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Abiding in Christ- Part 2

Randy Skeete


Deepen and strengthen your relationship with Jesus. 


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.


  • July 20, 2017
    6:45 PM
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Let us pray. There God. We can never come to you enough. Your son said come on to me all the that labor and the heavy laden and I will give you rest Matthew eleven twenty eight your word cannot be broken to God And so in obedience to this invitation we come. The burden I have Lord is my own carnal nature. My sinfulness my fleshly condition I come father to place that at your feet that I may be free to deliver this message with the help of your spirit I ask you to God to help me to think your thoughts that I may speak your words give me a consciousness of my nothingness that I may appreciate your power and your might keep me conscious throughout this message of Isaiah forty two verse eight. I am the Lord that is my name my glory will I not give to another father take all the glory to God I mean every iota but give to us the blessings because we need them a very special blessing to God when I was three visitors we are delighted they've come and I'm asking you God in the name of Jesus bless their lives bless their lives in such a way that they will always remember their time with us and arrange the Lord for them to come back some time again and solution with us now Father speaks through me I pray bless our listeners via the Internet touch them as you touch us in Jesus' name let God's people say a man and a man look eighteen reading from verse eighteen. Who wrote the book of Luke. What other book Media Right Acts Yes What was his profession medical doctor what else was he very good at. At. History as Who ever said that blessings upon you he was a supremely excellent historian modern historians who have studied X. and look have going to lead that the person he mentions the places he mentions and events he mentions a corroborated by secular history. Look was a first class historian for those of you in school excellence is godly behavior can you say man God has nothing to do with mediocrity absolutely nothing when God was finished with one week of creation the Bible says and God saw everything that he had made and behold it was very good and he requires that of us whether you sweeping the street or you building a mansion or you doing astrophysics God requires us to do our best excellence is required of the Christian as a way of life. What did I say look what Chapter eighteen what verse eighteen and a certain ruler asked him saying Good Master what shall I do to inherit eternal life and Jesus said to him why call is not me good none is good save one that is God Val knows the commandments do not commit adultery do not kill do not steal not bear false witness on and I father and my mother. When the rich young ruler said to Christ what shall I do to inherit he did not say what shall I do to save myself. He said What shall I do to inherit when you inherit something you inherit it from. Someone else so this is not salvation by works he is seeking the condition on which salvation is based. I got one a man I'm waiting All right. Let me say it again. He is asking for the condition upon which salvation is based it is a popular belief in most churches including many avenues search is that salvation is by faith by grace through faith. And obedience has nothing to that is not true. Salvation recite John three sixteen for me quickly for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life on the basis of that people conclude huge save just by faith in Christ. You go to fissions to it For by grace are you see through faith and that not of yourselves it is a gift of God Not of works less any man should boast. And we put those texts to gather we conclude we are just saved by faith that is the condition the condition of salvation is obedience let the Bible tell you but first John Chapter three. Verse John Chapter three. Towards the back of the Bible first John Chapter three. I want you to read for me and with me. In reverse twenty three. You have it now we will read microscopically we will read carefully as we read we listen to the voice of God speaking are you already read now what does it say and this is what commander said again this is his commandment when God gives a commandment what does he want obedience that's not discussion. Not negotiation. Obedience. A word we hate because the carnal mind is envy. Against God for it is not subject to the law of God neither indeed can be obedience is a word that irritates the carnal nature which should be like this converted nature are you following me and this is this commandment keep reading now that we should do out believe on what the name of home his son Jesus Christ stop what is the command. Listen to John three sixteen the same the same guy who wrote that verse John three sixteen. For God so loved the world. That he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believe it but sense in first John three twenty three he said this is his commandment that we should believe on the name of His Son Jesus Christ those who believe in John three sixteen are doing what obey. And not a vegetarian sentiment. Nobody said to me. You know like obedience. I'm going to give you healthy dogs to night. My brothers and sisters when you and I all believe in Christ we have obeyed. This is his commandment that he should believe from the name of His Son Jesus Christ and love one another as He gave us commandment so when you read For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth with whosoever obey us. Should not perish but have everlasting life let me say this clearly as I can the condition of salvation is obedience. The condition for living in a similar swirl in the days of Adam was