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Let Go and Let God

Joakim Hjortland


Joakim Hjortland

President and co-founder of IMPACT



  • July 26, 2014
    11:30 AM
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There Really Father I thank you for this morning thank you for this opportunity my predator. My work in a special way that you may tell her make this message with your spirit God I pray that. It will not merely be information that we will hear this morning but by your spirit that it will be a life changing experience that I pray that will with our here today without maybe watch online or here according of this message that we will be able to look back to this moment to this conference to this and that we may be able to say God spoke to me. Through that message and my life got a new direction for the better because of it. That's my prayer in Jesus' name amen. Now in. In northern Africa they have an interesting way to catch monkeys. Very smart technique what they do is start the they take pumpkins they send them to trees the Make a hole in the pumpkin and put some nuts inside is pumping and then when I monkey a curious hungry monkey comes by and says this punk punk and says this you know the treasure inside is pumpkin seed and nuts inside it pumping he would come there and he would put his hand into the pumpkin and he grabs the Nazi he wants the Nazi really wants them yeah but the thing is the trick is this the whole in this parking is big enough to see just big enough for the monkey to stretching and taking his hand and grab it but when he has the nuts in his hand when he has his hands folded. He can't take the hand out the hole is to small and I think it's this The monkey is not smart enough. To let go of something he likes so much as this now it's so therefore even though he just could let it go and go out his capture. That's how they capture monkeys now. I believe this is. A fitting picture of many Christians or many times how it is in the Christian experience you know the devil is very smart here he tempts us here live for us with all kinds of temptations and he tried to percent everything the world has to offer and and he tries to make us whole on to something that comes in the way from God's great plan for our lives. But unless we let it go. God cannot work in our life as he wants unless we lets go it can't work in the powerful way he wants in our lives and through our lives unless we let go we cannot truly be free we cannot truly experience joy until some meaning in life that he wants us to have. How is it with you this morning. Are you holding on to something in your life that you are holding on to is there something in your life that are maybe in the way or in the danger of being in the way for God's plan for your life. Now in the Bible the Bible is full of amazing stories. We read about Alija Yeah the pred on the stopped raining for three and a half years we read about Joshua that preys on the sound stands still until you know these rights are able to conquer the enemy is worried about Jesus right that columns might this storm in the city we read about how his blessing you know a few bread and fishes so it's enough food for thousands of people who read about. The the sitar since being converted in in one day with the we read about how you know they are preying on the Holy Spirit comes powerful on and suddenly they can speak foreign languages they usually cannot speak about how you know when he's in prison is delivered by any after you know the whole night prayer meeting from the shirts and read about all these powerful stories you read about you know the sounds of town there is being transformed into loving Apostles the stuff. Simon plethora into a solid rock in the early shots. And not to talk about all the Dylan studies cast out all of the Psystar hill all the people at our wrist from the dead we did so many are missing stories right in the Bible account my question this morning is this. Is this. Our. Experience. Is this my. Experience. I don't know about you about. I want to shout sure most in the four basically every Sabbath Yes and in the four I could walk and honestly I have to say. What I hear dear is not really the same thing. Actually very very seldom at all if you hear people talk about answers to prayer at all it's usually on the level of you know someone losing their kids praying and finding them again yeah. That's usually the level I'm sure I believe God hears and wants to answer his prayers and he does but but if that is it. Like it seems to be a difference to me you know very very seldom you hear about someone telling of how God has helped them to gain the victory over us seen in their life or made progress in in the sanctification or or a sinful habit in their life I don't know about you but it seems to me that it is like we have a completely different religious experience many times it seems like you know what we read in the Bible and what we you know if you compare this things their experience with what we see in the show today it seems to be almost like a completely different world can you understand what I'm saying. Is it it seems to be something very different. Now. The question comes why is stuff that's why the difference. Why don't we see. More of the the powerful workings of God in our son through us as we read in The Times of the Bible now we have to just to clarify I believe not always necessarily you will see the big greatest miracle do you do the right thing in John the Baptist for instance you mention one miracle you don't necessarily always have to see it but but still it seems to be a big difference now why is that I think this the question I think the