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A Bad Actor

Christian Berdahl


Christian Berdahl grew up in a dysfunctional home that led him to suffer mentally, emotionally, and physically.  In an effort to numb his pain and thoughts of suicide, he immersed himself in theatre arts. He soon earned a spot in TV production, but in the midst of it all he was still a hurt person who hadn't healed.  After years of chasing after the wind, he found Jesus Christ, and realized that in Him was true peace.


Christian Berdahl

Founder of Shepherd's Call music ministry




  • August 7, 2009
    9:00 AM
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from VeriSign you expect to be thrilled with challenge and stimulated go home not remembering experiences word lives were changed where God is using people just like you and me to reach this dead and dying world today you're not going to be disappointed at all Christian Bergdahl over ten years ago found that the shepherds called ministry and Christian came from a background of abuse and hardship and heartache but God used him in a remarkable way now and in the ministry of music and the spoken word in both secular settings as well as in spiritual settings these invited around the world to minister in cross denominations and secular events and all kinds of opportunities Christian how in the world did you end up becoming a Christian and non-Christian home and my was raised in a non-Christian home and my mother was a non-Christian and she gave me the name Christian I don't know how I master that is that I do not dislike the name he says now it was providential praise the Lord but I was raising abusive home my mother was a seventeen -year-old young girl when she had me my father was nineteen years old he was a drug user and an alcoholic and an adulterer finally my mother after having two different children decided to divorce him and she was a single mother taking care of three of us boys and sent off to babysitters babysitters unfortunately the babysitter son stole my innocence as a young boy and then from there my mother remarried and she remarried to a man who became our worst nightmare actually and he was extremely abusive very violence I've been with us I've been tied up I've been tortured I've had open wounds from the from the top of my neck to my heels and so was a tough a tough life as a child I learned that you put on a face even though your life is absolutely horrible and terrible and you act like everything is okay and that was my existence as a young child it seems that when we look at people we don't know anything about their background we don't know what's in their backpack but even through this hearty and tough time you had growing up God still has chosen to use you which amazes me because I how he got a hold of my life is absolute and absolute miracle because growing up when you have father figures of views you and in my biological father molested all three of us boys and so we just had so much baggage and so much weight on much hurt and pain that I I honestly couldn't believe that there was a God in heaven that wanted to do anything good to me because everyone I have ever trusted it always hurt me so for God to take me from that to seeking you preaching for him is a miracle will just think how many kids are out there that are going to the same counterpart executed them it is not that uncommon and here we just look at people all cleaned up and smiling and saying good morning and how are you today as though nothing was wrong and yet there are people that are hurting everywhere and you must have had terrible pain she went to the supplier if it was true you know there were no answers nobody ever share Jesus with me I in fact as I as I graduate actually what happened was I I kept crying out and kept crying out and there was no answer I cried out to God and there was no answer my simple if there's a devil out there and you can help me get me out of this and of course God sent you doesn't know what you say hey man so God has protected me somehow someway I was always violent as a child I tried to take my life the number of times it was suicidal but it never went through God had always protected even though I didn't know him or knowledge and I was still his child and then as it this abuse went on until I was a sophomore in high school when I went to Child protective services and I started telling the story what if something like this was happening what if this was I'm not saying it is because I couldn't trust anybody my mother had mentally emotionally checked out and my life was just a mess so my mother finally woke up divorce my stepfather praise God and we we left actually with the police stand by the day we were moving out we had me standing there with their patrol cars in case you went crazy because he was much crazy anyway so on what happened was I got involved in theater I started finding escape in the theater arts as a young person I went to a Christian retreat as a young person and all was was if you don't worship God you don't love God to govern forever and I thought well there you go like the rest of the father figures and had in my life and so I wasn't interested as high school this was in high school and then right out of high school beginning year of college I got involved in television and video production and there I found another escape I stop doing theater I started to rebound to businesses which grew into three we were successful as young people I was twenty one twenty one nineteen two twenty two years old and I was making lots of money my my career was expanding and audio and video production and I was my business partner had embezzled from us will have been fully ruined our companies like couldn't recover them and so I was taking any job I could to try to put my financial life back together and I was called by a producer one day and he asked me if I would like to go one to write this thing called a cap meeting I had no idea what meeting was and I grew up camping and joint campaigns I thought sure I like camping I'll take the job so I took the job and I show up on location looking for the man who was running the VA can't meeting and I said I understand is the can't meeting and you know will set up our are establishing shot nor are recounting