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1. Desiring God

Zachary Page


Practical and powerful devotional breakout series #1



  • June 23, 2017
    10:00 AM


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Father in Heaven where you sassed your Holy Spirit would speak to us as the you touch our hearts that you would speak to us that you would draw us closer to you into a deeper fellowship greater love for you than than we can possibly imagine Thank you Father so much in the name of Jesus I pray and then something happened just about two months ago. Something changed in my family we were expecting my my we were expecting a brand new niece and I don't know how many of you you guys obviously have children you have children no children OK So we're expecting in my family a brand new baby and one night I got the call that the baby is probably coming tonight and I live on the way between where my father in law lives and where the baby is going to be born in Salinas so I follow the laws on the way cause me said Hey you want to go up tonight it was late at night so I said OK why not I could go up tonight I've never been in the hospital when a family member's been born before so I'm going to go so we get in the car we're driving up there together so we get there we walk into the room and it is amazing to see all of the excitement in that room. Now nobody has met this child yet nobody knows what she is going to be like we know she has a name or names Elsie We don't know if she's going to be nice we don't know if she's going to be a loving person but everybody just is on the edge of their seat they're wanting to know how and why he feels they're wanting to know how things are going everybody is thinking about this child being born so fast forward the child born that I got to be there to see the child shortly after after else he was born just. What an incredible feeling to see that newborn baby but then my wife and I had been all night so we went back to their house to take a brief nap before we headed for I headed back home and we want. Into the house it was amazing because I had been there just a month or so before and we had torn the house apart we were doing all sorts of remodelling and stuff because there was a baby coming and as we were doing that remodelling they kept saying OK Zack you go up and work in that bedroom there and work on this lamp up there and these different things I said well why do you want me to do that when there's not even a floor in the rest of the House should we work on that stuff first they said no that is Elsie's room we want that room to be perfectly ready for Elsie and so we actually put letters up on the walls that Elsie in the crib was all there and it was ready and as I walked into the house though they had totally finished the house at least from my perspective it was ready it was all clean there was no you know like dirty dishes in the seeing they were totally ready for Elsie to come as I walked up stairs there was that bedroom where else he was going to go there's a crib there that the letters on the wall everything ready in fact in the closet with all her little dresses and all the little clothes for her to wear. And in their bedroom their bedroom the bed was all made all ready to go and there was a little bassinet there already ready right by the bed just so that when they came home they could put her in there they already loved Elsie they'd already provided everything for Elsie and Elsie had done absolutely nothing for them Elsie had only been figment of their imagination so far they could they didn't even know what she was going to look like yet they loved Elsie. So you go back a few thousand years will this actually isn't a few thousand years ago that's. And that was me holding there just a week or so ago and to hold a baby in your arms. Didn't really matter to me much until I had family I remember my first nephew was born and suddenly I was excited to hold the baby up until that point you know I think it's different for girls and for guys but for me and the baby but then when it's your family to hold the baby does something for. And you look at a story in the Bible about somebody who was radically changed by holding a baby that day changed his life forever as he was there holding that child in his arms it did something in this fire and you guys who are parents might understand what it's like Kim you were kids can imagine what it was like to have your parents holding you. As you hold that child in your arms. I imagine that use said I'll do whatever it takes for this child. I will defend this child I'm going to provide a home for the shout I will make sure that this child has a good life I want to already maybe start a savings account for them of all types of things that you were doing for this child Well this man was thinking the same things he looked at this child he had witnessed children being born before he was sixty five years old at this point but he himself had not had a child yet now he understood what it was like to have a father in fact he understood it was like to have a great grandfather and a great great grandfather and great great great grandfather and a great great great great grandfather fact his great great great great grandfather was over six hundred years old at the time. He was in it with me to Genesis Chapter five in Genesis Chapter five and from about there is Genesis Chapter five we pick up the story of Enoch and we see a story that reveals the love of God in a person's life and what it can do comes in a chapter that's a really fascinating chapter even though when you just read through it on. Cursory reading it might seem a little boring goes through who got who and was picking up in verse nineteen after actually verse eighteen Jared lived one hundred sixty two years and got you Nick after he got you Nick sure lived eight hundred years and had sons and daughters so all the days of Jared wouldn't. Hundred and Sixty two years and he died Enoch live sixty five years and he