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The Good News in the Time of Trouble- Part 1

Stephen Bohr


Preparing to meet Jesus in the endtimes.


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed


  • July 20, 2017
    4:00 PM
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Father as we open your word this afternoon we ask for the presence of your spirit we asked that you will open our minds in our hearts that we might be able to understand and receive what you have for us and also that you will empower us to share this message with others Thank you Father for the privilege of prayer we know that you have heard this prayer that you will answer because we ask it in the precious name of Jesus a man. The seventh they haven't missed church holds some unique beliefs. As compared with other Christian denominations. Probably the belief that stands out the most as being different from the Christian world is the idea of what we call the investigative judgment the investigative period vant judgement. And basically I'd like to begin by describing what the pretty adamant investigative judgment is. Basically that God's judgment follows the same sequence as judgments or trials that take place in the United States of America today. In other words judgment. In the eyes of God is very similar to the idea of judgment that we have in the U.S. and also in many other countries and that view is that basically the judgment is composed of three stages. The judgment is composed of three stages. I want you to imagine a judgment scene in a court in the United States of America. You have an individual who was accused you have a district attorney who is accusing the person and you have a defense attorney who is defending the person who is like you. What is the first thing that is done. In a trial in the court system of the United States first of all you have an investigation of the evidence. You was examined everything that happened with relationship to the case the district attorney presents his case against the defense attorney presents his case in favor and then after the investigation is finished after all of the evidence has been seen by the jury then the jury deliberates and the jury pronounces the verdict So the first stage is the investigation the second point is the verdict or the sentence. And then based on the sentence comes the time when the sentence is to be executed. In other words where were the judgment is implemented and the person is either punished or the person is rewarded and so basically you have three stages to the judgment stage number one an investigation of the evidence. Number two the judgment verdict or sentence and number three the employment Taishan of the sentence. Now most Christian denominations their concept of the judgment is very limited. Because they don't really believe that there is going to be an investigation of each worse and Scase and that a verdict will be given in a heavenly judgment before the Second Coming of Christ you see for most Christians the judgment takes place when you die. If you were if you were connected with Christ when you died you go to heaven. If you were not connected with Christ when you died you go to hell. And with some Christian denominations. Particularly the Roman Catholic Church if you are half good you go to purgatory. Or you if you are not good enough you go to purgatory for a while. So basically the idea of judgment of the Christian world is that judgment takes place when a person dies so there would be no reason to have a judgment where you have an investigation of the evidence and then you have the sentencing before a heavenly jury and then finally an execution of the sentence because all of that takes place when a person dies so you God knows if the individual didn't connect with Jesus well God knows he's going to send them to hell and if the person was connected to Jesus then God knows he's going to take that person they have and there's no need for a trial because God knows everything according to this point of view. With the Seventh Day Adventist Church believes that the judgment transpires in three stages the first two stages occur in heaven. The last stage or the last part of the judgment occurs on Earth. Now what I want us to do is go to Daniel Chapter seven Daniel Chapter seven and we're going to look at the judgment scene there in Daniel Chapter seven. And let me just mention that usually when we study there you'll seven you know we study all about the beasts. But somehow I haven't found as much emphasis on the judgment scene of Daniel Chapter seven you know we we cock about the lion and I'll think I would have to review that the lion which represents Babel in the bear which represents me you know Persia the leopard grease the Dragon Beast roamed the ten horns the divisions of Rome the three horns that were uprooted on the hair ally the vandals and the Ostrogoths and then the little horn the papacy rules for twelve hundred sixty years you know we're very well versed with that aspect of that but. We don't dedicate as much time to study the judgment scene of Daniel seven you see after the little horn rules twelve hundred sixty years you have a judgment seat. And what I want us to do is look at that judgment scene so that we can see the three stages that we talked about the three stages are not an invention by the administration the three stages are there found in Daniel Chapter seven so let's go to Daniel seven and we're only going to read certain verses we're not going to read all of the verses just enough to to get the the idea Daniel seven versus nine and ten the little orange is Rule two hundred sixty years those years and in seventy ninety eight so what we're going to read now happens some time after seventy ninety eight it says there I watched till thrones were put in place and the Ancient of Days was the Ancient of Days. God what God the father very well where does God the Father live. In Heaven we pray Our Father which art in heaven so this is taking place where in heaven very important and the Ancient of Days was seeded So if you were to say that it was he seated there before. No he must have been some other place before because it says that he was seated. Let's continue reading it will become clearer so it says I watched till thrones were put in place and the Ancient of Days was seated his garment was white as snow and the hair of his head like pure wool his thought all was a fiery flame its wheels a burning fire a fiery stream issued and came forth from before him a thousand thousands ministered to him ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him who are