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The Christian Atheist- Believing in God but Trusting in Money

Julian Archer
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We read "In God We Trust" on our money, but do you sometimes feel that you love God but actually trust money more? How can we both love and trust God in our materialistic, money-centric world? This seminar could be the most challenging and inspiring presentation you've ever heard on the Bible's advice for managing money..


Julian Archer retired in his thirties after a fast-paced busines career and founded the ministry Faith vs. Finance. He is also the author of the book HELP! I've Been Blessed: How to Stop God's Blessings from Becoming Curses. Julian loves to share his Chris-centered testimony to encourage and inspire others to turn their eyes upon Jesus. He is married to a "Proverbs 31" wife, Melinda, and has two great sons. They live in southern Queensland, Australia. 




  • August 4, 2017
    10:45 AM
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They have only Father thank You for the opportunity that you've given us to come here today to learn more from your word to hear from your holy spirit who you gave your word to your people so many years ago as a blessing to all who live on this earth and Lord I just pray that as we dig further into your Would looking at faith and finances this morning that your same Holy Spirit will be here with us to interpret your word to touch your hearts to convict us and convert us is my prayer in Jesus' name Amy. Like a room the seminar session I don't know whether these lights are out to be turned off independently but if the front lights can go off that would be great but we'll see what happens. It's called The Christian I theist do I believe in God but trust in money. It's a question which when I ask of myself I have to regularly. Realign recalibrate and say Hey Julie what do you really trust in you you know on on your dollar bills that you have here it says In God We Trust and I think it's one of those aren't things that we write in God We Trust on the item that we trust more than God many times and so it's that we have to ask ourselves what do we really trusting in God for money and it's a question that I mean you can answer you can look at somebody else's life and say hey that guy's too involved with money you can discern and think well maybe years maybe years and maybe he is maybe he isn't but ultimately it's in your hot where that is revealed. If you want to see more pictures like this. But hard to see under these bright lights but. Go to journeys with the Messiah. This is a photo of the rich young ruler of course and if you and I were the rich young ruler story is found in Scripture it's found in a couple of places but one of the places on the number plate Matthew nineteen sixteen to twenty two the photographer is very. Is a New York fashion. That decided to use those talents that God had given him for sharing the gospel and he takes photos of the life of Christ in different parts of the world and in my using With that he has journeys with the Messiah. If you don't want to fight verses fine and start all just very quickly run through some of the resources there. The book is available to buy through Amazon or whatever from there there's an e-book on there it's a free download if you want to just download the download and read it on your i Pad or whatever just downloaded for free. There's an audio book that you can download for free if you want to listen to it if you don't mind the Australian accent all the way through. There's video clips short video clips so if you're if you're studying fight in finance we're in a small group at church or you're doing a lesson on it or something you can download these little video clips. On there are only three or four minutes long. There's articles as well that small group discussion guides a lot of resources of course there's the bruised camel that I don't put every issue up on there but you can subscribe from that website to the bruised camel. And then this talks and I run seminars around the place so. What we're looking at now is. Just give an overview of the seminar we're going to look at a lot of little let's call them packages of one might be a quote that I'm going to expand on one might be a bubble over this one might be something that's happening in the world this first one that we're going to look at is the distribution of household wealth now been around long enough to know that if you want a refrigerator and a car and you've got a bank account you're quite well off you know we've heard those things coming through for many charities and different places but I'm a member of what's called the one percent club which means on the member of the richest one percent of adults on the planet. And people look at that and I've had people come up to me just a couple weeks ago in Canada when I was doing some talk somebody came up. Said Julian. You're a member of the one percent club do they sort of like to communicate with each other and do you talk and do you have like secret phone calls and and this sort of thing can you give me any inside information on this one percent club I said yeah we do we talk to each other all the time it's you know it's how society is led boy in the one percent club I mean it we go I do what goes on in the world or really. And I said yeah we come to the next station and explain about the one percent club. And so here is that the information if you have. Your net worth so that's the value of all your assets minus the value of your liabilities if your net worth is three thousand U.S. dollars or more then you are richer than fifty percent of the world's adult so you're in the fifty percent called Ok three thousand U.S. dollars. If your net worth as it's mourners liabilities is ninety thousand U.S. dollars then you are richer the ninety percent. Of adults on the earth which puts you in the ten percent club so congratulations Welcome to the ten percent club. What do you think it would have to be to be a member of that one percent club you know that the crazy group of super elites who we read about in The New York Times and they talk about them on C.N.N. and they hammer them and say To hell with this more because there's a great divide between the rich and the poor What do you think that would have to be how many millions would you have to have well the answer is very clear seven hundred fifty thousand U.S. dollars Welcome to the club if that's you. Seven hundred fifty thousand dollars worth of net worth and you're in the one percent club when I realize that and I read my Bible and I read all these texts about the rich I couldn't ignore the fact that they were talking directly to me. And I want to tell you that when Jesus and the rich came together it usually wasn't pretty. It wasn't pretty even when they were church leaders. Usually wasn't pretty so. One percent club you know we do talk to each other every day of talk to members of the one percent club this morning. I don't even have to ask sometimes I'm just guessing that many people are we do rule the world we do God policy. But we're not right up where you might think you need to be to be in the one percent club. I was in a bus in the US a few years ago going to a seminar in fact I was just before I saw a few years back. And I was going to this Christian. Economic Conference of a financial conference. And I. Was sitting beside this guy on the back of the bus and I've never met him before but I knew about going to the same conference and I said I said what's your name where you're from and he said My name's Alan Bond hot and he's from here in the U.S.. Great Christian guy and I said What do you do he said Well I'm I'm in business and I said What