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  • August 8, 2009
    4:00 PM
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the Foreign Ministry is a group of lay people typically operating under a 501(c) three corporation nonprofit has its own board and functions in a way that supports the ministry and mission of the seventy administered are not owned or controlled by the church with their activities are in support of the church I did not think about supporting ministries my first became involved in ASI but I soon learned that they were group of people who seem to have a sense of conviction in the context of our meeting here today they were about nevertheless people they were the ones who are willing to go into and sacrifice when it seemed absolutely impossible and unworkable they seem to actually be and to practice their faith in a way that demonstrated a believe in the Bible and God 's prophet and make that a central core of their belief in teaching it was there motivation we are supporting ministries around the world they are unique in that all of them related to ASI are in support of what the church does they have no agenda other than to be a benefit to the church and to support the church they operate schools and hospitals and health centers and vegetarian restaurants we operate training programs of a simple nature and more complex they believe that education is very important in agriculture is a key part of educational process in fact they think if they ABC's of education they believe also that every student should have an opportunity not only to learn intellectually to be growing spiritually but all there are all in terms of practical skills that are character building I just might save parenthetically that a year ago we told you about some very threatening litigation one of our self-supporting schools in Tennessee the United States Department of Labor had sought an injunction to stop their educational program is a related a practical things and I'm here to tell you that the judge has ruled entirely in their favor as grass the concept of work-study that it's a religious conviction and that they entirely won their case you know it takes convention to motivate sacrifice if a person is not convicted in something and there's no purpose if a person has conviction that advantage that is through that it's important in the world needs to hear it because Jesus is coming soon that it is the key to understanding the supporting ministries that you won't hear from this afternoon maybe leaving a practice of they have a desire to see Jesus and to be in partnership with the Seventh-day Adventist church in all of this you'll enjoy what you're going to hear that afternoon everyone is a wonderful Sabbath meal to come together again for another great program and this one is no exception spotlighting supporting ministries like supporting ministries that rises to the top it quickly is helpful since his international organization that might be considered may be the granddaddy of supporting ministries with his markets now to see the president of OCI and why that it might be considered that way Marcus OCI is kind of them right up to the front that sporty ministries around the world becomes about seventy plus ministries and that we are giving counsel and encouragement and support to these various nations around the world will see I get started whether nineteen oh four was the year when such point was started by two educators Sutherland Megan him quite strongly supported these move on these two men out of the church parking designer supporting bargain that was in Nashville Tennessee Madison Bosket from most of you make might have heard about a group nineteen forty seven was the date of birth of a aside and at that time it was Adventist supporting also supporting Mimi 's institutions at the time then later on business people join these meetings and they later much later took they assigned within and the ministry people then started later OCI which was a assigned beginning and that was eighteenth nineteen eighty three and I've resolutely supporting ministries that are under the umbrella of your letters basin that conveys of the number of different ministries around the world academies medical missionary institutions lifestyle change of restaurants for sale and observation mission obligation media work at thinking work based on when you name it and it's all underneath OCI on the participle work visit missiles the idea with the church in support of the mission of the church when we work hand-in-hand as much as that is possible areas in the world where the charge has not yet embraced the concept of a sensibility work and there it is in a bit more difficult but we tried very hard to work hand-in-hand together and can use OCI heart trouble differentiates it from other organizations when I would say first of all OCI 's output centers internationally he's based on the CD outpost concept and that these reviewed by Ed and white she has very strongly put emphases on you not that example the word proceedings from the outpost country site products and add me then bogeyed this even work there and then reach that the masses can you truly little of what's in the future for OCI when we believe that OCI has a bright future things on our last because we believed we had went on the large number of young people who are enclosed to become involved in Flint Michigan and that we see a growing number of young people being interested in reading sacrificing everything to serve the Lord number one number two we see also I need for family ministries and that many screens where a group of young people can start immediately without all these administration a background and we have created in that kind of an associate membership for these people and that these numbers are growing as well so can you tell me what kind of stories might you have to share with us from a different experience from these outposts sensors may I just had something like that those type part before I tell the stories of talented designers are you and just what senseless I parked beside the countless concept is that we had a strong leaning towards medical missionary work you will find that lots of all ministries have somehow inclination towards that because Ed and Mike speaks very heavily about it she says that every church member should become a medical missionary and in due to the of the world and until we find we find that leaning towards the missionary work but at the same time we are striving very hard find that has been heating preaching and teaching and all these aspects to find very strongly inside supporting work also be on networking among the ministries and that is a strong site about the sentencing of an asset the networking on our leaders retreat and ministries find ways of weekly working encouraging each other and that's a valuable points your only tells one story that you have responded on my comments I found that the Caribbean nation was a very mission minded nation and about twenty years ago Betty went to South Korea and did some training with mission minded people and they left the place and never had a chance to go back for whatever reason and these people were so impressed by what they had learned that they started ministries all over South Korea but nobody ever larger than reading and when I found that than I decided in my size that the we should go there and have convention and on for these ministries and make them aware of what they are doing and that the whole people around them and please let me be the springtime and we were surprised to find a hundred and twenty people attending at the first convention and that our our advertising was pretty poor and was done in the last three weeks and Stephen were a hundred and twenty people and be more very blessed we had reports from about twenty five ministries in South Korea and in ten other countries around South Korea and we found that people were reporting and were so excited about this convention that at the convention to start their own organization to continue to work in the market that sells really very exciting and at the future is very bright for OCI