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Poverty Cure: Powerful Principles to Help the Poor- Part 5

Dan Rachor



  • June 13, 2016
    2:00 PM
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Father in heaven as we have this last time together in this seminar we are asking for your presence for your inspiration for your wisdom for your blessing. Jesus' name amen. All right so all. I'm going to start with my story of a of a poor person that's kind of my thing here this one is. From Cambodia. I've never been but I got this there are a lot of some of the evidence many of Tim Maddox and his wife Wendy many years ago went there and they started an orphanage there or they went there to do evangelists who worked in upstart in an orphanage and to hand out right to their young man and everything like that and so here's a story he shared with me he said during a visit to the border town of windy and I were told a sad story of three orphans who had been taken in by a local family. To hand out their two handouts the youngest a two and a half year old girl and maybe better stand had reportedly been bought for ready three dollars and seventy five cents US That's her right there. He had been sold for three dollars and seventy five cents these poor kids are allegedly beaten made to work as slaves and forced to eat with a pig's. The authorities have tried to catch this family abusing the children but unsuccessfully I suspect they have not tried very hard but want us to think well of them sadly there was nothing we could do for these poor children except pray that God would intervene when the and I pray that it was a large will that we he would deliver the young girl into our hands we left us mention waited on the Lord's timing and will got heard us and moved upon the heart of the girls Auntie. It sold her nice to a wealthier family after the girl's mother had died of AIDS in January. Shortly after we left much the anti went to see how her niece was going and discovered the girl malnourished scarred from B.B. means. And often made to sleep on the ground under a tree. She demanded the girl back but was refused returning to her shack of a home she asked her husband to take a gun and get the child back he did in the child was handed over with no questions asked I was in notified by a concerned neighbor that the girl was now able to enter the orphanage the motorbike and I had a pleasant journey up to us much stopping in at some villages along the way to assess the number of orphan girls on reaching us much I sought out the concerned neighbor who had originally told me of this little girl and he led me to her aunties home. There I found a fat bellied skinny arm girl brought about from malnutrition She was silent showing no open fear of my presence or my blue eyes. Which often brings out shrieks of fear from the brown eyed children. Her name is. Her father was a soldier but died a couple years ago. The people said it was AIDS as is usually the case was AIDS the mother died a year or so later leaving an only child in the hands of her poverty stricken Auntie I'm sure the ante had good intentions when she gave it to a wealthier family although she may have feared it was a HIV positive and would bring trouble to the family. Paperwork completed I placed in front of me on the motorbike and we began the hundred seventy kilometer plus journey home first top was at a market restaurant for my lunch the auntie had assured me that we had already eaten for a small girl who had just eaten she certainly downed a lot of food at the restaurant and continues to down food like every meal is her last. We took a slow ride down the mountain sure Crum a village about twenty kilometers from where we have a church the road is such that most of you would not wish to take your four wheel drive along it should you have one. We whimper and momentarily twice but otherwise remain silent choosing to fall asleep about three kilometers from Cher crown this created a whole new problem it's one thing to travel four wheel drive track an offer old motorcycle with a two year old is another was a sleeping two year old. I could not stop as they were large black clouds threateningly coming down the mountain after us Saturday morning I preached to a group of forty and then proceeded to my next preaching appointment some thirty five kilometers away. This appointment met I began the last one hundred ten kilometers of the journey at three thirty P.M. Sabbath afternoon I tried several tricks such as using a scarf to tie her. To me like a lap belt in a car to make us to make steering motorbike with a two year old asleep in front of me manageable. Set or even with fifty kilometers left before reaching home I finally. Found the solution I buttoned her torso and head into my shirt. She kept comfortable and I had both hands free she slept comfortably I had both hands free we arrive safely home about eight pm We well rested and myself thoroughly exhausted. Has now settled down and one of the orphanage houses in appears to be doing well. She was tested for HIV yesterday and turned up negative pays a lorry. And this is the girl they. Precious human being. So we're going to talk about orphanages a little bit today as our little introduction and. I didn't do my. Stories yesterday so I'm going to another story today because today we're going to talk about the one thing that we can never leave out and that's the power of the Gospel in people's lives. And and so I went to a young lady that I had the privilege of meeting and I could have told you her name for the three minutes ago but it just left me and she lives in Palauan in the Philippines and up in the mountain where there's a lot of demon possession lot of spirits so on and so forth and. The missionaries there the Americans organization called Hamas. They were working in that village where work in that village and still are. Where they have a little school and she had time to tell you enjoy pictures about that but anyway this little girl here is a picture of. This is windy the American missionary and her two helpers they were they were when this girl when the spirits would come upon her they literally have to hold her down she would you know destroy things hurt herself or whatever and this went on for a long long time many many episodes just prayed and prayed and. Finally this this girl have too much talkee and so on she gave her heart to G I mean these these spirits would literally talk through her to do missionary take me up on the mountain you know well that's where the spirits are you know and. When I had the privilege of meeting her about a year ago or so this is this is the same girl Gillette as their names Elana wonderful girl she worked in the home there I stayed