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Direction is Everything

Randy Skeete
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Deepen and strengthen your relationship with Jesus. 


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.


  • July 23, 2017
    11:00 AM
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There God assembled in your presence are your people whom you love you love every man woman boy and girl in this place on these grounds because of that love which is underlying their God forgive our sins forgiveness is a tremendous expression of your love and mercy with the forgiveness father let your forgiveness leave a sick residue of power. To resist that thing in the future and with your forgiveness Lord bring with it let it bring with it a tremendous supply of hatred for sin because the things we hate we'll void now God give me grace read me your spirit he is the Spirit of truth let me restrain all urges to say that which is cute and say only what the Spirit gives me bless your people I pray not only here but whatever the remnant people are found bless them and make them a blessing where they are thank you for loving us we pray in Jesus name let God's people say a man and a man are subject that direction is everything. When I say. Let us go to John Chapter eight we will examine a statement Jesus made about himself. It's quarter to twelve let me get that in before my sister tells me. Don't look at the clock. What book did I say John what Chapter eight reading from verse forty four very serious verse by the way. You read forty four to forty six when you found it's a man Jesus says Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father you will do he was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth because there is no truth in him when he speaks of the light he speak of. Of his own man for he is a liar and the father of it now reversed forty six and because I tell you the truth you want believe me not now that's a serious condition to be in some people refuse to believe something just because for this my words it's true. That is a suicidal state of mind. Just because it is true I don't want to. And because I tell you the truth you believe me not read first forty six nights aloud which of you oh come on convince me of sin what is Jesus saying to them about himself. What is he saying about himself and sentence he was not bragging he was stating a fact under the guidance of the Holy Ghost because Jesus is very clear in several passages in John he only said what the father told him to say. If we will live like that we can stay out of a lot of trouble. Only say what God tells you to say and so Jesus said which of you can sin city of sin and of course none of them could first go to John fourteen are subject direction is everything John fourteen by the way let me welcome our faithful followers by the Internet wherever you are thank you very much for joining us and God bless you as super abundantly as you will bless us in this place as the years blessing us and as he has blessed us thanks again May God bless you and your families I say that to the Internet family John fourteen verse thirty are you there really with me what does it say hereafter I will not talk much with you for the prince of this world come after and hast nothing in me. What a testimony was the prince of this world there was nothing in the life of Christ to which the devil could point and say that's mine. And so Jesus said unhesitatingly that he was sinless. What did the unbeliever say about Jesus let's go to look twenty three. Look twenty three we'll read from verse thirty nine direction is everything is our subject for today you look twenty three reading from first thirty nine. The sooner you find it the sooner we conclude. Are you there brother Luke twenty three thirty nine and one of the malefactors which were hanging to rely on him saying if that be Christ save myself and us that we pause on that he did not know what he was saying. One had to be saved one had to die. He says save by self and us that was impossible the plan of salvation call for the death and wanted to. And Christ know I am to want to die not them. If he had saved himself he could not have saved us are you following me and this is self-sacrifice save lives self and US but the other answering rebuke him saying does not solve fear God seeing that we are now in the same condemnation and we indeed justly we getting what we deserve for we receive the due reward of our deeds reason next statement but this man has done nothing amiss here is an unbeliever he sees in Christ a sin the last person this man has done nothing amiss. Because you come to Christ the more evident it should be to the unbeliever that you have a relationship with Christ not just the members of the church the unbelievable must be convicted even though he or she may be unable to explain that person must be convicted there is so. Something about that man. What he doesn't know is the presence of Christ in that man if the unbeliever does not recognize a difference in your life or mine the problem with US not the unbeliever and so that's he said this man has done nothing amiss but if you look at verse forty two the Bible says what he said under Jesus one Lord remember me when thou comest into liking them and digressing again in verse forty one What does he call Jesus. Verse forty one. What he called