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Stephen Bohr

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  • July 21, 2017
    11:00 AM
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Good afternoon everyone. And this will be basically a review and I'm going to go quite quickly we dealt with Daniel seven you remember we dealt with Daniel seven and we're just going to review the powers that we find in Daniel seven and then we're going to go beyond this chapter so first of all we have a lion with represents what kingdom Babel and then we have a bear which is made of Persia there we have a leopard be asked greenies what terrible Dragon Beast are all of the ten horns that come out on the head of the Dragon Beast. Of the divisions of the Roman Empire then comes up a little horn up roots three of the horns that's for between four seventy six and five thirty eight and then once the little horn rises to power without any rivals because it's up rooted three it rules for how long rules are one thousand two hundred and sixty years. Now the Book of Daniel does not give us all the details. Daniel takes us primarily to the period of the twelve hundred sixty years and the judgment that begins afterwards but the book of revelation adds to the scenario that we find in the Book of Daniel particularly when it comes to the end time Daniel is a prophecy and the Book of Revelation is a revelation according to The Spirit of Prophecy revelation amplifies what we find in the Book of Daniel so in seventeen ninety eight when the papacy received it's deadly wound. We are told in Revelation thirteen vs eleven that another beast rises from the earth. That's not mentioned in Daniel Chapter seven it's not mentioned in Daniel Chapter two it's it is an additional element that we find in the Book of Revelation. Because revelation amplifies and completes the picture that we have in Daniel so you have this beast that rises from the earth and this beast has two horns like a lamb but it ends up speaking like a dragon What does this beast represent what nation OK I'm just jumping over many things you know I have a serious called God's prophetic Jane where I dedicate an hour basically to each of these elements but the you know I'm assuming that because we're all administration we are Bible students that this afternoon this is all review for us so we have this piece that rises from the earth it's the United States this piece tends to horns like a lamb but it's going to end up speaking like a dragon saw the next event in the prophetic chain is the United States already rose around the same time that the first beast received it's deadly wound but the next step is when this nation is going to end up speaking like a dragon. And then after this Nation speaks like a dragon there will be a trial we know over the issue of Sabbath and Sunday whether you accept human authority or whether your Except divine authority when it comes to the day of worship and then as we studied yesterday after all decisions are made the kingdom of Jesus is made up and then you have the close of human probation after the close uproot human probation we have the time of trouble such as never has been seen and at the end of the time of trouble God's people are delivered everyone who is found written in the book. Know what we need to say a few things about this beast that rises from the earth particularly the tooth two horns of this beast that rises from the earth the two horns as I've shown in several of my presentations the two horns represent civil and religious liberty they read. Resent In other words separation of church and state the secular power operating as a secular power and the religious power acting as a religious power civil and religious liberty but we know that this beast that it first guaranteed civil religious liberty is going to repudiate those two principles of civil and religious liberty in other words it's going to read repudiate its constitution now let me say something about the Constitution of the United States particularly the First Amendment to the Constitution by the way the amendments are part of the Constitution I'm sure that you're aware of that it's not an appendix to the Constitution the amendments are part of the Constitution so the First Amendment to the Constitution actually contains. The two horns like a lamb but First Amendment the First Amendment has three clauses the first clause says Congress shall make no law which establishes religion. Regarding the establishment of religion now there is a civil power cannot establish any religious observance secular power can do that the second clause says or forbidding the free exercise thereof the civil power cannot forbid people from practicing their religion it cannot enforce religion religious observance and it can have forbidden people from practicing their religion and then the third clause of the First Amendment guarantees civil liberties basically the third clause says that Congress shall make no law respecting on a bridging of the freedom of speech is that a civil liberty yes or of the press is that a civil liberty yes or the right of the people peaceably to assemble is that a civil liberty yes and to petition the government for a redress of grievances can you ask the government to do you justice if you've been wronged Absolutely and so the third clause of the. First Amendment guarantees civil liberty the first two clauses guarantee religious liberty. The first two clauses say Congress cannot make any law which establishes any religious observance and it cannot make any law that forbids you from practicing your religion according to the dictates of your conscience the third clause guarantees full civil liberties but we know that the day is coming when the first two clauses of the Constitution are going to be of the First Amendment to the Constitution are going to be repudiated. In other words we know that the civil power is going to establish Sunday as a day of worship. But we also know that the civil power is going to forbear the free exercise of keeping the Sabbath. And always says not only as is the civil power going to enforce Sunday observance She says it's going to for bid Sabbath observance there you have the first two clauses to the First Amendment to the Constitution and here's a very important point when the civil power violates any of the first two clauses of the First Amendment the automatic result is that you lose your civil liberties. So religious liberty and civil liberty are connected let me ask you when the Sunday law is enacted and when that's the law which eventually will come which forbids the observance of the Sabbath are God's people going to lose the freedom of speech. Are we going to be able to defend the Sabbath freely in our speech no. Are we going to be able to legally publish. Anything having to do with defending the savages there goes the freedom of the press are we