and just was already a helper by the way after you know she was just starting the first grade then when I was there because we She's been a lot of. And her family and so on. And so that illustrates the leather is certainly poor poverty stricken. But all the you know Council Enon financial had. Classes and so on so far as all that hill. Is going to be very very very little help and tell Besley in her case and tell us she came to have a living experience with Jesus. And that's where she's at now and like I said just last year she started first grade and they're working with her there and Philippines have a wonderful program the public that the government actually has started where they can do kind of a home school the government people visit them and they have tasks but because there's so many people like her that that you know have never gone to school at all. OK so. With that said. I get my. Phone here it's got my schedule on it with that said I want to just spend a few moments here and some. Practical things. I may find my. Email here all right. Who the woman behind all right. OK Just a quick review here then Kay quick review this mostly five minutes I might have to make a for here. Obviously And I hope you know the message to come through here that. Number one principle as we were every human being I think a little Louis that I showed in the beginning here some of you missed it here she was living as a slave three you know three three and a half years old beaten starved. And by the way to magic him he told me about this story he's. I mean this story and he told me. He told me he said sometimes I shudder to think because you know I mean he was used by God to save this girl's life. These I shudder to think I mean he was there living a comfortable life in Australia. I shudder to think if I had not listened to the voice of God in going to Cambodia that's just one student they have one hundred of them I have met grown students. That came from that because they have a school there and wonderful Christian young he's fine anyway so every human being made in God's image. This is number one principle we can't short people we have to realize they themselves have the power to think and do this is key. Whatever help we give them that smothers that is very short term indeed. So then that being said I'm going to give you about a six week class or six months class and two and a half minutes here OK. So one thing we want to do is help people to clarify their own values this is what they're going to need to stand to go through when the going gets tough to know their values you know whether it's love for their family. You know love for God whatever it is to and not to tell them their values but to help them to identify their values. Yes. Well it's a little bit separate from that. That's that's another very wonderful thing and I should have it up here but it's you know what what do you see the benefits if you were to start getting up it's six o'clock every morning what do you see the benefits what would be the benefits of that well I would study my Bible more and more time for the. Right if you want to answer comment on that question to an early fan. The big why OK. Very good reason. Here. Well that's the people we're working with OK And here's a big one here you know don't you know we have a tendency to say oh oh oh man you're behind and read to you that you don't have a cow. Man that is a needs based focus. And we you know we need to learn all things but we want to asset based focus. But what you know what you know. What type of work have you done in the past what are your skills and what are you good at and and along with that you know what is working in your life or in or what has worked well in the past to really bring these things to the surface because our goal is is to help them help themselves how right I really have a tight schedule today and I apologize for that but I have a lot of important things and. OK I handed out this article right here and this is written by a young lady I mean a college student administers I guess post pass college student but still young lady everybody should have got one of these this is volunteer is a more harm than good K.. And as it says there this is Heather rule as who in August two thousand and thirteen travel through West Africa as a journalist for address. And tells a little background there and there a couple paragraphs down it tells it says there you know she enters this orphanage and says if you hear the question Who are you she says the voice called me first unmistakable in her accent the journalist from address I called. Earlier about stopping by she said I found myself looking at well a sterile typical American college student in all her glory pink tank top shouting Abercrombie like a tagline to her expressionless face Ray-Ban slipped into the highlighted highlight street ponytail I almost expected an ice Starbucks to appear in her hand. Or I'm just here for a week before we go on and on the Safari She shrugged I came to volunteer with a group from my university I followed her through the halls and corridors to her squat in the main room and there I found the chaos some were dancing others scaling volunteers laughed an arms still more were jumping in place as the uncontrollable excitement pummeled through their slender bodies green dress a volunteer was pulling the coals in out of a cardboard box mine screeched every girl voice and honestly a few boy voices they tore and clawed through the crowd arms flailing out blue T. shirt yell socks The boys continued Hey I have candy over here another volunteer contributed even the walls seemed to be quivering with pleasure. I discovered the director in the back of the room smiling wide how many volunteer groups handouts how many volunteer groups do you get here I shouted over the din. Sometimes two a month he beamed proudly the volunteers cover almost all our staff. You aren't providing jobs for any local workers I repeated. Well no he paused a moment sensing the need to make it sound better we have so very many children here a grace House they need food and a home they need help here they get help. Where they come from before here I encourage reaching for a notepad terrible families no food so poor you know wait they have families half of them have families. I was frozen for a moment the sad truth is such numbers are typical in African countries after the wave of volunteers to orphanages in Guyana began to show signs of an abusive. Business Enterprise the social welfare department organizes third survey realizing that ninety percent of Gandhian orphans have one or more living parent. The presence of volunteers visiting so many orphanages created quote jobs for children from families that