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No Nonessentials

Andrew Carpenter


Every talent is important.



  • June 24, 2017
    9:30 AM


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Gracious Lord. We're here gathered this morning before you. We pray Lord for the forgiveness of our sins. We asked the Lord that there will be nothing between you and says we are together this morning we pray for the presence of your Holy Spirit that He will speak to our hearts. Yes these things and name of Jesus. The title for this morning is. Non essential. What I've discovered as a teacher is one of the worst questions you can ask a senior in high school is where are you going to college. And it only gets worse when it's followed up with what are you going to study. And I found this to be a question that seniors dread because many of them don't know in fact just yesterday I was talking to a young person here and I was asking how old are you and they were telling me they said they were going to be a senior and I said Have people started asking yet and he's like asking what where you going to school and what are you going to study Yes and I was like So here comes do you know and actually he had some ideas but still it was kind of up in the air. And when it comes to Christianity a lot of times as Christian young people we want to know what is God's will for my life what am I supposed to do that's a question that comes up a lot and a lot of times we're waiting for the lightning bolt to come from heaven and to strike us and to reveal to us exactly what it is. This morning I'm here to share with you that the lightning bolt has come from heaven it's here it's given it to us it's just a matter of accepting. What it is that God has called us to do and it's interesting in the Christian world today we have kind of compartmentalize life we have our spiritual life and then we have our secular life and this started a long time ago as Christianity began to separate the clergy and the laity right you have those who are in the ministry and then you have the lay people. And we've begun to compartmentalize our lives because we have our spiritual activities and then we have our secular activities not so much that the secular activities are immoral but just that we've begun to separate how we understand how we live our life this is my spiritual life at this time and this is my secular life at this time the other thing we've begun to experience in today's culture is that if I'm going to be an intellectual if I'm going to be in the intellectual world that is the secular part of the world my higher education sometimes takes place because of the courses that we want to study in the secular intellectual realm of the world and then I have the private sector of my life which is the spiritual part of what I do. And so when we're trying to figure out what is God's call for my life sometimes young people are like I know I want to work for God but a lot of times we think that means one of three things I need to be a teacher I need to be a pastor or I need to be a doctor. Right. And maybe that's not something that we're interested in a man would what is the Lord want me to do and so then we begin to face the struggle and then on top. That we begin to wonder is what I'm doing is that really essential. To what God has in store I want to share with you this morning there are no non essentials every single one of us has been called to do something for the Lord. Every single one of us first Peter to nine says but you are a chosen What do you know you are a chosen generation a royal priesthood a holy nation his own special what. People. That you may proclaim the praises of him who called you out of darkness and in to his marvelous was. Light you are a royal priesthood the priesthood of all believers right something that had started to get lost in history and then we had the Reformation and it comes back we're all to be a part of this but I think we've begun to lose it again. So this morning there's three things I want to realize first I want to realize God's will for our life. Which is eternal life. Second to understand that his will for our life is to tell others. About that. And then thirdly. That God when we commit ourselves to him makes himself responsible for the success of the work that he's called us to. God will make himself responsible turning your Bibles to John chapter six this is where I want to begin the calling. The calling what is God's will for my life. John chapter six popular story feeding of the five thousand. We know the story well John chapter six will start in verse two A says than a great multitude followed him because they saw the signs which he had performed on those who were diseased So first of all we see people are following Jesus because of what he's doing they're being healed they're seeing these miraculous things and so they're following him and five thousand have gathered and it comes to the time of day where the people are hungry and the disciples come to Jesus what are we going to do. And we know the story right Jesus feeds five thousand people with just a small lunch from a young boy. But there's something interesting that happens the part of this story that really caught my attention was John chapter six verses fourteen and fifteen. After they had seen what had happened. It says then those men when they had seen the sign that Jesus did this feed of the five thousand this is what they said this is truly the prophet who has come into the world so these guys said we recognize the signs we've studied the prophecy we understand what is supposed to happen and this guy's got to be it. But then something else interesting happens look at verse fifteen. It says Therefore when Jesus perceived that they were about to come and take him by force to make him king he departed again to the mountain by himself alone. And