going to have freedom to assemble freely no that's going to be gone. Are we going to be able to ask the civil power for redress of grievance. Since you know so when the first two clauses of the First Amendment are violated the result is that the furred clause of the First Amendment is violated as well when you're so when your religious liberties are taken away the result is that your civil liberties are taken away as well. Now the reason I bring this to view is because we're going to study two stories in the Book of Daniel that illustrate what happens when the first two clauses of the First Amendment are violated there are two biblical stories I believe and that the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States was divinely inspired. You say what do you do you are you saying then that Thomas Jefferson and company were prophets that were inspired No I'm saying that God actually worked upon their minds. To annex the First Amendment and it's based on Divine principles and we're going to notice two stories in the Book of Daniel that illustrate what happens when the first two clauses of a concept of the First Amendment are violated and how you lose your civil liberties at the same time but before let's review the six common denominators that we looked at yesterday afternoon First of all there is a faithful. Well on. Do you have a read not home they go you know there is always the faithful remnant there you go a faithful remnant Secondly the enemy Rehman has what and I mean it's very well and the enemies want to annihilate the remnant and so God's people then go through what through a severe time of trouble. And during this time of trouble what happens with their faith their faith is severely tested this God deliver them immediately no he did lays in the liver in the. But finally after the delay what this god do he intervenes and he delivers his people in all of the passages of Scripture that speak about the time of trouble you have this same pattern this same scenario these six common denominators and we're going to take some more examples of sound of that go with me to Daniel Chapter three Daniel Chapter three here want to see what happens when the secular power establishes religion. What happens when the secular power established as a religious observance that it commands everybody to obey that religious observance no then you'll chapter three. Took place historically literally but what happened literally in the Old Testament becomes symbolic on a larger scale of the end of time. For example in the days of Daniel the beast by the way never again is a live for a while as a reason. He raises what an image he commands everyone to worship the image and whoever does not worship the image will be killed but that something can you think of any other chapter in the Bible that has something similar to that Revelation thirteen the beast raises an image commands everyone to worship the image whether it is not worship the image will be what will be killed but what happens at the end happens on a global scale it's not even a little valley over and in Dora you know and the furnace is not a literal furnace a fire the furnace a fire become symbolic you're dealing with spiritual global Babylon you're dealing with a spiritual symbolic image you're dealing with a symbolic beast you're dealing with with a symbolic mark in other words everything that's literal in Daniel three become symbolic at the end of time becomes global at the end of time that's the. Principle. Now let's go to Daniel Chapter three and examine some elements of this story which will be repeated once again at the end of time on a global scale so we better learn from this story let's begin our our study of the chapter in Daniel chapter three verse fifteen you know that the King raised up one image he commanded everyone to worship the image and would it were would not worst of the image would be thrown into a fiery furnace heated seven times hotter than ever before now there are three young man which is the faithful remnant that refused to worship the image. And so the king is filled with wrath in fact yellow white says that that when these three young men refused to worship the image and never again as we gave them another chance and they said we don't have to respond to you we already have our minds made up she says that the face of never can as or look like the face of a demon. He was demon possessed. Now I want you to notice chapter three in verse fifteen Remember the key word that we noticed yesterday the word deliver those of you who are here deliver remember Jacob he said deliver me remember Daniel twelve verse one your people shall be delivered every one who is found written the book that's a key word when we find the passages on the dam of trouble notice then you three Verse fifteen the king says to the young man but if you do not worship you shall be cast immediately into the midst of a burning fiery furnace and now notice the challenge and who is the God who will deliver you from my hand who is the God who will what deliver you notice once again who is what God is going to deliver you from my hands well what is the answer of the three young men verse sixteen said Recht May second Abednego answered and said to the king. All nobody can answer we have no need to answer you in this matter we already thought it over we don't have we don't have to think about it is what they're saying and that if that is the case our God whom we serve is able to go there is the key word to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace and he will deliver us from your hand old King. But they're not presumptious. See they don't serve God for the loaves and the fishes they don't say to God You protect us and we'll serve you. They say we love you and we serve you even if we have to die that's the end time generation. Verse eighteen but if not let it be known to you all came that we do not worship your gods nor will we worship the gold image which you have set up civil disobedience. Because the civil power is establishing a religious observance which is not the realm of the civil power. Would this be an infringement of the first clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution establishing a religious observance saying you have to worship this way absolutely. Now the story becomes very interesting you know what happens the Bible says that now we can as a sense Problem solved when he throws the three young men into the furnace then he looks into the furnace and he saves it instead of three there are four let's known as verse twenty five. Look he answered I see four man loosing walking in the midst of the fire and they are not hurt and listen carefully now and the form of the fourth. Is like the Son of God. You know you'll find versions that say the son of the gods because never again as there was a polytheist El White says that that the three young men and Daniel had