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Righteousness by Faith in the Book of First Samuel- Part 2

Giancarlo De Miranda


Two part seminar exploring the balance between faith and works in the book of first Samuel. 


  • July 21, 2017
    8:30 AM
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Good morning everyone. Did you have a good night's sleep. So had a good breakfast excellent So you're are you ready to study the Word of God. So we are going to continue our studying on the book of First Samuel and we are studying the theme of righteousness by faith right yesterday we study the life of kings and we do our lessons our right as theirs by faith for our lives and this morning we are going to study the life of Prophet Samuel King. And I would like to let you know that type of our message this morning you can see in the sly and the mistreated and the with the power to revenge killing. Ever ever been severely mistreated by someone you don't need to raise your hand I'm pretty sure if you leave long enough that the answer is yes. It is one thing to be in the street there and you cannot do anything about it you just have to take it maybe you you're not in the position to do anything so you have to accept it. But what if you were mistreated and you had the power to do something about it and to revenge yourself so that's what we are going to study to be and I believe this is connected with the theme of righteousness by faith will study the life of prophets several and see and learn from him how he responded to the people that severely mistreated him so I'll like to begin let's open up our Bibles to first Same old game if you have your Bibles beliefs open with me to the book of Samuel. And you can mark your bible there because you. I'm going to explore a little bit some of the chapters of of Samuel So first Samuel Chapter two you can turn of the deer so I'm sure you remember the story of Samuel K. His mother could not have a baby and she prayed to the Lord in faith and the Lord bless her open her womb and she was able to have this Briere for baby and king and she made a vow to the Lord there should bring the child to the temple to serve the Lord once the child was grown enough and she nursed and raise that child of During the first three years of his life and then she gave him to the pampered to the prophet Eli to continue to read Sam and for his child to serve in the temple so that is the purpose to have children to make sure they are trained to serve the Lord King. So I want to pick up the story of Samuel in chapter two and verse eighteen so after he was delivered in the temple or given to the prophet Eli I want you to see what the Bible says in verse eighteen chapter two in verse eighteen the Bible reads but Sam will minister before the Lord being how young. A child girded with the linen Eve five and so you can see from the Bible that since it was a child probably three or four years old he was already in the work of gods so there is a lesson or a here just like a side lesson we can train our children to serve the Lord even when they are three four years old in the church and a motivated them to participate in church service Samuel was since the age of. Three or four years old serve in the Lord in the temples So let's go now to chapter three first Sam of chapter three which you have inferred simmered Chapter three The Lord. Revealed himself to Samuel. If you read verse one notice what the Bible says in verse one and the child some a minister unto the Lord before you lie and the word of the Lord was what is the next word there pressures in those days while it was freshers' there was no what open vision and other words Israel at that point in time they didn't have a prophet OK so they didn't have a prophet so in that very same chapter the Lord revealed himself to Sam Moore and spoke to him in a vision again saw once again that is realized they had a prophet among them and there was a child it was a child so he had a very difficult vision a very difficult message he received the message that the Lord would strike judgment upon the ally and his children because they were defiling the temple of the Lord. Not the lion but his children now notice about it in verse I want you to read in chapter three verse nineteen and verse twenty chapter three of First Samuel verse nineteen the Bible says Dear And Samuel grew and the Lord was with him notice this reason now I want you to catch this free it's and dear lad man of his words what happened with the words of God on. He did not allow any of God's words to fall to the ground what does that mean in this context even though all the message was hard to be delivered. He was still faithfully. Given the message of guidance and Chapter three tells us that he was a child and he was afraid to give the message to a priest Eli He thought how can I give this message to this breeze he has a lot older than myself has more experience in the Word of God in the work of God then he was afraid by Yet he was strengthened in faith you trust of the Lord in them he delivered the Word of God as a prophet and I just wanna comment there is. I believe there was difference level for reading. In the work of God King. Samuel received deal Thora T. of the prophet. Can anyone claim the same level of authority that a prophet has. I can give you another example just to illustrate and then I'll go back to the case of the prophet