Jesus. This man because of a man what does he call him in verse forty two. LORD What is he seeing. Humanity. And divinity Now he didn't know. There's sometimes we see things under God spirits direction we don't know what we said. But it's powerful truth are you following me that thief had no clue he was delivering a profound statement he looks at a man dying and sees a God who can see. Because Christ had to die as a man but he can only see ever since God are you with me and so this man has done nothing amiss you Lord remember me when the chemist into liking him so he saw Christ as a man who did no sin let's look at another unbeliever Let's go to John one thousand we reversed five our subject direction is everything. John nineteen reading from first five. We when you look at the very next book. When you found it's a man read a resume then came Jesus forth wearing what Cromwell farms and up where Pearl been pilots a time to them what behold a man he were a day when the chief priest there for an officer saw him there. Right out say crucify him crucify him hearing pilots say unto them one Take eat him and crucify him. So Jesus wasn't saying something no one else recognized. The thief on the cross and all the stress of suffering on that cross he had knowledge the faultless ness of Christ pilot interviewing Christ examining Christ he realized this man had no fault. Is that how we see Jesus. If you see Jesus as having no fault can you be angry with a person who has no form. Do we get angry with God. How do you get angry with a God who has no fault. Surely that shows we suffer from temporary insanity. And if there's someone listening to me you've got an anger with God You have not yet apologized do it in your heart right where you see it. No human being has any cause to be angry with God no just cause not let God be true finish it for me and every man alive. If you've been angry with God tell him Father I am sorry. I was wrong how can you be angry with God Oh no Alright pilot the thief on the cross Jesus himself now let's take a look now at the extent to which Christ was made a sinner. Here's a man who said Emson less Yet here's what the Bible says let us go to first Peter tempted to we read first twenty four we're looking now as the degree to which Christ was made a sinner having a look at the fact that he declared himself and other witnesses said he was sinning less. First spirits have to do a reading verse twenty. For subject the rection is everything. Read with me who are his own selves bear our sins all his skin on the cross. In his own body. On a story now is this court in my body come on speak quickly no where is it on my body where did Christ take our sense each with stuff. But how does he describe themselves sinless. Go to Second Corinthians Chapter five let's read first twenty one are subject their action is everything. Second drinkin five reading first twenty one. And you've arrived at that text please say a male lead with me if you don't mind for he has made a game that's Christ to be sin for us who knew no sin that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him Now let's read that first microscopically if there are five significant verses in the Bible that's one of them. For he who is that God the Father hath made him who is Him Jesus to be sin for us. Now when God does a work busy day does he do it well this he do it orally did he make Jesus in. The dark has made him to be sin and instead he make him commit a sin did he make him sin Yeah Slank you for let me to correct my words he meant in sin for us it was a job well done. Because only a sinner can suffer death. That Christ died. Was the only reason for anyone or anything to die so. When. Sin you commit all sin you took. The only reason why a death occurs in the life of a man or an animal is the cause of sin. And so when she says says I am sin less the father said I made him to be sent Peter said he took our sins into him shelves Isaiah said he was numbered with the transgressors Why was he between the two thieves because he was considered the worst of the three. Now this creates a difficulty how can someone who took our sins into himself. Someone from whom the father turned away because what cause is going to turn away from us. What causes God to curse a person so when Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law being made a curse who made him send for us the Father then who made him a cursed the father. He was made since. He was made a curse. It is in this. How was that possible. Let's go to. Mark. The book of Mark second gospel shortest possible. Mark was not one of the twelve disciples neither was look. Mark Chapter two when I said seven we read from verse twenty. And I take you to Mark. Now something to myself should I want to spin it as tell me to do something else. Let's go to Leviticus one. If it is one. We read from first one of the biggest one. Five to twelve have not been rebuked so I keep saying it. Five to twelve. So you know it again. OK Sister you're her system all right then I guess one will read from verse one but before we read let me tell you a little bit about offerings in the Bible. The major offerings were these the burnt offering the meat offering a meal offering the peace offering the sin offering and the trespass offering those with a maid they were of offering to drink offering not offerings but the major offerings with these five now