told nobody can answer what the Son of God looked like he was actually the angel of the Lord your. So how do you know that well not a significant other says The fourth is like the Son of God But then let's reverse twenty eight notice verse twenty eight it says here never can is or spoke sane Blessed be the God of sad racked me shark of Abednego who sent his angel who was the Son of God. The angel What's the name of that angel Michael member Daniel twelve us one at that time your people shall be what believe or by whom by Michael. Who was the Son of God in the furnace it was Jesus but he is Michael the Archangel according to this. So now notice the key word once again Never again is a smoke same Blessed be the God of shad reclamation going to bed to go who sand is Angel and. That was weak. Did you have lunch today. Or you're waiting for supper. So it says who said this angel and what delivered his servants who trusted in him noticed that he who trusted in the end and they have frustrated the king's word and yielded their bodies that they should not serve nor worship any god except their own god. And then after this episode the king gives a decree. By the way it is an illegitimate decree. Because the civil power cannot enforce false religion and it can and it cannot enforce true religion either. That's not the realm of the civil power. It's to be separate from religion. Most verse twenty nine the king makes this degree course he wasn't fully converted he didn't know everything that the Hebrews knew so we should be too hard on him verse twenty nine Therefore I make a. The creep. Then any people nation or language which speaks anything amiss against the God of sad wrecked me shack and Abednego. Shelby what shall be cut in pieces so you can speak against the true God or else you're going to get your head chopped off. Was that a legitimate decree No absolutely not. Shall be cut in pieces and their houses shall be made on ash heap and almost the reason because there is no other god who can. Deliver like this what is the central theme of Daniel three deliverance you know sometimes we focus on the persecution part. The focus here is not on the persecution of the so the focus is on the glorious deliverance. Isn't that. It most certainly is and you know and it were my travel I have people saying Oh Pastor the terrible time of trouble is going to be terrible I hope the Lord leads me to rest before then. We should be saying that. What we should be saying is. I trust in Jesus and I know that Jesus is going to carry me through and I'm going to participate in vindicating the greatness and the power of God The delivering power of God. When I asked the Lord to spare you from this. We need to ask the Lord for strength to go through it. Because I think that the way things are going this is going to happen sooner rather than later not why did these three young men why were they faithful you did you notice it says they trusted in their god. Let's go to Hebrews eleven where we have find an obligation Hebrews chapter eleven thirty three and thirty four picks up on the fiery furnace and also Daniel in the lion's den which is the next story that we're going to go to Hebrews eleven verse thirty three and thirty four. This is the faith chapter it says there and what more Still I say for the time would fail me to tell of Gideon and barrack and Sampson and Jeff also of David and Samuel and the prophets whom through what faith subdued kingdom work to write just miss obtained promises one else stopped the mouths of lions and quenched the violence of fire. What was it that quenched the fire. Faith what was at the close the miles of alliance faith. And Daniel three says because they trusted in their god. They were willing to die to be faithful to God. And always says only those who have that experience with Jesus will go through successfully food stamp problem. But the good news is that if we commit our lives totally and completely to Jesus if we abide in Jesus God will carry us through that period and he will deliver his people and his name will be glorified because imagine nobody can answer this pagan King seen the Son of God in the furnace delivering the three young men that certainly would reveal to the people in his day who the true God was the great god was so God's name was glorified when these three young men remained faithful to God. A message was given to the Empire. Now the next story that we're going to look at is in Daniel Chapter six. Then of Chapter six illustrates what what happens when the second clause of the First Amendment is violated the free exercise clause see in Daniel three The king is establishing a religious observance the same. You have to worship this way Chapter six he's not saying you have to worship this way he's saying there's something in your practices of worship that you can't do. He's for banning the free exercise of religion if you please and by the way doesn't Daniel Chapter three illustrate what happens with your civil liberties when your religious liberties of violated. When the king as stablished the religious observance of having to worship the MH immediately the three young men lost their civil rights what is the greatest civil right the right to life. The right to life was their life and they know when the king stablished religion absolutely now are the lives of people in danger when the civil power for bids the Free Exercise of Religion absolutely Then you'll six illustrates this. Let's go to Daniel Chapter six and verse like oh by the way let me review is our faithful remnant of Daniel three yes the three young men do they have enemies Yeah I can never get an answer and it's counselors doing the three young men go through a time of trouble you don't think being thrown into a furnace as a time trial. Was their faith and go to Lisa verily tested absolutely did God below in delivering them I mean God got to give and in the beginning is or how to think before there was no need. But they had to go through the furnace there was a delay but at the end of the delay there was a glorious deliverance the same common denominators No Daniel six verse five notice what the conflict is over and then you're through the conflict is over worship the civil power enforcing false worship no we're going to find the civil power forbidden true worship. And it has to do with God's law no less Daniel six verse five these are the enemies and. Then you then these men said We shall not find any charge against this Daniel unless we unless we find it against him concerning the Law of his god is the final controversy over the law. Is it over worship Absolutely and so these men prepare a plot the advisers of the king the last article that I wrote it for newsletter was an article titled reflections on bad spiritual advice. And basically I took several stories from the Bible to show that every time that the civil power is the scene of by its religious