sort of business he said were were in the heavy lifting business you know cranes and that sort of thing and so I thought Oh well like i heavy lifting business what I know about cranes you know you're trying to get the next question and. What's your biggest crime is it an eighty ton crime because I knew you Major Crimes in tons and this guy said No Julie we don't measure crimes in tons and that was the only thing I knew about construction and. I said well how do you measure your cry and he said Well to give you an idea to get our biggest crime scene from the yard to the place where it's going to do the work and lift something takes semitrailers I don't know what you call your big trucks over here. I.E. trucks to move one crying he said to get the crime from the yard into position and built using other crimes to build it costs a million dollars before it even lifts anything. That's a sort of different crime. What I was thinking of and. There you can see Alan standing on the top on the right hand side on the top of one of those big wind turbine the Big Wind tail as Ellen has crimes that just grab those things and build them. And you know how big they are they're like a football field turning in the sky. If you want a building moved Ellen can move it by just bring the guys in they bring the cranes in they pick up the building and I take it from this block in the city that walk in the city they move stuff around I said Well tell me your story Ellen what why why are you coming to this Christian conference this funny it's conference that we're going to he said Well. When he and his brother were in their early twenty's they'd started to work in the business with Mom and Dad and Mom and Dad came to them one day and said Boys we're going sailing do you want to keep running the business should we just sell it and you guys do what you want. And they being good Christian young men they prayed about it and they thought well what are we going to do and I got some advice and they decided that I would keep the business they said to their mom and dad Hello you going styling for in the mom and dad said well we don't know which was a good answer because they went for seven years so the boys decided to keep the business in the business grew and as the business grew Allan and his brother realized. That the increase in profits was doing something to be hot. And they didn't like what was happening you heard my testimony before they will be coming proud and and so for. And so they went and got Godly advice from other business people from Christian lawyers there's more seats down the front here if you if want to come in there's probably about ten or twelve in here and probably. So feel free to come through if you like. And so they went got advice and out of this legal advice and all the rest of it they decided to legally give God. Ninety five percent of the business. In law under U.S. law in contract law the owner of ninety five percent of the heavy lifting business is God. That means that God gets ninety five percent of the profits and if that business ever sells ninety five percent of the price goes to God. I went whoa. Well God keep growing the business and the profits kept going up and the five percent became too much for Alan and his brother and they like are we feeling it again. So they've got another four percent. Ninety nine percent. And a couple of years ago they gave God the last one percent. Got into the entire business they get none of the profits they give between one and two million dollars Let me get the message on this right they give they give thirty to fifty million dollars a year to Mission projects primarily taking the gospel into Muslim countries from that business the business now turns over two hundred fifty million dollars a year they work all over the place you can jump online and see their business but he is the interesting thing here is where Allan just just about knocked me out through the wall of the bus I said Alan what did you do that I mean I knew in my heart I'd had this fight through his finance battle and god given me the victory and I've been converted and all this you know I've been on that journey by the time I was talking to Alan but this was really challenging me. One hundred percent to God You see Allen and his brother and me in a way Janice not the highest wage in the company in fact. The why huge that Al and his brother in that business is not enough for him to take his family to Disneyland he can't afford to put his children in private schools. Because he's given the entire business to God. That's challenging. And I said Alan. You're pushing maybe look beyond the limits here this is. Ellen's not a Seventh Day Adventists Ellen is just a God fearing mean he wants to take the Gospel to the world I said Why do you do it Alan and you know he said to me said Julian do you believe that we are in a war as Christians that we're in a. And I'm like might. Have a great controversy over your book I'll give you a book. Sure I believe we're in a war. He said Do you really really believe that we're Yes yes I believe we're in a war. He said Julian this is what I believe he said in a war the Army came cooks shouldn't eat any better than the soldiers on the front lawn. The donors shouldn't eat any better than the missionaries. That's challenging that is challenging. Word of warning to those of you who are taking a photo of this please don't take it to the diners and Julian said. You my all might not agree with that it's a very personal thing. But it's a very powerful principle. Are we in a war yes should the course be eating better than the soldiers. Die. Could it be true that God blesses us beyond our needs so that we can improve our standard of giving not ask a living. Could that be true. Why boys come to me and I say Dad I need this and I say is it a need or a weed. Because I know you know you weeds grow up inside your heart and I hear I says a need or a way because a need is actually a want that you think is a need so it becomes a well I need OK so it's a Wade. God blesses us beyond our needs what are your needs we know what I once or whatever and needs he blesses us beyond that so that we can improve S. and of giving not asked in and of living. Many of you will know what that is. Some of you may have been born in Times Square and never left New York but many of you will know what that is. As you would have heard in my testimony earlier on I grew up very. Much as I'd been a foot existence and when I was nine years old I went to a friend's place one night and. Stayed the night and early the next morning his job for the family was to go out and get the family Cal and bring her in for milking. The problem was that we didn't have shoes and there was ice all over the grass it was a frosty morning. And he said coming out with me and find the chaos so we went out to look for the scale and the stupid care we couldn't find it anyway I don't know if it was only a little area but we couldn't find the scale of it and my feet were starting to. Fall I wasn't used to walking on ice with. With bare feet. We finally found the cabin on the way back to the milking she had always complained to my friend he said Julian the solution is simple. And some of you already know what the solution is. And he said when bitsy or whatever the Cales name was when Betsy leis another one of your own jumpiness. And I'm like no way. He's like you here he says it's worked every time. And I was desperate so if you're not Betty did one of these and I went and stood it with both feet and it was fake. It actually burned at the start it was like on it's hot but it was so nice and I just wish that she would light one about every yard. Back to the shed. But you know money from a new a story is an interesting thing it's. If you