thank you very very much for sharing with us thank you now we have a solid it's going to be joining us from Riverside Farms and you'll will notice when I introduce anything is wrong LSD is related selected that on that somewhat you are dealing with the detailing who just left him he's your father as he followed in his footsteps in the participation of the leading of a sporting ministry Riverside Farms which is located in the MBI is what is nervous I find Riverside farming security delay operating MEC Station about an hours drive from Osaka we had about ninety people working there on three thousand acres of land and operator training program medical missionary work evangelistic outreach and so support in the area of agriculture and Mays business now is really long definition can you break down present tell us what happens in the day-to-day level saying with the evangelism protect women I recommend using moved overseas particularly by the workers at the posted in different areas of the country these some of these live on the work is expected on the training program until then he started secure training centers last year another thankful for that that some of the things he did not and on top of that the other they buy the workers organize regular event it is six years and without coordinate with equipment with material etc. tells little about some of the work that's happening there on the medical side we operate life I center a small sinecure mutagenic and we have also a clinic which takes rotations and most upright movement mobile boost clinics in remote areas of the province I have been I can't pleasure of visiting the site finds institutes it is a beautiful location and there are lots of those that help remarkable influence on the individuals that are around people that live there I also know that there are a number of individuals within a living and then get that works at Riverside Farms have not been simply Adventist of impressions or influence is the work in Pittsburgh such as having on them well as a matter-of-fact number of a number of them have been baptized and going to send them to search both similar to delay by the workers actually lost your more than three thousand people expressed a desire to be baptized as a result of the evangelistic efforts of our autoworkers one thing that our attendees wouldn't understand what went to Zambia wins Riverside Farms it looked like it was all abandonment there was no one around what these people and how they met many people around the military entered a number of them live in remote area and even very simple housing conditions but all have the same needs as you and I do need Jesus Christ so things are the future for Riverside Farms of what we plan on expanding our banana plantation right now is a meta- enough so support your growing about twenty five thousand banana stations that have called it a day trees that we also having hundred and thirty acres of wheat under irrigation right now growing and that we are planning to expand and develop in an output portion of also been thinking about establishing a small kind of and we need these things for income generation and to find out also like to thank the different partner organizations which have helped us in the cost I'm thinking of ASI Debian and the recipients of the head for years that is to put up a tailoring building that this is a one-day church and have as many different things and we are very thankful for that I also like the mentioned remnant publications received forty thousand bothersome than last year and all out already forty thousand month and a very good popular I also like to mention it in your donation twenty thousand by the victory seemed again to hear and it won't have any problem to get rid of those that promise that on top of that I'd like to thank life there is ministry for years I've been receiving containers of the literature and as such a blessing some of them using the local languages some of them some of these pieces of education are in English and there is such a blessing sometimes unscented Othman I take my family and we hope the local jail and digit of these inmate should see their joy when somebody visits these people and gives them than an hour a few bananas plus in the kitchen is a real blessing and we spread these out like these of a Bronze Age celestial like you are doing everything sans Institute the unity is supposedly told him is Neil nestling elderly is the president firmly in my center of health and education and is a George Johnson though I let him introduce let's think this coming forward and kneel shirtless with a little bit about what we market students where is it located in the the focus of the program in remark California which is right outside of Sacramento the capital of California were about forty five minutes in a beautiful section of California the Sierra Mountains either in the foothills and I we run a new start Center if you have any health issues it's a great place new start Center and the logical program has worldwide recognition we have people in patients referred from all over the world really to be start to regain their health and diet in addition to that we run a college and Academy in our colleges taken an emphasis in a direction where were really training health professionals agree health professionals we've started a premed program our present program pre- physical therapy pre- nursing and as a result of ASI 's grant will actually be having a nursing program soon at Weimar a college and out we just started this program have a lot over forty freshmen enrolled and it is exciting to see us I get left in and really remember the other chloro for all that we have if you have any stupid you know that really wants to be involved in evangelism every student at Weimar will be involved in direct evangelism in the Sacramento area as well as every faculty member in addition to that academic excellence is the second core or core is health of body mind and soul emotional intelligence is going to be part of the core curriculum of teaching the students there we want we want each student we mark to be a leader in mission wherever they go and will be planting them worldwide as we have for many years but especially on emotional intelligence section which has to do with a lot of health components will be emphasized in the fourth component is one of work and so if you have a student who doesn't quite love it yet it is important to remember we mark if they have an interest in academic excellence the alleged agency colleague to listen and share a few words about one of those core yes that's Mrs. George Jackson George Jackson is the most published biology one of most public biologists in our denomination made most published I recently called his career just a year or so ago when he was put in charge of the six largest research project guy in the world on a Marine sense that these Marine biologist but I called him after taking this position ahead of our health science department because of our academic excellence and also he's involved Alonso and use a great evangelist and died George Dallas will bet about what happened to help you come to agreement anything you're very excited to be here below the struggle leaving my career to follow what God wanted to do but I've never looked back but I was working Canada assigns the still employed at the University of Tasmania in the state of Tasmania and another homeless in lovely home on twenty five acres that was our little or dream place in how you take a job in it in another country we have a home somewhere else and how does it all work well home wasn't the sale but somebody can want is a kind of a long drawn out story they had actually approached us prior to this will be marketing happening when we did call the people back thing well actually considering selling our house they were within hours of signing a contract on another house they are very excited is a very wanted our home that make a long story short they did that an assessment evaluation on a house which was way low we thought how can we sell our home we cancel that not everyone called me back I just do not know what to do people