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Poisonous Frogs - Part 1

Diamond Garcia


  • June 14, 2016
    9:30 AM
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Lord as we open your word this morning and learn more about you ultimately in there and learn more about the problems facing your in the church I pray for your spirit to be here with us Lord in Jesus name Amen if you have your Bibles please open to the to the last book of the Bible Revelation Chapter sixteen as we look at the three unclean spirits of Revelation their relation to other sixteen should be on the screen for those of you who don't have your Bible and the says this revelation sixteen verse thirteen and I saw three what unclean spirits like frogs coming out of the mouth of the dragon out of the mouth of the beaks and out of the mouth of the false prophet. Yes So does this so basically we're told in the last days that there are how many unclean spirits three and these three unclean spirits come out of three places. Yes out of the mouth of the dragon out of the mouth of the beast power and out of the mouth of the false prophet now notice these unclean spirits are not the dragon the beast and the and the false prophet they are coming out of the mouth of the dragon the beast and the false prophet. So these are the teachings you could say of the dragon the teachings of the beast power and the teachings of the false prophet so let me ask you who is the dragon who is a beast and who is the false prophet in order to identify what these three unclean spirits are will address for every truth that God has seats and has a what a counterfeit for the Sabbath day he has. Started the Sunday worship movement years ago which will ultimately be the great test of loyalty in the last days for the true gift of tongues there is jibberish clicker work in here for of for the true rite of baptism he is Institute of sprinkling and many other scenarios for the true Lord. Supper the Holy Eucharist send transubstantiation to the to the Roman Catholic Church and Satan has always had a counterfeit forgot the holy Godhead the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost he has in instituted the dragon. To replace the father the beast to replace the Son and the false prophet to replace the Holy Spirit the false trinity of elation for every truth that God has Satan as a counterfeit for the Trinity he has the false Trinity the dragon the beast and the false prophet. Now let's continue here notice what sister wife says she says through his subtlety he gives to his soul destroying errors the zero but appearance of truth here it is their power to deceive it is because they are a counterfeit of the truth that Spiritualism see ya Sophie and the like deceptions games such power over the minds of men here in is the masterly working of Satan he pretends to be the savior of men false Jesus the benefactor of the human race and fuss he more readily lures his victims to destruction come this afternoon at three thirty and I'll be going over what a white meant there by the word Theosophy because that word Theosophy has a direct relevance to this emerging church movement in the year two thousand and sixteen. Joseph says the exercise of force is what contrary to the principles of God's government he desires only the service of love love cannot be commanded it cannot be won by force or authority only by love is the I'm sorry his only be love only by love type will there is love awakened to know God is to love him. Jesus on earth only exercise the forces of love and never force during his ministry you heal people he showed the people who the father really. He is because that was the primary mission of his ministry here on Earth in fact let me ask you what was the primary reason why Christ came here to Earth. A man so as the father you know I speak in many different Congresses and I hear over and over all Christ came to survive for sins and yes that's true but the primary reason why Christ came with the show is if I let us turn it in our Bibles to John Chapter seventeen John seventeen looking at verses three John seventeen verse three and a says this and this is life eternal that they might know the the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou has sent in verse four he says I have glorified the on earth I have finished the work which thou gave me to do now mind you this text here is Jesus speaking before the cross of Calvary isn't it John seventeen before the cross and yet Jesus says here I have finished the work which thou gave us me to do before the cross. So what was the work that he came to do to show us who the father really is in the great realm of the great controversy. Who the father really is Eloise his Christ method alone will give true success in reaching the people the Savior main gold with man as one who desired their good he showed sympathy for them ministered to their needs and won their confidence then he bade them follow me and a man Christ with that alone will give true success this is how we reach the world this is how we reach our young people this is how we reach every part of our church by using Christ method alone prices always do use a method I love it and now Alternately it led to the cross of Calvary where Satan does not use the mess of love indeed he uses force and authority dictation authoritative discourse to when his people look at the papacy. In the one thousand two hundred sixty or time prophecy how the Dark Ages or the Middle Ages he use force and authority to kill over one hundred million people those who would not accept the dictates of the Catholic Church and today the world still loves them. Once again let's read this quote very closely because this call is the key to understanding this emerging church movement. Through his subtlety he gives to his soul destroying errors the appearance of truth what that means is the emerging church movement there will be aspects of it that seem to be true. You might hear people who promote this agenda all we want to do is lift up Jesus what's wrong with that. There are elements of this movement that seems to appear as truth but the problem is Satan makes his what truth with air and you know most times what he does is he takes a whole bunch of Truth with a little error and calls it truth and that's the worst the worst and then she says here in is their power to deceive it is because they are a counterfeit of the truth that spiritual ism Theosophy and the like that deceptions gain such power over the what the mind