advisers the result is that ultimately what happens is instead of the civil powers. Doing what the religious counselors say in destroying the remnant eventually when the civil powers awaken and see that they've been deceived they turn on the creators of the plot. And you have that till the very end in Revelation Chapter seventeen you have this harlot who is sitting on many waters she's fornicating with the kings of the earth she controls the commerce of the world she has daughters that do her bidding so everything is going real well for her but the Bible says that eventually the Kings will hate the Harlot. They were going to destroy God's people when they now when they discover that she's D.C.U. them into into giving these decrees against God's people they will turn on the harlot and they will make her desolate and naked they will burn her with fire and they will eat her flesh that's a way of saying that they're going to really be manager. Noticed Daniel six seven through nine. All the governors of the kingdom the administrators and satraps the counsellors and advisors have consulted together they're speaking to the king to establish a royal statute and to make a firm decree that whoever petitions any God or man for thirty days except you walking shall be cast into the den of lions therefore King Darius signed the written a creep. So these guys say oh we love you so much KING We just want people to just ask you know God and no man for thirty days and they can says well these guys really love me. He's been deceived he doesn't realize that they want to get rid of a very good friend that the King heads. So the decree is given the craze of Medes and Persians cannot be revoked could not be changed it appears like they're due. And so Nahla Daniel hears that the decree has been given so then you know goes to his room and he says No need to ruffle feathers I'll just close the windows. No that's not what he said. That when a Bennett sign that he was a coward. He had to bring the true God to prominence and so it says in verse ten now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed he went home and in his upper room with the windows open. Larger Roussillon he knelt down on his knee you see this is a virtual prison that he knelt down on his knees three times that day and prayed and gave thanks me for his God as was his custom since early days. Since the king cannot forbid me from making requests of my God. Do you see the difference between this and Daniel three here the king is forbidden the free exercise of religion. Now what is the result. The result is the loss the seeming a law loss of civil liberties of Daniel because he's going to be killed see if the civil right of life is going to be taken away because the free exercise clause has been violated. And so not us Daniel six verses fourteen to twenty three the king discovers that he's been deceived but the law of Medes and Persians going to be changed so he's between a rock and hardly see the king the civil power says I'm going to. Size my power and I'm going to give us a degree and then he becomes a slave of his own decree he loses his freedom. Noticed verse fourteen What is the key word again deliver deliver it says there and the King when he heard these words was greatly displeased with himself and said it's hard on Daniel two. There it is deliver him and he Labor till the going down of the sun to. Deliver him so the king gave the command and they brought then you'll cast him into the den of lions but the King spoke saying to Daniel your god whom you serve occasionally. Good you've got your Bibles open right sometimes I'll read wrong because I want to make sure that you're reading. Your god to whom you will serve continually he will. There it is again deliver you. What he's saying is good God has the you because I can't. Verse nineteen Then the king arose very early in the morning and went in haste to the den of lions when he came to the den he cried out with a law meant the invoice today the king spoke saying to Daniel Daniel servant of the Living God this is verse nineteen I jumped on the verse nineteen Daniel servant of the Living God. Has your god whom you will serve continually there any has been able to deliver you from the alliance then then you'll set to the king all King live for ever my God sent his. Who. Which angel. Michael. Once again the angel by the way who did Jacob struggle with. Michael the angel in value three who went into the furnace. Michael the angel who was the killer here the angel. Who will be the deliver at the end of time Michael the angel the mighty guardian angel of God's people. And so it says here. Once again verse twenty two my God sent his angel and shut the lion's mouth so they would have not heard me because I was found innocent before him and also Oking I have done no wrong before you. Now the king was exceedingly glad for him and commanded that they should take Daniel up out of the den so Daniel was taken up out of the den and no injury what it whatever was found on him now lawlessness again the same idea as the three young men in the fire you for and us why was there no injury why was there nothing found on him because he believed in his god that means that he trusted his god. Verse twenty five then King Darius wrote to all peoples nations and languages that dwell in all the earth peace be multiplied to you and by the way this is also an illegitimate they create these are pagan Kings they don't realize that it's not their realm to give religious decrees. It would take a while to the fort for the discovery of this after the French Revolution back. Verse twenty six I make a decree that in every domain of my kingdom men must tremble and fear before the ball of Daniel is illegitimate would it be OK for for Donald Trump to say everyone he was must fear God no that would be illegitimate. Because it's a religious decree by the secular power so it says I make of the creed that in every domain of my kingdom men must tremble and fear before they got a venue for he is the living God and steadfast forever His Kingdom is one which shall not be destroyed and his dominion still endure to the end he. Where it is again he delivered us and I guess you didn't understand what. Delivers means and rescues and he works signs and wonders in heaven and on earth who has delivered then you will from the power of the Lions What is the central theme of this whole story the leverage. It's not persecution. Persecution is there the loss of civil liberties the greatest of which is life is there yeah a religious decree by the secular power is there. But the central theme of this story is the final deliverance of God's people on the part alone. That's what we need to focus on. So let me ask you is there a faithful remnant in this story then you know does he have enemies Yes Does he go through a time of trouble you don't think that being a lion's den all night would be