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The Upside of the Downside

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)




  • August 7, 2009
    10:45 AM
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following that we were thanks today that we can time we can spend a few moments and we has to your spirit would be with us in this time and that you would speak to us individually and we thank you we Christ name comment on the talk today about the economy but it is negative however regardless I don't own a TV but don't talk about the Academy of Idaho that many of you are business people probably know a lot more about any business section I'll talk about that I do and I'm glad to hear and feel free to correct me afterwards and so we can all grow but I'm also can be low-tech today as I I wanted to have the lights on some of our flow they recently moved whole New York Times and CBS actually July twenty fourth to twenty eight so reasonable and in that poll to discover that Americans are concerned about two things I checked out this morning by talking to people not from a aside another bad as unlike the UPS store and other places than downtown here and I find that the polls correct what is the largest concern of Americans today what is the response what the economy of Moses Idol and healthcare exactly right and as I heard that I recognize that these were Jesus 's largest concert as well in the Gospels he wrote more about finance if you do this better than almost anything else more than have around so he recognize that people number one concern would be the economy and finances secondly it is more nearly him brings a solid sense is all of Jesus is right up today and it seems like they can have something to say to us tonight and and his work does as well now I want to talk about anyone unless you know how clueless I wore when I sent hotel you want to talk today about you know the downside why are people concerned about the economy one example of how to did happen you may know more about than I do and it may be just a review for you and then the upside other positive things to come out of the situation opportunities and not being a rope up on everything economy wise when they asked me to do this I I took courage because really what I'm getting is a part of the sermon is an expanded sermon that I gave at on on your verse that advances out the Sabbath school class a little and the and I gave this this talk about to give you on the embellish a little more today and thought it was amazing to talk and I study analysis and school talking about the economy but I quoted the economist and the time in this economist then listened to my message somehow got ahold of notice of the endless economist from from Texas Lebanon and Denison Texas but he definitely want and and he listened to it and I drive from the New York Times called him dismantle the New York Times called him his name was Paul the level is in charge of the religion sex and the New York Times and he talked about manner messages and listen to this guy 's presentation on how he overthrew the body versus reward by adverse .org is a so this is a list of earlier times dealt on a verse and he listens to my message and a list of the five more my sermons and enables us to about December the ninety first of a called out from the New York Times it's like this number that was like it was like slashes across my although not as clear focus was no number was like dude dude dude dude is is is is all the levels in our times associate me and Paul eleven I listened to your sermon on audio verse I said you listen to my sermon out over and I hear from the New York Times like this at times over the magazine of any of the newspaper to go thousands of and I said well it's amazing as actually I was very as to what to say any interview being a time that we decouple me back and that led to an article it was that came out in the end of two thousand and eight in the New York Times I do not come out but some people don't call me up and we saw here quoted in the New York Times is a new gaming the power of the madman is messaging the New York Times so I think I got here I think Don McNeill 's assembly was reading the New York Times does you know it wasn't American ordinarily but I guess we does the New York Times as amusing as you knew the Zionists of service here is not because of any ability is because of audio verse on the New York Times so and I was stressed out done in the lifestyles will also also room colitis is something going on I I realized that I really didn't know so much I bought this book by someone from Harvard no and the couple generations as we have in graduate my family from Harvard 's glasses my great uncle and he didn't do so well so I bought this book will be a sense of money by Harvard professor Neil Ferguson who never read this book all one hundred and will thank you come forward and so that was as this book by Neil Ferguson I said this is fascinating is that the money and it starts in Babylon and eight this is wanting an assassin 's bullet one so I'm going to the statement is submitted by then he'll set visible snippets you a snippet is is nominated is a snippet from the book it says that one out of every thirteen dollars that is paid out Doctor Douglas two people dead in America this paper someone was working in the financial services it appears that more people when they graduate but when they go to college they say we want to go into business because that's where you make the money now and so one out of thirteen dollars and there is an increase of people going into business degrees I am thankful for people in business and and and I'm thankful for that and these people do not deftly frontline individuals now when the class and business class of two thousand and seven graduate two thousand and seven Neil Manitowoc Grundy and I have I believe the health message to sell two thousand and seven they graduated it seemed as if not thinking of global finance this is Neil Ferguson speaking not terrorist attacks in New York or London is not a raging war in the Middle East in five years that is five years prior to two thousand and seven all but two of the world equity markets delivered double-digit returns on an annualized basis the method with enemies but that's what he said so in other words people were making money every year and they met that didn't matter what they put their money into real estate commodities works of art vintage wine exotic asset that securities investors make money it seemed like everything was starting to go in this this led to some greed Jeremy great bunch of things that appear and this is what they started to write about these these folks together throw caution to the wind and the people in the business world both of the death of volatility in other words because there's a large banks and because we can just manipulate everything and does not know to be in a volatility anymore bad settlement of the accident of the seminar the anti- volatility seminars and I would like all talked about no more volatility under the can anyone be like really you know into this evolution about the evolution of financial excellence that the yet so this author Neil Ferguson and no lightweight and only words of Harvard this is a job on a militant of the night