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The Prayer of Faith

Rodney Bowes



  • July 18, 2017
    12:00 PM

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Thank you very much it's a blessing to be here and I did just get back from Japan so if I look a little bit tired it's because I'm on the other side of the world but I'm actually feeling really good I hit the ground running God has really blast and I'm so glad that I could be here thank you for the invitation this morning or this afternoon we want to look at a few very important things so I want first to focus on some statistics I found these very very interesting as I was looking through these you know the state of religion in the United States of America is very interesting we have seen religion on the decline but did you know people are still very interested in their spiritual health especially when it comes to how they interact with those who provide health care let's look at a few things together seventy five percent of Americans perceive religion as important this was a Gallup poll that was done very recently so that number might surprise you as it did me seventy five percent of Americans perceive religion as important and yet a small percentage report that a doctor has talked with them about their spiritual faith as a factor in their physical health so a lot of people realize that religion is important but very few of them are finding their health care provider actually integrating that component there now would people like that to happen that's another interesting question isn't it I mean there's a lot of people who believe that it's important but do they really want someone else to address them on the issue the research continues on and nearly seventy percent stated that if they that they would trust their physician more if they discussed their religious faith so people are dead. Finitely open to it those who show that they're interested definitely would like that interaction ninety four percent of patients for whom spirituality was important wish their physicians would include spirituality often there seems to be a big chasm between the two isn't that right but people are actually looking forward to it you know I do some volunteer work over at the SAC clinic there the new one there are and yesterday on the volunteer chaplain one of the many volunteer chaplains that are there and we find that people are very open when they know that services available people really appreciate this kind of dialogue and so it's truly amazing here's something that I also found quite remarkable fifty percent of patients for whom spirituality was not important felt that doctors would or should at least inquire about spiritual beliefs in cases of serious illness. As we all know you know when people come to critical situations in life they might be atheist they might be whatever but when their back is against the wall when they're in the trenches so to speak and the bullets are flying. People say there is a God there is a God Lord help me isn't that right people's backs are against the wall they say yes I believe right we're going to look at a few very interesting statements that are going to help us very much but as we look at the literature and as we specifically focus on the Mayo Clinic we if you look at their web page they have a little section there about the benefits of meditation and I would like to include prayer in that as well prayer and meditation have a lot of benefits let's look at some of the things that it has been shown to help with anxiety disorders. Asthma cancer depression heart disease high blood pressure pain and sleep problems that's a pretty amazing list isn't it and if you consider why many people are coming to the hospitals certainly one of those things is one of the reasons that they're there isn't that right you know as was mentioned they do a lot of health education around the world with the ministries that I work with and still we see that heart disease cancer diabetes these chronic diseases are what's causing so much pain and suffering in the world and so these people are specifically open to the benefits of prayer of prayer now this one was fascinating to me it's a little bit older but in the Journal of pain and symptom management look at this right after pain pills what is there. Prayer. Prayer people are very interested in prayer they believe that there is something there something that is outside of themselves or what they can get in a traditional way they believe that prayer is very very important eighty two percent said pain pills seventy six percent said prayer was important Wow so interesting now how many of you have read Roger Moore knows books anyone here Roger Moore No fascinating books absolutely amazing if you have a chance I encourage you to get this book it's actually part of a series of books that Roger Moore know wrote and he was a prayer warrior and in the book more incredible answers to prayer there's a whole chapter that talk about prayer in regard to miraculous healings and I'd like to share just a few of those real life situations with you the first one is Roger Moore No himself he had a lot of different health challenge. Throughout his life but later on in life he was coming to a real crisis point he was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer very serious diagnosis and he had this prayer you can read the full prayer in his book but there's a few things in this prayer that I'm going to come back to in just a few minutes as we look at the prayer of faith he said in his prayer you know Lord that I am not afraid to die. I am not trying to tell you what to do or how to do it if it is