Samuel For instance I am a parent I have a daughter. And I have all four of the overheard spiritually I'm responsible to her before God and. Does any of you have the same level of all for over my daughter than myself. No it is the same of myself to your children I don't have the same level of authority that you have over your children. Because God built that all Thore to you He gave their all for it to to you. And they are using the same in the church some people there are over the Sabbath school class of the Sabbath school teacher God Built of the old Florida of that person and he has em fluence over there Sabbath school class that his level of authority. But that doesn't mean he has the same level of authority of or perhaps an elder all. Perhaps the pastor of the church or perhaps the conference President God deals deal for at the end the influence we have over people. In the caves of SAML even though he was a child the Lord made him a prophet you see the reason he was actually delivering that rebuke a message to the priest was not because he was anyone but because he read seethed the old Florrie authority from God to be a prophet any lie knew that because the lie was the one that told Samuel because when Samuel heard the voice of the Lord three times you thought he was calling him and then you lie perceive the Bible says that God was calling him to be a prophet. I say this to you because sometimes when we read facts like this in the Bible and we see the old Florida of John the bad as we build in the fairy seals with the Jeremiah rebuke and the leadership of the of the Israelites and then we claim to ourselves the old glory days of a prophet Well we don't have the same level of authority you see what I'm saying. And then we made a big damage in the church. Sometimes we see people preaching the Word of God with such a power and then we've being there we have the same level of authority not always. The Lord is going to build our level of influence as we are faithful in the little things. Yes he was a child he was afraid but yet the Bible says that none of God's word fell to the ground. He was a faithful prophet did you know that Ellen G. Wyatt in one point of time she was afraid to deliver her messages. And then she started softening the message. And then she saw a vision of Jesus with his back to her. But then she was assured that the if she delivered the message faithfully that she would be accepted. And she from that point on she faithfully delivered God's message so let's read verse twenty chapter three and verse twenty. The Bible says there first Center chapter three in verse twenty and all Israel how much of Israel all yours are and remember in those days we didn't have internet social media man of the things but yet the Bible says that all Israel from Damn even to Beersheba mewed that Samuel was to be a prophet of the Lord so you can see here that he is growing in his ministry his level of influence is growing over the people of God He was confirmed to be a prophet everyone knew that he was a prophet yet he was very young in age. Now what we find in chapter we're not going to read but I want to let you know because it is important for our message this morning in chapter four Chapter five and Chapter six is three chapters what chapter did I see four five and six when we have their ears the Israelites going to battle against the Philistines and they lost their battle and then they tried to bring the Ark of the Covenant into the camp to borrow again against the Philistines the Philistines overcame them and took the ark of God and then they became slaves for the Philistines for twenty eight years for two years Sam was there also in Israel he was a faithful man. During those twenty years. But because of the condition the spiritual condition of the vast majority of the Israelites God we rule his protection and allow them to go into captivity so they could learn a lesson and I want you to see what happened after twenty years of captivity let's go with me to Chapter seven OK First Samuel Chapter seven. First Samuel Chapter seven what we are going to read here. Is the Israelites tired of their captivity and that twenty years of captivity they were tired they didn't know what to do and and then the elders of the people they had an idea let's go to Prophet Samuel they knew where they should seek for help in the things of God Samar was the one that had all for it to intercede for them before a holy God So they came to similar after twenty years it took two and years for them to realize that they have to go back to God and give their hearts fully to the Lord. So will notice what it says in Chapter seven in verse three. The Bible says there in Samara was spoken to all the house of years or else saying if you. I lost my reading here and see if you do return to the Lord with all your hearts then put away this strange gods and asteroids from monkey you and prepare your hearts unto the Lord and serve ham in what way they should serve the Lord all live. And he will deliver you out of the hand of the folder stands so what we see here in verse four it's one man. Promoting revival. In Reformation among God's people. Where do a see a revival and reformation here in verse four Do you see a revival Reformation here. First of all where is the revival here. In verse four. Excuse me verse three Yuki in verse three where do we see the rest of the reviver in verse