but it was in this conference in the Bahamas with a always investors you looking on their website about how they can make more money and he stands up and he says I don't know how long this liquidity can go on I don't know how long this can last and he shared his doubt at this investor conference at the most senior investor maybe it was brother made off total was buddy got up at back conference and he said we don't need any more guest speakers like this another words he went right to the organizer not organized to be like going to the organizer segment on the new more than Don McIntosh would only does one write up is that no more no more that we don't need that because we want to hear more good news organisms here over the Roman proverb money is like seawater the more you drink but there is zero you get an affair that people just wanted to make more and more money so what can happen two thousand and as you holding from Ferguson this is a non- economist making sure that you can just blame Harvard not me financial uncertainty gripped the global economy is another world mounting defaults on subprime mortgages and a single signal that the bubble in the US economy the housing bubble was bursting during the sharpest fall in house prices since the nineteen thirties Sacramento or Ireland this is manual for their people to begin with an intense downtown in the city unless there probably were almost as all the people from Al Jazeera at all these networks that are anti- capitalism became an film them and they were showing around the world let capitalism has fallen because they know the biggest housing boom was right where I live in Lincoln California the overbilling of homes the most pronounced there are wonderful and I no different as I have no clue you know in your name and so I want when I went out there from Kansas I wonder this house and had to rent a house in llamas and what the rent was two thousand dollars a month plus utilities two thousand eleven I'm enough I don't know much about who doesn't like a lot of money to me as I told my wife is in the Lord let us out here that the killers in the wilderness were to die in the Pentagon and intervene would be that but as a consumer ally but I went to the bank this is the whole point of stories was the bank and I said look I'm from Kansas listed below you will love you some money a minister on regional ministers are very well overloaded and brother with spiritual wealth rights of renewal have I none such as I have my directly was that the banker to know that as you set through the bank uses me I'll love you for a thousand dollars I sent my wife one of the scenarios to him but I'm going to be the second one is denoted and allowed by me because it will come to look in his is always what I put down the none I just took over the subprime the cold mortgages right Wolf old resembled a slow but ultimately this is nailed for his immune devisees he reacted all kinds of asset makes it bad back securities level evaluating institutions would have been set up by banks to hold securities up their balance sheet found themselves in difficulties as banks took over the securities the race is between their capital and asset sports towards the regulatory minimum central bank from the United States and Europe sought to alleviate the pressure on the banks with an interest rate cuts didn't work having suffered enormous losses many well-known American and European banks have turned to battle in the western suburb of Asian and Middle Eastern sovereign wealth fund for equity injections in order to build up their capital losses and I may have found out that the name and work while you might say worked somewhat and so things were not looking good I could talk about health care to a nest but I won't collect gold jewelry stores are running America how many government programs since this meltdown has the government originated to help from Hollywood and it may guess how many programs of it but I'm in a suddenly cast for clunkers which am about that one out one other programs and programs says that the current government has about fifty different programs to fight the current recession I think that's noble amid another question as always programs maximized all the funds that were promised to those programs the American public and business how much money would inveigle up to this was a report was known as the total potential federal government support could reach twenty three seven trillion dollars on anything that's very big number I'm a trillion is like the new dollar here in America but to get an idea of this representative Darrell is a Republican from California not that we would know that anyone from California knows anything about in the league and the economy given what's happening there but Darrell had this to say is that this can't use than a million dollars a day if you spent a million dollars a day and going back landed until the time of those your name if you go back to the time of Christ that we that wouldn't even cope come close to one trillion dollars so a million dollars a day from the time of Christ so now what do you make a one trillion hour talking twenty three seven trillion as we got a little and unexcelled on place is not going to come along so what was the impact and regular people trillions of dollars eight trillion they estimate of investor wealth evaporated on retirement accounts done jobs gone recession next thing inflation is no wonder the American psychological Association says eighty percent of Americans are stressed and him and I was talking to the guy downstairs in the APS move on here I get this printed out nicely that ignites underneath banners as he was prayer Isa don't give a talk and request what you think the most pressing problem isn't not that I I don't know yourselves not the the matter as long as they can probably list will think of heaven but that's the most pressing problem you would say in the world today goes the economy civilized because I'm working here yeah that is and I lost my job we went into it everything else we pray that I pray for him when of the presstime together right but he was stressed he says I don't know what to do right American psychological savings and laments the American Medical Association says that major clinical depression and anxiety are skyrocketing more and more and more depressed marriages are currently has people play the blame game wanted to invest in that what we buy this one is that I know you can control the finances of course charitable giving some people say with the window down and it hasn't many sectors Luke twenty one twenty five though besides in the sun and the moon and the stars and earth distress of nations with perplexity and you probably are that work perplexity is ample rail which means no way out people say what there's no way out I'll be getting it out of this on anyone here are nervous at all about the economy anyone here only about three of you is amazing so that's the bad news delegates and business owner like some good news here are some good news is good news good news in ARF health finances and say there's some good news health Chris Perrault the universe North Carolina Greensboro research in the case all of this that during recessions people have more family got down everlasting salute him now more time with