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The Adventist Theology of the Sanctuary Re-examined, Part 2

Henry Cha
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As begin with Award prayer a gracious loving Father in heaven thank you so much that we have a message Lord at this time thank you that Jesus is continuously interceding for us in the most holy place and he is still offering pardon and justification even though we are living in the time of judgement Thank you Lord we have the opportunity this morning to share this beautiful message Lord May our hearts be open May our minds be clear. Maybe you understand the truth that belongs to our peace right now Lord hide me behind you right now let me speak your words not my words. Used to mean spite of myself speak to me Lord speak to these people who are called by your name thank you for hearing our prayers thank you for being so gracious in Jesus' name we pray Amen. So this is part two of our study into the sanctuary we're looking at the Adventists the ology of a sanctuary except we are looking at it from a. Deeper broader and. Fresher perspective. Here's the next question. Why is there a need. For another service on the Day of Atonement if forgiveness and justification have already been obtained for the worshippers during the daily service Question Number Six Do you understand what this question is asking. Why do we need another service if the data service is so good so beautiful. Brought us forgiveness and righteousness by faith and our defects of characters are not shown and we are accepted as if we have not sinned. What is the point of another service the Day of Atonement. Inefficient chapter one again versus five to seven we accepted a bit in the beloved and this is all daily service benefit available even at a time a pall in the time of the Apostles time of Martin Luther. Even though we have forgiveness of sins why do we need another service Colossus' one twenty eight we are perfect in Christ Jesus already. Lost us to ten we are complete in him already in Christ we stand perfect and complete in all the will of God right now Amen don't we. And we are all members of the Church of the firstborn. Were justified by faith made perfect through the blood of the sprinkling by the way do you know what the blood of the sprinkling is a reference to here. This is sanctuary service language. The blood had to be sprinkled before atonement could be made and the sin forgiven so the work of atonement in the haven't a sanctuary where Jesus is sprinkling his blood so to speak crying out father my blood my blood. Gives us His perfection it's accounted to him it's imputed to us we are covered by their over his righteousness after our sin is taken away and transferred to the sanctuary. What else do we need we have justification we have sanctification we have growth in grace we have the impartation of the Holy Spirit and we are enjoying that this morning we know what it's like to be forgiven our tears flow over time in our sins are forgiven we jump up and down with joy because we know that Jesus lives in our hearts in sanctification What else do we need. We are perfect in Christ already. Romans eight verse one says. There is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus this is a beautiful passage and it's yours even now no condemnation folks. In Romans five Verse one we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ in the words of Ellen White again Christ perfectly aerator stands in place of our defective characters and we are accepted before God just as if we have not sent. Our imperfection is no longer seen for we are clothed with a rubber price righteousness. Why is it. That Aaron had to go into the most holy place. On the Day of Atonement. And make another atonement. To cleanse you that you may be clean from all your sins before the Lord what's the point of making another atonement when the torment was already done every day. To forgive us and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness and to present every man here every single person here perfect in Christ Jesus. Do you see the point of the question folks this is where we come in and Seventh Day Adventists now. This is where the rubber hits the road as far as we are concerned. This is the reason why the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Was established. Because God wants a people who will go through not just the daily service experience but a Day of Atonement experience as well amen. You signed up for this. What is the difference between the atonement that the daily priest and the common priests made every day in other words and the atonement that was made by the hype. On the Day of Atonement. Is there no difference if there is no difference and there is no reason for us to be Seventh Day Adventists. What is the difference between the work of cleansing that John writes about in first John verse afresh on one verse nine where he says if you confess your sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse you from all your own righteousness What is the difference between that cleansing. And the cleansing that we talk about here in Leviticus sixteen verse thirty to cleanse you that you may be clean from all your sins before the Lord folks if you can tell the difference we don't know why we are seventy and been ists What is the difference between the cleansing John writes about in first John verse chapter one verse nine and Daniel eight fourteen and to two thousand and three in the days then so the sanctuary be cleansed. That's what we are here this morning to discover for. I hope you are with me. Is the question clear. If the priests went all ways into the first tabernacle accomplishing the service of God. Resulting in the forgiveness of sin and justification by faith then why did the High Priest have to go alone. Once every year on the day of atonement to offer sacrifices for the errors of the people. See what I'm saying what is this error of the people I keep bringing it up I haven't told you what it is yet. In a minute or so you will know what it is. The reason why there was a need of another service called The Day of Atonement service. The reason for that is because the daily service wonderful as it is. Was an incomplete work folks. Making Sense incomplete. Forgiveness and being perfect in Christ is not God's final solution to the sin problem books. God does not just want to keep for giving you you keep coming back and asking for more and yes to forgive you again and you keep coming back for more it never ends you send till the cows go home forgiveness wonderful as it is justification by faith of righteousness by faith beautiful as it is again is not God's final solution to the sin problem the Day of Atonement is not just about cleansing of articles and furnitures and compartments first tabernacle first apartment second apartment but it's more importantly the cleansing of God's people. So that you never again have to defile the sanctuary make sense how many of you can relate with that might be a radical