eventually call me back as well biggest time we made an offer on your house and he made a very generous offer way above what the evaluation was in a house they offered us cash paid cash for a house in Maine economy crash two weeks later we saw that the rate of God moving air and we look back on that whenever we get discouraged as he does a great Ebenezer and one might certainly sounds like that has no meaning to that the phrase am double answer before you even call it so that sounds really fascinating that he give you the opportunity to do some provides leadership in the department and we were in a couple of closing thoughts he does have a few seconds outdoors Jackson's daughter is going to be one of the premed things there and failure hi I'm not really getting these core of war for all the students the company Mark as I remember we were reversed thank you very much afternoon and I would happy to continue our program featuring subway ministry and I have with me one of the veterans of the party ministries it will grant would do it from wild and I felt that are in hospital it does happen to be feminine I know fairly well because he's my father but I'm happy for the poems of interviewing in this afternoon while I like to ask you went with my wood started I think it's been around perhaps longer than some of the other that was pointed to start most fascinating to me that it started in nineteen forty two which is the year I was born so I sort of feel like I belonged there well when she tells a little bit about Wildwood and tell us in what specifically does why would contribute to the advancement of God God and I believe we have some pictures that show as well tell us how you contribute to God while it started out to be an opposed to preach the gospel in San Diego Elder WT frizzy was the founder by doing this revealing it says often our clients fail they got plans for as many six feet so it ended up being primarily a medical missionary project we deal with people that have a variety of illnesses they come to our place our lifestyle center answer lifestyle change natural remedies they are restored to health in the process we have a number of baptisms that take place now much of what is done will be read later as you know Jesus the work that he did on Pentecost that's when the reaping thick legs so we did get some now but we expect most of it will be later one of the beautiful aspects of our work is that it's so easy you know a lot of people are ready for a vital approach but there's a lot of people that are not in fact they wouldn't that is a selfish motive to make them a member of your church but medical missionary work because where taking care of their needs meeting what they need in opens their hearts and now they're ready for something else and so it's being a shy person actually for me inside the wonderful type of work I enjoy meeting the people there then of course the other aspect is we get into teaching our call from God we believe as they do all we can to make every Seventh-day Adventist medical missionary in our gladness of others helping us but that's our goal to both inspired to train the gay thing we can republish that objective and just recently one of the opportunities as from our way where we can go into churches both administer non- Adventist and we can get them some training and then we can interview them if they had health problems and this is just mushrooming all over the place were even able to charge sufficient to make it a self-supporting endeavor and so are really excited about this new dimension well it felt like there are a lot of things happening could you tell us how you affiliated or associated with other supporting ministries while it has always been interested in the world feel and actually the beginning before all both centers international was formed while it was interfacing with all kinds of institutions around the world but the worker is so much it was too much for while it do so all stylists went on for a while with but weird he had the spirit of starting other places so we couldn't stop we keep on doing it we have a project in Brazil India Michigan Republic and several others in other parts of the world feel beside that we had people they come because of the reputation I've been around so long they come to receive training and experience that while it so we have doctors they come from a country 's illegal back home they want to establish a project similar to Wildwood it's all were not separating all of those but the were involved at least in getting people interested and inspired to do it let thank you so much for sharing let Violet is doing it may God continue to bless you and all of the ministries that are started from the Ministry of Wildwood and our prayers go with you and we thank you so much for sharing with us men in fact what were going to do now is going to talk about one of those children of Wildwood and that it lights you probably heard about it before but we're happy to be presenting some more about what is going on in this very special program and I like Linda to tell us what life is all about doing exciting things where light light is an acronym that stands related to the global health training inspiration as old as medical missionary work of the right hand of the gospel is necessary for the advancement of the cause of God at the right hand of the third Angels message method of treating disease will open doors for the entrance of present your light how to counsel and also out of a desire to become more effective in sharing the love of Jesus with people in the ten forty window is gone far beyond that as well thanks to God 's blessing and thinks the AFI and its financial for life has grown from the dream for years the dollar today by reading evangelistic organization is seeking to share God 's love through health education light offers many one-month intensive health programs for students around the world against Oregon training experience interested students with a goal of strengthening the work possibly vandalism the training more teachers and missionaries around the while Dallas wellness centers where we can reach out to lunch with you to many people that never comes an evangelistic meeting and learn how my health promotion and prevention the symbol now to treatment under the science classroom and practical Christianity in evangelism we can experience in helping lead on health was the end cooking classes natural remedies seminars and any other plan help evangelism so I understand if you can get a training in a relatively short period of time now after they received that training and what happened from there what do they do many graduates while the opportunities are endless some of the most frequent thing that into one month training a little nagging thing is to alternate taking skill as a past analytic evangelist of the plumber Doctor what they're doing and it will make them more effective in sharing Jesus and also help to train them to become teachers in new light schools around the world train them to become it missionary for Jesus and establish new wellness centers around the world and anyone could you show us a graphic picture than what's currently happening with light he delighted to let you to see now is a picture from the Philippines is one of the schools in my hair many Zen abilities this is a new school in Honduras if you look at the air in the skill of the oldest line is twenty four years old God has also granted a exploit and Austria is German school German-speaking school is essential that that is happening and Ireland business is taking place in Italy is the end of a TV now is a training program that took place in May and June in Israel another school and Haiti and you sometimes read being evangelism done by the state and urine although still have that place in Puerto Rico John is working even if you're the plaintiff if you want to thank you for I have given in two thousand nine be possibility to enact over thirties to all of in many different areas of the world as one month dual and had yet also given the opportunity to contact quite a large number of month price that and were hoping in this coming year