so she's saying in the last days guys spiritualism and see ya Sophie will gain the minds of men. These three unclean spirits as the last deception to the world has to deal with the mind of men taking over their mind. Here in is the masterly working of Satan he pretends to be the savior of man a follower of Jesus let us lift up Jesus was a false Jesus the benefactor of the human race and thus the more readily lures his victims to destruction out guys today I'm a show you some different aspects in the evidence church. I might get fired with when they get home but I don't know. We show you different aspects in the evidence church that kind of promotes this is genda And you know what I'm not here to criticize them or judge them but I'm here to educate you guys so that so that you can discern between right and wrong good and evil and help your families and children and grandkids and men. Once again the dragon the basin and the false prophet who are they but the dragon Yes according to Revelation twelve is who now and in Revelation sixteen the dragon Yes it's Satan but it represents something that Satan himself promoted and instituted paganism and spiritual ism. The beast of the dragon There we go the beast power Catholicism through the Roman Catholic Church Revelation thirteen who was a first beast power their relation thirteen us turn their Then Revelation thirteen verse one. Revelation thirteen verse one says and I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw it what. Are there a base rise up out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns and upon his horns ten crowns who is this beast power the Roman Catholic Church very good Catholicism is right there and the false prophet as alternately apostate Protestantism these three means the devil will use to reach the world through his last deception to the world through paganism through spiritualism through Catholicism and through a POS to a Protestant ism this covers every single religion on the face of the earth. Every religion falls into one of the three categories there the dragon the beast or the false prophet. It's working so is there a movement in the world is there a movement that takes elements of all three parties elements of the dragon elements from the beast power and elements from the false prophet and put them all together in one and says this is true is there a movement on earth that does the. This yes it's called My Twitter works the emerging church movement. This movement I could say without a shadow of a doubt that this is the fulfillment of the three unclean spirits. The emerging church movement what this does is it takes elements from paganism from spiritual ism from Catholicism and Protestantism combines them all together and says here is truth in the post modern era of the emerging church movement they take truths and errors from different ages of history but some altogether calls it the him or the emerging church movement and in the middle there in fact how many of you were here yesterday for Johnson circles OK good so you learn about the you so Terek exoteric circle there are that yesterday so in the middle there there's a circle around the circle you see across the touchy things of the Buddhist wheel Judaism etc all these different religions revolve around. The center which is supposedly God so God can be the God of Christianity of Buddhism of Judaism of Hindu ism of whatever else is a lie what whatever else is there. And when it says Satan has long been preparing for his final effort to deceive the world the foundation of his work was laid by the assurance given to even even. The last work that Satan will do here on earth was laid. In Eden. That's a long time ago six thousand years minimum ago. It was given and eaten you see once again God never changes his tactics God always uses what he says love to win people you never changes God never uses force he always uses it. Love to win people Satan has always used the same deception since even so what did Satan do in the Garden of Eden because we must look at this story of this incident in order to understand how the double will use this emerging church movement in the last ace. What did satan tell Eve. Let's turn to Genesis chapter three verse four and five I heard you guys say you should not have a Diana and yes that's true and most times we as ave us focus on that but let's turn to Genesis chapter three in verses four and five when you get there say men. With or says this and the serpent said unto the woman what. You shall surely die that's the first thing second thing verse five for God just know that in the day you eat there of then your eyes will be open and ye shall be as what God's knowing good and evil that was the Second Life you see we is that of us focus on the first lie oh you won't die so what we do is in our property seminars and all of our things we teach people that Spiritualism is just the fact that people say when you die your soul lives on forever that spiritualism. That's what we do. Not realizing that in verse five Satan says according to the same that same allied to Eve He says Ye shall be as gods knowing good and evil. You will become your own god is what he said You see we is that in his focus on number one we we preach to our kids and we could prayers at home everything when Number two is creeping into our church very subtly. You shall be as gods knowing good and evil you know the the mind set in the world for children now day because I'm I am yes a millennial in. Post modern era and you see it all over on Facebook snap chat Twitter all these various whatever things. You're your own got right let go relax do your own thing it's all over. Memory yesterday this great chain of being this goes back over a thousand years ago on the left is the traditional one on the right it's actually the more modern Great Chain of Being and this is what spirituous used to kind of enter into the. Well in Buddhism it's called Nirvana where you achieve nerve Bonna in Christianity I guess you could enter into the silence in a in other various places it's called mysticism So what happens is in this great chain of being you start on the bottom according to them we're all born sinners so you start on the bottom where Hell is where bottom it is and you basically move up the great chain of being until you eventually become God himself or let God him self the same lie that Satan told even the garden you shall be as gods knowing good and evil you move up this great chain of being this is where the term emerging