but it boils down to this. It boils down to this question. Who Shane judge did God change. Or did his church in this God change will do his professed follower changed now. I believe there is only one possible answer to that. You know he says in Hebrews Chapter thirteen and verse it just as Christ is the same yesterday today and forever. Did not change God is just as willing to work powerful innocent through us and for us today as he ever well us in these our sister is he's just as willing so why what he in there see him what is seen the way why cannot he work so powerfully many times through his church today R.C. wants to. Why the difference now I believe there are several answer to that question. And. I believe one important answer to that question is that we do not pray as we should it's a ministry of healing and says we do not value the the power on the fish and sea of prayer as we should prayer and faith will do what no power on earth can accomplish I believe that's one answer to the question now. I believe and I the reason is that. There is a lack. Of full. Surrender and the willingness to. Submit to surrender our own ways or to clinging to our own way and saying. It's a sin in a siren Shaktar fifty five it says Let the wicked for sake you sway on the unrighteous man his thoughts let him return to a lot on he will have mercy upon and we need to when we come to God willing to surrender our ways on the earth for us this is said If any one and any man will come after me let him the night himself and take up his cross steadily and follow. Now in the book Gospel workers it says it like this listen to this very interesting statement. He says Why is it that some of our ministers have so little power. Asking basically the question we are asking this morning and and she has the Spirit of Prophecy are several similar quotes. I think this quote is not only relevant for ministers but also members in general and several other quotes is clearly communicating that on this one but anyway the question is in the race why is it are some of our ministers have so little power. Because they have not met. An entire surrender to God. They do not see. The sinfulness in clinging to their own way. They are not made an entire surrender to God they don't see the sinfulness in clinging to their own way. Lets all of the preach the truth and all who profess to believe it submit themselves fully to the workings of the Spirit of God. That the truth many fine L. of. And sanctify them. Very interesting. Because I lack entire surrender now. To be on him that. To in order for God to work in us and through us as we as he wants we need to let go and let God in order for him to work in the powerful way he wants in our lives through our lives and for us we need to let it go and let's go on in order for us to truly be free to truly experience. Joy and please some meaning in our lives we need to let go. And let it. Go. Now around the time of my baptism when I was fifteen years old that's in that time God was able to start to work more and more. Unhindered in. Him but aggressive God I'm still in that wonderful process of sanctification and. First it started with that I started to rid and heal the Bible as never before I started to study and submit to the Word of God as never before and you know I was believed in the Bible I was you know went to show I had a lot of knowledge and all of this you know but though I had all this knowledge I didn't really know him so I performed all his religious rites I didn't really have a real relationship and that's really what it's all about yeah this is life eternal but it might know you the only true God on whom you sent Jesus Christ. But as a started to read the Bible before I put it a little bit you know it was a little heavy reading not so interesting maybe a little boring but when I started to read I started to relate to realize hey man this is this is a message from the king and creator of the universe to me he wants to tell me things so they are truly swirly started to become much more interesting and I started to rid us of started to. Grasp more and more of what God wants to tell me he started to to show me and as I started to realize more and more of God's perfect plan for my life I started to to submit to it more and more by his his grace and as I did that. Basically all all areas of my life started to change you know how I used my time my talents and my resources you know my relationship to and to tenement music sports clothes diet whatever all areas of my life started to show. And you know things I liked a lot before didn't really mean so much to me anymore and and on the other side things I did not like I started to really appreciate and you know I can understand better after this experience you know the words of Paul when he said just before I was getting to him you now looked upon as lost it yet even dying inside and but the thing is this if I could imagine if I was fifty when I was fifteen years old yeah if I could look into the future I said I could look three years into the future and I could see how I you know would be living when I was. I could see how I would you know sing in a choir and I would attend prayer meetings travel around divine services things like this instead of sitting at home. Watching television videos or playing filth or whatever yeah if I could do that when I was fifteen years old I could see how I would live three years in the future I would be quite surprised and not only that but I would be quite surprised and to me I don't know it wouldn't. Seem very appealing to me it wouldn't be like whoa I want up you know but I think it's this. I can say today you know as I look back on all the