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  • August 7, 2009
    3:30 PM
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forward in the newsroom and do a whirlwind hot experience going through this son course that we have condensed into a Mississauga where the bullets the subject of how you make Jesus your teacher honey make Jesus your teacher so many of us have settled for a human being as our teacher when Christ ought to be our teacher so we call this presentation ring around the Rabbi Christ 's personal plan for evangelizing and discipling the world what do you think of when you hear the word chef is someone who makes food taste good person who prepares a variety of dishes a professional cook like Rachael Ray or am rolling us well make room galloping gourmet for the super skewer Germany now trains chefs who make only one dish that donor kebab at the Hamburg vocational schools have got astronomy and nutrition via clad in white overcoats plastic gloves and caps super Steelers attend class twice a week to learn how to cut me properly calculate how much of it to put on a skewer and how to avoid the spread of germs students will eventually earn a certificate in that this title may processing with donor kebab production specialization and had no know-how to do one thing how to stop kebab meat into a piece of pizza bread with a handful of salad yet we have definitely arrived we live in an age of specialization the sheer volume of what the human race has learned makes it Mrs. are you concentrate on what had become expert in a particular subject for certain skill the limitations of the human mind plus the time it takes to master the facts and information of any branch of modern knowledge forces us to confine ourselves to a single area of interest or a specific activity specialization divide this into two classes experts and amateurs no matter how much you know about a subject the world won't let you practice it unless you are a trained professional and expert bad the need for professional training does protect us from quacks and con artists but we go too far when we use specialization to separate Bible students into experts and amateurs in Israel for example the police started out as general practitioners has both scholars and guardians of the law but over time this changed the more than highly esteemed the law became the eyes of the people the more its study and interpretation became all light work by itself I saw a class of scholars emerged that Israel devoted completely to the law these men became known as this prime professional scholars or experts of the law the Pharisees emerged from Israel's deep desire to preserve its way of life originally called custody ends more faithful ones who fought secular Greek influence they separated into two groups the Essenes and went to live in the desert and the part of shame or separatists who stayed behind to personally influence their fellow Jews is not a big trip to go from punishing the Pharisee that's when the word came from twelve Israel consider describes experts of the study and official interpretation of the law and also recognized the Pharisees as expert practitioners of it time and again the scribes and Pharisees tried to stop Jesus from publicly teaching religious objects on the grounds he had not graduated from one of their official rabbinic schools from that time that the twelve -year-old wonder about them at the Temple to the day they crucified him Jewish authorities repeatedly question our Lords academic pedigree and qualifications they finally demanded lots by what authority are you doing these things Oracle is the one who gave you this authority Luke twenty first of even the people saw the difference when Jesus taught them for instance when he finished his sermon on the Mount Matthew reports quote the people were amazed at his teaching because he taught as one with authority on like the scribes you see Jesus instructed them straight from the word without quoting any of Israel's scholars not only was Jesus will look like to take with you when I are also qualified to learn for ourselves in this first letter of the apostle John said quote you have an anointing from the holy one and all of you know the truth the anointing you received from him remains in you so you do not need anyone to teach you what is this anointing that John says eliminates the need for anyone to teach God available well in the Old Testament anointing refers to fluorine oil on people usually kings or priests to represent equipping them for their office with the Holy Spirit since John also says that Jesus Christ has made us human meeting things and praise to God his father in Revelation one five one six then all true believers have been anointed when the Holy Spirit to equip them for a royal priesthood to God the father with the same spirit John called the Spirit of truth who will guide you into all truth in his Gospel John sixteen first thirteen so the spirit who anoints every true believer for a royal priesthood is also a divine teacher who needs Google strip your truth throughout their lifetime because God sealed every true believer with the spirit on till redemption day no wonder John says the anointing you receive from him remains in you so you never need anyone to teach you something amazing happens when the spirit guides us through the Bible Jesus said when the Spirit of truth comes he will guide you into full truth tables take on his own he will say when he hears and will give me a glory because he won't tell you what I say the spirit does not speak for himself he only repeats what Jesus tells him so the spirit does more than just make sure you end up with truth God wants you to be more than just right God once you end up with these rooms so you won't be sorry so you can be right with him to get the picture you want to just the right we want to be right with God so God gave us the Holy Spirit as our teacher in addition to leading the stupid your troth the also convicts the world of sin God 's righteousness and of the coming judgment to do something about our lack of faith in Christ and make us right with God so instead of learning about Christ Bible study is actually learning from Christ through the ministry of the Holy Spirit that's why Jesus told his disciples to take up my guilt upon you and learn from me you notice that learn from me and Paul urged the Ephesians to stop living like they used to because this is not the way he said you have learned Christ if in fact you have heard him and have been taught by him as the truth is in Jesus Ephesians four twenty and twenty one the moment someone shares a brilliant insight with us from the written word we can explore it for ourselves with the living word through the ministry of the Holy Spirit to make sure we have been led into full truth just like the legendary meridians are back seventeen eleven check what Paul told them against the Scriptures for themselves but as you study for yourself try to avoid your complex remember quote our nation will fall when there is no direction but with many advisers there is safety Proverbs eleven fourteen so the safest way to study the Bible is to check your discoveries with many others we all