of these five the foundational central call offering before all the others were given to Moses in the wilderness was the burnt offering. Are you with me let's go to Genesis Chapter nine no chapter eight Genesis eight. We're going to just as Noah has emerged from the ark Genesis eight we read from first twenty our subject that direction is everything. You have Genesis eight reading from Verse twenty read it with me and know I did a lot better than all to the Lord and took of every clean base and a very clean fall finished the first and offered her offering Yes it was it was the offering that went way back are you with me let's go to Genesis twenty two. Genesis Chapter twenty two. You have Genesis twenty two reading from verse one. Read with me and it came to pass after these things that God attempts Abraham and said in them Abraham and he said Behold here I am and he said take now that son the only son I sent home to love this and get the into the monk of Mariah and offer him there for. What a burnt offering up on one of the mountains which I will tell the Elf And so we have the our Isaac was a burnt offering when this Isaac represents Jesus Christ Christ was a burnt offering All right let's go to Genesis for. Looking at the central the one offering that that absolves all into it as the ideal offering. Genesis for read from first one. When you found it's a man and Adam you even his wife and she conceived and bare Cain and said I have gotten a man from the Lord and she again bear his brother Abel and Abel was a keeper of sheep but Cain was a tail of the ground and in process of time it came to pass that can drop of the fruit of the ground one offering into the Lord and Abel he also brought of the first slings of his flock and of the fat thereof and the Lord had respect and to enable and was offering but on to Cain and to his offering he had not respect and Cain was very wroth and his countenance fell. Now able brought a burnt offering even though it's not mentioned. But you can bring fruit for burnt offering. The burnt offering had to be an animal because it more than any other offering represented she's a scribe now the burnt offering was also fallen tell me you don't have to the other offerings you on the obligation to bring them the bird offering was entirely free will that's why I said yesterday Christ was not under the law before he came to this earth he was under obligation to nobody. He did not have to come and die Christ didn't come out of obligation unless you call love and obligation are you with me and sort of burnt offering goes all the way back to able to first one mention of the Bible even though the name is not there we have a habit we have no we have Abraham the. Top free now let's look at the part of the Bible that gives us most details about the burnt offering Leviticus one we read from verse one. Before we read let's say another prayer Holy Father in heaven as we take a look at the burnt offering which represents Christ so fully let the Spirit of Truth continue to guide my mind and bless my brothers and sisters I pray and in this building and by the Internet in Jesus' name I ask a man. And a lot call it the most is and spake unto him out of the tabernacle of the congregation saying Speak unto the children of his while and saying to them if any man if you bring an orphan into the Lord He shall bring your offering of the cattle even of the herd and of the flop if it's offering be a burnt sacrifice of the herd let him off a man without blemish he shall offer it as his own fallen tarry will at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation before the Lord let's look at those three verses now it says cattle herd flock Now what does that mean cattle is a general term for domesticated animals are you with me herd would refer to cows and bulls heifers that sort of thing flock would refer to what she been dogs and then in verse fourteen we have pigeons turtle doves let me just digress again we have heard bulls. Heifers we have a flock of sheep and goats we have turtle doves pigeons What does that tell you about coming to God. No matter at what level in the economy you say it. Bring something to God. You don't like what I said. Have you ever heard preachers pray I may have I mean said to myself or whoever is praying for the offering lets those who have nothing to give There is no such thing. Go to the supermarket parking lot walk around until you find a penny. Pick it up. Bring it to church. Put your heart in it so it's worth more than a penny you understand put your heart in it drop it in that there is no such thing as I have nothing is this something in your house that is worth ten dollars twenty dollars when we say they have nothing to give We mean they have no cash but a Bible doesn't say tie your cash is this tie your increase. So you have no cash you have something is worth money bring it. I am not joking give it to the church let the church cash it and keep the money there is no such thing as I have nothing to give God. You mean I don't have cash OK bring me something bring me that Gucci handbag give it to the church. Letterhead elder cash it and give it to the poor fund somebody say and do not tell God I have nothing to brain. The cattle herd flock whatever now he shall bring it of us on voluntary will now verse three says she's out bring it I'm a come on without walk without blemish What does that mean. When the