comes from you emerge from the bottom or bottom it is and move up the chain of being emerging church this is where the term emerging comes from also called emergence spirituality because the emerging church is also found in the various different religions like in Judaism it's called Kabbalah. Spiritualistic Judaism is not only in Christianity it's found all over in different religions it's simply using mysticism to achieve the emerging spirituality. OK so. We're told by a white that the Alpha apostasy took place when and by whom. Dr Kellogg Dr John Harvey not too far. About an hour and a half away Battle Creek Michigan not too far from here and what happened was Dr Kellogg was saying that God is in you God is in you he's also in the nature around you he was promoting what pantheism. If you study actually what Dr Cole I was saying yes it was elements of pantheism but more specifically he was promoting pun Nancy ism that right there so what's the difference between pantheism and put on theism. Is there a difference all right well let's look at it pantheism. Oh and then theism it says pun then think you is opponent theism meaning all in God because pantheism is God and all this is all in God is the belief that the divine I'm sorry I misspelled that the divine interpenetrate every part of the universe and extends timelessly beyond it or as unlike pantheism which holds that the divine and the Universe are identical the ISM remains a that remains a distinction between the divine and the non divine and this is and the significance of both is that makes sense. In pantheism the universe and everything included in it is equal to the divine but in I'm sorry but in pun meant he is and that's wrong there sorry but in plenty isn't the universe and and the Divine are not on to logically equivalent. God is viewed as the soul of the universe we see in pantheism got is the universe in panentheism God is this soul of the universe the the universal spirit present everywhere in everything and everyone at all times that this is what Dr Kellogg was teaching and promoting and L.-Y. says this was the alpha of heresy or or the alpha of apostasy and she says that. One day in the seventy I went to church the omega of apostasy would come and she what she trembled for God's people when she saw what would happen why was Sister why the prophet of God the last A church tremble for his people. Yeah. Because that this will be so subtle that a bunch of people who are supposedly seven the Avonex who are a part of this run the Church of God will be deceived by this movement because Satan's tactics never change he always uses the same methods mixing chroot whatever let's just lift up Jesus what's wrong with that. Is what they say. And I want to she trembled she trembled for God's people ontology was that it was mentioned in print and the isn't what is ontology ontology is a philosophical study of the nature of being or becoming existence or reality as well as the basic categories of being and their relations that's what ontology is link to pant to plenty of them with no no one notice at mention the basic categories of being. What does that refer to. The basic categories of being we just saw earlier that in emergence spirituality the term emergent comes from what. The Great Chain of Being. On ontology. Says it's the philosophical study of the nature of being or becoming or the Emergents and this is one of the definitions of what and then theism is. So amazing. The ration of being. Is as in some forms of Punin deism the Cosmos exists within God who in turn transcends or pervades or is in the cosmos now by the way. In this emergent movement you will always hear these guys talk about the universal or the cosmos in fact they'll talk about this cosmic God or the or the cosmic Christ fact recently I'll just give you the area where I saw I want to be which church or what Pastor but in Southern California or to or to be more specific I will be. In Southern California there was a sermon series done at a very famous institution. At the church there calls called the Cosmic Christ. This term cosmic refers to the same thing and they are and they're all trained in this whole thing notice she said it says in some force of Punin theism psyche messing up their the Cosmos exists within God who in turn transcends pervades or is in the cosmos looking transcends what is that is as in religion transcendence refers to the aspect of a God's nature and power which is wooly in the pendant of the material universe beyond all physical laws this is contrast with imminence where a god is said to by fully present and thus accessible to creatures in different ways in religious experience transcendence is a what a state of being but has overcome of the limitations of physical existence and by some definitions has become independent of it this is typically manifested in what in prayer in seance meditation psychedelics and paranormal visions. This is the definition of what a what Punin theism is this is how you access mysticism this is how you access the emerging spirituality if you errors through seances through different types of meditation through psychedelics which is drugs and. Normal vision. Is not interesting. And that's why in the emerging church movement which is heavily plenty of stick which is heavily pantheistic always talks about using the mysticism to achieve the all timid we or the all which pantheism. Right this guy's name down Brian McLaren one of the most popular North American. Not yes North American emergent leaders here in America Brian McLaren and notice what he has by the way this guy is very close to having us what I mean is some of our pastors are trained by him. And notice what he says this is his website Q. and R. on Pantheism he says this I am thrilled to hear that the emerging theological conversation this year folks will be grappling with Process Theology and what I put on theism in conversation with Philip Clayton among others I wish I could be there when when Jesus proclaims the kingdom of God he's making claims that are political economic social and theological but I also think he's inviting us to imagine a reality that that brings God and what creation together in one in the kingdom of God unites God and creation so what they do is is they take put mentally ism and a mix it intermix it with Christianity and it's called emergent spirituality or the emerging church movement Brian McLaren theology and Punishment deism. Proof right there that you know what if Dr Kellogg was the