need confirmation from other students of God 's word that we have heard his voice and understand attacks as he intended not many Jews suffered spiritually from dividing themselves and the experts and amateurs leaving Bible study in the hands of a few experts Rob most of them of the ability to grasp God 's word for themselves because studying what others have found in the Bible instead of discovering truth for ourselves damages our personal thinking skills and destroys our ability to grasp the Dean meaning of Scripture as Maria Cleaves Steinman wrote in the first issue of the popular mental health magazine mind ship connection she said that the receptive branches of the nerve cells called dendrites form other neural network that becomes the hardware of intelligence as we think dendrites receive input from other nerve cells and actually multiply but they drop in number when we don't use them as slaves use it or lose it definitely applies to the thinking process to gray matter shrinks when we don't have to think very much when we casually watch or listen to others will routinely go about our daily business at home or at work but it close when we think critically when we carefully analyze any valid wait what we see or hear in its context cautiously interpreting input to reach sound conclusions for ourselves decreasing the risk of adopting acting on our thinking with false belief sacred history clearly shows that God wants us to get truth straight from him instead of through others even if the truth they bring to us are all hundred percent pure that may be a surprise to you you maybe save yourself what difference does it make if I find it before someone else does just as long as I end up with pure troth well try this on for size household generation of Israelites relied on an inspired leader Moses for truth and he delivered it mournful word to them from God how many people in Israel made it into the promised land by letting Moses Duomo communication with God Tesla never ask a question unless the instrument on the screen how many people answered you're right the answer is just to April not very good loss what's more what holds the job from which secondhand knowledge pours limit students to what he or she knows but there aren't any limits with Christ in charge and understand the Bible for ourselves let's review quickly there are three things we need to do first we have to revive still doing lost from lack of use number two we need to resume development of our minds ability to think under developed from the lack of mental exercise and we need to retrofit Christ as our teacher now you probably noticed they'll sort of ours right revised resume retro I'm a preacher who suffer from alliteration disease they all line up with the same but retrofit was the perfect word because the ideas now that you are becoming aware that Flores should be your teacher you don't disable from now on Jesus is my teacher really need to go back and study everything all over again with him boy are you going to be surprised on how much you missed you will be surprised not anyone of us can revitalize you want a rusty skills by using them to study God 's word the illness like riding a bicycle they just kind of come back to you and many of us can resume development of the stunted powers of our minds by comparing Scripture with Scripture and spiritual things with spiritual because the supernatural thoughts on the Bible will stretch our minds back into shape it's like reading any book written by someone smarter than you more as you read it your mind has been stretched to keep up with the thoughts and woollies is supernatural thoughts these are divine thoughts as you study the book as it was meant to be studied your mind will stretch back into full shape what's more we can retrofit Christ is our teacher as long as we remember that nothing not even Christian literature that quotes the Bible can stand in for God 's written word and no one not even a gifted Christian leader scholar educator or speaker can stand in for God 's living Word of the Lord Jesus Christ and then Ellen Christ of the Bible regain their rightful place among us we will stop relying on church membership theology and lifestyles him return to the basic Christian life skills on daily Bible study and nonstop prayer to live the genuine Christian life we will want the same personal relationship with Christ he wants with us enough to get the skills trained to use them and start living the abundant life he talks about in the Bible but you're probably wondering how can Christ who sits on the throne beside his father in heaven and is no longer physically with us in this world still be our future well let me explain in Jesus day teachers call rabbis conducted classes in the tradition of the schools on the profits at the center of study groups surrounded by circles of students can you picture them in a long flowing robes and long beards long hair sitting under a tree and hold the students gathered around everyone trying to solve up everything they could from the Sage every one adopted that Rabbi disciple model at the time even Jesus all longtime opponent of the rabbis the school of Christ turns out to be a rabbinic discipleship class in fact to guarantee justice in the delicate matter of church discipline Jesus actually said and went to or three gathered in my name there I am in the midst of them and when people read that you have all these bizarre interpretations of what that means but actually rather than saying something mysterious about himself Jesus painted a picture of himself as the Rabbi always at the center of true followers instructing guiding the directly then too many people think of church discipline puts them at the mercy of fellow church members think that your church discipline has a courtroom scene with brothers and sisters as judges anyone here have really enjoyed getting disciplined by an older brother or sister younger brother and sister Donna Lundy enjoys that so Jesus knew that so entering goes through the whole process of church discipline in verse twenty tax on that thought were two or three are gathered together in my name there I am in the midst of them why seen Jesus heals the Rabbi disciple model to set the record straight the Rabbi is always in charge not his disciples instead of challenging or questioning their rabbis disciples only repeat word for word what the rabbis tell them my disciples around him Rabbi when two or three of Christ followers gathered in his name she is at the center in their midst instructing them and they like good disciples repeat his rail word for word it may look as though his followers act as judges during church discipline but Jesus never lets go of his role as the leader he is always in charge and he is the only one who ever judges his people but please don't get the wrong idea Jesus adopted boldly the rabbinic format not the rabbinic system he broke with rabbinic tradition when he told his design Matthew twenty three a quote on Dole would anyone call you Rabbi for you have only one master Christ and all of you are family and then went on to say in verse ten neither let them call you teachers for you and only one teacher Christ not how many rabbis masters