could benefit from a few less miles to feed. Some of these Jordans have lost their parents and are emotionally emotionally susceptible at this stage I gently said isn't it damaging to further their never ending cycle of abandonment from a revolving door of volunteers. That's just the way it is the director crosses are. We do this to make a difference the best we can and you need to remember this is for the Volunteer to this experience is life changing. I glanced at the group of college students taking selfies with the animated children no doubt this will be a series of profile pictures for a moment I wondered if the unidentified romping homeless children seemed reduced to the same status of elephants and zebras on the field. So your grandfather sell shoes on the street so your sisters can eat I asked again to make sure I got the French right yeah Hazen traced a Stick around his bare tolls as far back as I can remember Can I have your watch No I didn't tell you you could have it but the other volunteers give me things Hazen insisted why I came here to play with you know excuse me why I came here to play with you I stared back stubbornly into his green eyes do you have an i Pod in America Yes Can I have it. He had such lust in those small eyes no Hazon kept keep telling me the story about your grandpa when I grow up I'm going to America because I want to buy things like what the volunteers have he pointed a stubby thumb at his bare chest I'll be a rich man like in the movies. Hazen Has anyone told you about Jesus when they visited I knelt down on his level yeah he shrugged I know about him I pray to him when the volunteers come. To. You have Angry Birds on your i Pod. The volunteers showed me that game I know how to play the game. What else do the volunteers show you. Assign began to mumble not understanding the concern of my face the last volunteers' gave me things he said hopefully. Then she comments this is the classic white savior complex the worship of the land of the white man somehow despite hearing that Jesus loves him the message of material goodness has swept him further in devotion and he will worship the white saviors for the spectacular contributions to his development rather than the instance of all Jesus fellow. Will Hasan wake up to Mile thinking about his Grampa selling shoes and he terminations to provide a sustain or the next regaling volunteers. So obviously you'll have to finish this article it's very very good thoughtful article at the end it gets I'm not sure it's a little bit politics there but anyway very thoughtful. Young lady there and it just brings out some concerns and I'm just going to. Try to be. So I just want to say this. You know Ms Short term mission trips are exploding. Every academy every. I hope that what we read there. Just helps us to realize that there is real danger in these things. It's certainly not my place to tell people you know you know I've been like on twenty. Short term mission trips in my life OK. Used to go to Romania and in the Philippines more recently but Tom. At the very least. This is just this is just me talking my opinion. In fact I think I have a flight here on it. I didn't make the slide I had it in my head OK. People should have some some skin in the game and he sed you know. If a student writes letters to the church and church has the money to go on a mission trip it's. It's a little more of a vacation. This is my opinion it should have they should be willing to work or something. Obviously there's. This and I'm making hard fast rules and there's always in situations number one number two I feel that all people going on a mission trip should take the time to to learn a little bit about the country where they're going to the culture the background how they know their history. I remember the first I one of the Philippines I said to the pastor. Oh man I saw his face right away and later in a total context to somebody just mentioned to me this is very offensive over there you go you want to come it's like this not like this OK I mean I literally saw it on his face and this is a very small thing in we remain friends and all that but I saw it on its face like and I. Streaming careful about giving things. And you really there's people that are there the best thing is short term mission I would say that one of the best things a short term mission can do is support the full time missionaries don't you know don't well they're adverted to them because they got to feed you and everything but be there to support them. And another thing is to say this I know is I'm not even in this state or whatever and. But here's an Academy Group and they went to the Philippines they went to the same island that I've been to several times and I know for sure it costs. You know almost two thousand dollars to get Island. So there's you know say fifteen kids. Two thousand dollars that's. I mean you know how many pastors on that island could be supported for a year with thirty five thousand dollars every single one of them every single one of them. These kids went there they had a V B S. I think they painted some OK. Now. We just have to admit that these short term mission trips are for the sake and the benefit of us and our kids. Otherwise you know we would do things a lot differently right yes yes yes. That's. Right yeah it's. Hard. Out. But there's some of them are not. They're there at the invitation of the local people. They they are there at the invitation of the local people the local people the local conference whatever has has designated this is what we would like done this is where we needed done so they're working very closely with the local conference and that's very important yes it's a lost oh oh oh. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. Yeah. Oh yeah right you send a tenth of that money they think a pill to help. There. Again a right that's right again I'm not saying is wrong. You know if a people of a family want to go to Hawaii for vacation as none of my business at all so they want to go on a mission trip as none of my business either I'm simply saying there is danger. Of doing harm I'm with you I'm I cut you off I obviously but. I'm dating there's danger you know let's just be careful and study I mean those people are stupid we think they are because we have more money than they are but they are not they know how much money we spend to get there they're hoping in many cases they're hoping that our presence there will mean more money for their projects. You know. Many times so I'm just saying I'm not saying it's wrong but and these trips. We should get them all style of them and I really believe. People should have their own skin in the game to one extent or another ever the people going on a mission