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Episode 11- John Wycliffe: The Morning Star

Adam Ramdin
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John Wycliffe - Morning Star of the Reformation, lived over 600 years ago, yet his legacy lives on. Translator of the Bible, defender of national sovereignty and trainer of missionary preachers - his impact was great and paved the way for those who would come after him.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • March 29, 2017
    12:00 PM
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Well come to love the work the workplace of John Wycliffe and the place way he did his most significant work John Wycliffe has often been referred to as the morning stock of the Reformation the morning stock is a term coined to describe either a planet or a stock that a pain shining brightly in the sky just before sunrise Dawn Wycliffe live around a hundred and fifty years before Martin Luther John Calvin swing late and the late English reform is but the one that he did was key in paving the way for them when he was a reformer before the film became popular standing alone as a voice of change in his generation and in calling people back to the Bible. School. Educated at Oxford University. He was a scholar and an unrivaled debater It was whilst he was a student that he first incurred the displeasure of Rome in denouncing the Frye is and the lazy lifestyle he was a champion of civil and religious liberty and John Wycliffe was the first in his era who coined the term anti christ in reference to Rome the Archbishop of Canterbury received from Rome a papal bull to investigate the writings of John Wycliffe but due to his standing at Oxford University and the goodwill he had amongst the people this was never followed through. Haps a key event to help. The people steer them off the seventy eight where there were two popes claimed to be the right pope and so amidst this confusion was left in a state of relative peace to carry on the work that he was called to do. John Wycliffe was a great believer in the ministry of preaching he trained the men who were known as the laws and sent them out all over the country preaching the gospel but his greatest achievement was the translation of the Bible today we might not grasp the gravity of this but back then to read the Bible in the language of the people as opposed to the Latin was seen as heresy something that was forbidden and viewed as dangerous a church leader in Wycliffe day commenting on his translation says these were. Sold the Gospel pearls his own before swine and trodden underfoot and that which used to be so dear to both clergy and laity has become a joke and this precious gem of the clergy has been turned into the form of the latest Wycliffe though the claim plainly Christ and His Apostles taught the people in the language best known to them it is certain that the truth of the Christian faith becomes more evident the more the faith is known therefore the doctrine should not only be in Latin but in the common tongue. John Wycliffe completed the first translation of the Bible into the English language from the Latin Vulgate it was not a translation that was without fault but there is a viable shed light. Where previously there had been only doctors the Bible once read could do only one thing through the spiritual darkness that was covering England and Europe at the time the beams of light began to shine now the revolution that would be the reformation would become unstoppable today we have the Bible easily accessible and today I want to challenge you to commit to read God's word every day to spend time in his words because of the Flom offense the inference by words he of the life.


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