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Episode 20- Ulrich Zwingli: The Swiss Reformation

Adam Ramdin
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Zwingli did for Switzerland what Luther did for Germany - spearheading reform, standing for truth and calling people back to the Bible.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • May 31, 2017
    12:00 PM
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Around the same time that Luther was born in a mine is coming up in Germany he was born here in Switzerland in the copies in the you see the leading reformist of that time one man. Who most of all were free from pint of rank and from the influence of bigotry and priesthood his father designed for him an education and I mean age of thirteen he was sent to the city of Bern to receive one for whilst he was there another danger would arise because of his intellect his shop mind and his leadership qualities the monks desired to recruit him while Luther had gone down that path he had no desire to go down that path neither did his father and so his father called for him to return home. To his ministry in Basel and was ministering around the same time as Luther was though they were not in communication with each other God was using each of them individually if preachers Christ said this was reform he does what I am doing those whom he has brought to Christ numerous than those whom I have led but this matter is not I bear no other name than that of Christ who soldier I am and who alone is my chief never has one single word been written by me. No by Luther to me and why that it might be shown how much the spirit of God is in unison with itself since both of us without any collusion teach the doctrine of Christ with such. Uniformity. Was soon called to minister here in Zurich at the cathedral where he faithfully preached God's word repelled the sale of indulgences and spearheaded the Swiss reformation in the early sixteenth century the church of Rome made several attempts to end his life or oppose his teachings when hearing of one particular plot he replied Let them come on I fear them as a weakling Cliff May is the way funda at its feet realizing how little had been gained by trying to suppress Luther's teachings over in Germany they endeavor to enter into a disputation would swing like the Council of zero four bade him to go and so instead two of his students went in his points there they met a host of prelate doctors and the champion of Rome. Each night though. It would sneak letters from the city out and then at night is when Lee would write letters that will be snuck back into the city and though he wasn't there he was able to direct the proceedings that took place he famously said during that trial custom has no force in our Switzerland unless it be according to the constitution now in matters of faith the Bible is our Constitution. The contrast between the two sides made it clear impression on those who are watching the time is willingly continue to faithfully preach God's Word in Zurich Switzerland throughout the rest of his life God had chosen a humble man from humble origins to begin to be a great work here in Switzerland. No matter who you are all way you come from God is able to do great things through you with your beginnings in life have been humble and modest No God is able to use you mightily whether you are educated or an educated know that God is able to use you here in. A very humble background. In the. He was you are mighty work of reformation here. In second Corinthians twelve and verse nine the Bible says My grace is sufficient for you for my strength is made perfect in weakness God specializes in doing great things through the weakest vessels.


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