to have at least thirty countries in which we have schools one month old and even more six-month bills God is working anything exciting to be when he got to know thank you so much for sharing just let us know how to contact you very briefly lighting the world I would love to hear from you thank you so much and now we can move on to another country in a move on to Poland a ministry that men in Poland for a few years now and I like to welcome Robert executive with us thank you for joining us I'd like to tell us what kind of the minister you have there in Poland they were involved in publishing and coping okay well could you tell us how long you been in ministry because the government history just after the fall of the museum in nineteen ninety one and missing the time we are operating in the beginning was that the breakthrough salute to the concise press in a small room about seventy five square meters square feet okay and so what you do now then in your ministry okay we've been involved in many head projects I like the value of one her daughter from some years ago where one of my friends came to me with their wonderful like the elf of advertising for the great sponsor list if you found the very unique way and without that will give you the chance to think about twenty thousand pamphlets of father then proceeds and through this created a movement among people who found a book and very fully vindicated this time we can have resources to bring larger volumes and lower the price of the book but it was at this island ice I kept us so we could eat enough and two thousand dollars event our invention we were able to his mother the print larger quantities of great controversy and start setting this book on the larger scale and finally through the book or we reached their goal of four hundred thousand copies that we wanted to reach up there we went beyond his total hundred thousand copies of the book to gain most of it because of the best-selling book in the country including all commercially published book that the Navy and a great controversy bestseller in Poland that is really the blessing of God we praise God for that he was getting your ministry to accomplish that well what about today what's happening to dig skeleton story than what's happening was I thought that they will be nice to repeat the same things that the Mother's Day and I've been counting phase I watching the youthful Jesus program thinking that maybe something of the possibility of the start something like this and fallen somehow because if anyone think our mean you say is is based in Poland and we support the communists of the companies in the recent history from the press we operate the last Fresno and no we don't base new with them to the vessel marchers supported by you for the nation so we get to cover all our expenses by drinking commercially commercial advertisement and scene said that economies such likely in the US we affected by it less and less orders this year but below these growth and achieve the big gave us a better job the job of printing books we again in this year and operation of the police union publishing house were able to prove first that the new project and being the first five months between the console about forty thousand copies of a new book on second coming loud trade so thank you so much for sharing how can we reach you want to contact you with you perhaps London England sometimes all three are okay I'm aware that they convert those who are so about fifty kilometers assault torso you can reach me also by contacting the on the meeting I want to does he only that we are praying in this year God will help us to reach another two hundred thousand copies made through visible and we are aiming for again for the best-selling book of the counts with visible and credibility thank you so much for sharing that we continue with another segment spotlight on supporting ministries when she comes home just around the world a little bit learned about the organizations overseas in our here back in North America to talk with Scott Moore the director of life I'm telling you tell us what that means where it's located and what it's about lifespans were Malay institutes for evangelism we are located just northwest of Orlando Florida and it is about training North Americans to do the work of an evangelist whether they are an evangelist whether they are a pastor or lay member or a brand-new convert we want to train people to win souls to Jesus Christ that Scotland has a unique relationship with a aside what is that what life unique relationship of ASI 's the gentleman donated some funds to start this school and he donated those ASI and ASI 's using those funds to run the lay Institute for evangelism can you share a little bit about exactly what the program entails sure what we do in life is our first week in title game incorporates the cycle of evangelism you actually learn how to implement the evangelistic cycling your local congregation in our second and third weeks we had a class called life on the edge and this is where we are teaching you how to use your Bible to overcome the difficult text that people bring to you how to mark your Bible so that no matter where you go whether you're young when you come to life whether you're old when you're rejuvenated to life you have actual to use a matter where you go to share the gospel of Jesus with other people and the health could take us on the journey was referred to vote at this time I sure will first force lastly you will see our slide our morning worship not a UCLA plane our piano we do seven A morning worships every morning and a gentleman which is a human this preaching is one of our students his name is Rudy Donna you'll see a young lady named a lot a lot and really were partners when they were doing outreach and I had the privilege every day of taking a look to and from school and so a little when I would talk to me a little bit on the way home but after her first day of outreach Ayla just could not stop talking she said fastest I'm just so excited I've never seen God work like that in my entire life I just want to do this this is so much fun and this is coming from a young lady that is very shy she said the gauntlet that the Holy Spirit was poured out in such a way that she could tell that God was actually working she's an artist my mouth shut in parade but God was giving Rudy versus that he needed in order to work and share the gospel with people they knocked on the door that we will see a few pictures and other disheveled about what leaflet instantly saw the heads of computers what was that particular program focus your life as a class called life on the edge multimedia course and what we do during that course as we train our students to be able to put together professional looking multimedia presentations are in our life on the edge course we were teaching them how to mark their Bibles and how to understand the difficult passages were also teaching them how to know that Bible study to be like a second nature and human it comes to preaching those in evangelist means meant to be let's suppose that you came to life and you took life on the edge and the music life on the edge multimedia continuing to be a Bible worker somewhere so you're giving all of these Bible studies day after day day in and day out morning to evening and then it comes time for you preacher evangelist might you are now preaching those very same Bible studies only in a sermon format and you Marty major own presentations so that you can let justice professionals everybody on three p.m. I actually own and those would feel a part of me so that they just be very intuitive for me at the second major MS are we modified our students abuse and know the Bible so well that they don't even hesitate when it comes to sharing the gospel with some I can feel your enthusiasm will really glad that you are part of life that you're deleting out and that you will teach our young people and all those will be involved how to know God better the word better and share with others think you can can can I ask them to come experience life .com absolute .com experience they discuss I is going to come