three. It says there that these should serve the Lord with how much of their hearts all their hearts. Make of the seizure serve the Lord with all their hearts. And where else do we see the revival here in this verse serves him only. Where do we see the Reformation here. It says that they should put away this strange guy it's. The spirit process fails us that the revival Reformation should be together if we just make a reformation and then we become dry and without the spirit without the fruit of the spirit we fall into the condition of saw it trying to show that he was a pyres man's a pious man through outward display but then if we forget the Reformation now we just focus on revival. Is not really true revival because through revival leaders through a big guy and and His Word. So one man was promoting a revival and reformation in Israel that man was Samuel. Well I learned here from this story is how much one righteous person can do for God if he is fully dedicated to guides how much influence we can exert for God If we are truly committed to follow him all me. And put away our gods our idols do you want to see the results let's read verse four of the Bible says then the children of years well what did they do put away barely and Asteroth and served the Lord how much. Only There you see if you were revived and they were reformed through the influence of prophet Samuel. And Samuel said Gather up all Israel to me spans and I will pray for you unto the Lord so they were going to have a session of prayer and fasting and really dedicating themselves to the Lord and then all the Israelites they came together and the fullest as they thought that there were plenty to re bell against them. The Philistines came to borrow against the usual eyes but there is realize they were not prepared they just came to pray and fast and now the Philistines were with their army coming against the Israelites So they cried out and says please Samuel intercede for us so the Lord can deliver us. And the story tells us that the Lord sent thunders and. In the liver of God's people. Like means. And everyone saw the salvation of the Lord in the were with their hearts feel that with joy and think for one as to the Lord now there is an interesting verse that I wanted you to see in chapter seven sometimes we don't really give much attention to some of the verses of the Bible but in verse in Chapter seven in verse fifteen. I want you to see what the Bible says there in regard to Samuel and that is important also for our message I will tell you why in a little bit. It says in chapter seven verse fifteen. And Samuel judge urged Israel for how long. All the days of his life do you remember that he started following the Lord he was at the age of three or four in the temple. We are not sure of how old he was at this point but probably in his middle eighty's. So when the Bible says that Samuel served the Lord for all his life the Bible is giving. An idea of what kind of characters Samuel hand. He was as stable man. He endured hard she. He persevered in the ministry. How often I'd see young people coming to this institution and not only on young people but older people also. They make a decision they are really enthusiastic about serving the Lord. And then after one here two years they are discouraged when they are not sure what they're going to do with their lives many times we make a promise to the Lord I will make sure I know how when my devotional live or read the scripture I will pray and then two weeks later we are just we are wavering again. But that was not so with Sam the Bible portrays Samuel as someone that was stable emotionally stable his serve the Lord for all his live it is easy to serve the Lord four five one two three five years of your life but these men barely carry his life his entire life to the service of God. Very stable man very faithful man. But yet we find. In Chapter eight that the Israelites did not fully appreciate him. Let's go to chapter eight and this will overlap a little bit with what we started yesterday. Let's go to chapter eight. And let's pick up the story on verse four for Chapter eight in verse four. The Bible reads Dear. Then all the elders of Israel gather themselves together and came to Sam and to ram our verse five and said unto him be hold that our old and they sons walk not in though we now make as the king to judge as like all the nations in other words they are saying yes you have served Israel for all your life you have helped us to be free from the hands of the Philistines you interceded for ours when we could not stand before a holy God then he delivered ours through your ministry of but we are tired of your. Way of governing the king but by the kingdom but by the way it was not his ways but it was God's way. Remember that Israel was of theocracy God was their king but they want to be like the other nations and then in verse six I want you to notice what happen in verse six. In verse six of Chapter eight The Bible says but the thing. What is the next word. Is please we are going to read what despair prosit talks about. These verse over here what it means that Samuel was displeased actually he was a fan. That. He was offended I want you to try to sympathize with Prophet SAM Right now he's served the Lord for how much for how long of his life all his life. He was doing everything for them. And even when the vast majority were serving idols. And