and teachers are there in the school of Christ is only one Jesus said it himself and forbid anyone else to even try to take the same titles that belong only to him every Jewish disciple dreamed of becoming a rabbi the whole purpose of studying as a disciple was to end up a master teacher disciples couldn't wait to graduate from school and start schools of their own why did Jesus deny his disciples every Jewish boy 's dream and reserve the titles Rabbi master and teacher because he didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea about him or his disciples is the Israelite rabbis on a pedestal they looked up to them as heroes to their spiritual act together perfect specimens of what God wanted then to be in their eyes rabbis thoughtful and did everything right so Jewish disciples idolized their rabbis and studying them rather than God hoping to become duplicates out of ten imagine that the rabbinic discipleship system left on Avenue collation it wasn't finalize your Rabbi make in the obsession of your life trying to become just like in stakeholder teachers master has soaked up all they could from them and when they completely mastered their masters they graduated and became rabbis themselves to the work disciple means duplicate a disciple is someone who wants to become a duplicate of his master or tincture and so when the time came that they could graduate they became rabbis but unlike Jewish disciples Christians never master by Jesus to graduate from the school of Christ in this lifetime Jesus will always be the boldly by all of his class and the Jews believe that studying someone who mastered his master was as good as studying with his master but Christ rejected the idea no one not even a gifted Christian leader scholar educator or speaker will ever get to the place in the Christian life that they can say you know you will need to study my master Jesus to become like him both are studying me or with me is just as good as studying him or with him and despite these clear instructions directly from Jesus many of today's Christians have done this very thing relying so much on church membership theology and lifestyle because of hectic and time schedules that you spent time communicating directly with Christ except when absolutely necessary during worship services and had tons of crisis so we substitute reading books about the Bible for getting together with Christ to study the Bible we watch videos we watched television we listen to radio we popped in CDs or DVDs at home and we substitute those experiences for time we could have spent directly in contact with Christ something Jesus absolutely forbade Jewish rabbis even thought that parents bring children into this world but since they are rabbis want their disciples their children into the world to come they deserve the title father even more than parents did naturally Jesus disagreed with that he warned his disciples called no man on earth father for one is your father the one who is in heaven Matthew twenty three nine no one else can take credit for bringing another person into the kingdom and Jesus used the yellow the most popular symbol of the Rabbi disciple connection in his day to prove his point the represents a relationship between how many parties to just forget sunscreen farmers usually go to pair up and obedient box with an inexperienced or defiant one so the oxen could walk together allowing the obedient one to train the inexperienced or defiant one to become just like it so when Jesus invites us to take my yoke upon you and learn from me he offers us a personal relationship with you as Rabbi teacher and also has his disciples so we can walk together within the need to make is just like self as his disciples then we must step into the Oakwood him and him alone where his disciples five thousand and two questions number one is there anyone else besides Jesus qualified to make us just like Jesus course not adding when Jesus makes is just like in then what happens we become restored in the image of God that Jesus shares with the rest of the Trinity is there anyone other than a member of the Trinity who can accomplish that in your life answer no Jesus is the only one who can mold and shape his disciples into duplicates of himself and so restore in us being image only he shares with the Trinity the image of God Jesus told his disciples not to let anyone call them Rabbi because discipleship is the process by which he exclusively only Jesus can do this make disciples just like himself mentoring is the process by which disciples equip train and coach your disciples enabling them to be better students of Christ in the school of Christ as far when I'm supposed to call anybody else teacher other than Jesus human teachers our recruiters their job is to equip us to be better students of Jesus in the school of Christ because as we said earlier how many members are there in the faculty of the school of Christ just one just chooses discipling and mentoring are not the same the first is a work of God by God and the second is a work for God and both of our work of the Holy Spirit and wonder when I can make disciples by enrolling others in the school of Christ to be his students Jesus is the boldly one who can transform disciples into replicas of himself our job is to connect them with Christ by faith so he can transform them the whole purpose of the church our purpose is to witness to Christ so people will want a relationship with him we bring them to Christ so located with Christ and into the connection Jesus is able to make them just like as Paul told the Ephesians they could live change lives assuming you ever heard him and I've been taught by him as the truth is in Jesus or as Jesus put it take my yoke a relationship with me that makes people like me on your and learn from me so how do we connect people with Christ by faith so we could transform them while the first thing we have to do is preach the gospel to motivate people to connect reconnect or improve their faith connection with Christ over to we should equip people the ones who respond by faith to the call of the gospel to exercise their skills and connect with God for themselves through his word every time they open the black connect with his picture and number three we show them how to organize launch and lead home Bible fellowships where they can equip others to connect with God and grow Christlike together it's a very simple plan step number one is revival step number two is equipping step number three is organizing into home Bible fellowships they could support one another and grown in the groups multiply and divide and as they grow the church grounds sure and let me get to that remind me about it because there were different versions that lend themselves to different levels of study that we do we teach we have the school were fully accredited extension of Greek university known for Jennifer Thompson international University of band and so we teach actually six levels of Bible study and then they require different translations to the only enable the people that are studying to have a translation that works well for them at their level so what we will talk about that now let's say that we already take