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The Salt of the Earth

H.M.S. Richards Sr.
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If the drum didn't love it. And cheer love to build real. Jiri such as. This says the voice of prophecy voice crying in the wilderness of these modern days prepare you the way of the. And. This is. From our voice of prophecy studios in Los Angeles California we welcome you to this half hour of inspiration again today you will hear the music of the king's arrows and read Brave the voice of prophecy speaker is H.M.S. Richard. Legion. You know me it was. It was good. It was. Me He gave me the. Camera. He was. It was. You know. You know. Makes me come. Close. And it's good enough for me give me the. Time really give me the tone Bridgend give me the little overtightening religion and it's good you know. And it's good enough for them the. Whole time up. Close. And it's good enough for them the it's good. Our Heavenly Father. We thank Thee for the blessing upon us we come with this broadcast on our line name. We pray to remember in mercy every listener. And may this broadcast of the I word bring help to each one who hears in Christ's name. And. Quote yet rare is near to lose all over come up. Just. Oh Jesus street team. Sent from love heart. Oldish. Near to the heart. Of go. All over. It is so sweet just to know. This was. A. Big. List. There's no. Way they're. The king's heroes Express now in song how inadequate we all feel. Jesus. Is. This. Jesus loves. Jesus. E.G. is a. Good be. You. For it is. A Yes. The Gees. And. So. If you. This week H.M.S. Richards and the king's heroes will continue their tour through the eastern part of the United States see them at these voice of prophecy rallies tonight in New York City at the offices Seventh-Day Adventist Church at one hundred one West one hundred twenty third Street at the New York evangelistic Sattar on West forty sixth right off Times Square Monday evening Trenton New Jersey Tuesday evening Allentown Pennsylvania on Wednesday evening August twenty Harrisburg Pennsylvania Thursday evening and in Washington D.C. on Friday evening and Saturday watch of newspapers for the exact location of these meetings. Dell DELL care and I will be at the voice of prophecy rally at Prescott Arizona at the seventy Adams camp grounds this next weekend if you live in any of these areas we invite you to attend Now here is H.M.S. Richards is subject. Well of the earth. A fountain pen salesman was writing up an order for five hundred pounds which he had just received from a well to do much and suddenly the storekeeper exclaimed hold on cancel that order then he turned away on a customer the salesman went away in disgust later on the merchants bookkeeper asked him why did you cancel that fountain pen order why because he talked fountain pens to me for half an hour using a number of strong arguments and then he booked my order with a lead pencil his practice didn't agree with his profession. And that brings us to the subject of our talk the very words of Jesus ye are the salt of the earth let us read the whole verse e-R. the salt of the earth but if the salt have lost his savor where With feel it be salted it is thanks for the good for nothing but to be cast out and to be trodden under foot of man Matthew five thirteen someone says well sold his soul he cannot lose it so his as long as it's sold there must be something wrong with this illustration but don't be too hasty Jesus was speaking to the people of his time and using an illustration that they can understand remember this while pure salt cannot lose its savor the salt used in Palestine was not pure it was not the fine chemical substance that we have today the Savor less salt in this parable refers to the salt in common use at that time with most of the sodium chloride washed out of it in those days salt was gathered from marshes along the sea show off in lakes and the crude facilities for gathering it resulted in the presence of many impurities in contact with the ground or exposed to rain sun the highly soul you will salt soon disappeared and left only the incipit impurities it is then good for nothing was thrown away William Thompson who travelled all over Palestine about one hundred years ago says. In his land and the book page three eighty one I saw a large quantities of this savor list salt literally thrown into the street to be trodden under foot of men and beasts long long ago Pliny the great Roman writer said there is nothing more useful in salt and sunshine and these are the two things that Jesus mentions side by side right here in the fifth chapter of Matthew for the next verse says you are the light of the world salt and sunshine now salt gives flavor to food and preserves from corruption it makes food more palatable to one who has to go in a salt free diet certainly can testify to this fact it takes quite a while to become accustomed to eating food without salt Jesus is speaking here to His disciples and of course to all professing Christians when he says you are the salt of the salt of the earth and this brings us to a tremendously important fact a Christian is not called by God merely for his own salvation but he is to become an agent in the saving of others God's object in choosing people before all the world is not only that they might be his sons and daughters but that through them the world might receive the grace that bring salvation. God did not choose Abraham in order minute to save him but to make him a medium of blessing to others in Jesus high priestly prayer recorded in the seventeenth chapter of John the prayer which he offered just before his crucifixion he said for their sakes that is for the sake of his disciples I sanctify myself that they also might be sanctified through the truth Christians who are purified through the truth will possess saving qualities that preserve the world from absolute corruption but we must remember that salt must be mingled with the substance to which it is added or it will not preserve it it must penetrate it it must be infused into. It in order to preserve it so it is through personal contact and association that men are reached by the saving power of the gospel they are not saved in masses but as individuals personal influence is a power we must come close to those whom we desire to benefit the salt in this parable must represent the vital power of a Christian the love of Jesus in his heart the righteousness of Christ prevailing his entire life. Christians must not disassociate themselves from people for if they do they will not be able to benefit them Christians are not to hibernate not to go away often isolation and live apart from their fellow mean what good then could they do to others surely as the poet said A Christian should live in a house by the side of the road and be a friend to man the Christian should be sociable with his Christianity he should love people both good and bad and endeavor to influence them for righteousness years ago Dr