this is the part of the story that caught my attention I didn't understand this at first why would somebody want to force Jesus. Yes to be king if you understand the prophecy if you understand who the prophet is who is to come into the world why are they forcing him to become king. And then why is he running from it. And I thought about this for a second and then I thought about the context of the story. You see this is a group of people who had a lot of trouble for the past four hundred years since leaving Babylon they had really been their own people they had always been ruled by someone else and currently the Jews are being ruled by the Romans and so they studied the prophecies diligently of a Savior that was going to come of a Savior that was going to set up a kingdom of a Savior that was going to free them from oppression and Jesus fit their expectation perfectly. No one better to free them from the Romans than someone who could lead a multitude of people somebody who could feed an army. And someone who could heal an army. What better Savior could there be. For Jesus Sure why not all go into battle because if I get her guess what. He just he'll you. You right. Other things our armies face. What decimation Army food and water right when you move an army you've got to go from food source to food source water source to water source Hey man this was just a little lunch and he fed five thousand this is perfect. He's going to feed the army. Jesus fit their expectation perfectly. He was their perfect. Messiah. And they said let's not waste any time let's make him King right now let's get the party started and let's finish this. Now here's what I want you to do take a moment. Think of your greatest prayer request that's on your heart right now. Take a minute and think about what is what is the prairie quest that lays upon your heart the most right now. Once you've got to hang on to a farm and tell you what to do it. You got it. Got the prayer request. Now I want to talk for a moment about story of the paralytic I'm in the story. He's put he can't walk in His friends take him and they they they take the roof off of a house and they lower him before Jesus what do you think that paralytics. Most essential prayer request at that time is. I want to walk again right I want to move I want to have life. And here is friends they take him and they lower him before Jesus now they have a prayer request as if they're. And as they lower him he looks at Jesus and this is what Jesus says Your sins are forgiven. What if you brought your prayer requests before the Lord and the words you heard were your sins are forgiven. My response is Well thank you Lord but can we get on to the rest of it. Right hold on what I think you missed if my friend is sick. Yes thank you that's very nice I know that I'm a sinner but let's move on. It kind of stings a little bit maybe I don't know maybe maybe you're a little bit more spiritually mature than myself. But think about you bring your greatest prayer requests before Jesus and looks at you and says Your sins are forgiven thank you but that's not what I was expecting or asking for. Lord I think you missed the requests I don't need forgiveness of sins right now what I need is to walk again. Now to Jesus heal him. Absolutely but the first thing he did was he healed spiritually. Sometimes we come to Jesus or we see Jesus and we have the expectation of this is what God this is what I want this is why this is my prayer requests the people of Israel this was it God's will for our life is to be free to be our own nation again to be a mighty nation. And Jesus fit exactly what they were expecting. But if you read the rest of John chapter six what they get is completely different and by the time you get to the end of John chapter six. What do most of his disciples do. They leave. Go to the end. Jesus gives us this bread of life sermon We'll get to it in a second but I want you to see what happens at the end of what Jesus shares with them. In verse sixty one after Jesus has told them that he's calm that he's come in the flesh that he's come to be their Savior. In verse sixty one says when Jesus knew in himself that his disciples complained about this that they complained that he said I'm going I have come from heaven you've got to partake of me. They've come they've complained about this and he said to them does this. Offend you when Jesus doesn't meet your expectations that you've laid out for him does it offend us. Lord but my family member is still sick. What if that was his answer to the roof the prayer request of someone in your life that's that's passing. Right. And he says this is a fin you. And they're struggling with this a verse sixty two it says what then if you should see the Son of Man ascend where he was before it is the Spirit who gives life the flesh profits nothing the words that I speak to you are spirit and they are what life. But there are some of you who do not believe for Jesus knew from the beginning who they were who did not believe in who would betray him sixty five and and he said therefore I have said to you that no one can come to me unless it has been granted to him by the father. Now here it is for sixty six from that time many of his disciples went back and walked with him. No more. Isn't that interesting. When they realized that Jesus wasn't there. To fit their expectation they turned and walked with Jesus no more. Isn't that interesting. What was it. That was offensive to them. Go back in the story go back to. Verse thirty eight John chapter six verse thirty eight. After Jesus frees the five thousand and they go to. Make him king by force he then retreats he's like their common this isn't good for them. And he goes the other side but they follow him and they find him the next day and when they find him the next day they're looking for the food again and Jesus like