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The Judge, the Widow and the Adversary

Stephen Bohr


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Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed


  • July 21, 2017
    6:45 PM
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Father in heaven thank you for the privilege of living another week. Thank you Father for the hours of your sadness what a joy it is to just unwind to forget everything ours and remember everything yours. Thank you father that we can remember that everything that we are everything that we have comes from your hand and thank you for giving this weekly Remora memore ial so that we can remember that you are the wonderful creator you are he who planned a redemption and soon you will send your son to pick us up from this earth this dark dreary sinful earth to live with you a thousand years in heaven and then the earth may know what a glorious promise this is we ask that as we open your holy word inspired by your spirit that the same Spirit that inspired it will come and be close to us and through the Ministry of the angels explain the important aspects that we need for these last days thank you Father for hearing our prayer for we are screwed in the process name of Jesus a man. Looking eighteen verses one through eight. This is the passage that we're going to take a look at in a special way this evening and I'm going to begin reading and verse one and then we'll review the main details of the parable then he spoke a parable to them that men always ought to pray and not lose heart saying there was in a certain city a judge who did not fear God no regard man. No there was a widow in that city. And she came to him and saying get justice for mean from. Adversary and he would not for a while but afterward he said within him self though I do not fear God nor regard man yet because this widow troubles me I will avenge her lest by her continual coming she weary me. Then the Lord said Hear what the on just judge said and shall not God avenge his own elect who cry out day and night to him though he bears along with them I tell you that he will avenge them speedily Nevertheless when the Son of Man comes will he really find faith in the earth. Now we want to take a look at the main actors in this parable and the central lesson of the parable. So let's go to first one will go verse by verse and then after we review the main elements of the parable then we're going to make give an explanation and make an application of the parable it says in verse one then he spoke a parable to them that men always ought to pray and not lose heart that means never give up. Now this is the central lesson of the parable the central lesson of the parable is that we always ought to pray and we should never give up we should continue praying and praying and praying even when it doesn't appear that we are getting an answer. Verse two. Saying there was in a certain city a judge so in this story there is a judge who did not fear God no regard man so no Jesus is going to illustrate the central lesson central lesson is we always ought to pray and never give a. Never lose art analogies us is going to illustrate the central lesson with a parable with a story and in the story very it is in a certain city a judge and this judge does not fear God nor does he regard ma'am and then we notice in verse three the first part of the verse then we are told that no there was a widow in that city so we have a second actor in this story the first actor or actress I might say the first actor is the judge the second act dress is the widow. And then I want you to notice that it is emphasized that the window is persistent in coming to the judge it says there in look at eighteen in verse three No there was a widow in that city and she came to him saying get justice for me from my adversary Now the translation of the verb here that she came is not a does not fully reflect the meaning of what the widow was doing because we find a little bit later on in verse five that she simply did not come but she kept coming and coming and coming and coming which is the central lesson of the parable so when it says here that she came to him she came to the judge what it really means is that she kept on coming to the judge and she says to the judge get justice for me from my adversary in other words this widow was really Lentulus she had independent unyielding defiant perseverance under very aggressive circumstances Now you notice that there's a third protagonist in this. Story it is the adversary of the widow. So it says once again the last part of verse three and she came to him sane get justice for me from my adversary so the widow has an adversary now those who have studied this parable the scholars that have studied this parable have concluded and I believe they are correct on this point that when this woman's husband died he all huge sums of money to a creditor that had lent him money and when he died of course. This creditor went after the window and took everything that her husband had in other words she was left totally best that through it she was left without anything and her only hope was found in the judge this woman had no children because she was a widow no evidence that she had children she had no home she had no money and apparently she had no friends so she had absolutely nothing to lean upon because she was wiped out by her adversary by her husband's creditor her only hope resided in the judge doing her justice but then the parable takes an interesting turn we find that this woman kept this widow woman kept coming and coming and coming to the judge but there was a delay the judge kept putting her off when she kept on coming no less looked after eighteen and the verse says four and five versus four and five it says he would not for a while. But the widow disregarded his ignorance of her pleas and kept on coming so it says. And he would not for a while but after what he said within him self though I do not fear God nor regard man yet because this way don't troubles me some other way of saying that this way it was a past. This widow. Tries my patience this woman