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Presidential Pardon

Thando Amankwah


In this message we explore Paul's wiritings on justification, the grace of God, forgiveness through the book of Romans.



  • July 29, 2017
    7:00 AM
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How gracious there are in heaven. With thank you for the gift of the Sabbath. And thank you for this time that we have to come before you to study your words to to look upon the cross to walk through the sanctuary to understand afresh what Christ has done. That we've heard a as open your word this morning that the Holy Spirit would be here to speak to our hearts and convict as we ask that Christ is seen be carried be lifted up and that we all be drawn close to him as a result of. Hearts. So we ask in Jesus. Going to ask you open your Bible to Romans Chapter three. Romans Chapter three when you get there you can see a man Romans is arguably one of the most exciting about some of the most difficult books and Scripture and not going to attempt to do an entire exposition of a book this morning but just wanted to share with us a couple of thoughts from Paul's of writing on justification under grace of God and the free gift of God through Jesus Christ in eight hundred twenty nine two men their names were Judge Wilson and James Potter rob a US Post male Kariya and they were later convicted mean tried in a court of law and found guilty of six charges among those charges was the robbery of that US cost carrier but they were also found guilty of putting his life in jeopardy which means they essentially endangered his life now the U.S. courts Kerry has survived but they were found guilty of that robbery and that. Attack that almost literally led to the loss of his life. Yes And so as a result of that trial they were found guilty they were both sentenced to execution by hanging and they were due to be executed on July second eight hundred thirty now James Porter was actually executed right on schedule but George Wilson was not somehow and one of that happening is George Wilson had some very influential friends and these friends of he's pleaded for America see with the van president of the U.S. and then again anybody know who was president and eight and for your hours. Where my historians President Andrew Jackson. So George Wilson's friends pleaded for mercy with President Andrew Jackson and they then made the case for him to grant a pardon to George Wilson and there's a result of the intervention of his friends Wilson was granted a presidential pardon and Judge President Jackson and Grant in the crowd and I'm going to quote his words here he said I Andrew Jackson president of the United States of America have pardoned and do here by pardoned pardon George Wilson the crime for which he has been sentenced to death and I remit the penalty aforesaid. Andrew Jackson signed the pardon affectionately remitting the penalty and allowing George Wallace and to walk almost scot free without being executed. They're remarkably incredible thing is that George Wilson who refused the pardon. Now if you magine somebody who is literally on death row waiting to be executed waiting to be hanged for a crime he was guilty as charged of committing being given part. From the highest authority in the land the president of the United States him self would have been an answer to prayer would have been that the one thing that he would have been waiting for hoping for and really does and says of hating is if at all there was any chance how happy he would have been for receive this pardon but Judge Rules and received a pardon. And so then it was a bit of a conundrum you know here's somebody who has been pardoned by President Jackson but has refused the proud and what do we do do we hang him or do we not hang him the course of the case went to the U.S. Supreme Court and the court to liberate a why do we do in this case and I'm going to. Read for you the words of Chief Justice Marshall who delivered the opinion of the court once the court decided on the case and he said this a pardon is a deed. To the validity of which delivery is essential and a livery is not complete without acceptance. The province may be rejected by the person to whom it is given and if it is rejected we have discovered no power in this court to force it upon him. What Chief Marshall was saying is incredibly her flying because he says look a pardon is a deed in other words a part of them is a piece of paper it is something that the president has signed but it is a piece of paper and that he's of paper the power of it to effect change depends upon its acceptance by the one who has been hard and if the president is not accepted it is not a pardon and if a person who has been hired and doesn't accepted we as the highest court in the land cannot force the pardon upon him. George go on with. Because he refused to accept the part and give him and it strikes me so profoundly because you and I more than just a presidential pardon by the highest authority in the land that the most powerful man in the land we have been given crowd and by the very king of the universe and the question is that hard and as it is explained in scripture that higher than is in affection unless we actually accept it. Pride in that is not accepted is not hard and in the book of Romans Paul makes a case that all of humanity is guilty before God The question of justification by faith which is why it went as we walked through the centuries a courtyard with that altar of of burnt offering and alive for the love of bronze The representing both the cross of Christ justification but also the regeneration and renewing by the washing of our water the Holy Spirit that work of justification