you're just looking for me because I filled your belly you need to work for something more you need to be searching for something greater You need to be looking for something that will last not just something for here and now how short sighted is that of me to want it now. He says I'm trying to offer you the bread of life for turn it. And so they have all these questions Look at verse thirty eight. He says for I have come down from heaven not to do my own will but the will of Him who sent me. Now here it is with some people are wondering what is it what is the essential call that God has for my life you're about to see it and verses thirty nine and forty he says this is the will of the Father who sent me that of all he has given me I should lose nothing but should raise it up in the last day verse forty and this is the will of Him who sent me that everyone who sees the Son of Man and believes in Him may have what. Ever lasting life so you ask the question what is God's will for my life understand first and foremost he is calling you into heaven with him. He is calling you to ever lasting life if you ever sit down and say what is God's will for my life I know that he is calling you. And you look at this and say oh oh what is everlasting life I need a definition Jesus gives us a red letter words that give us the definition of eternal life if you go to John Chapter seventeen verse three there are. It is defined from the mouth of Jesus Christ John seventeen three and this is eternal life that they may know capital you. The true God. And Jesus Christ whom you have sent. His will for your life first is to know Jesus. To have a personal relationship with the savior. That is his call for your life to be with him to believe in Him and accept the sacrifice that has been offered for you. So if you're sitting there and wondering what am I supposed to do for the Lord I'm supposed to be a part of this royal priesthood First we must understand. That Jesus is our savior if you don't start there everything else will fall apart when I listen to seniors want to know what is it that I'm supposed to do with my life we can't even start the conversation about what God wants for them if they haven't accepted Jesus. Because if you haven't accepted. And believed you won't want what he's going to set before you. Sometimes when we ask that question really what we're saying is I'm lost in this world and I want to find a direction I want somebody to show me where I'm supposed to go and we're trying to do it on our own will to fit our own expectations and Jesus is trying to say I'm here I've laid it out for you I want you. But we're trying to. Do it on our own Well Lord that's great I would love I would love to be you know and this but I would really love to make more money. Lord that sounds really cool you know I get that but I would rather do it this way. This is what offended. Those leaders was the fact that their expectation was not met by Jesus first of all we must come to realize that Jesus has called us to eternal life with him he's called us into a personal relationship with him when you start that relationship everything else begins to fall into place as you get to know him and it's interesting if you go back to the end of the story after most of the disciples leave him in verse sixty seven Jesus then turns to the twelve and he says Do you also want to go away and I love this first sixty eight this is what Peter says. Chapter six verse sixty eight he says Lord. Lord to whom shall we go. You have the words of eternal life. There's nowhere else to go. We've been searching and we understand that you have the words to eternal life. You have the key the key is in jesus us. We must understand that Jesus is our bread of life Jesus is the living water Jesus is the one who has done it for us. We must first except Jesus God's will the first part is accepting. Jesus and what he has offered. First Thessalonians verse chapter four verse three says and this is the will of the Father also and this goes along with it that you may be sanctified. And in accepting Jesus he says you need to be sanctified because sin hurts you because sin hurts others. And so I'm calling you out of sin I'm calling you out of these destructive thing. This is God's will for our lives. The next part is pretty simple. After we've accepted what Christ has done what he's here to offer and said you know what not my will but your will then is very simple Matthew twenty a right turn there go to Matthew chapter twenty eight you've probably memorized this at some point in your life the very end of Matthew. These are the instructions. These are the instructions that Jesus gives. Matthew twenty eight verses nineteen and twenty Go therefore and make one. Disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things that you have that I have commanded you and lo I am with you always even to the end of the. Even to the end of the age well here it is I got to teach and I got a baptized these are descriptions of been in the ministry which means pastor teacher medical missionary. So he says I've called you into this relationship I've called you to believe in me and now I'm calling you to tell other people to lead them to. To me. But I want you to understand the most affective way that Jesus has for you. To answer the call and His will for your life the most effective way there's a story go to Luke Luke Mark Mark Chapter five. There's a story in March after five in a storm of a woman. And this woman has had some medical issues and she's been all over looking for doctors to heal her. Of what has been plaguing her and she has looked everywhere high and low all the room and he's everywhere nothing has worked. And she has one last idea. If I can just touch. The Robe of Jesus now you might be thinking one the world does this have to do with telling other people about Jesus someone getting