Paul it up in one place it stinks yeah. But you can use it for fertilizer. I've seen people in some countries put on the walls of the buildings where they draw it out and then use it for fuel on the fires and it protects the modern world the building on. Will they use it on a fire as you can apparently when you burn around a fire and keeps the mosquitoes away there's a lot of good uses for manure. It was Clint Murchison Jr the founder of the Dallas Cowboys or owner of the Dallas Cowboys who said this. He said Julian you've got manure in your wallet he didn't say that to me personally but that's what he said he said that money is like manure if you pile it up it stinks but spread it around it does a lot of good. Yeah. Very true we've got manure in our wallets if we pile it up it stinks it doesn't necessarily stink to us because if you have a bad body Yoda the last person to know is usually yourself. But if you're piling it up and you're continually building bigger structures not necessarily buildings but it could be trusts it could be companies it could be different things to protect all the assets. For your future. If you're piling it all up in one place for yourself. That starts to stink but if you spread it around it'll do a lot of good. Let's go to Martin. Seventeen to twenty seven mock ten seventeen to twenty seven and I think these are hard words that I'm hearing this morning they they had words for me. I have I'm no longer in business are retired in my thirty's I didn't expect to be doing what I'm doing today you by any stretch of the imagination I'm not a pastor I'm not a teacher I'm a teacher body agree but I never taught. And so this is where God placed me but these are still tough words in this passage that we're looking at now Mark ten. Seventy to twenty seven for many years was a passage that was probably my most hated passage of Scripture. You know we all have a favorite verse Well this was the antithesis of my favorite verse. This is the story of the rich young ruler. Now as he was going out on the road one came running knelt before him and asked him good teacher what shall I do that on my inherit eternal life. And Jesus said to him Why do you call me good no one is good but one that is God. You know the commandments do not commit adultery do not murder do not steal do not bear false witness do not defraud on your father and mother. And he answered and said to him teach over these things I have kept you and we believe he was genuine We believe he was genuine that he believed. That he had kept all those things from his youth and Jesus looking at him loved him and said to him one thing you lack go your way so whatever you have and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven and come take up the cross and follow me but he was sad at this word and went away sorrowful for he had great physicians. When Jesus said to him You've got to do these things to be saved five of the last six commandments Can anybody tell me which of the last six commandments Jesus when He has been to the rich young ruler. You know that not covet. And what they yet reach young ruler said I have kept all these things in my youth and he says that one thing you lack. That are the commandment. One thing you lack. And he walked away said and Jesus looked around and said to his disciples I can imagine it with. How hard it is for those who have riches to enter the Kingdom of God. And their soft eyes were astonished at his words why were they astonished because they thought that surely the rich church leaders the rich rulers would be the ones that God bless the most and therefore they must be the most to be and surely they going to heaven they were astonished. But Jesus answered again and said to them Children how hard it is for those who trust in riches to enter the Kingdom of God It's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God and you know I wish Jesus had then said. But if you're rich. And you give lots to God's work you'll get into the kingdom. I really wish he said that but he didn't. He just said. It's really hard for rich people get into heaven. It's really really hot. And they were greatly astonished saying among themselves who then can be ciphered. But Jesus looked at them and said. With man. It is impossible. But with God all things are possible I mean all things are possible. And what's the key word for me in that whole parable and you might have a different word but for me the key word is with. With God all things are possible am I with God The rich young ruler didn't know it. Good a good teacher and Jesus said what do you call me good there's no one good but one and that is God the rich young ruler didn't realize that he was with God. And that if he had stayed there with God all things would have been possible but he walked away sad because he had great wealth. M.I.A. with go on because if I am with God all things are possible. Is a bit of a close up of that photo. You can't see it here because of the lighting but the rich young ruler already has one foot back in his Ferrari. And Jesus has one foot up he's turning he's on his way. It's that critical moment. It's that to me the photographer caught. The point in time that Jesus had that God had so often offered to me. And I had so often turned away we don't know what happened to the rich young ruler we don't know whether he came back we don't know what the final outcome is I would pray that he's in heaven that he that we will medium and and ask him what he journey was from there but there is that moment in every person's life where we get to choose one way or the other he was choosing his way Christ had made the offer and now Christ was moving on. I hope the rich young ruler caught up with him at some stage later in Christ Ministry or later in his life gave his heart to God. There it is Luke twelve thirty three Well actually if we go back to here. One of the reasons that this passage really bird bird me up in fact when I was writing my book I got to the passage of the chapter of the story on the rich young ruler. And my fingers did not want to talk they literally didn't want to talk I was I can still see myself looking down at them going. Hello you know talk this Jafta this is just too hard this is too painful it just gives them back when I wasn't writing a book at the time I was writing a bit of a journal it was a it was my journey after fifteen years of faith versus funny it's. Knowing that I wasn't saved but doing all that I could to be saved what must I do to be saved. And I was coming out of that has God was showing me things about a new heart and other things I was just journaling my way through it to try to get it all sorted out and then I decided that I should leave a copy for my sons and so I put it into sort of story form chapter form so that they would have a record of not Michael same mistakes that I'd made. And then God convicted me when it was in that form he said you need to publish this no way no way this is my story and I sat on it for two years and finally gave in as we do. And became a book so here I was writing what is now a chapter but was just a journal entry at the time. And I couldn't write it. And. I had to say to myself Julian the story of the rich young ruler was not for you the story of the rich young ruler was only for that guy at that time in history it's not for you and I went a few you well thank you Lord that good news. You probably heard of. I believe or not of the alleged murders where you look at the text and you got to try and work out what the text means. Well there's another thing call I was holding a couple of weeks ago to came out here called I said Jesus which I think is something about reading into the takes what you want to say. Jesus. So. Doing my X. Jesus of this text I decided