just keeps coming and coming I'm so tired of having her come yet because this widow troubles me I will avenge her lest by her continual coming she weary me. So there you have the bare. Interesting parable. You have a judge. You have a widow you have an adversary of the widow and in the story you have a delay. Now I want us to notice when this parable especially applies to. The parable obviously applies to all times. In other words we should pray all the time and we should give up when we pray it applies to all periods of history but it has a special application to the last generation that will live upon this earth and you say how do you know that. For two reasons number one if you read the verses that come immediately before the parable. Jesus said as it was in the days of Noah so also will it be at the coming of the Son of Man. And then Jesus said as it was in the days of Lot So will it be at the coming of the Son of Man and then he tells the parable. The second reason is that the parable ends with a very important question when the Son of Man comes will he find faith in the earth so this parable is found between two red. Friend says to the second coming of Jesus and so the parable even though it applies to everyone everywhere during all periods of human history it has a special application to the End Time a special application to God's people to the final generation that will live upon this earth and that will become clearer as we move along now Jesus also explained the meaning of the parable let's notice look chapter eighteen and verses six through eight Jesus did not always explain his parables but in the case of this parable he explained who each of the actors represents and then we're going to unpack each individual each one of the persons in the parable it says there in verse six then the Lord said Here comes the explanation of the parable here what the on just judge sent and shell God. Not a vendor his own elect who cry out day and night to him though he bears along with them I tell you that he will avenge them speedily Nevertheless when the Son of Man comes will he really find faith in the earth. Now let's ask the question who does this widow represent specifically in the end time well let me ask you this what does a woman represent symbolically. A pure woman represents what kind of church a pure church harlot woman represents what kind of a church. An apostate church but what does a widow woman represent. You see we're dealing here with symbols are we the judge represent something the adversary we're going to find represent something. We're going to find that the widow also is symbolic she represents some reality in human history no whom does this widow represent we don't have to guess. Because in the explanation that Jesus gives. He says and shall God not avenge his own elect. So home does the will represent she represents the elect but the question is when do they elect especially live well we have to let Jesus explain when the elect are going to live. Go with me to Matthew chapter twenty four will reverse twenty two and then verse twenty four Remember the key word is elect when do the elect and this parable live in a special way it says there Matthew twenty four verse twenty two speaking about the Great Tribulation which we referred to before and except those days the days of the tribulation should be shortened there should be no flesh saved but for the. The elects sake. The last days Shelby what shortened. What period of history are we dealing with here the period of the great tribulation according to the gone back so when is the elect going to live there going to live during the time of the last tribulation when God is going to have to cut that time short notice verse twenty four it says for they shall arise false Christ and false prophets and she will show great signs and wonders insomuch that if it were possible they shall the saved the very elect. Once again that context is the end time that Ellen White quotes mad. You twenty four verse twenty four to refer to Satan's counterfeiting of the second coming of Jesus. So in other words the word elect means God's people that live at the very end of human history Now why is a woman a window woman used to illustrate God's people at the end of time simply folks because God's people are going to be wiped out. Wiped out. By the adversary we are going to lose all of our money. We are going to lose our homes. We are going to Lowe's our automobiles. Were going to loan us our for a one K.. We are going to lose everything. In other words like this will we will be totally destitute of human support. That's why we're dealing with a widow who has to come to the judge to ask the judge do justice against my adversary So basically this this woman this widow woman represents the end time generation the Book of Revelation calls them the hundred forty four thousand the also refused to worship the beast who refused to worship the image and refused to receive the mark everything will be taken from them. Now who does the judge represent the judge represents God. You say No wait a minute pastor or how can the judge represent God If it says very clearly in the parable that the judge what does say about the judge that he does not fear God and he doesn't regard man how could that kind of a judge represent God Well he represents God by way of cause. Trast. Basically it goes like this Jesus is saying if an unjust judge will answer the continued police of the widow. To get her office back how much more will God answer the pleas of his people because he loves them so in other words both answer the police but for a different reason the judge to get the woman off his back or the wind off his back but go od will answer the police because God loves his people in other words the judge represents God by way of contrast I understand me now we have in this story also the adversary that wipes out the window that makes it necessary for the window to come to the judge and asked the judge to do justice who. Does this adversary represent we don't have to guess there's a Greek word the Greek word on T.V. called him that's the word that translates adversary here it's