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Episode 21- Martin Luther: The 95 Theses

Adam Ramdin
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Aside from the Bible, perhaps the single most significant document written by someone is the 95 Thesis by Martin Luther. Although initially written to address a local need, the impact mushroomed beyond what anyone could have imagined.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • June 7, 2017
    12:00 PM
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Land. Of fifteen twelve fifteen seventeen Martin Luther's life has been engaged mainly in preaching and teaching but it was destined to change forever when John that song came to the public at that time was called leave the tent as Pope Julius The second had died about four years previous He was eager to proceed with the erection of the great church of St Peter which is pre-disaster had left unfinished in order to raise funds to complete the church rigorous methods of fund raising needed to be resorted to and so the pope issued indulgences with that in mind he decided not to resort to this tactic in Spain France and England but in Germany the responsibility for selling the indulgences was given to a salesman by the name of Ted so. As Ted so came into the town a messenger would go before him proclaiming the grace of God and of the Holy Father is at your gate people welcome this false preacher as he proposed or rather easy way to paradise he promised a pardon all the sins was the purchaser would commit from here on out and that not even repentance was necessary in addition to this he promised that the Indonesians have the power to fifty of not only the living but also the dead as well. Ted so plainly Paul was as soon as the money played. Against the bottom of the chest the sole discreet Purgatory and flies to heaven these type of messages produced two responses Firstly a band of stalkers who wondered why if the pope had the power to release people from further three he didn't do it as a matter of charity and secondly a stronger and deeper opposition with people who asked what the Bible said about forgiveness man. Moved on was at this time still a priest of the church and still had to hear people's confessions a problem arose when some of his parishioners produced ten souls pardon for this sins and aloof to refuse to accept them declaring them nothing but a big fraud around this time also Luther preached a powerful sermon entitled indulgences and the grace of God and he also sent a detail protest to the archbishop and the local bishop it was amidst these events but on the festival of old St Luke the posted on the university church door right here behind me is ninety five feces or doctrinal statement about this debate to question. This event was a turning point and the publication of the ninety five theses created a great deal of excitement among the German people they were read and read read and repeated why Bluecoat was in awe at what he had done opposed the mightiest power on earth and it was not long before he was summoned by a well to appear to answer to his teachings never before had one man who had such a huge following people already oppose Rome on his own at this time and the people were sick of the corruption of the church and many people were thankful that someone was saying something about it though not everyone was bold enough. Take a stand with him time. Let us never underestimate the power of remaining true to God's would and to walk convictions while Luther didn't understand the whole Bible or understand even the whole Gospel he did share and stay true to what he didn't know he had accepted the principle that the Bible should be the sole interest for to a place and this one principle would like a spot that would eventually go around the whole world on lie in the foundation of Protestantism that the Bible is to be the interpreter of our faith may we be true to God to wood and faithful in sharing the message God has given to us wherever in the world that we are.


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