that it was just for the rich young ruler it wasn't for me even though I was a rich young ruler in my own way this message was just for him this sale everything message was just for him. But then I kept reading in Luke and I got to look twelve thirty three and I read this and if you can tell me and looked well we want to look up in your Bibles who the audience is that Jesus said this to who is the person or people that he's talking to he says sell what you have and give alms give it to the poor provide yourselves money bags which do not grow all the treasure in the Heavens that does not file when I think approaches No most destroys you can tell me who was Jesus talking to. The disciples in the twelve. OK I was getting a bit tricky so Jesus says to the cycles to sell what they've got to do I want to be a disciple of Jesus. There's got to be a way of out of this so I said You see my way into it. This was only for the twelve disciples at the. Time in history OK not the disciples like us this was for the twelve disciples at that point in history. That was Christ again. Then two chapters later two chapters later Jesus that is added again and you can tell me how we saw him doing. So likewise whoever of you does not for a cycle that he has cannot be My disciple who was he talking to. A great multitude. This is getting really really difficult. Why does he keep telling people that I've got to sell everything. And does that mean that I have to sell everything. Well I went back and I dug more and I dug my dog and in fact I've got a friend who has this really expensive piece of software called Logo software I think it is and it's like the it's like the they are crying of Bible software and it digs and it lifts and it uncovers stuff and he got back to me said Julian when Jesus said to the rich young ruler. That you. The Greek there can be translated into ways it can be sell all that you own or it can be translated that means you. OK I'm more comfortable with that. I was looking for comfort I was looking for comfort. Sell all that owns you for those of you who own a lot of stuff you know that you don't actually own it you know that it owns you if you've got multiple investments and homes and portfolios and term deposits in the bank and for a one K.'s and all you know how much to. Protect and insure and all the rest of it. And you think you realize that I that actually me. Sell that you. But does that mean we're going to sell. Out. Is that really what it means well it depends on whether that means you and this is where it's such a beautiful question. Statement a beautiful request is that he's signing it to everybody saying it to every person in this room but it's from your heart to his heart from his heart to your heart it's not for anybody else you know what I mean to you you know what it is you know whether there's something in your life that owns you that you love. More than you love God. That's what Jesus signed to get rid of and come and follow him. There's a Danish philosopher passed away about two hundred years ago he was an existential Christian philosopher which is quite a mix. His name was Soren Kierkegaard. And he was known as the disturbing Dein. And you'll see why he was disturbing because he used to say some really really disserving stuff and this is one of things that he said the Bible is very easy to understand but we Christians are a bunch of scheming swindle as. We pretend to be unable to understand it because we know very well that the minute we understand we are obliged to act accordingly. Yeah tough words tough words. Tough words for a rich young ruler. OK Let's keep moving on let's go to the three. Acts Chapter three. Verses one two eight we're going to amazing story that you remember when Jesus sent out the disciples while Jesus was still on earth even what did he tell them to take with them when they went out to buy to. Nothing that was a tight nothing is a couple of different. Times that he did it he said at the twelve he set out the seventy and there's a couple different records of it and in one of two places he said I think to take a staff course or something like that but basically said nothing just go a worker is worth his keep just go and do the work that I've called you to say here we have Jesus going back to heaven. And we have. Of these two guys Peter and John going up to the temple. They going out to point to as Jesus said and then taking nothing in this is the story it says Peter and John went up together to the temple at the hour of Preah the night they are and a certain man line from his mother's womb was carried him they lie daily at the gate of the temple which is called Beautiful to ask alms from those who went to the temple who seeing Peter and John about to go into the temple asked for alms ask for a gift please give me something. And fixing his eyes on him with John Peters said look at us. So he gave them his attention expecting to receive something from them and then Peter said silver and gold I do not have and he didn't because Jesus had said don't. He just go on silver and gold I do not have but what I do have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and. You know in the in the padded Pew affluence. Of two thousand and seventeen we can no longer honestly say silver and gold have gone on. But nor can we say in the name of Jesus Christ rise up in law. Has stolen our faith. Do we trust in God or trust in money. Peter as well as. Bulged it bulged with what I call nothing in everything is well it was full and overflowing with nothing everything and he used it to buy miracle. Feith versus finance. John Wesley again I love John Wesley's writings probably gives you a little bit of background into into my beliefs in my journey he says this he says Christians should work as hard as they can. And to earn as much as they can I mean then spend as little as they can in order to give away all that they can. Or you know join any thinking. You and I really good at those first two lines we work hard we work on honest we're trustworthy we're responsible we're loyal and because of that we are given extra responsibility and extra money we're given new contracts we're given business deals and things that. God says will come to those who do these things. But. Between the first and second lines and the third and fourth lines there is a chasm. So deep and so wide that it's really really hard to cross. Because the more we earn the more we want to spend. But if God is blessing us to give us. A better standard of giving rather than a better standard of living and there's a point at which you've got to make that decision in your life is the standard of living that I have now does God want me to increase that so that I can actually have my next meal and some food security because people are in different places at different times in life. Or is God blessing me more so that I can give more we have to work that out individually you know one lives. But it's really hard to get from earning much to spend a little so that we can be able. To really really challenging situation. In Christian service page forty one Ellen White wrote these words which many of you will have heard before I had heard them numerous times and they worried me sick. Not one in twenty whose names are registered upon the church books are prepared to close their earthly history. I could do math so I could do math that means ninety five percent weren't ready and I knew which so. Well not one in twenty but I had never been told the rest of the paragraph I had never been told the reason why not one in twenty. Was ready. She gives a number of reasons the very first one is this no one in twenty whose names are registered upon the church books are prepared to close their earthly history they are professedly serving