not a very common word in the New Testaments It's a rare word in the New Testament another verse where this word use used the adversary is in first Peter chapter five in verse eight this will help us identify who the adversary is first Peter chapter five and verse eight be sober be vigilant because your on T.V. call on you because your adversary whom the devil walks about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Who is it that is going to wipe out God's people. Satan is the adversary the adversary that's going to take everything from God to be so folks we better not lean upon the stuff that we have. We better learn to trust in the Lord. Because we're going to lose everything like the we're in the story the whittle lost everything so the adversary represents Satan who is going to pillage God's people at the end of time no you notice that the widow What does she do she cries out and she cries out for justice now what does that represent crying out well the expression cry out day and night that is used here the word the expression cry out is actually the translation of one Greek word it is a very intense word in other words it's it expresses tremendous anxiety and stress it's a same word that is used in the Gospels where it says that Jesus cried out My God my God why have you forsaken me you notice this widow is not simply you know making a request she is crying Oh and they elect according to the parable are going to be crying out to God to do them justice. And God is going to do them justice immediately right. You know. If you notice that what we've been studying this and several stories from the Bible been the judge answer immediately no he kept putting her off and putting her off and putting her off and in the same way God's elect at the end of time during the time of trouble will continue coming and coming read the chapter on the time of trouble in the great controversy and for a significant amount of time it will appear that God is not answering their pleas. God seems to be absent in other words. In Luke Chapter eighteen verse seven. It says and Schill God not of. Benj his own intellect who cry out day and night to him though he bears what though he bears long with them. I like the way it's translated in the New International Version Actually it's a form of a question will he keep putting them off that's the question in the Jerusalem Bible it translates even when he lays to help them and the way mile friends lation says Will Will God the late vengeance on their behalf so there will be a delay I want you to go with me to Isaiah Chapter fifty four verses seven and eight where the time of trouble is described it's going to be a relatively short period of time it's going to be cut short because it's going to be very intense it's going to be very difficult. But after the trial. God will intervene. Notice Isaiah fifty four and verses seven and eight here God is speaking and he says for a mere moment I have what I have forsaken you but with great mercies I will what I will gather you. With a little rasp I hid my face from you for a moment but with everlasting kindness I will have mercy on you says the Lord your reading. So here it says that for a little moment God hid his face for a mere moment it appeared that God forsook his people well and white quotes these verses in the chapter on the time of trouble but in the end it says that God with everlasting kindness will have mercy on his people. If they hang in there if they remain faithful. Now in the New Testament we have a story that illustrates the perseverant faith that God's people are going to need your Remember that Jesus once was walking along with the disciples and a woman from Canaan came making a request she actually made a public scene you know the disciples Jesus and the disciples were walking along and this woman you know she's. Talking at the top of her voice who says Lord have mercy on me for my child is sick. And the story tells us that Jesus just kept on walking and of knowing her. And after walking for a while the woman is continuing Lord have mercy on me my child is ill. Hill much child. And then the disciples say to Jesus Lord she's making a scene tell her to leave and the woman is listening to what they're saying. Well Jesus continues walking with the disciples and. The woman continues crying out help me and then Jesus turns around you look salary says I'm not sent but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Now as I have been sent to Canaanites I've been sent the Israelites Well perhaps I would have left at that point. But Jesus kept on walking in the weapon woman kept on coming have mercy on me have I have a child that's ill Hill my child and then Jesus kept it off by saying it's not to good to take the bread of the children and give it to the dogs we just called her a dog. But this woman said to Jesus yes but even the dogs eat the crumbs that. Fall from their master's table. And soldier says girl it is your faith woman I have not found faith then there is a role like this face that illustrates the faith of God's people the perseverant face and prayer of God's people during this most trying period of human history but the greatest illustration. The greatest illustration folks of the experience that God's people are going to be going through at the end of time is found in the story of Jesus. Now do you remember the main elements that we've been studying the six common denominators number one there's a faithful what remnant very well Number two the remnant has what enemies that would be the adversary right number three the person goes through what so was so very hard time of trouble the way to go through the severe time of trouble absolutely faith is what tested was the faith of the woman tested absolutely Then you have what you are dealing with a is there a delay in the parable Yes there is but finally did the judge do justice to this woman after the delay Absolutely. This is talking about the same time of trouble that we were studying about. But the greatest illustration of these common denominators is found in the experience of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior all of the elements