changes that happened in my life yeah. In all areas of my life I can. Said today that all the centuries they were for the better. They are for the better. And that's always the case when God changes us. But I think it's this. We have a devil there is a level that is very smart. And one of his best tricks is that he always he tries to make. The things that it's not good for us he try to make them look appealing that something man we should get this this will give us happiness this will give us joy he tried to and on the other side he tried to make us think that if I'm doing the right thing being a Christian or doing you know living after God's will for a life that would be a burden that would be boring that would not give you joy and peace in your life he's an expert in portraying things in the opposite light of reality. That he has done that since Didn't you know all the way up he tries to think think people think that God is holding good things away from his people but I was not true that's a lie and I can said today all the changes that I experience in my life work for the better I've had many years to my mind if I were you know wanted to but I'm never around. That's always the case when God show us what happened was not and which I think you know what happens when God shows us is that he's changing our test his refining improving our test and make us like and enjoy the things that is good for us and help the things that it's not good for us that's how he wants it to be he doesn't want us to want the bad things but he wants us more and more to help to fear God is to help develop certain problems. Now another thing that's really. Shame you know religious experience my my my Christian experience and led to that God could work one more on him to be in me and through me when I asked never before around this time I made myself available to guard. As never before I was willing to pray Lord here in my. Son. And. You know. The thing is this. We don't need a Holy Spirit really when we sit in a nice area in our living room watching television it's when we go out where we work for God a very rich to Ghost World when we get involved when we use our talents in the Lord's work that's when we really need the Holy Spirit that's when we really will start to see how God is working in us and true US never before that will completely change our you know religious experience and you know as I said the other day you know life begins at the end of the comfort zone are I don't really have time to tell you that ventures with God I've had since I really made it's my prayer I started to do this but I can tell you I really really shine and improve my life for the better. Now. The Bible tells us. About a rich young ruler. One time he's seeing Jesus is observing Jesus and he says how Jesus this be City area this popular church or he's taking time for the children he's letting the children come to him and he receives them he treats them with such a love and you know this rich young literate when he says that his is really a man is. He makes some impression on him and it's like it's like he understand that this man he has something that's just something the fish should have so when justice is about to live this place when he stands up when he walks away worried about how this rich young ruler he runs over to Jesus he he falls down on his knees and he asked you know good master. What shall I do. To inherit eternal life. If you ask this question that is so important for each and every one of us. And this young man. He's one of the little. In these trials he has a lot of knowledge he believes in God He believes that Jesus is more than you know yes the regular person he he and he believes he has everything in it's to be served right he wants to go to heaven it sounds quite good but just his answer is quite surprising. You know first first he quotes the commandments and it's very interesting what it does actually close to fifty if you read it that count in Matthew nineteen because the Fifth Commandment the Sixth Commandment the seven commandments it's commandment the ninth commandment and then instead of quoting the ten commandments he jump back to number four basically what he does he jumps over to the tenth commandment which talks about covetousness which is really the main problem for this young man. And he would have noticed he knew the commandments by heart definitely. And just basically just as he points out. The problem reduce young man and he tells him. He says to him one thing you lack. Go your way sell whatever you have. And you sort of for. Now what is just a set up. He asked what should I do to inherit an eternal life and Jesus says go and sell everything you're doing it to say we need to sell everything to be said. I don't think so this is the only time Jesus gives this answer. We don't need to go and sell everything go and give to the poor to be sold but. We need to be willing. To do that if that is what garb calls us to do just as in Matthew seven whereas twenty one excess Not everyone who says to me Lord Lord shall I shall inherit the kingdom of heaven. Shall enter into the kingdom of heaven not everyone who without a word believed in me and professes my name shall. Enter into the kingdom of heaven but. Das the will of My Father in heaven when I watch his. Accept the God and Jesus the north of their lives. Those are the ones that can be a part of his kingdom those who have met him the lot of their lives and don't really live in rebellion with him those are the ones who can become a part of his kingdom full and with perfect peace harmony and joy. And love that goes through all of his kingdom. Now. The rich young ruler. When he hears this. He