obedience. Let me say some I did intend to say when God made Adam Adam did not us to be made on my right he opened his eyes and there he was but God does not make rubble. What's he says he desires worship from those who choose to worship and so God essentially said to Adam you are living in a perfect world no disease no war no crime no police no Ebola No seek of virus no armies no famine no drought no to force no nothing. All is bliss and happiness and love to come and hang out with you now if you wanted to continue give me one word obey. What is that and do it is Obey was the result and this world. The condition for Adam remaining in Eden was obedience the condition for salvation is obedience through of course the Spirit of God No one can obey God in his own strength. OK. And so we read the words of the rich young ruler again what must I do. To inherit eternal life there is something you and I must do. And I would do is used he will say legalism. Is not legalism legalism is a charge only applied to the Gospel. When you go to the dentist and he says Open your mouth you see your legal list. What you have to do that. When he says lean back you call him illegal list when he says gargled you call him a leaderless when he says bike down you call him when he tells you all these things over the mouth by downed gargle spit do you call him a little list no you do it why because you want that cavity fixed. So when he says Open your mouth you open your mouth the whole will. But if you were to go to the mechanic and he said listen sis. Something wrong with my transmission he told you open your mouth open my mouth. Why your mechanic not a dentist you open your mouth to the dentist because you have seen in his ability are you with me. Your big God because you have faith in him. He knows what he's doing the same way the dentist says Open your mouth does his keep the Sabbath holy somebody say a male and we do it because he knows what he's doing. What must I do to inherit eternal life. Jesus said to them why Colus done me good none is good save one that is God The noise the commandments Let me pause and take on you a little bit. Jesus told him you know. Would you want to do. This that applied to any of us. You know. You ought to stop talking badly about that past. You know. Your return that time. You know that's another man's wife. You know you want to make time for the buy. You know your children should be a priority above your career Come on say men. God says Jesus sat down Norse to come you know but in His mercy He rattled off a few. Christs Connex commandment keeping to salvation. Are you with me. Let's go to Romans chapter two we are in verse. Seventeen and on. Romans two seventeen and onward. Are subject the law of salvation. You have Romans chapter two. You read from verse seventeen. We hold our called a Jew. And the rest is in the law makers that boast of God and knows his will and approves the things that are more excellent being instructed out of the law. Now we have the law again this time not Jesus but Paul Christ identified what law he meant Paul identify was law he means which is the same Law Christ meant let's reverse aging again and Noyce his will and approve us the things that are more excellent being instructed out of the law now let me modernize the second clause in first eighteen and approve it the things that are more excellent in other words you have the ability to determine what is best for what is false and counterfeit. How is that done being instructed out of the law. No wonder Isaiah chimes in with Paul to the law and to the testimony if they speak not according to this word finish the first it is because there's only a little light in them none. None. Any teaching that minimises God's law is decorated darkness. And it originates with the one who has transformed himself into an angel of light. And new doctrine or Titian marks for doctrine that minimizes the law of God has a say tonic origin even if it springs from an administrator's. Behold I will call the Jew. I make is that boast of the law and rest as in the law and make his that boast of God first eighteen and lowest His Will Where is the will of God expressionism law and up. Prove us the things that are more excellent you are able to judge right from wrong what's good what's genuine from what's counterfeit through the lens of the law being instructed out of the law first light in and a confident that Valdai cells are what a guide of whom the blind a light of them which are in darkness and instruct of the foolish a teacher of babes which has the form of knowledge and of the truth where in the law by the way the Bible calls a lot a lot of truth. Read first twenty one for me what does it say the how there for which what teaches another teaches that not by self in other words you picking on others. Yet the thing only I first not hearing that all that what preaches a man should not thus now what law is Paul referring to the Ten Commandments so we go back to verse eighteen being instructed out of the law knowing his will it is the Ten Commandments. Thou that cyst a man should not commit adultery the style commit adultery thou that Horus idols the style commit sacrilege so he picks that shall not steal that shall it with adultery child and make idols and buy down to them that Ten Commandments. Was the basis or is the basis for anyone determining right from wrong genuine doctrine from solves no wonder the devil has so universal success in getting preachers to say there is no law because there is no standard to judge genuineness. You don't get it let me say it again its my fault. But remove the law and you cannot identify truth. The law is selfish. Let's stay in Paul let's go to Rome and set. You read for seven are subject to love salvation. And are saved by law but we're not saved without it. Faith and works page one hundred one paragraph