to. Yes. There's. More. Right exactly like if I were to if I were to. Go on social media and let you know I'm going to go canoeing up in Canada the summer could you give a little few donations you might question me right and I'll tell you I enjoy just as much. Going on a mission trip it's I mean it's almost like a vacation really. But anyway yeah these are just something to think about again I'm not the jobs of anybody or any group of people but they're released something think about. You all are you Greg. Yes we have to remember yes and we're stewards were storage of the means that we spend this is our bibliography and I just wanted to. Just call your attention to it. I guess is self-explanatory suppressors since I'm behind in my time here those of you who work in community services there at the bottom actually toxic charity and charity detox the last two books I would recommend those two books. There you see travesty in Haiti and the big truck that went by two different books about Haiti which is really I mean and I think I put both of these are rated P.G. K. and author is this you may want to read that before you encourage your teenager to read him or whatever but you learn a lot about how things unfortunately work in some places. And yeah still a lot of good books there Tom. I gave you I could add a lot more but that's why I put OK now we're going to watch a video here of this short video clip we're going to go into that what I said in the introduction and that is that. The power of the Gospel is so important in helping the poor you know I saw a headline I didn't actually click on it or read it but apparently. What's his name home brain. Who is the guy that went to a professional basketball player went to Korea. Dennis Rodman apparently he's having financial problems I think he's broke and it's pretty clear would you like to give the money to Dennis Rodman because he's having a hard time paying his bills and you know why not. Because he doesn't Imani he needs a change of heart doesn't he need Jesus here he had more money than I think all was here put together ever had right he needs Jesus so here we cannot help him without the power of the Gospel that's the bottom line and I. We don't watch just a short minute and a half and then at. That little thought there. Were people that have stars and one name or Florian started a guard. And I recognize this is home and not changed at all when I first helped him get a job. There was no impact on this family no impact on a stands kids still weren't in school there were no improvements and it turns out that he was spending his increased profit on other women and on alcohol and I remember feeling incredible let down that I had this promise of microfinance and all of my enthusiasm that it was going to change lives and yet I saw an individual that ad a thriving business and he had his life and his family's life had not changed at all and I remember at that moment recognizing there's got to be more than just in a change in a Mollet for significant change to happen. And I think that is where certainly the church and the faith can all right to the point where it's all built and I suppose that. Now I'm going to show you a. Video about an orphanage situation in Haiti in one of the books there a travesty in Haiti in there. The officer was hired by I can't remember who it was USAID I think was USAID to go out and do kind of a survey of all of the orphanages that they were supporting with food in Haiti. And this guy had an incredible experience he would go and talk to somebody who had you know an orphanage and he would talk to them about. You know how many kids you have all have you know twenty five. Kids and you know what we feed them in the morning in the afternoon I mean in the evening and so on like this. And. He say Well can I could I see could we go see the kids well you know they're busy now Oh well I'd like to just see the orphanage if I could well we don't actually have the orphanage yet I mean this was. Believable. The way this was his experience literally his experience so I saw this amazing you know I start with a very positive story from an orphanage so I could because I wanted to give the clear message that this certainly doesn't apply to every orphanage in any way shape or form. That was Iraq and it's going to be played and my wife Shelly and I moved to Haiti in two thousand and eight to adopt a child and we are thinking at the time that we would probably start at an orphanage and also I saw a picture of a little Haitian can on the Internet and fell in love with the idea. Of Haiti as a child from an orphanage and being able to give Apparently child. A family to a day when we. First. Get to stay with us in. France. Or somewhere. You. Can. As we were pursuing adoption orphanage director and asked us if we wanted to keep the child's mother and we were kind of surprised because the thought was well wasn't he abandoned by somebody or to me it was his parents and I think the director of the orphanage said she comes to visit him every couple weeks I was shocked and I said you know why does she come to see enemies and I'm going to she wants to make sure he's OK and she brings him gifts and things and when we met her. I asked her you know why didn't you bring him to the orphanage and she said I just asked my name if you know that I am a good place where those insidious away there's like games and violence and so orphanage was the best solution for him so we asked her if if you would have had a child. Would you have kept your child and she said Of course I would. And it was like this this shock you know I'm spending twenty thousand dollars on this adoption to be able to raise a child that this mother wants. The. Injustice of that really to me. And I have conversations with the families of these children and with the children cells in the orphanage where and there were twenty four boys that were taken care of at the time two of them did not have living parents. We started to learn about their orphanages too and ask questions and things we found out that was fairly typical. I would say conservatively roughly eighty percent of. Kids in orphanages in Haiti are not true orphans but their poverty orphans. This is another kind of corruption of the destruction of this whole system when I do the research for a cure I wrote about this in terms of confronting your friends when they didn't have parents who are the parent and when you really get into will question of parents because of orphans a coveted position if school books if maybe even a visa maybe you know I'm sure. But it does prefer to think of the lower level of the system you know. Some parents because they cannot secure. And do you that somebody is opening an orphanage