thought for so many of you. But I hope God is speaking to you right now I can only do so much here I hope God is speaking to you and convicting you of the truth that we need to understand at this time present truth. The data service was an incomplete workbooks the fact that the high priest made another Atonement on the Day of Atonement shows what it shows that the Atonement made by the common priests daily was not for all and complete even though it resulted in the forgiveness of sin and the justification of the worshipers it was not fall it was not complete. If the Atonement made it by the common priest daily were full and complete then what. They would be no need for another work of atonement in the second. Apartment on the Day of Atonement it would be redundant it would be unnecessary does not make sense. Good. The fact that the high priest went alone into the second apartment of the sanctuary in he was nine were seven to offer sacrifices first for himself and then for the errors of the people means that these errors whatever they are right now I haven't defined them yet they were not dealt with during the sit in the data service in fact they could not be dealt with during the day to service. If the Atonement made by the common priest daily had been complete there would be no more errors of the people to deal with on the day of atonement is that make sense. The fact that the high priest had to deal with Arabic people on the day of atonement means. It could not be dealt with. During the day to service so now I know you're all excited about these hours of the people what does that mean. Hang in there we will talk about that in a minute here. This is from. Peter some prophets to fifty five to fifty six important truths concerning the Atonement were taught the people by this nearly service what kind of truths. Important truths if it's important we need to know about it in the sin offerings presented during the year I substitute had been accepted in the sinner stead but the blood of the victim had not made full atonement for sin it had only provided a means by which the sin was transferred to the sanctuary I follow me. By the offering of blood the sinner acknowledge the authority of the law can foul confess the guilt off his transgression and expressed his faith in Him who was to take away the sin of the world but listen he was not entirely released from a. From the condemnation of the law. Isn't this a kicker folks. I thought I was forgiven. I thought a sin was taken away from me and transferred to the sanctuary Why is Ellen White saying that I am not entirely released from the condemnation of the law. Have you thought about this. I thought forgiveness was everything. Peterson promise if you to seven it gets even worse the blood of Christ while it was to release the repentant sinner from the condemnation of the law was not to cancel the sin. So into sin is forgiven what happens to that sent. This it evaporate. It is transferred into the sense you are e. To tell you that the same is not cancelled there is a record kept of that sin in a sanctuary even though it is forgiven. It would stand on the record in the sanctuary until the final atonement so now she's talking about what here. She's talking about a final atonement. Listen. This is. Where this is I'm so excited that this file atonement. This is what defines us as a people this final Atonement is what makes us who we are and I hope you're excited about this I hope you're listening I hope I'll be paying attention sowing to type the blood of the sin offering remove the sin from the penitent but what it rested in the sanctuary and till the Day of Atonement I mean of you have been forgiven of your sense. Where are your sense now. They are still in the sense your watery. And you and I are not yet completely off the hook folks we are not entirely released from the condemnation of the law I know Paul says in Romans eight verse one that there is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus how do you harmonize that how do you know how do you harmonize I'm white and Paul. L.O.L. says we are not entirely release from the kind of nation of the law passes we there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus who is staking the truth. Not just what process in Christ Jesus there is now no condemnation of those where who are in Christ Jesus ourselves. You take away that in Christ part what happens next we are back in condemnation folks we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ where is the peace. In Christ because God stands between God because Christ stands between God and guilty men we are accepted in the beloved notice how Paul writes he's very careful. This is why we are not entirely released from the condemnation of the law. This is called and the objective truth of the Gospel subjectively speaking of ourselves we are sinners we are defective. What is the reason again why this is so why is the work done during the daily service incomplete Why is a sin not cancelled even though is forgiven why are we not entirely released from the condemnation of the law. What is the reason for that. Anyone will read it are you paying attention when we read a statement. Amen amen wonderful here is the reason you got it you're on the ball These are reason why the daily service wonderful as it is don't get me wrong the data service is wonderful a lot of people who lived in previous generations who were just deriving benefit from this work even though they died effective they are saved. Because of the daily service they are saved they die defective they brought their defective characters with them to the grave but they are justified by faith they will go to heaven. And make sense but that work is incomplete folks there's so much more to come here's a reason why the data service work is incomplete I'm going to read that statement again from Protestant Kings I'm sorry papers and prophets fifty five to fifty seven important truths concerning the I told that retard the people by this year listserv us into sin offerings presented during the year a substitute had been accepted in the center stead but listen. But the blood of the victim had not made what fall atonement for sin. If it's not full atonement then what is that. Bar show there you go it was partial atonement. It was not for atonement. It was part of the torment because of that the center is not entirely released from the condemnation of the law and is sent is not cancelled even though is forgiven the sin rests in the sanctuary until when the day of atonement. You understand now why the priest had to go in there. On the day of atonement to deal with all sense that are recorded in the books. What is required for that to happen. For atonement now. A full Atonement if the final Atonement if the if the daily service Atonement is wonderful. You put a side by side with the final atonement. The data service Atonement looks like Band-Aid folks. You know what I mean. The Atonement made by the priest every day that resulted in the forgiveness of sin you put