay it also helps us to assess our programs and what we are doing whether it be a business or ministry has to assess those things and say let's make some adjuster if we need to make adjustments then we can make an address is that you don't bet it's hard make adjustments if you don't have a plan because everything is okay if you don't have a plan right so we need a plan so that we can make adjustments as we enough on your friend well we made a plan we prayed about that plan but now it seems like the Lord is getting is a little bit of adjustment and that any plan allows you to make an adjustment in plasma something is cast in concrete and the chiseled in stone but it is a tool that we use and it allows us to do good assessment and to make good alignment adjustments as necessary now here's an interesting concept about planning the purpose is not to decide what should be done in the future but what to decide what should be done now to make the desired things happen and an uncertain future so it's not so much okay I'm done make a plan that three years from now on metadata now it's new I'm making a plan so that I can do something now so that three years from now will be true and so when we look at this the incoming if you give you careful you can think long about planning and thinking of making a plan everything amended well about this but we make some things plans for things that we think should happen and then we go stepwise towards those things so it's deciding what should be done now to make something come about in the future so if we want a desired result we have to have a plan to get to that desired result okay so here's a little graphical representation understanding of the present you have a certain thing that you want for the future and you need to know how to from the present to the future and that's saying that's got to get you from the presence of the future 's follow-up a plan it's a planet with when I left home a few days ago I had a plan on how it was going to get to Arizona now my plan didn't work I had purchased tickets on a certain airline whose name I will not mention and on the way to the airport I had planned to go from Tennessee to Phoenix life when I am away therefore I don't call myself on this is the specific business is about your flight has been canceled we had some problems with the plane we cancel your flight has had no okay on my way to the airport of you not have a certain plan I've made in the flights canceled so the how does not always work exactly I still had my plan I was very different Tennessee to Phoenix it ended up and took the same route on a different plane just about the same schedule so wasn't like a major interruption but sometimes their major interruptions we start a plan we want the desired future I wanted to come to ASI it was just slightly interrupted along the way so strategic planning is the process of determining what the organization intends to accomplish and how you would direct the organization and its resources towards accomplishing these goals over the coming months and years assured of a funny story was on my way to South Carolina for meeting one-time Tennessee I'd intended to fly because that I had a short schedule and the other way therefore my car broke down but with that car I tried to get it going I tried to get their point economist so I spent some time working on the car and had him driving all night to get to my meeting itself sometimes our plan is thwarted by the end result doesn't have to be worried because we still have a desired result we still have a goal to dear to us is meaningful and we say I'm going to get there if I even have to go by different but we don't have a plan we all have it desired future establish we don't know when we weekend segment to get there okay so it's how to get us towards accomplishing these desired result in a three to five-year period is over talking about okay so what strategic planning can help you do it helps to determine priorities it will strengthen the leadership of the organizations it will do fine your measures of success and accountability did you know that if someone is going to donate money to your organization they want you to be accountable they want to know what happened to my money my dad and we we we we we we we we they don't hear that they want to know what happened to the funds that they contributed to your organization you need to be accountable it forms the basis for evaluations we have a basis to evaluate ourselves that a self-evaluation it builds up did you know that strategic planning builds energy and momentum for what you are doing unless you're little bit of our testimony here and your timeshare what is happened to us that it broadens participation in the organization have you felt like you were an island do it all by yourself if you ever felt that way then you need to get some other people involved in the way you get them involved is to say this in done would you come and help me we want to do some planning we wanted to some planning about how we can move forward to seeing invite people to come on board with you and to help you plan that brings a level of participation a level of involvement that it's hard to get in any other way it builds stronger programs it improves the finances it analyzes critical issues it focuses on excellence do you believe that your organization should be focused on excellence for that you should be just a halfwit about what you doing while they something without a doubt I believe that our donors want us to be focused on excellence they don't want us to be doing a mediocre job and so if were expecting to you as our organizations as a vehicle to accomplish plans and we need donor participation then we need to be accountable we need to have effective plans and can be carried out K and I need to be excellent I expected results it will help you to clearly establish the purpose of the organization it will help you communicate your goals and objectives to those that are involved with you your constituents it will help to develop a sense of ownership among the people who participate