him just wait. And we know how the story goes right. She sees Jesus walking as Jesus is walking she's in the crowd she's trying to be discreet she doesn't want anybody to know and so she she she gets in there and she walks up to him and she reaches out and just touches. The Robe of Jesus. And that's it she's healed. And so I imagine that she's quietly and discreetly trying to sink back into the crowd. Not trying to be seen not trying to make a big deal but then. Then Jesus stops and says Who touched me I was I well Jesus there's a lot of people around you I'm pretty sure a lot of people touch you. And he says no no no. Somebody somebody touched me he felt the power leave him. And so he stops everything. And I don't know what type of personality you have some people have a type of personality where they like look I don't want to be seen I won't be hurt I just want to do my thing and I want to leave and I imagine that's the way this woman is right I want to make a big deal just thank you Jesus and she's grateful. But Jesus stopped everything imagine her face is probably turning red because now he's making a big deal about it. And we know the words that he says to her verse thirty four march up to five or thirty four and thirty four and he said to her daughter your faith has made you well go in peace and be healed of your affliction Wow What wonderful words are I. Desire of ages says something phenomenal about this and about what God has called us to in our lives. Here's what it says after healing the woman Jesus desired her to acknowledge the blessing she had received after she had received the bread of life after she had believed in Jesus after she had accepted Jesus he wanted her to acknowledge it. Look at this as the gifts which the gospel offers are not to be secured by stealth or enjoyed in secret so the Lord calls upon us for confession of his goodness Isaiah forty three twelve says you are my witnesses says the Lord that I am God and you're wondering what is this talking about this keep reading look at this. Our confession of his faithfulness is Heaven's chosen agency for revealing Christ to the world. We are to acknowledge his grace as made known through the holy men of old Notice as we are to acknowledge his grace as made known to the holy men of old but that which will be the most effective I'm going to say it again in case you message is says that which is to be the most of fact of is the testimony of our own experience it's. I think you missed it let me say it again that which will be the most of fact two. Is the testimony of our own experience once we've accepted Jesus if you want to know what's my call what am I supposed to do what is Jesus expecting of me how my supposed to be effective I'm not a preacher I'm not a doctor I'm not good at teaching is simple it's not complicated it's Easy Share your story. Sometimes the Bible is so simple it's absurd sometimes it's so simple we don't even want to do it what defend the water seven times no that's easy. Share my testimony what you mean I don't have to start a program hold eventually six years baptized fifty people know share your. Testimony and it doesn't matter what your vocation is it doesn't matter whether you're in high school whether you're in college whether you're doing a graduate degree whether you're an engineer whether you're a pastor a teacher a pilot you can still share your testimony and it is the most affective way. Keep reading here says we are witnesses for God as we reveal and ourselves the working of a power that is divine here's why this is so affective ever. Individual has a life distinct from all others. And in experience differing essentially from there's these precious acknowledgement to the praise of the glory of His grace when supported by Christ like wife have in year resistible power that works for the salvation of soul. Why is it so affected because it is unique to you your story is not my story. It's your story and there's someone else out there who doesn't relate to me but Bill relate to you. They have a similar struggle and the Lord is saying you have a unique experience with me and I want you to share that with people. First accept Him as your savior as the bread of life except the everlasting life the relationship with Jesus number to share it with people the most affective way is just sharing your testimony in your church at work wow my supposed to do it at work. I was at a church doing a seminar with with my wife and a guy came up he said this is great he said every. Every lunch break. My coworkers are curious why do I believe what I believe and so when we come in at lunch we all sit down and I get out my Bible and we just talk and I just share what Jesus has done for me. Because he lives his life in a certain way they look and they say that's kind of odd Why do you do that you have to tell me more. You can't work from sundown to sundown this is strange you don't use certain words you eat a certain diet this is weird TELL ME MORE. Near happy you're smiling I don't get it. Tell me. The most effective way. And so Jesus understood. In all that he was doing he stopped this woman so that she could share her testimony. About what God had done for her. And then the last part when we when we commit to him he makes himself responsible. For the success. That will take place go to Matthew chapter twenty five. Matthew chapter twenty five Matthew twenty four and twenty five are interesting to me and this is why. Matthew twenty four four of the bible scholars out there what does this book predominantly about or this chapter and what do we. Talk about where signs of the times right signs of the Jesus is coming again the destruction ones are going to happen or well here it is all the craziness is going to happen it will be like in the days of Noah they're going to be so wicked you can believe it. But the story doesn't end