were not seeking the Lord he was still pleading for them. And now they come to him and says we don't want you. To be the instrument of God to guide us anymore. You are too old. And you have to keep in mind that in those days the form of government or was different then our days. God was the one that chills his instruments so he was the one that should take Samuel out and we played stand right so there is a difference of today today is like a more democracy so we choose our leaders through vote and so forth but there was not the case of those days. So there were again we saw yesterday there were rebelling against God. And Samuel was of and it but there was one thing good about this. Situation I want you to see in verse six even though he was displeased or founded the verse says in verse six when they said give us a king to judge us and SAML What did he do here prayed unto the Lord. That's what we should do when something happened that displease us that we feel offended we shouldn't feel of if we are connected to Christ but it so happened before. You rush really answer back. You should pray. You should make sure you're free I want you to see what despair process says about this passage. In Peter exam profits. It says Year. The aged profit looked upon the require as as where does it say there a censure upon himself and a direct effort to set him aside he did not however reveal his feelings. He uttered no reproach do you know why he was able to actually withhold his feelings then and not rationally respond to the people. What did he do it before replying to the people brave do you think he actually knelt down and brave before the people I don't think so it was in his mind. As he was listening to Bill's man's balls man he was praying his mind. And the Lord gave him enough strength not to harshly replying to them. Now let's reverse I want to read one more statement to you notice what it says. Here in this passage the prophet was what is now the word reproved for grieving at the conduct of the people toward himself as an individual so let's reverse serve any order to understand despair Saajid says here in Chapter eight in verse seven after he prayed to the Lord it says and the Lord said unto Samuel hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee for day have not rejected the bug. They have rejected me that I should not reign over them that's well enjoy it is commenting here when God told these words to Sam or he was actually rebuking Sam all he was saying if you feel offended. Is because you are actually pagan the glory. Of your position of the government of Israel to yourself. They are not rejecting you you were not the one there was governing the kingdom. I was the one all this time lead in the Israelites when they rejected you they actually rejected me. You have no reason to be offended so basically this is the message that God was given to him. And it is the same with us. We must have victory over our temper over our harsh words. How do we have that beside our daily the vote. Every time we are confronted with a difficult situation. Make sure why you are facing that situation your thoughts. Are taken to the most holy place. And says God please give me your thoughts. Help me to control my emotions give me a reason and to respond to these people. You can apply that for your work for your family. With your children. In GOD CAN YOU greets. Let's continue. So as you see. The Lord rebuked him told him listen to the voice of the people very. Trysting command of the Lord listen to the voice of the people but make sure you warn them the consequences of their choice but listen to the voice of the people allow them to make their decisions God gives real well to his people to His creatures. But one them we know we read yesterday let's see again in Chapter eight in verse nineteen chapter eight and verse nineteen after Santa warned them that they would regret of their decision the Bible says nevertheless the people refused to obey the voice of Samuel and and they said. We will have a king over us. Very good we remember the story Saul was Joel's own to be deferred skiing over Israel he rained during forty years he began very well but after his first reign he started to depart from the Lord and he apostle sides. Now I want you to see in chapter twelve let's go with me. To chapter twelve. And I hope you have this speech or in your mind of the faithful servant of God serving God throughout his life and given his bass his energy to the Lord and then towards the end of his live years stalled will be rejected by the people that he served that he rescued sort of the Lord of course he was the instruments. So he was strengthened by the Lord he understood that she should he should not be offended that he should hearken to the voice of the people and allow them to pursue their course the Lord made sure they will have the basking or spouse were in that situation Sol was filled with the spirit and so forth he had delivered the usual lies from the hand of the Ammonites and then it comes to Chapter eleven actually before chapter twelve in Chapter eleven. Notice what happened in verse fourteen after the war against the Ammonites. It says then said Samuel to the people come and let us go to deal go out and renewed the kingdom there in other words to make a public. Announcement that from now on saw officially a reign over Israel verse sixteen and says all the people went