with you it will ensure the effective use your resources it provides a way to measure progress and builds a strong team now there's critical steps in this process though that need to be considered along the way first of all we need to all get a process in place that we can live with it help us through the planning process because planning is not the contrary to popular opinion its work planning is not necessarily a fun job it requires a lot of work it requires a lot of time it requires a lot of energy and if your organization is anything like mine were short on time or short on energy and we have enough to do without sitting down and taking days of our time to talk about the plan okay we have enough to do without doing that and it requires a commitment and so you have to get a process together that is going to allow you to do the planning okay then you have to clarify what are the mandates of this organization and under to go through these the maybe some more detail on each of these points okay you need to determine purpose and direction you need to assess the external and internal situations what's happening externally and internally you need to identify critical issues you need to maybe define or redefine your mission your vision your core values in your your vision for the organization formulate goals and objectives needed to review and adopt your strategic plan NSU adopted the McCullough plans you want the never to be successful because you have actually said yes when it do this okay and then you need to develop what we would say action plans refine the vision develop action plans and then implement the plan once you implement the plan you goes to be a cycle again you implemented you monitor how you doing you evaluate the plan and you may revise the plan so you put a plan in place you put it to work and you see how you doing on the plan and you evaluate that in the new state company to make alone just when you start the cycle all over again so it's a continuous cycle of looking to the future determining what expected and you would like and then with an expected end in mind you work your way towards that goal and requires that you drive instead of fly it requires that you hike instead of drive if you have a determined spirit to get to that expected and then we invest our energy in that way I believe that the Lord will bless and we will arrive at that expected and if we have done the appropriate planning and means that we've prayed with counsel together we have invited the Holy Spirit to guide her minds were not doing this in a vacuum were doing it together under the guidance of the Holy Spirit is forming effective plans to get to the future okay that's a good bit about the process itself the first thing I recommend is that you get your board at to support your efforts you can do a lot of work and take it to the board and throw you out potentially always been enough in my and is not cost a lot of your time energy and money so it's better if you have the board with you when you begin the process so you get bored action go to your board and you say I have an agenda item to them like to talk about strategic planning and I believe that her organization could benefit from doing some strategic plan the board 's ability to undergo where did you come from most of the board members that function in our institutions unfortunately I'm not familiar with this concept of really doing long-term planning effective long-term plan okay that's just life we have to do with educating the board about what this means we have to show them the benefits of doing this and so in our situation I've been to this seminar and I came home and I said what I'd is a strategic planning now you know I'm the kind of person I am I can't like this I heard the seminar and it finally registered in my brain I've heard this before but it didn't really register but when I went this and I set all day in the seminar and then I heard this I I've been to strategically and so I went to the presenter afterwards and I said listen I said I understand have their strategic plan you made it clear to me if we want to be successful in moving our organization forward then we needed to plan and donors expect that an everybody expects that if it's the foundation of what we need to do to move forward so once I get that my brain I said okay and started to this but you write to me it sounds like medicine I don't like medicine in fact when I take medicine I think it really quick so if I dismissed as a kind of days ago golf and out went down I did some water chaser that's good and I can I can live with less it makes my son stomach sour in outcomes backed up anyway we want I wanted to quit and I said is there a way that maybe you can help us and maybe in a couple weeks we could do this and she just she recognize she knew about the process and she just want to know in our case it took us a year actually a little over a year to go through this process so don't expect that you got go home after hearing this little short idea about what were talking about instantly crank one out in afternoon it helps that was my goal maybe I'm very cast for a kind person on any strategic plan on going you know that's not the way it works we need a process that involves people that brings in a consensus for the organization that helps you to move forward okay so get that it did not happen in two weeks it is not happen in six weeks it's going to take you six months to a year if you're in a hurry okay so when I went to the board I said we need a strategic plan and a couple ways we can do it I already investigated this and recognize about my timing was off it wouldn't happen a couple weeks I think we can do it ourselves I can get a custom books and manuals and I think that we can learn about this process we can do ourselves I should probably take us may be one to two years to do it that way I said or we could hire someone to come and help us through the process and we could probably do it maybe in six months to near but the cost a lot of money to hire this person come and help us and so does want to be