God but they are more earnestly serving Mammon. They sign they are serving God They have all the appearances of serving God But when you look at the efforts when you look at their energies when you look at their focus when you look at what gets them out of bed in the morning they're actually saving money. And so they're not ready. It's challenging sufferance I need this every day I can share it every day because I needed every day for those of you who are in the testimony before you would have seen that quote about Paul not Saul Paul the converted great apostle he wrote more stuff in the New Testament and anybody else Paul. Fought with self every day. And he said I die daily as I said on my theologian but the word for all I.E. in the Greek is made up of three letters epsilon gamma. E G. Dog dialling. Ego daily. I agree sponsors thinking that. That's that's the battle friends that's where we are at every day James fourteen humble yourself in the OIS of the Lord and He will lift you up let him lift you up and when he does lift you up how much yourself even more when he lifts you up get down on your knees even more it's a lot I don't know about you but Lord this is missing with my head Lord they've invited me to speak it I as I so I must have a really good message haven't I Lord so. The Lord sorry every day for him this is a battle for every one of us every day. Professedly serving God but more honestly serving money. Some of you might recognize this guy he's not related to any of you. But I lie he's actually related to twenty percent of people on earth genetically that's what they tell us the latest is tell us you can try some of the genetics your genetics or some people genetics back to again this can. A very prolific father. From the Mongolian area of of Asia. Ganga's Khan was a great warrior and he had a number of military strategies that he used one of those military strategies was that he would see in day out his. Generals ahead of himself and they would go and scout out the lane and just realize that I've. I've got to grab something here they were the general to go and scout out the lane and they would find out before Ganga's. What. Were where the trenches were where the great places to conquer were and I would all come back and report to gangs and I guess this is the place where we should take the whole army and so as one of these generals. Are feeling around getting us because. One of these generals. Was heading out towards Turkey heading west from where they were in eastern Asia. They had been looting and pillaging as they'd gone across from town to town and they had got quite a hoard of of stuff to give the golden Bassett's and different things that as they moved across Asia and as they came across towards Turkey a Turkish army came towards them and these guys were angry because they knew the general and his men were bad. By their people. And so they can have to fight and dangerous knew that why Deanne with all this stuff his army was no match for these angry guys who were trying to defend the homeland. And this general went wow we're going to do well he had the wisdom of getting this. And he sent some of his men ahead with all the gold all the booty that they had collected. That were going to years that are in that I think a different meaning out here. The stuff that they had collected and they sent it on ahead. As a gift and they took it to the Turks and they said oh this is a gift we've come all the way across Asia to give you this gift from general from from being a scan for the Turkish people please take the gift it is yours and the church will go fantastic that was easy and we thought we were going to lose life and limb voting these guys and so they just took all the beauty and started heading back towards Turkey. Well the general now had some men who were really angry. Because they just had all their stuff taken away. And they were really lot and fast because they went why down by all their assets. And they struck the back of those Turks killed them all took all the stuff and kept going. Send it on ahead is the message and I'm going to see if I can show you a video clip it if it doesn't work that's OK But let's let's see here we go get some C and happening here. No it's not going to work that's OK. It's a video clip one of the ones of the website it's called Sky banking. And I tell the story sitting beside a like in Zurich in Switzerland. Talking about Swiss banking and some different things there and. I talk about one of the reasons why I no longer. Try to just build my earthly wealth. And one of those reasons. Is a parable I guess you would call it about a rich guy and a poor guy who lived on the same street here in Houston let's say. They didn't live too far from each other and the poor guy lived in a very humble little home and the rich guy lived in a big flash mansion and the. Birth of the guys died and as the story goes they went to heaven and there was a Peter at the gate OK so you're not sure of the theology of everything but they were he says Welcome to Heaven gentleman. Come on our show your homes that we have prepared for you for eternity and they're like This is the exciting day we've been looking for doing so they fall down the streets of gold and they turn up the seven you and they got there and they see these mansions and the like Oh it's incredible and they come to this absolutely fantastic palatial mansion and. The present Peter turns to the poor man and says to him My friend this is your home for eternity and guess what. I'm saying and he just said thank you and he walked and pushed open the door and went inside while the rich man and Peter went further up the street because the rich man thought man if the poor man didn't that much what I'm going to get and I came around another corner and here was a relatively humble nature. And Peter said he is yours for eternity your home and the rich me he said no way there's got to be a mistake. There's got to be a mistake this time this small home should be for the poor man in the big one for me. And so Peter said no there's no mistake in fact. OK I'll tell you why you remember back on Earth when you lived in the big one and the poor guy lived in the pool in the little house he said he wasn't actually poor. He was just sending all of his wealth to heaven. He was investing in heaven he was doing what Jesus said to do. And so we used the money and we built a house for him. But if you remember you know as a proportion of your wealth and what you were sending you sort of didn't send a whole lot compared to what he was singing and this was all we could put together I'm sorry. Now the theology of that story is probably more human than true but it has a powerful message and has a powerful message because Jesus said. Invest in heaven he said put your treasure in heaven and you will be rewarded for where there's numerous passages of Scripture the side that what you invest in heaven will be your reward when you get there so the theology of that's OK but it's not necessarily in in dollars dollars in amounts in major and saw as an all the rest of it. We need to invest in souls for the Kingdom we've got ascended on ahead like. It is constant Matthew six Do not lay out for yourselves on earth where modern rust destroying with breaking and steel but lay out for yourselves treasures in heaven for where your treasure is there your heart will be also it's true. And I just have a question there we don't need to answer it but if this is a command from Christ Hakon would be more of. Just a question for your. Question three wonderful life if this is conditional IF THEN you were right with Christ. Seek those things which are above where Christ is sitting on the right hand of God set your mind on things above not on things on the earth for