got Methuselah. After he got Methuselah now throughout the chapter it's been going through step by step so it's all B.S. Owens O.B.'s so and so got so and so a similar pattern in all of a sudden the pattern breaks right here this is after he got Methuselah something changed something that wasn't that way before or change because he held the Foozle in his arms Enoch walked with God three hundred years and had sons and daughters. Walk with God after having a child something radically shifted in his perspective about who God was that changed everything for him. And you know if I knew that Jesus was coming back this afternoon it would be easy to walk with Jesus with Mitt and I know that Jesus coming back tomorrow there's no problem in being faithful to Jesus I knew that Jesus coming back at the end of this year there's still a lot of inspiration to walk with Jesus. But if I have three hundred years ahead of me to walk with Jesus. What is my inspiration on a day to day basis to keep on walking with the Jesus. What made that close connection for Enoch I want to know why it was that unique experience what he experience so in the book paychecks and Profit says and this holy walk was continued for three hundred years there are few Christians who would not be more earnest and devoted if they knew that they had but a short time to live and that the coming of Christ was about to take place but in our next faith waxed the stronger his love became more ardent with the lapse of centuries the. The hunger that time went on the more exciting his experience with God became now a lot of times we baptized people into the church or people we get baptized into the church and there's kind of this expectation Well yeah they're on fire they're excited about God because they just got baptized. And then a month or two later well you're still excited because you have that fresh testimony but I've actually had people in my church tell people before I actually was in the churches and before you know you just wait you just wait until time goes on a little bit longer and you won't be so excited is that what we would destined to or can we have the experience of Enoch that the longer that time goes on and it even if Jesus doesn't come in my lifetime and don't get me wrong I want Jesus to come in my lifetime I want the Gospel to go to the world now so the Jews can come tomorrow but if it doesn't. Well I have a satisfying and fulfilling walk with Jesus that means something that impacts the world around me will it make a difference my walk with Jesus even if his coming is put off for a long time going to the Hebrews chapter eleven Keep your finger in Genesis Chapter five will come back there Hebrews chapter eleven another place where we read the story about even There's only a few verses about him in the entire Bible and yet it's such a fascinating story he was up to eleven the faith chapter and verse five says by faith in Nick was taken away so that he did not see death and was not found because God had taken him away for before he was taken away he had this testimony that he pleased God. What could be better than that I mean what's better than that moment in heaven that we look forward to in Jesus as well than good faithful servant to enter into that. Only it has to be the most fulfilling thing ever but it says that Nick had that before he went to heaven Enoch had this testimony that he pleased God that he was walking with God. Verse six gives us a picture as to how that happened but without faith it is impossible to police and for he who comes to God must believe that he is and that he is a reward or of those who diligently seek. Without faith it is impossible to please God so in it please God and he please God because of his faith that he had in his life for he who comes to God must believe two things one that God exists and two the god is a reward or of those who diligently seek Him. Friends these two things change absolutely everything in our walk with God we can grasp these two things it's like Enoch he had those sixty five years and he believed that God was but I believe that when he held Methuselah in his arms the next three hundred years he realized that God is good that God is a reward or of those who seek Him That guy was holding him in his arms and tell us a little bit more about that walk with him actually before we before we go there. So. I've been married for ten years now and my wife and I have this saying that the other day she was walking to the store and she saw perfectly illustrated on this picture and I put this picture up on the wall you see the sign behind us it says Better Together. Better Together that's what we've come to realize in our experience of marriage that the more that we're together the better life is we actually do ministry together all the time we have the saying actually I have a. Saying I tell her I will pay you not to get a job because it's so much fun to work together that I would do whatever it takes to make sure that we can be together as much as possible doing ministry together as much as possible which breaks my heart that she's not here but I'm thankful that she can be with the church but that's ten years almost ten years will be ten years this summer. On the other hand I've had people come up to me and say well that's three you been married how long nine years just wait until you've been married thirty years. You not going to feel that way and in fact I had a lady literally say this to me she said well that's nice for you guys but after fifty years you can get tired of looking at the same person is that we were doing to a marriage that my wife and I can expect that if time goes on long enough that you have will just get tired of looking into other or is it possible that our marriage could keep getting better and better and better and more close and I believe that it can because there is Mr and Mrs guitar Mrs Misbah tire lived in the United States in one nine hundred thirty two Mrs batar for names and guitar wasn't the tart that I'm