your will let your great power of life permeate my being so that when the surgeon operates he will find no tumor or cancer present he prayed this prayer three weeks before he was to go in for this operation when the surgeon looked and they went through the procedure what do you think happened. Nothing there was no cancer there the surgeon came back and was absolutely amazed and said I don't know how to explain it but you have no cancer it's gone completely gone he was miraculously healed does prayer work it definitely does and was interesting you know there's a key phrase here if it is your will very key point when it comes to prayer praying according to God's plan and accepting His will is very important let's look at a few more cases again in the book that Roger Moore an old wrote I tell you this man was a prayer warrior he had a prayer list of seven hundred people how's your prayer list doing real I consider mine and I consider you know my wife and I have a daily prayer journal we go together we kind of cycles through names but he would pray for these seven hundred people on a regular basis you know he had retired and he said the only thing I want to do is pray for other people and so he. His life was permeated with prayer and when you read the stories it was not just physical healing that happened when he was praying he tells one story of when he was sitting in a car and there was a couple arguing in the car next to him and you know they were just going at it and he prayed and all of a sudden it was just like you know. Something happened a hammer came down or something and they totally stop arguing they looked at each other and. They started speaking peacefully they looked like they made up and it was absolutely incredible So let's come back to the power of prayer for the critically ill serial was Roger's friend also diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer as soon as Roger heard of this case he started praying and many other people who believe in the power of prayer started praying earnestly they did this for three weeks before Sir Cyril was posed to go in for his procedure the labs showed improvement that was there it was remarkable even that because it was an advanced case he went back later tested every three months and eventually free from cancer and that good news is not amazing Prayer does work and finally the last one that I wanted to share again from that book Edmunds ex-wife had a crippling bone disease she tried all kinds of different things lots of procedures were done but she specifically requested prayer from Roger Moore No and he started praying and in just a very short time the pain diminished just a few days you know she it was painful for her to walk it was painful for her. Or to do anything but in a few days the pain was less and she was soon and led Tory and she was able to help others and that was such a blessing to her own experience now I'd like to share with you a few things from one of my favorite books which has played a remarkable role in Loma Linda University you know Loma Linda University and this book have a long history of decades of benefiting the world so ministry of healing written in one thousand nine hundred five there is a chapter there Chapter sixteen that I would encourage each one of you to read or reread it's prayer for the sick and it has some gems of truth I'd like for us to contemplate just a few of the things that are here is this not true Listen to what it says often those who are in hell forget the wonderful mercies continued to them day by day year after year and they render no tribute of praise to God for his benefits but when sickness comes what is everyone God is remembered Isn't that what we started off with isn't that true when people are sick and they just they know that there is something else that they need and so the idea of a whole person care bringing in the spiritual aspect is absolutely vital and people are open for it they're ready for it when human strength fails men feel their need of divine help on the next page it says God is just as willing to restore the sick to health now as when the Holy Spirit spoke these words through the saw mist and if you are reading the book you'll find that song chapter one hundred three is quoted there and you know that's the one where it talks about God being like our father and pitting us and remember that we are but. Dust and so it also quotes chapter one hundred and seven which talks about how God heals us in our diseases and in our challenges Christ is the same compassion and physician now that he was during His earthly ministry in Him there is healing balm for every disease restoring power for every infirmity this is absolutely a beautiful thought for sure and who we're encouraged that recoveries will follow just as the Bible mentions in Mark chapter sixteen it talks about a. Ministry of healing and healing and prayer go together recoveries will follow for the prayer of faith shall save the sick the prayer of what. The topic that I have today is the prayer of faith is there a counterfeit for the prayer of faith what is the enemy of faith. Presumption Yes presumption and we'll talk about that in just a few moments we have the Holy Spirit's power the calm assurance of faith that can claim God's promises the Lord's promised they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover is just as trustworthy now as in the days of the apostles as I think about that verse I remember my own personal experience. I worked with admin is for intermissions for a while I was in the jungle of the Philippines that was my introduction to overseas mission work and we were out in the middle of nowhere