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Episode 8- The Waldenses: Lux Lucet In Tenebris

Adam Ramdin
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'Lux Lucet in Tenebris' is the Waldensian motto and it translates as 'A Light out of Darkness.' Hunted and persecuted they often had to retreat into the bowels of the earth and worship God in the shelter of caves - but even in the darkness their light shone brightly.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • March 8, 2017
    12:00 PM
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In the early centuries Rome would lay down the challenge either abide by how we want you to live or leave your place of residence and leave your place of worship and they will then see and treasured God's word more than the search of their home I thought they would leave and go up into the mountain. Life would not have been easy in the world in the in Valley the children growing up would have had to learn very quickly the lessons of self-sacrifice and self-denial frugality and economy their parents treasured these principles from the Bible and they wish to bestow them upon their children they treasure them so much that they retreated up there and here in the mountains they wanted to teach two things Number one they wanted to teach them purity of life based on God's word and number two they wanted to teach them to be a missionary and to take the faith that they had and take it further afield than just the values in which they live and so they would have schools up here and they would have places of worship some time in case where they could teach their children and their young people how they could go out and missionaries and said if Mr. O.. The world then Sian's fervently believe in the Bible. They believe that they should follow it and they treasured it. Believed in the Commandments of God that had been given through the Bible and they sought to keep them. And they were often persecuted for their faith and had to retreat up to the higher values and and here in this place of worship. It's just a cave today you come A You have to creep down through the entrance to get in the rock walls on the side but here in this cave it's almost sacred spot it's a place where they would gather together for worship but also at times they would gather together to high from the Roman soldiers. To me it's encouraging to know that even when they were scattered in the mountains they would still find time to worship together is very important that we today meet together with fellow believers and worship. But the thing that stands out to me here in this place of it's not that pretty by earth and. There's no gold plate but there's no model table there's just rocks there where. The quietness and the peace and the simplicity and the purity of this place that is right is that if he is well then scenes would gather here not just once it wasn't just a one off it may have been repeatedly and may have been over years or maybe even over decades that they would gather together to worship in caves like this that a doctor around you know. For us Church is so comfortable also can be. A cold rock but oftentimes in church we sit on my comfy chair eating maybe on a may just be five miles from our house or just down the road and yes sometimes we think. And I think back to myself. Yourself wherever we are we have a time of minutes of peace. A sign of relative freedom when we can gather together and work when we can meet. Don't waste the opportunity Don't be so comfortable all so can any and that we miss the opportunity that we do have God has given us great opportunity and now let's take advantage and use them and take this message to the world around us.


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