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Seeking Truth, Discovering Love

Anthony Bosman


Anthony Bosman shares his journey through various worldviews. Join Anthony on his quest to discover truth!


Anthony Bosman

Assistant Professor


  • May 25, 2017
    11:30 AM
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Of course. It's. Required. The University. One. In the course of an overt human presence they would go back they would use them while also in the truth. Or the right. Side of their. Rescue saying he was a nihilist. Offered through the open no a part of that was a big. Issue the position of his wife the truth they both agree. It's. True it. Doesn't make. One True. Pressure and trying to decide what is one of which. Actually it wasn't that supposition. I still. Think about. Well there's always an answer. That's not exactly true. But that it comes down to it comes. True so I'm sitting there. With this. Whole form and university. Diverse. Group like the. University. Classes. I was obsessed. Wow. You are now my little man I'm just appalled. That we have these discussions. Always be that one. Everyone else's life. I was there and I was like yeah I was like you know this is our. Problem. But. True. Mathematics with the truth about reality. Very much what. About what I want to know what's true. My parents. Or my kids to grow out of or what. First big question right it's. Your freshman which of course you. Question is. How can I. Know. What time we want to. Or. So we're going to do this I. Argue. Probably the. Problem is when you're not listening. It's not really compelling we try to argue about. So I don't. Think it's impossible. Questions What. Is the some. Questions like Why is the universe structured Why are you the question what it was then that struggle reality questions like why do we want to be rational if. Natural process is. On process why do we. Were evil enough if not survive we have to know what is true. The question of the questions what if we know we can describe how the world. Ought to be we have a sense of justice a sense of morality it's what makes sense of all these. Robots really the whole system. Right so I can do all of the. There is a guy that I was interested in actually this is an extreme person talking to the last before it's. Unexpected it's right. It's just. It's who we were having lunch with. If you want to actually. How can you describe. The Universe or structure that order to the I don't understand she said I don't I don't think that it's compelling to make sense of all these things. She went on she said but also go except. That all the. Promises were. Wrong never really. Resonate with that I remember my sophomore year there are. You know it's wrong for all of us to help our. Bodies of this all who. Have about. Yeah. That's about it. But once you do that there is a God of all this and. The question becomes what is God life so that's. My question. To a mosque going to Scientology. Will. Go and try to trying to do as long as. I want to the. Service I. Also went to. Some of those rituals. All these different conceptions of God because. I do. Want to know what is true it's. One of the subject of God. As I was going through all the. Possible. All of the. Now. Sometimes chant. Studies classes and Hall which a study hall. Orthodox sites so when you talk about Jesus just another. One of maybe one of them. It's absolutely true in the first century there was a whole lot of people wanting to be in part because the. Building of. The old. Saw. The action of the five year olds on the list and there was this rose up and people. Love a sign that people. Have died out. Of. This thing. All that all these other messianic movements died out it's. Tough it's. Rather if. It is for an. Actor. That's a thing of something or what's going on here. Now is the word not always a worship but historically you see those who oppose the drawing it's all right you have a career is going pretty well he was trying to stop this thing that song is like. Why historical event and explain these things. Other things happened historically how to explain the reason the. Reason. Is because. Of the. Whole Church of the sun rising up the Christ is really strange. Resurrection School says. All of the Jews it was a strange. While so. Why do they believe. Why do people live on it why have a. Whole lot of also the. Phrase. It's difficult to avoid it maybe the reason the only thing. That should have rights. Is actually really good historical who are. Really good reason to Jesus. All of. That's to do the Jesus really radical play. Little of the maids things like the. Bar Jesus is some kind of. Revelation of who God is present. Not only that but also saw Jesus took the rest of Scripture seriously too. Seriously I mean you take all of Scripture seriously because Jesus really values. Values scripture. This has been. Trying to understand what is true to the person he is compelling. Rather. It's. Something you're. Always. The one. I want to have complete certainty. We have a. Report that. Kind of they. Want to hear I want absolute certainty I remember. This. Question. I want to have absolute certainty. Compensation kind of solved. And they're going to have other top. College students with us we talk about. Is that these relationships or how's it going is like it's. Performing. I want absolute certainty. Like all. Maybe some relationships and. Certainly doesn't because. If. You look at evidence you look at point you say OK there's a lot of reasons you all still have questions but always still have some kind of question so I'm not going to have. What this certainty is what So this is. The big. One it's. I'm going to. The problem there were brought. All these questions about I want to know it's true I want to know who God is I want to know who is what So I look at the person of Jesus. Because the son. Of God a purse who has a look at the. Who God is is actually. He says if you see the father goes on the. Problems of what's you. Know him and. His life or was right. About his father God God is boils down to a simple concept that God is love so. True I wonder though what true. God let me turn to who God. Realized that God is love. Or seeking. Something something. Jesus is true. True the true The truth is a person the true evolve relationship or it may be truly true I must. Not