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In this compelling Sabbath-afternoon program, history comes alive! We will explore the intriguing roots of ASI and span the time between then and now. We will see how ASI's vision and mission have expanded around the globe, and how this will most assuredly impact of God's work in the future, as well as your life-- if you will let it. You don't want to miss this program!




  • August 5, 2017
    4:00 PM


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Good afternoon and welcome to the Sabbath afternoon program at the seventieth a. We're delighted that you are here the staff today in the softer news program will be one in which we're going to focus on the history of A.S.I. and labor movements throughout history that have impacted the world and impacted the Seventh-Day Adventist Church We'll talk about where N.A.S.A.'s come from where we have. Been going in the future and where we are today so Teenie pray for us shall we bow our heads in prayer. Our wonderful most loving kind Heavenly Father we thank you first of all for who you are such a great and awesome loving and unselfish God you've done so much for each of us and we thank you for that we thank you for the way that you have loved us and cared for us and guided us and so we thank you for everything that you have done and now Father I pray that you would bless this meeting this afternoon and each participant each one I pray you will give your power and Holy Spirit to and father we ask for your presence here we know that the Holy Spirit has been here and is here this afternoon but we pray again for the outpouring of your spirit and so Father we will give you the glory and the praise for everything also that A.S.I. has done we thank you for the ministries of A.S.I. we know that it takes more than one ministry more than one person it takes all of us working together to really be unified to finish your work. So we pray that you give us wisdom and power and your presence as we worship again this afternoon with you so thank you we praise you we honor you we love you and we look forward to that great day when you a calm again in the clouds of heaven keep us faithful to that and we pray in Jesus' precious name and. This year is the seventy year anniversary of A.S.I.. And the five hundredth year celebrating the Reformation it was in fifteen seventeen that Martin Luther nailed the ninety five theses on the castle church wall in Wittenberg What do those two events have in common what is a yes I have in common with the Reformation. There are many things that A.S.I. has in common but there is one that I'd like to focus on the truth that dawned on the minds of many during the Reformation is found in first Peter chapter three or Chapter two rather Certainly the Reformation focused on salvation by grace justification certainly it focused on the authority of the scripture as above the authority of priests and prelate and pope's certainly it focused on faith but there was another aspect of the Reformation that dawned upon the minds of men and women another aspect that burst upon their consciousness and we find that in first Peter chapter two in verse nine the Bible says but you are a chosen generation a royal priesthood a holy nation his own special people that you may produce. Claim the praises of him who called you out of darkness into this marvelous light the great truth of the Reformation was that priests and prelate and pope's were not the custody into the gospel but that God had blessed average men and women with the knowledge of His grace in the marvels of his love and that every Christian was to be a witness every Christian was to be a priest of God Every Christian was to be ambassadors for Christ witnessing is not a spiritual gift witnessing is the calling of every Christian whom God A quips with spiritual gifts to witness God has blessed down through the generations and centuries laypeople Matthew was a tax collector called by God who chronicled the Gospel Peter and John were fisherman called by God and think of Peter's great sermon in Acts chapter two where three thousand were baptized after that prophetic sermon showing that Christ was the Messiah Peter was a lay person who was a physician a lay person called by God who joined BOLO Paul was the first A S. I member because when you look back you remember in Acts Chapter eighteen verse three that the Apostle Paul was a tent maker in Corinth Why was poet Ted maker in Corinth Incidentally why did he join a quill and Percival there they were expelled from Rome when the Jewish persecution came they were ten makers why did they go to Corinth it was fifty one A.D. the Ismaili in games were coming in fifty two a day they had no hotel. To stay in so pull an intrapreneur ial tent maker began making tents for the thousands that would come in the games so he could make some money to support his ministry Paul was an A as I member an intrapreneur and he lit the world with the Gospel thank God for S.O.I. members who like William carrier member William Kerry said he said I cobble shoes to pay expenses but soul winning is my business the true spirit of A.S.I. is one who indeed is self-supporting to do mission for Christ time went on church and state united the Dark Ages came and the church had a different philosophy its philosophy was this laypeople are to to simply pray they are to pay and they are to obey but then the light of the Gospel broke through in the middle ages and as it did Martin Luther and other reformers began to share the glorious truth of the priesthood of the believers lay people again rose to preach the gospel and out of that reformation as heirs of the Reformation the advantage church group and those early Adventists often were lay people William Miller not an ordained preacher but called by God as a godly lay person rose the preach the gospel and think of for example the Joseph Bates a sea captain called of God God has been calling men and women down through the ages who are lay people touching them with the spirit of the Gospel changing their lives mission is part of the D N A of lay people in the seventh day I'd. Finished church mission a dentist who we are and mission was part of a lay movement in our early history and young people propelled by mission went forward to preach the Gospel Charles. Driving force behind our church and we have found that. In the early portion of our church it was very intentional was an accidental is very intentional what our leaders did what you mean by by it was an in to not accidental but intentional they very much infused their young people with a sense of mission the fact that they were on earth for a purpose and that purpose was to share Christ and his soon coming with the world and that's the spirit of a I saw it that's exactly the spirit of as I was patterned after that very attitude and that attitude is probably best embodied and exemplified in the person of faith of and who was a Southern Watch what you tell us a little bit about that man that was so fundamental so basic in the foundation of a I saw it be my pleasure to do that Mark thanks for letting me sheer will and grew up in rural Iowa not far from the Minnesota border and he learned hard work very early age you see even when he was a very very young man he and his sister herded cows for an entire summer for a total of thirty five cents. He managed to hang on to that thirty five cents over the winter and with his father's encourage Mint He invested that thirty five cents and some money and set and he tended those onions through the year sold them for a tidy profit at the end of the year and that was his first if you would a business venture you see. The year after he. Graduated from high school. He took a job teaching in a nearby schoolhouse he rode his pony mouse back and forth throughout the winter and in addition to teaching many lessons he learned one lesson that was critically important and that critically important lesson was that God called him to reach young people for Jesus through education he felt that he was poorly equipped however and he determined to go and get additional college training to remedy that shortcoming Now his family his father in particular did not agree with his college aspirations and they offered him no support. So as Sutherland sold his pony mouse so that he would be able to make the trip to Battle Creek he went there to live with a couple of aunts and he wasn't immediately ready to enter college and so he spent a year studying rhetoric in English with Professor Goodloe Bell Professor Bill has some rather different ideas about education for example Professor Bell thought that the Bible should be the foundation of all the principles that we communicate. He also felt that. In addition to head learning that we should be learning practical things and so he and Ed spend half of each day out in physical labor. Now this fight is families disapproval of his pursuit of college ed determined that he should go home and help his father on the farm the first summer after he was in college his muscles were soft The work was hard and his father was harder. Against the protests of his mother and the rest of the crew his father put him on the toughest job in the harvest it was called the straw monkey but Ed saying and prayed his way through that harvest season without any complaint the next summer Edward spent call portering he went. In Minnesota and he stayed in the home of Josephine got see and go surfing got Sian. Put a call Porter's up in her home and some of the young men had been there didn't have a really good experience at determined that he was going to have a better experience with his benefactress and so he went out of his way to take care of her home and her carriage horse and he wouldn't know what benefits this friendship would have in the future now when Ed returned to Battle Creek it was for his junior year in eight hundred eighty eight and he met a new friend there the new arrival was Percy McGann person began to arrive from Ireland and he had been invited to live in the home of the now widowed Ellen White and began spending more time with the boys see me with Percy in the Ellen whites home Ellen White referred to Ed and Percy as the boys Ed and Percy referred to Ellen White as mother white tits and in term of endearment that they used throughout their lives and it was no accident that placed Ed Sutherland Percy McGann and Ellen White together in eight hundred eighty eight. This as you recall is when there was a renewed emphasis in our church on righteousness by faith what mother white referred to as the angel's message in verity. Though younger than Edward Percy had a number of things that he was going to teach him one of those things was the religious experience that he enjoyed little by little Percy led Edward into the same close walk with Jesus that Percy had already enjoyed. And the visits with mother white and the long talks with Percy brought Ed into that same relationship and Ed and Percy were rooted. And grounded in Jesus Christ. Through that winter the boys also observed mother white closely they learned to