are there now let's review the elements so that we can understand the application of the parable in the case of Jesus specifically who would be the faithful remnant in the story of Jesus. Jesus. Right. And we're referring to listen to the time of trouble of Jesus get some money and Calvary that's the period that we're. To talk about now so did Jesus have. Hateful enemies there in this period of years of his existence on Earth yeah he had many did well that the chief one was the devil but you have anice and you have K. ifas and you have a pilot and you have the Sanhedrin and you have all these enemies ganging up on Jesus Christ did Jesus goal through a severe time of trouble. All you have to do is visit Jesus in the garden of get so many there you have the thanks of Jesus as he's going through his experience three times Jesus praised his father Father if this cup can pass from me. By the way what it what was in the cup. In the cup was the wrath of God. And the father gave the cup to Jesus John eighteen verse eleven says Am I not going to drink the cup that my father has given me. The father placed on him the iniquity of us all he was he was suffering the anguish by burying the sins of the whole world upon himself every sin that has been committed that is being committed and will be committed was laid upon Jesus Christ. He suffered terrible anguish I mean the Bible says that he sweated drops of blood how much I wished you need to have in order to sweat blood and so I was crying oh three times father if this cup of your raft can pass for me let it be so nevertheless not my will be done but yours. Jesus said My soul is exceedingly sorrowful even to death and when he was hanging on the cross in this period of terrible anguish Jesus said My God my God why have you forsaken me. And amazing story isn't it. And so then Jesus. Goes. To the cross. He cries out to his father he says Father if you can deliver me he goes to this terrible time of trouble was the faith of Jesus severely tested. His faith folks was tremendously tested let me just read you a statement from the spirit of prophecy where Ellen White describes the anguish that Jesus went through in desire of ages page seven hundred fifty six L N Y describes amid the awful darkness apparently forsaken of God nor as apparently forsaken of God Christ had drained the last dregs in the cup of human woe in those dreadful hours he had relied upon the evidence of the father's acceptance heretofore given him he was acquainted with the character of his father he understood his justice His mercy and His great love but i faith he rested in Him whom it had ever been his joy to obey and in submission and as in submission he committed himself to God the sense of the loss of his father's favor was withdrawn and then she makes this comment by faith Christ was the victor so was the faith of Jesus stretched to the breaking point it most certainly was. Was there at the ole in the experience of Jesus. The father answer his prayer and get so many a father deliver him know. The Father deliver him from dying on the cross no. Was there a delay in the deliverance absolutely there was a dealing in fact if you go with me to the book of Hebrews the book of Hebrews Chapter five in verse seven we find the anguish of Jesus and we find that the. Father answered but he did not answer immediately it says there in Hebrews Chapter five or seven speaking about the agony of Jesus and get so many who in the days of his flesh when he had offered up prayers and supplications with but he meant cries and tears to him who was able to save him from death did he save him from death to the Father save him from death and yet And yet it's very interesting that the next phrase says and was heard because of his what was heard because of his godly fear now wait a minute. He asked the father to deliver him from death and it says that he was heard and yet he what and yet he died. So how do we understand that the father heard him if he died there was a delay. But let me ask you after the delay that the Father deliver him. Yes you say you mean to say the father delivered him absolutely let me read you a statement from the Spirit of Prophecy it's found in youth instructor may two ninety one. This is a remarkable statement. He who died for the sins of the world. Was to remain in the tomb for the allotted time. He was in that stony prison house. As a prisoner of divine justice. And he was responsible to the judge of the universe. Who was Jesus responsible to who is the judge of the universe the father. Then she states he was burying the sins of the world. And his father only he could release him. He was a prison. In the grave and only his father could what could release him. God the Father release him from death. No he died but was he ultimately released from death absolutely you know the story after all of the late so he went through got seventy he went to the cross he felt the anguish of separation from his father. He died. But he died in hope because the last words of Jesus on the cross were were Father into your hands I compared my spirit. Interesting that he would commend his spirit to his father he says into your hands I commend my spirit and then the Bible says that he expired he died he excelled. Had the father heard him. Didn't look like it he died. But you remember what happened the resurrection morning. And let me just explain it a text or two verses that people use the side well you know the father didn't release Jesus from the tomb he actually resurrected himself. That's what people say based on John Chapter ten but they don't read the last part of Chapter ten verse eighteen so let's go to ten and verse seventeen and eighteen of John John ten seventeen and eighteen. Very interesting verse that we find here. Jesus says here therefore my father loves me. Because I lay down my life. That I may take it again say they say Jesus lays down his life and he takes his life again. No one takes it from me. But I lay it down of myself I have the power to lay it down and I have the power to take it up again now let me tell you something about that word power that's not a good translation. In Greek there