your dog in your life if he didn't with Christ in God When Christ who is a life appears then you also will appear with him in glory therefore put to death your members which are on the earth fornication uncleanness passion evil desire and covetousness which is idolatry. One question that people. I'm going to come to a question time soon one question that people ask me is Julie are you saying that we shouldn't have assets that we shouldn't be in business are you saying that we shouldn't be professing professionals and the answer is No I'm not saying that God needs professionals business people. People who he can bless with great will. But over and above any dollars and since God wants your heart. And if your business if your career if your studies if you're caught if your assets if your investments. If your collections are getting between your heart and God get rid of them. Because God doesn't God's got the cattle on a fails and heals he doesn't care about the millions or billions or whatever he's given you he just wants your heart to be right so that those those things that he is intrusted to you will flow out into the work that he has given I know wealthy Christians who's hot from my perspective and it's been hard to see because I'm a human right look at the outside God looks at the hot but from our perspective wealthy God fearing man and women who is right and they are sharing with God with God's work and I encourage you to do that that's all these talks are bad it's not about go home and sell everything but if the Holy Spirit convict you to go home and sell everything you've got to do it because that's between your heart and God. You remember William Miller. So or come back to their William Milla a pharma. Guy who was doing quite well as far as farmers go. And in the ITIN hundreds he was studying his Bible and he thought he could see in the in the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation that Jesus was coming back really soon and he studied it and he studied it and he studied it. And he was convicted that yes that's what it said. But he said on I think it's somewhere you might know what he said on of about twelve years or something not wanting to share what God had placed on his heart. And then finally he did share and of course we know that the message that William Miller shared led to the great Advent awakening in the United States in Europe in the U.K. in different parts of the world people believe that Jesus was coming back for initially in forty three but then I thought they'd They looked at some of the stuff in the Bible they were not actually I didn't forty four and then as that I didn't forty four came closer they thought actually October and then they worked it out it was going to be October twenty two hundred forty four Jesus was going to come back to it. Well many of us know the story that would rightly disappointed in the fact that we're still here today tells that story. There was a great disappointment. God fearing man and women who were studying God's word. Who were led by the Holy Spirit. Who were passionate and on fire for God. But they were mistaken. Just like the twelve disciples who God fearing men who were with Jesus who read the Scriptures who knew that it pointed to Jesus as the Messiah. But they were mistaken when they. And as they went on their own Palm Sunday and it was waving Hosanna to the King of Kings glory to God in the highest. And people and Jesus was going into Jerusalem and they going this is it this is what the prophecy pointed to our King is going to be set out. A few days later they were greatly disappointed. There were God fearing men and women. But they were allowed to go into a period of great disappointment as they were nine hundred forty four so that they would dig deeper and then be rise up as we see in Revelation ten to share the gospel message with the world. A great disappointment. Was the leader of that disappointment I my dear leader that disappointment. On October twenty two many of the disappointed people left or twenty three some lost their fight some went back to their other denominations. A lot of them just went not that's it and they walked away but not William Miller and a couple of weeks later he was interviewed and a few weeks after that they published his interview. And the interviewer said to him Mila Why haven't you walked away why aren't you discouraged. And here's a key secret to William Miller. He said although I have been twice disappointed I am not yet Costigan or discouraged. I have fixed my mind upon another time. His eyes were on him and friends and here I mean to stand until God gives me more light and that is to die to die and to die until he comes and I see you for whom I saw Eunice. Friends That's where are you going to be. Not cross-eyed Christians not one of my own heaven and one on earth both always on the cross and that doesn't mean we have to stop being in business or stop having career is no it just means that Al purpose Al very reason for existence. Is the cross of Christ and sharing the gospel message with the world that's the reason for our business that's the reason for our career that's the reason for every investment we have that's the reason for every profit that we receive every income every Y.A.G. every salary check that we have is for the future. Of the hastening of the coming of Christ. We're going have a question time. Depending on how many questions you've got we've got about fifteen minutes that we can allocate Question Time to them and then I'm going to finish with a an illustration from the twenty third Psalm any questions at this stage heart easy whatever I can promise I'll give you the answer but for them at me and we'll see where you where God leads. Yeah. Whatever. Yeah. What happened there. Yes. Like I said the question is when I went through that conversion experience and I understood some of these things and I God gave me a new hot and things changed in my life what was the practicality had of that happened well a lot of it was the wisdom of counselors but let me go back one step before that I'll tell you how most of it happened like this. Like that on my knees with God's word I've been saying Lord please guide me please ago I had me. And just going through story after story in Scripture. From that seeking the wisdom of counsel. Talking to my own family and I tell you what that was interesting if you're married. Or if you've got investments if you're in partnership with be in business or something. Talk. I have a story in my book where I decided one I'll give it to you very briefly Melinda was never a. For me I love snow skiing and it was the I mean it was the favorite family holiday but she never skied which is good for us for the boys in the family because we'd come home to cook meals three times a day and you know it's fantastic. But then one year she decided to start skiing. And that very next twelve months after she had started skiing and I absolutely loved it I had a conviction that we shouldn't be spending ten thousand dollars a week on skiing holidays and so as the next ski season came up. And the family was starting to talk about where we go to ski this year. I just set them down as a good spiritual father. Hassled and said Well guys like this which were not. And Melinda. Who had just got the love of skiing you know. Just looked at me and said what all these years you've been telling me to ski and then I do ski and the next day you get some conviction that we're not hearing anymore. So all I'm saying is this discussed things we started out it's OK we have a fantastic marriage she's a Proverbs thirty one woman she teaches me a lot if you want to what that means get a proverb study one versus ten and onwards and you'll meet my wife. But. Yeah communicate