value the marvelous gift to the remnant that the gift of prophecy bestowed by God on this gentlewoman was and they came to the conviction that those revelations were direct from God and they needed to follow that guidance they did through the rest of their lives. In addition to his studies Percy took a job in the college bakery he was soon the head baker and in his spare time he went over to the machine shop to learn how to use the tools that were found there Ed On the other hand in his spare time played football and baseball. And when Ed attempted to recruit Percy for the baseball team person responded I can't regard any activity as recreation suitable for me unless it confers benefits on someone else. Pondered his friend's position. And eventually came to believe the same is as his friend. Around this time had noticed also a certain young lady her name was Sally she was from Ohio also she was talented she was educated in languages she was artistic she had a sterling character and they both wanted to teach and the faculty gave their permission so that they could date and at the end of the following summer they were married and Sally took a call to Minnesota. Percy was asked to interrupt his studies because the college had a desperate need for a history teacher. And then they connected at the end of that next school year at a conference an educational conference is being held in Harbor Springs Michigan the Seventh Day Adventist Church educators were getting together to. Finally consider the councils that mother White had been sending. On education while they were there Ed suggested they go fishing Percy responded. Vegetarian. And before the day was over and Sally were fidgeting as well also while at Harbor Springs Ed was asked to teach history but this time about a creek college. Before he could even start teaching they changed his subject on him they gave him Old Testament Bible and he figured the best place to start Old Testament Bible is in Genesis you know you don't have to go too far in that book and you start finding out what the original diet was and soon the students were asking for a vegetarian option in the cafeteria it wasn't two years later and Battle Creek was a vegetarian campus. After only one year at Valley Creek Ed was asked to go and be the principal of a new college it's a place out in Washington state called Walla Walla the president for the college lived in Michigan So for practical purposes it was up to Ed to get the school year started in his first five months he needed to attend camp meeting in Seattle create a curriculum for the college produce a catalogue find and hire qualified teachers recruit some students oversee the construction workers so that the building got built. And on December seventh one thousand nine hundred two they opened school with ninety one students ten teachers. By the end of the school year in roll it was over one hundred sixty Now by contrast I want you to understand the University of Washington had already been in operation for thirty years. But only had forty two students. Things were a bit rough However the building wasn't finished when school opened construction on. Progressed as funds were available Ed was insistent that they not be going into debt the only heat in the building was two stove one was a potbelly stove in the chapel and the other was a borrowed range in the kitchen which it turned out did not work when they first tried to fire it. There was only one bathroom and one tub in each dormitory. And the staff wrote to the general conference describing the situation and asking for help the reply that came back was a set of detailed instructions on how you could take a bath in a basin of water. The school promptly purchased basins for the in dormitory. Ed was very intentional about educating his staff he held staff retreats where they would study the testimonies that were coming from mother white in Australia where she was starting Avondale the testimonies were a constant topic of conversation on campus. The fundamental question with every new letter of consul was what is this going to look like on our campus how will we implement this principle. The second year Ed was given the title of president and there was also a new staff member that came Bessie De Graw interrupted her studies at Battle Creek very much like Percy had done and travelled to Walla Walla to help out she proved to be a dynamo and she wound up working with Ed. For the rest of her life. That winter Ed presented a report of what was happening at Walla Walla to the General Conference. The conference also heard reports from Battle Creek which was struggling at the time with a debt of about ninety thousand dollars in today's currency that would be about two point six million. Clearly God had been able to bless leadership at Walla Walla and so the General Conference. Voted to move that leadership to Battle Creek to the flagship educational institution at the age of thirty two AD with Sally and Bessie joined Percy back at that a creek. Not Battle Creek was located on only seven acres of property in the middle of the city and Ed and Percy desperately wanted to move the college out into the country to be in compliance with Mother White's counsels but her personal counsel to the boys was wait. The time is not yet right so they did they waited but they weren't idle while they were waiting Percy started a debt relief organization Ed wrote a sizable book on educational history Ed and Percy went out and plowed up the tennis courts and the baseball field to provide garden space. There was a great deal of opposition to the reforms among the students but there was also a great deal of support and a revival swept through the college. Ed was getting letters from several churches requesting teachers for children. He went to the chapel meeting with the students. With three letters of request and he asked if there might be any students willing to interrupt their studies to go and help these churches. No one replied. So the next day. He made the same inquiry and first one. And then two more young ladies stood up. By Christmas there were seven schools in operation with students that volunteered to lead out by March there were thirteen during the next year fifty seven schools were organized by the fall of one thousand nine hundred just two years later almost one hundred fifty church schools were an operation. And in one thousand nine hundred mother white also unexpectedly in. Her return from Australia she determined she would in ten to the February one thousand know one General Conference meeting in part because of things revealed to her about problems that needed to be met very firmly here in America she addressed that conference on several subjects and among them was the relocation of Battle Creek after her comments on that subject the General Conference Committee voted to purchase rural property so that they could move the college ed and Sally and Percy they'd already been scouting up properties and they knew just where they wanted to go the next year school started in a new location a place called Bury and Springs Michigan and the new location called for a new name Emmanuel missionary college. Since there were only a few small buildings on the new campus classes that first year were held in the recently vacated courthouse and jail. Percy's wife gave her entire inheritance to help start the construction on campus progress on the campus was obvious and rapid but opposition to educational reform was also strong. Percy's wife I did always been rather frail. And she took ill in part from the stress over the criticism that her husband was receiving She died during the union conference meetings that may have one thousand and four. Leaving Percy with two small children. Percy an ad. That had enough. They tendered their resignations. And they headed south. Ed met Mother white on Ed's and White's paddle wheel boat called The Morning Star they started up river to pick up Percy but they had mechanical problems along the way Ed recognized the place it was Neely's been near Larkin Springs not far from Nashville mother white wished to see a farm that was nearby. I added already seen it he was not interested but he agreed to accompany mother white the place looked worse than EDID remembered mother why it seemed in Nam merge with it it looks like a place I've seen in vision and as heart sank. No sooner had they picked up Percy than mother white called Ed and Percy to her cabin Well brother again I saw your farm today and I walked all around it I am convinced God wants you and Ed Sutherland to have that place it's the kind of place that's been shown to me and vision what do you think of it. I think of it as little as I can. It's too big it's all run down and we don't have the money. Well I'm sorry. Because it seems to me the Lord intends you to have that place. And a few days later Ed and Percy did return to the farm edge shared with Percy who I wish we had some honorable and Christian way to get out of the whole thing without showing a lack of faith in the testimonies. They wrestled with their decision for the rest of the day. But before the day was out Percy summed it up like this. Ed we were in it and were in it voluntarily. Mrs White is with us God is leading us and he will show us the way. They share their decision with mother white and she showed great pleasure. She said I'll do anything I can to help you. You tell your story to the people and they will help and I will recommend your work. And if you wish I'll come on your board. Now that last statement bore great significance. It was the only board that Ellen White ever served on. And she served on it until the year before she died. Right away Ed went north to consult with his aunts Nell knowledge or lard was known by most as mother Dee She was a fiery red head but more importantly she was a keen business woman. They took the next train that they could back to Nashville a welcoming party met them at the train station and then included mother Voigt. When Edin mother Dee heard that the price had been raised on the farm by another thousand dollars Mother D. said Well I'm glad we're not going to take it. Glad glad said Mother why do you think I'd let the devil beat me out of a place for a thousand dollars it's cheap enough. And she then turned to mother to. Nail you think that you're old enough to retire. But if you'll cast your lot in with these boys if you'll look after them and guide them and support them in what the Lord wants them to do the Lord will renew your strength. And you'll accomplish more in the future than you have done in the past. Mother D. immediately provided the downpayment the signatures for the property were detained that day a feat about which mother white later would tell the boys you will never know. How many angels it took. The owners didn't vacate the property immediately people had to stay wherever they could find the servants' quarters above the carriage house were dubbed probation hall if you could endure its rigors you could handle anything Madison was going to give you. Until the Fergusons left the downstairs household servants' quarters