with the question of justification is a question of how does man stand before the Divine Judge In other words how do you and I stand before a holy God do we stand right just before God do we stand guilty before God When Paul is answering this question in the book of Romans he makes the case that all of us Jew and Gentile are like stand guilty before God in Romans chapter one in verse eighteen. Hole say's for the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress truth in righteousness and righteousness because one may be unknown and God is manifest in them because God has shown it to them for since the creation of the world has an invisible attributes a clearly seen being understood by the. Things that I made even turn up power and I had and one of the reasons I love Roman is the the gaps of the language with which call right when you say that the invisible actually some god I clearly seen you asked the question How can something that isn't visible be clearly seen you know if I don't know if it doesn't strike you but it really how does something that isn't visible be seen clearly and policies that the invisible actually from God he didn't turn up How were his guy had I clearly seen through the work of His creation and Paul in the sense of the making the case in Rome in that latter half of Romans chapter one that the Gentiles are guilty before God because though they could have known God they did not glorify him as Guard so they are guilty before God and then lest you think it's just the Gentiles in Chapter two he makes the argument that even the Jews stand guilty before God and so he sums up with argument. In various twenty three and twenty four Romans chapter two. You who make your boast in the law do you do honor God through breaking the law for the name of God is blasting among the Gentiles because of you as it is written and so building his case that the Gentiles stand guilty before God The Jews stand guilty before God he gets to the conclusion that all stand guilty before God and then Romans Chapter three which will be the meat of our study beginning in verse ten Paul say's as it is written by you guys there. There is none righteous no not one there is none who and the stands there is none who seeks after God They have all turned aside they have together become and profitable there is none who does good no not one and he goes on to say and. Yes twenty three which is a very sad many of us know for all have white skin and fallen short of the glory of God and Paul is making the awful argument that in our natural condition as as human beings in our in our state our Can this in our heart from Christ all of us Jew gentile Greek Canadian American Indian whatever we are all of us equally stand guilty before God and he saves especially even. That there is no difference in the end of verse twenty two look at this he sees I'm reading now Romans three twenty two to twenty three. As the righteousness of God is revealed through faith in Jesus Christ to all and in all who believe because there is no difference because all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and I want to emphasize that because we read Romans three twenty three as all have sinned and come short of a glory of God but right before policies all have sinned he inserts that little phrase at the end of best twenty two that there is no difference do you see that there is no difference and what he's saying there is that you know sometimes what aisle a person a single struggles may be hidden from the eyes of others you know we come to church where all dressed up will look wonderful and you guys look wonderful this morning as impressed on my or. Our internal struggles and send a hidden from the eyes of others and sometimes we think that the things that we struggle with are smaller than other people's sins yes you know what my sins are not as. Bad or as terrible as person access because I mean I haven't committed a tree I haven't killed someone but whether it's the little things of. My pride or my envy or those things that are not. Visible to the naked eye we tend to think there are smaller than those other bigger sins but in the eyes of God there were a yellow that is there is no a difference between us there is no big or small sin all of us Paul say's apart from Christ all of us stand guilty before the holy God. The beauty of our Christ has accomplished is that there is a but. Romans three twenty one. But now the righteousness of God apart from the law is revealed being witnessed by the law and the prophets. So you're asking Paul the question of justification how does man stand before a holy God is man guilty always man righteous before the Divine Judge. Justification and condemnation of both pronouncements of a judge you know a court of law if you commit a crime and your case is being argued. And the defense president there argument why you should not be found guilty as charged and the prosecution will present their case of why you are in did guilty as charged the judge has two options and both of those options are his declaration based upon the evidence presented in the court of bore he can either declare your righteous or he can declare you guilty and condemn you if he declares your righteous he has justified you you to close you guilty he has condemned you. And Paul's case is all of us doing before the Divine Judge without Christ there and equivocal clear and this unit answer would be guilty as charged. But now. And the fact is the beauty of the Gospel that call. But the righteousness of God is revealed because though we are guilty as charged the moment we accept Christ the moment we accept that kingly pardon that God has given us and God as the righteous he justifies and Paul