afraid it would have lasting was was engaged to another man but she had grown up in knowing John batar and she loved John Battelle but there was kind of an arranged marriage going on where she was supposed to marry somebody else so they eloped before that took place seventeen and twenty one years old as one nine hundred thirty two fast forward eighty five years and they are still happily married and again one in one hundred five years old the oldest living married couple in the United States is my understanding. This couple still each other just look at Miss a bit tired said there are so many things in a life time that can make you very very happy and very very sad but in. If you can do it together then it is happy. It's happiness when we're together and if somebody can say that after eighty five years I have hope for our marriage and I believe that this is the testimony of the people in the Bible like you read first John you read about the disciple John he says this is the testimony that we had that we have fellowship with God we have this closeness with God He was just radiating this experience with Jesus he was overflowing bubbly with jesus love that's the way that I believe Enoch walk to God conflict encourage me twenty nine twenty nine says Enoch we read walk with God three hundred years that was a long time to be in communion with Him He commune with God because it was agreeable to him. It wasn't just because he knew that he needed that in order to get to heaven but he enjoyed it goes on to say and he loved the society of God He loved to be together with God that was what thrilled his heart and his soul in his life Jesus meant everything to him it. Projects and prophets page eighty four explains I believe a little bit of how that took place in his life it's the infinite unfathomable love God through Christ became the subject of his meditations day and night and with all the fervor of his soul he sought to reveal that love to the people among whom he drew out a good read Jude and he he talks about how. Jesus is going to be coming back in the clouds and he says he's going to be revealed and he's going to come back even he says with wrath to those who are committing ungodly deeds he foresaw the second coming in preached about the second coming and he preached to a very wicked generation the generation He was living in just like the generation we're living in today sometimes we we think that you know yeah you know it could be that but today. Matthew Chapter seventeen. Matthew Chapter seventeen has a man a chance figuration after they come down from the management figuration and do this is revealed is glory they come down the mountain and they see this demoniac child who is not able to be delivered by the disciples. And the disciples after Jesus cast out the demon they ask him why couldn't we do it he says because of your lack of faith it only comes out by prayer and fasting. And we get an idea of what caused their lack of faith now remember without faith it is impossible to police and for he who for for what is say and Hebrews eleven six you comes to God must believe that he is and that is he is a reward or of those who seek Him. So Jesus says you guys don't have enough faith to cast out demons and then he goes on to say this a little bit further down if you go to Chapter eighteen it gives us a picture of why they were lacking in faith I believe. At that time the disciples came to Jesus saying Who then is greatest in the kingdom of heaven or is their focus. Is not on the unfathomable love of God It's not on who Jesus is but it's on which one of us is going to be the greatest It's on the pride in their own hearts that's where their focus is and then verse two says then Jesus called a little child to him and set him in the midst of them now let's let's jump over Keep your finger here because we were actually in the come back to us and we can go back to Genesis five but go go over to Mark Chapter ten. So in March after ten this this same story. So back in in chapter nine March after nine in verse thirty three. It's the same story but it gives us a little more detail about this child in verse thirty three says that he came. Capernaum and when he was in the house he asked them what was it you disputed among yourselves on the road but they kept silent for on the road they dispute among themselves who would be the greatest This is the reason for their lack of faith they were focused on themselves their focus on how great they could become exactly what Satan wants us to focus on. But then verse thirty five says and he sat down called the twelve and said to them if any of you desires to be first he shall be last of all and servant of all then verse thirty six is the same exact story then he took a little child and set him where. In the midst of them the same thing that Matthew said but then add something after that something that bit Matthew didn't know and when he had taken him in his arms so as he's speaking to them he takes this child he picks up this child in his arms and he's holding this child in his arms he tells them about the value of humility go back to chapter eighteen of Matthew Matthew Chapter eighteen. Jesus takes such Iles holds a child in his arms and says this to them verse three. Assuredly I say to you unless you are converted and become as little children you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven where is the location of this little child at this point. In the arms of Jesus just resting in the arms of Jesus is the last you become like this little child that I'm holding in my arms you can't even enter the kingdom of heaven you you can't even think about going to heaven let alone think about casting out demons need to recognize my love in your life the place where you recognize holding you. So go over to first Peter chapter five this whole thing about humility is so crucial we're looking at how humility is an act of principle growing out of a thorough consciousness of God's great love first Peter chapter five fascinating