out in the bush and when I was there I ran a clinic that was my job was to take care of the sick I was nineteen years old at that time the so I was planning to be a physician. Assistant That was my my goal and so when I was there I really got baptized by fire as they say you know I remember countless hours with the physician desk reference to Merck Manual the village medical manual where there is no doctor and all of these books they were all piled on my table in my bamboo hut and I was just reading over them because I saw all kinds of different diseases that we just don't see over here in the United States all kinds of infections malaria was endemic people came with tuberculosis and all kinds of ideas says you know all kinds of infections because the environment to the Philippines just fostered the growth of all these things and I remember praying a lot God would help me and guide me but what I want to specifically focus on is that after we left as missionaries we had done some training for some village health care workers and on one particular occasion there was a severe case of malaria in a young child across the river now the rivers in the Philippines can get pretty intense at times and in this particular case it was rainy season so when they received the call they were going to go over but it was impossible the river was completely impassable they said well there's have to wait we'll have to pray we'll have to see if the water goes down the water finally receded a little bit and they were able to make their way across to the small village they were greeted by the sounds of mourning and you know this was a tribal village when there was issues everyone came together they came and they found it is bamboo hut the lifeless body of this little one and a half or two year old that had suffered from. Malaria and had died cold cold to the touch stiff as a board they went in there and they said you know we can't do anything now you know the the missionaries gave us some different ideas different things they took their malaria medication with them but what does it do then write nothing they said the only thing that we can possibly do at this point is pray. So they took this lifeless child in their arms and they prayed a simple prayer they said Lord if it be that I will and for your glory can you please bring life back to this child. God did it. Breath came back in that little baby the color started coming back that stiff body started loosening up the breath of life was there again prayer works my friends I have seen it it's a powerful thing God's promises are as faithful now as they have been in times past again Minister of healing the Savior would have us encourage the sick the hopeless the afflicted to take hold upon his strength through faith and prayer the sickroom may be transformed into a Bethel What does Bethel mean. The face of God the house of God a place where people come face to face with God the prayer the sick room is supposed to be that for many people and again many people are open to it isn't that right people are waiting for it listen in word and deed physicians and nurses may say so plainly that it cannot be misunderstood God is in this place to save and not to destroy That's a powerful thing now in the video I really appreciated that video for sure. But there was one thing that I would like to encourage it's not. It's the chaplain who should be doing the praying it's everyone who's involved in the care of people everyone who's there physicians nurses visit Vic Lee are pointed out here in this quotation but it's a ministry that everyone can be involved in and I believe that especially physicians have a wonderful opportunity to pray with patients and when the patients see that I believe there is a bond of trust and the healing can take place in a much greater way than it could without that prayer prayer is so powerful so amazing and this is where the idea for this talk came from in many cases of prayer for the healing of the sick that which is called faith is nothing less than presumption so the question is how can we pray the prayer of faith is that which you want to pray when you pray is what you desire to have the prayer of faith let's look at a few points together I have five steps outlined here number one is education I believe in the power of education and is there education needed when it comes in regard to prayer there definitely is again from ministry of healing to those who desire prayer for their restoration of health it should be made plain that the violation of God's law either natural or spiritual is sin and that in order for them to receive his blessing sin must be confessed and forsaken very interesting I'd like for you just to ponder this just the ramifications of it many people are suffering why. Because of their own choices and there is a part of education as I mentioned I I do public health I do community education and combine it with spiritual care and health evangelists. Some training and I have seen that this is a key point God can work in amazing ways when people are educated and they make a few simple changes in lifestyle and they start working together with nature's laws and they start working together with God So education is very important number two is confession what does the Bible say about confession James to after five or sixteen confess your faults one to another and pray for one another that you may be healed and first John chapter one nine tells us that if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and Clint's us from all unrighteousness definitely a powerful thing and so helping people experience this confession to God because as we know God is the