and share with us his name is Alec Hart Germany and only car is now the director of country life in a pride a little little bit about that event in the country life is hello okay friend OPS centered but doubtless a student so that July day to buy these tuition and the first body the business body and includes an organic farm of two hundred acres a meal bakery a major wholesaler five stores downtown five three to ten restaurants and yes kudos and Mrs. Compaq two thousand the customers a day and this is also the main income generator phonies the commission is also the opportunity for work or hundred and twenty five workers in a country like this a lot more than just about food programs and initiatives that you direct through country life sure this is just the upper pop and I can I think big about AV outreach which maybe not everybody sees like an unsalvageable by the very well present the food of each box incorporates the we ground our precaution on nonprofit corporation incorporates lecturers said Bobby Sheen moves and magazines to be organized also help Expo essay we have tough clips this is a program we are also exporting to other countries just most recently to Israel and we have the new start health weeks which we run pass them up on Señor a rented premises and we had four hundred customers in Europe we have also decided special restaurant church is an alternative church where they are descended differently for GW used a number of churches said we are also building a community center on about the restaurant and we have also medical missionary school lawsuit we had about hundred eight students on that school and eighty students and the students in this code is open also for non- Adventists the so not sick we should use the school has different teaching different topics yet six said state recognized certificate swami 's ally such also are natural remedies massage it include organic farm and humic ironworkers and we include our way seatbelts health topics said include also spiritual topics so we had so far four hundred and twenty graduates and many of them off the coming like a feast and became believers during this audience that something is very country has been sophisticated operation is listening to you because there's so much stuff that's going on as remarkable as it's a little bit about the challenges you may face is true that it's difficult to real challenge to do outreach in Europe until an area where you are working how is that different individuals in the message especially nocturnes which is one of the most secular countries in the Nepali neuroma in the world it's always difficult because people have a very good armory now Lewis and types I've thought you set up with several of them so this is a great interesting thing because we have difference that's when we can reach people not only had one specialized topic but we can we can go from one program together and then increase our deepened their moods and gradually they became Christians the story you can share with us so you have a story of a young lady made you so hard on the on the slides that are nineties then the journalists involved in different glutes and religions and bar stand a she was wearing a very sacrificial person must be tried several times in her life have lost their life savings her marriage broke and she wanted to commit suicide but she felt that the sheet of the right to due to the end of the less she hope when she was she good or just faced with a mouth that you would find she overcame her depression and started physical therapy to gain she was betrayed and she was disappointed by different kind of healers suddenly than not is that the ark health lectures at July the chief out that this is the right place where she can find tools unlock the funeral to our school and she went for good host that studies the different topics so the of course with her studies she also was reached by the Christian message to and the despite she wasn't Buddhists that are in the person that she admired a special sort of Christians were even budgetary and through their studies a lot of questions have been answered and to the teaching start to create the tools got she could have with new hope and she was happy to find Christian representatives which contribute to other denominations are five main house and also that they are accepting the fool to us than the full Commandments law of commandments I mean the Decalogue last summer she was nice then and to want to achieve became a valuable tool of knowledge in lots handset she started up a consonant at the counseling could the practice and she's using the Christian Micucci said using that Christ methods she also has sent a lot of students learn use it for school and also to our complex set so she found a purpose in life by serving Ted Jesus on credit sounds wonderful thank you so much for sharing at what's going on in their country life and all the things are happening and all the people there because they do very much for sharing this is definitely fought in nine new people who are getting ready for baptism membrane to all students very good thank you thank you for ASI is marvelously what God can do is sleep what are minds at work if we believe about how to be created to touch people 's lives outstanding with me is that Cleveland is the director of her resources that help slits belted that he stands for health education resources and that little bit about them if you what but it is all health education resources seek to provide educational health educational materials with the idea of trying to find something at reasonable prices of any of our churches relay members could board now I am really happy for her health education resources executives and recipients of both materials has been very useful to describe for us exactly what they look like a width involved elaborate with included in these resources debased our health Expo banners on the eight laws of health and Ministry of healing and so there are two representing each concept to your exercise and nutrition and so forth and are professionally designed with certain educational points to those people come into a screening program they can also be learning the same time and it is a very professional look to the health Expo I understand that these are these available in the right of languages was just English available nowhere in about forty different languages and the Lord 's last ever since we started doing this that were probably have sent around the world over five hundred different set saying that about some of the results he might've hurt as a result of the use of the materials around the world or maybe Debbie I could tell you about a local experience in my own hometown you know I've had the privilege of ministers who work for many years as I've been traveling a lot in the last several years so now I'm not too far from Kali sale at Tennessee on the Mackenzie and if there privileges and try working in the local community even though I still work a lot of receives and so our communities five thousand people and we decided to train our church in a hundred members we have sixty of them come out for training and a just and really tremendous to work with we got the City Hall training center to use it in downtown Dunlap or one stoplight is and of everybody in town knows that and is fun to work in the small community because advertising is a lot easier to reach out so even the Sunday churches were cooperative and we hope to get a hundred people in the small town and God gave us two hundred and ten the Expo is a timer you get acquainted with them enough or they can just walk in and sorted try it out once they get there they think what a tremendous program it is inherently start sign them up for follow-up programs we signed up about eleven people stopped smoking hard to find the data want to quit smoking if they haven't already and a week later we started in seven of them came stop smoking we signed up fifty of them for a cooking class and three weeks later we had fifty four so it really does help to prepare the way at socially fascinating I'm curious what some of the results might be around the world since