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No Trial Wasted

Carissa McSherry


Carissa McSherry

Student at Loma Linda University.



  • September 23, 2017
    10:00 AM
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How me Father God Lord we are so privileged to be here on your beautiful five a day Lord I just want to thank you for my brothers and sisters here Father we are here to learn from your word to receive a message from you father I just pray May your Holy Spirit speak may Jesus and Jesus along be lifted up we thank you we pray in Jesus' name. For his time with me in your Bible so Hebrews hubris Chapter twelve. We are in the book of Hebrews and this morning we'll be considering our theme tact found in Huber Chapter twelve vs five and six Hebrews Chapter twelve beginning in verse line. In the Bible stand and you have for go on the acts or teaching which speaks to you as to sons my sign do not despise the chastening of the Lord nor be discouraged when you are rebuked by him for whom the Lord loves He chastens and scourge of every son whom he receives jump with me now to a verse eleven. Now no cheese I mean seems to be joyful for the present but painful nevertheless afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been Watts train their body notice with me does it say that everyone will experience the peaceable for it's a righteousness. It doesn't all of us who will risk the events those who have been trained by if it's you see two of us could go through the same trial one receive a blessing and one not. If I grit my teeth and I will bear this trial out I will lose my blessing where I live if I say it Lord I want to be trained through this trial Lord change my character Lord guided me through the trial when we are training their bond that is when we were seen in the blessing is that clear from this passage this morning. Continuing now to further reiterate this point we are in James Chapter one. James Chapter one. And we are going to be looking out verses two through four. James chapter one and verse two. The Bible says as my brother and counted all joy when you fall into various trials now how many of you count it all joy naturally when you fall in the trial. When that person cuts you off on the freeway when you stub your toe on the side of the bad does it naturally come forth from us all think you do. By the grace of God or are you afraid of fellow but that is what we are encouraging counsel here again we are told my brother count it all joy when you fall into various trials verse three knowing that the testing of your faith produces Watts. Light your patience have its perfect work that you may be perfect and complete lacking not your patients needs to have its perfect What's its perfect work if I just sit there and I'm getting my teeth there I'm just going to make it happen am I going to experience the blessing of the trial. You know it is only when I allow that trial to work out perfect work in me it is only when I can look at that trial and say Lord I am going to choose to rejoice that is when the trial can bring a lasting change in My Lai. If I clear this morning it is when we again turn to go on and allow God to take that trial and turn it into. This morning we are going to be considering together five ways that we can either despise the chase I mean as Paul put it or as I will share today lose the blessing of the trial five ways in which we might be tempted to lose the blessing of the trial and how we can again experience the victory in crying the first way in which we often lose the blessing of the trial is when we murmur at the trial. Is it easy for us to murmur. How often we look at the Israelites of all when we think why were you thinking. Do you not realize that God brought you through that read three do you not realize that he is pouring down manna from heaven do you know I feel the way that God is providing for you and yet you are questioning hell and yet you are saying God where are you God to be better for us to die. Or maybe we consider the story of a lie just. A man again of great faith and there he stood of fearless defender of the truth there he stood on the mounts and he called down by the grace of God fire from have and he sees the prophets of bail slaughtered before hand. This great man of faith that knew the rain would come though he only saw the drought. And yeah it's just a couple days later he is Iranian for his life from an angry woman how does a man Goldman mean this incredible man of fame for him to running for his life terrified of a human being. And we look at these examples and we say how is that possible I would never do that there's no one I. And yet then we find ourself in the longest line possible at the grocery store. Or we find ourselves cut off in traffic or we find our south facing our boards or those final exams and and there we are saying Lord it's enough just let me know I. Learned I can't do it anymore. For a trial so much lies that we are willing to die. Do we murmur as the trial some times you've heard it said before somewhat humorously if you pray for patients expect a way. You have prayed for patients and then every single car on the freeway cuts you off. You pray. To have a deeper love for others and then your heart is broken. You pray for these experiences and then it seems to go all wrong and you think God why God doesn't make sense that's not what was supposed to happen and yet you see it is often indeed through the trial it's out that God is answering our crown. It is through the trial that God is giving us that opportunity to grow. And the book ministry of healing we read it this way. She sent. Each one have a personal battle to find it's not even gone can make our characters noble or our lives useful in less we become Co-workers with. Those who decline this struggle lose the strength and joy of victory. Today do you want to experience the strength and joy of victory. But you see it comes to the trial if you just find out more. But now it is with me it is not even God can make our character characters noble in line so we become Co-workers with him. And this is not a work we do in and of ourselves we can not in and of ourselves go through a trial praising God for it that is not natural it has to be God doing and not work and. The Libyans Chapter two tells us work out your own salvation with fear and trembling sounds like a Jonathan Edwards sermon doesn't monts sinners in the hands of an angry God work it out do it yourself but I pray you gone for the second verse that adds the clarification we mean for it is God. For it is God who works in you both to will and to do you know according to HIS good pleasure you see I can not in and of myself were fused to murmur at the trial. Wants I can choose to align my will with God and ask God God work it within me God give me the power give me the grace