cats what does lasting as severe as the only does he generally didn't drive right in front of your parents mental health and you can afford it mental health issues seem to increase anxiety Presley said but a little help from friends before you start praying that employment goes back up remember that every one percent increase in employment leads to an increase in deaths from heart disease of seven five percent as I can get a job you might die sooner on the same study as a solicitor with liver disease deaths injuries one labor markets strengthen out even trying the wrong thing it seems as a healthier diet there's fewer eating disorders obesity diminishes because people are eating out less in fact is that a fifty seven percent drop in eating out heavy drinking and smoking diminish it's too expensive factory production goes down which means there's less pollution which means it's easier to breathe the air copyright is reveling in his blessing so far as there is less travel because people can make their car payments so they're walking on at your accidents and when they are accidents that owners and more people while thereby improving health so one analyst said this people may be miserable but at least it's getting better leases over him and his is a merit this is the best I realize there's more good news in the area of finances all the things that went on the latest year sixty nine days ago now sixty nine this year but you look like you have more of those spankings it would offer credit cards but elaborately more which leads nineteen percent less offers for credit cards in the mail was alleluia for that is and people are turning to God during this time Church of England is seen an increase in hits a little of it is seventy one percent increase on its debt advice page March edition of USA Today March thirty so that people are crying for help spiritual and financial pleas are coming into US churches flooding into the churches from tiny congregation is a mega- churches and processing was the semen to the Jews and passes report that they are distributing benevolent funds in record numbers and ministries available interval on the rise summary menu zero personal fund to help nearly two entry draft of sixty two percent report that more people from outside their church are asking for help and so now you don't have to go knocking back on knocking only thing that has some good news and why throughout my parents I look forward to hallowing this one of the time the people does come knocking on your door I would have visual primary chapters we have tracks in different things and we witness to then we turn the lights on and say there's a great controversy between good and evil as we can tell by what you're wearing it it is so a lot is that news is good news and finances there's good news and the health it is good news is in faith because people are saying that this is a very spiritual issue appalled when this first of the happenings now with the encyclical will get to limit is set in the fall of great banks money disappears it is not think of the word of God is the basis of everything is a true reality before you start giving him he has recently visited hundred forty four page document that says hello money is nothing I like to be in charge of it is in was a solitary by the way in the privacy of Ramadan seventeen ninety eight before that time they had not charged to his original another was interest but at the time that that was pretty good and they took the ninety thousand pockets that were given by Mussolini and they reinvested and that was the time they got into financing and they begin to manipulate the Italian stock market and everything else and they can change public at politically all the people that were in power in Italy at that time and now they've expanded that some people would suggest globally global manipulation so you treasure is there your heart will be all also and I believe in the last year and a half two years people 's hearts been revealed the Bible says some trust in chariots on twenty verse seven through nine some trust in horses but we will remember the name of Lord our God have brought down fall but we arisen to stand up right save Lord let the king answer us when we call so I think that a businessman in the leaders and economy and and and and politics and Bender nineteen all the selection committee will fix everything is revealing one eighty three there are not many even among educators and statesmen who cover in the causes underlie the present state of society those who hold the reins of government unable to solve the problem of property proper as well increasing call crime struggling in vain to place business operations in a more certain secure base strongly in what I can say the same all dollars dividend nineteen page one thirteen nine testimony to the says that they are struggling bank the place of business operations in a more secure basis but that she continues to map with this nineteen thirteen as a man would give more aid to the teaching of God 's word they would find a solution for the problems that perplexed and then I think that's very good news and could be could be but now is the best time to look to God 's word could be and now the best time to be able to take mentally alert in the seminar and Sarah was something that they ever I went out on the streets of Phoenix eleven people is going to all of the talk about the economy could you can't vibrate with somebody that is a non- Adventist Christian and and I was able to pray together about their problems could you I think is the best time to share Amish are you sure that what is the curriculum of the heart the tour the pinecone the pineal gland of this presentation does not oppose that it is this interesting pattern that you say between downturns and turned in history and I wanted to start out like a personal testimony from my hall family history as well I'm a look at these downturns and what came out of them a look at several things in history number one example let me go with you to fourteen ninety four fourteen ninety four example number one forty ninety four the Medici bank crashed in Italy it was a result of speculation and green finally the banking system but in collusion with the church it crashed people were so upset they call for a revolution and they called right what was called the bonfire of vanities all the glitz and the erotica and pornography of the day was burned with emphasis on a good so far protests and calls for revolution and Rubbermaid him was a young man whose name was harassing this beer this guy was vitamin E Erasmus he wrote a manual for Christian gentleman fifteen oh three and a set in this manual we need to follow the true teachings of Christ not tradition because as that working with the younger lesson dosage awry when even we don't even know if the church has given us the whole Bible we don't trust their tradition I think this is a good thing come out of this downside and so they set waiting to get back to the original languages and the New Testament in Greek was released by Rasmussen fifteen sixteen was another young monk could then set up as well by traveling to Italy and Tyrol basin we need to get back to the basics and he took that New Testament document that arrest was in great get released and in fifteen