is a word for power it's the word do not miss. Where we get the word dynamite from that is not the word that is used here the word that is used here is X.. It means authority. So Jesus is really saying here no one takes it from me but I laid out of myself I have authority to lay it down and I have authority to take it up again where did he get his authority to do that from it says in the last part of the verse this command I have received from my father. So let me dramatize what happened on Resurrection morning. After the De Lay. See now two angels descend from heaven one of the angels rolls away the stone and sits on it. The other angles stands before the throne and with a voice that shook the earth so that all though Son of God that my father calls me. And then Jesus but authorization of his father took up his life that was within himself use US had life within himself but he only took it up again by authorisation of his father the judge of the universe heard the pleas of Jesus his be him and cries him get somebody the father heard it and the father answered yes please. Now why did Jesus go through this agonizing experience we need to read Hebrews Chapter five years eight this is a this is a very interesting verse why God allowed Jesus to go through this suffering in this anguish and these cries this crying out it says there in Hebrews Chapter five verse eight. Though he was a son. Yet he learned what obedience by the things which he suffered. Would that be true of us. Would that be true of delays when we come to God when things happen in our lives that you know are difficult we don't understand what's happening we keep on coming to God and coming to God and God doesn't seem to listen because we don't get the answer that we really want. Have you ever had that experience that's an agonizing experience but God says folks don't give up keep on coming I hear you. But it's a benefit for you not to get an answer immediately because by the things which you suffer your faith grows by the things which Jesus suffered it says he learned obedience it's not that he was disobedient. He was continuously obedient but the trials he suffered helped him be obedient at every step of his life and so when we have trials and difficulties that is the purpose why God allows these things that happen to us in a world of sin. So let's not whine and complain because we don't immediately get the answer that we want because the answer that we want might not be the best answer even though we think so. And I want to rejoin interesting statement. Do you know that we are going to repeat. The experience of Jesus. I found this remarkable statement. In reviewing Harold April fourteenth eight hundred ninety six. You know I have I have a presentation. On the experience of Jesus you know all of the experience that Jesus went through in the Sanhedrin accusing him and then the Sanhedrin appealing to the power of the state to condemn Jesus in all the the union of the powers against Christ and the union of all of the. Denominations of that. In age because all of those the Jewish denominations didn't like each other one another. But when it came to killing public enemy number one they all came together and saw the experience of Jesus is going to be repeated by God's people again so we need to have the faith of Jesus. Notice the statement the forces of the powers of darkness will unite with human agents who have given themselves on to the control of Satan. And will rebuild again the forces of the powers of darkness that Satan and his angels will unite with human agents. Who have given themselves unto the control of Satan and now here comes the key portion and the same scenes. That were exhibited at the trial rejection and crucifixion of Christ will be revived. We are going to go through the same experience. Of the trial rejection and crucifixion of Christ according to this statement and then here comes the scary part of this statement. Through yielding to say Tanach and Ron says men will be merged into fiends do you want to feed a demon. Through yielding to say ten he confronts us men will be merged into fiends and also who were created in the image of God who were formed to honor and glorify their Creator will become the habitation of dragons and Satan will see in an apostate race his masterpiece of evil men who reflect his own image. Can you emagine being in a world where Satan has full control of the impenitent. And always has at them. Vivid imagination cannot grasp what it's going to be like. We can think of the worst and it's going to be worse you say well past you don't scare us. The purpose is not to scare us. The purpose of the say we better abide in Christ now we better we better form a strong relationship with Jesus lo. I mean if we can't let loose of our stuff now. If you know if we can't invest our means in the Cause of God know what makes us think there we're going to do a later. You know I have evidence in saying you know I don't have enough money to return my time I've got to pay all my bills I don't have enough money to return my dime. And yet these same people say but when the time of trouble comes I'll be willing to give it up all for Jesus. What makes us think that if we're not willing to give up ten percent we're going to give up on our present. It's not going to happen now is rehearsal. Now is the time when we need to develop that intimate close relationship with Jesus Jesus that abiding faith in Jesus that abiding trust in Jesus now is the time because trying to develop it at that time will definitely be too late. Now do you notice the parable ends with the question. When the Son of Man comes will take questions at the end will and when the Son of Man comes. Will he really find faith in the earth and others will will the Son of Man find the faith that this widow had when he comes again. So the widow must represent the end time generation right in a special sense. Now Jesus and the parable with a question. Say no wait a minute he ends with the question because they're going to be a people or not. The parable. Comes to an abrupt end will marry a people that have that kind of faith and the answer is given in the