people 's interest in Christ enough to establish revival or improve a connection with him that's when we introduce people to occur study in real Bible study for unchurched unchurched people with little or no Bible study experienced one of the biggest problems you have with his study with people that are either on church or their charge within them really study the Bible is that when they start trying to study the very frustrated especially if you're good at it and they're not what happens is they begin to adjust their frustration overpowers them in and that they want to give off and sometimes their kind and they just sit there and yes you did that for them the next time you go to get back together with them they don't want to get back together with you so quicker study was our way of getting everybody into the act uncharged and church people whether they have a lot of study experienced little or no study experience number two quicker study uses reading and comprehension skills the everyday kind that everybody knows we were all taught these basic reading and comprehension skills in grades three four five six of our elementary education and we use those very skills so that everyone gets involved and plays a part in what's going on using these skills people that don't know Christ can see things and start making contributions to the lesson so they actually feel like they're a part one thing people don't like me is lectured and I'm afraid a lot of our studies are lectures because we know and they don't and we try to transfer or transplant what we know into their back doesn't work that way the best thing to do is to equip people to find things to see them for themselves then when they get them it belongs to them and there's a connection what it's like a briefly plan to stop smoking which one does a person get more involved than the one that provided for free on the one he paid something for twenty date something for exactly reported that over the years of you charge something for all of these breathe free plans or cooking schools are anything you try to charge them something the more involving to have a sense of ownership and that's what you want you want to come up with and we did this on purpose regardless study we found a way is that people get really involved they really get involved number three quicker study is based on three simple laws of interpretation and one main skills so easy even children can do it now let's go back to the beginning one is Bible study Tony you may want to start handing out the worksheets some people will have them in a few minutes when we need today and I'm going to take a quick pause here to wish we had time so I could ask you to define Bible study for us unfortunately I'm going to have to do it for us because of the time constraints Bible study is learning the truth about God and man from the Bible some people think Bible studies using the Bible to study a lesson prepared from the Bible it isn't Bible study is actually the act of digging into the Bible itself under the Holy Spirit 's guidance to find and learn something new from Christ our teacher you understand what I'm saying Bible study is not using the Bible to study a lesson prepared from the Bible that is not Bible study Bible study is the act of digging into the Bible itself onto the Holy Spirit 's guidance to find them learn something new from Christ our teacher one of our pioneers warn cool we must not take the test ammonium any man as to what the Scriptures teach bunch in studying the words of God for ourselves sad to say charges rarely trained laypeople to study the Bible with Christ in depth for themselves because the majority of white people believe they should lead the study to the province and see nothing wrong in getting truth second hand in fact during the early eighties the church trying to upgrade starting but had to return to the made for laypeople format because they protested the changes you remember that Leo Marvin Nelson retired made a deal with the GC is the retiring Sabbath school superintendent that we would shift away from studying scenes and start studying the Bible book by book verse by verse the win was meant to be stuck that lasted about but six quarters you you I went on a limited talk about how they protested that it was so fierce that the general conference voted to go back to the thematic studies and we've been back to them ever since so attempts to upgrade this study by laypeople have failed miserably instead of simplifying real skills to pass them on the laypeople churches are force remember I talked about a while this work in Israel and I would deprive the people of first-hand knowledge of God for themselves well churches today are forced to substitute simplistic programs and shallow methods for the real thing like spoon feeding solely people can memorize the answers without thinking for themselves or how about simplified breakdowns of Bible books chapters and verses that barely skin the surface on the text or more how about the majority topic or character studies that skip over context and overlook the inspired strength of the text this is what made people and tickets it's a tragedy because all you need to know was how to read and comprehend what you read and surrender to the Holy Spirit learn a few simple skills and apply home will open up its treasure trove to clean there with there won't be a secret withheld from you if you're willing to discipline yourself and get into the word is that of training on the learn directly from Christ lay people become codependent on human leader teachers and limit themselves to what their teachers know quicker starting changes all that it equips people to understand the Bible for themselves while depending on Jesus through the Holy Spirit to explain the meaning of any text every morning we have an online devotional it's live real-time people get on my computer and telephone and I do a short devotional enemy throwing open for discussion of a great time and what what I tell them when were done isn't saying listen we've had a great time I've shared with you some of the things the still small voice of God told me and I shared that with you then we went through an open for discussion and you can hear them the reflection on what God has said and so on but now is the best part now take what we've done and just read this passage over again for yourself take your time don't rush as you study and him yourself meaning entirely on God through prayer you know what happens God will customize the lessons on the text to you you'll be reading it and God will drive home to the Holy Spirit the meaning of the text it will sell so practical by the time to visit was written thousands of years ago just for me if you give God the time and come to God by faith believing he wants you to understand the passage and you will and you will understand that every morning and just yesterday I managed to get on again with our group this morning I wasn't feeling well so I didn't get back on with them but yesterday I got on and I'm one of the ladies singing on she said you know what I've been doing what you say she said it has just triple quadruple the joy of the morning when I'm reading it for myself and