aware what our options are we discussed options back and forth in the board finds it actually said we are going to vote that the institution is going to conduct a strategic planning process and we're going to hire a consultant to do it to help us through the process because you get bogged down planning on say that you can easily get bogged down planning because Europe is so internal if thinking internal and you need somebody that thinks external and can help you through the process so we we finally got a fellow to come and help us with the process and these are recommending the system the strategic planning steering committee I said okay I wonder that is what just think about who can help you Anna for your organization that could steer the sing along without you have to do it all okay so we did that is then you need to get a strategic planning steering committee so you have the steering committee and you have the committee itself so the steering committee is a small part of a large committee so your larger committee your strategic planning committees he wanted to be very broad for our suite we went out to I invited people from ASI they were where member of ASIS that they might like to be involved I invited people from the Lehman foundation OCI and invited parents I invited students and I invited faculty and invited teachers and five staff members and I invited other people I just thought they got good sense because he begun planning wasn't it hasn't common sense and good sense right as it prisoners has been sent on and helpless and so in the end we had about thirty of thirty five people on a list and we came together and begin the process even in the subcommittees does not take some time you need to determine what time frame you work within and so after we finished with our consultant realize it was to take all the time is now to take we will disappoint as well as start here when you think you knew your first on-site meeting supply of a hallucinogenic is what we have to do this is as it is before we can do that so I think while so is began establishes schedules incessant timelines and in and it took us some now I think we have three on-site meetings to her three days each session and ten today's early morning till in the evening on we work six or eight hours everyday intensively when I'm bumping with that sorry anyway we worked intensively on our plan with a group of people dedicated time and energy to come and help us this requires not only your sacrifice but it requires people who are going to help you to sacrifice their time and energy and so when you involve them incident not everybody made it every day you know it people want to make it today okay I can come for this on-site session because with people from all overcoming we invited parents that live in Florida to come to Tennessee and help us with our planning because they were good solid parents who think they know what's going on in the kidding and school there be a good contribute to this process and so they couldn't always make but it's important that you set up a timeline and try to follow that now one of the things that's important as you think about this we talked about the mandates of the organization in our case there were certain things that were not up for discussion and that's probably true for every organization we are a school we were not going to become something else this was not about planning to become something besides a school we were still going to be a school we were still going to be a boarding school because that's who we are so that wasn't like okay went to change the plan mound when I become you know some other kind of school it was like we were boarding school and some of our mandates were were going to adhere to the principles we find in the Bible and the spirit of prophecy were not going to deviate from those women take our marching orders of the Bible and spirit dropsy the consultant we hired was not an Adventist eidolon is a network tries you to read this book I give the book education is Omar I said this is understanding who we are you need to have this information because you run into some phase of our people are have a certain line said about this and you don't have his expertise was working with private schools so he was he was specifically working only in the area private school so as we hardly knew that and that's what we wanted we want someone it was had some experience in that and so he brought his experience and we talking about education the way we do it and believe from the spirit of prophecy in the Bible and he was able to bring all together for some help us but you need to set your mandates are there some things that are not up for discussion and stated up front down make it clear up front when often discuss this this this this is this is this misses us we're not discussing and make sure that those things are view you want a whole lot of those things for your committee will get discouraged okay you need to assess what's happening internally and what's happening externally in your organization became on-site our consulting team on-site and he began to interviews I want three or four people in time I want to see every student policy respect member will receive a board member I listed every constituent member our senior friends in the community I wanted to come in I want to spend thirty minutes with me to a tree at a time and has a whole bunch of questions and so he would bring these people into a three-time and he was ours questions and the process was to assess the health of the organization are there some soft spots we need to know about and so you need to assess your organization inside from the inside and from the outside of you need to do with a call swot analysis strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats what are the strengths of the organization can you capitalize on those what other weaknesses can you strengthen those or minimize those one of the opportunities that exist for you and one of the threats that are on you right now I tell you when we started our strategic planning was about a year ago