those. The Angels where do the angels live in heaven so where is this taking place in heaven the ancient. Days ascending into heaven some place actually the most holy place and then the last part of Verse ten says the court was seated. And the books were opened. Where does the court sit sit. In have and. What is opened the books why are the books open. What's going to be examined now. The record the evidence yes because all of God's people are our cues by Satan. And so now God is going to court and he's going to lay out all of the evidence. To the view of the entire universe the records are going to be examined this is the examination stage of the judgment it continue saying and now we're going to read verse thirteen and verse fourteen I want you to visualize this the father you know he moves he comes into the most holy place he sits on his throne the books for the judgment are open now the evidence is going to be examined and then in verse thirteen we find another person that comes into the picture notice verse thirteen. I was watching in the night visions and behold one like the Son of Man Who Would that be Jason see constantly refer to him self as the Son of Man It says one like the Son of Man coming with the clouds of heaven one of the clouds the Angels where is this son of man coming to is he coming to the earth no he's not coming to the earth Notice it says they're coming with the clouds of heaven he came to wear to the Ancient of Days where is the Ancient of Days in the vision in heaven on his throne in heaven right so where does the Son of Man go to does it come to the earth or does it go with the angels to where the father was. To where the father was very very important so it says he came to the Ancient of Days and they brought him who brought him the angels very well and they brought him near before him that is near before the father now the question is why does Jesus go to where the father went in have and what is the purpose of Jesus going to where is father was. Verse fourteen has the answer. Then to him. To whom. Jesus to him was given who gave it to him. The angels no no the father is going to give something to Jesus as a result of the books being opened it says then to him was given done Mannion and glory and a kingdom why does Jesus go to where the father went to receive what to receive His Kingdom. The continuous saying that all peoples nations are languages and serve him his domain is an everlasting domain in which shall not pass away and his kingdom the one which shall not be destroyed. Now a little bit later on of the chapter. In verse eighteen we find an amplification of what we just read in Daniel seven and verses nine and ten and thirteen fourteen notice verse eighteen. But the Saints of the most High shall receive the kingdom now in a minute we just read that who receives the kingdom Jesus receives the kingdom No it says but the saints of the most High shall receive the kingdom. And postmaster the kingdom for ever even for ever and ever once again the idea of the judgment leads to Jesus possessing the. Kingdom and the saints of Jesus possessing the kingdom now let's go to verses twenty one and twenty two I was watching and the same on this little horn was making war against the Saints and prevailed against them until the Ancient of Days came came where. Turfs know until they came to the place where he's going to do the judgment and they haven't so it says I was watching in the same one was making war against the Saints and prevail against them until the Ancient of Days came. And they judgment was made in favor of the saints of the most high where is the judgment given in favor of the saints of the most high in heaven so where is the verdict pronounced the verdict is pronounced in heaven and sword says until the Ancient of Days came and a judgment was made in favor of the saints of the most high and now notice notice the last part of the verse it says and the time came for the Saints to process the kingdom. You see the three stages there first of all the judgment sets the books are open that's examination Secondly it says that a judgment is given in favor of the saints of the most high where based on the examination of the evidence and then it says that the time came for the Saints to actually cause us the kingdom. Where do they possess the kingdom. No they don't possess the kingdom of heaven the meek shall inherit the earth that's right so the final stage the actual policy rests processing of the Kingdom takes place where it takes place on earth. So Jesus goes to get his kingdom in the investigation what is the kingdom. We need that's a very important question that we need to answer what is the kingdom that Jesus goes to the father to receive. We usually think of the kingdom in territorial terms. You know for example we talk about the United Kingdom what comes to your mind when we say the United Kingdom Well you say you know that means Wales and Ireland and Scotland. And all that's what we call Great Britain you know that is the the United Kingdom but really in the Bible the kingdom is not the territory the kingdom are the subjects that belong to the kingdom the kingdom of the people in other words. Let me read you this statement from Ellen White it's found in early writings page two hundred eighty she understood this that Jesus goes to the father to receive the kingdom in other words Jesus goes to the father to examine the evidence to discover or to reveal because he already knows to reveal who is a subject of his kingdom who is the true subject of his kingdom Here's the statement early writings two eighty every case had been decided for life or death this is this is when probation closes while Jesus had been ministering in the sanctuary the judgment had been going on for the right just then and then for the righteous living so you have in Heaven the judgment is going on first of all for the righteous that began with Adam back in eighteen forty four and she says it ends with the living and then she says this courage had received his kingdom. Having made the Atonement forest people and blotted out their sins and then she explains what it means that Christ had received this kingdom she states the subjects of the kingdom were made up. So what is the kingdom. The Kingdom of the people the compose the kingdom that is the kingdom it's not the terror. Oratory the kingdom isn't the Earth the kingdom are all of the true subjects of Christ. No Let's take a look at why the investigation has to take place. Are there many people who profess the name of Christ who are not true followers of Jesus. Or the many people who go to church