held mules and horses and smoked hams and mice and rats and flies and other vermin the place was cleaned up and over time all of the pie. Years took their turns living in the upstairs bedroom. Incoming students frequently also spent time there. The faculty voted themselves a stipend of thirteen dollars per month. Ten years later they would go on record to say that they had been richly blessed. To still be getting thirteen dollars a month even though that thirteen dollars had depreciated in value by about twenty percent. Following the pattern of what had been done in Michigan by one thousand and nine Madison set out scores of students into the south to propagate the education and health outreach that had been begun on that campus it was decided to invite representatives from each of what they called units to come to Madison and share in the work that was going on there it was such a success that they resolved to continue to do that practice by nine hundred ten they'd survived the worst of it Ed and Percy went back to school to get their medical degrees and then Percy was called to the college of medical evangelists said this is like tearing asunder bone and morrow but as Percy was leaving Lyda funk Scott joins the Madison family. For more of the stories of God's providence I would love to be able to share them now but our time is running out and what you can do is you can you can get the book Madison God's beautiful farm for those of you who are here at the conference it's available in the exhibit hall at the A.S.I. booth or at the Madison or the E.C. booth and no one wants to be the bearer of bad news but I'm afraid I have to just as an amateur historian set the record straight. While technically correct this is the seventieth anniversary of A.S.I.. But since one thousand and nine the units have been meeting every year to encourage each other in service and this march in the one hundred nineteenth gathering. Of A.S.I.. Yes I was formally organized in forty seven. And was expanded and renamed to include the the individual we operated ministries and businesses and elder friendly the units are still getting together as is evidence right here by A.S.I. name and thank you so much you know it was one of the things that has deeply impressed me about it. Is the sacrifice and the commitment that members of made as they've traveled the world to witness for Christ you know a number of years ago I was on one of our self-supporting campuses and there were a number of broken down cars there so I was complaining a little bit to the administrator Karzai campus and he got this big smile and he said we like it that way and I said What do you mean he said when our students go out to the mission field they're going to need to learn how to repair a broken down car just right and you know it's that spirit of sacrifice and commitment that it's always impressed me when you think of the thousands and thousands of workers that have gone out to the ends of the earth heavens going to a wonderful testimony of that sacrifice that's absolutely right and self-supporting workers those who have in some way learned how to supply their own means and the Lord has blessed they have been instrumental in bringing literally thousands of people into this precious at that message and it's amazing how A.S.I. has spread all over the world just next month I'll be in Europe for their convention in Serbia I mean it's it's a movement that is absolutely heaven born you have a fascinating background with a. Particularly with Madison would you like to share that with us. It's a fascinating story and I'll try and do it in the six minutes that I have. If we can show the first slide. I want to talk to you about William Henry Wilson and Isabella Scott Wilson now like many people in the United States their origins were in Ireland the fact they came from Donegal County. They immigrated to the United States got married in North America and found their way to madly out to the Northern California area. William was not a Seventh Day Adventist but Isabella my great grandmother and my great grandfather of course. Isabella became an Adventist and I want to tell you probably why she became very closely connected and so did William with a wealthy dairy farming couple. Emmeline and Nathaniel Hurlbut. They were visited in one thousand nine hundred eight by Ellen White that's the hurdle boats who are quite wealthy they were visited in one thousand nine hundred eight by Ellen White Willie White. Sutherland Sarah McMinn to for the secretary of Ellen White and another individual and they were urged to move from California to Georgia and to start a self-supporting institution. This burned in the hearts of the horrible acts and they enlisted the help of. Certainly my great grandparents but my great grandparents children they had four sons the Hurlbut were very instrumental in the will. And family and in fact they were Mrs Hurtle but was called Grandma horrible. They eventually moved to Georgia Interestingly the very place that they moved was in Reeves Georgia Reeves has now become basically Calhoun Georgia the property that hurdle but started their. Special farm girl but farm Institute was patterned after Madison as were many of those institutions in the south of the United States. My oldest great uncle who was the senior brother of my grandfather the Faneuil Carter Wilson in fact in the thing you'll Carter Wilson the first and see my father my grandfather and I all have these initials but different names in the Faneuil Carter was named for nothing annual Hurlbut and Emma lean Carter Hurlbut and these people had profound interests influence and certainly an interest was generated in a great way in our family now the picture you just saw off we can go back to that picture is my grandfather the Daniel Carter Wilson who with his new bride Hannah my grandmother went on their wedding night on a train to Reeves Georgia to join his older brother in in the work. In reality he had he was following up on what my older what his older brother had done because his older brother died of tuberculosis. And so there they were working in the self-supporting institution in Reeves Georgia for probably about ten months or so. Family Matters call them back to Lodi California where my great grandmother was living. And from there in one thousand twenty two. The two of them went to Madison college along with my. Father and with my aunt. And there they spent about three years at Madison college my grandfather was the Bible teacher he was the church pastor and he was ordained as a gospel minister at Madison college they left for Africa after that and then on to India and to a great extent Madison put its huge imprint on the Wilson family. If we go now and jump a few years when they came back from missions service at that point because they went back again if we can show the next slide. This is a picture of my grandfather when he was approximately at the time when he became president of the North American division in fact my father has served in that capacity My grandfather has served in that capacity and at that time he was elected in one nine hundred forty six in one thousand nine hundred forty seven. Or just before that I should say he was elected also as the board chair of Madison college so he came full circle. He was then the chair of that particular institution that was. One hundred eighty patients strong five hundred students food factory farm except for except for. The next year in one nine hundred forty seven March four to five in Cincinnati Ohio fifty representatives and leaders from self-supporting institutions gathered and they are. Forge greater ties to work together out of that twenty five institutions formed the first association of self-supporting institutions under the leadership of my father who my grandfather who had been so influenced by Madison college my grandfather is quoted as saying it is a great day in the history of the church the association of Seventh Day Adventists self-supporting institutions and two years later in one thousand nine hundred forty nine as I have it in Grand Rapids Michigan Dr Sutherland was elected president of A.S.I. and Dr J. Wayne McFarland who many of us know as the co-founder of the five day Plan to Stop Smoking was elected as the secretary. Size history is rooted in Madison college and in so much of the outgrowth of that incredible institution and of course in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine it was renamed Adam to this layman services and industries expanding its activity like to show you the next picture and it's a picture of my grandparents in their later years my grandfather was the president of the Georgia Cumberland conference in the early sixty's and and just the change of that decade and in one thousand nine hundred fifty nine while he was president of that conference they had a session of the camp meeting that empowered the conference to work out details for the purchase of the her farm from the layman's foundation and that later became the Georgia Cumberland Adventist Academy and so my grandfather was so involved in so much of this that was all founded in Madison you know the Wilson as we look back at our. Backgrounds these early experiences shape our lives they help to shape who we are in ministry they help to shape us in who we are in Christ and witness in a sentence or two how did this background shape your life Madison college the connections my great uncles working there are another wonderful person within our family Billy WILSON Some of you may know him these individuals have helped to create in my life. A very profound understanding as to what a medicine college can do I'll show you the next picture of my parents and many of you will remember my parents they were tremendously influenced also by. And Madison college this heritage will live in the hearts of people and in the mission outreach until Jesus comes. You know just as you have been somewhat influenced as by a. Self-supporting institutions early in my ministry had a great influence in that are in fact I'm not the only one with a story Mark because you have been so influenced by this connection with especially Wildwood tell us what's happened well in the late one nine hundred sixty S. I was a minister in turn I had been in ministry for two years and I met out of W.D. for C. who was the president of Wildwood at the time my wife was teaching elementary school in Hartford Connecticut I was a young minister of winter and in Hartford and he came to have a series of meetings on the sanctuary the Lamb of God in the sanctuary the lamb who dies the priest who live Jesus' ministry in the sanction. And I remember we were going through that series. And I was deeply impressed by the spirituality of his meetings Elba for Izzy was not a preacher that was bombastic or fascinating when he got up to speak you sense that the Spirit of God was speaking through him I had never been in meetings before that I walked in and I sensed that the lives of people were being changed people were being touched by the Spirit and as a young preacher I was really impressed by that