twenty two he translated the term and then there was another young man whose name was William Tyndale go in fifteen twenty six translated into English and alike in the sofar and then Michael Angelo has been cultivated for everything and also made his jabs against the executive and the artwork if you know much about it and then in the Sistine Chapel on an article for the economic downturn that can't and led to the Reformation came out and let's fast-forward example number two thank you the bad dance movements relevant back in the spring of eighteen thirty seven Great Depression oh by the way there's been many economic downturns in America I could click them off eighteen thirties eighty thirty five eighteen ninety three nineteen oh six all based on various bubbles on its own as well but this one has expressly and at the Great Depression and the northeastern United States all banks in New York City Philadelphia Baltimore Boston suspended cash payments of eight hundred and fifty banks in the United States one half of the enclosed Ralph Waldo you're like Emerson 's address I see a good and something bad in universal calamity of the time spring exams in a negative that they dissatisfied me with society the present generation is as bankrupt principles of home and property as it is a property and money I see that a man is not what a man should be in the service of his Valley they were of all the limits on the near under common burdens we say that there's much virtue in the world and what evil cultists is inevitable he continues on the release is under common burdens this is the evil coexist while I not around this is not a common word used to say I have sent them in the gall of bitterness in the bond of iniquity but when these momentous another was when were no longer an uncommon burdens that it stands en masse they all boast the world and I think society has played out last day it is checkmated so Ralph Waldo Emerson said look we've been focusing on the wrong things so when was it that the depression started as you have the data you're not eighteen thirty seven eighteen thirty seven and employment went along with it of course rampant whatever that goes with that inner recesses of employment and that was that fulminated and it just grew Sandra Denzil Jocelyn what do you see forty three global examples all those people that were out of work that they went through the cheapest thing in silence listening to a printer and a list of phrases I only listen to William Miller there was more time yeah well you know her time instead of being drunk and because of this world drunken with the spirit amen I say there was an economic depression that set the stage looking at hand will was there an upside to that downside fast-forward made in Germany patient with me Dennis is nothing to take anything on you have you noticed that Van number ninety got his PhD in studying the depression and he seems to be quite impressive even now by me but he studied that because he wanted to be a student of history so that he can help us for people like Bembenek until people think about how to help right thumb with another supplemental notice of a business person but she's starting to depress and I thought if you are studying that maybe adequate disbelievers to go back and study what happened in the administered during the time of the depression we think manually think it's a good idea so I went back into the dusty tomes of my grandfather 's library which bequeathed to me and I looked at all the historical records I could find then I found out by a handbook that went to the same history by one of our Adventist historians and this is what Scott would like to hear it my master here the great crash of nineteen twenty nine this is all from the book of evidence is really a great rest of nineteen twenty nine has signaled a monstrous changing economic climate by nineteen thirty three and result in unemployment for twelve to fifteen million Americans more than five thousand banks closed businesses were going under at the rate of more than thirty thousand years and national income was reduced by two thirds by nineteen thirty two the Adventist denomination was forced to reduce the ministerial workhorse and cut the salaries of those who remained by twenty percent this is exactly what some conferences are saying now there say if this keeps going down to have to reduce the minister work the force and they've already voted no more cost-of-living increase right at the enormity of the press became clear I continued this book will administer North American around the world suddenly found attendance sorry their evangelistic management is alleluia less ministers more people coming to a communist something like it was ANSI in nineteen thirty one more than ten thousand of Congress were baptizing the Seventh-day Adventist church some of us were alive at the time more than ten thousand six hundred newcomers in nineteen thirty one alone the administers in America had a remarkable increase of forty percent over the number baptized in nineteen thirty with apostasy simultaneously decreasing this unusual upsurge of baptism bridges in that game in the present six percent in fall between below one percent increase which is what we can linger around right moreover this new root growth was well sustained for the next four years how many think that the downside of that downside there was an upside stage Watson president digital compass and this is when times generally were at their peak of prosperity money was flowing liberally and dry treasury and the this increase in the present was only twelve hundred people a year the returns of the first two thousand nineteen thirty two with the president of flowing at you and with our funds heavily shrunken so strong that we were obliged to cut budgets and salaries of workers doing three times within a twelve month period my returns and sold one mounted up with a net gain of six thousand four hundred ninety eight sold everything and also the world more little money in January nineteen thirty two a simultaneous campaigns in the Ontario conference attracted total of three thousand four hundred purpose persons on opening night and hundreds had to be turned away more than half of the net game of the members of the North American division was made possible is that is today anyway it was after his national muscles more than half of the net gain in the membership of the North American division at that time was made possible by the humble soul winning efforts on church membership while at man's degrees don't ever dated by the labeling themselves were solely involved in many activities including ASI for Jesus not discounting your size I be annually conducting a public meetings involved in some cases the open-air small-group meetings in private homes and brought and Bible readings for a total longer oblate life evangelistic meetings and events in nineteen thirty one three hundred and seventy four thousand eight hundred and eighty nine separate service I would think that sounds like a good goal and a bad those were inspired anew in the early years of the breast with convincing that the early affairs were near a determination in preparation for the second coming and conferences were errors by the laity to set aside ten to thirty percent of their annual gross