William Temple in addressing a group of newly ordained minister said young man believe me you will make more people Christians by being questioned yourselves and you will buy all the sermons that you will preach. Remember this Christian friend you are the best Christian that somebody will ever know you are the only Bible some people will ever read. One night just before he went to bed the late Captain Bickel. Met at the deck ouse door a ruffian who had been wonderfully converted on one of his voyages although the captain was tired he had a little talk with a sailor and I asked him if he would take a Bible to a certain man the next day he shook his head no no captain he doesn't need that why not. Because it's too soon that your bible on thank God. Mine too but it's not his Bible. What do you mean why simply that he has another Bible you are his Bible he's watching you. As you fail Christ fails if you live so Christ is revealed to him. Later on in writing to a friend Captain Bickel said I didn't sleep that night. I've been called a thief a liar a foreign spy a traitor. A devil in both public and private that had never flinched but this was something new as you live so Christ lives in that man's soul in that house in that village in four hundred villages as you fail to live the Christ life the Savior crucified again no wonder I couldn't sleep. That's the sum and substance of it friends I mean you Christians you are the salt of the earth the lack of conversion the lack of revival the lack of power in our churches is not entirely the preacher's fault we are all in this thing together. If the salt has lost its savor mankind will not be blessed souls will not be one the corruption of sin will go on hindered in the world. When the power of the grace of God has departed from our hearts and we become cold and Christ less Christians people I repaired by our profession. Are not drawn to God the spiritual food we offer them is incipit and disagreeable even disgusting at times. It is to such professed Christians that Jesus says I would dollar cold or hot. So then because our lukewarm and neither cold nor hot I will spew the out of my mouth. Revelation three fifteen. I shall never forget my first visit to Hyde Park in London almost every day but especially on weekends it's filled with people pouring out their views on every conceivable subject some time ago a Salvation Army captain was preaching there and a man in the crowd interrupted him we haven't anything against Jesus of Nazareth he said but we have something against you Christians because you are up to sample there it is we must be up to sample we must really and truly represent the Lord Jesus honestly and sincerely. If we are of salt that has lost its savor we are not only entirely worthless we actually hinder the work of Christ on earth by our lack of the grace of Christ we testify to the world of the truth which we claim to believe as no sanctifying power because it never changed us in this way we make of no effect the Word of God The Apostle said if I speak with the tongue of men and of angels but have not love I am become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal. And if I have the gift of prophecy and know all mysteries and all knowledge and if I have all faith. So as to remove mountains but have not love I'm nothing. And if I be stalled my goods to feed the poor and if I give my body to be burned and have not love it providence me nothing. First Corinthians thirteen. Does not profit others either. But when this love of Christ is cherished in the heart it transforms the whole character it's a continual blessing to everybody. It is this and this only that can make us the salt of the earth said one of. Friends of the Lord. Not merely in the words you say. Not only in your deeds confessed. But in a most unconscious way as Christ expressed. For me twas not the truth you taught to you so clear to me so dim. But when you came to me you brought a sense of him. And from your eyes he beckons me and from your heart his love if she had. To lie lose sight of you and see the Christ instead. For ministers are discussing various translations of the Bible one like the King James Version best because it's simple classical English another like the American revised because it's more literal and nearer the original Hebrew and Greek. Still another like Moffat's translation because of its up to date vocabulary. The fourth minister was silent but finally said I like my mother's translation best because she translated it into life and it was the most convincing translation. I've ever seen. If the salt have lost its savor where with shall it be salted asked Jesus a nominal Christian a Christian merely in name cannot pass on to others what he doesn't have him self it's interesting to remember that salt was added to every sacrifice offered in the ancient temple of God as we read in Leviticus two thirteen. Without salt to sacrifice was unacceptable to God. Because it typified the righteousness of Christ. In order for our lives to be a living sacrifice holy and acceptable to God as the Apostle says in Romans twelve one. They must be preserved by the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ. Otherwise as far as being a blessing to the world we will be as he said good for nothing positive detriment to the cause of the kingdom of heaven when salt is found to be impure it must be cleansed and so with us it cannot be used until it's purified so with us nothing corrupt or unclean can live in the presence of salt so with a Christian who has a changed nature. Soul has its own peculiar taste Jesus said that his own people are to be like that they are to be different they will bring wholesome flavor into earthly things the Church of God is a fellowship of salt. We are to contribute to each other's health. There's one other attribute of salt that we shall mention here a Bible study group of college girls was recently discussing this familiar passage which we have quoted today the question was asked why a Christians are like salt all thought of course of his preservative quality which we have mentioned then a Chinese girl in the group spoke up quietly and suggested salt creates thirst. That truth went home to the heart of every girl there. One of the leaders afterward said our lives should be such that people will come to us and ask us to explain our lives because they want to be like us. Radio friend let us ask the question of our own hearts. Does my life create in others that kind of desire a thirst that only the water of life can satisfy. Well we might put it this way. Can the world see Jesus in me. There. Is the way. It's years. To. X. giving the. Next week the voice of props. He will bring you another broadcast so continue to look up and go forward in faith. Have faith in God with new hope new life new birth have faith in God treasures of infinite worth have faith in God who knows the salt of the earth have faith dear friend and God.


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