that side by side with the final Atonement where you become perfect as pertaining to the conscience and there is no more consciousness of sense that Atonement made daily looks like Band-Aid you cannot compare. The data service only partial atonement made by the blood of the victim since not cancelled but remain in the books his while the the data service is incomplete even though they have been forgiven forgiveness therefore is a partial limited benefit of the sanctuary service forgiveness is not the final solution to the sin problem. It is limited benefit it's a wonderful benefit but God wants to do more for you. Than just forgive your sins the sinner not entirely released from the condemnation of the law I'm summarizing here. And why is this so because the blood of the victim. Had not made for atonement for the sin this is the reason why idea told that made every day I'm not talking about the blood of animals now the blood of Christ. Is the same. As according to Paris and prophets to fifty seven. The blood of Christ does not cancel the same in the data service the same stands on record on the day but until the day of atonement this is the reason why the Atonement made every day was incomplete and the benefit derived was. Parshall you love forgiveness. Do you know what it's like to be forgiven. There's so much more God wants to do for you than just forgive your sins Garces What about I do something to you so that you don't even have to come back and ask for forgiveness and defile my sanctuary I'm going to clench you to the extent that you won't even remember that you're a sinner how about that this is what the final Atonement is all about. A question of a servant. Question Number seven Why did a priest only make a partial atonement for sin during the daily service is a good question. I'm sure you're asking this question right now we know it's partial is not for but why why did the blood of the animals and the blood of Christ for that matter not make a fall Atonement during the daily service why wait until the day of atonement. Why was the Atonement not for. Any guesses. Could not the priest have done it. Oh yes but why does the priest not make a full atonement. Why does Jesus not make a further tone meant when he forgives our sense. Of. Sin is not true the removed from our lives yes yes why does Jesus not make a full Atonement every time our sins are forgiven why just enough atonement to transfer that sin into the sanctuary as Alawite sense in papers in prophecy fifty five to fifty six. Let's take a look at the important truths again we need to learn about the work of atonement. Is number one through them are one there are varying degrees of atonement. A partial atonement. It's results in limited benefits forgiveness justification by faith but the sin is not cancelled and remain in the books and the sinner is not entirely released from the condemnation of the law. And the center is placed on probation. Isn't that what we are right now probationers this is because the benefit we receive from the daily service work of Christ in the sanctuary's partial. Limited Atonement. And then there's the full Atonement resulting in unlimited benefits same as counsel or blotted out and the center is entirely released from the condemnation of the law this is the fall and the final atonement. This is why we are looking forward to a Seventh Day Adventists. Truth Number two. And this might sound new to a lot of you this was new to me for a long time to. What is Truth Number two God deals with sin. Only to the degree that it is acknowledged and confessed. Does that make sense. God deals with sin and I think this is very fair only to the degree that it is acknowledged and confessed I repeat that because this might sound like a new concept to you which means if we don't like not as our sins then what. There is no forgiveness there is no atonement for sin. If there is no acknowledgment no repentance for send there is no atonement for sin that makes sense. Partial acknowledgment of sin results in partial atonement for the sin. And going to read these verses here in a moment. And further atonement for sin has to wait then until the center acknowledges acknowledges the sinfulness of a sin to the fullest extent. Is it all making sense to you. Is this fair. God deals with saying only to the degree. That we acknowledge it. That's why we are put on probation Very good John nine forty to forty one and some of the fair seas which were with him heard these words and said unto him Are we blind Also what did Jesus say to them. What did Jesus say to them. Jesus said unto them If you were blind you would have no sin but now you say We see therefore you're saying remain and what it does mean by that. Because you don't acknowledge your sin not the words you say you can see when in fact you are blind then what. Your blindness remains your sin remains the seed a point that if we don't knock knowledge of our sense then what you are saying will remain in us there will be no atonement to transfer that sent into the sanctuary saw that it can be forgiven books. The Lord's Prayer forgive us our sins as we forgive our sins of others. And here this verse tells us that there are degrees of guilt and perception of guilt. Do you remember this. Parable that Jesus. Related When he was at Simon's Simon the lappers house and Mary was washing his feet What did he basically tell in this parable. There was a certain Predator which had two daughters with the one hundred fifty or five hundred pence and the other fifty and when they had nothing to pay he frankly. What forgave them both tell me their four weeks of them will love him most Simon answered and said I supposed that he to whom he forgave the most and he said unto him go I asked rightly judged but then. In reality Mary who had less guilt than Simon. Was doing more. To show her devotion to Jesus than Simon the leper was showing Isn't that what a story is. Yes. In other words Simon did not understand the extent of his guilt. He knew he was forgiven but he did not really understand how guilty he was before God he thought Mary Magdalene was more guilty than her than him so it makes sense this is what I mean by we don't understand fully the extent of our guilt that greater guilt what. The greater guilt. The greater should be to repentance is not right. The more we perceive our guilt the deeper our repentance will be and the less to be perceive our guilt then what. The Lesser will be to repentance is through them are three we are a lot more guilty of sin than what we acknowledge and confess every day folks is a true statement yet we are a lot more guilty of sin than what we acknowledge and confessed every day. I notice is true in my life. And I notice too in everyone's lives here. We are not conscious of are the far less stand of the sinfulness of our lives therefore our repentance is not as deep how many of you are going to humble yourself this morning and accept this. And. We all got a lot more than what we confessed to him every single day. The greater the