increase in five receipt support of public cancel is not called the North American division and I assume was the most successful form of evangelism the other center public evangelism still the best hotel youngsters is unaware the try something alone want to try would Jesus did Matthew four twenty three human preaching teaching healing the sewers and went right to work and people born July to the end the movement doesn't know what the newspaper said in that time this is nineteen thirty two the American Mercury subtlety gets available today and holding Pulitzer for GRE Arvidson but anyway the American witnesses at this step this is these oppressed right about the app is the Seventh-day Adventist brother on the law divides the country has something to say officially about the process and what they have to say is singularly clear and simple they laugh at the current diagnoses and reject reject inter care as a way and then the simple message is not the president needs to be blamed this on Hoover it's simply the fact that the world is coming to an end really don't have the summer seventeen nineteen thirty one one leading Protestant Journal admitted that the Seventh-day Adventist existence and success were due to a year on the part about her Protestant churches to proclaim all whole counsel of God is a memo that will be part of a moment that I can proclaim the whole counsel of God on celluloid human interest or you like humanism stories and arguments are you interested in this my grandfather my great-grandfather was a verse of vandalism are available one happen without he can the present work he came from from the Scotland and Ireland during the potato famine of the eighteen forties and fifties became of the United States they began working on the New York Stock Exchange when it actually say stop livestock will fan he worked there but he lost his job it was a grassy lot he goes to Colorado to start the silver mine he has twelve people working for him he loses everything as the price of silver plummets and he walks downtown Boulder companies walking downtown in Boulder Colorado and is a man that has the Bible Zephaniah video present these as they'll come a time when your silver and your goal are worth nothing he was drinking on the street corner he was a sound and honest man and my grandpa is is is is very interested it will come to my all-in-one studies the more I study within the whole week and he finally put them up with anyone it's something he went to church on Saturday instead of studying my grandpa said was wrong with you any flagellin is what you come with me to this candy is a great-grandmother went to they can make anyone look at any herd the masses of the ancestors he said this is the correct message this is what I wanted to the rest of my life he was baptized and became a Seventh-day Adventist evangelists would happen without economic downturn untitled at downturn a man will enter no human interest for a three okay that was back in the eighteen seventies eighties and nineties right then his son my grandfather Donald I'm named after him Donald J became a Seventh-day Adventist medicine but all his brothers my great uncles many of them decided to go after the wealth of this world one with a hard one with the contact they make all kinds of great educational event Paul visiting with that grandmother decided this on the MS evangelist and during the present of nineteen thirty Jimmy lost his job he was working in Ohio annual budget cuts twenty percent reduction it was one of them slice goodbye not yet as I said what am I going to be my family 's way when I started to sell something what was backing hundreds of something and he was walking along the street he goes what am I doing this is ridiculous I luckily sell books so I began to sell at those books and pretty soon he was talking to people about the economy and pretty silly raise up to congregations and then enough time to hiring back again to say that my other grandfather Gordon Billings and Donald McIntosh my grandpa Lizette Gordon Miles Thomas applesauce and Macintosh apples a smashing success anyway they at the same time grandfather who wield these were not together this is the next iteration but jury was anywhere Ted West Virginia where in West Virginia steel capital had this wonderful steel mill there that's I guess because you know wonderful but it don't miss a lot of pollution by those jobs great job he had seven kids one of both of my mother interestingly and logically and reasonably enough and he will and his friends they're all talking about the Connelly this was a student at community college and is meeting with me there's this guy is getting a series of lectures me about going Arizona he finally documents of ninety dollars they had a series of boxes and into the series of lectures this man is as charming as a public debate with Susan as Matt is talking about the economic principles on this happen is if the Bible says six days shalt thou labor and wall byword for the seven days the San is this is what got us promising here if you were sitting on the Sabbath day he'll give you work for six days and under that name since they even check your side of the problems with digital rest on that day can give you work among Rabbi Laurie had a job so what happens if I have a job and was sit down together to read or see the market-based up-to-the-minute medicine told explained to me goes I do not want to receive the mark of the adults only all the depressive and exhaustive like my grandmother he says look honey we have a choice we can have the one remaining job here in our family forward to receive the mark of the beast potentially what should we do they both cried about it so we don't receive the Mark of the beast and so he quit his job that works in sales because of the message the Bible is the way did that everyone thought she had lost what was remaining of his great manner is walking home one day and the Slate killed by the car picks him up this is part and I heard that you quit your job why she said I do not want to receive the mark of the beast in him slated to the lady goes up and that's why worshiping on the Sabbath was an illicit urine shoe I used it very well financially and abetting said that was a set position zero two I'll take care of those accumulated so this usually begin to send him all kinds of people to fix their cars and stuff later on she said you need to store start an auto mechanic shop yourself fully start the auto mechanic shop and then he decided to put a picture of the ten Commandments on the front of the shop how were we don't get your car fixed if it is to do at all he shops inability regularly now this was a assigned member in the marketplace is what happens is that working all day were still coming on time and guess who had to work with him all of his sons and guess what he had to do it look like Kennerly witnessed the less I memorize God 's word because that's when I can witness and I'll give a discount to people in the depressive extra carpet was my Bible study so I memorized the Bible studies in English Bible there will be listened at forty fifty people came into the church and all of the family was working out he wasn't perfect but anything that was better than working it were sealed in and in the middle of an economic downturn there