a time of trouble. Was Daniel's faith severely tested did God De Lay to deliver him yes all night. Was he finally delivered yes and all these passages we have the same common denominators over and over again. Now let's take a look at another story. The story that we find in the Book of Esther. You find there's this idea coming through time and again time and again the Book of Esther is that conflict in the Book of Esther doesn't have to do with the law and with worship absolutely go with me to Esther chapter three and verses one to three Esther three and verses one through three. Very important verses it says there after these things King has swear us promoted Haman the son of how much data the aggregate and advance him and set his seat above all the princes who are with him and all the King. Servants who are within the king's gate but would and paid to Haman Why did they do that by the way was it legitimate to bow before him would this be false worship yes L. might say that he really was claiming that belonged only to God she says in prophets and games this is not simply out of respect this was an act of worship that Haman won it. And so it says that all of them bought and paid homage to him and why because the king had commanded people to do that was that a legitimate decree by the King it was illegitimate and the symbol on the part of the civil power because he's commenting everyone too but now and render reverence to him and. And so we're going to find that an individual defied But the greed of a king saying this is an illegitimate decree. So it's as in verse two and all the king's servants who were within the king's gate bowed and paid homage to him and for Saul the king had commanded concerning him but Mordecai would not bow or pay homage. Then the king's servants who were within the king's Gates said to Mordecai Why do you try to grasp the king's command why do you not obey the command given by the civil power the bow before him and and render him reverence. Why do you decide why are you practicing civil disobedience. Is what he say. And so Haman one hears when he notices this he is filled with wrath. With religious wrath and he says I'm going to wipe out not only Mordecai I'm going to I'm going to wipe out every one all of the Jews I'm going to wipe them out from the king. The story as well in a chapter three verses eight and nine as the arguments that Haman uses uses some very specious arguments before the king. Then he came and said to King as soon. Yes there is a certain people scattered and dispersed. Among the people in all the provinces of your kingdom those people that are everywhere. There are laws are different from all other peoples. Is this issue concerning the law what what for bid Mordecai from bowing before him and the fact that that then commandment say usual have no other gods before me and you shall not but now before anyone except the Lord your God. So you says their laws are different from all other peoples and as a result they do not keep the Kings laws which law. The law to bow before Haman a religious take re given by the civil power. And then he says because listen if you let these people live and they disobey your laws there's going to be an arc in the kingdom. The kingdom is going to come to an end so now he makes a suggestion he says Therefore it is not fitting for the king to let them remain if it pleases the king lead the Creed be written that they may be destroyed. It gets in the picture. Now let's ask the question is there a faithful remnant in this story yes Mordecai and by extension the people of Israel is or an enemy. All yeah human is the enemy and his wife zero ish you know she's in the background she's really the one who's moving all the strings. You know him and it's just basically following the counsel of his wife. Does Israel go through a severe time of trouble notice Esther for verse three so that you can see how severe this time of trouble was and. For verse three and in every province where the king's command and decree arrived there was what great warning among the Jews with fasting weeping and wailing and many lay in sackcloth and ashes. So there's a period of severe table anguish on the part of people a time of trouble if you please during this time is there trust in God severely tested you can read the story it severely tested so does God immediately intervene to deliver Israel from certain death no they're actually under the death equally for eleven months. When you're a chapter three so the end they're in danger for a period of eleven months there is a delay they are not sure what's going to happen except that they trust in God they trust in their god. But there's a delay where there's anguish and wailing and crying and sitting in ashes that means extreme affliction. So there's a delay. But does God intervene. In the end to deliver Israel from their enemies Absolutely and by the way in this story. Who ends up hanging on the gallows where Mordecai was supposed to hang. And then your chapter six who ends up eaten by the Lions. And the enemies of Daniel so you have this recurring thing when the civil power wakes up you know the king if you read the story of Esther became furious when he discovered that his religious advisor had deceived him. So why didn't realize what the real agenda was by the way he was intending on killing the Queen too because she was a Jew. So the king says don't mess with the queen. Or with this people they don't cause any damage to the kingdom and eventually turns on the religious advisers. That's a recurring theme and about by the way Ellen White says that the papacy persecuted God's people they trampled on people's civil rights during twelve hundred sixty years. And particularly She says France was the king that was used to persecute God's people. And what happened at the end of this period at the end of this period the very nation that had most support of the papacy turned on the papacy and gave it its deadly. That's going to happen globally at the end of time there's another example the greatest example of this is the story of Jesus all of these I have in this newsletter article you know it's a message sense that we have a message for the kings of the earth Don't mess with the papacy. He says when you when you have to stand before before kings and rulers make sure you tell him the truth about this give him these biblical examples the greatest example is a story of the condemnation of Jesus you know the Jews they they decided in the Sanhedrin in the religious court they decided the Jesus must die but they did have the power to execute the death penalty and so they go to pilot the civil ruler and they set upon it this man needs to die and by the way can I firsthand argued it's necessary for one man to die and to save a Mason the nation from the Romans you can read it in John Chapter eleven one man must die to save the nation from the power of the