that. Are actually eventually going to be lost Yes probably the majority is what the Bible says. Now isn't necessary then to for God to do a work of separation investigation to see who was the real deal and who wasn't absolutely. Let me ask you is there wheat and are there tears in the church. So must the separation take place must there be an investigation to see who is the terror and who's who's wheat of course let me ask you other good and bad fish in the church Yeah see with the we fish were fishers of men and you not only fish good fish also for some bad fish and they're all they're all put in the boat but when you get to the shore the separation is done between the good in the bad fish in the parable the fishing expedition. Do you have wise and foolish virgins in the church sure you do your people who have the wedding garment and those who don't. Yes you are people who say a lot of Lord and perform miracles and cast out demons and prophesied in the name of Jesus where he is going to say I never knew you absolutely. Are there in the church individuals who are closed as sheep but there really ravenous wolves the Bible says yes. Other individuals in the church where there are periods of godliness but only their parents yes. Are there people in. The Church other ministers in the church that this guy's themselves as ministers of righteousness the apostle Paul says Yes So in the church you have malted tubes of individuals who all claim Jesus. But all are not sincere followers of Jesus so the purpose of the heavenly investigative judgement is to reveal to the universe who truly repented of sins who truly confess their sins who truly had faith in Jesus which is shown in the life. Because what shows that you're truly sorry is the fact that your life changes in other words you don't do what you used to do. Faith produces work genuine faith produces works you read Hebrews chapter eleven all of the people in Hebrews chapter eleven are doing something. The heroes in Chapter eleven of Hebrews are not thinking something they're not believing something they're doing something. By faith Noah built by faith Abel offered by faith Abraham left not knowing where he was going by faith Abraham sacrificed his son. So in Hebrews eleven the people are doing something because what they do shows that they have real face so the purpose of the judgment is to reveal who truly repented who truly confess their sins not admitted their sins but confess their sins who truly trust in Jesus which is shown in the life it's the separate In other words the righteous and the unrighteous from those who profess the name of Jesus by the way only those individuals who profess to follow Jesus are examined in the preeminent judgment. People who did not did not receive Jesus or accept Jesus those individuals are analyzed during the thousand years and after a thousand years but the. Only ones I examined before the second coming to determine or to reveal who was a true believer and who wasn't a true believer are those who claimed to believe in Jesus. You see the kingdom of Jesus has to be made up before Jesus comes to claim this kingdom. In these are revealed every subject of His Kingdom needs to be made up and when every subject has been examined and has been revealed who is truly a subject of his kingdom then he can close the door probation because His Kingdom is made up. I do follow me. But this is not the primary focus of what it what I want to talk about this is only the preparation for what we really want to take a look at we want to look at what happens after the examination is finished after the verdict has been given. After There has been a separation of the righteous from the unrighteous the kingdom of Jesus is made up because it's been revealed to the universe in the investigation who is the true subject of his kingdom and at that time Jesus pronounces a verdict in favor of his sayings is Saints are still on the earth but the verdict is given in heaven based on the investigation of the evidence now what happens. After the verdict is pronounced immediately after the verdict is pronounced is the close of probation. Because nobody is going to change sides. The Kingdom is made up there's not going to be anyone added to the kingdom there's not going to be anyone subtracted from the kingdom. The kingdom of Christ is made up in the kingdom of Satan is made up the followers of Jesus have the seal of God Those who are alive and the followers of Satan have the mark of the beast and there's not going to be any changing sides. And so probation closes that's the first point that I want to know. After the investigation and the verdict has been given you have the close of probation and then when probation closes after this you have a terrible time of trouble. This view is unique also of the end of this church. Because most Christians believe that they're going to be raptured away before the tribulation. But the evidence church believes that the king of Christ is made up. Before the close of probation and then God's people will go through a severe time of trouble even after the kingdom of Jesus is made up. And so then you have you have a close a probation then you have the time of trouble which is a period and after the time of trouble then you have the second coming of Jesus to actually give the reward to God's people then it already been poured out in the verdict based on the investigation that was made in heaven. This clear. This is fundamental Seventh Day Adventists I'm now we want to do is we want to take a look at some or all biblical pictures of what happens when probation closes remember three stages we're going to look at the close of probation the time of trouble and the little arrests of God's people when they actually receive the kingdom. Now the first example that I want to get from the Bible is one that I gave here in two thousand and fourteen when when I was here at the Hartland campaign in the last time. I'm going to go through it quickly many of you probably were not here so you know for you this might be new for people who are here well it's good to review isn't it. The parent we find in the book of Genesis in the story of the flood this is the fundamental pattern of every other example that we're going to look at concerning the time of trouble. For. I think that I would like to mention is that before the flood No I preached a powerful judgment our message. How do we know that it was the judgment our message two reasons number one in Genesis six it says my spirit shall not. Always strive with man that word strive believe it or not in almost every single reference in the Old Testament