was an upturn in my family that they let his son Sonny my uncle to when he was working on a barge in West Virginia and he was a good worker but he started this year was not the Sabbath and he got fired when he got fired this was the next generation this was in the news having his seventies or eighties I think it was he was assigned the court attorney who was a Buddhist in this boot is was was until Mister became so convicted to study the Sabbath that he said he went to the highest level Supreme Court West Virginia answered the Sabbath drew warily learned that from his father who had followed God 's word I would think there are upturns and downturns shall so thank you for sitting what do you think if these downturns led to terms in the Reformation if those downturns lead authors at the beginning of the movement if those downturns that led to a revival among Laodicea an activist in the type of depression that summary every something today for us and I think there's something that will in the New York Times thinks out and scare RK somewhat bizarre printers certainly not audio births and points it in the New York Times anything you want to listen to a message today and sitting next to a hedge fund manager on the plane is on the way to the Ukraine when New York possibly think the biggest problems in the world today and how to fix them he says he told me his story is a hedge fund is as I will not affix them unless primaries unless everything frankly looking for a new way look at life and he was very interested in the advent methods to see this research by David Beckwith the limits and then this'll certainly got me into this problem called writer recess in the business cycle and Protestant religiosity United States and they studied recessive cycles between nineteen sixty two thousand four and they recognize this and I quote the rate of growth in evangelical churches jumped by fifty percent by comparison mainline Protestant churches and others declined and inhalation uses the desert as a group to really study for church records the most impeccable church records were kept by the Seventh-day Adventist church what they discover than this in this little treatise was that Seventh-day Adventist have an increase in membership because people say they believe something is something unable even to add a Census thing is postmodern Adventism the emerging church is the settlers in church this is the featured entertainment at him as a cleansing of the Safeway message amen so wanted to say to you I believe that now is the best time since my grandfather stays to be certainly clear about what the evidence messages I believe that now is the best time to offer based on Academy type education the best time to be involved in agriculture work and so we are all connected and we are out there training those kids are doing the best and that's what it says in testimony find sex and I believe that more than the Wall Street Journal amen I believe it's the best time for evangelism and I think it's a good time for people to get a new start payment and I think it's the best time to start I then asked these principles at the school of business you know what it says at the end of time you could be encouraged to attend our school which should become more and more like the school of the Prophets and that's not spell PR oh FIPS I would visit Ouachita Hills then I'm somewhat partial to win more disappointed but I believe visibly out of it we need more schools like that because this as more and more digital of the first formally designated field school the Vandals was not arise it was not missing college it was not after all it was not AFLAC it was at JAG Daniels during the time of the depression under the auspices of the lights counsel under this revival that came in his life he started the first formally design these fields schools of vandalism they were seventeen weeks away and are doing the same things that sold West life mission college arrived at the book on this very enduring is very down gallery I can at least people from four or five countries come to me and say we need to start school like the amazing fact cause available in our country when it is still the problem was a member that just shows us that young people are responding to the message and the people are responding to the message so I think is the best time talking Fokker will offer work -based Christian education that evangelistic in nature I think it's the best time for healthcare reform done the right way to view are very optimistic about Iraq's plan to redo the health challenges was the right thing and everything that this is really a work just for those of you who are political officer I see no hands going up I don't know what means they could be dead but you know it but I think if you look at the fact that Truman and Saddam Truman there is invited to buy different administrators to fix healthcare ad hominem is exceeded so what I'm thinking is rather than Barack will believe Barack Lee is training for the care can I say they are in a minute I thought I believe I believe that there are companies that are nothing for this if there is a single corporation that would approach the coronary health improvement project the gentleman said we want unity just how to do this in our company there is the Kaiser Corporation that is talking about that now there are people that are looking at some of the eldest and because of the faithfulness and administer the generation before the same help us with healthcare and I believe that the entire work in the health ministry is nevertheless true while you don't would you read one volume just one volume testimonies volume six ten covers the need to start educational institutions and it covers the fact that health reform will be the closing work chocolate is the best time to reassess and read and vessel by the way we does read something on healthcare United slowdown in brother John we've got to keep on the move in I will go slower for you but only for you no one else in the final set Psalm one hundred and seven verse twenty he sent his word and healed them I think what we need in healing work is a revival of the Genesis one twenty nine message the revival of the Exodus fifteen twenty six message a revival of a message of health testimony time such as this to say actually medical missionary page fifty five sorry but medical Mister page fifty five John here to the great crisis is just before about the time just before the great prices now is the time for us to sound the warning message by the agencies that God has given never are we to lose sight of the great object for which are sanitary and there established the advancement of God 's wisdom of this closing work honor I wouldn't have sent terms within the time and they're going to be front-line they are going to be a part of the closing work I think we should get behind that is will the schools of health offense is good enough chip programs the press recovery programs all these different things and you know what I am so thankful to be a Seventh-day Adventist church has an answer to the problems that are those people are basing clinical depression we have an answer to that is another one vandalism schools I think is the best time to be involved with the limits and I work at one is the best time to go