I thought to myself I don't want my message to simply entertain people I don't want to be a fascinating preacher I want the Spirit of God to come down I want some hard to be touched some life to be changed somebody be moved upon by the spirit and I remember it was in February and the snow was coming and I said Delta for Izzy and to our senior pastor at O.J. Mills I don't know if we should have the meeting tonight because every report is that it's going to snow and snow and snow and that Godly man simply said my brother Let us pray God is the God of the weather and you know there are some things that are indelibly etched on the consciousness of your mind for ever and ever for C. and O. to MIL's and I got down and he prayed he prayed a simple prayer Dear Lord you know those people and they need to hear this message tonight and I pray you put your hand over this city. It's snow that night all around us and it did not snow in Hartford Connecticut all around us the roads were icy and I said to myself Here is a man that knows got up and I remembered what Dwight Moody said and he said The world is yet to see what God will do in and through and buy in for and with the man that is consecrated to Him I want to be that man. A number of. Months later elders he gave me an invitation to become his associate and he said to me if you come to Wildwood I can offer you nothing I can offer you a salary because we don't have one I can offer you housing because I don't know where you're going to live at this point will have something when you come I can offer you prestigious but what I can't offer you is myself I will share with you everything I know in ministry so I came to Wildwood as a young preacher I watched him make an appeal and I learned how to make them I watched him with testimony meetings and I saw the power of God change people's lives that I learned out of testimony meetings I watched him as he prayed with people after the meetings it was indelibly written upon my mind. One day it was October twenty second and out of her so he said to me we often preach together he said Mark you preach the first twenty minutes of the sermon and whenever you finish I'll get up and I'll take up where you left off and I'll preach the rest of the service and so he would preach twenty minutes I mean I would preach twenty minutes and he would preach twenty minutes would choose the topic together so he said Mark I want you to preach IT'S OCTOBER twenty to want you to preach on the sanctuary you preach on the fact that of the seventy weeks you nailed down the fact of twenty seven a D. thirty one eighty Christ crucifixion you deal with the sixty nine weeks and so forth I was a young preacher. And I thought about that and thought about that he said after you preach on listening to wary and you show that after eight hundred forty four Jesus went into the most holy place that I will get up and say what is Jesus doing now and I explain his ministry up this well the more I thought about it the more I thought I only got twenty minutes to do that I'm going to get confused so I went out of his if they don't for the I don't think I could do this you know that old preacher at the time respected this young preacher who said Mark if you're uncomfortable with it this what I want you to do I went to him on a on a Friday morning we're supposed to preach Friday night. He said this what I want you to do I want you to take your Bible and you go out today under the trees and you pray all day and let God give you a message I'm going to do the same thing and you meet me tonight at six thirty here a meeting starts at seven We'll compare notes we won't preach on twenty three hundred days but you go pray all day I'll pray all day will come back so I go out and pray all day but halfway through the day I look at Philippians two and I say I'm going to preach on Philippians two came back to elder frizzy. Who is about six thirty at night and I look at him and I say elder I preach on I want to preach on Philippians to the military a Christ. He said Go over your sermon notes one of my sermon notes he sat there like this praise God Praise God Praise God He handed me a sermon notes we hadn't talked all day and he had developed a sermon. Ending starting with my sermon ended on Philippines a second chapter a man we've now and prayed together and that night the Spirit of God came down Incidentally if you want to hear that sermon it's called There's room at the top and I think you can get it from Wilder recordings today I preach the first twenty minutes he preaches the second out of WILSON What impressed me early in my ministry in my time at Wildwood was that I needed to be a man of God named I could not waste people's time in preaching and associating with. Listening to him make strong appeals for Christ change my life a man and you know what really marks the incredible aspect. Of the imprint from self-supporting institutions in medicine ecology is sacrifice and sacrifice for Jesus and that same sacrifice is going to be manifested at the very end of time it is and there are many other stories as well that are so similar to your story and to. My story out of Wilson I think Charles has some other stories for us there are several stories that I think would be help for a family we only have time for a few on the first I want to share with you is about Elmer brink now when the team began to assemble on the old Ferguson farm the program was far from being a large and well oiled program in addition to a few students there are only a few dedicated faces and one of which I cannot even show you and that one mostly unknown but critically important is Elmer bring you see everyone had their task to do on the place to get it up and running mother Dee ran the skillet in the broom Percy ran the farm ad ran the butter churn Bessie took the butter into town and sold it to get a little bit of cash but if it wasn't for Elmer taking care of the cows that produced the milk that made the butter that produced the cash they made it through that first year. And what we know of now is Madison may never have come to be Elmer represents a multitude of dedicated skilled workers each sacrificially ply their gifts and their talents that God is given in whatever place of ministry God has placed them undeterred by challenges that might arise they faithfully do day by day the things that bring success to ministry usually allowing others to step into the spotlight. Their content to know that they've been faithful in their place. And that God has led them. This likely describes the majority of A.S.I. whether an individual or institutional ministry. And you might remember that Ed Sutherland met Josephine got seen when he was in her home canvassing. After spending some time in California helping Ellen White to get the medical work off the ground there including helping to fund the original purchase with the Paradise Valley sanitarium. She made donations to the college of medical evangelists and then she moved east to Tennessee Her home was made there Madison and her house also housed the first sanitarium patients. She provided the means for the construction of some of the campus buildings and lived there Madison until her death. Nellie Drew large was a keen business woman and she did look after the boys. She did not only did dedicate the rest of her life to the development of this God inspired school but she committed her personal financial resources to the down payment and to the infrastructure of the place. Like the folks got that we only briefly mentioned earlier was an heiress to the Funk and Wagnalls encyclopedia fortune after spending some time about a creek she thought she'd go south to see the school that she had heard about down there and she liked what she thought Madison and decided to stay. Though a wealthy woman she adopted the very simple life style of Madison. She poured her inheritance into the development of ministries like Madison and Loma Linda and her personal reach was to encouraging the units that were springing up from Madison by good lending her presence and her advice and her means in one nine hundred twenty seven she invested her resources to establish the layman foundation to carry on that met that mission and the layman foundation in turn launched the E.A. Sutherland Education Association. It started in one in two thousand to me and it continues much of that work of encouragement and support of the lay operated educational units. Now if you were to try and. Measured in today's Currency each one of these ladies contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars toward the establishment a Seventh Day Adventist denominational and Les operated ministries. And she I believe these ladies represent those here in A.S.I. who contribute or manage the resources that God has provided and that are critically necessary to establish and to move ministry forward. But perhaps most significantly there are those who heard in chapel from week to week the needs of the work. They heard year by year of the blessings that God was giving to those who had basically gone out to replicate this model of people who caught the vision of service that was Madison and went out to start their own outposts of ministry. And to best tell that story you don't need this amateur historian you need to hear from somebody who lived through the experience Steve why don't you tell us what it was like as your family pioneered ministry at Harbor Hills. My father showed up at Madison the Madison college came from California at the young age of eighteen he left California with just a few dollars in his pocket enough for a bus ticket to get across the country and to Madison he showed up there and he said Well here I am I'm ready to go to school he was accepted into college and sure enough they let him in with just a few dollars in his pocket he began to work his way through school there my mother showed up from Massachusetts she had been raised her father was in the Navy and had moved all over the countryside at the age of fifteen she had become converted to Adventism through a friend of hers she was the only Adventist in her family but she felt impressed. When it was time to go to college that she should try to go to a Seventh Day Adventist college because the family didn't have a lot of money she ended up at Madison college and she was taking the nursing course there and her and my father became acquainted eventually they were married one day they were sitting in chapel together and as the custom was for many chapel services at Madison one of the things they did. Was they made an appeal for new work to get started and so Mr William E. Patterson was standing up in front of the auditorium and chapel there and he was saying you know we're going to start some new work and we have a vision to start a new school and I'm going to need some help and he began to describe his vision of what he wanted to do in helping young people and to earn their way through school into a plant an institution where there was no Seventh Day Adventists presence and as I heard the story my mother elbowed my father in the ribs and said I think that's