as you have promised So again the first way we can lose that. Is when we murmur at the trial. The second way that we can lose a blessing is and we think no good can come from. Have you been there before. Nothing good can possibly come from this situation you may wonder how something good can come from losing your job you may think how can something good come from Till death do us part Indian by the other woman you may think somehow what good can come from a young life being taken far too soon what good can come. You see they were afraid they were trembling afraid for their very lives. And there they stood before their brother their father had just passed away and now nothing stood between them not being could protect them from their brothers raw. And as they pleaded before Joseph they say Joseph please don't kill us. And Joseph size and my God. I do not stand in place of God before you and in fact this man of faith could say in Genesis fifty and verse twenty but as for you you meant evil against me but gone meant it for go ahead in order to bring it about as it is this day to save many people. You see to Joseph have a difficult experience. Being taken Mum the only parent the one he loves so do you plea and there he is now treated as a slave chained to bound there he is being accused of horrible things he had never committed and there he is knowing that they're all of his life he would never see his father again and yet by faith at the end of his life he could say you meant it for bad but God turned it for good. It is because of that painful situation that Joseph was been able to save his family through the famine and that Joseph was able to save. Thousands and millions more you see you meant it for bad but God turned it to go. Can God do the same thing in our lives. When we see those situations we think nothing good and God says you have no clue yet just do you weigh in. Isaiah fifty five reminds of God says My thoughts are higher than your thoughts and my ways are higher then your way is God's plans for ours are so much greater than we can continuing in Romans chapter eight and verse twenty eight let's turn there together it's a familiar taxed but it's one worthy of contemplation Romans chapter eight and we are looking at verse twenty. Romans eight and verse twenty eight in the Bible says and we know that all things work together for good to those who love go to those who are called according to His purpose. Notice with me here does THE BIBLE say that all things are good. And I do bad things happen absolutely but here in this Bible verse we can claim the promise that even those bad things all thing can work together. If we allow it God will take the broken pieces of our life and turn it into something beautiful. God can take all things together for good you see sometimes we focus so closely on the trial that we lose the blessing of the journey. There's a woman by the name of Corrie Ten Boom I recently read her book entitled The hiding places I would read that book before I would highly encourage it incredibly inspirational book and I was reading one quote in particular stood out to me actually let me give you a little background of her first Corrie ten mil per family was hiding Jews during World War two They were be training turned into the Gestapo and there they are in concentration camps where her elderly father and her sister die. How would you feel in that situation. Do you think there might be some bitterness and pain. And yet even in that experience Corrie Ten Boom penned these words every experience God gives us every person he puts in our path is the perfect preparation for the future that only God can see every experience God gives every person who puts and our power is perfect preparation for the future only God can see and she believed those words by faith. The third way that we can lose our blessings is when we do not earnestly seek to grow there. We lose our blessing will you not earnestly seek to grow there by. Day after day after day they were be they were thrown in prison they were in abject poverty slaves to a cruel nation while their deliverer sat in the wilderness watching she forty years day after day after day of captivity law I was passing away in this situation and yet Moses sat there babysitting sheep. Might we look at that situation and say forty wasted years. How many more years of prosperity and joy could they not have experience. And yet you seem most of us did not sit there looking at his watch are we there yet low or are we almost down. Rather the preparation that Moses needed in order to become the deliver could only be found in forty years of watching. It was through that day in and day out experiences that Moses was being trained for the mission I have. And it is the same for us today. Sometimes when we are doing mundane tasks and life we might think is there anything good a mess. Or anything good come from this and yet that might be the very training we need for the future plans that God has before. Turning your Bibles to full Libyan's we are in flippin chapter one full Libyans. Chapter one and we are going to be considering verse six flipping in chapter one and verse six I think this is a favorite Bible verse for many student. Libyans chapter one and verse six. The Bible Science. Being confident of this very thing that Hugh has been gone a good work in you will complete it and till the day of Jesus Christ. Do you believe that promise very. I am so they feel that the God who began this race the author is both the author and the finisher the one who began is the one who will complete ahead but you see it's easy for us to use this verse out of context is it not. The one who brought me to med school is the one who will take me through it. The one who brought me to dentistry is the one who will take me through the one that brought me to Loma Linda the one but is that what the Bible verse that says what the Bible says Being confident of this very thing that he who began the good work where in yellow will be faithful to complete it that ending is not guaranteed it is not saying that he who brought you to med school will be faithful to make you AIDS all of your exams in med school that is not with the text that. Rather he has become the good work in you will be faithful to complete it God sees through different eyes than our own. Maybe we were called to come here not for the degree but for the student sitting next to us that God wants us to encourage. Maybe God brought us here again not for the degree not for the pursuit. But for the classmate that is struggling in their faith and that you can witness and share your journey away. You see God's eyes are very different than our own. God is promising that he will continue that good work and fourth. We lose the blessing when we doubt if we are a child of God. We lose the blessing when we dowe if