sinner shows the animal whether it's a bird or God or a cow or a bird he had to make sure from of from an external examination that there wasn't one spot or blemish because that animal represents whom Christ who was sinless Now follow me closely Let's reverse for. Are you with me what is verse four saying he shall put his hand upon the head of the burnt offering and shall be accepted for him to make a torment for him what does it mean to put his hand upon the head of the burnt offering. Or I try but the word you correctly the Bible tell us go to live it because sixteen. They will go. Sixteen. We read from first twenty this is the chapter that deals with the they have Atonement activities. So chapter one deals with the burnt offering Chapter sixteen just the Day of Atonement Chapter twenty three with all seven feasts now first when you read for me and when he has made an end of reconciling the holy place and the tabernacle of the congregation and the altar he shall do wat brings the life goat how many goats were brought to one with sacrifice one represented as a zero the devil OK He shall bring the life goat all right now verse twenty two verse twenty one and Aaron shall go out lead both his hands upon the Yes Keep the day concepts over him all the iniquities of the children his wrath and all their transgressions and all this since putting them where on the head of the go OK So putting the hands first for chapter one go back to for the first four chapter one and he shall put his hand upon the head of the the bird offering He is trance furthering his sense or right become of the close to you know Mrs camera lady I am moving going to just your shot accordingly. You have to think now. If you give a wrong answer the Internet will no. Listen to me. How does the Bible describe the animal brought for sacrifice give me one word or want to expression without blemish without meaning it is sin less all right here is an animal without blemish Here's a similar sort of manage. He put his hand on the head of that animal without damage what is he doing Friends furthering his sins where. Question for you know. Where have the sins gone. Symbolically. Is animal still without blemish. Don't start a civil war I know in the south but don't start a civil war now listen to me carefully is the animal still without blemish. In a minute what was transferred is the animal still without blemish. What is it now is it blemished So we have an unclean sacrifice. Who said Yes sir repent immediately. This is serious business listen to me carefully. Isn't to me carefully that animal represents whom when Christ died when he told me to touch me not from not yet ascended to my follow up he had to go to the Father for the fathers of the What accept and approve the sacrifice what kind of sacrifices would have to be perfect perfect. So if you say when this in a consensus is. The sacrifice became blemished we have a problem because the father cannot accept a blemish sacrifice you don't use sin to deal with sin. How do we solve this problem the Bible solves it now let's go to Mark. Mark Chapter seven we read from verse twenty. Mark Chapter seven Sorry reading from Verse twenty yes. Brother Mark. When you founded say a man. Now. Your was I beg you to read with me the last time we're together. Surprise me. The reader with please I'll feel very welcome and loved. Mark seven first twenty Are you ready. Read with me and said that which cometh out of the man that they file of the man all right stop. Reverse twenty one four from within out of the heart of man proceed evil thoughts adulteries fornications murders thefts come just mess this make you miss this seat listen business an evil lie blasphemy pride foolishness all these evil things come from within and defile the man. Now was Jesus saying that you see the Pharisees and scribes had accused of the cycles of eating bread with unwashed hands and thereby violating the tradition of the elders go to Matthew fifteen. Matthew fifteen one but before Mark. What was Matthew was occupation. Tax collector which means nobody like him which also means he was a thief. When he made jesus jesus change a professional thief into the writer of one of the Gospels can you say a man or what was Paul before he made Christ. A murderer yes to all intents and purposes he collided with Jesus what happened to Paul he going from taking people's lives to giving his life for the very thing he used to destroy Have you met Jesus he will change your life the problem is we meet church we never meet Jesus. No church will change your life Christ will change your life then he will put you in church. Matthew fifteen reading from verse one then came to Jesus what tribes and Pharisees which are of your Islam saying why do your disciples transgress the tradition of the elders for their wash not their hands when they eat bread now if you wash if you eat bread with dirty hands. What risk do you run you get sick. But where does the sickness come from. Where is it where is it a fireman any your dirty hands you were in the garden or washing the bathroom or something and I have that if I'm not as in your hand are you with me you grab that bread. Easy kill bread and you put it in your mouth with a defilement and you get sick. Now listen again to Mark seven first twenty. No stand Matthew fifteen stay Matthew fifty. We skipped three with Jesus answer them we go down to ten. You have