is translated to judge or judgment. So in other words when Noyes preaching his message is dividing the world into two groups. It's a judgment our message what does a judgement our new message do at divides the whole world into two groups those who receive the message and those who reject the message by the way was his message accompanied by the power of the Holy Spirit sure my spirit shall not always strive with man so his preaching goes along with the Holy Spirit. Then everybody decide in favor or against there in the period of probation absolutely the wrongly two groups those who enter the ark and those who stayed outside the ark. After Noah had finished preaching his best reach the Holy Spirit was withdrawn from the earth. The Holy Spirit no longer strove. With human being. Because God said my spirit is going to strive one hundred twenty years that's probation. When the two hundred twenty years come to an end. The Holy Spirit no longer accompanies the message of Noah because the preaching of the Gospel is finished every case has been decided. And then you have. The closing of the door. Known as Genesis Chapter seven in verse sixteen Genesis seven verses explain. It says. Sol those that be speaking about the animal soul those that entered male and female of all flesh went in as God had commanded him and the Lord shut him in. So the door closes his every case Ben decided when the door closes Yes How many sides are there two or three two sides those inside and those outside when were those outside last when the door closed or when it started to rain. When the door closed but now here comes the interesting point. The door closes. And how many days passed before it actually begins to rain seven days passed before it begins to rain have you ever wondered why God kept Noah and his family in that great big trance and planning ship because it was huge for a period of seven days I believe it was because God wanted to reveal something very fundamental about the and time. You see what happened with Noah and his family during that period Ellen White states that their faith was severely tested. For each day that went by no rain no rain no rain and she says that each day that passed the violence of those who are outside increased. Here you have a picture of the time of trouble where the faith of God's people will be tested and the awakened will become more and more daring against God's people there in that period so you have first of all the closing of the door all cases decided then you have the time of trouble the faith of Noah and his family tested and those who refused to receive Jesus Christ as Savior more and more violent each day. And then the last point is the destruction of the wicked and the actual saving of the righteous. That's the third stage God's people actually imperiously save based on the decision that they made before hand. Now Jesus used this story to speak about what is going to happen at the end of time let's go to Matthew twenty four verses thirty seven to thirty nine Matthew twenty four verses thirty seven through thirty nine. It says there but as the days of Noah were so also will the coming of the Son of Man be four as in the days before the flood they were eating and drinking marrying and giving in marriage until two times the word until is used until the day that no one entered the ark so the first until marks the moment when Noah entered the ark and the door closed and then it says and did not know who didn't know. Though those are outside the wicked they did not know until the flood came and took them all away what didn't they know until the flood came and took them all away that they were lost let me ask you Were they lost during the entire seven days. Did they know that they were last know is the same thing going to happen at the end of time Jesus said so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. So Jesus what Jesus is saying is what happened in noise day the door closed there was a period of trouble and then knowing his family were delivered that's going to happen at the end of time the door is going to close there's going to be a time of trouble when the face of God's people will be tested the wicked will become more and more violent but then God's people will be delivered. Jesus spoke of this as a coming of the thief in the night. Of midnight leaf and White describes. You know the coming of a thief has two stages. Really no it has only one station has two stages the first stage of the coming of this thief is when he comes to a person's house and the person is sleeping. The thief comes and finds the door unlocked because nobody's watching you know there was no preparation and so the thief comes into the house and he steals everything he can put his hands on it the everything about you and he leaves and the people in the House are told Leanna where the thief has come. When do the people they also discover that the thief is gone. When they wake up in the morning but then it's too late. So it is that the coming of the Son of Man the door peroration will cause that's the coming of the thief. But the wicked will only know that the thief has come the probation is closed. When Jesus is coming on the clouds but then it is what it is too late now let's look at the common denominators that we find in the story of the flood there are six common denominators there we're going to see in all of these stories Number one there is a faithful remnant. Who is the faithful remnant. Noah and his family. The remnant has elements who are the enemies of the remnant. Those that are outside the ark there is a time of trouble and anguish for the remnant the seven days that they are inside the ark. Number four the faith of the remnant is severely tested during this period. Number five God De Lay is to deliver his remnant there's a delay Don't forget that and finally God's remedy is delivered those are the six come of the numbers that we're going. Find in all of these stories that we're going to take a look at we're going to take a look at some of them the Safra known and then we're going to take a look at the more significant ones in our study tomorrow now let's go to Daniel twelve and verse one then you have twelve and verse one. And look at this story we already noticed these common denominator denominators in the flood story now we want to go to Daniel Chapter twelve and verse one let me give you a little bit of context. Immediately before Daniel twelve verse one you have a power which is which is called the king of the North. There's a lot of debate these days about who the king of the North is and I don't want to get involved in that debate