God speaks to me at it and it all comes to me like really well hidden and then to transfer me so that's what we wanted to experience that that connection with God it's a lot easier believe the Holy Spirit is for real or you don't but Israel and God will speak to you through the Bible now though there are many methods of Bible study they all boil down to two ways of learning inductively learned directly from the Bible or without anything to prove using a series of simple searching questions to discover truth for yourself the famous five W 's in an age who what when where why and how or inductively uncharged deductively with something to prove working for conclusions that support the inductive approach lets the Bible explain itself to work best for boring the Bible and equipping others to join you the deductive approach appreciates your view of the text you're looking for something that matches up with what you already think or know an important as for reviewing doctrine for sharing what you know with others a quick study gets its name from the speed with which it allows you to inductively study any passage in depth as that of studying the whole book at a time to make sure you stay in contact through a simple process targeting you can quickly zero in any passage for closer study without losing its context funding for years inductive Bible teachers etc. Uganda study whole book at a time to make sure you don't lose the context of the worldwide are created for them before the book mechanism is studying out of context you can make the things say whatever you want but we've come up with a thing called targeting that will help you to get the context and in order to study the whole book all at one time you could focus almost immediately on a single passage quicker study is a streamlined version of quick study designed to get you inductively digging into God 's word for yourself as soon as possible intended to lay a foundation for quick study once you get used to quicker studies ground-floor skills you can upgrade yourself in as few as thirty days to quick studies more effective but very user-friendly techniques and procedures with all the bells and whistles you can also start interested people new members or visitors on quicker study and gradually work them up to quick study as they are able to handle it so it makes the studies areas of improvement is not just a matter of getting more out of the text but acquiring more and more skilled more tools to dig with when you proceeded to the Bible for themselves and what's the difference between quick study and quicker study study uses six worksheets plus attack sheet to methodically analyze and understand the passage although it's very simple to speed up things quicker study uses only one full worksheet part of another attack she and that's about it all along with some of the most basic skills and that's what you use in quicker study one worksheet one check sheet and just a little partners are standby I didn't get you a copy of the other called worksheet vicious vicious the heading at the very top of that worksheet assault and work with to enter the quicker study skills help you to interact with the Bible wider and understand what he means quickly and not how can we learn from Christ what Christ can teach us when we prayerfully practice techniques and procedures that allow the Bible to explain itself the Bible writers followed three simple rules when they wrote their books very simple stuff the law of summary the law of context in the law repetition learn to recognize when the writers use these rules and the Bible will explain itself to you really start using the law of summary wants to launch something will Bible writers attempt to summarize what they are about to say before they go into detail figure the book of Genesis opening line in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth you know what that is it's a summary of the entire creation story is inverse to we goes back to square one as is now the earth was without form and void so you recognize that our writers starts with a summary statement then everything else becomes much clearer Psalm twenty three was the opening line in Psalm twenty three the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want it's a summary statement of what the whole song is about and then he goes in the first two you leads me beside still waters he restores myself recently passed I just respect everything else was all the details opening line is a summary of everything David wants to say even a findable through the New Testament as well it's not just the Old Testament think the Holy Spirit last time I checked inspired the whole Bible not just the Old Testament yes imagine that in addition to summarizing things before they going to do jail Bible writers also tend to sum up what they have just said before they move onto the next point they want to make sure you got what they were trying to say before the introduce you to the next idea so for example Paul convinces his thoughts into a single word justification at the end of chapter four so we can smoothly transition to Romans five that talks about justification to track it down and how many of you have seen casinos on three AVN are Pokémon Romans we kept saying at all to the program it's true every single passage Paul sums up his ideas before he transitions into the very opening line of the next passage doesn't ever single time you want to know what the passage is meant to be about take a look at the last line of the previous one and that's the introduction of the next face it's remarkable how I would not be as consistent is remarkably consistent with us at all times second monologue context everything in the Bible leads up to and prepares us for what comes after it if you study some in the Bible your little stymied just read what came before annually to write into it and prepare you for it gets you ready to understand them off you see writers created the world towards people places and things in the text called the context out of the audience and circumstances plus their own purposes they marry those two things I came up with this world for each Bible book the basic unit for study is called a passage a series of back-to-back verses that talk about the same thing since our wider use of all the verses in the passage to make his point we must consider all the verses in the passage to wonder and stand to make sense sure and so when it was looking at a verse in the middle you want to know what all the verses that guy came before that lead up to that verse you want to study and then together with your verse and see how they lead you into a prepare you for the rest of the passage whatever's left and you can follow our writer 's thoughts third law this is simple stuff is not hard is not rocket science is just a matter of discipline and a desire to study what you think is the most motivating factor for people to really study thereby when you think a love for God if you're in love with Christ there is no holding you back there's no holding you back we'll get into the Bible and spent hours and hours there getting to know him now the longer as per law writers repeat what's important to them and the more