perception of guilt the deeper should be the repentance isn't right. The less the perception of guilt the shallower the repentance. The forgiveness formula in Leviticus four twenty eight says if the saying that they had committed come to this knowledge then what. He brings a sin offering with them with him right this is what the verse said but let me ask you a question. How much do you think that that individual who brought a sin offering truly understand the nature of his guilt. How much do you think did you understand. About his indebtedness to the law of God when he committed that sin laid his hand on the animal and confess that sin and kill that animal How much did he understand about the depth. Of the sinfulness of that simple act. I believe only a small portion that's right it's the same with us we are so much more guilty of sin than what we acknowledge and confess every day therefore partial acknowledgment and confession of sin results in what. Partial atonement for the sin folks. Partial acknowledgment of the sin results in what. Partial atonement with for sin because God deals with sin only to the extent that we acknowledge it and confess it. Therefore the final Atonement waits until. We realize to the full extent the sinfulness of a. Since. You understand it and say. Yes if that makes sense a lot of you are not in your heads OK this is the reason why I don't know why is that and hate us in profits to fifty five to fifty six the blood of the victim had not made for atonement for the scene. Because the Senate even though it was going fast was partially acknowledged there's a lot more to sin folks. A lot more to the sinfulness of our action then we than what we realize right now. In other words we do not understand fully right now the extent of our guilt and our sinfulness therefore our repentance. Is not as deep a. Great controversy for eighty two let's try to understand this passes very clearly because he or she explains. The extent of guilt that we have that we don't typically understand every man's word passes in review before God and is registered for faithfulness or unfaithfulness opposite each name in the books of heaven is entered with terrible exactness every wrong word every selfish act every unfulfilled duty and every secret sin with EVERY are full dissembling heaven sent warnings already proofs neglected wasted moments and improved opportunities lessen the influence exerted for good or for evil with its far reaching results all are chronicled. By the Recording Angel. How much of this that we realize. How much of this a have we confessed. A lot of us make poor choices in our lives. How much do we understand. About the effect those poor choices are doing five years ten years down the line. Do you know what I mean when Adam and Eve ate that fruit that forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden and confess that sin How must they understand would be the effect of that one sinful act two thousand three thousand four thousand years down the line. This is why I am saying to you we are a lot more guilty of sin. Than what we confess every day. Is one more statement. By B. C. D. five God's law reaches the feelings and motives as well as the outward acts it reveals the secrets of the heart. Flashing light upon things before bare in darkness and God knows every thought every purpose every plan every motive Now listen the bombshell the books of heaven record the sins that would have been committed had there been. Opportunity. God will bring every work into judgment with every secret thing well. This is the scary statement. The sense that we would commit had we had the opportunity where she pulling this from where is our white pulling this up from. Is there a bible text that supports this. Jesus said Whoever look. Said a woman would lust. What. Has already committed adultery with her in his heart and everyone who says Rocca or fall to his brother what. Had already committed murder isn't right the only thing missing is the opportunity folks we are guilty of the sins that we would commit. Had we had the opportunity how much of these sins and we repent that are already. Desired aged seven forty five says I don't have it in my slide here. The whole world stands charged with the murder and crucifixion of the Son of God. Who is guilty of the murder and crucifixion of the Son of God. You and I. How many of you right now are convicted of that sin and every penny of the US in. Sin is a lot deeper. Than what we think. Our confession of sin. Is not what it should be we all got a lot more than what we acknowledge and confess every day therefore the Atonement Jaysus makes to forgive that sin is partial. And the benefits that we get are limited and incomplete folks if we're gifts that sin but he keeps that sin in the sanctuary why because we haven't fully acknowledged the extent of our guilt. And what's the problem why don't we have a knowledge of the depravity of our lives why don't we have a knowledge of the depths of our guilt why. What is the problem folks. This is the next question question number eight. What is it about sin that makes It's so hard to acknowledge and confess there is something about sin that we don't understand folks. Something about sin that we don't see therefore we don't acknowledge it. Do you know what I mean there's something about sin. That we don't comprehend. That we can't confess it. Mark seven twenty two twenty three Jason speaks about the dual nature of sin. I hope this is not too hard for you to grasp I'm trying to make it to Spain as a sponsible. For from within out of the heart of man proceed what evil thoughts I don't to respond occasions murder steps covetousness wickedness deceit Let's see via snus and evil eye of blasphemy pride and polish ness all these evil things come from where from within and defile the man. According to Jesus himself Sin is what now. It's dual in nature. Their sinful actions. That come out of the heart that people can see and you and I see like transgressions of the law adultery is fornication steps murders covetousness Jesus gives a long laundry list of the sins in March after seven. Sinful actions. Sinful behavior. But there is much more to sin. Than what's on the outside. The heart. The Sinful defective character books which is the source of all human sinfulness the thoughts the feelings and motives this is the root of a. Our sin problem. Jesus says out of the heart. Come all these wicked acts that we do every day. Since of commission. And since of omission. James five seven says if we know the good thing and we don't do it to us it is a sin. That's part of the same problem too. How much do we know about the heart folks. How much we know about our hearts. Our characters. The heart is the seat full about both things and desperately wicked. Who can know it. What is Jeremiah talking about here in Jeremiah seventeen verse nine is not talking about your behavior and my behavior he's not talking about our actions what is he talking about. Our heart what's inside of us. Are defective characters