text here second Peter chapter five. You know we are in for speedier I was in the wrong book first beat it up to five and verse if. You younger people submit yourself to your elders Yes all of you be submissive to one another and be clothed with what is their humility so where humility like it's a garment every day. And what does this humility really look like God resists the proud this is a reasoning for being humble got to exist the proud but gives grace to the humble so God resists God It puts stumbling blocks in the way of the proud he stops the proud he cast the proud out of heaven but he gives grace to the humble So what is this like verse six therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God that he may exalt you in due time humble yourselves under the hand of God recognize that God is the one who cares for you how do we know that the next line says this This is how we humble ourselves under the hand of God casting all your care upon him for he carries for you. When we take up the cares of life and we are burying them ourselves it's due to our pride when we're anxious it's due to the pride in our own heart. God longs for us to recognize his love just like even recognizes he held Methuselah in his arms and began to walk with God because you recognize that God just wants to hold us in his. Arms he wants us to humble ourselves to be totally and radically dependent upon God for absolutely everything there's a parallel verse to this actually in James Chapter Four jump over to James Chapter four. Verse six basically quotes the same exact thing. So that he gives more grace Therefore he says God resists the proud that gives grace to the humble therefore submit to God resist the devil and he will flee from you draw near to God and He will drown near to you cleanse your hands the sinners in pure fire hearts you double minded lament and mourn and weep let your laughter be turned to morning in your joy to gloom humble yourselves in the sight of God and He will lift you when we draw close to God He draws close to us when we take out the stuff in our life that separates us from God in the able to have a greater try it leads us to a greater humility a greater dependence upon God when we recognize God's loving care in our lives it changes everything we recognise that God is and that he's a reward or of those who seek Him those who diligently seek Him It changes everything. There's a in the book subsequent speedy five is a God cares for everything and sustains everything that he has created each is tenderly watched by The Heavenly Father no tears are shed that God does not notice there is no smile that he does not mark if we would but fully believe this all undue anxieties would be dismissed. If we only fully believed how much God loves us if we only fully believe that he cares about the details of our ally and I realize it's just the other day I woke up in the morning. And I was like my first spots were Lord I'm sorry and I don't even know what I was necessarily saying sorry for and suddenly I felt like he was giving me this picture that he smiling at me. And I thought do I picture God in that way a god that's looking down with love that smiling at its wanting to hold me in his arms as wanting to care for every single detail of my life and how would that transform how I live how would that chance for me to walk with God like Enoch did to walk with him in such a way that I please God meaning I walk in obedience to God I would do that because I totally trust him. When I got married I remember vividly we got engaged it. Doesn't matter we got engaged we're still P.C. and we knew they were going to get married they were halfway through the year and we were going to move in together now in order to do that it took some sacrifice I ended up I think it was at that time selling my car that had been like my my favorite car that I'd ever owned so we can be a one car family will be OK We can we can downsize and we're going to get a motor home and do some traveling ministry together so we'll we could do that together just just so long as we can be together because life is better together but I remember going down to the football field and one of my friends there said to me you're going to get married. Do you realize you're going to have to take out the trash it's like you're you're going into in prison can't man you don't want to get married. There are so many people that have that perspective about marriage I've heard it again and again from guys like man you don't want to get married you're going to be going to be a captive after that I've even heard an older lady say you know when I got married I knew it was for life it was like a prison sentence and that's terrible but how often do people picture. Like that their relationship with God. Either they avoid it because they think man I don't want that type of prison sentence my whole life or they endure it because they say I want the end result. But for Enoch knew that God was a reward her and that he please God even as he wanted them for three hundred years and enjoyed being in God's presence so if we fully believe that God cared for everything all on doings id's would be dismissed steps to cry speed eighty five continues to say this our rise would not be so filled with disappointment is now for everything whether great or small would be left in the hands of God who is not perplexed by the minute the place of the of cares are overwhelmed by their weight we should then enjoy a rest of soul to which many have a long and strange. Friends we need to learn to rest in the home to do as I need to learn that you know on a weekly basis I will literally be walking out of church a bunch of things on my mind thinking about board meeting thinking about what the teachers we need a higher school whatever it might be and there's burdens on my mind when I look up those I'm in the fleet and I when I walk out of church and I see the stars. And I realize that there is a loving heavenly Father who just wants to hold me in