one L. I rise God saves us on the law. Not by a law under that we must ask. If we would receive seek if we would find no if we would have to do obey God saves us under our law here's how I do it ask seek knock what chapter and Romans and I sing what verse. Read with me. What shall we say then is the law sin God forbid capering may I had not known Same come on but by stop what law identifies what is sin Keep reading for I had not known you lust except the law had said Thou shalt not covet what lawyers are using ten commandments. This is after Christ is gone bad. Policy and I had not known sin except. What he saying by saying accept. Yes but. What do you mean by accept. It's the only way if that's what someone is much real Over there it's the only way to know right or wrong the law is God. And let me repeat that's why the devil attacks the law if he can destroy the Law No one knows right or wrong and we call wrong right. Then it's right for man to marry a man biblically that's wrong socially it's right. In. My undergraduate degrees English and some very distressed by the way our. Language is deteriorating but. I. This in terms of pop up all the time you read something called gender fluidity. Have you heard that expression. Was gender fluidity you can be anything you want. Your man on Monday and a woman on Tuesday. Where that come from. Wrong has become the lifestyle. When God made Adam unease the only Sissoko information we have is not the color of the skin the texture of their hair the color of their eyes their height it was simply one was male and one that is eat meaning this division is important to God. That's a man that's a woman. Gender fluidity. I don't mean to upset people via the Internet or in present in person but that did not originate with God. When God told Noah take the animals into the ark the male and female. By the way one male one female with the animals that's another story legs and again the animals practice monogamy. Until you know sin was in the earth and then they start to behave like us the animals originally God's will is for them to practice monogamy if I must get method. How. Yes December so yes thank you there are some animals today it is still monogamous We have remnants of God's original setup can you say a male or. The law is the only reveal or of sin. So we read look eighteen Christ said. Not commit adultery don't kill don't steal to. Commandments Paul center Romans two Ten Commandments that's the will of God That's how you determine what's right or wrong what's genuine falls seven The only reason or right and wrong all sin the law let's go to Romans thirteen. The law salvation it looks like a quarter to something. Romans thirteen. Let's read from first seat. When you founded say men read with me oh no man anything but to love one another pause That's a beautiful verse. You or me love. Are you with me now whether I get it or not is another story but you own me you love and I or you love oh no man anything. Which is attack against it. Well let me leave that alone oh no man anything but to love one another for he that loveth another come on has fulfilled the law now. The Bible says God is what love. When you fulfill the law. US forcing love he that you love us another has fulfilled the law or has acted like God. Take away the law no one can act like dog. And nobody is listening and talking to you sleeping in the eyes open. Will remove the law my lovely friends no launch an act like God because the fulfilling of the law is love. And God is love. You know has love is another house and for the law for this read on with me that I shall not what commit adultery Thou shall not that shall not that shall not thou shall not. And if there be any other commandment it is what briefly comprehended in this saying that child love thy neighbor as thyself here now in Romans thirteen Paul goes to the law to show what it is for a neighbor to interact with a neighbor what Law the Ten Commandments so we have to look eighteen Romans two Romans seven Romans thirteen the Ten Commandments. Let's go to someone who knew Jesus Well his half brother James. James two reading from for Saint are subject the law of salvation. James have to two reading from verse eight. If someone next to you cannot find the verses help the person. Assuming you know where it is. All right here we all find James two verse eight read of it was it say if you fulfill the royal law come on according to the. Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself Come on you do but if you have respect to persons you know what. The law as you commit sin I convince of the law as transcripts us now for whosoever shall keep the whole law and yet offend in one point he is guilty of all the whole law which WHOLE LAW resource eleven. More or less risky to prove you're right but let's get the Bible to back us up verse eleven. For he that said do not commit adultery said also do not kill stop what law is James referring to but it can be. Reversed twelve. So speaking and so do as they that shall be judged how by the law of this is the ten commandments he calls it love liberty but he has taken his mind how far. The judgment. This is the. Time of Christ are you with me Paul James James goes all the way forward to the judgment and the law is still there. You are judged by it because you are required to live by it you can't be judged by a standard not required if you in your everyday life. You don't prepare for Kaldis exam by studying geography. So speakeasy and so do as they that shall be judged by the law of liberty all the way to the final judgment there's no law as to standard we have the law of God Some people say well you never has all ten in any one place in the New Testament Why do you need all ten. Jews. Let me show you something about the Bible you misread intelligently and let's go to Second Peter chapter two. Let