desperately wicked deceitful above all things who can know it. Who can know it we don't understand the sinfulness of our hearts folks. Here's a good illustration. To show you. What dual nature of skin means is called the iceberg analogy we see that. The portion of eyes above the water we call the tip of the iceberg the small. Chunk of ice we see above the water. Represents our behavior our Since the things that come out of our hearts that people can see that we know that we acknowledge these are the things that we confess every day because we see them don't we. We acknowledge them because they're in the open we can see them but sin is a much deeper problem than that there's the heart what is that. This is sin in me. As opposed to sin on me. And what is it our thoughts our feelings the sinfulness of our human character folks. Sin on me is the tip of the iceberg our sinful actions sin in me the more massive concentration of lies below the water which represents our unknown sinfulness of heart the root of human sinning. This is a reference to our defective character made up of sinful corrupt thoughts desires feelings and motives which are largely unknown because they are subconscious and therefore largely an acknowledged and unconfessed how many of you will. How many of you understand what I'm saying here and will acknowledge that this is a correct statement. Yes. Deceitful above all things desperately wicked as were into Jeremiah seventeen verse nine. Psalms one thousand to obsess one now. Who can understand this adverse cleanse now me from secret faults Now do you see the word errors there. What is errors associated with. Secret faults. The hidden sinfulness of life. Cleanse no me from what now who can understand his errors who can know it to cleanse dummy from secret faults figure falls in Romans seven Paul as a. Special term for this he calls it said in dwelling in me. How many of you are familiar with that passage dramas Chapter seven versus seventeen and twenty the good I want to do I can't do and the evil I don't want to do that I end up doing all wretched man that I am who will deliver me from this body that's taking me to death what is Paul's problem here. San. Developing in me. Romans Chapter seven fifteen to twenty. Sin that dwells in me. That's our hearts books. This send welling in me this heart business active character that is inside of me is for the most part untouched during the daily service. Do you know why. We don't acknowledge it we don't know it. What do we acknowledge when we confess our sins. The knowns is that the same that are represented by the tip of the iceberg the sins that people see but the things that I can't see I can't acknowledge right it has to be brought to the surface I have to know about it before I can acknowledge it. Now I'm going somewhere with this that are you begin to see some light in this yes the understand why Jesus waits until now why the final atonement has not been made we are not in the point where we fully understand the sinfulness of our lives right now as I speak here therefore Jesus does not yet make that final atonement. The depths of human sinfulness is an unrecognized unknown problem for a lot of us even today. Therefore it is and repented of right now. I'm going to talk to about Peter right now because Peter will illustrate perfectly what I mean here by. Unknown sin or unknown unrecognized guilt remember the night that he was in the in the with Jesus and the promise that he would never leave him that even though all the twelve disciples the eleven disciples would leave him he would never leave him that he would go to prison and that with him was Peter serious about that yes he was but then what happened. When he was placed in that spot. And he was placed in a crisis. What did he end up doing. The good he wanted to do he could not do and the evil he did not want to do that he ended up doing he denied his lord three times. The size of that pale suffering face those quivering lips that look of compassion and forgiveness. Pierced his heart like an arrow conscious was aroused memory was active Peter called to mind his promise of a few short hours before that he would go with his Lord to prison in death. He remembered his grief and a Savior told him in the upper chamber that he would deny his Lord thrice that same night Peter had just declared that he knew not Jesus but he now realized would better Raef how well his Lord knew him and how accurately he had read his heart the furtherance of which was what unknown even to himself Yes. Desirable ages three one three. Therefore. The data service only took care of the sins that were known acknowledged and confessed and the priest made a partial atonement for the sin. But the record of these things remain in the books of record books of have an even though they have been forgiven why. Because the center owed a lot more than what he confessed making sense now. OK. God only deals with sin again to the degree that is acknowledged. And have to double up here some running out of time. If the sin that he had sent come to his knowledge what does that represent. That represents the tip of the iceberg I reference to the sin that are perceived and known. But the large mass of eyes of a lot of water which represents the sinful heart still largely remained hidden and on acknowledged. So here's. The question that we need to be dealing with now question number nine where and how will God once and for all deal with the root of all human sinning the defective character the bottom part of the iceberg when is he going to deal with that. Don't tell me don't know the answer yet the Day of Atonement folks the Day of Atonement. On the day of atonement the high priest goes right to the root of the problem the defective character it because it could not be dealt with during the day to service because it was largely unknown. For on that day Leviticus sixteen thirty shall the priest make an atonement to cleanse you. That you may be clean from all your sins before the Lord. What is this that is mean. There are two things happening in this passage. To cleanse you. The final Atonement is to cleanse you. Of what folks. And that's is the norm in sin Now that was dealt with when the data. This but the defective sinful character which up to this point has been largely untouched and unknown folks and once you are clean. Then what. That you may be clean from augurs since before the Lord your sins before the Lord and my sins before the Lord Are there records of sins that were forgiven but could not be cancelled they were deposited in the books before the Lord. The final atonement. Blots out the Saints but not before you and I are glanced. The see. Yes or No The Blooding out of sin after you and I are cleansed first. Here Paul will explain it to us a little better in here is ninety seven again but into the second when the high priest alone once every year not without blood which he offered for himself and for the errors of the people this is what we are cleansed of on the Day of Atonement. Not