there because there is a lot of time that will pass between the words that were spoken in Matthew chapter twenty four and the second coming of Jesus. And so Matthew chapter twenty five reveals to us what am I supposed to be doing in the mean time. I get it the signs are here. It's been one hundred and whatever years since eight hundred forty four What am I supposed to be doing. That Matthew chapter twenty five and you can even go back to Matthew chapter twenty four verse forty five where in verse forty four it says Therefore you also be ready for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect in this interesting be ready and a lot of times we talk about this is I be ready OK I give my life right and I'm not downplaying Yes your sanctification right that's part of his will but there's more to being ready. There's something to do. Not just for my life but for others because if you can start in verse forty five it talks about a faithful and an unfaithful servant and if you look at this Jesus is coming again there will be faithful and there will be unfaithful Jesus is coming again and then we get the parable of the virgins there will be those who have received the Holy Spirit who hung on to the Holy Spirit who have planned ahead. And there will be those who. Have not. We need to be searching praying for the Holy Spirit right ready for the bridegroom OK. And then we get to the parable of the talents. Now. Your faithful servant. Now you've got the Holy Spirit. Now I have given you a specific talent a specific gift that is going to be the avenue through which you share the experience of accepting Jesus into your life. And that's the parable of the talents. You have something to do he's given you the talent the question is are you going to bury it or are you going to my. Multiply what God has given you. And all of us just like our testimony have a unique talent that is special just for you it is a maybe maybe it's cooking. I praise God every day that my wife's talent is cooking. Every day so. Maybe it's connected I was just talking to someone the other day there they do baking on You Tube. And they make a living doing that I know you could anyone they do well at it and they're doing the health stuff on You Tube That's their power. Their sharing their talent their experience with Jesus. Some people are entrepreneurs. Some people work well with their hands sometimes we look at certain vocations and like well that's not really you know when we talk about non essentials. One of the people I admire the most in my life is a man who is the plant manager at the school that I work at. He is one of the most essential part of what we do at school is he up front leading the worship no is he making the decisions and moving the school forward with the vision of curriculum now. But every day he make sure that the gates are open but the lights are on but the locks are fixed. But the garden is growing. But the lawn is mowed. But the fire extinguishers are up to date. When something needs to be built he builds it when we need to remodel a classroom or a music room so that we can start an orchestra he does it. One of the greatest ministries I think Gabriel Academy is someone who you probably would never even know existed. But that's how God has led him and there are students every time we go on a mission trips they just they just pack his truck Everybody's Fine I want to sit with him and for ten hours on the road they just sit there and they talk and they laugh and he shares his testimony with students. Because that's the talent that God has given him and you might ask yourself well I'm worried it's stressful I want to share something with you here. About the Talons this is what a says and crisis object lesson. When we give ourselves wholly to God and in our work follow his direction here it is. When we give ourselves and follow His direction. He makes himself responsible. He said again he makes himself responsible. For its accomplishment. I think you might have misses someone to read this sentence one more time when we give ourselves wholly to God and in our work follow his directions he makes himself responsible for its accomplishment he would not have us conjecture as to the success of our honest endeavors don't question and don't wonder is this going to be a success he says don't even question it I'm going to make myself responsible not once should we think of failure we are to cooperate with the one who knows no failure is that encouraging. When we commit when we give ourselves wholly to him You are not responsible now that might be difficult for some of us. I get it. It's difficult for me sometimes to. But when you give it to him he makes himself responsible for the success and look at this she keeps going to says we should not talk of our own weakness and inability this is a manifest distrust of God and the nihil of his word when we murmur because of our burdens or refuse or responsibility he calls upon us to bear we are virtually saying that he is a hard master and that he requires what he has not given us power to do now that's either the best thing we've ever heard or the worst thing we've ever heard. The best thing because now we don't have an excuse for anything but success and the worst thing because now we don't have an excuse for anything but success. Because Jesus says give it to me Don't worry about tomorrow. No need. Here's today this is what I've called you to. Share it with people because Matthew chapter twenty five ends with the litmus test of what we should be doing until Jesus comes again we should be faithful servants we should have that Holy Spirit we should have our lamps trimmed and burning we should be using our talents. That he has given us and why should we be using it we should be using it for people. Who Say it again we should be using it for people because that's what Matthew chapter twenty