of everything and the more important it is writers repeat themselves three ways with words that refer to the same identical item for example pronouns and in Psalm twenty three after it announces a Psalm of David and David says the Lord is my shepherd was mine statement so the work my is referring to David he just repeated himself for us some just to go through with you more everything that repeats the benefit of this cover where he's talking about himself or is talking about someone else and so it's very simple substitutes he restores my soul why is obviously David but whoso listened statement is what the word sold just like the word Mike is referring back to David as a substitute for David just like he leads me in paths of righteousness for his name 's sake yet that his namesake with his the Lord and whose name is that the Lords again so his name on the barrel refers back to him see this market the same way and sometimes plurals that not always but sometimes florals still refer to the same entity thinkers writers also repeat themselves with similar words that are naturally aligned so for example the line and staff has some twenty three first four there are similar though they do different things they are both sticks made from wood is so broad and the staff are similar to each other the third way the writers repeat themselves is with related words that are logically align why are you comparing things in another words these are not things that everybody would consider alike related to each other but the wider did when he wrote it so for example writers compare things they think share something said to David the time to reinstall the days of my life as the rest of his life on earth and forever in eternity that hereafter in Psalm twenty three six have something in common and the answer is simple he's confident that the board will look after him in both of those time periods just as he has in the past of his life so you can see that the two time periods is putting them together because he's saying the Lord looked up to me this far and looked after me the rest of my life and then even after definitely looking after me even then so that related to each other sometimes ugly again when the newspaper is another example writers group things together that they think share some some kind of connection to David since the Lord makes to lay down leads restores and guides just like shepherds do then you know what they did those things together one writer to the other because by showing that the Lord does the same thing the shepherds that proves that was the Lord is a shepherd to think that there will put together the represents that's the reason why sometimes writers contrast things they consider opposites so for example to David walk and well cover the two main phases of the Christian life the word wall describes the the believers our journey through this world and the work well tells us what will happen when God 's flock reaches its final destination house of the Lord so we walk through this world and we won't dwell in the house of the Lord when the flock it's the final destination when I can wonder anymore children seeing people to want to weld together normally should want and Walmart one of the Pentagon in David's mind because he's using them to describe the whole Christian life they work and fit together another free lunch will help you to bring up the meaning of the text if you know how to use a study Bible and notice patterns in the tax when things are repeated and all that sort of thing like we just talked about it will boost the power of your study if you also know how to use Strong 's concordance use other helpful study tools and ask them why questions and find answers to them the last thing you want to learn is very important as how to find timeless truths in the text and apply them to life today but here's the point quicker study shop a big picture of the book to get the main context target the passage for closer study not how you snap a picture of the book intimate context if you look in the study Bible or Bible dictionary under the name of the book you want to study and will tell you who wrote it when he wrote it what he wrote it where it takes place when it happens when was it written why the author all those things are there if you look on your worksheets you'll see on the worksheet the one Mark worksheet one with a picture at the top okay to look at that one you'll see all the questions are there that's the typical worksheet one from our love from all of the worksheets were developed by the way for quick studying of you have a manual tests which you can order from us face seven Emanuel has never uniform quicker study as well as quick study step-by-step instructions and a lot of other things Strong 's concordance is probably the best of the concordances the reason Strong 's is the best as he didn't realize of many assigned a number to every word in the original language and today to make these tools available from white people scholars have taken very scholarly books and things and feed them to vote Strong 's numbers so you don't even know Hebrew Aramaic or Greek to use the sophisticated tools anymore all you need is a strong sniper so strong it is great so anyway that's quick study I should bring this outer ring around the Rabbi 's title book this was what this is all about the idea of having Jesus for the teacher and the implications do not only your study life which are whole Christian walk of having something the disciple of Christ not another human being but of Christ to have this for small groups we have found a home level fellowship with Christ in charge this this helps you to understand the dynamics of small groups especially those that want to put Jesus at the center and study with him and then live their lives for him so that's what this is for the handbook which we talked about earlier this is the one the course of one whom the dungeon and this is available to wait we have well over twenty Bible study aids for small groups discipleship and so on you before you implement sure you get a invoice search one order you can order by phone in order over the Internet you can order it by mail when we want to do that we have a catalog for you and some other things as well but this is worksheet one and again if you fill in the answers to these questions through the big picture of the book the main context of the book okay not once you've got the main content of the book now you want to start zeroing in on your passage is chosen the passenger want to study if you got Bibles with you to open them up you'll probably notice that ever almost every Bible has subheadings development subheadings the divide the book in two passages the subheadings tell us that all the verses under the subheading talk about the same thing the thing mentioned in the subheading survey groups it tells us how the writer from the verses together to talk about the same thing you want when we told you the basic unit for study is a passage don't try to tackle the first by itself if you want to understand the verse use all the verses before and after the report of the passage study it is a passage and to be more certain to come out with the proper understanding