us and course with a little elbow usually get up and my father my mother went forward and dedicated themselves to helping to begin the work of this institution this was in one thousand nine hundred fifty one in the late part of one nine hundred fifty one. And Mr Patterson went to Hardin County Tennessee now Hardin County Tennessee is interesting place there was no Seventh Day Adventists presence in that county in fact there was no Seventh Day Adventists presence in about nine counties surrounding hearten County but God had not left this place for several years before that time he had sent to call porters working their way through Madison to Harden County and these two young men went to the county and there was something very interesting going on in the county as they were getting ready to do their call Port. And they found out there was a high profile murder case going on and they both had a little interest in that and so they said you know what we're going to call Porter and then when we get done call porting we're going to go check and see what's going on with this with this case and so they began to watch the case as it went through and they became acquainted with the judge whose name was Judge HARBERT Well. So they were kind of paving the way and when Mr Patterson showed up and Harden County he said I'm needing some property to start a school who should I see and someone directed them to judge harked judge Harbert sat with them in his office and he said Mr Patterson I understand what you're saying here and I'll be happy to help you here's a plan of my property you go out and pick out what you think you need and let me know what that is and if you do what you say you're going to do then you can have that property but if ten years from now you haven't done it it comes back to me so. Two hundred twenty acres was donated to the project the Madison college students came on board they began to come to Harvard Mills Academy property there was nothing there they started clearing land they eventually built a little campsite there and continued there was no electricity there was no running water they began to clear the right away and bring the electricity on and eventually drilled the well and actually had something going on there so it took a little while but God was blessing in the process and people were the students from Madison would come down and they would work their wind and trying to get something started there well it's just amazing what God does over time and with people that are willing and. Mr Patterson son David Patterson and my father brought their business they were in the business of rebuilding pianos so they moved their business there so that there was an industry at Harbor Hills academy my mother and Mr Patterson's wives. Started a nursing home we were the smallest licensed nursing home in the state of Tennessee with three beds we laugh about it today three little beds there and the the funds to build that first little home there was called the Clara Ellis his home Mr Patterson had a bit interesting background Mr Patterson Sr He was an agent for the federal government and his job was to put people in jail and so it was rather interesting one day someone knocked on his office door there at the college and said Mr Patterson like to talk to you OK come in he said My name is Roger Hey do you remember me Mr Patterson says no I don't think I do he said well you put me in jail and I told you that if I ever got out I was going to come back and see you well at that point Mr Patterson became just a little bit nervous Wondering what was next but he said No I've heard about what you're doing don't worry I've heard about what you're doing down in Hardin County and I want to help you he said What do you need he said well we need a building we're going to start a little nursing home there he said well how much is that going to cost and he pulled out he wrote Mr Patterson a check for what he asked for to build the first little building for a nursing home and Mr Patterson told him Look we've got a problem here we can't name this after you his practice was to name things after the person that donated the money so we can't name this after you because you're a gangster so that can't have that on the campus and Mr Hayes said well no problem you can name it after my mother and so the Clara Ellis his home was started three residents now we have forty nine residents in a beautiful facility there God is blessed and measurably we have about. Sixty to eighty students in the school we have a farm program and radio station broadcasting to between Nashville and Memphis and all those those rural areas out there are there for churches that exist in that local area now and it's not all because of what happened there but Madison had a part to play in this they were inspiring people to do amazing things men. People were coming out of Madison doing these amazing things all across the south and around the world just amazing and I believe that God had a plan Madison wasn't an easy place we've heard about that already but I think that was for a reason because God was showing people there if it can be done here it can be done and you know Steve God is racing up a generation of leaders and young men who will carry that torch self-sacrifice. Of mission. And God is raising up once again in this generation you know one thing though that. Frankly and that here is that that is. Not going to Madison. Is there a reason for it that are there any instructive that the church board today the fact that you're here is an institution that was reported about in Reader's Digest Here is an institution that the United States Education Department actually. Has a model of American education institution that spawned scores of other institutions and had hundreds and hundreds of students go out to the world but yet it does not exist in that same form today what lessons are struck Well I think there are several lessons one of the lessons that I take from it is the great need of our institutions across the country and around the world whether they're supporting ministries or Church own institutions there is a huge need for leadership and a Sutherland was in his waning years in one thousand nine hundred fifty five and passed away the school lasted beyond that for about another nine years but leadership is so extraordinary important. And this was one of the things one of the qualities that I I believe God was in gendering in the people that came to Madison because the conditions were difficult and as you have mentioned sometimes difficulties in our life are the best teachers there are very and struct if we learn rather quickly under very difficult conditions and so I would just challenge our. Family. Some of you are leaders some of you have a leadership ability and God may be calling you to step out of your comfort zone and to step into institutional life where leaders are in such demand just since being here at this convention I have had several institutional leaders come to me and say please help us we need people while it's true that money is helpful even more helpful than money is people and we need people that are dedicated people who will come and put their lives into the work that God is doing in our institutions so it's a huge thing I think there's a couple of other things though. And as far as being instructive I think we need to be very careful with what God gives us Madison had been in a time of decline for a number of years in the facilities were declining and their relationship with the state demanded that they have good facilities and for housing the nursing students and for teaching and things like that the facilities had been allowed to decline. Now this this was really at the very beginning of A.S.I. and so there was not that kind of organization in place to help the institution see the need and provide some of those resources for capital improvements that needed to take place so there was the leadership issue capital improvements and. Sometimes we get distracted in an institutional environ. We're paying attention to the minor things when we need to be paying attention to the to the big things and so that's another thing that I think had some impact on what was happening there. So you know it. It we do have a need and factor workers without question. As we think about leadership you see it as president of the General Conference a Seventh Day Adventist and leadership of the world share with us just briefly a few qualities that you see in Godly Christian leaders today what are the kind of qualities that God uses in leaders to really take the church beyond where it is today can institution it is for aspiring leaders essentially it requires an absolute faith in God. A humble spirit and I tell you and I speak to myself. All leaders today can be challenge to with the glamour or the central authority of position and it is only in humbling ourselves before God will see anything accomplished of any real value if you are a humble leader even if you may not be schooled in the best techniques of leadership God will use you just as he does the disciples and self-supporting work and A.S.I. the aspects that we've been talking about today one of the greatest characteristics Steve is really in terms of leadership people who are willing to do anything they could to advance the work of God So leadership certainly has to be humble It has to be knowledgeable it has to be completely leaning upon the Lord Himself and it has to be creative and the Lord intends for us. We use creative ideas and our own initiative and he will add his blessing to what happens another huge factor in leadership today is faith faith in the wonderful remnant understanding of God's precious prophetic movement and that God truly will be the leader in all this morning we had a powerful sermon to help us to understand not to place our trust in ourselves or in what we can do but to lean completely on God's power to accomplish it and not only God's power but God's way of accomplishing it and man and of course as we read in the spirit of prophecy we have so much instruction about how God wants to accomplish his work we need to have faith to follow it. You know Charles. God trains leaders in a variety of ways and let's go back to some of that early history and discover how God trains leaders Finley when. And when he manual missionary and when Madison each started they each started very much in privation and difficulty there were few bathtubs there was no air conditioning in many cases there was no heat. There was no excess money. They made do with whatever they had on hand. The first year at Madison they had corn. And cows. They sold butter to get flour the diet was corn bread and milk toast and to introduce some variety into the diet they created Brewis brew us was when you broke your toast into smaller pieces before you poured on the skim milk. And when they were ten. To complain. Remind everyone that the children of Israel manna for forty years they could manage for one. I would like to close my remarks with these words from got when she was reporting to the assembled representatives from