right now I believe the king of the north very clearly represents the papacy represents the People Power. It's the same you know it's the last power that rules on the earth before the second coming of Jesus. You know it's the same as the Little Horn it's the same as the beast the same as the man of sin the same as the abomination of desolation the same as the harlot the same as the anti-Christ different names for the same system. The same as a little horn Yes the king a lord has a papacy and Daniel eleven forty four and forty five says that the king of the north goes out to destroy him and I mean you know it's he's going to persecute God's faithful people. And when he is about when he's about to launch his final persecution against God's people we find what happens and then you know Chapter twelve in verse one. There are four points that I want to notice in this verse Daniel twelve verse one by the way the name Michael is use five times in Scripture. Four of those times refer to events of the past. This is the only time where Michael appears that is describing a future event. So it says here in Daniel twelve or so. One at that time that is when the king of the north goes out to destroy an ally late many when he has the intention of wiping out God's remnant people Michael Shell Stand up that's the second point that I want to knows when the king of the north goes out to try and destroy God's people Michael is going to what stand up what does that mean Michael is going to stand up. Well you know you know yes the judgment is over at this point the judgment comes to an end stand up refers to the close of probation you sound you know that well what you have to do is go to other verses that use the same expression. And in chapter eleven the first the first couple of verses of chapter eleven you have the identical expression stand up so let's see what stand up means then you'll eleven verses two and three I'm reading from the King James version which is which helps us because it's translated in the same way the same expression. It says And now I will show the the truth behold there shall stand up yet three kings in Persia What does that mean three kings are going to yet stand up in Persia. That means the three kings are going to yet rule in Persia right. Stand up means to begin to what room. And says and the force will be far richer than they all and by his strength through his riches he shall stir up all against the realm of Grecia and a mighty king shall stand up and chill rule. So what does it mean to stand up. And means to begin to what to rule the identical expression of Daniel twelve years one most Another example in Daniel eight verse twenty two Daniel eight twenty two were uses expressions stand up speaking about the notable horn that the he got hand on his head which is broken it says now that being broken. Whereas for stood up for it for a kingdom shall stand up out of the nation but not in his own power what does that mean to King kingdoms will come up and stand up in me three kingdoms are going to what to rule. So what does it mean that Michael shall stand up and means that he's going to begin to what he's going to be and to rule why is he going to begin to rule. Because His Kingdom is made up. And how is his kingdom made up when was his kingdom made up. In the investigative judgment are you with we're not. So standing up is the same as the closing of the door in the story of the flood. Michael stands up when all of this is our media's Kingdom is made up so now he's going to stand up and he's going to begin to rule over his kingdom. So it says when the king of the north goes out to destroy God's remnant Michael is going to stand up and what is going to do he's going to defend God's people because it says the great prince who stands watch over the sons of your people and then notice the next event there shall be a what. And Earth the same same sequence of events as the flood only different terminology so it says a shall be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation even to that even to that time. So there's a terrible time of trouble but then notice what it says and at that time your people shall be what. Delivered see there you have the implementation of the verdict right probation closes the decision is made God's people go through a terrible time trouble king of North wants to destroy them but then Jesus comes and he delivers he actually empirically delivers his remnant now is delivered the last part of verse one is very important it says the. Then at that time your people shall be delivered everyone who was found written in the book. When were they written in the book. When was the discovered that they were written the book. In the judgment there's an indirect reference here to the fact that these people were judged and their names were retained in the book. Let me read you a couple of statements from Ellen White this this is a very interesting statement actually this is. I don't have the reference from the spirit prophecy but I'll give it to you tomorrow. Ellen White writes Christ says to the overcomer I will not blow out his blot out his name of the Book of Life the names of all those who have once given themselves to God written in the book of life and their characters are now passing in review before him. So every one who has professed the name of Christ is written where. In the book and what's happening now. Our review or an investigation of each person who professes Christ is being made then she writes angels of God are weighing moral worth their watching the development of character in those now living to see as and carefully now to see if their names can be retained in the book of life. So are some names going to be deleted you know the tears are going to be deleted. The Foolish Virgins are going to be deleted. Those who don't have the garment are going to be deleted those who are not good fish are going to be deleted those who say Lord Lord. But this obey his will are going to be deleted those who have a form of godliness are going to be deleted those who appear. To be sheep but there wolves are going to be deleted. So are you seeing the elements here in Daniel twelve hours when. The door closes Jesus begins to rule because the investigation is revealed who is going to manage. Then his people go through a severe time of trouble where the king of the North wants to wipe him out. There in that time. G.'s US protects them Michael protects them nobody is going to die during that period. And then at the end of this period God's people are delivered every one whose name was retained in the book when the investigation was