because. He wants to do good and wants to open an orphanage because he has that children Haitian children or. The parent with. Kids to the orphanage and would often the girls if the kid once a month but you believe the power of beginning to educate his kids but you have a dream that kid out of emotional ties or the love of a mother the respect of a father and kid growing up we not have all that sense of responsibility so you actually creating that cycle of destruction. After living in an orphanage for a year and getting to know the language and the culture and the people and really building relationships we began to kind of see the system. Addressing the needs of orphans was actually a system that was creating orphans. The way that charitable organizations are addressing orphans and is symptomatic of a larger belief that says these are issues that must be addressed versus these are people that must be addressed issues are addressed institutionally programatic Lee People are dressed in their story in reflexive. Through questions and most name. There was one child in particular an orphanage we worked in. When his adoptive family was coming to visit I asked him Hey are you excited I mean your mom and dad are coming because they are my mom. I know they're not yet but they're going to be there adopting you they're going to be your family they're never going to be my mom and dad this child's about fourteen you said. No my mom and dad are here in Haiti I know that my parents told me I'm like the special kid in the family that I get to go to the orphanage. I'm just going to go to the United States of these people but they're not really my family I said well you know their expectation is. You're going to be part of their family and they're probably probably really hurt to know that you have no intention of really being a part of their family. We've adopted two Haitian children Jackson and members mother died after childbirth and Jackson's mother abandoned him at the gates of the earth and she came with him and was supposed to bring back to. Him did not this is Jack's right here. He's he's a big boy but when he was when he was in the orphanage she actually almost died of starvation twice because this institutional approach of caring for kids they were just plug it in with a bottle and they didn't know he was lactose intolerant and so he was throwing up all this food and just almost almost died twice had to go to hospital and obviously now it's just. If. He didn't and we. Were advocates for adoption. It is broken and not right that a kid would grow up without parents. That's the very same thing that influences us to say don't get involved with orphanages in adoption that are separating kids from their parents if I was in a personal financial crisis and I could not feed my child I could no longer pay for their school supplies of them to go to school and am enough money for them to ride the bus whatever and somebody from some other nation came in and said. Hey you know what we've got a solution what we'll do is we'll set up a house where all the kids that have a problem can come they're not going to be your child anymore or you're just going to have to give them to us. Yes but we'll make sure they have everything they need is of the solution that you want. And I think most honest people would say no I want to raise money child I just need a job I mean some way to make some money and I'm going to take care of my kid. So we've had it and in turn he was there for the summer and she knew what my vision was as far as starting with some sort of partisan advantage because we had a lot of people in our lives and there was about four women who had either given their kid up for adoption are right here or I risk for that and so she said can I invite them over for two days a week and just teach them how to make earrings I was like great let's do it. Now for the December of two thousand and nine we had a fair here in Haiti and I think we sold eight hundred dollars worth of products and we're so excited. We can grow even we had about probably sixteen to twenty artisans working it was in our house in our living room in our garage. And in probably two thousand and eleven we started getting into retail we got involved with a designers like Donna Karan we've been carrying in stores like the Gap Wal-Mart is the has stuff. In two thousand and eleven and the month of December we saw one hundred thousand dollars worth of jewelry. We have about two hundred twenty people right now in my vision it's one thousand people. In my family first community we had in our savings that's about thirty five thousand dollars. That would start an orphanage and then be asking people to help us sustain so it would be this constant need for help. Because we started a business and now the amount that we came with the absent the amount. That we're averaging an income for our artisans every month it's not a charitable gift here is a bunch of money every month but it's something that they can look at and say this is mine I earned it is something that I can choose what to do with good and somebody out there valued what I did and purchased a. Feeling when it is a miracle story for me. I was walking home one day and walked up to my gate and there's this woman sitting on the ground in the dirt with a baby in her arms. She was covered in T.V.'s baby's covering and it's going. To came here looking for our face the last thing I wanted to do was center turn our finance and I said during you know what I'm going to make it you deal go get all your kids come back here and I'm an invite you to work with us and and I just try it. In court of friends with her care and she's not making any money yet so Stevie goes to live in a tent. There. Were six of us started collecting taxes. Or kids were in a horrible situation but she started to work and she. Is an amazing and she's an entrepreneur within about three months she had probably ten employees of our own and. She was talking about needing a house I say I don't have money for a house radio so let's break it down into something that you can imagine that if you need six thousand dollars for a lamp for your home and you're going to twelve dollars on a necklace a necklace is bad responses. Two hundred actresses. And their brains just about exploded I mean you can see there's a click in her mind their eyes opened up and she's like I can make two hundred X. this fast not a problem and it was about six months or something where she bought her own property. She did it herself It's too bad it's her own she never asked the parents again and she's now if you use your life. A little bit. Linguistically it's only. If you see people who. Seem. To. Be a bit similar in you it's in the. Person. You seem so