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Episode 7- The Waldenses: A Mission Movement

Adam Ramdin
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Deep in the valleys this sturdy people lived and worked, but they were not hermits. Through their well-trained children, young people, and older people, they impacted the whole continent, spreading the gospel throughout Europe as missionaries ‘disguised’ as students and workers.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • March 1, 2017
    12:00 PM
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Following the persecution in the lower valleys the world then Xians who moved up here into the higher valleys did not do so to live life as hermits number one they fled persecution but once they got here they tried to establish as normal a life as possible and normal for them was training missionaries and training their young people in how to study and how to teach the Bible this here the College of the Bobs stands today as just one example of what would have been numerous schools that would have been spread all over the valleys where they would teach and train their young people to be missionaries around Europe. In the college of the bogs is a bible coffee table a place where the students would have painstakingly by hand written the Bible from beginning to end to see the viable was very important to them all the Indians they had it in their own language it formed a basis for congregational worship there was also societies of young people that would meet together and would commit a large part of the Bible to memory. After studying in the colleges in the valley the students would be sent out to many of the great universities around Europe we know that some of the countries they went to England Scotland France Spain Germany the Czech Republic Poland Lithuania. Garia and Croatia and as they went out as students they would study whether to be a doctor. Whether it was to be a lawyer they would study various subjects but their main purpose of going there was to be an undercover missionary they would take the Bible with them they would also send some missionaries out who would just go out as workers there may be travelling craftsman or travelling artisans and tradesmen and they would also take the Bible with them and they would move and travel to different parts of Europe they could have the Bible it was illegal and so they would take their coat and they would on stage the scene of their coat and then just inside the two layers of the coat they would put a few pages of the Bible and they would travel with just a few pages of the Bible not a whole copy and when they found someone that they thought was maybe interested in the Gospel they would take the Bible out of the stitches of their coat and share the truth of God's word with them you know maybe you're working today in a doctor's office maybe you're working as a nurse in a hospital maybe you're a teacher in a school or maybe you're a lawyer in some law for you're not there simply to collect a paycheck to pay the bills you were there as a missionary God has put you there for a specific purpose there may be someone in your work place that God knows only you can reach as students as well the first reason why they want to study was not to get the best degree but it was to be a missionary in the great universities in your future they may be a missionary in a great institution you are not there just for academic excellence you are there also to seek and find people that you can share the gospel with and the other thing we learn from the old Indians is how important the Bible was to them if they would take just a few pages and put it in their coat and then share it with other people how much more should we commit the Bible to memory how much more should we commit the Bible to study that we would know. No gods would be able to share it wherever we are. As an inspiration to us and may inspire us. Wherever we are.


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