So communication was a big part of that as well. And then of course in the whole process was the decision of the understanding that everything I have is God's. And I had to go from a situation where I was saying in my heart I do believe everything that I have is God's and if God ever asks me to give it I will because I was quite happy saying that he was comfortable that he hadn't asked me to give it really not. And so I could keep living like that and it wasn't impacting my last oil in fact we were we were affluent enough that we could give. What some people would consider heaps of money into God's work and it didn't change my lifestyle one iota there was zero sacrifice I still had a very nice lifestyle. And then I had to realise that there's a thing called sacrifice and I had to go through that process and the process as I said this morning was the most painful but most beautiful thing that's ever happened to me it just completely changed my life and now when I look at Jesus Christ. When I turn my eyes upon Jesus the things of earth grow strangely dim and it is strange friends it is strange it's. Not meant to be Dame when you walk through that shopping mall they're shouting and so I had a boy may look at me they're meant to be brought in glitzy but they just try. They are just trash in Jesus' words he says that they are they are an abomination in the sight of God The Greek word is the new man which means. Nicely. Excretion. And that doesn't mean that God can't use it remember fertilizer is excretion and when you spread it around it does a lot of good. But if we put it into our hearts we're in trouble if ever there was some of the process some of the some of the journey any other questions yet. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah that's right yes so from my personal decision and this is one in one this is between you and God and as I said God needs people in business but my conviction that God gave me was to move out of it all. Now. I think I mentioned it somewhere retired in my thirty's I never needed to work again. But then God touch my heart and. I will have to work again probably because God said Julian all that stuff that you're storing up to look after your future so that you never need to work again I can find a really good use for that right now. Because the needs of tomorrow are not a greater than the needs of the day said Julian I need you to give today some Alright somebody else up to give tomorrow that I need you to give today and so. In the coming years depending on how God provides me God can provide any way I know but that's a decision that I no longer in business. I have no problem with people being in business at all. But then there's the but would that comes in if that business is taking away your celebration do something about it you've got to get on your knees and pour out your heart for me it was face down in the cop with a thirty six I've been crying my eyes out sighing Lord I can't do this anymore please give me that you have. And that journey went on over a few months and it still goes on today it's a daily battle you know the question. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah look this is this isn't just this isn't about millions of dollars This is a bad hots and it can happen a person can be living in the slums of Calcutta and be holding on to the best stainless steel cup in the street. And that's what's getting between them and God. So it's relative It affects everybody in different ways. The thing is to be on our knees and asking God Lord please show me and please give me the strength and everything the courage that I need to. Fly through his finance and move forward it will take. A couple more questions. Yeah at the back. Yeah thoughts about planning ahead for retirement excellent question I actually have a whole other program on that and Rachel I'm at any inheritances. I believe we should in a nutshell I believe we should I believe that every family should try to have a roof over their heads that they should have had. Home that they are in at right that debt free. I believe it should be a humble home I can be honest with the idea I currently don't live in what I would consider a humble home it's a left it's a legacy from an early life I don't know how long we'll live as we downsize as we change we're moving other assets of the moment into God's work but. I believe everybody should do that I believe we should plan for the future reminds me you know when the guy's in a flood in the water coming up around his house and he's on the roof and he's prying Lord please save me you probably heard in a rowboat comes past and says he says none are God's going to save me and then a helicopter comes in within a rope and says climb up the right pieces not I God's going to save me and then he. Gets to heaven and says What did you save me is it wasn't your but us into a rope you know and it's a sign for retirement we need to be wise about our future we need to be wise about what we are saving for those times ahead. But I say that I probably shouldn't say that as blanket a statement as I did as I did. Because for some people God will say I know you just stay out here in the mission field or whatever right through and I will give you everything you need and you know scripture is more along those lines than along planning for retirement there's only one place in the Bible that it talks about retirement. And that's numbers somewhere where it's talking about the priests who they study in the in the temple twenty five they finish at fifty and fifty when they retire their job then is to help the younger priests so they don't actually retire. But that's that's the other thing we have in scripture so yeah I do believe that we have to plan for those things but if my trust is in my four zero one K. and not in Jesus or a problem if my trust is in my ass it's my you my home and my investment property and my four I one K. so that they on the track I can have enough right through to the end and that's what I'm trusting in that I'm a Christian. Because I've got a trusting God my trust has. Being in God not in the blessings that He gives me he'll give us blessings he wants to bless us he's a good father he wants to bless us. Yeah nobody asked about inheritances but I'll give you one thing on inheritances. I'll give you all the background story to it but here's an interesting saying. If my children. Don't work as hard and as smart as I did they don't deserve my money. And if they do work as hard and smart as I did they won't need women. I've told my boys that. But just think about it you know is the money that God has given you when you when you die when you pass away is that primarily to go to the next generation or is it to go to God's work and should you keep on until you keep holding on to it until you die I won't go into the spirit of prophecy quotes about doing that and he's got some heavy quotes about holding on to your assets until you die and then leaving them in your will she just says that's just pure selfishness. OK so if you think about inheritance is there any any other questions these are hard words and believe me this is touches my heart these are decisions that are on making every day with their hand over here. Where living into a cashless society is there anyone in gold and silver. You said there's something that gold and silver. OK I thought. Like I said cash the society should we buy a little gold or silver or whatever because we might be able to use that to try. My Lai I got an answer is trust in God trusting God have maintained that daily relationship with him. Rather than trying to outguess the global financial market. Yes we are heading towards a cashless society I think Sweden is I mean to go cashless in about three or four years it