to give and there the maids saw a king before the Lord in Gilgo and their deeds sacrifice sacrifices of peace offering before the Lord and their saw and all the man of user Well what is the next word there rejoice worriedly they were rejoicing after their victory and they were happy with their king. What we find here in chapter twelve and that is very important I want you to renew your strength in your mind now and try to pay attention here is the high point of our study this morning in chapter twelve you have a public resignation of saw of Samuel Scuse me a public one. Resignation That's right. And he was going to do that not because he wanted but God asked him to do it at a public a resignation he said let's all go together girl we are going to set saw officially as the king and then I will make a public a resignation and I wanted to see his words his final words to the Israelites. Chapter twelve let's begin in verse three OK chapter twelve and verse three. It says there behold. Here I am. Witness against me before the Lord. How many of us can actually stand before a crowd that we know. For our in higher lie. And sensor of my whole life. Witness Against. You see it is not people that he knows for five or ten years. In knows this people throughout his entire life yet he says in verse three witness against me before the Lord lets continue on and then his cess and before here his anointed which was saw that was just standing beside him before all that multitude. He goes on to save those arts have a take it or of those hours have a taken or who have ID fraud it. Who have I or pressed. Or of course hand have I received any bride to blind my eyes there with and I will do what restore it to you. And other words he was dealing with moral sense. Was seminal like throughout his whole live a perfect man or or has he had seen in one point him in his life. He has seen and we just saw in chapter eight and there he was of fended. And the Lord had to rebuke him. But he was not dealing here with any kind of sin he was dealing with morals and. Have I do fraud in anyone have eyes slowly anyone have I accepted bribes from anyone. He was basically is setting the standard to be a leader in Israel. And solid standing just beside he was not vindicating himself. He was trying to make a point that if you are going to be the next leader over Israel I want you to understand that these is. The standard to be a leader of God's people. And solace standing there here in this words he knew those words was for him. Let's continue to read in verse four. Chapter twelve verse four and they said the Dow has not defrauded us nor press us neither has dial taken on out of any man's hands of verse five and he said unto them the Lord is a witness against you why did he say that the Lord he said there because you have no reason to take me out of their position. You are not able to say we are taking you out because you are not an honest man you are partial in judgment you have committed boucherie they have no reasons against him and there he said The Lord is a witness against you. You see if you had any reason to take me out of that position you would be justified before the Lord. Notice continued in verse five. And he said unto them the Lord is witness against you and his anointed saw your sweetness this Stevie that ye have not found in my hands and they answered Here's a with notes I want you to see what the spirit of prostate cancer upon this passage notice carefully you can follow Samuel was not seeking merely to justify his own course he had previously set forth the principles that should govern bowls the king and the people and he desired also noticed carefully. He desired to and to his words the weight of his own What example do you want to be a leader. In God's work. Sabbath school teacher a deacon an elder. Youth Ministry. That's the standard. That's the standard people cannot witness against would be nice a little things here in there in and for sure they spoke about Samuel and his children there and they were right when they said your children doesn't follow your ways they don't follow your ways they were right. But as far as his integrity his character they could not see anything and that's the same for us today. That's continued to read so he's set forth his example from childhood remember that we were studying that he had been connected with the work of God and during his long to live one object had been ever before him where was the object of the life of Samuel the glory of God and the highest good of Israel this is you know for Amelius is so profound. During his whole life the object of his life was the glory of God to reveal the character of God and the highest good of all. Of all. Of these royal. What was the year zero at that point. There were a nation there was a rebellion against God they had just put out the prophet of the Lord and Charles an earthly king. But yet throughout his whole life even when they were captive to the Philistines because they were worshipping idols throughout his whole life the object of his life was to glorify God and the highest interest of the Church of God despite of their condition. Let's continue. Let's skip to verse seven I want you to see what happened over here we're not going to read everything but it's very interesting if you find something I read this chanters very powerful chapter of the way he reasoned with the people Chapter twelve