known since he cleanse us of something much deeper than that it's the errors folks and now it's time for me to define what error needs are you ready. This is the part of this this is the highlight of the study now I hope you're paying attention errors What does that. Integrate No Emma which comes from the root word I've no way O. and I'm taking Strong's dictionary here what does it really mean it does not mean sin of ignorance sense of ignorance as your and I B. will tell you it's a lot more than that. What is errors. It is something connected it is something. Defined as lacking information it is to be ignorant to not know. As lacking the ability to understand to be mistaken to be in error to not understand. In other words that we just ignored for lack of information or ability to understand. What its errors mean. What is Paul referring to then when he uses the word errors. He is referring to the part of our sin problem that we do not understand why do you think that is. Where you think that is the errors of the people is Paul Sturm in the book of Hebrews for the hidden sub conscious sinful defective character nature the bottom part of the iceberg folks I have no way O. means something ignored for lack of information. So the high priest goes into the most holy place to deal with that thing that we have been ignoring all our lives and failing to confess for lack of information folks. Do you get that. It is the heart which is deceitful about all things and desperately wicked who can know it plans know me from secret faults who can understand these adverse plans know me from secret faults the does it all connect to gether now is it making sense yes. We are nearing the end here now. Question of a ten when is this all going to happen when is Jesus going to make his final atonement and how he going to do it would you like to know. Yes of course you would like to know question of Attend What is the mechanics and the timeline the time frame of the final atonement and most importantly who will receive this benefit folks who do you think will receive it. There are so. When churches ever since Smyrna perkiness they are Tyrus artist Philadelphia and legacy A Which church do you think will get it. Who. Laodicean folks how do I know that. How do we know it is legacy here. This is where rubber hits the road now this is where we come in a Seventh Day Adventists don't you know that legacy is problem is an unknown problem. These I was there for and repent is the call of Jesus. To the church of legacy here but what is live this year being asked to repent of. Something unknown that oh no it's not that our miserable wretched naked poor and blind. What is Jesus trying to convict Laodicea of folks the top of the iceberg at the bottom of the iceberg why because Jesus once to deal with it now Jesus once led to see it to be the church who will go through the final atonement and experience final plan seen. Him in. This see it if you look at the seventh the the churches before legacy here have assists Pergamos their tireless artists these churches that are told to repent out of something what are they being asked to repent of. What are they being asked to repent of. Known since. That was left by first love as marital info infidelity. Eating food sacrificed to idols fornication these are all kind of sense. Known since the you know why. Because the time frame of these churches coincide or synchronizes with the work of Christ in the first apartment of the have an essential Warry the seven churches. These churches but when we come into a lair to see if. Jesus is now in a second the part where they have the sanctuary. And he's the he's there to deal with the error so glad to see it. And I'm making sense what is the heiress of a legacy of. The unknown sin the lead Assia be there be zealous therefore and repent legacy is being asked to repent of a deeper unknown problem folks down Norwest not who knows how many of you understand how wretched naked miserable Paul and and blind you are right now how many of us you understand that I don't I don't. Before God deals with our unknown problem it has to be exposed. God cannot give us the final cleansing until we come to a point in our experience that we fully realize. The sinfulness of our lives when do you think this will happen. When do you think led to see Abel finally come to grips with our errors sort of God can deal with it in the final atonement. We don't see it in Leviticus sixteen deliberate acts are seen as the day of atonement chapter you read a chapter you find nothing about the mechanics or even the timeline of when this is going to happen and that's understandable because Leviticus sixteen deals with a cleansing of the century if you want to know the mechanics of the final Atonement and the timeline the timing of that event as we as far as we are concerned you go there because that Darius books. The book of Zachariah the vision of Joshua the angel How many of you read this passage in Zechariah chapter three go home and read it folks understand it because in that chapter you find the mechanics of the final Atonement as well as. The timing of that event. The mechanics of the final Atonement and the cleansing of legacy years errors lead to C.S. errors or defective character again is not explained in Leviticus sixteen because the focus is on the cleansing of the two apartments of a sanctuary you need to go to the vision of Joshua in the angel as found in Zechariah three to understand the mechanics and the timing of the final Atonement I'm going to read privacy and Kings Chapter forty seven portions of it to help you understand how this will all take place and if you are. Seventh Day Adventists worth your salt. You would understand what she's saying here. The vision Zacharias vision of Joshua in the angel applies with peculiar force to the experience of God's people when. Closing scenes of The Great Day of Atonement. Are we there yet. We're not there yet the remnant church will then be brought. Into a great trial in distress those who keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus will feel the ire of the Dragon and his hosts Satan numbers the world as his subjects he has to gain control even of many professing Christians but here is a little company. Who are resisting you supremacy if he would if he could blot them from the earth his triumph would be what complete as he employs the heathen nations to destroy Israel sorry in the near future he will steer up the wicked powers of earth to destroy the people of God Men will be required to render obedience to human edicts in violation of the Divine Law Now tell me. What event is Element referring to here. Men will be required to render obedience to human loss in violation of the Divine Law What is that the Sunday. Law crisis folks when we enter that crisis we are now in the closing scenes of The Great Day of Atonement my hair standing and so excited. What will happen listen she gives you a blow by blow account. Of how this takes place. Those who are true to God will be menaced Oh I'd