won't be the first cashless society in the world. Many parts of Africa are already cashless they simply use their smartphones to do all their transactions where we're a little bit behind in some of the developed nations but the time is coming and I would destroy their planes roll it out in a couple of years where if I use fifty dollars I can just say what's your fine number there's a fifty dollars and BOOM BOOM no cash no hold ups at banks no drug black market all that sort of of course I'd go as a work around it in some way but they say they're promoting it as a cipher society and all the other benefits most secure but that's that is the direction we're heading. Will be OK if we go in that direction and nice as God's people that's what we need to do we need to be on hand to give us light because he knows the future he knows when different issues are coming. I won't go into too much of that at this stage but that's one more question and then we'll finish up yeah. Like you said for young people yeah look the story itself I wrote it for my two teenage boys was not much of a story but the little chapters there little snippets of principles about fighting finance So yes very readable families use it for worship they'll read one story an order a week or whenever they doing their worship. That second party you question is a really hard one had you approach a person who appears to be going in a wrong road. And relying on money more than God Look it's really really difficult. So I could God tells the story. Of what's called the aesthetic stage of life that's the stage of life when we are like a rock skipping across a pond and we're just we're going from one career advancement to the next we're winning new contracts we're having the right holidays in the next holidays even nicer way drawing nice cars and going even nicer ones and we're just enjoying the luxuries of life we're skipping across the pond. But he says that they comes a time in life when the skips get faster and faster and closer and closer together we need more war I've got have a better cruise than last time a noise a cow I need a bigger advance I needed it I did did did did did did did did did did. And then the wrong loses momentum and sinks down Dan Dan into the muddy darkness and then it's long there in the mud lying on its back looking out and it's then that it cries out to God for help and it's often been the only time that God can help because the only two on the rock cried out. In my life and I've seen other people's lives as well. We are really hard to help when we're skipping along through life because we've got all the stuff we've got life's good you know and we look at others around us to go. I'm doing better than them you know and so I would life's good I don't need God. But when we lying on our back in the mud now that can come through health it can come through bankruptcy you can come through family relationship issues you can come through a whole lot of different things when we're lying there in the mud crying out to God. That's the opportunity. To offer some help at that time and it's. It's tough it's tough. The rich young ruler it's easier for a camel to go in to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven yeah OK look I just want to finish with an illustration. In the twenty third Psalm if you turn to it in your Bibles. It's. The most famous Psalm it to me it's one of the most beautiful Psalms that we have the twenty third Psalm written by King David. The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want he makes me to lie down in green pastures He leads me beside the still waters you know the psalm it's just a beautiful a beautiful song of praise between. A lamb and the shepherd that's really where it's at. In verse five it says you prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies you anoint my head with oil my cup runs over Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will do well in the house of the Lord forever there's a Jewish tradition which I believe is still up held by some Missy and accused today. And that is the tradition that back in David's time when he wrote that. There was a lower of hospitality in the lane and the law was this that if a person was travelling between two towns during the day and they couldn't quite make it to the next town by not full then they could knock on the door of anybody living alongside the road and say my friend Look I'm trying to get to the next town but I can't get there Could I please stay with you for the night and the law said that you as the house I mean one must work on the main give them dinner a bed and breakfast and then send them on their way and of course if you yourself were ever in that situation then the people living we saw that road would welcome you in a lower hospitality beautiful law but there was something that happened at breakfast time that was very interesting. There was an unwritten message that went between the host the house owner and the guest. If the. Host filled the guests glass half full at breakfast time then that was an on written unspoken message that simply said. My friend. I have given you dinner bed in a breakfast I have given I've fulfilled the Law of the lane but it's now time for you to move on a very simple reason. Some people have told me that I would like to have that today something that I could do in their homes. However. If on the other hand. The host feel that last then that was another unspoken message and it was simply that my friend I've given you dinner bed and breakfast. But if you need another not pleased to welcome stick around is that. Now preparing a table before me in the presence of my enemies. My cup runneth over. And I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever and ever and ever and ever. Sorry. He didn't say that I did not waste Stick around you'll see me drinking out of the tree. The the message is clear. God wants us to do for ever and ever. But the choice is yours and it's mine. And the way that we really light to the things of this. In the light of His glory and Grace. Will affect whether or not we get to stay in God's house forever and ever. I'm not giving that to you as a works oriented thing I'm giving it to you that when Jesus Christ comes into your heart. Because of what he has done on Calvary your love for him will just explode and you want to you want to tell everybody you want to invest everything you can in his work your water just. The good news the freedom the peace the joy that he has brought into your life you want to share with everybody else. You can still do that in business you can do it as a professional. But do it on your knees is my prey its bare hands. They have only Father Lord thank you again that you are a patient God. Lord thank you that. You put up with us misinterpreting your word and and trying to read into your word what we want to read. What your word is telling is that you love us and that if we could see the in from the beginning we would never choose to be laid in any way except that the way that you want to latest. So I just pray that we might come before you humbling me. On behalf of each hot here that is ready and asking all of you Lord I request that you were in your. And that as we get up often nice. You will live in our lives and you will through us and that you will use us Lord to. The beautiful life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ to this world Lord we know that the greatest risk your being on this planet is about to happen please help us to tell people give us the boldness and the courage in the words and the many and everything we. Produced by audio. Avenues layman's services and industry. If you would like to learn. More if you would like to.


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