illustrates the beauty of white his trying to say by going on to give us to Old Testament examples of righteousness. When we talk about the cross of Christ and we talk about the work that Christ has a company in our behalf I think sometimes we we stand and often because we we are so far removed from the class it's hard for us to to really understand what it meant for the Son of God to become the substitute the showing the of for our sins you know when you walk through Christ experience and you come to those last moments of his life as he's walking through you get so many elem I described in the book is Our ages with with profound Benteke insight the depth of the agony that the Son of God went through for me and for you and to describes the intensity of the conflicts that that tormented his mind the guide an object so many when the enemy pressed upon his mind the hopelessness of humanity and that some Taishan was very real cool walked away from it all friends and why and so beautifully a ticket last night that Christ is fully God and fully man when he walked upon this earth and his men going with man and his blessing children he was still completely fully God he was still the one who said Let there be light and there was light he was still there creative all powerful all knowing God and as he enters gets them in the end and he begins to bear. There in all of this Fullness the guilt of the human race you know. I don't have the words with which to a tiki only the father begins to turn his face away from his son how offensive has been to a holy God that is the sand becomes the sin there are the bread and bear and in that same many the father begins to turn his face away and the and the Santa feels the anguish and the pain of separation from the father you know I. Have never been a sort of fully and a student and I don't claim to even at this point the what it meant for the five or to to separate his beams of light from his son as a son became the propitiation for my sins and for your sins I have a twenty two month old. Almost two years old and he is just getting to that point in his life where he is realizing that he has a will you know he can say no and he doesn't have to do everything that mommy and daddy say is humorous do. I. Did not know before our son was born how possible and in it's only even at this point still just a glimpse but why didn't means to have that intensity of love that there is nothing you wouldn't do for that. Twenty two month old you know I can not imagine my son you know so I was in the bath when Sam was giving him a bath and he loves his bath time so I'm giving him a bath and I literally this is a thing with toddlers and their parents in the survey have more experience than me I literally turned my back from the bath for one second I don't even remember it was not even two seconds I turned my back and the moment I turned my back he reached across the to. For something he wanted to grab and then his slipped and he went backwards with a thud on to the bathtubs floor and that noise when he hits the tab and fell it shook me to my core I turn around and I it was one second you know two seconds and the thing that hurt the most of what and even when I did tell the story I can still hear the bad of his head hitting about when he fell. It completely more I defied me because it was like two seconds and your mind begins to race that oh my goodness yes here it is more he said his head like you know do I need to rush of the emergency door and have a new mom you panic right because you just you know I'm accustomed you know toddlers fall all the time but as the new mommy just panicky hit his head in the hole like my brain injury or something. And the panic in my mind was just that that feeling of I couldn't protect him. I was watching him the entire time but I turned away and for those two seconds I failed to protect him. And that sense of failure tormented me you know it took me several of the to. Sort of get over that then he was fine you know he was going back to paying the tab running around as if nothing happened because Tyler just like that great but for me that sense of I couldn't protect him just tormented me you know and so. Which is why I say I cannot fathom what it was like for God the Father. To watch his son invade garden of the inside get so many on the cross wrestling with the powers of darkness becoming the sure we'd see for my sins and your sins bearing my sea. And yes in varying my guilt and your guilt and as a father looking at his and away. Your very instinct is to protect him to save him from that but the father had turned only because of love. He turned his face. That is the gospel of the grace of God. Hall. There righteousness of God. Because of why Jesus has done because of a god has done. We have been given harder because of that. Because of a Father's Love because of us and. For a race that did not love him. And then the question is will we accept her and. Paul illustrates his case by giving the example of Abraham Romans chapter four and read with me from verse one. Paul saying What then shall we say that Abraham our father has found according to the flesh. Abraham was justified by works he has something to boast about but not before God So why does the Scripture say Abraham believed God and it was a concept to him for righteousness. Not to him poor it's the wages and not counted as Grace but as debt. Paul is making the case and the argument here was scripture that is familiar to many of us that Abraham has nothing to boast of by before God in verse two and the reason why Abraham has nothing to boast about the fall guy has everything. To do with what God has done and what Abraham has not done Abraham has not fulfilled the righteous