his arms to care for all those details absolutely every single detail that tell us we can give them all to him casting all of our cares upon him is how we humble ourselves. That brings an incredible amount of peace and when we have that the world will want what we have. So one of the get something else here in James up there for if you still have that open right before it goes into this about God resist the probably gives grace to the humble so something crucial verse five says or do you think the scripture says in vain the spirit who dwells in us your jealously. How is it that we come to really understand in picture who God is. It comes through the power of the Holy Spirit and the power of the Holy Spirit it's kind of like a cycle we can have more of the Holy Spirit as we humble ourselves and seek the Holy Spirit and allow ourselves to be empty but the more that were filled with the Holy Spirit the more that we comprehend of God's love which leads us to a deeper surrender which leads us to more of the Holy Spirit which leads us to a deeper surrender so look at. First Corinthians Chapter two. I love this first day of the in chapter two and end verse nine so this is a verse that. You might know well. But myself I knew it well for a while but I'm realizing that it says something far more beautiful than I had first realized first Corinthians two nine says but as it is written I has not seen nor ears heard nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love him what comes in your mind when you read that verse. Have it exactly think about going streets and mansions in and dolphins in all kinds of fun things in heaven in and that's definitely included here because God has prepared all those things for it for as Jesus said I'm going to prepare a place for you and I'm coming back for you but look at what the next verse says sometimes we don't we stop there because we say look at our wonderful heaven's going to be rich tenses this but God has revealed them to us through His Spirit for the Spirit searches all things yes the deep things of God God wants for you and I to experience heaven and. Through the power of the Holy Spirit He wants us to be in the atmosphere of heaven that's how Enoch walked with God It was as if you use walking in the very presence of God. Goes on to say for what man. A man knows the things of a man except the spirit of the man which is in him even so no one knows the things of God except the Spirit of God without the Holy Spirit the passage keeps on going into this without the Holy Spirit we can't really grasp the incredible unselfish self sacrificing love of God We need the Holy Spirit that's point A in our walk with Jesus is to receive the Holy Spirit and we were see that this tells us that we're going to experience things with I has not seen and your has not heard nor of entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love him. I love what it says in the book desire of ages there was a time in my life where I was. Super stressed out it was my first couple years in ministry and I was just burden because I felt like I had all these dreams and nothing good was coming out of it and I didn't feel like it was making a difference the ministry is doing and I was so stressed out that I started reading through the desire of ages and I read this chapter over and over again is the chapter the invitation. I encourage you you feel stressed you feel burdened read that chapter it's about gee this invitation to come in to me all you are weary and heavy laden I will give you rest but the the end of it ends like this it's so beautiful as through Jesus we enter into raster member that rests in steps to Christ is that rest of knowing that he cares for every single detail of our life as we in through Jesus we enter into rest heaven begins here. And then starts now no wonder in it could walk with God for three hundred years preaching about the second coming. And be satisfied in God Has he already was living in the atmosphere of heaven will respond to His invitation Come learn of me and invest coming we begin the life eternal heaven is a ceaseless approaching to guide through Christ this is what heaven is. My Presence is fullness of joy in my right hand or pledges forevermore also some sixteen eleven says. So then it goes on to say the longer we are in the heaven of bliss the more and still more of glory will be open to us and the more we know of God the more intense will be our happiness as we walk with Jesus in this life we may be filled with the love satisfied with his presence all that he you mean nature can bear we may receive here. You can experience heaven now it goes on to say but what is that compared to the here after to heaven and goes on to describe the beauties of heaven. But we can experience having as much as we could possibly experience of the joy the happiness that comes from intimate communion with Jesus we can have it. I believe it comes as we truly humble ourselves are filled with the Holy Spirit realize the loving care of God and rest like that child in the arms of Jesus depending upon him for absolutely everything depending upon him for our obedience in life depending upon him for our problems in life depending upon him for our dreams and our goals depending upon him for reaching people for him for taking the gospel to the world when we have this radical dependence upon guy because we recognize his incredible changes everything. I want to experience that in the deeper and deeper way I will you. In. The book daughters of God page two twenty one says this just to repose in Jesus rest in Him as a tired child rests in the arms of its mother the world pities you he loves you only believe him. Chest. Realize whenever I mean chase whenever I'm upset about something can not really trusting I've forgotten to rest in the arms of Jesus and what writes this interesting letter in this book this day with God page nine she's writing about the new year and she says a near has opened upon us let it be a happy New Year nestle in