first ten of Matthew fifteen What does that say. And he called the most you said unto them hear and understand verse eleven Now read carefully not that which going into the mouth defile is a man but that which cometh out of the mouth this defiling a man now we need to understand when he said to fire did he mean fires. Did he mean Ebola. Go to verse twenty. First twenty of Matthew fifteen go to first twenty. Reforming. No reverse nine hundred. Four out of them walk out of stop out of what where is the heart in here no where is it if he follow me closely what's are subject. Directions if reversed like in again for out of the heart proceed evil thoughts murders adulteries fornications come on they ass false witness blasphemies keep reading relates verse these are the things as a file a man but to eat with and washing hands defiled. I'm not a man now you still haven't gotten it it's OK you get it right now. As a spirit moves listen to me. Jesus says. To eat with unwashed hands to take something that's. Contaminated and eat it it goes from where the outside. In. The Bible says not that which is going into a man. If I was a man that's what Jesus said. Then he said what defines you is what what comes out. Because it comes out other which is naturally defiled. That he sent for from within out of the heart of man proceed evil thoughts murders adulteries fornication fess false witness blasphemy where those things come from out of the heart he said these are the things which defile a man. Now give me water for all these things sin now OK. There's a sacrificial lamb. Here comes the biggest sin in Israel Randy skip. But his hands on the head out of me comes evil thoughts murders adultery fornication theft that's false witness blasphemies and I transfer them from the outside in. Are you with me they come into Jesus from where. From Yes but for there to be defilement the finite must travel how from the inside. So when you transfer your sins to Jesus they have traveled in one direction from the outside in and Jesus remains undefined. Defilement can only occur if it travels you tell me from the. Inside out because Christ didn't die to save your fingers he died to change this. Defeat when the sinner place his hands on that animal and confessed ten billion sins all slowing him to Jesus he remained under fire. A reservoir of sin that's under fire. Because defying a man comes from the inside out not from the outside. And so Christ could say which if you convince with music. I came to take your sins but nor seen the fruit out of my heart. Not what is I have to do with you we want the same heart Jesus had out of which flows only righteousness are you following me we want the same high potential Pauses You Let this mind be. Safe with me Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God thought it not a robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation and took upon him to form of the servant I was made in the likeness of man and being found in fashion as a man He humbled Himself then became obedient under death even to death of the cross the Bible says let this my the bear in mind of Jesus had the very heart that Jesus had must be the one we have and so Matthew twenty or thirty five says a good man out of the good treasure of his heart bring it forth good sayings and that heart is good because it is changed by Christ and so a good tree bringing forth good fruit. We want to be good trees. Bring forth good from. The problem is not the color of your skin it is not your lack of formal education it is not the neighborhood in which you grew up. It is this. There's a power to change this so that your life and mine becomes a full lawless reflection of the human life of Christ not as my words your life and mine can become a full lot of this reflection of the human because the life Christ lived under of the character he worked out. He didn't inherit he worked it out by constant obedience to his father that same character is available to us and so Paul says I am crucified with Christ come on Nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ lives within me and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the face of the Son of God who loves me and gave Himself for Made my friends my brothers and sisters direction is everything what flows out of our hearts don't tell me. What flows out of your heart. And mine. That's the source of the fire. And so Jesus Christ could take the sins of the world past and present. And remain give me the word sinless and on the side say man for sinless savior. Who took all our sins only God can arrange something like that. And so I thank Jesus for his willingness to take my sins upon him. And I. We all have doormats you have a doormat What's the purpose of a doormat. You wipe your feet and that's what we do. Now this world. Is a barnyard you with me we're caught. Was rather over the place when you walk into a place with a lot of cows you have to walk carefully why you don't want to step in it are you with me so if you step on it accidentally you either wipe it on the grass or you get to the house you wipe it on the mat. As we walk through this world we step into. That mat is Jesus. And God says you can't come in this house that wipe your feet. You say where. On that map. We wipe our feet right in the face of Christ. And the father says coming. Then we walk through this world again. Step and. Wipe your feet. And the