I know the July August two years whatever was is been a while to get my times we started and soon after we started as whatever economy is that this was where setting and meeting in doing strategic planning and I'm in the back row my computer watching the stock market edition of been doing but I was even implemented to me that day and because it was plummeting it was fondling nine thousand eight thousand and over and it was like I can't believe this is an answer there might I'm just thinking what we don't listen you're planning and this is an extremely uncertain situation are there some threats in our society today for every organization that exists again his threats all over the place we went to school there threats of lawsuits from parents their threats of the economy there is that something you can just managed to come up as a whole bunch of the Labor Department doesn't like us like the way we do things you know and the list goes on and on and on so you need to understand what's threatening your organization you need to make a plan that says yes we understand that's out there the hillbilly when the little wall right here to protect ourselves the best we can and will move forward you know the Bible says if you look at the sky and say what you plan to make it might rain which are bad for you and it will get a crumbling because you're looking at every little threatens it well I better not do that because you know it's a slim chance of something so after carefully evaluate these things you need to survey your constituents to determine issues they say something is a very valuable process that you go through you need to include as many people as possible as you survey your constituents you need to really get broadly to go out there and emptied people that are loosely affiliated with the organizations as well as those who know you very well and you need to ask them you need asked in a form of survey we can we conducted like six or seven online surveys and each survey had a whole bunch of questions what if we wanted to know what the students thought we want to know what the parents thought we wanted to know what former students we want to know what former parents thought we want to know what our board members we wanted and we went on the list of consultants and guys in my surveys you kindly possibly want to know we want to know what do these people think we want to know their opinion we want to know are we weak in this area are we strong in this area what do we need to address so make it as broad as possible use e-mail use online surveys as the quickest way to get information there's tools out there you get online survey tabulates all the results for you it gives you all the statistical results you know right off the bat hate yourself ninety percent of people said we don't know what were doing all your trouble okay for ninety percent that you get a good job in this area so you know that's a strong area so you need to do that it needs to be anonymous it needs to be pigmented online filling out no one ever knows who filled it out as people might not be totally transparent unless they can do it anonymously okay Kelly those results look for trends and issues layers it is a key things don't leave any stone unturned levitate something if you go to the work of doing this you don't want to get done and somebody raises their hand and say you know me and think about that enough now you do not want that to happen under any circumstance it possible for somebody to come and say why did you think of this material we just think about your spending on energy and this time he doing this exercise and you get all done some races beginning of this though it's better to get it all on the table at the beginning okay and these issues if you don't find them as you're in this initial stage of you planning they can sabotage the whole process down to the end and you go to the board meeting and you present them with your plan and you say to the board here is our strategic plan we would like to get your approval to the day one board member raises their hand and says I have an issue that is not been addressed during the job okay you're in deep trouble at that point so it's better to get everything on the table in the beginning right so don't let those things go unturned keep digging digging to find something go a little deeper stable what did you mean by that how do you think that affects our organization asked more questions gets more information on it so out of this process you need to visit with about the mission statement of vision statement and Berkeley command if you haven't already you need to tweak those address those we come up a little bit and make sure that they are saying for the organization what needs to be said how many of you here today can call the mission statement for the organization that you work with Apple that needs to bring you should have been on the tip of your tongue if you have invested yourself in working with an organization you need to understand what it's about you should be able to say that mission statement very clearly to anybody that ask you and it may not be of verbatim quote but you need to be able to express it in your own words very very clearly at Harbert Hills Academy we believe that every young person is entitled to an education that includes an academic and a vocational and a spiritual compound and we wanted to the most excellent ways of our students are prepared for service not only in this world but the world to come back if you can't quote your mission statement we don't know what your mission is the organization is the runflat you need to know what your mission statement as it needs to say who you are is say what you do it is a safe coding and billing for many of the same why you know it and a little bit about how you doing now you can really get bogged down this easy to make books out of this right but you have to figure out how to do it in a sentence or two day brings a needs to be simply worded and easily understood only as a bunch of jargon that is another work people like jargon and understand jargon