strategized we need a handheld remote for shooting likely yet attempting cooking demonstrations you know and he's like can demonstrate regardless of all this is a camp meeting right music yes I said I assume you can be demonstrating camping equipment right is at all on none none no I can't meeting is not never heard that is good and so I said what it was a camp meeting at and you know there's a bunch of RVs out there intense and people walking around in hiking boots on thinking you know it's again a meeting and that he has no no no this is a religious meeting the people camp that and I went up to write learn about the God that never did anything for me so where did it go from there to measure your Arctic cat meeting and you're expecting to be a putting up tents and have a bunch of Boy Scouts magnifiers actually there were no fires there were no Boy Scouts there were a lot of strange people and they were I learned they were called Seventh-day Adventist and they talk different and they walked different in a dress different than the music was different than but what happened as I sat there in the control it we had a portable fan and as I sat there in that production than and as switching I was being drawn in to what was being presented I had seen now someone present Jesus in a way I had never heard before his metadata how God were a man so here I am the technical guy which where I'm very why I'm petrified to be right here right this moment I'm not the fungi I'm a much more accustomed to being behind the scenes I like it back there with all the albeit true so I'm being drawn and I'm here to America was and that was foretold in prophecy and I'm hearing about a help message in this guys up there eating weeds off the side of road saying God has provided Daniel sky like it was then I knew nothing and I'm thinking these people are so weird but I like them really this is really different and encourage your ones I guess that he even that knew nothing you know so here I am listening to all of this and by the end of the meeting of the manna was running again I became friends and I was having serious health issues he helped me through those I became a vegetarian I became a vegan vegetarian I my strength return type I'm stronger now forty then I was at twenty five or whatever it was at twenty four and so what happened over time was God let my life to spiral out of control and I couldn't find a job in production up by this time I had amassed wonderful skills I was asked directing and editing and shooting and writing I've been working with ESPN and PBS in the collodion and a lot of high-end corporate work and in my career was really taking off and when we moved actually feared to Chandler Arizona in the record heat you think is hot today and it know it was hot number of years ago record days over hundred and fifteen the hottest day was a hundred and twenty seven and I was selling cars without air-conditioning my life had went all the way up so what happened was I just decided I would take a trip with act California and I had a desire to go see that guy that ran the camp meeting something inside of me was changing my girl and I had separated we had decided got her pregnant we lost the baby of five and a half months and it was a traumatic event for us and we decided that we should be intimate together it as worldly heathen people because there were consequences for that and we weren't ready for marriage and so we were taking steps backwards in the eyes of the world but we didn't realize we were taking steps forward in God 's eyes and so he separated the two of us I went and saw my friend and I found how my life has fallen apart he just started laughing and I said what are you laughing at this not funny he suggests I told you a long time ago got has a calling for your life and I said I don't know what that means but maybe you're right selecting that conversation he said Sydney you know I could really use a man like you in my ministry and doing video and graphic design and almost type of work and friends only tell you the psychiatrist very seriously I knew right then when he said to me I could really use a man like you God put a picture like a movie in front of my eyes and I saw he showed me right then I think it happened in a split second out of the house because this technology but it's it's fascinating and he played this movie in front of my eyes and I saw where Jesus had been there from my birth he had been there I never took my life he had been there and he protected me when I pray the prayer even though the devil he showed me all of these things in my life how he had trained me up how he allowed me be trained up to be used for him in a later date and I just thought what the legislature 's right through my and how he separated me from my my fiancé and all these things because he had to do something to me that I needed more than anything and that was to the liver me from my package to deliver me from my sin and when I said I'll take the job sounds like this reference call it was the shepherds called us the name of our ministry I heard to separate calling a man he's a Christian I want you to come all broken and messed up like you are I need you I want you I love you and I thought to myself what my friends and I joke about this but I think the Guardian Angel grabbed my guardian angel grab my jaw and indicated my voices it all takes job is there is no way that I was going to go and leave Arizona law my girl was what was still in love with and go work for a ministry and everything was not sitting so he said really think the job in right thing I knew I was making the decision that would change my whole life I said yes I'll take the job and I didn't know what that meant eventually I stay there no work for that that ministry for two and a half years and we study out the Sabbath that next day Lisa do working on stem I go to church on Saturday he presented it to me right from the word of God I went wow is everything that clear in the Bible he said yes I said well I guess obvious out of the end we started studying over and over everything every document and I sell along with the bylaws fell in love with the spirit of prophecy and praise God for both where to go from there Christian from there we went to my actually where it went from there was a