surveillance in a different languages well let me tell you about the recent screens in Israel my first time to go to Israel in May June I was invited by Doctor Nick Vannevar certainly a health center in Romania to come and help him to run one of our late schools that Linda Harter describe a few minutes ago and that we have a few pictures we can show you they trained the thirty individuals and Israel advocates individuals how to do the health Expo as well as to be a medical missionary and then we rented a large auditorium in Haifa on the Mediterranean Sea and there we were able to have our health Expo over a six-day period of time and back in time we screened between six and seven hundred individuals and got to know them they came back several times many of them and from there we offer them to sign up also for future classes we wondered if they would if they would trust us you know that nearly one half of everyone and went to the health Expo signed up and said they're interested in public programs so now we have thanks to put a car was just here they cooperated we all networked together and OCI a sentimental Czech Republic it was an expert in health clubs and train our mission field there are to do the follow-up programs on a weekly basis and that our long-term range goal is we must have a permanent health Center and medical missionary school in Israel was two weeks ago I was getting ready to go back to Europe to the Geneva for the general conference lifestyle summit that they were having with the World Health Organization I was released to present a workshop there and I was just going to security in Atlanta and I you know you're putting your shoes back on put your computer back in your backpack and an Orthodox Jew sat down next to me and he was getting his shoes on and I I just normally don't try to break them because of not always the most friendly ghost Gentiles but having just been there I kind of wanted to but I still hesitated in my mouth did it anyway I just am I celebrating on anyone he greeted me back we got our shoes on we started down the elevator escalator to the train and ended up on the same concourse and I have to bring this premise assumes Israel adhesive arms raised and Northern California's organism is on Maria Barrios L born in progressive I was born in Berkeley and we started comparing notes think about Berkeley and anyway we can hit it off but he lives in North Israel not for the Sea of Galilee I think you're kidding me love to have a health center there is what you mean by health Center is like describing him what we'd love to have kind of you know where we can have ten or twenty people there to time two weeks three weeks and both of the principles of health follow-up and health Expo and he became very interested in what is maintenance no I like that anyway please have a look at I'm traveling for three weeks your family three weeks you e-mail me and I'll tell you of my cousins in real estate is about hurt it's hard to get real estate property in Israel and he says well is not if you're persistent as well I come from the kinds of people so I thought interested he says okay my cousin has a property that sounds just like what you're looking for e-mail than five times you show me a property that looks perfect I can't believe I've never had so easy so were to be taken up in a roseate board meeting tomorrow and just praying that the Lord is going to let us all through an assistant mission work hand-in-hand as you bigoted at work there in Israel whole chapter looking forward to the rest of the story thank you very much for sharing it's a marvelous heavenly again we extend ourselves and maybe go outside of our comfort zones little bit because people don't have fun playing me I think that pretty anti- Gibson they are the codirectors of Wagner 's ministry and I understand that like there's something to do with paper paper is more out found us how legitimate this paper when it comes to you with W 's you know the print medium was actually invented under inspiration of the Holy Spirit by DeHaan Gutenberg for the publication of the word of God the kingdom of God owns the printing medium it was raising new existence to proclaim the gospel and light affairs ministry has everything to do with paper because we published the gospel in multiple languages and send it as a gift to the world church to missions conferences unions and divisions around the world for missionary work and evangelism now this is really quite a blessing of one of the earlier interviews mentioned about networking and utilizing to be experts at that because every here's a bit about someone doing something around the world suddenly hear about my spirit and my prayers is the way they're doing and they're providing James Nichols contact send an old how to sell and get you to partner with them to the defendant wonderful W you will always comes in four there can't even begin meeting identity means while says evangelism for twenty five years and that's how the dance on in Poland again meeting and why they are so the marks a minute video the newest one and the people they were so excited about that that immediately acted out with the conference present antidepressant and after about fifteen minutes it dawned on than what we were offering to three million pieces of literature a container free of charge for them to use the outreach in this country that Snipes and Catholics they got so excited and immediately we began making plans for getting literature next year hope we at least one container loser ask your saliva takes place as we travel we connect with people doing seminars and events and outreach it also happens our website website of the amount work out policy ministry this out off form that people can fill out and letting people know what was up I would mouth and it was a lot of form contact us and let us know they wanted about what the abilities of languages and scope of contents or topics allowing done so for about thirty five different languages in the spectrum would be from of course English Spanish French all the way to to Swahili which is a project that we just been a few other dialects of African languages and end up in this literature is far as content is concerned and this is very vital this is important to understand life 's mysteries specifically is interested in getting the full message of the first second and third Angels message in the context of the Gospel and the incredibly beautiful and powerful and empowering love of God so our our effort is not just give the bare-bones facts of the doctrine but to believe the gospel into all of these precious doctrine that we hold as a people sulcus of this literature will include Bible study says it will include multiple trek series it will include the whole book of Revelation broken down verse by verse and explain the whole book of the no first person an multiple spirit of prophecy tracks on different subjects from the comfortable gauges series the book steps to Christ broken down into individual small bites tracks that are produced in mass by the millions of students at an instant outline permission work as a gift James Toney is led the remaining few seconds that we have what's in the future for Lakers Ministry all right now all we are reaping the consequences the pot cosmos of the movie made in two thousand six two thousand one we kind of thought top doubt about twenty containers a year we started going back down from there because our resources and personnel available etc. was difficult where religions we moved Oregon Eugene Oregon area right across Norway Academy is looking at the new location we began with the hopes it will be able to increase our production will first year we do think in his element continues this year we plan to twelve and we have sent out fifteen containers that's about to a month and after we were going to get twenty four for the year so our future casualty voice to double if not go beyond the production of literature and get out to the feels like India China once the doors open up we have not yet been able to us send tracks like this one only will continue to pray for laborers ministry as you get the word out through