you men here which a lot of you are surprised about we started out with women trying to do a women's work initiative because that sort of thing to do great and we found that fathers are parents. And we also found that it's in a family situation if mothers are all that is needed what role is there for a father and that sort of contributes to the situation in Haiti or a father who says most of the guys here are our fathers and we're going to take care of our kids he's got a baby on the way he's got your children he's got a baby you know and they're all doing a good job being fathers to their children right now. Biggest concern even during this interview is that I don't want to come across as critical to those who have helped and who are trying to help as we grow and learn and we figured. Sound the same way that I've gone through that journey there is a better way to help the sun gives our to the parents if I just financial and how many kids you can now i'm estimated one hundred fifteen plays we're helping at least seven hundred fifty. Simply thousand people if you think there's the forming of the family I mean there's no one thing is they can be sustainable to take care of their fifty something I mean an orphanage of one hundred kids has to have a form of thousand dollars a year and they have to fundraise for that and they have the corner flies on how futures you know in order to do that which they prefer So model as those for me for those for dust slip people they're not so slender they have to be have a way to get out of that there's a way to fix that. That to me was a fantastic. Bit of everything together. The principles we've been talking about and. A powerful lasting change and you know just this illustrates. These people are made in the image of God they're capable. Just need to. Sometimes help clean up the lake or get mobile start or whatever. But it's very very just yeah so. While I'm changing I have another. Video to show you this time having to do again with the power of the gospel. In the end is. I mean it's absolutely essential Yes. OK I can do that so you all know all the saying that. You know you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. You teach them how to fish you feed him for a lifetime and I'm simply saying that that's probably true in United States or whatever but many many of these people. Either they don't have access to the lake OK they don't have access to the lake in the terms of you know free trade whatever high tariffs keeping some of these countries from like that or the lake that they're fishing in is totally totally polluted in the sense of. Corruption. You know. High taxes lack of private property rights lack of rule of law etc etc And so you know there are plenty of people in these countries that you know know how to fish as it were you know they're they're not stupid they're skilled but. They have no lake to fish in that's the problem they have no lake to fish in and so that's what I mean and I tell you Haiti is you know if you read that book travesty in Haiti by the way this. Kind of somewhat rough character he's a P.H.D.. Anthropologist but he's on a roll that bookies you've seen him make comments here about the system being broken and so on he's WANT TO wrote that book. Travesty in Haiti I mean if you read him book it's almost unbelievable the mass there and I would say somebody here is I think one of their. Kids teenagers or whatever as that is planning to go to Haiti I would read that book and and. It's maybe is I mean you guys. There's no there's very little rule of law there I mean it's it's of sometimes mob justice literally. And I mean you there's virtue there there's. Well so I would just I would I'm not saying I got a couple Haitian young people in my church and I've kind of talked about going there as missionaries you know but I wouldn't go there lately. Anyway so we're talking then about. The power of the gospel which is really the only hope in many cases talked about Dennis Rodman earlier. Where watch I want to try to restate that I was talking about short term mission trips I tried to make it clear that I'm not against short term mission trips. I do feel that some that you know like we don't allow young people to drive a car without a certain amount of knowledge and training right. And I hope we see in just what we've been able to cover in this class that going to a foreign country especially as an American. There is danger there there are people that see you as a very wealthy person as you are. And you know. People should learn something about the country the culture the history. They should you know the my having in mind for the poor that was our first session we should really try to have an understanding of what they're doing that's why I think they should have skin in the game they should earn at least some of that money you know be possible during school year or whatever for kids and I'm not talking about just because I talk about adults most adults do pay their own way but anyway. I'm just saying you know there's a danger there. And to be honest in the literature now this is not ad been a slitter I haven't been able to access. Well I have a little bit but there's no. There's no what while short term mission trips are exploding and I could take the time and redo some advertisements This is outside of our church you know come to wherever and then we're also going to have time to shop at the you know blah blah blah you know it sounds like a travelogue it sounds like you know it's a business in many places it's a there are there are businesses that's what they do they send people doesn't change the world you know I wrote about one group and the teenagers when they literally were teachers as we are here to serve the least us. I mean how those people feel they know they're the least us. And and so I would suggest a lot of these mission trips I would even call a mission trip because the kids think we're there to saving people a lot of times if people are more spiritual than. I would call it a learning trap or or something like that we're here to learn. Anyway those are some comments. I hope they're balanced. All right so I have a few seconds here before I get to the section I actually want to show you I think it will speak for itself. Who. The power of the Gospel OK. Where to take knowledge and realize and find their creative potential. Is not eat African You don't need someone to spend a mystery he's someone to believe in them you can do it. Just like in the case and it was sleep and then when they need you we're coming to you stand up when we are Christians and I think that it is our job to look at each other and look at the poor person from any when they want and be able to say in my treating this person