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Episode 16- John Wycliffe: Worldwide Witness

Adam Ramdin
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John Wycliffe died in 1384 but he was not destined to rest in the grave. 40 Years later he was dug up, burnt to ashes and then thrown in a nearby river. As the waters of this river would flow around the world, so would the influence of God’s Word following Wycliffe’s translation.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • May 3, 2017
    12:00 PM
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Thirty years after the death of Wycliffe at the Council of Constance in Germany he was declared to be a heretic a decree was made to dig up his bones and burn them to ashes at that time the Bishop of Lincoln was a former friend of his and he delayed in acting on this request for five years he moved out of the area and the next one who came in also vacillated for eight years before finally succumbing to this demand and dug up the bones and burned them. After burning his bones they threw the answers into the river with but the significance of this group and the symbolism it would come to later represent they could not have imagined the River Swift flows into the river even the river even flows into the Bristol Channel and the Bristol Channel eventually flows into the Atlantic Ocean and so symbolically the effect of his work spread around the whole world he is called The Morning Star of the Reformation because he was the beginning in a chain of events that once became stoppable John Wycliffe gave to the Christian church perhaps the greatest gift possible the Bible and once given the light would begin to shine and the darkness would be peeled away. John the Wycliffe word is keyed in our Christian heritage at the center of our faith is the Bible never underestimate the extent of the work that you do John Wycliffe with call here to let the world a small quiet country town or probably back then just a village if any of us were called here to this town today we might think it's not good enough or not big enough or not prestigious enough but he faithfully did the work that God had told him to do and gave to the Christian church perhaps the greatest gift possible wherever you are use the gifts and the talents that God has given you for you never know how far your influence may spread.


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