me try to deal with this why are not all ten mentioned. Second Peter two yes three for six Peter is talking about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah are subject the law of salvation you have second Peter to have to do. All right let's reverse six. And turning the cities of sort of on the Mara into STOP WHAT DOES IT MEAN by turning the cities into ashes they were burned name the cities. Name the rest. But how many of them in the verse two but they represent a group of cities now go to Jude let's wait for six Jude for seven Jude seven. Jude verse seven. When you go to bible book with just one. Chapter You don't say a chapter anything you just give the verse it's not necessary for salvation I just thought I'd tell you. Jude verse seven read it for me what does it say even as sort of on the Mars stop again just two cities mention but reason I see words I ha and the cities What about them. Sodom Gomorra admire the boy and Bella. In like manner were burned. But you see you almost almost always see what Sodom and Gomorrah because they are representative of a larger group. So when someone is baptized the name of Jesus a lot of Sunday church is as he was about to his name a Father Son Holy Ghost why go through all that trouble Jesus represents all three he was baptized name of all three but Jesus alone is mentioned. Or hey. Look eighteen the law of God. Romans two the law of God What was our next text Romans seven the law of God makes text Romans thirteen the law of God next text James to the law of God The Law of God was shown troll more than anything else in the life of God's people and should be central you know allies. Let me give you another few of the law of God. Let us go to first Peter chapter four. First Peter for we read ten and eleven. By the way read from the King James Version of the Bible I read out of versions yes for comparison but I have a love affair with the King James not the new one the old one. Alright what did I say. What chapter really is a lot of verse ten read with me as every. Man has received the gift even so minutes of the same one to another as good stewards of the manifold grace of whatever gift a talent you have use it wisely for God's glory and a blessing of your fellow man read verse eleven out carefully microscopically if any male speak let him speak out as they on local stop if you see anything and let it be backed up by the owner calls of God. If you cannot speak based on the other cause of God What should you do. The question then arises what are the oracles of God. The Bible says If any man speak. Have insist that. He let him speak as the oracles of God. Let's go to accept a self here a little there a little line upon line present upon precept if people would study that way we would have all these churches on the face of the earth. What did I say what Chapter seven we reversed thirty eight this is Steven actually meant the sermon Stephen preached got him killed by the way. Preaching is dangerous work I mean preaching truth is dangerous whatever no danger. Verse thirty eight verse thirty eight of actually do have it read with me this is he that was in the church where in the world stop Who is he. Who is the he that was in the church in the wilderness Moses you see that in thirty seven I believe this is he that was in the what church where. The Holy Ghost leads you to refer to the Israelites in the wilderness as church. Keeping. With the angel which spake to him where the. In the Mt Sinai what Angela was that Christ. The father was present but since the father does not speak directly to sinners the media does all the talking. And I go over your head. From the time Adamson The father had nothing more to do with us directly everything is through Christ or angels. Young some of them saying that's why when you pray when the neighbor sees. Understand why we must pray in the name of Jesus because God does nothing for me outside of Christ. This is he that was in the church in the wilderness with the angel respect to him in the Mount Sinai and with our fathers who receives what the lively articles from is a verse to give Now why didn't Moses go up into the Mount to receive what the Ten Commandments it was not God's original will to give all the precepts the statutes know it was just that ten commandments. That many people said all that the law has spoken will do. And go to realize look they need help in obeying this divine standard which expresses my very character defines time that cannot be kept just by human power. So he gave them the statutes and precepts to eliminate and made it easy for them to keep the Ten Commandments but God's original will always was just the Ten Commandments that's what Moses went to get now that's the only thing God spoke publicly. All the other precepts and statues and judgements he just spoke them to Moses directly the ten commandments he spoke to all two million Israelites that tells you something now let's get some light from Peter Jackson prophets as read them to find the articles of God. They trash and process page one twenty five paragraph one. Like you even more. Thank you for that your sharp. Page one twenty five. The call of Abraham. Paragraph one. Are you ready. After the dispersion from be able I do all those three again became well nigh universal and the Lord you left the hardened transgressors to follow the evil ways while he chose Abraham of the line of sham and made him the keeper of his law for future generations. What I want you to hold onto he made ever have the keeper of his law. Page one twenty six paragraph one listen. In order that God might qualify him for his work as the keeper of the secret on Nichols. What can we do with that in paragraph one page one twenty five God shows Abraham of the Lion of Shama and made him the keeper of his law the very expats first paragraph in order that God might qualify