the leaves of autumn literature thank you a few years ago I had the privilege of attending the forty ministry Academy an indefinite neck that meant we are going to be interviewing some people that are working at different Academy that I have with me Doctor and Harriet Clark from Los Angeles Academy and I'd like to ask your question I understand that blessing of economy which started about twenty two years ago in fact you're the founder of Western Academy tell us why did you desire to start what sales Academy well as I recall there were several factors that played back on this one was that a lot of our Academy in college classmates losing their joy of the Lord and and losing their way spiritually in and living for the world and in the mid- eight as we read a book entitled Madison God 's beautiful farm and that was a really great as we saw how the influence of Madison actually help to develop the work not just in the Southern Union around the world as well as the train and equip young people to go into doctrine injured areas and I thought we were involved with and in southwest Arkansas time so in short we were realizing that right betraying an army of young people would help us get off this planet the sooner pain that will tell us how the Lord bless your ministry since he started twenty years ago well there are so many things it's hard to notice the country but to say that in Sweden met with the ASI family last year one of our prayers was answered we needed to as the college is developing we need to have more room to develop the college buildings and dormitories and we were able to purchase with the generosity of several of our ASI family the forty acres of enjoying our campus and we're in the process of developing that for for the college 's program that from a spiritual stand for standpoint we have done your research recently and found that ninety three percent of our graduates are still active in the Adventist church and that gives us an awful lot of satisfaction as we see our young people maturing and taking responsibilities becoming leaders in generation free youth for Christ and in your evangelists pastors and teachers and were involved in several church plants as well with the college students amen well why don't you share some of the other thing that you doing currently and I believe you have some pictures as well that we can feed to get really an idea of what's happening unless I know that he currently certainly know God 's councils are that our young people are teachers should work closely together and we we find that students and teachers work together and and that we are just like a big family and it's really delightful to see them participating in church services in areas around us we have an annual Christmas program that for our community and there's just many things that especially well here is to talk about the mission program and that our sins are involved with his wealth that they felt about that eight we have been doing evangelistic meetings around the world an assistant thrilling as we have seen young people not only make calls for baptism that resulted in over five thousand ounces and so far by in their own life this year I had a very excited father call me around ten thirty one ninety said he just got not only did find it was over and the Philippines and is finally made the call for baptism is a nice community never given his heart and not fully and so he caused anything and when I get home I can put it on anyone I have to be baptized make arrangements when I get home and I think you vandalism is life-changing and it's just so exciting for us as we see our young people making decisions for the Lord 's number we've had at one of our young people preaching in the meeting here in Phoenix we had another one it was conducting an evangelistic meeting in Texarkana and was thrilled because his own dad responded to the copper vats of thing that we had another young man whose of the now missionary call and he's just preached a two week period ending on Nepal is not a really neat place to have meetings Wednesday to visit little glimpse of eighty one hundred and fifty campaigns we have a video and well that our audience even you can tell us what you did over there actually that which anything is a few clips we conducted for simultaneous meetings in the Philippines our young people preach the help help meetings they preached the sermon for so thankful for the AFI EBV program and the beginning of a conduct of the children's meetings NHS have reached out and talks for lives of hundreds of April and if it is indeed evangelism not only for the country they got to that for the young people they met over and you tell it in a few minutes the remaining what do you do in order to network with other ministries and how do you cooperate with people that are doing similar things are in ministry for the Lord thirty five twenty two networking opportunities that were so excited wanted for the audio version I first has is reaching people in a hundred and forty countries with download the truth filled messages and it asked us to help them by providing hardcopy for people who don't want to download it and give CDs and DVDs to their neighbors and friends or family of the most exciting is creating a young licking out and my time is now but I want you to show Jensen did yell out to second the new community college media program to your programming train people for Hollywood we want to trade changing ministry and it's in really fighting is our college and people had the opportunity and we thank and five for the opportunity and networking and in fellowship amen thank you so much for sending it to encouraging to feel the weight of the Lord is blessing and the students live there James were going to be speaking about another Academy now this is one that I visited several times it's a beautiful one and in path of Valley Utah date dichotomy I have Gary and Randy Harris with me today and that we're happy to be talking a little bit about what's happening there felt a little bit about the surgery you don't mind and so if the picture to have a bigger look like these are academies located in the southeast corner of Utah are located in a beautiful valley were surrounded on three sides by red rock basis the other side is that the LaSalle mountains and numerous peaks of their book twelve thousand feet however a Christ centered academic program and will have a strong work programmer we emphasize the practical skills deals from students and our work program considers run a farm in very diverse farm we have greenhouses we have an orchard graph often we never like a fifteen acre market garden so ubiquitous experience for that we also do a weekly outreach program and every year all the students are involved in a mission program okay you have anything that's new that's just started they start the new programs perhaps you wonder never restarting this year 's were calling it that they start outdoor education and the environment wherein were kind of an outdoor recreation heaven are areas is worldwide known for specially for the mound by Qian rockclimbing source in the program were not have him on some local act with local experts in the areas good to teach even the rock climbing mountain biking redo horsemanship into river rafting to do some birding classes and in numerous things and present them so that any of the students regardless of their skill level can be can be involved in them I wanted to visit in educational things within the can learn how to do this properly in your safety techniques and also the recreation I felt important that our kids have appropriate recreation specialist in ancient love the recreation of the world provides and we also are putting in our region a witnessing twist to this program for each of these entities will be involved on whether rafting on the river are learning rockclimbing there will be an outreach program American one on that we've worked with were number of years Elders were such a program to win the toss will our horsemanship program and going for many many years and network find out about our education you know it doing quite a while and I finally got the