Romans and lo and behold because the Jewish Sanhedrin you the civil power to condemn Jesus the very Romans that they feared was going to destroy their nation destroyed their nation. TIME WHEN THEY CAN YOU FIND THIS recurring theme in Scripture. When the pain when the state and the church join together now is this story of Esther going to be fulfilled again. Absolutely. Volume five of the testimonies page four hundred fifty five testimonies four fifty Ellen White explains that this story is going to be repeated again on a global scale. I read the decree which is to go forth against the people of God. Will be very similar to that issued by ass where US against the Jews in the time of Esther the degree will be very much similar. Is there going to be a time element in the that the Create the end of time will White says after a certain time people will be allowed to kill God's people. In a world today where everybody claims you know freedom and religious liberty and everything you know you say how is this ever going to happen believe me a few disasters. A terrorist nuclear attack. And things will happen very quickly you know people say how is how are the Muslims ever go how are we going to proclaim the gospel to the Muslims I'll tell you what I can explain how but I know that when push comes to shove it's going to happen. Because scripture the spirit of the tells us tell us so. You know we used to say when when will communism ever fall and then one one night people went to bed the next morning the Berlin wall was coming down. While that happened all the West all White says the final movements will be slow ones thank you the final moments will be rappin ones she since she continues writing. The Persian eat it sprang from the Mel us of payment toward Mordecai. Not that Mordecai had done him harm but he had refused to show him reverence which belongs only to God. See this was not only bowing out of respect this. He demanded worship him and. She continues right in the king's decision against the Jews was secured under false pretenses pseudo misrepresentation of their peculiar people they're going to happen again because people going to be misrepresented Absolutely. She says Satan instigated the scheme in order to rid the earth of those who preserve the knowledge of the true God. But he has plots were defeated by a counter power. That reigns among the children of men. That excel in strength work a mission to protect the people of God and the plots of their adversaries returned upon their own hence the Protestant we're not going to apply this she says the Protestant world today see in the little company keeping the Sabbath a Mordecai in the gate. His character and conduct expressing reverence for the law of God are a constant rebuke to those who have cast off the fear of Lord and are crumbling upon his Sabbath the unwelcome intruder that means the remnant must by some means be put out of the way. So we need to study the story of Esther because the story of Esther will be repeated on a global scale. Well this one final story and this evening in the sermon I'm going to present. A couple of stories which illustrate what we're talking about because this is a central theme that I wanted to leave with you at this camp meeting but there's one more story that I want to deal with before we bring this to a close it illustrates everything that we've been talking about the story of Job. This is a clearest story on what the time of trouble is going to be like what God's people God's people are going to lose everything that they have that act. As aces of Satan against gone at center let me just go through the story with you for a moment. And I have I have a whole presentation on The Book of Job but I'm going to synthesize. You remember the story there's this meeting that takes place in heaven the sons of God come to present themselves before the Lord the sons of God are the representatives of the world that never sent and among those come Satan representing planet Earth because Satan stole the position of Adam so Satan goes to that mean and in the meeting God asked Satan where do you come from he says oh I come from from going to and fro on the earth you know I'm patrolling and supervising my territory so I come from the earth and so God says says to Satan have you seen my servant job. That even though he lives in your territory he's my servant. Then he's a righteous man who departs from evil perfect. And of course Satan and by the way this is this is being witnessed by the heavenly jury because this is really a trial that's going on in heaven and the jury are the heavenly beings and so Satan says to God Well you know of course Job serves you who wouldn't you have surrounded him with a fence you don't let me touch him you've blessed him you get him lots of possessions you have lots of children a good wife you have given my every blessing in the world and you won't allow me to have access to him. But if you took all of that away. He would blasphemy you to the face. Now God has a choice to make. The heavenly jury is watching and observing what's happening and they're saying really God did put a hands around job and God did blesse job in that Satan is right maybe it is true. Then that job serves God for the loaves and the fishes. What have gone and said to Satan oh don't pay any attention to him he's a liar they only beings when I've wondered. Maybe Satan's accusation are right. So God says to Satan all really I'm dramatize you for effect all really. I give you permission to go out and take everything that he has. And then the jury will see whether you're right Orion. And so Same goes out before the presence of the Lord and you know the story the devil wipes him out. Kills all of his children. Takes all of his beasts camels and sheep kills all of the servants in a matter of minutes this is not something that happens over weeks and months it says that one was talking and the next one came and that we're still talking to the next one comes in a matter of minutes he gets the news of this calamity he's lost everything that he has. He's been wiped out. And what they say. God gave he was half right by the way he didn't know it was that he had no scripture to appeal to. So don't be too hard on you it says God gave and God has taken away blessed be the name of the Lord he did bless me in Goldie Blox as the name of the Lord Oh and there will be jury says God Well right. Joel doesn't serve God for the laws of the verses job serve God because He loves them no matter what all the evils that go so then a second reading takes place in heaven and once again the sons of God come to present themselves before the Lord among which is Satan and God says the same where do you come from oh I come from patrolling the earth from supervising my territory and running going to and from the earth so God says to Satan. Obviously with the with a little bit of healthy pride he says have