alpha of apostasy and he and Dr apostle size over Penty is a more potent to use them the Omega would be the same. In a different way but if Satan comes to the seven they haven't missed church. And he says less sawing gaijin pantheism or less all engage and then theism will be like No because that happened years ago so what he does is he takes elements of it and he puts it all together in one called the emergency movement and say less as a lift up the cosmic Christ. And guess what you end up in the same place where Kellogg was. In his book called A generous orthodoxy he says it was the exuberant joy of simply saying these masterpieces of God's creation and knowing myself to be among them it was to be one of them and to feel and know that we all of these creatures molecules and phenomena were together known and loved by God who embraced us into the ultimate we very put into us and by the way with all these emergence you see all these weird mystical sayings of them and also they use very very very big and and high balik words of the so that so that you can understand what they're saying. A lot of times and actually most of the times they do this so he basically says he's amongst the God's creation he has God in him and and it helps him to enter into the ultimate we by the way if you go on Google. And just type in the all. The all th either all A.O.L. and look at up is pretty and it's pretty interesting how it says the all also known as the one is it pantheistic or pun then theistic view of God. Look it up it's their first hit on Google all. A L. L. all yes this guy here Leonard sweet write him down. By the way Leonard sweet is one of the adjunct professors at at a you. He called into anyone know George Fox in the versity and what he teaches there is the demon in semiotics and future studies or the Dr of ministry program there notice what he says he says change or be changed in the old ecology of nature change was seen as abnormal in the new ecology of nature changes a life's natural normative state or work so they won't work tomorrow the wonders is that churches are not are not in more distant disarray they are standing pat whatever that means opting to uphold the status quo rather than under goal of the upheaval so what he's saying is all you traditional churches are not right because what you do is you keep the same truth forever. You're not changing along with the culture you're not changing along with the with the modernism of the day. He says change or be change and then he says post-modern culture is change it is a change or be change the world the world is out I'm sorry the word is out reinvent yourself for the twenty first century or die. What what he's really saying is reinvent your religion for the twenty first century or your religion will die. Which is what he teaches people so his doctoral program there are George walks in the verses there's a book out here called quantum search while it see a postmodern apologetic by Dr Sweet and of this book is very heavily pantheistic and also very post-modern he says this in that book page seventy six the Christian of tomorrow will be a what a mystic one who has experienced something or he will be nothing of mysticism is metaphysics arrive through mind body experiences so it's done through all these things that alter your mind and body. Mysticism begins an experience it ends in the ology. That is backwards. So we have seven the evidence what we do for truth is we have God's word here we open it up we read it with us say the Lord our hermeneutic as the as a seven the evidence movement is a is a historical grammatical hermeneutic What does that mean we take scripture for what it says if it says keep the Sabbath day holy It means just that. In the post modern era they changed hermeneutics from traditional Protestantism into just taking the principles of scripture Yes a good book. But the principles are good not and not everything in the book is called the principle based approach to scripture if you noticed recently our church had the whole issue over women's ordination right and people were saying if you accept women's ordination you're basically saying changing our traditional hermeneutics because in order to accept was ordination from the Bible you have to change our hermeneutics to a principle based approach to scripture but if you remain as as a traditional seven they haven't as historical grammatical hermeneutic you end up with traditional seven they haven't as I'm. Worst Postmodernism is all about mysticism and experiencing but notice he says a mysticism begins in experience and ends in theology you know there are things in this movement like for instance contemplate of prayer how many of you heard of contemplated her before and what you do is you basically contemplate on certain things so say for instance you open your Bible and you read Matthew chapter five in verse one it says this is our mark fibrous one and they came over into the other side of the sea into the country of the. Guardeen it's. Called the put a prayer. And they came over to the other side of the sea you focus on one phrase or one word on the side of the sea out of the sea hose your eyes empty your mind imagine yourself on the side of the sea and you're walking there with Jesus suggests you're in the silence no no one speaking you're silent and you're meditating on this you're walking there with Jesus and you're talking with him you're having a conversation with him. And he tells you something. That's the mystical part of it what what they're saying is while you do that whatever he tells you shapes it ends in theology. That's what you build your theology on your mystical experiences and I guess for Aung we build our theology upon the Word of God Amen. And by the way Seventh Day Adventists pastors chaplains for our universities are going to this very same guy a door function of our city to be trained by him and they're one of the biggest leaders in our IN THE having a search he says this quantum spirituality bonds us to all creation as well as to other members of the human family new light pastors as well as what they call a new light pastors or I guess you could say New Age pastors are what Arthur Peacocke calls priests of creation very pantheistic their earth ministers who can relate the realm of nature to God who can help and nurture APRA other sister relationship with the living organism called Planet Earth. This entails or radical doctrine of what. Him bought a man of God in the very substance of creation so he