him for his great work as the keeper of the secret articles What is she saying the secret of the sacred oracles are the Ten Commandments. The heart and soul of the articles of God The Law Of course we don't exclude the precepts and judgments No but the heart the spinal cord. The law of God. And Peter tells us if any man speak let him speak as the articles of God and I repeat it needs repetition any teaching that minimises the law of God is not of God. Isael the law and to the testimony if they speak not according to this word it is because there is no light. Because God's law is a light. It's what time is eight. Where the authorities where is the Sanhedrin. When do I stop. It what. If thirty. OK I don't think that's correct but I like it. Alright. Let me show you something else can I show you something. Girl once again Romans nine I finished quickly without being in a rush. Romans nine. Has anyone said Lord put your words in that man's mouth you. Whole God bless you God bless. US you don't feel left out just pray for me. And I'll ask and I'll pray for you and say God bless you. All right Romans nine from verse one. Are you ready now how shall we read. Microscopically carefully and to what are we listening to the foists of God Now read for me what is it saying I say the truth in Christ now Paul's that's a serious he reading my conscience also bearing me witness where in the Holy Ghost Now wait a minute that's a serious statement. Paul is saying what I am about to say. Is true in Christ and the Holy Ghost is a witness. The serious stuff you call in the Christ the Holy Ghost and you are lying you want to live long. Now Paul had a habit of doing that. Steer you keep one thing on Romans nine let's go to second printings eleven. Second green beans eleven keep a thing on Romans nine We're coming right back let's look at Paul's habit of almost taken an oath when he speaks to let his readers know this is not just his imagination this comes with divine authority you have second growing things eleven verse thirty one read nice aloud with me what does it say that God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ who is less ever more KNOW IT COME ON THAT I line not. God knows him he calls God Again he knows I'm not lying series. Going to be missions one. Relations one. This is Paul writing of course he's angry letter. You have Galatians one not yet I had a page is turning and we haven't got all night. Going to sions one verse twenty are you there but read with me what does it say now the things which I write and to your come on before God I lie not. All he loves to bring defined beings to back up what he's saying I'm not lying. Is going to force Timothy. Chapter two. Verse seven. Are subject to the law of salvation. First Timothy two for seven. Come on move quickly. People on the Internet have already found it. Move quickly All right are you there read with me where until I'm ordained a preacher come on I don't apostle now carefully. In Christ on line not. His habit. Now let's go back to Romans nine. Verse one. They're really nice and loud and clear I say the truth in Christ I live not my conscience also bearing the witness and a Holy Ghost that I wot I have great heaviness and continual want sorrow in my heart why if I could wish that myself were a curse from Christ why from my brother and my kinsmen according to the flesh quali saying look if I thought my death could save the Israelites I would die and go to hell that they might be saved that's why he calls on my kinsmen according to the flesh not in belief because they didn't believe in Christ. So they kinsmen according to the flesh. First four read on who are Israelites now carefully read on how to whom pertain is the adoption come on and the glory come on and the covenants come on and a giving of the law come on and the service of God come on and the promise is whose other father's next verse and of whom concerning the flesh Christ came let's look at those things. Paul is saying the Israelites had privileges he gives eight privilege one your doctrine they were doctored by God. Not a Nation was that we. Whose was the adoption and the glory didn't all see the glory of God on Sinai Yes little seat at night the pill of cloud pillar fire by data pill of cloud yes this all the glory of God Sometimes it descended right at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation the entrance to the holy place they saw the glory of God They saw it in the face of poses. To whom put in it the adoption and the glory and the covenants and the giving of the law and the service of God essentially services and the promises which got me to Abraham that six to mourn the next verse. Who is out of fathers you know as they were descendants from the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob That's a privilege God identifies with Abraham Isaac and Jacob we are descended from the fathers and of whom as concerning the flesh Christ came. To Cavite all of us Christ came through us not the Assyrians or the Japanese only Americans he came through us. Not a supreme leader. Now of these eight. Pick the best. To slow that side. You quit with your mumbling this. Well. The last one OK don't remember it is the last one alright. Christ came in a flash thirty years or life OK but let the Bible tell us which is numero uno of that list of eight are you with me stating Romans Chapter three. Excuse me Romans Chapter three. My friends by the internet God bless you. You are not forgotten Romans three. Read from verse one. Are you there read with me what advantages then have the Jew a lot in circumcision. And that's a good question here's why Paul asked the question he's asking on behalf of those in the know will ask it so we asked it before they ask that's preempting somebody understand why would he ask that in chapter one of Romans Paul argues the Gentiles need