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Episode 6- Waldenses: People of the Valleys

Adam Ramdin
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The Church in the Wilderness of Revelation 12:6,14 is perhaps best illustrated by the experience of the Waldensians. This week, and the next few weeks, we will visit the valleys that they called home and see where they lived and died. Seeing their faithfulness and commitment to mission and service for God.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • February 22, 2017
    12:00 PM
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Whilst the Celtic Church was maintaining the pure faith in the British Isles and evangelizing there as well the woman's Ians were doing the same here in northern Italy the word Walden's the means peoples of the valleys originally though in Italian it was valances with a V. it was translated into the friends as was one but in the twelfth century the V. changed to a W. and one of the L. became a D. from where we get the name while den Z. And today the wall then Z. and did not see themselves as reformers they did not see themselves as needing to separate from Rome for they said we have never belonged to it they said they are part of a stalling and could trace the origins all the way back to the early centuries in fact when we look at the history of the wall then over several hundred years if not millennia we can see that they were around in the very early centuries in the fourth century we've been to Lantus we can see them in the seventh the eighth the ninth century. Some people say that the first wall then Z. and people will go in the twelfth century but this is not really accurate while it is true that Peter will go was a merchantman from early on he did sell all of his goods and commit his life to the preaching of the gospel he was not the first while then Xeon and their roots trace back much before him in fact one of the names for the wall then Xeon was actually the wood. Showing clearly that the wall then sins were sat with keep with. They were named after the very day upon which they worship at the wall then see what's coming up in the early century and the Roman Catholic Church what the forming of well both of them for they gave him around them as a mission field what was the Roman Catholic Church use the power of the law and the Saudi and political alliances so when people all over the world then put their faith in the strength of God's word. When you gaze on the magnificent mountains that surround us you cannot but admits that God provided a safer tree for his people to the world then as the INS was given the task of passing the light on to the Protestants of modern times and penetrating the darkness with true Bible doctrine indeed they maintained longer than any group in the struggle to preserve the Bible and primitive Christianity in upcoming episodes we're going to see the caves in which they hit and where they met for worship we're going to see the places where they train their young people and how to study the Bible and how to be missionaries who are also going to climb mountains and see the cliffs over which they've all been Xeon. To their death in times of persecution truly reward in Zeehan stand to us today as a group of people who believe in the Bible as a group of people who believe in mission service they are a key part of hospital ritual lineage today.


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