and a note when they see you need to make it clear simple and brings okay that but it cannot be universal we exist to provide education okay that's a public school right you you have to be specific and has to be specific to your organization so that someone will know when they see that they see organization these two things matchup so has to be specific it has to be clear okay and it should have a primary thrust for a vision to it that compels people to say hate I understand what they said and I'm ready to get involved to help them accomplish that okay so that it down it takes some time there's an example digital in Google 's mission statement is just little tribute here to organize the world 's information and make it universally accessible and useful now that's a pretty big mission and they want the whole world information you know how much information is flooding into our world today it's coming in by the bucketful by the truckloads every day new information coming in and their objective is to organize it all to make it universally accessible and useful that's that's that's a big mission okay Amazon says this they want to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online so you buy something they want Amazon to be a place that you're going to go there the first two things on my feelings on my friends on so I can say they have partially accomplish the mission with me personally anyway right okay about this one Toastmasters club to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop communication leadership skills which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth of what happened here these additional more wordy I think the little longer to get a little drive a tiny dip the end of it you need to keep it short unity that brings all this one is the Jeremiah program which is has a whole paragraph of the mission statement it is really enough to memorize a paragraph in the hotel somebody and a couple of seconds which organization does the enemy in a tough way okay so you just to show you that there are levels of clarity that can be achieved by contained to work on this about this your organization should have a vision about where it's headed not just a mission but it should have a vision and hear some criteria for a vision statement it should be compelling and a conceptual way of the desired future so you want a statement that very specifically says what your desired future is in order that the beat around the bush about and want to be very sustained and very direct this is what our desired future is to get the light okay they heard that they know we are headed okay maybe you should say little bit about where and what you want to be a critical ingredient for changes should indicate where padded somewhere you not there yet but that's where your head okay and it should represent a constant purpose it should inspire someone and invigorate them when they read it they should say okay I like to get on board with that and it should be ultimate standard toward which you measure your progress now when we did the yes we study for a while we went through this process and our vision statement at Harvard his Academy we are focused on exceeding expectations we get it down to two words the heart of the counties is who we are where an educational institution so we would like to exceed your expectations in education when you come in contact with Harvard 's Academy was wanted to be something where you say that was better than I expected when I answer the phone will I get a better answer than I thought the students that I get a better education than I thought it was going to get the process they treated my child better than I thought they what they provided better environment better educated and all these things it should it stayed in so that was our concept of what a vision statement for us would be an annual notice we given your example and the reason I've done this it's not just a number not just promoting harvest can be here I want you to have something concrete to take with you that has for you an example of what you can do for your organization and also you have here are complete strategic plan you have are of bookmarking and a cup postcard and a brochure about the school in the newsletter and in some other stuff when addressing a little bit original assault and has the same feel to it when you look at it graphically it ties together it's important reorganization it when someone sees something that's all that's from whatever they may know your organization when they see it by the way that it looks by the way that feels they go to your website were currently redoing our website at all of its done yet articles .org you go there it should look like this it words were still in this process were not done but were on a journey okay so you want to have where people when they come they see what you doing okay brief memorable and inspiring challenging appealing enduring I should envision what if five years in the future new is a newer journalist reporting on your organization 's progress what would you see that you made progress in your mission in your staffing service you structure your program so your vision statement must encompass that you should have core values for your organization how will we conduct ourselves are we going to be ethical are we going to be considerate of our people we can have their clients okay you wanted to have certain criteria when you come in contact with the client how you treat the client how you deal with that client what your criteria for operating are these your core values are you living up to them okay that's important for your organization it should express the organization 's attitude about people the way employees or clients are treated in the process the way is managed how decisions are made and services are provided the performance expectations regarding the quality of service okay will take take out your strategic plan him go just look at a couple of these important that you see in the in the real some of these things guiding core values and stuffy pages into the book with