Jesus because this is. In chapter two of Romans Paul argues the Jews need Jesus because this is so the Jews Paul knows a Jewish audience will say wait a minute. The Gentile. And we are in the same boat. Now. What advantage is there is there of being as you what I fancy than have the Jew how if we're there sin is a need Jesus we are sinners or what Edge do we have that's the question Paul is asking for them. What prophecy of circumcision what circumcision refers to everything Jewish. Listen to first. Realize aloud much stop Paul says look you have an advantage in every way north south east and west. But here's the number one advantage fit is for Stu. Chiefly. Because I don't tell them we're committed. The oracles of God because God give you his direct Will he came down and handed you his a law he came down and passed on to the whole duty of man. You don't have to guess is will other nations have to guess because of that. And above not even that Christ came to you because you killed him. The same price you killed was the one who sent shall have no other gods before me because of the giving of the law to you. You have an advantage over every other nation on the face of the years because you have in written form the very righteousness of God. The law. I say again the law. The standard required of men and angels. God has one moral standard in the universe. The Ten Commandments. But this is not burdensome this is a privilege for God to require of you what he requires of angels that's a privilege he must think very highly of us. To work choir of us what do you choirs of angels. He never lowers his standards. And so I say to you my beloved friends. The law of God. Obedience to God. Is the foundation the condition of salvation here's what I says about Christ Christ triumphant peace three thirty nine paragraph two. Christ trials on three thirty nine paragraph two Christ came to our world to represent the character of God as it is represented in his holy law for the law is a transcript of his character Christ was both the law and the prophet and the gospel Christ in himself incorporated both the law and the gospel because the law tells you I am a standard you cannot reach. You. Go to him. When you go to him and he changes your life then cry says now go back there and make sure your measuring up. Are you with me the law says look the Bible says the law of the law it is perfect how many perfect sin as you know none acts of crisis perfect but he wasn't a sinner. He was made sin but was innocent the law says you go to him he's the only one who has kept me. So I find no fault like pilot in him. You go to him. And get the power to live like me. And then I will look at you and determine if you really changed. Are you following me let me say it again the law says go to Jesus how does the law say go to Jesus by exposing our imperfections showing us how far we fall short of the glory of God by fire lation the law says go to Him get the power from him and the power is his very life and then the law says OK let me look you over. Xiv you look like me. Because he who looks like me looks like Christ's. The law of salvation. I want. All of us to ask God Father write your law where. On my heart. And he doesn't using the Holy Ghost. Go to Second Corinthians Chapter Three read first read and I pray second Corinthians three first three. I just said Let's ask God to write his law in our hearts. Second Corinthians three first three the law of salvation we clue including. You found it did you find it read with me for as much as you manifestly declared to be the epistles of Christ minister by US Now read carefully here reading now written not quizzing come along with this spirit of the Living God is the spirit that writes because it was the spirit that wrote the law on the stones on Sinai keep going not in tables of stone as back then bust in flesh the tables of the heart I would parades and I Lord what you wrote on stone right on my heart who's will say Lord that's my prayer can I see your hand right on my heart stand up with me. There's a prophecy of Christ in some forty I believe is verse eight which says this I delight to do as I will on. My God why did Jesus say I delight to do his father's will because the law is where aha when we do something when something is in the heart how do we do it collaterally are you with me that's why all parents and teachers tell us Come on put your heart to me. When it comes from the heart it is not forced it is not painful it is a delight in many Christians the law is written in the Bible not on their hearts and so serving God is a painful experience tonight isn't Lord right the law of salvation on my heart if you will confirm that makes your hand again. Yes you by your heads with me. To God thank you for your words. Thank you for your law. It is not an instrument of salvation it is an expression of righteousness your righteousness which is given to us and the only way we express it may God is by living up to your holy law. Christ died because that was broke telling us by His death He takes his law seriously. Please God forgive us for viewing your law likely forgive us that God for taking sin lightly. We ask you now in the name of Jesus the law giver. You would grant was his spirit because the Spirit brings to us the life of Christ and also that life Jesus said. If you keep My commandments you shall abide in my love even as I have kept my Father's Commandments and abide in his love Please God give us love be DNS through the Spirit let everyone who heard this message in person and by Internet again a special blessing and. Our guests give us a sweet much rest under the protection of. Respect to motto they got in safety to worship in spirit and. Repress our hearts with the law is written she systemic for your sake let God speak and say bad. 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