thing of the other things with anything to receive our force program you take a board meeting and they learn and relearn how to write better they learn how to carry the responsibility and silly fighting and not long to become team this is nothing like it after they met how can they learn to encourage one another yet we see a lot of back and then that there is inhabited to really fight it out in our force program and we decline for the student to become a witnessing program and that this is only because the same biting people from the community am enjoying every overripe immunotherapy network management technique time the Fellowship is wonderful in fact one of the public name and back in her graduation we can point to all of the meetings and I visited with a big gallon heated with his oligarchy is a graduating anonymous so proud of them amen if I don't outwit even in our marketplace wherever the Lord where we are we are there to witness but annoyed that is to spend a little bit about how you network with other ministries how do you work with others to be able to publish a common goal when things were doing this year with art with networking his program and I were really excited about it is uniting with me or not the mission project incorporated in an ASI and/or doing this were doing when the church project on the police so you have a container load of churches ship down there are not the end yes I will take your that are the thing and then on mission projects is working on during the sites stepped under the nuclear students on January and will split them open for five groups will build the thirty percent of children excited about networking and and it didn't be involved in this project well thank you so much for sharing we really appreciate it and when he maybe if they just fell at the short story about eighty something happened with student at a star on the plaintiff testified that they let left him I had opportunity to work privacy and then much that and I focused on improving his wanted card that I have with any turnaround in backing that I get you something in the basis of each one of you out there if you have something you have it we visited to build thank you so much for what you have given to our community I just wanted take a brief moment a thank you and I think the daughters into parents who sacrifice for Christian education it is not wasted we see things every day amen we can witness even I smile sometime thank you so much for sharing May God richly bless your time your ministry and may have move forward and to continue to network with others as well thank you so much and I were going to move to my neighbors that live all the way across the country British Columbia and found in the Academy and share with us they're going to share a few things that God is doing through their school in the blessing that he is giving to them so but it felt a little bit about your time up on the Academy 's Gallery just like watching the Hills and that they start very similar many respects a little bit stronger emphasis on music as public young people remembrance for the journalism because my boot and he asked me to tell them about the Academy i.e. if there is a student or parent of a student around a single like TSN followed by itself or as statement that tells with you is not found again on the other biggest causing tingling he found guilt was on that really provided a spiritual environment for me to crown as a young Christian I was surrounded by encouragement and dangers that can help me as I began my Christian walk in and what advantage you have any fighting new witnessing tool what I felt about is not well we do have a strong emphasis on music in and over the years we had concerts all over the place and what we typically do is we have the students do an introduction feet to each song tells a little bit about the size to be about but you know we thought must be something little bit different let's let the message to write the song instead of the songwriter message so we taken the steps to Christ and we read the whole thing outlined every chapter Ms. thirteen chapters in the book we took each chapter and we summarize the main points into three main points for chapter then we took those summaries and let that be the introduction to the song then we chose songs that would go along with the chapter summary right so we left a message drive the music we wanted to include music in in presenting this because music speaks to the motion because of its it's a way to community emotionally than what we did was we took that format and we we we made it into thirteen half-hour segments half-hour programs where we we had a group of one of her teachers and for students will be in a natural environment other out the other campus we begged beautiful campus were British Bobby Canada so it's just the beautiful Richmond and it is sitting out of the trees in the orchard down by the river are different locations and they talk about this topic at statement since that's the Christlike update each chapter whether it's God 's love for man repentance and confession and the basin from the talk about that chapter in the young people will will share their personal experiences in in regarding that particular topic and then what we do is a style like that and then it fades into the introduction to the first song and then the song goes and then he comes back the to the group sitting in your journal discussed the song in those builds discuss the chat that the subject again and innovate into notice on it does that three times of his three sons for chapter and at the end of the production will have a little iDVD case that will have three DVDs with almost six and a half hours of programming on it as well as three CDs that have an audio version of the book steps to Christ and I will also have a copy of steps to Christ in a DVD package and what we want to do is we want this to be an evangelistic tool and what we found is that we done a couple DVDs already where our young people are out in nature singing their songs to be there on beaches there in the mountains there out in the forest and that people releasing the like that they're attracted to its visually attractive and so what we've done and is the best package and if this is something that you give your neighbors and understanding others that theirs is this the school and that he some people they may have its music program racing outdoors I think you'd be interested in watching this and they can watch the video and then not if they're interested they can buy and read the book or they can listen to in the car with an audio version of that how it felt like a really good project I'm interested in knowing what it's like from a student perspective how are you and the project I see really rewarding to do this project because I understand why we were actively engaged in close everything aspect of it I'm coming back from Christmas break in opportunity to read steps to Christ and to suggest silently fell on the tie-in with the different chapters as soon as language children and students began orchestrating a putting music to difference on it was fun being finished it would be printed often to be a dark recesses they could start learning it it was really a blessing to because we had thirty nine fonts to learn like at least double the amount of time that we would cover over the course of a year and yelling at humans to learn them and record them selves on this student orchestra when it indicating posted by deadline in March and the orchestra route was recorded then the choir recorded their music in the filtering April and while we were on nuclear didn't actually have the opportunity to stand behind cameras and dispute actual filming of the different song once he got back from the cure is able to use their different interest to add that the visual film and to put together with audio which they also were involved with the preamp was an audio in the Bible studies we as students were given opportunity to share different testimonies that we had that combined with a different point that we hadn't surprise itself from


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