of what the writer meant so after you set the big picture they want to target the passage the first thing you want to do is the last question in the big picture is that the main headings on the outline of the book now for example we've given your worksheet you could practice as the results later when we got off to a late start so not to have all the time like I had this pretty well timed out but done everyone a look at Matthew four one two eleven another most study Bibles will divide the book of Matthew and the free parts for the preparation of Jesus chapter one verse one through chapter four verse eleven the message and ministry of Jesus the King chapter four verse twelve chapter twenty five verse forty six and then finally the death and resurrection Jesus the King chapter twenty six through twenty eight which of these three sections contains Matthew four one through eleven the first one exactly in fact it's the very last part four one to eleven is the very last part of the first section now what do you learn from that just quickly that section is labeled for preparation of Jesus the King if Chapter four verses one to eleven is the very last part of this section for the preparation of the King what does that tell you about what happens in chapter four verses one to eleven it's part of his preparation it's the final step in this preparation the last step of Jesus being prepared for his earthly ministry occurs in chapter four verses one to eleven date sick of it you could tell something just by looking in an outline is very simple and ignorant of this scholar were ingenious obviously it's the last parts the last but the final preparation and chapter four verses one to eleven is the temptation of Christ in the wilderness so his temptation in the wilderness was the final step in preparing Jesus for his earthly ministry so we know where it is now the second thing is to look at the subheadings again if you look at the subheadings you'll see that there is a passage just before the one you want to study and a passage just after the one you want to start if you look under on your sheet I didn't view the entire worksheet but if you look on your shame guilt you'll notice that some capacity for is versus thirteen through seventeen chapter three but that Susan Jesus then comes chapter four verses one through eleven the temptation of Jesus and then the next chapters chapter four verses twelve to sixteen is the next passage and that's part of the beginning of Jesus message and ministry so right away when you tell if the baptism is part of the preparation of Jesus getting them ready for his ministry then the baptism coming just before the temptation prepared Jesus for the temptation dented in fact what you discover is the baptism of Jesus was like a dress rehearsal for Jesus to go through the temptation and you'll notice these things were recently quickly I want to take your questions and I can't like just a couple of minutes here this will it yes it's true that not every translation agrees not every group of scholars agrees but you will find about ninety five percent of the time almost every study Bible agrees with where passages begin and end it's a very simple step and you consider it's fairly reliable and even if it's a little bit off as your studying yoga to find where another version of been included or version of the left out the passenger to be considered over sooner than they say sometimes it is good to compare translations now this is where we talk to histamine solutions were studied is meant to be fast to get people into the text without all the fanfare of the bells and whistles you want to scare new people so the best thing to do with a with the quicker study is to use a dynamic translation translation not not as rigid as the classic translation classic translations when the King James new King James revised standard new revised standard the American Standard in nineteen oh one and the new American Standard and its update in nineteen ninety five those are all examples of classic translating dynamic translations is undergoing Word for Word form for form thought for thought and use as many words as they feel are necessary to bring out the meaning so instead of a translation where you're forced to go to strong start looking up all the words in a dynamic translation there are they are attempting to bring out the meaning of the words right in the translation so it seems easier to read easier to understand and follow us through every once in a while they get off sound of the formal translations to bring a translation is an interpretation every translation of the Bible into English is the product of interpreters translators are interpreters you want to get the original thing you need to go to strong and looking up okay but you want to use a dynamic translation is its fast and easy to use okay so very quickly goes where where where already passed our time but still within our original time limit here and try to work with that suit you look at the subheadings in your study Bible when you do you'll see the passage before the passage you want to study and in the one that got when you prepare your own tech sheets we have CDs and things and you can you can get things to come with templates we can automatically do this if you look on your worksheets the passage before singles face it because you're not going to study it as in-depth as the one you want to study the one you want to study comes next in your double space that one and then the one that comes after a single space in to see should have three passages on your tech sheets came in and with those three passages you're ready to start getting younger now the next thing you do when you start comparing your passage with the ones that come before and after it read the passage before the one you want to study then read the passage you want to study single one verse at a time pausing to underlying same similar and related terms right let me just show you quickly how that works were not have time to do very much phenomena just do a quick one here this is what I printed out on your sheet this is Matthew four ninety three the Matthew for screwing over here is big enough for you can only duration limited just a teeny bit larger one fifty every dormitory that right okay so when you read this and start going into Matthew four one two eleven the first thing you read is then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted thereby the devil of course Jesus has already been mentioned to what you what you do is you underlined Jesus and given its own color and hope the other passage in their Jesus is mentioned there same color and underlined to the person season this is a continuation of what the writer was saying about Jesus in the previous passage the next thing you notice it says it was led by the spirit you'll notice who jumped up you'll notice that in the previous passage it talks about is Jesus was baptized he saw the Spirit of God descending like a job so the spirit is mentioned here and by the way it identifies them as gods spirit to not wondering who spirit once as soon as we know it on the gnomes it is given its own color underlined it come back down here and then here's the