made. So let's review our common denominators. Is there a faithful remnant in Daniel twelve verse one. Yes. Does a remnant have enemies. The King of the North is there a terrible time of trouble for God's people. Yes Does God be laid to deliver them. Yeah all during the time of trouble he delays in delivering them. Is their faith tested they're in this period. Yes but are they finally delivered. So we find the same common denominators that we found in the story of a flood. Now let's take a look at another picture that we have. The time of trouble has a special name it's called the time of. Jacob's trouble well if it's the time of Jacob's trouble worse should we go to try and find out why it's called the time of Jacob's trouble. Well the reason why what we have to do is we have to go to the story of Jacob right be the best thing to do. And the story that we want to examine very quickly is in Genesis thirty two Genesis Chapter thirty two let me give you a little back. Ground just will read the key versus Jacob spent twenty years at Laban's house. They one was a mass the individual. One of the worst that you find in scripture he was a conniving thief. And so Jacob spent twenty years of exile because he had lied to his father and stole the birth life from his brother in after twenty years God told Jacob Now it's time to return to your land. So he returns to the land and as he's on his journey he hears that his brother Esau is coming with four hundred men with the intention of destroying him. In fact in Genesis twenty seven verse forty one we find Esau had said I will find Jacob and I will kill him this is after Jacob stole the birthright and so he is coming with the intention of destroying Jacob Jacob and his family are defenseless they have no weapons. Esau was a warrior according to scripture not Jacob and so Jacob no fears that he and his family are going to we wiped out by his brother who is in his enemy and so now he goes by the book of J. Buck and he pours out his heart in prayer to go on You see God had forgiven him twenty years earlier but he was not he was not able to forgive himself. One of our biggest problems is our unwillingness to accept God's forgiveness because we let our feelings get in the way. See we should know that we're forgiven not because we feel it but because God says so. And Jacob you know if you just accept the Gulf but you know when Jacob went away from home he had that dream of the latter. God said the communion between you and heaven is still is still there in fact after he had the vision of the letter of the dream of the letter God said with the Jacob I'll be with you wherever you go and I'll protect you God said you know you it's past that forgiven. But Jacob was not able for himself he feared that his sin they did committed was so great that he could not claim God's protection. So he pours out his heart in prayer to God he says Oh give me the assurance of forgiveness there by the brook J. Bach and I want to read just a few verses Genesis thirty two verses ten and eleven. Year Jacob says I am not worthy of the least of all the mercies and of all the truth which you have shown your servant for I cost over this Jordan with my staff and now I have become two companies and here comes a keyword that we're going to find time and again what is it deliver Don't forget that word it's in almost every passage that we're going to be studying and we found it of course in the in Daniel Chapter twelve or so one so it's he says deliver me I pray from the head of my brother from the hand of Esau for I fear him lest he come and attack me and the mother with the children so Jacob is saying My sin was so great that I can't claim the protection of gone my family and I are both going to be destroyed so he's pouring out his heart in prayer for the certainty of forgiveness and for the certainty that God will protect him he's going through a severe anguish and while he is going through the severe anguish and prayer one need to be certain that is since have been forgiven so that he can be protected from his his brother and the four hundred men a mysterious individual comes and lays hold of him and the struggle begins. For the better part of the night he struggles with this mysterious being and as a son is about to rise this mysterious being says to him let me go where the sun is rising Jacob at this point already knew that he was struggling with the angel Lord he was actually struggling with Jesus Christ himself he knew it. I mean this being simply tied. Each to his hip and it was disjointed so he's into this was not a common ordinary human being and so this being says let me go and Jacob grabs onto as I will not let you go and tell you bless me give me the assurance that my sin is forgiven and that you're going to protect my family and me. And so once again the brain says let me go I said no way I won't let you go is struggling with being with this mysterious being then the mysterious being says to him What's your name Jacob says My name is supplant or. Because that's what Jacob means somebody who wants to supplant someone else take somebody else's place my name is a planter. And this mysterious being says to Jacob your name will no longer be supported calls a planter. He says your name will now be caught Israel. PRINCE OF GOD because you have struggled with God with man and you have overcome you have gained the victory. And the Bible says that he blessed him there. And the interesting thing is that Jacob was delivered from the wrath of his brother his brother came to him in peace so he was delivered his prayer was answered. But what was Jacob's anguish the need to have the certainty of what of the forgiveness of his sense so that he could claim the protection of God. Let's go to Genesis thirty two twenty four twenty nine where you find the struggle described. Then Jacob was left alone. And a man noticed alone he had nobody to lean on and in a man wrestled with him until the breaking of day now when he saw that he did not prevail against him he touched the socket of his hip the socket of Jacob's hip was out of joint as he wrestled with the. And he said let me go for the day breaks but he said I will not let you go unless you bless me. So he said to him What is your name he said Jacob and he said your name shall no longer be called Jacob but Israel for you have struggled with God with men and have prevailed. Then Jacob asked saying Tell me your name I pray and he said why is it that you ask about my name and he blessed him there now who was this mysterious be this mysterious being was the angel of the Lord was how do we know that go with me to Hosea