forgot to give it a give it a reference its promise and kings five eighty seven all the way down to five ninety one those who are loyal to those who are true to God will be menaced this denounce prescribe they will be betrayed both by parents and brother and kin folks and friends even into death their only defense their only hope is in the mercy of God Their only defense will be prayer as Joshua pleaded before the angel solider remnant church with brokenness of heart and on faltering faith will plead for what now for pardon and deliverance through Jesus their advocate they are fully conscious of the sinfulness of their lives they see their weakness and unworthiness and they are ready to despair What is this now. They see they are what fairly conscious of the sinfulness of their lives what is that folks. The bottom part of the iceberg is fully exposed. This is the eyes of bio of me Go tried in the fire the I self and the white Rayment all these three things you would find in this chapter So Ellen what is clearly clearly talking about you and I in this chapter to chapter entitled Joshua and Angel what happens when we by the eyes of. We see fully the sinfulness of our lives something we never experienced before they see that folks why is this step important. Because until we fully read. Lies this god cannot deal. With our. Unknown sin our defective characters make sense. When led to see I can no longer buy or sell. That's the time she will by the eyes of my making sense. When we are put into fire not of words that's when this will take place. And running out of time to temper stands by to accuse them as he stood by to resist Joshua he points to their filthy garments their defective what their defective characters he presented a weakness and folly their sense of being rather to their own likeness to Christ which honored their Redeemer he endeavors to affright them with the thought that their case is hopeless that the stain of their defilement will never be washed away he hopes so to destroy their faith that they will yield to his temptations and turn from their allegiance to God What is the defective character. What is I'm sorry what is the filthy garment I just gave it away. The defective characters folks this is. What the high priest is dealing with now on the Day of Atonement this is just more than sinful actions that we confess every day this is the bottom part of the iceberg now legacy is a known problem her misery her nakedness her poverty her wretchedness that's went. On is on the table now the high priest is going to deal with that their source of Satan are strong his delusions are subtle but the Lord's eyes upon his people there are question is great the flames of the furnace seem about to consume them but Jesus will bring them for as what gold tried in the fire so now we have to we have the gold tried in the fire we have the eyes solve. One last thing remain the white Rayment when are we going to receive that. I'm going to skip that same time as the people of God afflict. Their souls before him pleading for purity of heart was the time frame again closing scenes of The Great Day of Atonement books. Not eighteen forty four. Eighteen forty four was the opening scenes of the great day we're told and this is talking about the Sunday law crisis when we are grilled put into fire. That's when this will all take place when our plastic cards are taken away from us and there's nothing more between us and God. When we're down on our knees and we have nothing else to hold on to. This will all take place at that time as the people of God afflict their souls before him pleading for purity of heart this is Day of Atonement language folks the call to afflict the soul this is what it is as the people of God afflict their souls pleading for purity of are the commands given take away the filthy garments What is the filthy garments again the defective characters and the encouraging words are spoken Behold I have caused die and iniquity to pass from the and I will close they were the chains of Rayman Now listen to what happens next the spotless robe of Christ's righteousness is placed upon the tried tempted faithful children of God that despised remnant Arklow that in glorious apparel never more to be defiled by the corruptions of the world. Their names are retained in the black in the lands book of life in rather among the faithful of all ages they have resisted the rise of the deceiver they have not been turned away from their loyalty by the Dragons who are now they are eternally secure from the temperature devices their sins are transferred to the originator of sin. A fair might are set upon their heads. Let's summarize that statement what happens when the closing scenes of the great day of atonement comes. Men will be required to render obedience to human edicts in violation of the divine law and then at this time what happens God's people fully become conscious of the sinfulness of. Their lives they clearly desire and they exceeding sinfulness of sin and plead for purity of heart. At this point a command is given take away the filthy garments give them a change of Raymond and the unknown defective characters are replaced with a change to Raymond folks and what they've been trying to accomplish all our lives is accomplished for us to be just one command take away to feel the garments and give them a chance of rain and what is the result at this juncture juncture God's people are clothed with a robe apprised perfect righteousness never more to be defiled by the corruptions of the world they are eternally secure from The Tempest devices listen this is no longer perfect in Christ books. But perfect like Christ amen. Do you understand now what the mechanics of the final glancing is and when this will take place I wish I had more time. Ten MINUTES LEFT OK we'll do it. How many of you are beginning to see just for the first time. How many of you are or are. How many you have hearts that are burning inside of here right now. Yes this is beautiful. Their sins are transferred to the originator of sin this is the final step this is the scapegoat you know. This is the scapegoat. No longer perfectly prized but perfect like Christ never more to be defiled by the corruptions of the world eternally secure. No longer part of that old man but in the. Final atonement. Listen. Why is the work of Christ in the most solid place different from the daily service from the from his work in Holiday. Here's why great Conover's he pointed. Free in the most holy place this is what God is asking Is father know Christ now as the just plan be carried into effect. As it mattered never fallen. He asked for speak will not only pardon in justification for complete focus and a seat upon his throne what kind of pardon and justification is Jesus pleading for his father now. Remember in the daily service partial books limited and it's what is he asking now. Further and complete. What is the result of that folks we are ready for the wedding. You have the white Rayment let us be glad and rejoice and give honor