really good thing God brought Toby back into my life and that was a mere kind of time to get in all that the God through a series of miracles brought her back into my life as a as a prayer to one of my fleeces and by God 's grace I was brand-new Christian and God had did something for me that I I will be forever grateful each way all of that package you the way all of the pain and all unless stationed in all the anger and all the raging he just did he perform some sort of surgery that it no longer holds me back and sees on season what's going on with you I've even know what was happening what's going on the guys that I do not exist but I like it and I cannot praise God and the good parts of your grammar is not a good word but are better and that the parts of you are are are were are then I said I don't know when and in season what's going on I said is his right I think you haven't heard the diseases that I've learned about now and you and I were not taught about Jesus when we were growing up she was raised an atheist home and so she just started breaking and crying and I had the privilege of the next couple of weeks to bring her to Jesus Christ amen amen amen and now you're actually being called how to do ministry get started in anger being called into remarkable places around the country and drive really am anxious to know how he made a difference in the various places are being invited to well will will will leave out a large chunk of us getting married and her believing everything in my children being born which we're told would never happen and then got sick person I want you to go out and I want you to start singing and preaching now friends I knew like I know ten songs over Christian songs and I would do special music I'm not a trained vocalist I don't have any training I don't know how to sing professionally and so he said go insane and I said but brought father I mean you're at the bottom of the barrel the pond is other people surely they can do this he says we go out and preach I said for each item done one sermon on the dangers of television and it got out there somehow you know that's how God is he takes your little humble efforts and says so many descents about their and all of a sudden I'm invited to attend meeting we were you we want to do singly want you to do a sermon and when I got to my location I went to my room I went to pull out my notes because petrified as I am right this moment and he says I want to find them and guess what happened I left all my notes the seatback pocket of the airplane drizzle Lord is to see your much much more senior in the face my brother but I was like how long you Colorado and and so that I went to the Bible the script prophecy and Mike is my custom had become and I found Sister White's first vision I had I never heard of before I heard about it and and you know the vision of heaven where he's talking about the tree in the river of life and in all the things and and as I was reading it God said that song there put that song there and in thirty five minutes of program entitled a vision of heaven was born in that program we done all around this country and internationally and so he impressed my heart go out and do this the people were blessed and they were blessed I was less now and God showed me I will give you away that you can go out and sing and preach it will not be about you it will be about me and my spirit of prophecy show your give this kind of message even in the evangelical church is correct yes we were really running long here but I will have to cut our program short not only what happened is God put me I came into this to the truth through the independent movement and God did something to me and what he did was he put me in almost exclusively in Seventh-day Adventist churches when our ministry was started I support it this is what you want me to do you need to make the phone rings on my book on the high something in your chart I didn't want to do that and so the phone started ringing and they came I don't know how anybody knew about me but the words ran I think the Angels won around since drinkers can because they needed to you people needed to teach me something and that was everywhere that God 's people are no matter where they are with no matter what search therein there is a certain group of people that has a flame of Jesus Christ burning and God told me look these are my people and I want you to be among them normally I want to be with them and ultimately God let me become by profession of faith to join the Seventh-day Adventist Church Street and and now I'm a I'm an ordained elder in the Cendant 's church and this is God 's church my friends and we can play games and say all this is problems here problems their front door problems everywhere if there's a perfect church I decided I won't join it because all really you even get to go to Pentecostal churches yes in fact what happened was a friend of mine said hey we want to invite you to a Sunday church my uncle runs a Sunday church would you do that I had only done it in my mother 's Baptist Church and I said sure I'd love to do this program for anyone any of God 's people and opened up my mind to the fact that not only in the Seventh-day Adventist churches but in the all the churches across the land they're the same people that have the same flame burning my friends and Jesus said go and send the flaming and so yes we go and read we do these programs in public venues at Salvation Army as we do on food kitchens week we do these programs in Pentecostal churches and Church of Christ in God and all the different churches they invite me and I don't go to discuss a music and support their service they give me the pulpit and I do the service is why introduce into the spirit of prophecy right in their own churches and they can't believe how beautiful heaven is and they say were did you get this music that I've got plenty of more material you can read it and so on praise God for that and so began irony is pricing right the wrongs of an A- and that is a medium with my body over his fortieth Avenue maintenance services and industry if you would like to learn more and I find them in Anaheim is a word is a free online service please visit www. my neighbor is not


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