calls these guys new light pastors and their priests of creation according to Arthur Peacocke So who was who was Arthur peak of all guests. He was an Anglican and Catholic which would be pretty weird because Anglicans broke away from from from the Catholic Church but this guy was an Anglican and Catholic priests. And A says this peacock self identified as a what. Is upon them theist he is perhaps best known for his attempts to argue rigorously but evolution and Christianity needs not be as at all odds he may be he may be the most well known and theological advocate of what the is that evolution. What he's saying is that creationism and evolution they don't have to be challenging each other let's just put them together and hence you have theistic evolution. Which is that yes you evolve over billions of years but yes God is involved yes but evolution still takes place once again making sure with with. Methods never changed and by the way theistic evolution has been taught in our universities yes. So it door talks University. That was my next line Oh yes so Leonard sweet teaches there at George Fox in his D. man is a Doctorate of ministry program and and he teaches there the demon in semiotics and future studies where they learn to explore postmodernism and learn the emerging culture not by the what are there any people with Ph D.'s here. One guy. Are there anyone with demons here Dr ministry degree here OK so what is the difference between a Ph D. and A D. men. Yep Yes Basically that so a Ph D. is more like a scholar I guess you could say so if you want to be a professor at the seminary in so I don't know say a New Testament the ology you would get your Ph D.. And then become a professor it's more of a scholarly term so you would teach classes on New Testament theology or as a team in is more of as a pastor in the field and you're working already as a pastor in the field you would then go in and get your doctorate of ministry at to be a professional pastor is basically what it is so George Fox offers this program and it's a demon or a doctor or a ministry program and so the honest pastors builder to become a professional pastors in emergency ology and they come back and Pastor are our young people in our church that's a big problem. And his classes are our traditional classes like I don't know a professor lecturing and students listening it's more of a conversation I guess you could say what you'd like us a good good in a way and nothing's wrong with that but if this is what the class until it says the leadership in. Start the leadership in the emerging culture Dr of ministry program or the demon tracks explore the character and shape of effective Christian leadership in what in the emerging culture the program with Len suite prepares an advance guard of Jesus simul Titian's leaders adept at seeing signs of Jesus's work in the world these followers of Jesus are not afraid of the future but are excited about its possibilities and promises while aware of its perils and pitfall So what they do is they become professional pastors an emerging culture. I'm about you but if I want to be a professional pastor and receive a demon I want to be a professional some of the avenues pastor. Right not an emergent pastor why would you want to be if you really care about the some of the evidence church if you really believe that this is indeed. In the church why in the world would you go outside and want to become a professional emergent pastor. What you should do is turn in your credentials and leave the avenue. Because they're affecting young people on your grandchildren your kids in our colleges and universities my classmates I'm eighteen years old. My classmates who are at the schools who are at these universities and they're receiving training from all these guys. Are being mixed up these are once again the emerging church movement is the fulfillment of the three unclean spirits of Revelation. And pastors are being trained to be professional emergence that makes no sense to me what I believe is that we the people you know the seven we have a church is not a. Dictation system our church is built upon a democratic system. Where the people are in charge. I read recently in the Congress which is where I'm from we had a every five years you have a conference constituency meeting right and what you do is each church Aleck's people to be on the organizing committee and the organizing committee elect people to be on the nominating committee and the nominee committee Aleck's people people to be on the executive committee and then that committee runs the conference. It's built upon the people. Which means your voice has power. And God is calling for it for your people to stand up against these things. Because if we don't. Your grandkids your kids your family your friends will be affected heavily by this stuff. It changes traditional Some of the Avon's ism anyway. But one project. What is this all about well the one proxy goes founded some years ago. Five seven the evidence pastors. And right now there's over there is a bunch of them involved in this and this one project and their model is simply this Jesus period all period and they're saying let's just lift up Christ in the evidence church and what's wrong with that and you know if you go on their website and you go on youtube and just watch to just watch their sermons on there from the one project I mean nothing theologically much might be wrong with their sermons per se I mean there are some things yes absolutely but majority of the time nothing theologically may be wrong with the sermons but what they do is they subtly mock traditional seven they haven't tism. They mock it. They don't outright mocking to say oh I don't believe in it what they say is you know doesn't they'll they'll make jokes about veggie burgers and the Old Lady Ellen why you know just things like that to mock some of the attitudes and you know what I'm fresh out of our schools. We could prayers all these things in the week of prayers a bunch of the speakers come through and they'll give you jokes about various things about being evidence haystacks and all the you know it's all those jokes those avenues jokes and what that does is it conditions the kids' minds to look at some of the Adventism as a joke. What it does and and when they do see a wife's writings when they do see a vegetarian vegan food ologist a joke. On a postmark I'm an emergent. They don't say that but that's the way they think it's a postmodern environment it's a post modern