Michael we have resolved to be treated him I really looking at this person and treat them as this was Christ. Coming there every single person one the homeless standing there who doesn't know who he is that is a sort of there is one who have made them is a not of what I'm actually is proof of the Gospels power to transform even the most horrible situation. Two decades ago Rwanda was one of the most desperate countries in. The Civil War had been brewing for years and fully half of the country's population was malnourished. By us a study from one thousand nine hundred three listed Rwanda as the poorest country on the planet. Then things went from bad to worse. In April of one thousand nine hundred four some members of the good to majority began going house to house slaughtering to some minority. Was. In the weeks that followed almost a million civilians were murdered by the battle for power raged between government soldiers and a rebel army. Thousands of Rwanda is not a country to live in abject poverty refugee camps situations. In which you do this girl is talking to you as a way that you know at a boarding school her father want to come over the weekend I've got some exams next week. You know you're our daughter we want to see you I want you to come home. And she came home and every single student in that school was killed her and her and that we can. Seventeen years later. Rwanda's transformative pieces replace war and there are great strides towards reconciliation. Immaculately has played a crucial role in the healing process by telling her own story of tragedy suffering hatred and forgiveness a story that begins in a hiding place in the midst of the genocide. By that sentiment to this man who was a protest and a pastor a neighbor who was trying their best trying to get her to try it became and took me and showed me this tiny bathroom in his bedroom where eight people sitting on the top of it at. One time became two hundred words the killers and by the government fainted when they come in and drinks and I want to dance to those they can he went to school with me primary school in his book and he said I have to kill him three hundred ninety nine correction. Because that's when he said I want to kill it to be good and read and we believe in them and it wasn't just again make you know becoming one thing all of that sit back they were coming in many times and I mean when they mention about killing me right there. And talking of a while they kind of must as the really how we have to break your head to see how the brain of someone in a master's degree looks like I was so angry. That I spent all my time putting in my mind as being about becoming a military just like. Every moment you have seen in my life on this action movie here feel like you're blaming them it was a bad effect in my mind I was so angry my skin was just going to make you are on fire you saw me in still feel for you at the same time in hiding I'm actually trying to find peace by praying the Lord's Prayer but she kept hitting up against one particular verse. And then member when I say no on his career and their memory which include that impact next. Forgiveness as we forgive don't use Chris plans against his own life and then it was almost like a picture of all the killers was in front of me thousands if not millions. And then one time I said OK to miss it I'm going to keep them a forgiving I don't think make sense I wanted my news but my hands out there enduring and I am God if you're not looking down I know not. Only because I wanted to go to those previous scientists that can be seen. Until one day militating when he did death of Christ when he was dying with the cross and M.M.R. at the last moment when he say he will keep them and they don't want to be. In a when you say it was course it's President time that say they don't know what if. You are then I said OK now I can and I can do this thing in the mind that is blinded by the train the mind that is blinded by. This limited that is blinded by power almost no more money into a Muslim is unlistenable pray for them to paint instead of painting them you want to get them I knew when to do what you hate in most we choose to genocide the hatred and you want to do that or are you with them so then they said to pray for them it made on them. And actually survive the genocide but before was over the genocide found and killed her mother or father and two of her brothers Despite this she set out to spread God's message of forgiveness and reconciliation many others are involved in this crucial work including Jericho Bata who grew up in a you got a refugee camp before returning to her native Rwanda after the genocide a. Decade later genitor sister began a basket weaving company. And soon realized the need for Hutu and Tutsi to reconcile and learn to work together and so they decided to use their business to help bring this about. The boys to be behaving from the words of Genesis they don't have as West to push this debate show much. So now bringing them to give that was another question for me you know how both sides of the genocide two thousand women the world has been didn't visit you how we do as we use those giving households looking at how a woman whose husband is of interest in the back row is filled out by the was bringing them together at one of them as a telling so I had to get to talk to each one a day and they were still and they were when you come to this place to meet you and you and to hear the stories because our some of the stories I was just focused on want to be in tune. I just didn't know matching up so that five years and to other groups I know the Titian knows that if they do seeing. US once but that moment when we look a mile I JUST ATE MY has been the deal time of the day which is just sort of that has been my friends this that it is just a didn't just finish I want to Sicily. Time to kind of traditional get them interested in his D.N.A. and it was I've been to one down and east to the British National. Rwandan Anglican Bishop John Ritchie on it has also been deeply involved in the process of reconciliation. He's partner with Chuck Colson Prison Fellowship to minister to those in prison for participating in the genocide through their work many of the chance to have found their way to Christ and have reconciled with the families of their victims. Bishop John also started an orphanage in the aftermath of the genocide and welcome to two in two thousand he emphasizes that what is impossible is male is possible with God. Recently I was preaching in a subtle dark with it was a record and it's change I was telling people had surgery about that we have a knowledge and over time according to the brain is over in order to reconstruct our nation