stray into the truth. Because the principle of charity is for. Principle or simply academic for us when you talk you should be charitable towards and. So political this forced to do the opposite we have the principle that. When you say something no matter what you say I'm going to express outrage at so you say something like and I wish that somehow so it's outrage to do this once if you want to know what's true try to arrive at truth for it's there with some it's something like this one. We're going to take that folks are great but instead of doing that now to sort of see how to make the most. Logical the most relevant. To this for. Some. However. Someone who believes God as well. The way that love and truth does more than. A lot actually requires you to make a positive towards that person one of the matches I. Love is I'm going to value you so the sex. Jesus makes this up to. A lot of your comments you know this is what remarks when we block normal the love that. We. Have in our hearts the great bull the whole point of this legal what we threw a lot of the world as Christ loved it. Onto the conviction that this is the point. Maybe. Of. The spouse or whatever you do for. The purpose of education. The kinds of people who love you are of Christ love so that's the goal. That's the thing. For. Why did you tell you something this is really difficult. So so I took this seriously part of. The purpose of my wife. Is people's privacy so that's. Sort of my. Purpose here is not simply. Is not. This is not simply. My professors It's actually a lot of those are about a lot of rights so this started. Looking like. The. Right. If I had. The might. Of why we would. Want the choice is really easy. And I did well. But it's only about a lot of it was also a doctor. Who loves the principle of self or other talks a lot of them are on. Christ's love the truck. Or it's the choice is also easy. What about a good call. Is the time. You are great for example classes or study. I just meant for a charge. Of the evening wants to do a whole number because you have a need of ones that you have to. Ask you to give them a job. To do whether they do you say by purpose here. It's not simply. Well sumo people a lot of us call you right now you drive across town and give this guy who shot him with a shot finds out that your current. Job. It also turns out that this process you give the junk to is a little bit of a theological it. Really was just like this this doesn't make any sense no you're not seeing him at that party or the guy who was your judge this proceeding. That's what law it's to do. One of the things like OK. No one else is so maybe I should try to coax them. But what's the holy you are going to structure my tolerance abroad. So I. Have. Rights over stay out late at night after a long week of work of art program. In. My life. These are. Not the love of the city more so I think that's the easy stuff the easy stuff. For two hours on a Wednesday. When you get the best of Community Church the people all walks of life. Homeless population but also the. People. Out of an edge of homelessness So what about half a dozen. You have to have those once five years or most people's rights. While this is not just. Once a couple hours of. Oh I have. So you can see. Because this will allow me to do. It it's really hard because that's not really disrupts my life. But this is what love is. Right it's. This isn't the focus I'm getting my to. You know what's this is my. This is me she's running to part of her is obvious of herself even with the company. That I did and that's they don't have some of the. You know all those. Years right it's already. So you probably shouldn't. But what are you going to do for. Us in our cars where. It's still it's still. Be this or any wise of rules but more because if you can the store. They don't make the stand this is why we're here where we're. Always is that. You become a lot more of. One of its. Whole. Person you can. Post. But there's always someone you guys. Like to get to. The proper saw and it. Is a good habit. It's really good. But you should go out to. Society. Go go become somebody go go rotten all those things. That's good but the first. When I show you that's her way. Birth is the something better that all these good. Years as one time he says I understand all the mysteries of all knowledge but all all the other see it all and I have absolutely move mountains. Want to Be a person involved. With a religious leader that you know you could have all that was a but if I have. Nothing. That's because what do you want to see what mystery would all of you see if you have not walked because the alternate reality of this is a call who is Love Me No the point of god is false knowledge. You have learned some very some very good but if it doesn't come back to a God of love as expressed in the Person of Christ it's not true knowledge what is the work of your greed if you develop so it still don't know how to proceed to exercise that skill compassion and would love what is the purpose of acquiring. Moon It is not you who's developing its low grades you should rather be better off. You better we have those skills. I want to challenge you to pursue the command of Christ in us. To come up with. To. Around us we do this by. Teaching. Who. Writes we do this by putting ourselves. This. Find ourselves where he will challenge us when he says he's got the churches full of typical. Latest we've got our educational opportunities for you to grow with love every tiny hole then if you see that stuff you know men or you see the truck rental older or whatever it may be that that is not good to you say this is just of the look this is just a little example for you this is the Romans a lot of this whatever. The nasty personalities these people of your whole you are middle of the line it's lower when you can't give your job or someone. Who all of this opportunity to grow might. Look like Christ. Because you're. In your heart. Probably are. You with a lot of. Love God. And with. Well I don't. I don't know rather dark of are we watching the. Others I don't I desire to look out result with something as happy as a. Promise. Of. Product. Of the products coming to the. Server. To prioritize over some of. The. Exercise love I have a lot already. 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