the sheltering arms of Jesus and do not wrestle yourself out of his arms that's the problem in our lives too often we wrestle ourselves out of his arms we try to figure out how to do everything in our own strength and because of that we will use that picture of amazing beautiful of Jesus that cares for absolutely every detail of our lives and it leads us to be unfaithful to him because we're doing in our own strength or we don't really trust that the things he asks us to do or say will that that's not really important we really believed that Jesus is all that he says he is to us that we would do anything he says you know my wife and I there are things in my life that that she asked me to do that I probably wouldn't do if it wasn't for her she helps me make sure that I take plenty of showers she make sure there's a lot of good things in my life that I do. Because in my life. And I am grateful I'm so happy to be together with her that it doesn't matter what she asked me to do I trust her that she's not going to ask me anything that's going to be hurtful for me in my life because I know her and it's the same way with Jesus the more intimately we know him the closer become their fellowship and the more that we grow to trust him. So he may know who this guy is. This is a guy by the name of deal Moody now the movie was a shoe salesman as a young man he became a salesman and was working I believe in his uncle's business as he were. To his uncle's business one day he was actually converted and after learning about Jesus he was so set on fire by the gospel is that I've got to go and tell the whole world that he became a pastor he began to preach to be ended fervently working sharing with the world about the gospel. But there is still something missing he does about one day where he was preaching and a guy came out after church and you know how the pastoral stand there was a back door shaking hands the guy came past him pointed out his finger at him and said Next time you speak honor the Holy Spirit he thought what. He said Next time you speak honor the Holy Spirit he went home and he couldn't stop thinking about what the guy in Vienna realized that he was dishonoring the Holy Spirit because he wasn't relying on the Holy Spirit and His ministry was relying on his talents his ability to get things done to preach. And then he had these two ladies. You have these two ladies two who came up to him and they came to him in his meetings there and they were coming up to him afterwards and they said this to him. They said we are praying for you. Well actually before that so I so he's writing in his journal he says rim I remember two women who used to come to my meetings when I began to preach I could tell by the expression of their faces that they were praying for me at the close they would say to me we have been praying for you. I said why don't you pray for the people they answered you need power. I need power I said to myself what I thought I had power I had the largest congregation in Chicago there were some conversions at the time I was in a sense satisfied but right along these two godly women kept praying for me I asked them to come. And talk with me and we got down on our knees they poured out their hearts and I that I might receive the knowing of the Holy Spirit and there came a great hunger in my soul I knew not what it was I began to cry as never before the hunger increased I really felt that I did not want to live any longer if I could not have this power for service I kept on crying all the time that God would fill me with a Holy Spirit. And he tells a story about a day when he was in New York City because I was crying all the time that God would fill me with this Holy Spirit Well one day in the city of New York oh what a day I cannot describe it I seldom refer to it it is almost too sacred an experience to name Paul had an experience of which he never spoke for fourteen years I can only say that God revealed Himself to me and I had such an experience of his love that I had to ask him to stay his hand. Is experiencing as much as was possibly able but with his human nature like we read in that quote I went to preaching again the sermons were not different I did not present any new truth and yet hundreds were converted I would not now be placed back where I was before that blessed experience if you would give me all the world. This is a man who went on to travel the world to preach over one hundred million people they estimate I don't know how to estimate this that US at least a million people were converted through his ministry came to know Jesus. That wouldn't have taken place if he hadn't of recognize a need for something more a need for something greeting the end it had that hunger for the Holy Spirit to come in and fill him in such a way that he recognized the love of God and why I want that want that power for service I want we read at the beginning that. The union between us in crisis to be as much closer as we could possibly comprehend and we have that union we have power. To review and Herald June tenth one nine hundred eighty S. S. It is not because of any restriction on God's part that the riches of His Grace do not flow to men God resists the proud but he gives grace to the humble son as we think of grace as only including mercy but they're two different things and sometimes do a study on Grace we don't have time to look at it right now but it's a fascinating where it's that includes Paul saying I am the least of all the saints but this grace has been given to me that I could preach to the Gentiles and he said I labored more than all of them in first Corinthians fifteen by the grace of God that was in me there's power in the grace of God His gift is God like the quote goes on he gave her the liberality that men do not appreciate because they do not love to receive of all willing to receive all would be filled with the spirit by resting content with small blessings we disqualifier selves for receiving the spirit in its unlimited fullness we