requirements of the law but God in His grace and in the righteousness of God is revealed in this that through the grace of God and the acceptance of the gift and the death of Jesus Abraham's faith is counted to him as righteousness and when Paul sees that Abraham believed God His code in Genesis fifteen verse six and I just love the simplicity of that statement Abraham believe in God and it was I counted to him as a bride. Do you believe. Do you believe in God. You know this past week it was. Rainy weather in Ottawa which is where I live and. My son loves to play outdoors because it's summer and if it even Canada you know that some of the shorts and precious you know as though he loves to play outdoors in the summer so it's raining and he wants to go outside and he is at Danding by the door he pulls my hand he says mommy out I cannot he talks right Mommy outside outside part so we stand by the door and I tell him Look Matty His name is Matt McCall and Matt Smith C S muddy but at home Matt it's raining we can't go outside right but when it starts raining mommy will take you outside. And then he says he's OK. He goes find his ball and that's playing ball around the house which is another nightmare like a toddler playing ball around the house for eight or eight. But the point is that he understands and I say to him when it stops raining mommy will take you to the park for him the fact that I say that. Is him out he just says OK Mommy will take me outdoors when it stops raining in the meantime I'll play ball I'll play Lego out create chaos among this kitchen but. I know that when the rain starts manual take me out that it's as simple as that friends he just believes and I continuously marvel at the simplicity of his face you know granted as he gets older he was that's a doubt and question but I enjoy this time when whatever we say he does say is OK I know mommy will take me out there as mommy is not denying me any pleasure she just can't take me I pray now so I'll just wait you know and to that the rain stops and the time is right and I can go to the park with mommy. Do you believe in God. The simplicity of faith that saves OK God saves not and now that's OK I will go about my life faithfully and when God say's it's time God will do what God has promised to do do it you'll believe God. Abraham believed and it was that simplicity of faith and trust that was credited as righteousness because of that faith in Jesus and that faith in the gift of God. All things in when he was trying to explain what is it that Abraham did listen to this. In verse eighteen of the same chapter of Romans Chapter four Paul says Who making up Abraham contrary to hope in hope believed in other words where there was no hope Abraham believed in hope where Hope was humanly impossible he believed in hope and Paul goes on to say. So that he might become the father of many. According to what was spoken so show your descendants be and not being weak in ses he did not consider his own by the already dead since he was a one hundred years old and the deadness of Cyrus whom he did NOT a waiver at the promise of God through unbelief but was strengthened in faith giving glory to God and being fully convinced that what God had promised God was. Able to do do you believe God. The Buy was if Abraham consider that not the dead man of his own by the or the dead man of sirens and the promise was you will be a father in many nations and Abraham believed that promise despite by your logy despite medicine despite human period despite the this seemingly logical thing that you are almost sorry is all there is no possible way a child can come of this union but Abraham can see that not that deadness of his body are Cyrus. But he simply comes on the car in our spiritual journey often will linger on the dead ness of our hearts and the dead mass of our spiritual lives. Instead of the promise. We focus too much on what we cannot do. We go through these cycles of I've been struggling with this for years and years and as may be at this point God has just given up on me and you know once. We are dead all of us in our in terms of us which are conditioned There is no way any light or hold can come out of that then but that is the beauty of a gospel trends that is the beauty of the gas Paul that we don't consider the deadness of our spirituality of the deadness or the filth in at the. The righteousness we don't consider that we simply consider the promise of God the Kingsley hard on all ready accomplished on the cross of Christ that's what matters. Not my shame my fear my guilt my my fulcrum as none of that madness. Abraham did not consider the deadness of his body. May we look away from. The lifelessness. Of our walk a happy home. And look instead. And this is where. It ends because then Paul goes on to say look. God credited Abraham's for his righteousness for going to Abraham believed. And I ask you again do you believe. Do you believe him. When he say's if you confess your sins He is faithful and just to forgive you and to cleanse you from all unrighteousness do you believe God. When you say if he's able to do exceedingly abundantly about anything you can ask or imagine do you believe God. When he says you are accepted in the Beloved do you believe God. When you save I go away to prepare a place for you and when I am gone I will come again and receive you unto myself that where I am there you may be also do you believe God. I want to conclude by reading the last the first four or five races of Romans Chapter five where. Delaying are his arguments and we haven't we barely scratched the surface of it but at the laying out his argument of how God just defies the believer in Christ through faith and how God sounds that he