becomes sorrowful. It says that he goes sorrowful our way. You dust on the watches ask him to buy his response he shows that he loves his money more than he loves money what other words he's actually is an idol to him he loves his money more than he loves God It goes so awful Oh it's quite interesting how it's us to look at and when we're trying to treat says he was a very sorrowful for he was very rich. Actually the most important thing in his life what you really love what he thought would give him all his joy on this happiness in his life that was actually in the way. For the true perfect lasting happiness that God wanted to give him this is Saw this is realized this is understood that his love for money was in the way for God's perfect cuts that are planned for his life that's why he asked him to do this. He was very sorrowful for he was very rich It reminds me of quite interesting and then you know that the largest mass suicide that ever was committed on US soil it happened in Rancho Santa FIL which for many years has been the richest city per capita the richest city that's where you have the largest mass suicide you ever have on U.S. soil that is not like Winston's wealth riches fame this all those things. It cannot truly satisfy the NG in the longings of your soul in itself. He was very sorrowful. For he was very. Rich. Now. I was seventeen years old it was in the end of July. As I was sitting and I was reading this story. And I said did. The Spirit of God was speaking to me in a special way to this story. He impressed me with this thought when I read when I realized that for this man he wanted to go to heaven he had knowledge he went to church every Sabbath Yeah he had all of this but but but he loved mommy what on the love of God Money was an idol to him money was in the way for God's perfect plan for its life when I read this the Spirit of God impressed me with this thought it and he said to me. That is soccer for you. Soccer is an idol to you. Quit on the soccer team and when I got this top. I pushed it away I didn't like it at all and I didn't want to hear it but it came back. Suckers and I will to quit on the suckage and I tried to push it away again but when he came back I was I understood that this was something God tried to tell me but I didn't like it and it was difficult for me to accept it. And I think it's this unit to unit to understand that you know since I was like five six years old my big dream in life yeah was to one time become a professional soccer player. And you know I played a lot and all the time you know us. Was doing well when I was twelve years old I could stand and I could keep the ball in there two thousand seven hundred times you know more than twenty minutes as kept it in there all the time you know with I don't recall it in English but you know what I mean not with the hands but with that anyway and when I was fifteen I was on this this. Gathering for the best players in the district and on the scattering you are some people on the national team level you know of Sweden I wasn't asking about them in that time but I was you know the level on the drama was close to that level and your so my big dream was to become a professional soccer player that was you know all my life not only that you know also I was watching soccer I was playing soccer games on you know it was my life it was. To me that was the meaning of life you know so when I get these floats it was very difficult for me and not only that in this time it's in the media the middle of the summer right in the middle of the league and it's in they count on me you know work starting up in August and what should I tell them you know God told me to focus and I don't see why I need to quit story like they would think I'm crazy I would think I was crazy if I knew this a few years before you know like I was very difficult for me. But I understood that this was something God you know I would never get this for by myself to put it that way and assure that this was something God was trying to tell me something he tried to impress me and when I was reading the story. In the Cyrus came over a very interesting study and I want to read it to you it's us page five twenty eight says if he had to realize this talking about the rich young ruler if he had to realize the value of the offered gifts quickly would he have enrolled himself as Christ followers but then it says that he went away and ever after they world was to receive peace worship. If you have to realize. And also I really like what it says you know it says in Mark ten verse twenty eight what what it says in the account of mark there it says then Jesus looking at him love the months the. Go on Celebrity. Jesus didn't say it is to him to be rude to be men would seem to to control him decided to him because he loved them and he understood. That his love for mommy was in the way for God's better plan for its life. So I read this story God is speaking to me powerful and I and I see this sad example of this man that did not answer the right way to this question what God was asking him and I was reading this story and I didn't decide it for myself Man I do not want to do like him I do not want to go sorrowful our way. It was difficult for me but I trusted. That God didn't say this to be rude but because he loved me God told me so I didn't completely on the stand in that time God told me this because he knew and wanted my best it was because it was for my good. So I say hey. If this is your will I will do it you need to help me to do this I decided to to follow his call. I decided to follow his call and I can said today. I never regretted that decision it was difficult I didn't completely