inverts seven it says now there are four stand still Samuel tells to the people that I may what is the next word there the reason we do before the Lord of all the righteous acts of the Lord which he did to you and to your fathers In other words I want to talk to you I want to reason with you for a while sacred history how the Lord has dealt with you so you can see that you had no occasion so this trust him in the form of government that he has set upon his people. And then he goes all the way from moles those how the Lord delivered them from Egypt. To the present time how he delivered the Israelites through Samuel against the Philistines. But yet. You were decided fide and rebelled against the Lord that was the condition of God's people at that moment you have to see this picture I want you to see this picture. Here you have a man trying to plead to resolve with God's will despite of their spiritual with BELIN. Now let's skip to all the reasoning elapsed gold zero verse sixteen. Very important verse sixteen. Chapter twelve of First Samuel in verse sixteen the Bible says there after he gave the discourse and reason with the people now therefore first Sammer Chapter twelve or sixteen now therefore stand and see this great thing which the Lord will do before your eye. Yes Well was it notice verse seventeen. Is it not we had harvests today that start right here. There's INTERVIEWER No when the harvest happened in the middle used. In the month of May. May sometimes in the beginning of June. In those moans. There is no rain in the Israel. And they could have the grain ripe and dry in the feud. And they could store because there was no rain. Because if it rains what would happen with the grains. It's rotten right. So that's why he's asking this question to the people let's go back to the text in verse seventeen is it not we harvest today the month of May no rain in Israel supposedly. Has sets our will call unto the Lord and He shall send thunder and what is the next word rain hour how did the people feel. With this words of Samuel. And then it says that she may perceive the reason I'm going to call rain and by the way rain for the usual lives for I would Corporal economy it's a blessing but not in the harvest time. That I was a curse. But I'm going to call upon the Lord and He will bring the rain why that she may perceive the end see that what kind of things there were community that your we can as is grades which ye have done in the sight of the Lord in. Asking you a king. Did you notice that the Lord just gave him the opportunity to revenge. Remember the tide of our message for those that were here from the beginning. Mistreat Ted and with power to revenge. It's easier to be mistreated and not do anything about it when you cannot do anything about it. But what if you had the opportunity to revenge. He just received in his hand the opportunity to revenge against Bill's we bellows in a wicked people. You see the picture now. What would you do if you were in the place of Samara. You were severely hurt did. This people they were speaking about your family your children they put you at side they don't want you to be the instrument of God anymore and you are constantly rebelling and you are to hired. What would you do if you were in the place maybe perhaps someone here is going through a similar situation not at the same level because this was a major scale trial for Sam. But maybe if someone is going through a trial in your home church. What would you do if you received the opportunity to just. Revenge. Let's see and learn from Sam or what he did that's going to you know are reading. Let's speak up the story in verse eighteen it says their soul Samuel called. Until the Lord and the Lord sent thunder and rain that the and all the people great leader what is the next word there. Feared the Lord and Samuel Why did the people feared the Lord because of the rain no because the rain was going to spoil their harvest and they could not have food for the whole year and they are going to starve to there and that's why the people feared the rain they came and what did the people do after that they pleaded to say more please intercede for us again why they didn't plead to Saud there was standing just beside Samuel and he was the new leader they have the liver and the Israelites from the hand of the Ammonites but they went to Samuel because they knew in the things of God Samuel had of glory too with God altering the in the sense of he was accepted of God His life was righteous there was nothing. That would disqualify him to intercede for them. In then let's pick up the story in verse nineteen it says there. And all the people sent on to say more pray for the servants and to the Lord God that we die nards for we have added unto all our sins these evil to us because the king and Samuel said unto the people why did Samuel tell the people fear not he have done all this week and this yet turn not aside from following the Lord but serve the Lord with all your heart. Is still trying to bring them back to God instead of discouraging them. Because of their spiritual condition I wanted to see a text from despair a process so powerful. I wanted to see this father with me in the slide Samuel did not leave the people in a state of what is the next word discouragements and we have to be careful when we. See the people in Sudan. To make sure we don't discourage them by constantly