Chapter twelve in verse four Hosea Chapter twelve in verse four This text is reminiscing about this experience in Genesis Chapter thirty two Hosea Chapter twelve Bruce for tells us yes he struggled with these eighteen Joe and prevailed he wept and sought favor from him who did Jacob seek favor from from the angel. Let me ask you what was did he prevail in his struggle with the angel of the Lord yes by the way what is the proper name of an angel. My call yes the same Michael of Daniel twelve in verse one you say how do we know how do we know that Michael is really Jesus that Michael is God because Jesus is God. We don't have to guess. Because Jacob gave that place a special name. He called that place penny out to Hebrew words pen place and L. got no as he called that place the face of God and he explained why he called the place of the struggle the face of God in Genesis thirty two in verse thirty it says so Jacob. Call the name of the place penny L. and then he explains for I have seen caught face to face and my life is preserved. Who was that Angel was God Michael a name that is given to Jesus before his incarnation. In the New Testament so let me ask you Do you have a faithful remnant in this story. Who is the remnant. Janko do you have an enemy of the remnant that wants to destroy him yes does Jacob go through a severe time of trouble yes he does this God De Lay to deliver him yes all night. Was his faith so verily tested Yes But was he eventually deliver. The all of the common denominators in these stories. Now we need to go to the place where the time of Jacob's trouble is actually named with that name see Daniel twelve us one speaks about the time of trouble and in Genesis Chapter thirty two it's not called the time of Jacob's trouble but there is a reference in Scripture where that expression is used the time of Jacob's trouble. And that is found in Jeremiah Chapter thirty so go with me to Jeremiah thirty and will read verse five through verse nine General Maya thirty verse five through verse nine and let me before we read the passage let me just mention the context of Jeremiah thirty. The faithful remnant. In this passage is Israel. The enemy of Israel that has taken them captive is NOT BE can as are. And the Babylonian armies. The time of trouble that Israel went through is the seventy years of captivity in Babylon. And of course the delay. Would be during those seventy years that they spent captive. Was the faith of Israel severely tested there in the seventy years absolutely but at the end of the seventy years that God give a decree through Cyrus for them to be delivered and to return to their life that is the context this passage is referring to Israel God's faithful remnant let's read beginning at verse five through verse nine for thus says the Lord we have heard a voice of trembling. Of fear and not of peace. I ask now and see whether a man is ever in labor with child now that the pain is so terrible there is like a man who would be in labor which is very painful I'm told. Because I have not experienced it. Else now and see whether a man is ever in labor with a child. So why do I see every man with his hands on his Lloyd's like a woman in labor and all faces turned pale is this severe anguish that Israel is going through absolutely the anguish of never again as are coming and taking them captive there captive in Babylon for seventy years their mistreated their. First seven Alas for that day is great. That's the reason why it's the time travel a great time of trouble such as never has been seen for that day is great so that none is like it. And it is the time of what. There is the a specific expression the time of Jacob's trouble but no notice but he shall be what. What would be a synonym of saved he shall be delivered out of it. Verse eight. Come to pass and that they says a lot of holes then I will break his yoke from your neck in other words the enemy I will break is yoke from your neck and will burst your bones otherwise you won't be captive any more foreigners so no more enslave them but they shall serve the Lord their God and David their king who is Jesus by the way whom I will raise for them. Are you getting the picture. So let me ask you is there a remnant here. Yes the remnant is Israel is there an enemy of the remnant Yes Nobody can as are his armies is there a time of trouble for God's people so here oh it's painful like a woman in labor this God Delay to deliver them seventy whole years in captivity their faith is severely tested during this period but in the end after seventy years through Cyrus God gives the decree to deliver his people from bondage so they can go back to their land and reestablish their religion and reestablish their system. By the way in the end time is Babel and going to be an enemy of God's people again. You know it's not going to be literal babble it's going to be spiritual babbling are God's people going to be placed in a very difficult situation again called the time of Jacob's trouble is it going to be a time of anguish and terrible pain you better believe this is God going to deal a to deliver his people oh yes this is the faith of God's people going to be severely tested Yes that's why we need to develop faith now. At that time you know I don't think you're going to say all this is a severe crisis I need to develop faith no too late. And will God's people be delivered we saw it in Daniel twelve us one at that time your people will be delivered everyone who has found written. In the book. All these pictures of what happens when probation closes during the time of trouble and the deliverance all of them have the same common denominators the good news is that there's going to be a glorious deliverance of God's people. The difficult knows is what's going to happen immediately before that the time of trouble. But if we keep in mind that there is going to be a glorious deliverance it will make it a lot more bearable to go through the delay. But we have to know our goal we have to abide in Christ now and we have to be assured of his presence now if we're going to go through that period victoriously we want to look at one more example and then I'm going to just give you maybe five minutes for you to ask questions or make comments if you wish. The next scenario that I want to present is the one that we find in Matthew twenty four. And I'll go through this quickly. It speaks there about the setting up of the Abomination of Desolation. What is the abomination of desolation in the end time. The abomination of desolation and the end time is when the papacy an apostate Protestantism imposed a Sunday law. And