the units in one thousand thirty four and I'm now quoting. Recently some of the graduates of Madison college have had a real experience in helping to establish a unit. Working in cooperation with the Mississippi Alabama conference. None are promised salaries. They must earn for themselves. To others of our graduates have gone to church schools and areas. As an encouragement to those who are studying the self-supporting cooperative plan of units I would say this there are units needing reinforcements there are places still available to earnest groups of people capable of working together effectively in cooperation. And able to for themselves. And women with money being prepared in hidden places who will respond to his call in the fullness of time. I came across one of these hidden ones this year. She said to me. If some with vision a will and the muscle will respond I will furnish the money. She could not get young folks with the will to work in the determination to stick it out through thick and thin. This woman had been waiting. And prayed. For twenty years. It is easier. To raise the meat. Than it is. To raise the man. The night is coming when no man can work before the shadows deepen into Darkest midnight the world is ever seen some must call answer the call. Saying. You know. People often ask the question. What what are we going to do who is going to start another Madison. How are we going to continue God's work and the need is huge around the world and as you've heard us talk just a little bit about this the need for leadership is huge and God is challenging individuals. Recently attended the Madison college alumni they've been closed for over sixty years but they still have an alumni meeting in June of each year where the graduates get together and they talk about their experience that happened to them there at Madison. Today as never before God is calling for workers he's calling for people who will enter his vineyard and do his work. We mentioned this the first evening and I'm going to mention it again right now we have two books that we are giving away this year kind of in in reference to our seventieth anniversary this book has a special edition republished for this convention Madison God's beautiful farm I invite you to stop by the. Surrounding booths there and pick up your copy of this book and take it home and read it and get inspired about what God may want you to do. The other book I would mention is this little booklet that we have republished as well it's called an appeal for self-supporting workers to enter on entered fields God is still calling today for people who will go and start things where there's nothing going on you know it's relatively inviting and comfortable to move into a community where there are many other Adventist and a kind of you know plant yourself there and attend the local Seventh Day Adventist church and sit in the pew it just gets kind of comfortable doesn't it well I believe we're at a time in earth's history where God is calling us to do something more than to keep the pews warm in these larger communities we're being called to go to places where there is no Seventh Day Adventist work hundreds and hundreds of cities and towns across this nation thousands of cities and towns and villages across the world needing someone to come and give them the Good News of the Gospel Well the good news is today that the work that God is calling people to do is being responded to we are not in a situation where no one is responding to that call we have several stories we want to tell you today the first story comes from the country of Romania I think we have some folks from Romania here today the little school is being started there is called Integrity office and they read the book Madison God's beautiful farm and they began to search for what they might do to fulfill that kind of vision for education and as they were searching and praying. I went at one point to talk with them and encourage them in their quest to start something there in Romania and they took me to a piece of property on a hillside there they said we're going to start something here it's amazing what God is doing there. We're going to start something here I said it's a beautiful piece of property it's a lovely place to start a little school they said that's what we'd like to do and so we began to encourage them. To pray with them and to give them some counsel and they began to work and we're going to show you just a short video clip right now about the work that is happening in Romania the beginning of this little school there and I say a little school you'll see when the when they show the video that God is really blessing there and again what do they do they started reading the book and they started reading the books God's council the book on education and other books and they said we've got to do something and God inspired them to do something and so we're going to ask them to roll that video right now. To kind of beam yes to the right that's enough. Take it to. The to the practitioners you know. Operate chairs and look at it kind of connecting because both and only going to cut out of the facility just. Had to tell us cladistic that and Mr Quinn that already. Breaks down into cuts in money to get us a Sim and I want to plant that into coming. Up Nash that it could. Middy son quality them is a. Dream so female living with. Them Christine in CA they. Start with dementia and they will be system. Out on pretty ninety nine and those are the HC the telecom facilities are going to talk a spell and get Who did you know they expect your sheets and again take your shoes. She been a couldn't find anything missing. Any time and do not look at a package or anybody. With the body permanently. Down people to the. Class so they get it sent to toss. She develops out. Couldn't one with at last heard a funny little Tell me I'm like you they look actually chilling underneath it she cannot get into get out of just one song or. Sell the second one door from little the professor but that was kind of what I've got back on mentally I shot a custody encounter. People in last place with visible doubt that they could be but out to get beat up and to be upset with you but I'd be lucky to do this you show you the boss of the civil. Suggestion and a look at here being that if he did it that there who got it has picked them along on good outdoorsman with. Things have a change have the success depends on following God's plan and I would challenge you my friends to continue to allow God to speak to you about what he wants you personally to do we have another story today we're going to share actually four more stories so get ready for four more great stories about what God is doing around the world with starting new things and impressing people to do something for him I would like to invite Wes stabber. To join me here this story comes to us. From Arkansas all anybody here from Arkansas today. Wes You're here from Mark and I am a man now West. You at one point were a chicken farmer yes or what what happened with that in the think your chicken farmer any more tell me Tell me about that well I had always in my life felt like I was a failure at witnessing. And I wanted to do something for God in witnessing but I didn't know what to do We had tried so many things I felt like if God handed out report cards I would have an A in prayer and A in Bible study and a D. minus and witnessing all mine and I wanted something to happen. So you were open to the leading of the Holy Spirit and play your little church appointed you to an office what did they ask you to do they asked me to be the personal ministries director Now that sounds are pretty That sounds pretty innocent just be the personal ministry director what did God do with that opportunity Well I had never been personal ministries director before and when I took the position I'm not the kind that wants to just stand in the podium and read the conference papers and I wanted something to happen so. I had read an article in the Northern Union paper about a Bible worker going to a church in Minnesota and. I I thought that's what we got to do we need to we need a Bible or we need a full time person to come and stir us and get us going in this church I want something to happen so you're looking for a Bible work or did you find one yes we did but it was difficult. Task we had found that the Bible worker that went to Minnesota had come through Louis to Red School in South Dakota and so I called him and he said No Wesley said These people don't just come here and take training and then hope to find a place to go there sent by a church and they're trained and they go back to their church actually thought he found me someone and then we got disappointed now didn't happen so who did you end up getting OK I just wish I need two hours to tell. But I went OK we've got four more minutes I don't worry. You have to keep track of the time but God providentially brought us if we can put on the screen the picture of these two people. Daniel and McKibben they were. Speedball that we knew nothing about and those people came and when I took them through the church and through the fellowship hall I heard naira to say to Daniel Daniel we could do our treatments in this room and I'm thinking what Bible workers don't do treatments and I said treatments what and she says well we're medical missionaries as well so you not only got a Bible worker but you've got a medical missionary we go to medical missionaries and of the finest order I say well what qualifies you to do medical work and that's when I found out that Daniel was a licensed massage therapist he had been in charge of the lifestyle center at Eden Valley for seven years and narrative was a doctor so how did that impact what how you got into this thing with medical missionary which goes and I got involved with these people I wanted to know about medical missionary work I'd read about it never met one in my life and we learned a lot about medical missionary work and while they were there do we. I have it on the screen that this couple came in who had a huge cancer and he had been to the doctors and the doctors a told him You've got two months to live and. I'm think and you know there's no hope for this man he was seventy two years old and believe it or not in six months time through her natural remedy program he was sent back to the doctors and he was told that he was cancer free a man and he's returned to our sander just recently this work talking about fifteen years later he is still cancer free. So at that point you kind of bought into the I did I'm telling you that said OK bye bye retirement I'm saving up for retirement my hot tub my motorhome we're going to travel the whole United States and I said goodbye to that I want to do this work so actually what I hear you saying is that God impressed you to take these funds you would save for retirement and the church is actually purchased a little piece of property they've started a medical missionary center across the road. This amazing God has done it would take me too long to tell you I've got it on a D.V.D. if