culture it's the culture. Their religion changes with culture so the one project so for four of the five founders of the one project have received their doctorate degree. Or the demon program from guess who Dr Leonard sweet. And we saw earlier that Dr Leonard sweet was a big time promoter and believer in what pantheism. And also he says less than gauging mysticism and mysticism will shape your theology. That's the same guy who trains these guys the founders of the one project. It's pretty sad. How many you heard of a big face great before it's a one not too much so big phrase Grace it's a rock band it's a Christian rock now actually more specifically it's a some of the AVE struck them and guess what all the players in the rock band are some of the evidence pastors. There are some guys in there who are leaders or pastors or chaplains at one of our largest institutions law syrup you see. And yours. Anyway so it's called Big face GRACE Oh I guess it gives a big face disgrace right now and you know I mean we're all familiar with that whole from Sister White where she says the Lord has sold me what would take place just before the close of probation every uncool thing will be what demonstrated their we shot in with dramas and music and dancing the senses of rational beings will become so confused that they cannot be trusted to make right decisions and this is called the moving of the Holy Spirit then she says the Holy Spirit never reveals itself in such methods in a battle of knowing she says a battle of noise shocks the senses and perverts that which if conducted are right might be a blessing. And then she says in the very next sentence the powers of satanic agencies blend with the din and noise to. Create a carnival. I don't know about you but this is very serious because to to some people that's all you know it is just for the kids don't worry about it I know about you but either Ellen likes a prophet or she's not either it's all inspired or it's not either that statement is inspired or Snot is she a profit absolutely So what she said is that right absolutely the powers of say tannic agencies blend in with the din and noise what that means is while this is taking place in God's house while this is being given to young people in a worship service it means God Spirit is not there is what it means she said the powers of say tannic agencies. Demons are there this is very serious stuff and I think I'm about you but I don't have kids yet. But if my kids were to be in a room like this I would want to pull them out I would not want my kid or my grand kids to be around demonic forces. And this is what's taking place so use parents use grandparents use aunts and uncles ought to speak up against it. A man. By the way he played this video actually seen this is a little sample of the video we see that works I do this to hear that. That's good enough I guess. OK how do you stop this. So those of those members of the rock band Big Bass priest or some of the founders of the one project. So it's a dangerous or not. Absolutely we saw proof these guys have. And mentor and you know what this is not conspiracy theory we're not these crazy fanatical Avonex who are trying to cause problems in the church this is a problem in the church we're not we're not crazy fanatical ecstatic administers we are seven they have an assist that's not some of the M. and S.. So we should take our church back. To God's church back. And you know what once again is not done by force or Thord you don't go to people and start yelling and screaming at them trying to change things and always has Christ some method alone will give true success in reaching the people he had mental with them became their friends I know that's hard isn't a hard to be to be friend and enemy kind of heart but the blessing Christ did he befriended sinners and by doing that he won their confidence and then he bade them follow me so he is that even us. Should success is done by Christ my thought alone be friend them when their confidence showed Jesus to them because they want to lift up Christ show them Christ's. Right Christ and then bid them follow Jesus the right Jesus the Jesus of the Bible not a mystical Jesus a man. How one of you will arm Pathfinders how mother you are have been raised in Pathfinders OK I was kind of a little bit I was a resounding yes but when I came out I was about fine or. How many of you are master guides. I am. OK How many of you went to the temporary two years ago in Wisconsin Oshkosh OK I want to remember the main speaker every night for this meeting his name was sound on or. Now this is very important because if you don't know. Oh he's one of the founders of the one project who have been trained by Dr Lynn Sweet in pen and the ISM pantheism mysticism and yes they don't outright do this on stage they don't outright teach you to practice mysticism. But at the one project what they do is they'll give you books to take home they'll give you books to read by Brian McLaren by Leonard sweet by Robert bill by all the Henry now and all these mystical emergent doods is what they do. They give you books so it's very subtle like Eloise says these things will be subtle. She trembled for God's people because if we saw it as outright plain pantheism it wouldn't work. Which is why Sister White trembled for the people because it's very deceptive and many will be lured into this movement so main speaker for this event someone or. One Project founder and a member of that rock band. Basically Harper to be to be specific. In the work oh how one of you first let me ask you. How many of you are thing. For ministries like amazing fact that is written voice of prophecy. You know. Most of our converts to our churches are done by these ministries you know through I mean I think I guess doc basher would be the most famous pastor in some of the AT in our church right now and twenty sixteen I guess you would say twenty years ago was Mark Finley. But now wherever you go here everyone knows the grass or all these ministries people love him. And a bunch of these ministries make Bible study guides right which we used to assist in bringing Sosa Christ's praise God for that was now the North American division made Bible study guides for people. Called the I follow program and what it is is it trains people to be to be disciples for Christ's and this is the OP I follow a program sponsored by the anything now that I follow program has resources in there and a quote to guess who Leonard Swede Brian McLaren. All these