are too easily satisfied with a ripple on the surface when it is our privilege to expect the moving of the Spirit of God expecting little we received little you know ten thousand and. I'm not OK with that I'm about you on the hook a with this reality I've seen it too much in my life I expect too little of God you are feeding story twenty you know there really fast is fascinating verse seasons three twenty one that we know well but I actually had somebody come up to me after a youth conference in Germany and tell me I can't believe would you just preach so. Three Verse twenty says now to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think. So I preached about that that God wants to do greater things and that's a principle you see in the Bible it. Matthew or John chapter one when Jesus tells him that they know that he saw him under the fig tree and if they know says What how did you know that he says Do you believe because of this greater things than these That's it that's a principle in the Bible that when we believe the Jews keep showing us bigger and bigger things but this guy came up to me said Will. That's what God could do but how do you know that God will do that. I didn't have a good answer for him at that moment but I should have finished reading the verse. Because it goes on to say this guy was able to do a saving abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that works in. What is the power that works in if the Holy Spirit is the grace of God the Holy Spirit in our hearts when that power is in us the more of that power that we have the more that he they able to do above and beyond what we could ask for think. So this first session is really about expectations it's really about the focus the picture of what God wants to do in our hearts and in our lives God's amazing grace page two twelve this is the heart that is once tasted the love of Christ cries out continually for a deeper draft and as you impart you receive in richer and more abundant measure every revelation of God to the soul increases the capacity to know and to love the continual cry of the heart is more of the ever the spirit's answer is much more. I want that and that I that ever I'm just crying out for more the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit comes when we ask it's through prayer thank you for in the prayer and there's so much power in prayer it comes when we agreed together in prayer Jesus comes right into our me it's prayer is so powerful and that is how we. Going to see that beautiful picture of love like and did that lead him to walk with God for three hundred years final various and job i love this verse in Job Chapter twenty two I believe that this is key to our experiencing surrender of Job Chapter twenty two and verse twenty five actually starting verse twenty four. Says then he will lay your gold in the dust and the gold of the fear among the stones of the brook Yes the Almighty will be your gold and your precious silver you are going to treasure Jesus you're going to treasure the Almighty and he will become your treasure your gold in your silver and then verse twenty six for then you will have your delight in the Almighty and lift up your face to God and my relationship with my wife I'm happy to give up anything that enables us to have a Closer Walk a closer relationship. In my relationship with Jesus I want to more and more experience that where he is such a delight to me and I'm trusting that he's my loving father holding me in my in his arms caring for every part of my life I will gladly surrender absolutely anything to him I remember when my wife and I got engaged she came to my. We we came back we were staying at my parents' house at the time and she she came to where my bedroom was and she said. Exactly you think it's time well yeah it's time we just got engaged we're going to get married she said yeah I don't think it's time that you take that box out of your closet what box were you talking about. That box I mean the one I never opened the one and I never go back there in that part of the closet so yeah but do you really need it we're going to get married. See in the back of the closet I had this little ammunition box that was stuffed full of letters and pictures from an old relationship I don't really care about it for some reason I was still hanging on to it. But the love that I had for Leah made it so easy to get rid of that on the spot I believe that Jesus wants us to so delight in him that it makes surrender something that while it's the most difficult thing in the world becomes the most joyful and the most peaceful thing ever it becomes like a Mackie thirteen forty four where he says the kingdom of heaven is like the man who finds treasure in a field and when he finds that treasure he buries it and then he goes and sells absolutely everything that he has and for joy over it he sells all that he has and goes and buys that field I believe Jesus wants us to have that experience let's just take some time maybe just silent prayer time just ask that Jesus would fill us with more of His Holy Spirit because that's what we really need we need to be filled with more of the Holy Spirit Let's pray together. Father in heaven here we are. So often Lloyd we forget your incredible love for us but I pray just now on the silence of this prayer time as we cry out to you for more a deeper revelation of your love to the power of your Holy Spirit that you would lead us to believe you have things which I has not seen and your has not heard for us to walk with you here in as we seek more of your Holy Spirit. Thank you Patty that's a prayer that you are longing to answer. Lead us to a thorough consciousness of your life to lead us to humble dependence of the mind that will enable you to fill and. We pray this. Because. This media was brought to you by audio. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. You would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W dot. Org.


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