putting them down and condemning them. Why did he do that they deserved after all Sammul did not leave the people in a state of discouragement for these so I have prevented all efforts for a better life. Sometimes we think the best way to deal with sin is only through rebuilding and sharp talking. That is necessary also but in this case he knew that they needed to be in courage. Satan would lead them to look upon God as severe in Unforgiven and they would be exposed to many fold temptations Patriots and prophets beat six fifteen. Now go back to your bible let's read verse twenty. Let's reverse twenty. It says there Chapter twelve in verse two and Samuel said unto the people fear not you have done all this weakness right and then lets go yet still in verse twenty you have done all this weakness you have turn not aside from following the Lord but serve the Lord with all your heart verse twenty one and turn him not aside for then should you go after vain things which cannot profit now deliver for they are vain now verse twenty two for the Lord will not for see what is the next phrase. His people. Thank you for their praise the Lord. Even though they were in that spiritual condition yet Samuel said as and he recognise as a profit that there were still the churches. Gods yes there were not in the triumph in states. There were in a militant state. And so we do as with us today God has starred wish to speak all in not only. His coaches not only people but includes all saw the organisation the Seventh Day Adventist Church we have clear instruction from the spirit of prophecy that he has stablished these organisation. Yes he is spoke against the former government of the General Conference when it was growing and they said the auld form of government when they first began in the eighteenth sixty's but after the one thousand eight hundred the church was reorganized and he counseled fully support the Seventh Day Adventist organisation as the Church of God. She rolled chapters about the shaking because of the spiritual condition of God's people she rolled and commented upon the pair of geezers are the wheat and the pair she always understood that the church was in a militant state. But you will see that she always acknowledge the organization of the Seventh Day Adventist Church as the instrument of God on this earth. There will be a time of a transition when Sunday law and national Sunday law become stricter and stricter to the point there gradual leave. An organisation there will be no purpose for it anymore not because he has a passive say that's different. But because there is no purpose and the same with self-supporting institutions hardline college will not exist for ever until the until Jesus comes again it will not it will call us wide because it has a part of size No because. Sunday law will become stricter and stricter to the point that we cannot open rate anymore as a Sabbath keeping promoting institution. But that has nothing to do with the posse. Sammul understood that there was a tear we had and the tearing the church argues there is and we must understand that. We don't have the same level of authority of a profit but if the profit was alive just as in the days of Cerner all he would stand out here and it would still. Seek for the highest good of the organized church of God on Earth. I praise God for the ministry of Elder tell Wilson. I believe he's exerting a positive influence upon the church I can see that the very many ways. I could mention some of them but I will deviate a lot of our message but I do see a positive influence of a righteous man trying to work for God and as of the interest of the highest good of the Israel. Will everyone reform and be revived. We are told that the prophet told us. Let's read again verse twenty one chapter twelve and verse twenty one. And tourney unite us side. For then should you go after vain things. Now verse twenty three more all over and I hope this will be our experience of cord into the lab and flints and all for it to the Lord has given to us. Moreover as for me. God forbid that I should soon. Against the Lord how would he stand against the Lord in suits seem to brave for you. How many people have been disappointed with the church and they have ceased to pray for the church and begin to attack the church. If there was a new one that had all four eighty and moral integrity to a pact the church would send. God forbid that I should sin against the Lord in says seem to pray for you too. But I will teach you the good and the right way. Friends I want to draw our principle I'm not making a parallel OK I'm drawing a principle from this taxed. There was a change of government here that the Lord did not know how to write did hear. Their god or once you have written looking over Israel. There was no plan is for God. Did he hearken to the voice of the people and told that you told Samuel to go forward and find a king yes or no did he allow the people to make their choices and to read the consequence of their choice yes or no Could God still have use Israel in Plan B. yes or no. When was the highest. Moment in the history of the Nation of Israel the climax that they were reflecting the glory of God to the other nations. The reign of Solomon. Solomon was a earthly king way yet God was revealing his school Henri through his ministry. Was in God's plan here. Yes or no now. But still on plan B. God works with these