guys. I follow program by the way for more info for more elaboration on the subjects afterwards get the book tremble meat and Omega rebellion at those books and also the to that D.V.D. I'm only going to merge a very good stuff anyway so that's that so it costs these guys McLaren's we. RICHARD FOSTER all these guys who are emergent leaders who are participator is an excuse me Mr says I'm. So that's that the I follow program this is who letter sweet guess where he is in this picture. He is that Union College. That organ in the back might ring some bells for some people and this was their their their website you can call it letter sweet to speak for Powerpack we can. Have them here but his picture world renowned Christian also meant Leonard speak will speak at Unocal of September told the fourteenth this is a problem that in fact this was in twenty thirteen's of about three years ago but nonetheless he spoke at our universities is I mean to just just go on a You Tube and type letter sweet Well Melinda he's there to. Once again this is the pantheistic proponent the emergent guys and I wonder why they only go to our young people. And wonder why. They're most comfortable in their brains or the. Sponges. I want to buy that. Yeah why don't they speak for the mission can't meeting because we all know better right. But young people don't know better they ought to know better but which is why I'll always says the most important role on the face of the earth is the role of the mother. That's the most simple she says it's higher than a minister in his desk. That's Hiero a mother. Ought to train their kids in the fear the Lord Amen. So that when things like this happen in college they'll know hey that's not right he's wrong. This is what Dr Sweet says in his book quantum spirituality he says quantum spirituality bonds us to all creation as well as two other members of the human family new light pastors are what Arthur Pico calls priests of creation earth ministers who can relate the realm of nature to go who could help nurture it brother sister relationship with the living organism call upon the earth we saw this whole earlier this entails erotically doctrine of a bottom in God in the very substance of creation guess what that's pantheism. Why is he speaking to our kids at a seven the evidence college. I don't want said the alpha apostasy in the administration was by Dr Kellogg over pantheism and yet there are self-proclaimed pantheist who we allow to come into our colleges into our schools and universities. Why. Elway trembled for people. OK so now this gives all of us a mission right. Speak up Brian McLaren says this We need to restore contemplation to know God we need to bring back to contemplate a practices. A spiritual formation of social justice it's been amazing for me in my travels to meet so many pastors and other leaders for whom spiritual direction has become an important part of their spiritual lives I think we need a growing corpse and core of trained people who for whom spiritual direction is a primary vocation was the primary vocation a full time job. Spiritual direction also he says we should restore contemplation to know God in your Bible to John John Chapter seventeen and look at verse three were just there earlier but let's look at it again John seventeen verse three. Are there. Almost OK John some here were three I want everybody to see this. Three says this This is Christ picking and this is life eternal that they might know the only true God and Jesus Christ whom God has sent. This is cry speaking. He says Guys this is salvation this is life eternal that you know God know his character of love. Because love is what changes you. Christ method alone what will give true success in enriching the souls This is the eyes the message will talk more about this afternoon at three thirty but Brian McLaren says we should restore contemplation and what he says contemplation he's talking about contemplate a forms of prayer like centering prayer contemplate a prayer prayer circle all those mystical practices in order to know God What is the same thing that Dr Sweet said when he says mysticism will shape your theology because we're all these all these exercise. Contemplate a per cent per elected to Vina all these different search disciplines are are offered to you in order to enter into the silents Now once you're in the silence it's silent you're meditating and supposedly God is to speak to you there once you empty your mind of all thought and expression you enter into the silence into a hypnotic state and if force is to speak to your god supposedly is to speak to you there when God says that that he speaks through His word study to show yourself approved. If you want to know who God is a look at his work crisis if you see me using the father. I will he is don't enter into this mystical silence to learn who he is I am who he is. Look at his life look at his ministry that's what always says we should spend end of an hour each day what contemplating on the life of Christ's letting our imagination grasp each thought especially the what the closing scenes. Because that's where love was lifted a love lifted me right these people teach. Mysticism to know God. When if you want to know who God is Jesus showed us who the father is going to use a lot of love spiritual direction so what does he mean by that and spiritual direction. He also says. One other thing I want to do for you if you're going through a low tide of faith I want to encourage you to step up to a new level of Christian thinking by investigating some new authors and speakers the fact that your faith is struggling means that you need some new teachers Philip Yancey a Leo Tolstoy if you order the I can't say that Walker Walker Percy and Thomas Merton what he's saying it. If your faith is Lol if you're feeling depressed if you're not really think spiritual right now don't go to Jesus don't go to gossip or go to Philip Yancey what Leo Tolstoy what a few who are that is what a Walker Percy and Thomas Merton you know Thomas Morton is Catholic monk. Catholic monk that was one of the proponents of this spiritual formation thing contemplated prayer all these things and that's what we're supposed to go to if we're struggling in our faith as a last place to go to if you're struggling your face. But yet we somehow go to these guys to learn how to be professional pastors and the evidence. Backwards. Now this is no this comes from Brian McLaren's book The Great orthodoxy in his a postmodern book and there