doesn't count our sins against us but he counts us as righteous in Christ because of our acceptance Q. or it is what acceptance of what Christ has done after making this argument whole saved then therefore the first word of Romans have the five is what they're for and when you see either way therefore here's here's here's the he's saying therefore based on everything that I have said before correct therefore based upon the the beauty of the fact that God freely justifies by grace those that believe in God there are because of this what are we to do courses therefore having been justified by saying these we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ there are four things in these few verses that cause these we have because of the gift of God because of the gift of Christ because of what the cross of Christ accomplice therefore having been justified by things we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ we have he. Is in a world that does not know where he is is a dummy if you look around enough but the world of the trouble a place. Just looks indicates. That in the United States and across I had to use the US that is. Now Cameron's. As fair the Canadians but one in five adults in the US for this three. Point eight million people nineteen percent of the population experiences some kind of mental illness or anxiety disorder in any given year. One in five friends. That means twenty percent of us in this room roughly right and that number is probably under reported because of cause mental illness and then report it yes we don't like to talk about it we don't like to talk about anxiety disorder and we don't like to talk about it this is a state of the world where mental health is becoming a public health crisis literally if the next big thing. In the world that is incredibly trouble. You and I have. Is that passes and are standing because of what's the cross of Christ being justified by faith through Christ we have. Do you have a peace in your mind. What else do we have wholesale in verse two through whom also we have says by I think into this grace in which we stand we have access to God. Because sin separates from God We know that. Because of the gift of Christ we have direct access to the king of the universe. So the boundless resources of grace we have access. As sort of. You know clearly. Learning and being a new mom learning. Hunt of the gospel so much more because there's just so many things I never expected to learn from becoming a parent in and one of those things is at them as an area the simplicity of trust but also. The simplicity with which my fan and even my my husband and me you know and there are some times when my husband works from home he's an engineer. You know see as a home office the way he looks back and forth for work but often times he's working in his home office. And in the home so Manchu always he knows when the door is closed today it's often said that he is working but even if the dad is working he will go and knock on the door because not he knows how to knock right and often the knocking is just banging on the door but he will bend and you say to him in a match daddy's busy and he'll say Oh Daddy busy but you keep knocking on so that he opens the door because he knows daddy will eventually open the door because daddy loves me right like I can come today the even if that he is working at any time that there's no there's never a question in his mind there's never a doubt of you know that he just he doesn't know if he just assumes that he has direct access at any time even at midnight. When you wakes up and stands up on his career the news yelling that I am mommy and he knows the bed time but just because I can do that I will wake up and scream for mommy or daddy and he you know as well get him even at one A.M. in the morning. You see the simplicity of that trust friends. Access to God. At any time at any place we have direct access to the boundless resources of a pretense. All of Heaven stands ready to help us so why the excuse do we have. For not growing Ingres. When haven't stands ready to help. Haul says' we also have joy in verse to. Whom we have access by faith into this grace in which we stand and rejoice in the whole of the glory of God we have joy. And then he goes on to say not only that but we also glory in civi elation. Knowing that tribulation produces patients and patients character and character hope now hope does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Ghost who has been given to us. Because of why God has done in justifying by faith. Those of us who believe in and accept Jesus we have hope. And that hope means and when he uses that phrase and glory in tribulation I don't know about you but I can not understand that. You know what tribulation here is not referring to just some. Some some little child I can regarding my hair today you know. This where tribulation is your ferrying through those deep hides wrenching crises of faith that we go through and Paul says we have hope even in those moments because of the cross of Christ because a wide sea of those. Has accomplished on our behalf we have hope. We glory in. When our son was born and some of the have heard Krauts of this Testament for when our son was born he had to be born. By induced labor two and a half weeks early because I developed pre-eclampsia just pregnancy induced hypertension which came out of nowhere because I am around her I exercise I've never had high blood pressure in my life but here I was in the last two weeks of my pregnancy dealing with pregnancy and use high blood pressure so he had to be in wet he had to be induced he was born and when he was born he didn't not on his own. Did not breathe on his own he had to be