it's in now if there isn't a time it's in now when you see it all but it remains of our people when you listen to your. Cry and those will you will be cared for if now that will have to be rid of at leisure and there is folks. Coming to visit to my school son right. Most of the students they're all friends him and some of the atmosphere here this guys of the my shit is on some of the most you know The Apprentice actor days but. To send troops is working and studying together eating careers or sitting in his image on the trees in the house. But this nation and they love each other to be the common of the puzzle of the developing into some under leaders of the nation and in applauding this I mean to do anything and this is a recovery that also is a commitment into the feature and a transformation or a blow up into it into the brokenness so that the Asian I want to the world. Good in this into the broken glass we center in and you stay closer in in these types of not wanting to drink and in getting people in the chairs because they killed and many of the people but to engage in this into the into the at risk printers and transformation in recover them back into society to join us into the construction that's it and miracle in that's the goal. One of the most interesting articles that I read was Matthew Parris this article an atheist take on why Africa needs God. And what he said was There is a difference when he saw the face community involved in poverty alleviation and he saw a difference from the programs that were just going in and just trying to help people but had no ability to talk about moral foundation and so they were doing all this great work but without a moral foundation he saw that there really crippled the impact of the goods and services that they were providing and so his article says that there is a difference that Africa does need God if it's going to work its way out of poverty and it's true without that moral foundation I've seen this in the places that I've traveled to that the impact is always going to be limited but I guess I find it a little bit surprising that Matthew would say that Africa needs a God and the United States doesn't or or Europe doesn't think that foundation that need for a moral basis is the truth of the foundation for every single country and Europe in the U.S. we benefited from having that moral base and we turn away from that moral basis to our own decline. Good Christians can and do disagree about the best ways of helping the poor but whatever we do we must never forget the Gospel both because it's at the center of our faith but also because it's the most transformative force that the world has ever seen. As C.S. Lewis once said those Christians who done the most for this world focused a lot on the next. The Apostles the early Christians the men who built the middle ages and Christians like William Wilberforce to abolish the slave trade all of them left their mark on earth precisely because their minds were occupied with heaven. Louis. It is because Christians have ceased to think about the other world that we've become so ineffective in this. GAME OF HEAVEN and you get are thrown into a matter and you get neither. Clearly Jesus came here to bring you turtle salvation to us you came here to make men whole and I'm so glad that. We can have Jesus as our guide as we seek. To do our part in helping that poverty. Now there's one more very short clip that I want to show you and this I suppose show at the beginning I didn't look at my list it was a little and a climatic but not really a dust this is and so we talked yesterday about micro finance micro loans and so on there's also. Lend. In clubs I've read about this in the Philippines this one here is in Africa but lending clubs groups of people maybe with some outside help and guidance but groups of people who meet together and they put their money in a pot and then they can borrow from that pot based on the the guidance and the vote of the whole group whether that's a good thing and so on and you know we're going to have just a few minutes to look at one of these lending groups you'll notice there's a very strong spiritual. Component to what it's actually four minutes long. My name is John ever since I was small I knew it's good to have a farm and grow corn also been a server place and potatoes here in Malawi the hunger season is from January and February when most people have eaten all the corn did they grew in the year that year. It can be difficult as a farmer to wait for the rains so it is very important to work cards once that ends come when I heard about the savings from a new would be a good thing for me. Today visiting a savings group formed by Hope International's partner a Presbyterian church they've been saving together for more than a year most of the members are farmers and their savings help them manage the ups and downs of their growing seasons. Let's look in on their savings when. I was. At this point the group leader has welcomed everyone and it had a kind of worship and prayer come in and then he studied the words together looking at apparently it isn't really twenty five. Now comes the work section each member hands in savings for that week and they can also take out loans from the savings school to use in their homes and businesses after this rock that. I always like to be working so that's why I am busy as a carpenter I've used loans from the small group to buy materials like wood my favorite things to make our chairs beds and cabinets. In my family we have seven people two of my children and my wife sister's children she passed away so I am the one who cares. I did everything I can to support them. I did end of the saving So when you know all this even I see things I feel good because I know I have saved this myself I used my savings to buy fifty days or to buy one for school fees especially for anything we might need in my family. I think God looks at me and says there is John I put him in this world to help to set of to do jobs that I have sent his way. When you have part of the church you are hearing more from other Christians. So through teaching through friends. In the Bible things can change. So we talked about a lot of things. Principles. And. Time for our closing prayer. Father in heaven. We want to be used by you. To. Be a part of the great chain let down from heaven to uplift humanity. And to do it in a way that truly for their. Well being. Both temporal and eternal. Is pray that you bless the time that each one has invested into this seminar will bear fruit. In their lives and the lives of some strong. Individuals. Pray the things Jesus. In. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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