five ins with look and verse thirty three this is what he says and he will set the sheep on his right hand but the goats on his left then the king will say to those on his right hand come you blessed of my Father inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me food Who's that about people I was thirsty and you gave me drink lose that about people I was a stranger and you took me in who is that about. People I was naked and you clothed me who's that about. Ok people I. I was sick and you visited me who's out about people I was in prison and you came to me who's that about people. When you did when did when did you and then the last when did you when we did when we do this when were you naked when we clothed you. Says you did it on to the least of these you've done it. On to me. Because the gospel is about. People. Because the calling that God has given you and your life is about. People. The testimony that he's given you he's given you to share with. People. The gospel is about people if you can use the law to heal people were in trouble. If you can't use the prophecy to bring light to people were in trouble. If this isn't about. People. We've already started off on the right foot wrong foot. So when you sit there and I Man and what I is what I'm doing essential The answer is yes you are essential to the kingdom of God You are essential to hastening the second coming through the tester. Mourning that God has given you when you accept him when you receive Him This is the Bread of Life I exit now my expectations Lord your expectations he reveals to you that testimony when he brings healing into your life he says now I want you to share that with someone else I've given you a talent this is your skill do it through what I have blessed you with don't try to do it the way someone else does it do it the way I have blessed you share that with people multiply that talent for people be a faithful servant for people have the Holy Spirit so you can bless people. Because in the end the gospel is about people and as long as it's about people there are no essentials. Because each one of us has a unique way to connect with people. He's called. He's called you to everlasting life. He's called you with a testimony and says I've forgiven you this is it. And then he says this is the talent I want you to share it with people sometimes the hardest thing in the US is to accept the fact that you know what he might call me. To be the person who gets really not a lot of recognition in the story maybe I'm just the person who pulls the the roof apart. And lowers him down we don't know their names we don't know anything about him we know they were good guys recognition. Maybe he's just called us to be that person in the scenes when we talk about the body of Christ how many of us want to be the big toe. Well you know if I can be the bicep or something that because. Both are the big toe you can't balance. Something so small and so seems so in consequential. Is so vital to being able to operate efficiently it's crammed an issue. It is not glamorous nobody wants to see it. But it's vital it's essential. There is no non essential. And so this morning. My prayer for us is to recognize the Jesus is the Bread of Life that has come to give us everlasting life he's come to offer and open his arms to the relationship that he desires to have with you. And as he does that he's come to heal you he's come to give you a testimony because he knows the most effective way is for you to share your testimony and he's given you a talent I don't know what it is. But he's given you a talent and he says here it is there's the lightning bolt it's here it's come Jesus testimony Sherri. Very simple some people I mean I can't wait to finish school because then I can into the ministry if you're waiting to finish school to enter the ministry you're already you're already missing it. He's called to do it right now he's called to do it today he didn't say finish school and then start the ministry he said hey look you're an eighth grade star now. So I tell students people like young people finish the work I'm thirty one no one listens to me anymore. So if I went home on the governor we have to listen to you what you do kind of but you expect me to say it right you expect me to say Jesus loves you I've been teaching now for seven years if I don't say it it's weird but when you say it when an eighth grader says it when someone young who's not supposed to say when they said that get someone's attention. That's the. Weakness of what God has called us to. So I encourage you as you go home today as you as you think about what God has called you to. What's the town to accept him. To ask him what is the testimony that you want me to share. And then look at your talents how is it that you want me to share so that I can invest in people. Let's pray. Heavenly Father we thank you for. The testimonies that you given to us and Lord there might be some of us here who are not sure about what our testimony is but the good news is that's exactly where we need to be because you're waiting to reveal to us maybe there's some of us here who haven't accepted you as the bread of life here but that's OK because that's exactly where you want to says that we can accept you know I don't know in my town tis learn but you want to reveal it. So I pray this morning or that your view of those things to those who have questions that they do have questions that you'll guide them to someone who can give them counseling wisdom that we may use these gifts in the time as we wait as we hasten your second coming or to invest in people. We thank you and we love you ask all these things in your name in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about your first point if you would like to listen to more service leader Visit W W W. Or.


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