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Episode 19- Martin Luther: The Just Shall Live By Faith

Adam Ramdin
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Early in his ministry Luther would embark on a trip that would change his life forever. Called to go to Rome, what he thought would be a pilgrimage changed his life, but for different reasons than he anticipated.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • May 24, 2017
    12:00 PM
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After leaving the monastery Luther was called to the universe with the book to teach while he applied himself to the study of the Scriptures in their original tongues and began to lecture on the bible in particular the Psalms the epistles and the Gospels. His friend Staubitz which tend to ascend the poor and preach this was something he was hesitant to do feeling unworthy of the task before with a long struggle and with encouragement from his friends he finally. Was an eloquent speaker captivating his Harris with the converts heat and power with which he spoke before long his fame as a speaker was growing up amongst the university students and the general public. The great revival in history had been founded on great preaching and the German Reformation was to be no different. Just a road between seven of the local convent and there because General and it wasn't long before the future reform was sent on its way to Rome to settle a quarrel on his way there he noticed some things staying at the monastery he noted the wealth magnificent and she a luxury that was a contrast to this with a life of self-denial thanking himself had grown accustomed to living the time with Pope Julius the second. Rome was the very gates of heaven itself indeed as he approached from. He lay plush straight on the ground and say Holy Rome I salute big. As he entered the city and visited the churches and saw the priests and monks he was filled with full shock and horror he saw amongst the clergy unashamed and open since he heard the N.B.C. jokes swearing and he struggled to find some peace and solace no one can imagine he said what type of sins are committed in Rome they have to be seen or good to be believed they are in the habit of saying if there is a hell then roll is built over it it is an abcess when issues every kind of sin. One recent decree in Dodo's was promised to all those who were to send my list there kings on the beast it was believed that the staircase in Rome was mysteriously transported there during the night and was the very staircase that Jesus ascended on the night when he was condemned wandering lose that would be about we climbed the steps and when the boys came to him like from the just shall live by the room and want things to be he got up from his knees walked away never to be the same again. Upon returning from World News that preached his famous sermon entitled The just shall live by faith in the St Mary's town church this was a question that lay heavy on Luther's mind and one wishing to wrestle with over and over again indeed the German Reformation hinged on the question How can a man be just in the sight of God It's a question that many people still wrestle with today. Player at this point in his life aloof bad no plan thought his own shows or movement and still sore him self as a loyal son of the church but in making the commitment to put the Bible above the wood of the councils or popes he set himself on a course that would ultimately lead fall away from role in Luther's life the fall of the Holy Spirit leading and he made the decision to preach the fall of the when he springs leading when he got off in the knees in Rome he followed the Holy Spirit leading in his ministry him which proved his convictions may we be true to the Holy Spirit leading in our life and we Be strong now convictions and true to God would as well the above. Me I.


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