any of you come by the booth it's two forty five you'd hear the whole story there so you have the whole story there but let me just ask you a question Wes as we close out here today I want you to do is share with the folks here today how has this changed to your personal life to get involved like this I was a Laodicean Seventh Day Adventists just living the life and it has totally changed me I understand what it means to be born again and what's inside of me is to do God's work I have no desire for this world a man of any kind. So a Laodicean seventh they. Adventist gets impressed by God to take his retirement money and invest in a wellness center and what I hear you saying today is it is just completely altered the way you think about life in general this is the greatest retirement that I could ever have I am up there every day we have worship at nine forty five every day and then we begin our day but it has been the most wonderful experience God has led me there I had never in my life prayed Lord what would you have me to do in my life I directed my own life but he took me through this means to this word Wes What would you say to someone sitting here today who as you've been telling your story they've kind of been feeling like maybe the Holy Spirit is speaking to them what would you say to them I would just say pray Lord what wilt thou have made to do God is able he led me at the age of fifty five after I had worn probably five different paths in life and he's put me into this work and I'm not going to retire until I die what's the greatest need of wellness secrets right now the greatest need we have I am looking at all of you and wondering who is there you know it says in Luke ten verse two that the harvest is great and the labors are few we need laborers we need at least two more one could be the director of the center if we had more workers what. Things we could do because we have a beautiful Sanders sitting there ready to go if we had more workers a man thank you so much today West for sharing God bless you and the work you're doing Thank you for the opportunity and I want to say this this is the first time a day as it has been a blessing to me take here the testimonies it has encouraged. The God is working and it's going to finish the work Amen amen. Thank us. Our next story is. Comes to us from two young ladies who have been called by God to some very interesting work. Now I understand. That you're working in a closed country so you won't hear us today talking about the name of the country in which you're working we're going to avoid that if we can and but we have Gina Gina how did God get you involved in this work. I was actually working there as as an attorney so you had gone to this country you're working there is an attorney and what that one thing led to another how did the Lord was impressing you just ask the local people their local struggle for financial me but for the lack of spiritual There was no one really to tell them about that and they didn't have the hope of the resources that we had the things we take for granted. How did you how did you get into this yes so I'm a physical therapist and I actually took a year off to become an English teacher so you're teaching English and she's there working as a lawyer and the two of us got together well I'm from California and she's from Connecticut math that sounds like a close way to get together and God brought us together in this country so he go it takes you halfway around the world to put you together yes this one got amazing. Got amazing in the way he works well so you're there you're thinking about all these things God is impressing you the something needs to be done what exactly did God begin to help you do yes so we were we felt impressed to do three. Things to creatively share the gospel through health a wellness center education and farming you know that sounds something like the little book here that I read recently called Madison God's beautiful farm I actually read that here before I came home you read the book oh my god impressed you through that we need a health worker agricultural work and some education work going on OK So Gina tell if this wasn't you got several things going on here how did that work itself out. Because when I went back to the states we're going to work really hard and come up with the money and it's not take us a while but God knew better and said you know I'm going to provide for you because if you pay for this land if you pay for these things you're going to take all the credit and the prime minister OK And so we got a call for a person who used to live in that particular area that said I hear you're looking for land we should talk and so we met with her and she said here we were like OK so how much do you want and she said I wanted to use it for God and I want you to use that to plant mango trees or like we can do that. So a donation of property how big is that property it's almost twenty acres almost twenty acres but I want you to know is that we asked or one teacher by this plan and she said in March of two thousand and fourteen and that's significant for us because in March of twenty fourteen that's when God gave us the vision the calling to start this type of ministry it's amazing how God is setting things up planning things ahead of time providing resources inspiring people so God's at work here he's doing things what other components did you add to the farm. So every Sunday there's an English program that happens now in the beautiful thing about is that it's actually conducted by the local people. And they're of course not Adventists but they get to share about God through the stories that they that they. Teaching English so about a month ago one of the part of the curriculum most a story of the Good Samaritan. And why she didn't mention those that are project manager the one that's running this up to about a couple of months ago he was baptized. And it's just so exciting because you know he was a young Buddhist man he was looking for God and by seeing the testimony why are you doing this why are you giving so much to these people because that's what God wants us to do and it was through that that led to Bible studies and now he's one of our leaders are reading leading Bible studies every Friday and are going to house like we like to call it men so God is setting up things there but he didn't stop there he gave you some collaboration with the actually with the government tell us about the I mean the communist government non-Christian society and God Come set something up so this is the third miracle I guess God is so good we said oh we need information on how to collaborate with the government but let's just go and pick up some forms and our friends were like You can't go like that we were going on a mission trip so we're not dressed appropriately to meet with government officials so we're like we have nothing to wear so we had to go borrow clothes virus shoes we get there and we knock and we're like happy how do we partner with the governor. And and then let's try for things. You should go upstairs and we go upstairs and as we're going up there just everyone's looking at us like we're crazy. And then the director the minister of ministry of health of the whole country comes out and it's like what do you girls doing we're like we're looking to speak to someone in charge about collaborating on a health project he's like come to my office so he brings out the deputy ministry of health and they're sitting in the office and both of us are there and we just tell them how much we love the country and how much we want to help and these are project and the director with almost two years in his eyes is that that is. My dream to be a man so you connected with the government officials and now maybe a process of getting some amazing work started there in this country that God is going to bless that I know but I have a question as we close out I want both of you answer this question so you just have a little time but how has it impacted your personal life to engage in this kind of work. Missionary but I couldn't because I was in the teacher or in the medical field and said You don't need any of those skills you just need to serve me and use your skills to do that and I left the private sector to go on the public sector so I would have to work full time and during my second job is this so I work full time for this and full time for that and that has been good. So I grew up I was born and raised as a Seventh Day Adventist but really sometimes we go to places where it things do not make sense so God can reveal to us His love and the love that God has revealed to me that is really what I'm willing to share that's why we are called In this means warm heart do you have a booth here yes our booth is number four to zero and for more information you can go to our website it's the argy Thank you ladies so much for sharing with us the God bless you in the work you're doing and we'll keep you in our prayers thank you. I have the opportunity to go there. And I had been asked by a farmer's cooperate to to go into villages and teach farmers how to process the soybeans that they were already growing in a way that would be more healthful for them and also that they could start small businesses and what I learned when I was there is that they were growing soybeans but they weren't giving in the them to their own children and their children were actually die. And. Because of our approach. And right there in the community and so we started teaching them about. About. Making. Byproduct of the right back into the everyone. And about what a difference that would make in their house or in the. Farm Family because. There's seven hundred and one. Hundred. And seventy five percent of them are in these. So. That they have a life right. I love about what our farms to the team is able to do in the area is. To introduce to an area eighty percent Muslim these individuals are going out and taking the message deep deep into the villages I mean they are really willing to sacrifice on our behalf and on behalf of others so that they can bring the message out to people who would never get to the big city when I was there November one of the places where we train them a hospital in a moment. And the team didn't even realize it but they planned it for Thanksgiving Day So it was kind of surreal to be sitting there and realizing I here I was with these incredibly vulnerable children and all my friends and family back here these days but you know it's too late to wait until they get the moment. Of the children that I contract died in the next few days and we believe that if we can make the effort and expense to help our team members go out. Or have to come into the monitor we can. Have this team with Uganda has already trained thirteen thousand soldiers really good right. And we're going back now and this is in the same boat isn't going to see the impact that we've had. So Joy Kaufman is here with me today she is the director of farms too but Joy tell us how did God prepare you I mean I see you in Uganda you're teaching them how to make. Products how