one that we should confess to as we confess to him are our private sense and as we interact with others healing can flow that's what the verse says that ye may be healed Step number three is submission and this again is illustrated in the prayer that we looked at earlier in Roger Moore knows case remember he said Lord if it be that I will if it is your design and your plan and the ultimate submission we find in Jesus himself Luke Chapter twenty two verse forty two father if you be willing remove this cup from me nevertheless not my will but yours be done and this is a very important aspect when it comes to the prayer of faith for those who are sick people need to understand those that are praying and those that are being prayed for that God is a God of love and that what ever is best. Is what we should be praying for not trying to push our own agenda from a human perspective but allowing God to do his mighty work and that it can bring a lot of relief to people when they can understand that a god of love is really in control of the situation that in even if we have the best care the best medical advances whatever it might be just knowing that you're in the hands of a loving God is so powerful for healing step number four is trust trust so very important we all desire immediate and direct answers to our prayers isn't that right for sure in the environment and world we live in everything's immediate and it's no different than when it comes to spiritual things and are tempted to become discouraged when the answer is delayed or comes in an unlooked for form but God is too wise and good to answer our prayers always and just the time and just the manner that we desire so trusting God trusting that he will answer at exactly the right time and exactly the right way very very important very very powerful for us and then step number five when we're looking at the prayer of faith is use the available remedies I like this one as well it's very very important page two hundred thirty two of the same book ministry of healing those who seek healing by prayer should not neglect to make use of the remedial agencies within their reach it is not at the Nile of faith to use such remedies as God has provided to alleviate pain and to aid nature in her work of restoration powerful thought and people need to understand this because sometimes you know it seems like there's a war for that's going on is it science or is it religion and spirituality to. They go together yes they do true religion and true science go together perfectly and that's the world that we live in today people are looking for that beautiful blend of those two things you know and Loma Linda is in a prime place to exemplify both of these things because many people around this area and around the world know Loma Linda as a place of excellence excellence in regard to medical care excellence in regard to education and the advances there should also be known as the place to exemplify spiritual care and praying for the sick it should be a place that people say Wow it's amazing how much prayer happens for the sick because when the two things are combined together great things can happen and I encourage you Chapter seventeen and ministry of healing talks about those agencies the remedial agencies and courage everyone to take a look at that you know as we ponder the power of prayer and we think of what it can do in someone's life I would like for us to enter into that just a little deeper Roger Morr know had seven hundred people on his prayer list I don't know how many you have on yours but I think we could all do better there's a power of intercessory prayer Jesus specifically prayed for others by name and I think it would we would see amazing things happen the more that we follow the example of Jesus he was the greatest healer that the world has ever known there was no disease that was incurable to him Matthew Chapter four describes Jesus' ministry it talks about him going throughout the towns and the villages talks of a. Him teaching in the synagogue preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing all manner of disease and it shows us very clearly that there was no disease that Jesus could not handle. No disease you know I don't believe in incurable cases incurable diseases in. Or in operable conditions. God is the great physician can do whatever he desires he can do amazing things through the prayer of faith it can bring healing like nothing else can so again these five steps like to just put them up there again education confession humility trust and using the available remedies. There any questions that you have or comments in regard to this today I hope you have been encouraged to I hope you've been challenged and we're going to spend some time in prayer I think that at a prayer seminar if we did not pray it would be a disservice to the seminar itself but any comments or questions yes I can pass on a few. And this is. Just. Yes. You. Can still. That's a very good question you know there are a lot of people who literally have never prayed have never uttered a verbal. Prayer in their life and so helping people to do that I think is a very positive thing but if someone is really saying you know please I don't feel comfortable or whatever and they're willing to receive prayer you know that's one thing that I always I always encourage you know would you like me to pray with you and I'm so surprised at how many people say sure and I think that sometimes we're a little bit nervous to even ask the question but as we've seen people are open to it so praying with people encouraging them to do so is very important and if they don't feel comfortable but they want