Book of Revelation. In two places. Revelation Chapter thirteen and verse ten and Revelation fourteen and verse twelve. You're equated with Revelation Chapter fourteen verse twelve it says here is the he. By the way that's not a good that's not a good translation here is the patience of the saints. You know that there are two there are two words in Greek for you know. For patients one is the word mocked little fool me up. Which is translated in the King James Version long suffering. Means to suffer along. The other word which is the one that's used in Revelation fourteen verse twelve is the word Hoople Monae. It should be translated the perseverance. Is actually the same word where Jesus says he who endures unto the end the same shall be saved. So basically it doesn't mean you know here's the patience of the saints of the saints just said they sell you know I'll just wait and let everything go and be passive NO NO NO. The word Hoople Monet means here are those who have the perseverance of the saints just like the widow was perseverant and then it says here are they who keep the commandments of God and what the faith of Jesus. Is God going to have an end time generation but have the faith that has the faith that Jesus said absolutely the faith that the widow had absolutely God will have and in time generation. That will make God first and last and best in their lives. You know these days. There's the idea that you know the flesh is so powerful the sinful flesh is so powerful. That even God can help us overcome sin. Do you know what really when people say when people say well even in the church you know we can never overcome sin before the close of preparation before Jesus comes because the flesh is weak what the what they're really saying is not that the flesh is weak what they're saying is that God isn't strong. Is our flesh stronger than God That's the big question no God is more powerful than our flesh if we commit ourselves to him. So we can't over then isn't it use well you know that Texas says I can do most things through Christ who strengthens me. I can do some things through Christ who strengthens me know what they say I can do. Things through Christ who strengthens me doesn't say I can do all things except overcome sin through Christ who strengthens me. It is possible to overcome if we meet the conditions of committing our lives without reservation to Jesus Christ as Savior and as Lord. Go they'll White says unless you accept Jesus as Lord you won't have him as Savior either. We have to make him the Lord of our lives. And so folks this parable. This magnificent parable. Is teaching us the same lesson that we've been studying the last two sessions that I've had there in the seminar. We have Jacob we have the three young men in the fiery furnace we have down. Well in the Lion's Den we have more like AI in the days of Esther we have the experience of Jesus. God is saying hey the time is coming when they'll be this great trial but there will be a generation of saints that are totally and completely victorious over sin they will consider their allegiance to Jesus Christ more important than life itself. And by the way the most precious thing that we have is life. Because when you don't have life you have nothing. You know we're not going to take anything to heaven Evan that we have here and when we go to the grave the only thing that we take is the clothes that they put on the corpse. And we're not really taking anything because we can short off because we're dead. So bottom line is let's not let's not get all attached to what we have here. What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul. You know somebody once said to me Well you know I've got a really really nice house. And I said is it made of gold. Oh I've got I've got a lot a late model B.M.W. I said doesn't fly. Nothing that we have here is as good as what we're going to have there everything here is going to burn. So let's invest in the bank of heaven. Where it's not going to burn. Let's invest where we will have eternal dividends in the kingdom of God. Let's be like this we don't really lend less in coming to the throne of grace even when we don't get an answer yes or no when God delays let's say OK Lord I'll wait you know wait as long as necessary when I know that in. You're timing you will do your work in my life and I'm willing to wait and allow you to do it your way because when we do it our way we make a mess out of our lives. So my question is. Those who are gathered here is this the generation that you would want to belong to. Is it not well two or three of you at least would like to be in the generation phrase although that's a good start. I'm going to ask you if you want to say to Lord Jesus Lord I command my life to you I commit my life to you I want to abide in you and through your power I ask that you will help me abide in you I want to be among that end time generation the vindicate your character that overcomes sin through the grace of Jesus Christ if that's how you feel I want to ask you to stand I want I want a prayer for you before we end this evening praise the Lord. Let us pray. Father in heaven. Sometimes in this world it appears to be virtually impossible. To overcome sin. And humanly speaking it is impossible. But with you all things are possible. We realize Lord that we're weak. We have no strength. To overcome the evil one to overcome the world overcome sin to overcome the flesh and that's why we come before your throne boldly to ask that through Jesus Christ you will give us victory. That you will make us more than conquerors through Jesus Christ who loved us so much I asked Lord that you will be with each person gather here that this evening will make a total and an reserved commitment to abide in Jesus to remain in him two can. Coming no matter what might happen you know our lives. We thank You Lord For The message from this passage that we studied we want to be like that with re Lentulus and we know that you eventually will do justice in your time and in your we thank you Father for having been with us for appearing in answering our prayer. 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