ventilated and then had to be airlifted to B.C. of Children's Hospital which is sort of the biggest children's hospital we haven't B.C. Canada where he was born. He was treated there. Monitored for possible internal organ damage because he had he had suffered some kind of oxygen deprivation and birth you know so at that point you don't you don't know what the outcome is going to be great. Miraki less than somehow miraculously he suffered no injury from that. But then what happened is just as we were getting ready to take him home thinking everything you know he literally dodged a bullet because and the doctor literally told us he dodged a bullet because for a childhood in our grief on his own for some minutes after birth he could have suffered severe brain damage. And feel everything. We're getting ready to take him home. When all of a sudden he had just a staph infection. From the hospital from somebody who very probably attacks his one of his eye these and didn't wash his hands we don't know how he can have a staph infection that goes straight into his bloodstream he is just seven days old so that infection rapidly becomes sepsis sepsis being a systemic whole body function where the bacteria is attacking organs in the body. The levels of inflammation in the body where doctors said we've never seen this kind of severe in the new born. Going through a different a regimen and Vioxx trying to treats the infection and it was not responding to any ends of my own. And then we find out that the infection has crossed the blood brain barrier becomes meningitis. Becomes meningitis. And I am standing here before you obviously is very hard to talk about with and I've never somebody you have heard part of his testimony there some Dieter I've never shared before publicly and. You're going through different antibiotics trying to control this infection because by the time it crosses that very year and gets into the membrane surrounding the brain it's downhill from there. And so. We still don't know how except to say that God has a special. Her As for the guy because God granted him a complete recovery. He stayed in intensive care for two months and months where we couldn't take him home we'll look in the hospital. And. His doctor is looking at the severity of his infection you know they measure what they call. Them the medical term escaping me but the level of inclination in the blood rate it's supposed to be under than ten in a normally healthy person he is four hundred. That's percentages and you can't even crack your roots. He made a complete recovery. And granted when he came home and away to wasn't Guarin not because infection took so much out of his body you know and there were things we had to deal with and some of it was still dealing with but I say this cautiously because I know that sometimes we go through those crises the great and the outcome is not what we are you or. And sometimes even if we get the positive outcome the trial can be can feel like it's a marathon because things keep happening and things keep getting worse or something else even comes up. You know and when policies that we glory in should be rationed we don't we don't glory in because we don't feel the pain but we are in tribulation cause Jesus died in the home because God accepted Christ death in my stead because God didn't give us his gift of grace because he got as sure as us that because of what Christ has accomplished some day he is putting an end to suffering and pain and death. Because of his death. Jesus has already conquered death so even though we go through this curse the laws afraid we have no need to fear death because of what the cross of Christ has accomplished. We glory in changing nation. I definitely did not glory in those two months in the hospital I definitely did not do that year of our band life when we are back and forth to the hospital on an almost weekly basis. One year for the entire first year of his life in him and today with the have to go back and forth one is a certain things but. You don't glory in the P. Three in why Jesus has been. I have to call leads right now to friends both of whose mothers I dealing with breast cancer. I have a cousin who is D.M. the Vong and. I have a friend whose marriage is falling apart. And I'm saying this to say that we live in a world of pain. People are going through with things and I have no doubt some of us here are going through things. We have moments where we cry before God and we simply don't have the words to even carry because there hide her it's so much. We glory in she be relation knowing that she really she works Haitians. And Haitians character and character home and does not this. Never could disappoints. We have a home that never disappoint. So I encourage you. To reflect upon the gift of God. The pardon that God has given. To lead that give you peace. So let it remind you that you have access to gone to give you joy and. Whole in your. Crisis of faith. And the reason why you can have peace and access to God enjoy and whole is that Jesus has orated done it all. He gives you his peace he gives you his joy he endured the most excruciating test of faith that was on the cross of Calvary. That already for us. And because he has suffered being tempted he is able to do what Saqqara them about it tempted therefore we can now hold. You Terminal five there. We. Are Jesus. We thank you for the gift of grace we think you for. What it is that he has accomplished. So that we pray that we would accept. The lives. Of peace for joy. And reprieve the point. We ask that as we continue the study this weekend. The plan of redemption the sanctuary the cross of Christ. If you would like.


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