you to pray go for it but thank you very much for for sharing for sure and next week we're going to talk a little bit more about the nuts and bolts is what I understand and you know how can you go about interacting with people in this regard so next week will be really good and the other comments. Yours so. Worry. That's of a very tricky question very challenging one right because we want to foster faith and encourage young children but I think the key is to go through those five steps and the children can understand as well that if we understand that God is a God of love that's the key point do we understand that God is the God of love if we understand that then it's much easier to encourage children to have the same faith that we. We would experience whether someone is healed or whether they're laid to rest it is really for the best because God is a God of love and he can see the end from the beginning so I would never discourage a child from praying I would always encourage them to pray but to pray as we are encouraged to in God's name and if it is His will take him to the prayer of Jesus you know Jesus was willing to do either one and I think it will be a blessing did you have another question as well you said you had a couple. Yes. Yes. Sure sure the quote that I took it from was you know that many prayer that is prayer that is the label prayer is not really the prayer of faith but presumption and then these five steps are actually to show what the prayer of faith is so presumption would be the opposite of those things not including those things I saw another hand yes. OK so for the sake of the recording Let me repeat that one and that was simply saying that in the case of smoking cessation among pregnant women one of the most successful things in this particular case was prayer and the power of prayer Yeah prayer is you know I've done a lot of smoking cessation programs myself and I worked at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center as well and I saw the power of prayer work as really. Nothing else can I mean you can't explain it it's just amazing it's divine Yeah OK anything else before we have our own session of prayer and our time is limited thank you for taking your lunch break to be here we're sure anyone else OK Well again thank you for being here and we had some prayer request cards I don't know if any of you took them but if you did not please do so fill those out and I'd like to invite you to come down this way and we'll just pray together OK Just come on down this way those who would like to join us and we are going to have an opportunity for prayer it's not enough just to talk about it and as we're praying I'd like for you to be thinking of who you may want to bring to the Lord in prayer because as we pray for others this intercessory prayer can be so very powerful so just feel free to gather around I'm going to pray and then I'm going to give a little pause a little silence half way during the prayer to give you an opportunity to pray specifically for others intercessory prayer think of those in your own circle of influence who are those who are critically ill those who are in need of help and let's pray for them together but let's be our heads and pray. Heavenly father we are so thankful that we can come together in freedom. And we can have a meeting like this I really want to thank you for the opportunity to come to you in prayer help us to truly do so in faith knowing that you are good and that you love us so very much that you love every person on this planet again we are. Thankful that you have an ear that is open to hear our prayers Father forgive us where we have neglected this wonderful blessing this wonderful tool that we can reach others we have seen that the world around us is filled with people who are open for prayer and that actually would like to have it discussed in a an environment of health and healing and so I pray that you will give each one a opportunity and desire to reach out and help others in this way that truly we can work to make Man whole that it is ballast care taking in regard every aspect of life at this time Father we want to just spend some quiet moments praying for those that we know who need prayer praying for selves and for others. Heavenly Father thank you so much for being a prayer hearing and prayer answering God please help us to understand that you are a God of love and that somehow all things can work together for good for those who love you help us to instill faith in others we know that many people when they are sick when they are coming through the hospital and two different. Places here on the Loma Linda campus that they are seeking for help and many of them who might have never come to you before are at this point. Help each doctor each nurse each person at whatever level that they are working here to make this place a Beth. Where people can know that there is a God in heaven. Or God in heaven who loves them and what is best and only does those things that will be for their best interest not just for the short term but for eternity. I pray for each one who is around the circle as we all go back to our different responsibilities this afternoon I pray that you will help us to pray the prayer of faith that we can always. Do those things that please you because you are good. But love in our hearts we pray for we know that without you we can do nothing with you all things are possible again we thank you and love you. In. This media was brought to you by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. If you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit. Or.


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