you through four pages in it says providing a harmonious environment in which all students are encouraged to know Jesus Christ as their personal savior and friend okay so that's one of our guiding core values we want a harmonious environment and the list goes on it's just an example of what a value statement is out of our process we assumed is that establishing a different goals for the institutions when talk about what a goalless goal is the desired result after three or more years is not something that you talking about not as it was for breakfast new talking about what is the desired result after the next three to five years and we ended up with eight different goals okay they those goals should be in harmony and should clarify your mission your vision and your values so you have to go through process CNET mission statement is correct make sure your vision is is is good and make sure you have a set of values that you base things on and then you begin to set your goals and all this ties together make sure that it will fulfill or contribute toward fulfilling the mission of the organization make sure it addresses the priorities and critical issues make sure it will tend to remain unchanged and that it will normally be encompassing a long period of time it will address gaps in what is and what the desired future is so yes it's true were not here but that's our goal this is where were going for here today were going over here and that's our goal and it is a what you're not meeting that goal so you're right were on a mission to meet that goal no one up half were on a journey to meet that goal would like to help us assess a good entering incident would like to help us meet that goal they say you're not meeting your goal is e-cigarette were not there yet would you like to help us yet another volunteer on your side then if they like your goal makes you not there yet you say in the administrative opinion by helping that it's a great way to bring people on board with your organization to chart a clear organizational future make sure these things within your authority don't decide the new organizations who's going to be the one to determine system be present United States is not under your authority that's not your business make sure your goals that you establish are within the authority of your organization actually the guy they should be challenging but realistic and achievable and measurable okay goals though are not the end result of your strategic plan there are objectives that support your goals so you have a goal and an ever specific objectives that will support that goal and then underneath that there are specific action plans that you're going to make that will support the actual placement of the objective when you may example listen don't get too tied up in lingo picture this would be a big goal the next three to five years and you want to do and then do some things are going to tell you if you made the goal and each of those things can be broken down to three for little statue safe to do this this and this to compass this one when do this this is the top business on many this this and this account as this one when those things are done we will have met our goal okay so that's kind of the way that it works it is an example that for us for instance our campus and facilities goal was to read like this to fully realize the revitalize mission and vision and to allow programs of people to thrive we need to enhance the school 's physical plan and grounds to provide a safe attractive and functional environment in which to learn and to live so that was our goal for our physical plant we said we needed to be safe we need to be attractive and we need to be functional not be as safe attractive and functional right now in every respect no so this gives us something to work towards we have a goal that were working towards the next three to five years to make sure that everything is safe everything is attractive everything is functional and not only that is safe attractive and functional but it goes me on because our business is not exceed the expectation is going to the minimum level so we better workout force you know and as you can have your work cut out for you I'm not going to sugarcoat this strategic plantings a lot of work and when you're done you have a lot more work to do but I can also encourage you and say there's a good process and you won't be disappointed so an objective under this one of our objectives under this was to create and implement a five-year major maintenance and read renovation program facilities and grounds to ensure that they are aesthetically accepted functionally say that again goes back to the goal is to make a five-year plan for maintenance and renovation fell for that's an endless list but that's what we have set before ourselves to the now habit under that there's some specific task that need to be done to make sure this happens so little that the first task under that was would want to prioritize the maintenance and renovation new construction needs within the next five years to present to the board in a written document so who is not to do it the facilities and grounds committee 's going to do it that's the who when a due by August of oh nine a few more days left on not done yet with this and this is real for me because I'm living the strategic plan I have created now I'm living it so I'd say this is the presented more work on your plate okay but when we have our September board meeting I'm to bring to the board the facility grounds committee has a responsibility to bring to the board a written plan that says disease of the things that need to be addressed for maintenance renovation new construction for the next five years on this campus that can be a powerful document now yes it's got a be a lot of work how are we going to know if we got in the mala September board meeting if we don't bring the document to the board and laid on the table safe Board of Directors here is the document that the strategic plan says we were going to give you then wonder no we did not need that specific action plan