simplest Jesus lies there unmoving. Wipe our feet on its face. And he thinks. Because he wants everyone of us see. Now how do you let that happen. And keep singing. My mother took me to the doctor many years ago. For an injection I was eight nine and I have small veins with a nurse can find a vein so she keeps taking me and my mother started to cry. I didn't cry she cried because of what was being done to me. Every time we wipe our feet on Jesus we should cry. You shouldn't have to do that to God. To put a smile on the devil's face. We should avoid sin. So we don't have to wipe the dung of sin in the face of the sin let's see. How many of us will say Lord. Help me to hate sin to the point where I. Before death that destroyed the can I see all right. Standing. I got a text the same last night from a preacher a pastor. He said with a randy pray for me I'm so discovered. And my heart broke because I had spoken at his church. And I prayed immediately but I responded to him this morning and in Spawn last night. And I reminded him that Moses asked God to kill him. He lied to us God to kill him when his Jesse will put a hit on him. Join us God kill him. There are times we so burdened we choose death rather than go through this trial. We're not to choose death to escape a trial we should prefer to choose death rather than sin against God. Nobody has to sin. Are they ignored sins yes Christ takes those too because all sin must be punished by death when he's ignorant of their flagrant sin all seen must be punished by death but God in His mercy is going to sin on G.'s. And so as we will when I stand as a father let me choose death do you know once you make that decision death does not become that fearful anymore. There are those people who die every day for causes that have nothing to do with the gospel. You join a gang you know you may get shot you go in wrong neighborhood you go you know you mess with meth and whatever that may think it changes your whole face or cocaine or unprotected sex you put in your life at risk people do it every day why can't we risk our lives for Jesus. It's about ice closed Father in heaven. We bow in your presence to God. Not deserving this honor at all. We're bowing in a presence before which angels who are sinless veil their faces. We come to your father in the name of the bleeding Jesus because he bleeds of a now because the fountain of cleansing has not yet been stopped probation is still. We need to say we're so sorry for the agony we've caused you were so sorry to God for causing our Savior to feel the crucifixion agonies over and over and by our constant shining. Please God. Give to us spiritual decency. So that we may consider sin something that is beneath us I don't do that. I'm a child of God. Forgive us the God grant us your forgiveness to the very foundation of our hearts send your spirits send your Grace to work from the very bottom up that normal level and I was sold remains untouched and. Their god. As a sinner sins instinctively. Let the end willing of your spirit give you the instinct to do what is right an instinct let's do what's right reflexive really. Give us the mind of Christ who chose death over sin. Their God as we pray now and you're looking down upon us we ask you to receive us for the sake of Jesus let us not leave this place as we came in. Please remind us there God. That Christ is coming back when he comes as John saw him on the cloud in Revelation fourteen fourteen he did not have a miter on his head. The priest wears a miter he had a crown he's coming back not as a priest he's coming back as a conquering King all ISP recently Judi's are carried out in our home now is the time let's take advantage by confession and repentance. Bless your people gathered in your presence father. I hope I said something that touched somebody. As we leave let us leave with in the vigil decisions that have nothing to do with our spouses our brothers our friends just in the Jewel decisions to cling to Christ and to honor God by obeying him through the power of the spirit. That's the scam meeting bless the institution that sponsored it Hartland bless the leaders the God give them wisdom from above that because of this place many will be ready to meet Christ when He comes a double blessing on the children their God They are bombarded by so many pressures and some parents too busy to take notice in mercy to God strengthen them I thank you personally for the high honor of being here and I pray a lot that you would take me to my next assignment but your words in my mouth a god to put humility in my heart that I may represent your right at any cost to myself bless your church worldwide to God Remember all the Wilson I would chief elder give him wisdom to God He wants to do what's right he has many enemies give him the wisdom to just do your work and leave his enemies to you because you know how to destroy the enemies of your people now God thanks for life we love you we praise your holy name as your word says I will bless the Lord at all times his prey shall continually be in my mouth my soul shall make her boast in the Lord the humble shall hear their often be glad all magnify the Lord with made a lettuce. His name together we praise your name we thank you in Jesus name of God's people say a man and a man this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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