you seen my servant job that in spite of the fact that you enticed me against him he still conserves his integrity. And the heavenly Jarius And yes he does. And it's all psycho now you know has always has an argument that it comes up we says of course he served you you didn't let me touch him. If you let me touch him he would bless him your to your face. Goes it all really. I give you permission to go and do whatever you want with him only don't kill him because if he kills in the trials over. I give him permission to go and do anything you want with him only preserve his life so Same goes out and inflicts job with boils from the top of his head to the plant of his feet and it was so bad that he had to scratch him self with a potsherd which means that there were gash is in his body you know imagine scratching yourself with a with a piece of pottery shop pottery. And so no you know he's lost all of us beasts he's lost all of his servants he has lost all of us servants he's lost his health. And now he's saying well I sure hope I have the support of my wife. And his wife says Joe you still conserve your integrity be real curse God and guy. Who was behind whether his what his wife said same man was the one who said he will curse you to your face so now she says Cursed going to die and cease and Job says You're foolish why should I pay attention to what your say. So no he's lost the support of his wife and then his three best friends come to comfort him. And to make a long story short his three friends become a killer Service they say if you're big on our great center you're arrogant God is punishing you. And they use all kinds of arguments against. And then after the second chapter. From Chapter three to chapter thirty eight. You'll find job crying out to God and saying to God. Why is this happening. Why have you become my enemy remember he didn't have any scripture. You know we have the benefit we know that when bad things come to us and we haven't done anything to deserve it we know that the devil is behind and God is allowing it. And we're going to see the reason why God allows the suffering of job and why God allows suffering in our case as well there's a purpose behind it and as long as we keep our focus on the purpose you know we're going to remain faithful to God. And so the three young men commonly accuse job job has lost everything the support of friends the support of family he's lost his family's lost support of his wife he's lost his health he's lost all of his possessions and now it appears that he's also lost his best friend God. Because from chapter three to chapter thirty eight he's crying out to God. For God to give him an audience he says if I could come to your throne and explain my case I know that you would see you would understand my arguments why are you silent you can see a time and again chapter after chapter why you are silent Why have you forsaken me it's OK if I lose my possessions and my health and MUDs a part of my wife and my servants and everything else he says I have no problem with that but why have you turned against me. He doesn't lose its face. Even though he's questioning. In fact you have very high points where Job says I know that my redeemer lives. In another place he says Though He slay me yet will I trust in him. So he has this ambivalent feeling you know what has gone for sake of me but he has these high moments of faith where he's not letting loose. And he's asking and asking and asking the Lord to explain finally you got the chapter thirty eight. And when you get the chapter thirty eight the first couple of verses God says to job now you be quiet I'm talking. And so God now asks over fifty questions of Joel between chapter thirty eight and jumper forty and he begins by saying where were you. Little worm of a man those are my words. When I created the world. When I established the world where were you going to go ask a series of questions you know you follow is actually the order of creation week in his questions. And for each question that God asked Job feel smaller and smaller and smaller and more and more insignificant until finally after God shows him his greatness you know he created the constellations he created the beast he created the birds and he you know you he created the world and. The vegetation everything is described there in Joel feel smaller and smaller and smaller bill finally after God shows him his greatness by all the questions he asks Job says. I'm sorry I asked you. I will speak no more. You know something that people that is surprise people who study the story of Job is that all of the main protagonists reappear at the end of the story. But Satan simply it seems like he disappears from the story the guy who caused all the problems you know he's there at the beginning but what happened to him Well the fact is he does reappear at the end of the chapter. But his name is not Satan. His name is led by a thug. In Chapter forty one. C. in jeopardy forty job says OK you made your point Lord I'm going to keep my mouth shut I will speak no more but then God shows job live I Ethen. And Job says afterwards he says Excuse me Lord I got to speak again. You can read it. Who was led by a. Job would have known what Levi is and was because in the ancient world where job there was an the enemy of the gods was called Con. He would have known him by the way that was in a polytheistic world job would have known that it was a devil because he was not a policy as you worship one God but he would have known by the name leviathan that it was referring to the enemy the arch enemy of God. And so no God shows him Leviathan by the way and is this crime as the king of all the children of pride. Who is the who is the king of the children pride Satan and when you go to other places in Scripture you'll find very clearly that love liason is a symbol of Satan because some seventy four says that level I think is a mall to handed creature. You can read and some seventy four verses twelve and fourteen it was a multi-headed creature then you go to Isaiah Chapter twenty seven verse one where it's speaks about Levi authentic it says that Lem I often is the twisted serpent and the dragon in the sea. So you know that love I often is the serpent and level I is than is the dragon. I was me and then you go to Revelation Chapter twelve that puts it all together Revelation Chapter twelve speaks about this seven headed creature and this seven him creature is described as what described as a dragon the ancient serpent the devil and Satan the very name that appears in Joel wanted too. So the job now understands that the that the beam that has caused all of his problems is not God. But. A devil. And so now job. Speaks in Chapter five in the last chapter of job he speaks again to God. And he says to God Chapter forty two verses one through six he says all of the questions that I asked I asked out of ignorance I did