he says this the Great Chain of Being seeks to capture the some urgency and magine the numbers on the previous diagram which I showed you earlier with the with the Great Chain of Being representing these realities number one space and time on the bottom member on the bottom where Hell is you move up the emerging spirituality number one space and time the primal creation in which everything emerges this is where the term emerging comes from number two in the animate manner the domain of physics and chemistry and space and time Number three microbiota and plant life the domain of microbiology and botany which embraces domains one and two and then adds life. With number four animal life the domain of zoology which comprises domains one through three and as increasing levels of of sentience and intelligence are five human life the domain of anthropology and psychology and art and ethics which which comprises domains one through four and as an increasing levels of conscience and culture number six and then ultimately spiritual life the domain of the old awareness ago so after you get to all those things. James you then enter into the highest chain of being spiritual life the domain awareness about access through theology and spirituality and a mysticism which encompasses domains wonder five and as the experience of the sacred and the conscious relationship with God Yes Yes exactly it's evolution. It's called theistic evolution. And this is what the in this is this is where emerging comes from you emerge you evolve which is why Arthur Peacocke we saw earlier says creation and evolution have no odds with each other races to number six. In order to achieve spiritual life or the awareness of God It's access through theology us good spirituality I guess the that could be good depends on how you look at it and mysticism that's about it which encompasses domains one through five This is messed up this is this is not true I mean this is just utterly false. Three misses you don't go to Mrs M two a to achieve the awareness of God. You look at God's word he promised in his award that wherever two or three are gathered like this he is here in the midst of us the awareness of God he's here with us Amen we don't need mysticism to tell us that. So what are spiritual disciplines for good spiritual disciplines in the emerging culture of this emerging movement you have things like contemplate a prayer which which I showed you earlier you focus on one word or phrase and contemplate on it until you enter into the silence where God or something is supposed to speak to you there. Prayers are another thing. And by the way one of the. Previous presidents and professors at one of our universities what a book called hunger and there. He promotes to practice breath prayers Rick Warren how do you know of Rick Warren. To see that he is a a Sunday Pastor Saddleback Church he he wrote the book I'm The Purpose Driven Life and church of that book was going all over pretty popular book a best seller sold a Walmart COSCO is all over he says you can use a breath prayers today as many Christians have done for centuries not Christians Spiritual have done for centuries you choose a brief sentence or simple phrase that can be repeated to Jesus in one breath so you simply breathe in a phrase Embry out a phrase over and over and over again until you enter into the silence all these disciplines help you to achieve the silence or the awareness of God. Is what they call it. By the way we have a proof it's not that good proof I mean it's proof but it's not high quality proof but because the audio is messed up but there's still proof of one of the founders of the one project and the rock band who is teaching these to our young people near our one of our you know one of our universities. Like to have you know this is what you saw is called Scripture pro readings or Bible readings or kind of scripture prayers where you know you read a Scripture and then once again you focus on one word and you go over and over and over on the same word until you eventually knock your mind out and enter into the silence. Per labyrinths where you walk the prayer labyrinth it's pretty it's very heavily search Alysia In fact you'll find these things in all these movies like Harry Potter and The Lord Of The Rings all these mystical spiritualist movies you find prayer a labyrinth or or a labyrinth pictures all over and there's some seven demonstrators actually put on a Prayer labyrinth and have their members walk the labyrinth and pray on the labyrinth the practicing of God's presence all is very important there is a book out. No this is this is one of the spiritual disciplines you practice the presence of God There's a book out there I want to fast for here called Jesus calling How have you heard of that but before he was calling guess what this book is built upon a book called God calling in fact the author star Young tells us my journey began with a devotional book called God calling written in the 1930's by two women who practice waiting in God's presence writing the messages they received as they listened about a year after reading this book I began to wonder if I too could receive messages during my times of communing with God so I decided to listen to God with my pen in hand writing down whatever I heard him saying you know this call is called automatic writing. Where you simply enter the silence have your pen in your hand whatever it tells me to do already down that's what this book is built upon it's automatic writing it's mysticism and guess what they're sold in evidence bookstores. Do A.B.C.'s Carrie Jesus calling there were thirty nine A.B.C. surveyed in the North American division seventeen do carry it sixteen don't carry it praise God and six carry in the past but no longer. This a book is it is written for spiritual ism is written by automatic writing and practicing God's presence and by the way she based her her devotional on a book called God calling by two anonymous new age writers in England I wonder why they were anonymous. So you can as enraged with God's church and as we close now let's pray or thank you once again for the privilege it is to be called a synonyms organizer here and get me to prepare lessons upon this Lord and I pray for this presentation Lord that it may have reached people or to see the truth Lord in that you are you all to me. We must stand up against the power that. Thank you once again for all you do as we dispense in. 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