the boards and a say so Mister Bittman tell us why did we not accomplish this well we had few interruptions during the summer and that of the okay so when will you have this forces we don't have it in August what the less let's do this let's say will going to have it by the December board meeting MSU for that so that adjustments even happen in the plan we know that things take longer things cost more that's just the way this thing and you know you say I can do that by August we may not get everything you said United done by August but you want to make your plan is realistic as you can because it's a challenging document what results well it took us about a year the board actually did adopt a strategic plan when we were done praise the Lord nobody threw us out but in the document window say let's not go to work because we had been involved all along the way and we have now outlined the board how about if you're bored with it were done with that be of benefit to you so we divided the board and we said the city with three people that are going to help us make sure we accomplish our objective for the campus in grants and so we took three of the board members we signed into the camps and grounds area so that they are involved in I just sitting there there involved now and are involved in helping you to accomplish your objectives in helping you to do these things and they get their hands dirty but how can I help you well listen we got to get this done and we don't have the energy or time right now would you so there involved a case helped align your board with your strategic goals the administration has to implement the plan and we are doing that right now for our institution were implementing the plan and were having a great time doing it I didn't say always fun but it's a great time because we recognize that we set before some things that are just a little bit above and beyond what would be normal and so were stretching ourselves towards these goals the boards and subcommittees are involved the board is focused on on and on past the theoretical statement you never have your board totally completely focused and on task but if you can get that ninety percent level a you got the thumbs-up signal I may be a fifty percent now you see about half my boards really involved and focused like to get up to ninety percent your job as a institutional as an organizational leaders and business leaders to train your board nice and I thought the board was this tell me what you know you are job is to train the board that is unfortunately or fortunately the wind has in depending how you look at it if you don't train the board is no trend that would automatically come to an understanding so there's a whole concept of leadership that exist in this as well when you are involved now in administering your program you are also involved in helping to train your board this is how we want to work together this is what we want to accomplish this is how we want to move to the future well but only prepare yourself for plenty of hard work it would take longer and cost more than you expected but the rewards will be greater than you expect now unless you're just briefly you have this packet of information before you and you can look at that in your leisure what happens when you finish a strategic plan is that you are able then to produce these things right now without a strategic plan it's going to be hard for you to tell your donors why you need for instance a new girls dormitory but in your packet you will find the Harbor Hills Academy launching the vision campaign case statement this is only an example for you this is not in its completed form yet were still working on this but you can pull this out and look at it and this example of how a strategic plan will help you to present to those who are supporting your organizations what you are doing it helps you to be able to prepare these documents are the same this is why were doing this so here's what we say about let's go down to about the honesty this is on this is the second paragraph about one of the major projects of our launching the vision campaign and over the next three to five years we need to raise about three and a half million dollars to complete the strategic plan that's a logical that's a lot of money that almost sounds ridiculous doesn't it but you know what we have a plan that we are working on to accomplish this we believe that people are going to be excited when they see us moving forward according to a plan so this says we know the second sentence we believe that every young lady should be provided with living accommodations with which will enhance her academic spiritual emotional and physical training and development are because Academy has never had a girl 's dormitory currently the girls are crowded and the two older homes representing the case all of this comes mere strategic plan this is the case this is why we need a girls dormitory right now because the crowd and the two little homes every bed is full this year were turning girls were putting girls on a waiting list the Cardinals again because there's not enough space that your case that's why that you can appeal to your donors for help because you have presented your cages of this is the situation we got some girls in a place to live so you can present your case in a logical way you can say look this is our plan is our strategic plan this is what were planning to do this is our need would you help us after spending significant time in the planning and design stages were decided to be ready to begin the construction of the new girls dorm since contributions are the only source of funding for this project your help is essential you are appealing to your donors now will you assist us in providing a comfortable living environment for young ladies investment unit you make today will pay off in their lives tomorrow so again all this can happen in the context of a solid strategic plan it can happen for your organization you can get on track with strategic planning like to just allow you to ask a few questions if you have any here