spirit again same color and underlined K notice it says into the wilderness as a location is given its own color use our gifts and if you go back under the previous passage where was he before he was at the Jordan River getting baptized so you have a location in one end and the location did you know you can show them and people then start learning that in the Bible things follow after one another you don't just wonder where did that come from it's obvious it's there it's part of it and then the next thing you notice it says here he was led into the wilderness to be tempted occasional smudge more tempted given its own color and in the previous passage why was it done of the Jordan River he was getting the highest jobs are doing this evening was talking to seeing where everything is coming from very simple and begin to realize he got baptized before he was tempted and if this is his preparation in the baptism must prepare him for the temptation to so you're going back and forth back and forth when you do this people begin to follow the writer 's thoughts and the writer is more understandable when we just give you a couple more quick thoughts here and we're going to call it a day current solvency was started by snapping the big picture were targeted first we saw what section of the book it was in then we nailed it between its two passages that we know exactly where it is and by doing this this back-and-forth thing you will see how the writer set this passage up with one before and how this passage such of the one that comes after nothing scholarly nothing fancy but they begin to see the connection between the words and phrases and locations of people and places and things and it's in the Bible starts to come alive for people that like as you prepare you for doing this and then we move on then you would interpret the passage from what to what the passage has taught you about itself and use one or more of the following icebreakers here are examples of how you would generate discussion and really get into it and stick to the text you could ask a leading question from the passage before the passage before got everything young gets the reader ready for the one you want to study if you come up with a question from that one will help you and lead you into the passage ended the discussion going so for example you could say is there any resemblance between the answer to John and those genes is made to the devil and the answer is yes Jesus corrected John Johnson you're coming to me for baptism is largely Jesus corrects this is what we need for all righteousness doing just the correct double three times the devil says something Jesus has to come back and correct them so if you start looking at the passage as misstatements in John's case unintentional in the devil 's case on purpose Jesus comes back it always corrects bouquet and you can see how the passage works another example would be if you go to the handbook for Bible study my book or the IVP Bible background commentary it's a book that takes all the background of the people places things geography history culture United and puts it all together my book chapter by chapter verse by verse so when you look at it it tells you all the background stuff she can understand the passage that I wish I could give me an example of that but I gave you a page with some stuff from my book a question that would come up on the new IVP Bible background commentary says you know Jesus fasted for forty days and nights so did most does that mean Jesus is going to be a new Moses while as you start the study just one just two passages away Jesus is in the top of the mount and he's delivering the sermon on the Mount yes what is the new Moses delivering to God 's Israel the law all over again he is a new Moses you could look there's the energy Bible the net Bible as it was done over the Internet scholars never met the general the Internet but anything short for new English translation that has a lot of scholarly notes but it does make some wonderful God statements about the language in the text and if you look in there for example it says that when Jesus said to the Devils as to the Jesus command these stones become bread you get the impression that he knows that Jesus is the son of God and is giving them a chance to just proven it out but actually they become literal translation would be safe to these stones should become Brett like a hint of doubt see wonder under the shade of the group procedures insulting Jesus or is he talking answers is tempting in which means he wants him to fail so we really talking Jesus trying to get them to make stick another quick you could focus attention on keyboards people places or things in the text for example the wilderness could not sustain life when what Israel was in the wilderness if God had not given manner and coil and an end the rock convinced that the release water this railroad up timers in the desert which brings up an interesting question with Jesus didn't did Jesus fasted in the will in all in the wilderness because he wanted to because he had to to the question and use the record there goes your discussion again zero able to do that or the last thing you could do is compare the passage with texts listed in the margin of the study Bible for example here's a good question if Jesus taught us to play the opposite and Matthew six thirteen why then does God deliberately leak Jesus is the temptation to be tempted by the devil I wait a minute Jesus is afraid that this never happens to you you and was elaborately done to Jesus I start talking and of course that the text for the answers you want to get all your answers in the text what's what's close with this final thought one of the biggest problems in Bible studies people trying to bring in what they've heard elsewhere you have to learn to listen to the text message that still small voice get your answers from the text not from anywhere else you've heard anything you want to get it straight out of the text just like we said before was the double insulting users are taunting him the word 's attempt is deliberately trying to cause Jesus to family wants to trip them up he wants to ruin his messianic ministry is not insulting to the Charlotte Haldeman making the mistake you get that from the text you get that from the text while I hope you see what we tried to present the idea here is very clear you you want to give people into their Bibles connecting with God rather than just with each other and if they're connecting with God and we are the spirit of God it will be a bonding that takes place that will help you to build your church let's power has enough work for her father got thank you so much that we could get together in this time I hope that the people will explore the possibilities and then make Jesus their teacher and with Jesus as their teacher get into the Bible leaning entirely on him too soon to prayer and the Holocaust I don't understand is that Jesus was ruling in his thing and everybody said in a a a medium with my audio maintenance if you would like to learn more and I live in a to read more a free online service please visit www. maneuver is not a


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