door-to-door in the last message the latest CSS behold I stand at the mailbox now I stand at the door and not I think that's true testimonies volume nice is people going from door to door light streaming and drop neighborhoods these are people won't listen to me at the door I certainly wanted to know go by they get a study relating how isn't what asserts you suppose has the most people triangle door-to-door in all Europe on this at Jehovah's Witnesses guess what they discovered in a recent study that was recently released I guess within the kingdom calls the Windows but someone looked in and saw the study they did a study and guess what they discovered these are jobless I'm thinking to learn something from documents even if it's the wrong thing you can learn something right this is what they discovered that there seemed to be less people opening doors during the last ten years but now the last eighteen months the doors are beginning to open up and they discovered in their study visit with discovered that people are out of work and so that means there home and we knock on the door there answering the door we found that to be true the amazing facts college of events that they would finally join as I was instantly those agencies all that you brought the camp tailback other adult land that was driving the other day his contact didn't come to the meeting was at the summit of your chosen sister it is because of this intersection is contacted to the report tonight on here maybe it goes to this intersection and there's these two kids sitting in their car to go while the people them remind me of my last density goes in for you tonight this is not a ghost following tokens of the evangelistic meeting and you can go kart car so let me just we just break down your frank and bring it to close I don't know what time it is what time is in the fifteen minutes it would take questions is the best time I believe to read assess and reinvest everything that's true I would suggest this time don't invest in the things that maybe you were investing in that you lots of the last eighteen months I've been across the country and talk to people I will most probably discouraging time ago on a fund-raising trip talking about Christian education and I've been called the people to Senegal I've lost so much and I wish I would've given this to you ten months ago because this is God 's work I'm really Riverhead listen to the investment of Christ he says the view Elias you are not with a price about Christ he says it needs a beer bottle the price he invested in each of your investment I think over his investment but you're not back with any pricing Saint hereby not the silver not withhold but with Christ's blood is clear effect of that investment in pseudowords as all men have been bought with his independent price infinite price by pulling the whole treasure of heaven into this world by giving us in Christ all have been what was given to purchase you all have been how many ever thought of it and with this purchase price this is what she says God has purchased the will be like that last song in a Christian site vote will the students links the mind this is what he purchased of years the soul of every human being I think is his portfolio is fast cheap by and thereafter he bought in Germany it says databases for a king gave them mentally by issue and I think it was just a man how is alligator that I was ready on the play down here and I didn't put in my notes already too much and I was reading this councils on stewardship of the root this was in the lists this is something else in the section the danger of prosperity how we think that the Lords and encounter dangerous and she says this this is page one fifty very few realize the strength of their love for money until the test is brought to bear on them many who profess to be Christ always been so there unprepared to have been their works testify that they love wealth more than their neighbor or their God like the rich young ruler they are the way of life but when it's pointed out in the cost estimated they see the sacrifice of earthly riches is demanded in the decided heaven costs too much now listen to this as well and really bring out the grapes are sorry Virginia the rates are the treasures lay on her the greater the white trousers leg up on earth the more difficult it is the greatest treasures when it the more difficult it is for the possessor to realize the list of this x-ray to realize they are not his all I will give today realized that whatever you have is not years and if you have a problem the reason is as the greater the treasures laid out honors the more difficult it is for the possession to realize that they are not his own but I'll let him to be used to God glory and that he is such as this one otherwise everyone more from this old gem from one fifty three I was so that there is no lack of means among Sabbath keeping that Dennis and you're not having that expenses are in phase one fifty three there is no lack of means among seventh Sabbath keeping at this phase one fifty three at present there greatest danger she says there greatest our going on here greatest danger that greatest danger is in their accumulation of property while I missing something here the reason about that I knows why because Christ invested hereby with Christ right with the precious blood of Jesus he document my dear will your soul and I didn't get sometimes we get together that are not ours got entrustment with means listen to this for what purpose does he give you Maine's Army Genesis twelve twelve you're blessed to be a blessing got entrustment with means he gives them power to give well how to get well and he asked for a return on his own honey thinking still is asking for a return on its own now listen to this Christ up three fifty one money what is of no more value than standing boldly as it is put to use in providing for listen to these failures was the one the necessities of life on number two and blessing others in over three in advancing the cause of Christ there's only three categories how do you think this ASI offering this year should be a testimony to pay in God not of our resources is to say it's an active worshiper with enough appeal price topic face obsolescence rates three fifty one paragraph three of this is my talk about this people say well do you think the economy is going come back I have no question it will back bill come back because Revelation thirteen says it will come back and readily to make things a little come back and little crash again right at the end but the only difference this time in this globalization of economic downturn is now at anywhere around the world people of been impacted with his down-to-earth at anywhere around the world all the same time people are saying man I need to turn to God all around the world this is happening and what God has given a single call to say what are your priorities is to go back up that market it will become a bullet in it it would go to the die and you have a decision right now no but my money their way to procrastinate and say what you or me or am I going to invest in God treasurer work today the economies we come back with some great covers the four ninety one says men will be planting and building and eating unconscious of the final in your revocable