understand in that time but I never regretted that decision and I will always be the case when we do what God calls us to do. We will never regret it it's all with for our best and I think it's astonishing i was interesting is when I did this god took something away from my life but he gave me something else he gave me something better this was exactly the time when I started to preach when I started to get bible studies when I started to get involved in organizing mission trips on this things like this that eventually became impact this was the time you took something away and it gave me something better my you know my mind my big dream was to one time become you know to to become a professional soccer player and win soccer games but God changed the highest goal of my life from that to to work for God and win souls for his kingdom and I can tell today you know before I would look upon it as a great privilege to want time Babel to represent you know the Swedish national team in soccer you know it's a great privilege a great honor a great joy but I can. I tell you today as Christians we are ambassadors for Christ the King and creator of the universe and that is a much greater privilege a much greater own or. Something that will give you much more meaning and purpose and happiness in your life than anything else. Can which meant to be for some structure at the fore up one of my favorite versus songs Chapter eighty four. And will reverse eleven in some translation it's verse twelve or English in verse eleven. Some cited for verse. Verse eleven hurts us for the Lord God. Is some and shall the Lord will give a gracious and glory. And then it says. Here sorry. Yes the few good things Willie withhold from those who walk upright. Start when it's us no no good things will withhold from those who walk uprightly got us and take away the good life he gives the good life set and he's the one that tried to think that he takes away the good life now I want to read one of my favorite quotes from the Pentagon and White are many quotes I love what is one of the favorites is from steps to Christ page forty six and it's powerful quote it says but what do we give up. When we give all. Our sin polluted ha. For Jesus to purify and to cleanse by his own love and to send by it's much less love. And yet men think it's hard to give up. I'm ashamed to hear it spoken of I'm ashamed to write that. God does not require us to give up anything that is for our best interest to return in all that he does he has the wellbeing of his children in view would that all who have not chosen Christ. Smyth realized that he had something vastly better. To offer them and than they are seeking for themselves God has something much better to offer us than we are seeking for our self my experience confirms that this quote is true. What we are straight here this is true. You might not always understand you might not always see it understand you know God says things from much bigger perspective and with the doesn't always understand right away why it tells us to do this or not do that but God always lead us exactly that way with whatever shows on if we could see things from his perspective. Now I don't have to tell you time to tell you you know. Adventures I've had with God since I really decided to fully surrender myself to him and follow his plan for my life but I can tell you today. I would not exchange. The life I'm living now I would not exchange the life I'm living now. Against a yearly wage of one million euro. Not against a weekly wage of one million euro I wouldn't extension my family now against becoming a professional soccer soccer player was my big dream not only for became the best soccer player in the world because I know that the life my created around with this. Leads me to live. Is the best life I could ever live. And I know. That the same. Is details for you the life your Creator and with the military to live with the best life you could ever live now. The shirts were scattered the pastor of the shirt she goes up to the pulpit he looks out on the congregation and he tells them that today they have a researcher old man an old pastor his there and he says he would like to give him a little time to to share something to the congregation to this old man he comes up to the pulpit and he starts to tell them a story it tells them. About our father our son and the friend of his son let's go out on the sill. And as you're out there in the boat the weather becomes worse and worse the West becomes bigger and bigger around though this guy is an experienced sailor so he can't really control the boat and suddenly because of the waves the two kids are falling out in the water. And because the waves are too strong the wind is to strong. They can't come into the boat again. And not only that but they are drifting apart from each other and from the boat so the man now is their only rescue on the manage to take his most difficult decision obviously life he needs to decide which of these two kids surely try to rescue first. His son or the friend of his son he thinks he thinks to himself of course discourse very fast but I think stream south his son is up for he's a believer is a Christian and he's pretty sure if he son dies he will one time come to heaven. He will meet him in heaven but he also knows that the friend of his son is not a Christian but I think to himself maybe he can become a Christian one day. So he takes the most difficult decision in this life he actually cries out to his son some I love you he tries cussed out the rescue line to the friend first and praise God he's able to rescue that kid. But unfortunately. His own son drowned in the storm and I asked