disappointment just a few minutes left as we finish up if you have a question eight questions at this point okay this is not going to go in the seminar this appointment if you have questions in as a question I be happy to answer that because were recording this only to repeat your request and for the recording so that that will be able to others would be able to hear yes sir question is if you have a small organization it's just starting how much of this would you need to go through in order to come up with something that would be effective obviously if you have an organization is just starting you would need to have you would have a smaller constituency in London have parents and clients all this stuff at this point we think this is our dream this is what we want to do but I would say you would be wise to surround yourself with some friends and some wise counselors and to sit down and create for that organization your vision of the future because if you don't create the organization vision of the future then how are you going to get there and so bring some wise counselors around yourself and create that vision publisher one more thing we had in our strategic plan here a goal for institution that we would be at fifty students within five years without that's pretty ambitious we had about five students a year we were eighteen students as we ended this past school year with a something new to you your expectations will let what happens this year we will start school with about forty students so more than doubling our enrollment in one year as a result of sitting down and thinking strategically about where the organization is where it wants to be and let's find a path to get there from here I have not had question is am I personally aware of any other academies in the US that Donna and this extensive strategic planning process I'm sure there's some that probably have on not personally aware of them all I know that we would get involved so what we need to do this so let's move ahead and do it we didn't necessarily look to see if there other schools that were doing question was how you integrate your faith into this in and you need all the numbers in place to make this work etc. let me answer that when we started this we didn't have money to pay for the plan we did not have when we hired a consultant I told us that I will have money to pay you but I'd like to have you visit well that's a good idea but we need some money here I sit with you wait I said you wait a little work on the money in the ceiling find some money well I ended up getting out it cost about thirty thousand dollars to hire this consultant so it's a significant investment to meet state that upfront significant investment of ten thousand I called I said ten thousand dollars each okay what I normally don't even move in the second half when money but for you on the healthy appraisal or piece of outcome I'll get started but I set a limit him in the paper I'm nothing like you go past like and pay you for as this overcomes the point when you started if we can't pay for what they stop so as an act of faith I stepped out I said I believe God wants us to do this and have a plan I believe it's for the future this organization we don't do this did you know that most of the points will close after sixty years Madison fifty nine sixty years they last about that length of time a lot of organizations last one generation plus a little bit in any conduct is and so we said when it do this and we stepped out in faith to the point where just about inhaler United you worked about that much and I campaign you anymore and we get another contribution and were able to finish paying for his services and people asking along the way what are you doing you don't have any money you're saying even though much of a generally money to do this stuff I think you're right I don't have any money to do this that the were making a plan to do this that I believe God can bless we just about had complete our strategic plan the board had not adopted did yet but there were a lot of people asking questions you spent thirty thousand dollars forty thousand dollars doing a strategic plan you've spent all this money and you will have anybody do the first thing in a strategic plan lady called me up and she said you know appreciate what you've done in my mother was associated with your organization and I'd like to send you little gift she passed away like singular gifts of praise the Lord I said right now were in the process the strategic plan I said we could really use that help and a few days later to check in the mail for thirty five thousand dollars and that was something I plan I had no idea was coming I didn't know where we went to get the money to carry forward some of these actions that were required by strategic plan that gave us a launch where we were able to get started and people looking around now they say they are about to do something and they really are about to do something they are think up some stuff on the list enter Tyndale and that creates more momentum which generates more enthusiasm which generates more interest and so it's a building as a whole faith process we have a single thing in place with nothing when we start but we did step out in faith and I believe that every strategic plan will be an act of faith I don't think doesn't give you how much may go to a strategic plan with but I believe he will bless you when you start is a great time for you to stop and do some significant plan do I recommend hiring a thirty thousand dollars consultant I don't know but what I'm telling you is you probably need somebody to come from the outside this can help you because if we had had this consultant I would say we would not be where we are today and Isis bottom line where you think you today and receive incoming unless you have other questions only around thirty minutes and be happy to talk to a medium with my audiogram or if you are having been like to learn more and I live in a and I is the word our online newsroom and www. maneuver is not a


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