not understand. He says but now my eyes see. And then it said he repented in dust and ashes he hasn't repented crime repente primarily over sin he's repenting over asking God to give explanations because he didn't understand what was happening what was going on. How do you suppose God looked before the universe in this trial. God was vindicated before the universe job serve God because He loved God pure and simple so let me ask you Do you have the same common denominators in this story that you have in all of the other stories that we've known this is a remnant in this story yes Joe is there an enemy satan does Job go through a time of trouble whole Did he go through a time of trouble. Was his face some fairly tested during his time of trouble absolutely did God say to deliver him yes but was he finally delivered in fact the Lord gave him double of what he had before. And maybe his wife was converted I don't know. Because there's no reference that he did that he had and that he received another wife. But maybe as wife saw the light she said wow you know you remain firm now we understand exactly what happened to Joe. No question then I want to end with is this. Why. This god allow a delay. Two reasons. Number one in the story of Job God allowed a delay because he wanted to teach a lesson to every bean in the heavenly universe. God wanted to show. That there are people in this case it was job a job represents the end time generation L.O.L. Actually quotes from the Book of Job. God wanted to show that God in the territory of Satan will have a people that are faithful to God. Because they love God not because of what God gives them and what God does for them. It will be a living testimony before the universe that God has a people that serve Him no matter what happens because they serve God out of love not out of self-interest so be a lesson book to the universe. The second reason is because in these trials. Character is refined. Earthly ness is consumed. Let me just read you from the Bible and then from the spirit brassy even job understood this job twenty three verse ten he said when God has tried me I shall come forth as gold. He understood that that his trials were like going through a furnace of fire to cleanse the the cross so that he could come out pure gold Isaiah forty eight verse ten says Behold God is speaking I have refined you but not as silver I have tested you in the furnace of affliction a. Couple of statements from the Spirit of Prophecy. Speaking about those who go through the time for. Their faith does not fail because their prayers. Are not immediately answered. See you know we think that when we pray to God you know God has to answer YES or NO NO God has another way of answering he says wait. We don't like that do it. Because we are we are a generation of people that wants immediate gratification I want and I want to know if I have a headache give me an aspirin. Or Tylenol. Don't solve the problem it might be a long range Well it might be changing my diet. It might stop drinking might be to stop drinking caffeine. Or nobody here does that. It might be due to several factors but no we want immediate gratification. But. In all of what it says that they are in the time of trouble the faith of God's people will not fail because their prayers are not immediately answered. Those suffering the keenest anxiety terror and distress. They do not cease their intercessions. They lay hold of the strength of God as Jacob laid hold of the angel and the language of their soul is I will not let the go except now bless me. And bade six twenty one she refers to the three young men of the earth you know what the furnace is at the end of time it's a time of trouble a furnace so it's symbolic. The fact that the furnace heated seven times before such as never before represents the fact that this is the worst time of trouble that has ever existed. She says speaking about the end time generation there affliction is great the flames of the furnace seem about to consume them. But the refiner will bring them forth as gold tried in the fire. God's love for his children during the period of the surrealists their. Severest trial is as strong and tender as in the days of their son yes prosperity but it is needful for them to be placed in the furnace of fire See there you have reverence the Daniel three in the furnace of fire their earthly NASS must be consumed that the image of Christ may be perfectly reflected. How awesome. That is great controversy paid six hundred twenty one the chapter on the time of trouble. So when is that that we learn to trust God this way. When when the crisis comes we said Lord I will now develop faith I will now serve you continually No it's no that we have to learn to trust God in abide in Christ through prayer through bible study through a witness seems to have been active in the church now. It's now that we should be playing full for tribulations thankful for trials like numberless let's not complain and moan and groan at God when bad things come let's say you know God allows us for good reason and even though I can't understand it no I will understand it some day. Look sixteen verse ten the last verse. He who is faithful in little. Will be faithful in much. And he who is unfaithful in the world. Will be unfaithful in much we must learn to be faithful to God in the little things of life. God will have an entire end time generation that will say like Job Though He slay me. Yet will I trust in him. I know there's a lot of criticism of the idea that God's going to have a victorious and time generation but God will have that victorious and time generation. People that love God so much that they say even if I have to die. I will still be a servant of the true God. That's the kind of follower that Jesus wants one that does not serve Him for all of the blessings and benefits that he gives might simply out of love. Is that the kind of person that you want to be. Yeah the people up here anyway. Amen. Amen praise the Lord let's pray Father in heaven. We come before you this afternoon thankful that you've left all these stories in your words. It would be one thing for you to say I'll be with you don't worry. Then to read these stories and know that you've done it before. We know that as you've done it before you'll do it again. Help us Lord to trust implicitly in you not to moan and groan about the trials that come to our lives Help us Lord to realize that there is a plan in everything. Everything that you cause and everything that you allow we might not understand in this life what the purpose is to trust that someday you'll explain it and then will say Thank You Lord for doing it that way. Thank you Father for giving us these stories are given as this glorious. Victory. Parade even this media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit W W W audio verse or.


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