decision testimonies diminishes for semiformal slowdowns go may possessors of lands and money drunk with the cares of this world number Miller time make them drunk keep the money in our own ranks make them care more for money than the upbuilding of Christ's kingdom that's the temptation right now here's what it says by the four sixty four four sixty five is a way to know what's can happen what will be times when it says the Luke twenty one have been recorded here are five C four sixty four four sixty five as the seas siege of Jerusalem by the Roman army this was the signal for flight and Judean Christians saw the assumption of power on the part of our nation and the reinforcing the tables that will be a warning to us what happened there be an economic recovery but Dennis Kennedy this is going to be also tied with acting again by ourselves and those have been marketed based that time when that comes up you got only thing you think you're in another work for your electronic banking says this it will then be time to lay the large cities preparatory to leaving the smaller ones for retired homes and secluded places among my family bank at that time people Oregon have a struggle if they don't invest in God 's kingdom now well when we do say how is someone a Gentile someone is not a Christian someone from the secular world writing how did they work the salute and a Fernandez a mess though professor of history at Queen Mary College London had this to say the Bible has a formula for dealing with the debacle that follows corruption materialism and greed what is it a good day he continues when Sodom and Gomorrah buckle and crumble anyone who looks back is lost the law is happy to escape with his life and the moral is clear don't look critical of these on to something I think it's the best time to reassess and read in fast my grandfather he lost everything in the present but he still continued being a faithful Seventh-day Adventist minister 's wife died after having six strokes and then he was still alive and I remember just like yesterday twenty seventy I don't know why I'm alive but it must be for you and move me I want to live with you and I went out to his house and I love it up the moving truck and a drunk grandfather across the country every day get up and say my wife is gone here like my wife and he would treat me to a breakfast just like at his wife he would wash my clothes everything in his bank account without pay for my education and for my brother 's education and every day he woke up he says I don't know why the life but it must be for you boys and he lived his last three years depleting all resources to put me through school in his downturn it with my doctor because I finally saw someone that loves the Lord and his God more than anything on earth and there he was I would come home from school and I would tell you what I learned that deity 's sake get testimonies line three out get testimonies volume six out he was losing his short-term memory but everything he added that it was still in his long-term memory any just like Elmer Mills could remember those old things and he gave me all those gems and he saved me from so many things that he poured his life out in front of me my brother was stealing things from the bank account to do drugs until my grandmother Bonnie said we must does live the love of Jesus before him and someday he'll come around he marked his Bible with all the passages concerning heaven he marked his handbook of all his favorite hymns and I remember his last day I knew he was gone I said what do I do he said saying me the songs I've underlined in my handbook read me the text of underline in my Bible and they were all about have I remember his volume of Christ questions or says the last page heaven will not be strange to them because they had heaven in their hearts heaven will not be strengths because they have heaven in their hearts amen is the best time to reassess reinvested outside before my grandfather 's reinvestment some of your grandfathers and grandmothers right contact for those who said now that was a student came to our class he was an attorney he was a prosecuting attorney he decided he was making a hundred and forty four thousand dollars a year just got a pay raise and then struck his money seven hundred and forty four thousand for that somewhere I should be involved in building up the hundred forty four thousand is set to make a hundred forty four thousand years and when I year for me as William he enrolled in the school of evangelism he develop as the six years he saw some people baptize a test and the rest of his inheritance is returned everything in a sense of next people to the Apple class the sensitivity said the best thing on earth as wedding soul during this economic downturn are authentic people say we need to go back to the gold standard for some people so I looked it up you know the price of gold done way back up and I look to the Bible and fungus toxin Isaiah thirteen twelve since this I will make a man more precious than flying gold even a man than the Golden West of over I want to invest in gold the goal of the Scriptures is a man so I and with two quotes one from John Rockefeller he said this I've made many millions but they brought me no happiness the poorest men I know is the man who has nothing but money and then one last quote someone else never usually I don't think I've ever even read it in the sermon except this one or presentation Stephen King listen to this hour this a couple of years ago Stephen says I found out what you can take it with you means I found out while I was lying in the ditch with the side of the country rug covered with mud and blood and with the tibia of my right leg poking out of the side of my jeans pocket branch of the tree taken down the thunderstorm I had a MasterCard in my wallet all bubbly alignment dance with broken glass in your hair who cares about your MasterCard no one except the we all come into this world naked and brought we may be dressed when we go out well-dressed but were still broken Warren Buffett going out broke Bill Gates going out on the road Tom Hanks Breaux Stephen King broke not a crying time all the money you earn all the stocks you by all the mutual funds you trade all that is mostly smoke and mirrors it's still going to be a quarter past getting late whether you tell time on a Timex or Rolex so I want you to the center is making a life one long get it to others men and why not everything you have is on loan anyway all that lasts is what to pass on so passive before it's too late I think that's the best thing Stephen King ever wrote and it's not fiction some opinion it's an amazing fact and payment and however you want to finish this seminar by beseeching the Lord to move on your heart this weekend to read assess reevaluate and ask the Lord what he would have you to do to reinvest how we want to do that I want to close without you pray about that would you be willing to pray with the person next to you originally want to nail down an impressive impersonation would you let's do this together as we know a reunion with my autograph or you are having in your life learn more and I find a route identified in the more our online service and www. outmaneuver .org


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