whoever does not comply will be persecuted right. That's the context and always has some clear statements on this by the way if you compare what I don't have time now to do this I have a series of Matthew twenty four fourteen Pres fourteen hours of material a Matthew twenty four and I dedicate two or three of those just to be about mention of desolation what happened in history so you have to understand what happened with the destruction of Jerusalem that foreshadows what's going to happen at the end of time in the destruction of Jerusalem the abomination of desolation in the destruction of Jerusalem was when the Roman stair Romans and their armies brought their standards and they put them in the. Outside the city the standards had an eagle with a golden reason around represent the Orb of the sun and they rendered worship to their SO THERE their sun god standards. Well at the end of time El White says it's not the sun anymore it's the day of the sun. So so when when when sun is imposed as they worship their Gods people are going to go through this severe time of anguish and trouble. It's called The Great Tribulation noticed Matthew twenty four verses twenty one and twenty two God's people are going to have to flee right says the Matthew twenty four it says for then. There will be great tribulation such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time no nor ever shall be. There in that time we're going to experience the same thing as job. The best description of the time of trouble ramifying in our study tomorrow's a story of your. There you have all of the elements. You have a faithful remet in the story of Joe who is the remnant. Job. The question. The job I have an enemy. Who Satan does he go through a severe time of anguish and trouble or is crying out to God You better believe it. Because God is his faith tested to the utmost there is God deliver him immediately no you have to wait from chapter three to chapter thirty eight. For God to deliver him but is he finally delivered and rewarded Yes Yes see the good news is that after the storm comes the peace. But we have to prepare a character to go through the storm so that we can experience the peace and that means abiding in Christ now not. Amaro not procrastinating we have to be a lot Bill of faith now and we need to be thankful for trials folks. We India praise a lord when we have trials. Because because our faith is strengthened when we successfully go through a trial don't complain when things happen in your life which appear to be bad say I'm hanging in there and I'll come out on the other side stronger than I was before. The Apostle Paul said we rejoice in tribulation Oh come on what was he a masochist Oh hey no good that trial strengthen our faith they're not meant to break us they're meant to make us. If we could just remember that so it says. For then there will be great tribulation such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time no nor short ever shall be unless those days were shortened no flesh would be saved but for the elect's sake those days will be shortened who is the remnant at the end of time the elect. Will have enemies who will then have him. Yes. Will God's people go through a severe time of trouble it says so here tribulation such as the world is never see. Will the faith of God's people be severely tested read the chapter on the time of trouble and great controversy Absolutely. Will God deliver them immediately no read that chapter and break other verses powerful. You know what Satan is going to try and convince people to say your sins are so great that God could not forgive those sins. Do we have to have the assurance of the forgiveness of sin yes like you know Jacob he can forgive himself well we need to reach the point where we had the assurance of the forgiveness of sins. And we can have the forgiveness of us the security of her. Last I knew there's a verse in the Bible it says If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness you can take it to the bank believe it because he says so not because you feel it. People depend too much on feeling these days oh yeah I just don't feel forgiven feelings have nothing to do with it. The devil is going to try to get Vance God's people during the time of trouble hey your sins were so great you actually think God's going to forgive those sins come on be real. The whole purpose is to shake the faith of God's people but the faithful of God will not fail. Now is there going to be a deliverance of God's people at the end of the time trouble. Let's read our last text Matthew twenty four twenty nine to thirty one Matthew twenty four twenty nine to thirty one by the way one of the presentations I'm going to make here is it is on the parable of Jesus in looked after eighteen work speaks about the persistent when all that kept on coming and coming and coming to the judge that is the clearest story in the Bible on everything that we're talking about here. It says in Matthew twenty four twenty nineteen mediately after the tribulation of those days so this is going to happen after the tribulation after God's people go through a severe time of trouble after the delay it says the sun will be dark and of the moon will not give its light the stars will fall from heaven and the powers of the heavens will be shaken. Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven then all the tribes of the earth will mourn and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. And here comes the beautiful new. And he will send his angels. With a great sound of a trumpet and they will gather together his walk in the lead to the elect go through the time. Those days are short and the very elect would be asleep the Bible says and so it says he will gather together his he leaped from the four winds from one end of the earth to the other so God's people who have. All these pictures. What we need to focus on is the deliverance. You know after the storm comes. After the struggle comes a victory. But we need to develop unbreakable. In Christ we need to learn to abide in Christ. By studying His Word. By having a deep life of prayer. By by facing crises in our lives. And not getting discouraged but going through them successfully. Through the power of God It's now that that kind of character must be developed because in the time of trouble it's going to be too late. It will be like the five virgins. Let us in learned. The wedding has taken place. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon and much more if you would like to know more about. If you would like to. Visit. Or.


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