this old man is telling this story you can see in the very back of the shirt in the very back of the congregation how how there are some some some young men that are sitting there listening and they are touched by that story after which they come up to him and it's they tell him they thank him for it for the message on the side they were touched by the story but then they asked this man he says but. No one would have done something like this who would have done something like this. But then the old. The response is us. I was stuffed mom. The pastor of your show mistress the kid. I love how Paul started is that truly. Sylvia did not spare his own son but the leave it in up for us all. How shall he not with him also freely give us all things when God how the show is between his son and us between his son and you he shows you and of course the life he will lead you to live with the best life you could ever live. Now I will invite you to. Buy your heads and close your eyes. By your head on close your eyes and ask you have your rights closed your head bowed. I want to give you an opportunity to respond to this message. Why not call me as your life and all. Into the hands of your loving creator on Ritalin. Why not let him that the host on wants your best assist and from the beginning guide you and lead you through your life. I mean invite you to take that the station with me this morning you are done it before again you study sort of side I will ask you just where you sit just to to raise your hand right now to raise your hand right now and say God I want to commit your life my life into your hands you don't love me and no son wants my best you can stretch your handwriting and say Lord I want to commit my life I want you to guide me a little material life that knows and wants my best I can raise your hand right now. And then. Can we demand up till. Maybe there is something in your life. That is hindering you. Maybe there is something in the life that you have not yet been willing to to fully surrender to God to fully let go of so that God can work powerfully in and through you maybe it's money the love for man and I was for a rich young remembered stock around our sport and it was for me. Maybe it's our relationship maybe it's maybe it's. Fluid it can be many many things things that it's not necessarily bad in itself in your ministry that can come become too important to it can become an idol to you. It's got a spoken to you with the spirit this morning this conference may be the last week on his impressing you that you know that there is something in your life. That you have not yet maybe surrendered fully into his hands led fully at the feet of the cross I'll invite you to do that this morning not do not where it's taking that decision I was invited to do that this morning to come and lay this before God and say God I do not want this coming in the way of your perfect plan for my life. If you want to take the decision right now. And we invite you to just where you sit it's. Just kneel down. If you want to say Lord I do not want this thing to become in the way I don't know what it is but if there is something in your life you want to set a little or this morning I do not want this to be in the way of your plan. That you can learn right now God is impressing you don't be like the rich young ruler don't go sorrowful our way. No doubt God has something better to offer you something much better to offer you than you can find. For yourselves don't be like the monkey that is not smart enough to let go. So he can truly be free and truly experience joy peace and happiness in his life if you want to take that decision I will I might it's only right now and put this before the Lord if there is something or something maybe that you see or in the den your of becoming too important for you or you might it in the right now on late before God and pray God help me. Make this not be in the way I really like what I watch as history writes that true happiness will be a result of every self-denial every crucifixion of selves one victory won the next one is more easily and. Those who in everything make God first and last and best are the happiest people in the world I want to come with a thought and I lost up a little this morning. Darrius. Committing to daily surrender to God and to continue the work of coming maybe you are a little bit like a mill. You have surrendered completely to God you have surrendered fully to God I I was willing to share the highest dream of my life I was willing to move up in the wilderness in the north of Norway where it is no sun in the winter I was willing to surrender fully to God but I'm tempted sometimes to think that because I did that before everything is good but I thing is this. We need to surrender fully to God every day this is that if ever any man will come after me let him the nine self take up his cross daily and follow me. I mean much you to decide with me I want to make this commitment today and that is to. Commit to surrender to God not only at some time in the past but really you want to continue they were. Of over. Power. The work of overcoming must go for about. Every day. And a victory or something. You want to commit with. The work of coming. Down with me right. There I want to. Thank you for your great love. Thank you. Want to give us so much more time with you and the other way. Of life and I. Right. There are. Around there. Every area of our lives for. This media was brought to you by audio. Website dedicated to God's word through free. And much more if you would like to know more about. It you would like to listen to more. W.W.W.. Or.


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