people and through his speech Paul do you see that there needs to be clear to you now I want to draw a principle I'm not making a parallel. Is there an apparent that today to change the we we do leadership in Adventism today yes or no. I'm talking about women ordination. Is it God's ideal some people may debate with me but personally I don't see as God's ideal. And I hope there will be no it no change on that. But if there is a change. How will you feel towards the church. Think about that. Are you going to say now that say it to the organization I have seen many people say that if this passes that is it God is no longer with the Adventist Church. I know I might be or I may be a little controversial dysmorphia but I want you to think about this things that is be able to call. We're not dealing with the pain commandments here. In the form of leadership in Adventism a change will guard abandon his church through this story over here I want you to answer from the Bible drawing the principle will God abandon his church as our No. Is the ideal. Is it plans a plan eight for God's people can God works and Plan B.. I like to draw it some lessons for us. This morning as we close first lesson. We should have the same. And you two had Samuel had toward the church of God always seeking to UP least and to exert your influence for the highest good of the Church of God. No matter what is going on in the church. Don't expect to see a period church. Because God has he is only way to purify the church. And it will be through the shaking false teachings will come into the church. Winds of doctrines straight past him on. And the Nationals on the law. We must exert a positive influence upon God's Church number two. All of us some time in lives will be mistreated or have been mistreated and unjustly treated and we must face said in a cries like we I don't know what you're going through in life right now but you for going through this you have an issue with someone in your family in your church in your work with your children you must deal with that in a crisis like we are. Through we. We must be willing to Legoland your fences. And manifest a noble spirit of forgiving those who have offended us. For our let's go to Romans Chapter twelve Romans Chapter twelve. Romans Chapter twelve. We're going to read from verse nineteen to verse twenty one again Romans Chapter twelve verse nineteen through verse twenty one it says Dear I'm sorry twenty one verse nineteen and says dearly beloved What is the next word there are vention out yourself. Yes but whether give liaison to Ross. For it for it is a wreath inventors it's mine our will repay says the Lord. Therefore if the enemy hunger What do you do fear him if he turns to give him drink for in Seoul Doreen dower shall hear because of fire on his head. Be not overcome of evil but overcome evil with good that's our forwards lesson vengeance belong. To God. And we should treat it well doors that offend us and the last lesson for DOES morning we must intercede we must do what enters this is the most proud to call the lesson that you can apply from this message this morning you must intercede for them those that offended you and also for your church for your local church for your conference for your division your union the General Conference we must be constantly intercede. And have the right time God will give us the opportunity to teach. The path of righteousness. My appeal to you this morning years if you have. A difficult situation with someone. Whatever level relationship. And you have bitterness in your heart and perhaps if you were not guilty. But yet I make an appeal to you. To allow God to transform your heart and say God they can do it but please break my heart help me to follow up on the rock and take anger from my heart. Help me to forgive he can transform your life your heart and that person may not change towards you but as you as you let me see if you learned a lesson as you do love for them. Intercede for them. And do good for them. You will see the power of God working through you and restored our relationship. Make this decision today. Make the decision to be a positive influence influence upon the Church of God or God bless that's new and pray. Heavenly father we once again we praise your name for your word and for the lessons you have stored for us to strengthen your people and to guide us and we want to ask one more time for planes in our hearts I want to praise specially for someone that might be struggling with bitterness in the heart with anger with any relationship problem that you and give your holy spirit and strength and then so they can represent you correctly and forgive and intercede in. I want to pray for us as your people that the Holy Spirit may follow as it fell in the days of Pentecost Lord we don't deserve all we ask through the merits of christ claims our hearts and give us the power of the Holy Spirit so we can boldly proclaim your word and it deserves a positive influence upon those that surround us I want to praise specially for the families that are here represented I pray for the priest of the homes that you would give a spiritual heart to and wisdom to guide the families of the Lord into your we. We pray in the precious name of Jesus name in this media was brought to you by audio verse. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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