to the for him for the merits of the NAM is communist wife. Made herself ready. And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen clean and white for the fire linen is the righteousness of the saints no longer Christ's force yours forever to keep eternally secure in the temperature devices. Don't you realize that this is really what you signed up for when you became seventy had honest. Are you going to draw back. When it's so clear right now. What about the dead I have five minutes seven minutes when do the dead receive the benefit of the final Atonement books. We talk about the living they have Assia closing scenes of The Great Day of Atonement What about the dead when will they receive the weight Rayment how many of you know the answer. Yes. When Jesus comes about this. The dead in Christ receive the white Rayman during the opening scenes of the great day we're told meant. The judgment begins with the dead folks and then moves on to the living the judgment when the names come up into judgment and sort of dead when they. Names come up in the judgment they receive the white Raymond where do I find that Revelation six nine to eleven. If you've done any kind of study on the seven seals you know that the first four seals and until the dark ages you know right when you come to the fifth seal the of the convening of the investigative judge mint and the dead. Are investigated first here John is focusing on the martyrs of Jesus what happens what is John saying here and when he had opened the fifth seal I saw under the altar the source of them that were slain for the Word of God and for the testimony which they held and they cried with a loud voice saying all along oh lord wholly untrue that's done not judge and the bands are blood and on them to dwell on the earth and what happens next and white robes were given them. This is the same white robe Laodicea is told to by except legacy A gets it much later during the closing scenes of the investigative judgment the closing scenes of The Great Day of Atonement the dead will receive it first folks does that make sense yes this were people who died defective we know they died defective because. They received a white robe just now it means they never had it on when they were alive they were perfect in Christ but they were not perfect like Christ does that make sense they were justified by faith since forgiven but I did not die perfect like Christ. How many of us here. Will receive the benefit of the final Atonement not many books there are two classes right now in the church of legacy or. The ten virgins are two classes of people in the church of legacy of the wise and the fullish. The fullish will not receive the benefit of the white Raman but the wife's will be will receive the benefit of the white the benefit the final Atonement Daniel twelve. Stand we are told that many will be purified and made white in the time of the end and the wise will understand and shine like the stars are you and I going to be part of this group. Who will understand. And will be made white and purified. Or are we are we going to be part of that group who will be spewed out of his mouth. For failing to heed the call to be zealous therefore and repent I hope that one of us here will be in the camp. Do you not understand why it is the spirit of prophecy says the announcement that the two thousand three hundred days dental Ascension will be will be cleansed is the central pillar and foundation of the Advent faith do you understand it more fully now yes you do. Do you now understand why the spirit of prophecy says that we need to make the work of Atonement going on in the sanctuary right now our constant study. And why we need to become more intelligent about it was not optional. I don't know about you but I feel so privileged to be part of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. We are so privileged to be the last final generation who will experience the full application of the power of the Costco. Which is not just for goodness of sin but the taking away entirely of the root of all human sinning I don't know if that excites you or not I am excited about that are glad to see. We have the privilege of reflecting the character of Christ fully while we are alive in sinful flesh how many believe that and stand in the time of trouble with no intercession necessary folks with no safety net why. Because we are never more to be defiled by the corruptions of the world we are eternally secure from the Temporist of ISIS when our fealty garments are taken away from us the question is are we willing to humble ourselves right now and acknowledge that we are. Miserable naked poor and blind and wretched Are you willing. To do that folks are you willing to heed the call to afflict the soul on the Day of Atonement. Do you have the faith to believe this. Yes or no. Will you believe me if I tell you that this is pure unadulterated advantage truth. Yes Do you have the faith to believe it and do you also have the patience to wait for it or will you draw back as many are doing right now and marginalizing the sanctuary and saying it's all done at the cross as a payday. Or that there is no sanctuary in heaven I don't have time to read this right now. But maybe I will read it we are now living the Great Day of Atonement in the typical service while the high priest was making the Atonement for Israel all the required to afflict their souls by repentance of sin and humiliation before the Lord lest they be cut off from among the people in like manner our Who would have their names retained in the book of life should now in the few remaining days of their probation afflict their souls before God by sorrow for sin and true repentance there must be deep faithful searching of heart the light frivolous spirit endorsed by so many professed Christians must be put away. Here's my final question what about you what about ME WHAT ABOUT US will we receive the benefit of the final Atonement will God be honored in taking away your filthy garments and give you a change of Rayment. I pray as we finish today. That God will look at us and say he deserves to have his filthy garments taken away and I will give him a change of Rayment it's not because of any merit on our part folks but because we humble ourselves. And afflicted our soul. Before God and even that experience is a gift from God even repentance and faith are gifts from God So it's all of God from beginning to end and it's all of faith from the beginning to end. Here are they to keep the commandments of God and to faith in Jesus. God bless. Let's go through prayer. The loving Father thank you so much for being so gracious and kind to us this morning I thank you Lord so much for giving me the grace to share this message in spite of myself. May this message transform is made to do so. In Jesus' name in this media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about your first point if you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit W.W.W.. 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