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Episode 1- Constantine: Compromise & Controversy

Adam Ramdin
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We begin our journey with an event that changed the Christian landscape immeasurably - the conversion of Constantine. This event would lead to the persecution of Gods faithful believers from within the church and the beginning of a clear distinction between the two branches of Christianity that would emerge.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • January 18, 2017
    10:30 AM
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RUTH. As we trace back to original lineage to the early centuries we find the Christian church a maligned religion it was not popular many of the Christians in the early centuries paid the ultimate price for their faith with their lives the Colosseum in Rome stands today as a testament of this fact under Pagan Rome the Christian church has struggled along but one thing that was sure the intensity of the persecution kept the church free from nominal and lukewarm Christians if you are a Christian you have to be all there was no middle ground but in the fourth century an event would come along that would change all of that dramatically the conversion of Constantine changed the course of history for the whole of Christendom and the roots of that come down here to York England. In the late zero six A.D. Constantine with the clay at Emperor his father Constantia miss was in Britain from three or five to three zero six eighty and Constantine was with him until his death he was then declared emperor but it was not to be a smooth sailing they were counterclaims to the emperor a ship from Phineas. And it was before a battle with Mike then that Constantine felt he needed more help than just the soldiers he had and so we sought the help of God He believed he saw a cross in the sky and heard the words by this you shall conquer he took this as a sign to convert to Christianity. And a major switch began to take place Rome would go from being pagan to Papal from paganism to professed Christianity many historians debate the authenticity of Constantine's conversion wasn't a deep rooted biblical conviction or was it a political ploy to keep a divided empire together one thing is sure though that after his conversion practices crept into the church that previously had no place their temples that were pagan would change to Christian the Pantheon in Rome was changed into a Christian church and the names of gods which changed to Christian saints for example Jupiter became Saint Peter and the list goes on. While some were happy for these changes and welcomed the lack of persecution and the new found status there were many Christians all over Europe who resisted these changes for them the persecution continued at least eight out of line with the mother church these were Christians who were maintaining the pure faith that was handed down to them over the years it was scattered groups of people all over Europe in northern Italy in southern France the Celtic Church here in Britain and in various other places the Bible refers to them as the church in the wilderness in Revelation Chapter twelve versus six and fourteen they were not always the biggest They were not always the largest or God would always have a people that were true to him and that were faithful to his word and so from this point on two branches of the church would emerge the recognized the mainstream but the compromise church and then the persecuted often the smaller but the pure watches the question for us today is which one of these two are we. Part of May we never compromise truth for popularity may we be faithful to God and to his word no matter what the situation is. Were. Her.


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