in the world they got prepare you for that well I was born in Adventist Hospital became a vegetarian when I was nine and just became fast in nutrition because everyone thought I was going to shrivel up and die of malnutrition and they thought I would be stunted in fact and so I ended up studying nutrition in college and studying all about Adventists through the clinical research that was available in the seventies and eighties I was during the early ninety's and you were healthy but I'd never met anyone test until I was thirty five years old you're born an admin is hostile but you've never met an Adventist until you were thirty five years old this is amazing. I think they were praying though in that hospital they must have been praying in that hospital and maybe even dedicated you to service or something I hope so God reached out to you what was your background before becoming an Adventist Well I married into a man in a farm family actually I had served overseas internationally with the Mennonite Central Committee and that prepared me with the heart for International Development which I've had for now three decades and I just really. I have this deep desire to have a message for our global church that has a global reach and that's how farms do was really born How long have you been an app and just a little less than two years. Now some of us have been just a little longer. We. Are some of us here have been just a little longer but it looks like God has just really taken on the fast pace here praise God you've joined him at his church you I have ministry going you're in Uganda you're working you're training people I heard the. Audio thirteen thousand people trained you know we're actually up to seventeen thousand now I was there a few weeks ago and it's just such a powerful thing these team members and these are church members lay church members like all of us here at A.S.I. who are just thrilled to have the opportunity to be trained and equipped with simple health messages that can really help them so we came up with this acronym farms do and yes these are some of the church members I want to introduce you to Fiona especially in the front a new Adventist like me who is now out training and she was was really not having the ability to share the love of Jesus before but now she can do that in a daily basis He-Man So just give us the acronym quickly what does farms do mean Anyway I've heard of new start but what about this farms do stuff sounds like we should eat exactly and that's what I want to think of something homegrown something fresh something local so farms do is a message for a recipe of abundant life Jesus came that we might have life and have abundant Lee but for the woman that has to go walk for half a mile to go get water does she really need to be told to go get fresh air sunshine and exercise probably not I think not so we had a few letters to play with there so we started with farming because you have to be able to grow the food in order to eat it in some African countries that would cost fifty two percent of the income just to get five a day of fruits and vegetables so we start with farming attitude rest and meals sanitation temperance into price and water is our acrid out is so practical is not a man Thank you Joy that's a blessing that God is impressed you to come up with this what impact has this had in the local community Well we've had a very powerful impact but I want to talk spiritually because that's one of the things that excite us most the first Sabbath I was there five weeks ago there was twenty nine baptisms and one of the things I love is that. We are able to connect our spiritual house and our physical house for example a seed you will have seen Did you know that a seed is a perfect image of the Godhead we have a picture of it here every See that can bring forth life in the soil is a three in one picture of one to God and Romans one twenty tells us that everything in creation the invisible attributes of God are seen in creation and so we talk about the health of our bodies eating whole grains and seeds and then also for the soil we talk about improved varieties of plants and teaching vegetable gardening to women we have people that are not having headaches now because they're drinking water all over the country and we've had impressions from high to low like the head commander of the prisons who's invited us and he actually is contemplating becoming an Adventist because of sharing the health message with him so Joy We just have a few seconds left but tell us how has this changed your life personally to get involved in this kind of work well I'm so glad it's actually the Ugandan Adventists and their witness that helped me cross the line of faith to baptism and I knew I had to be part of this family and I'm so humbled especially by the essential division and what they're doing and I just believe all of our resources should be mobilized to help equip our church members throughout the world so that they can bring this message to the world I thank you for letting me share it today what is your website farm Stude dot org Do you have a booth here we don't have a booth yet but next year I hope praise God. Bless you in the work you're doing and multiply Thank you all right OK Thank you. It's a real blessing today isn't that I want to read this to you comes from Christ object lessons page three hundred twenty six it says this not more surely is there a place purpose. Cared for us in the heavenly mansions then is the special place designated on Earth where we are to be workers for God. Have you been impressed today with the stories of those that have made a sacrifice and had a passion in their hearts for Jesus has that impression hard today you know I just met with the two ladies the from the On entered country that gave their testimony and as we prayed together tears flowed down their face and I interpreted those tears this way they have a passion for that country they have a great desire to see men and women in that country come to Christ and be changed by his grace you know I'm always impressed with Jesus' statement in the Gospel of Matthew Chapter nine. When the scripture says in Matthew nine in verse thirty five and thirty six and Jesus went about all the cities and villages teaching in their synagogues preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing every sickness and every disease Jesus ministry was a comprehensive ministry he cared for people physically mentally emotionally and spiritually then Jesus makes this amazing statement but he saw the multitude us and he was moved with compassion for them because they were weary and scattered like sheep without a shepherd and he said to His disciples the harvest truly is plentiful but the laborers are few How many of you believe the words of Jesus Stephen leave the words of Jesus the harvest is what everybody the harvest is what plentiful but the laborers are what you. Is God speaking to your heart today to raise up a new generation of laborers for you. You know not long ago two thousand and fifteen St Antonio Texas there was something going on at the General Conference session that you may not have been aware of A.S.I. sponsored sixty five pastors from China from mainland China to come to the general conference session and so I raise that money every afternoon we met with them and we study the Bible the great prophetic truths of the advantaged church many of them had never had the opportunity to have advanced education before after that time at the General Conference session we invited them to come on a advocate's history tour with us we traveled to Washington New Hampshire and studied the Bible Sabbath at the first advent of Sabbath keeping church we traveled to William Miller's farm and studied the second coming of Christ we travelled to Hiram Ed since farm and studied the sanctuary message we traveled to Battle Creek and studied the origin of our health message as we were travelling. I had an opportunity to interface with many of these Chinese brothers and sisters. And one young lady impressed me greatly. She was about five foot two and I had to look down quite a bit and she looked up as we top and through the trying to use translator I asked her what do you do she said I'm a lay person but I'm a church planter she said I've been in a city in China that will remain unnamed that has over a million people no Seventh Day Adventists when I went there and I've been there now for years working by myself and I've raised up an advantage church. I said to her What's the most difficult experience you had what was the hardest she said Pastor Mark. I went there alone I didn't know one person in that city the nights were horrible I had a little money of self-support and I was staying in a one room apartment and she said the most horrible thing is when I would go to bed at night and the rats would climb up on my bed and bite my feet she said Pastor It was horrible I'd get up at the night and the rats would scatter I said why did you stay why did you stay. Because there were people that needed to know Jesus that is the spirit of early Adventism that is the spirit of A.S.I. the spirit of commitment commitment to a prophetic message that goes to the ends of the earth that is the spirit of sacrifice that is the spirit of a new generation that God is raising up I love the song heirs of the kingdom a wide to use so lumber Why are you sleeping so near you're blessed to work the arouse the in grd on mine armor speed for the moments are hastening on I want to be part of that grand and glorious group that proclaims God's last day message and his grace don't you let's stay in and sing the song together heirs of the kingdom Oh wide just us slumber. We are going to pray just now as we pray as Nancy leads us in where. Would you like to bow your head in the quietness of this auditorium say Jesus. I want to make a deeper commitment to you and to sacrifice and to Mission. Our heads. Our most precious Heavenly Father. We have been humbled this evening as we have listened to these and spiraling stories of our pioneers and how they sacrificed everything to follow your call to serve. As we look around and we see the ripple effect. Of their efforts combined with your blessing we are thrilled. And Lord I pray that day Lee you will give us a deeper sense of your unconditional and transform ational love. So that in response to that love. We will have. The heart and mind the hands and feet of Jesus and become held by his love. To do his work. May each of us peace and tune with you Lord that we will respond positively. To your still. And may we always Lord realize that it is your power alone. That makes our willingness to serve successful. Lord we long to go home. May each one of us in this room do all that we can to hasten that day. And. Jesus name I pray. Remember. This media was produced by audio verse for yes avenues Lehmann's services and industries. If you would like to learn more about. Please visit. The site minister. Or if you would like to do this for free online service Visit W W W D A verse.


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