we are a child of God Have you ever doubted. You face a trial you face an obstacle and then you keep hitting it over and over and over again and you're saying God if you love me why are these things happening to me God if you brought me here why is it so hard and yet I think of the story of a man. Who lost all of his belongings a man whose children were killed a man whose servants were slaughtered a man whose own wife came to him and said you might as well curse God and die because you say that man had a lot to complain about and you see we can look at the story of Job and we can say well there is a whole great controversy going on and having faith in with A.Q. than God will guide you only bless him let me show you what he would be like if you cursed him. We know that there was a behind the scenes story do we knocked. To Job No not no. He did not know that the character of God was being proven. Through his faith or lack thereof and yet in the big picture that is what is occurring in every single one of our lives here as well just because the trial comes does not mean we are not a child in fact considering Hebrews twelve who does the father chasten. The son anyone can balance the cup of black. But only the faithful can be entrusted with the cup of suffering ministry of healing page four seventy. She tells us many who sincerely consecrate their lives to God's service are surprised and disappointed to find themselves as never before confronted by obstacles and be sad trials and perplexity. Sound familiar to anyone. You surrender all to God you say OK God I want to be faithful to you and suddenly your life becomes rather difficult. Suddenly you find yourself losing your temper more or struggling with patience or whatever your situation may be. She continues. They pray for a Christ like this of character for a fitness for the Lord's work and they are placed in circumstances which seem to call for all the evil of their nature. Faults are revealed of which they did not even so this fact they exist like Israel of old they question if God is leading us why do all these things come upon us but she reiterated it is because God is leading them that all these things come upon the trials and obstacles are the Lord's chosen method of discipline and here's a pointed condition of success. Who reads the hearts of men knows their characters better than they know themselves. He sees that some have powers and susceptibility is a way which if rightly directed might be use in the advancement of his work and his providence he brings these persons in a different positions and varied circumstances that they may discover in their carriage of the defects which have been concealed from their knowledge he gives them an opportunity to correct these defects and to fit themselves for his service and now as we close this passage she says often he permits the fires of affliction to assail them that they may be purified the fact that we are called upon to endure trials showed that the Lord Jesus even us something precious which he desires to involve. Beautiful words. And I think we can all relate to that struggle. The fact that we go through these challenges just prove that you are a child now God. And that God is going to continue to work in your life. As I mentioned I'm from Northern California and my parents have a small garden and we have horses and chickens and all those fun creatures and my goal is to be a little better at gardening over the next couple of years here at Loma Linda. Now let's say that I go out to my garden and then about to prune some of the trees or bushes or whatever I need to prune and and I walking out to the garden I notice that right in the middle of my plot of land is this massive we. When I walk over to that we need well I begin to generally prune the leaves. Now what am I going to do with that weed. I'm going to yank it out by the roots of my knots do I care about the feeling of that we. Know much. I want to go on ad day right. But do I care about the tomato plant certainly. And you say that's how God works in our lives too. It is because you are being pruned that you can know God loves you you're not a we that he's seeking a pole out and destroy he loves you and that's why you've given us the opportunity to grow and to become more like. Lastly point fine we lose the blessing when we think we can never overcome the trial. We lose the blessing we think we cannot possibly overcome you see like Lot's wife of old we are so focused on the pain that we freeze in our path she turned around and looked instead of moving forward and she froze in her past. And so too we can do the saying When God is calling us instead to go forward. To I mean your bible says to John Chapter five we're going to be looking at this from the example of cries from one of his healing acts in John Chapter five in John Chapter five beginning. In verse one. John Chapter five beginning in verse one the Bible Sants. After this there was a feast of the Jews and Jesus went off to Jerusalem now there is in Jerusalem by the sheep a a pool which is cold in Hebrew Bethesda having five porches and these lay a great multitude of sick people blind lame paralyzed waiting for the moving of the water for an Angel went down in a certain time of the pool and stirred up the water and then whoever stepped in first after the storing of the water was made well of whatever disease he had continuing in verse five now a certain man was there who had an infirmity thirty eight year can you imagine line there for thirty eight years when Jesus saw him lying there and knew he had already been in that condition a long time he said to him Do you want to be made well. I don't know about you but those words sound very odd to me. Imagine if I was to go to Loma Linda hospital and I go up to a cancer patient who is struggling to breathe and I say do you want to be made well or do you think of me or use nice terms please but. That's crazy of the knocks of course what would they respond what would they say yes absolutely please I want to be made well you see a child who is they are struggling. Do you want to be made well no no I'd rather stay sick for the next thirty eight years it doesn't make logical sense and yet Jesus did not even force healing upon anyone. Is this your desire do you want to be made while. The sick man answered him in verse seven server I have no man that put me in the pool when the water is stirred up but while I am coming and now there are steps down before me did he answer the question. No he did not act instead he offered an excuse. Here do you do you want to be made what well I can't you know I'd like to that sounds nice and all but you see all the people on the water stir then there's no way they trample me like I can't do you see this here. Jesus offers healing and he offers excuses in return do you want to be made healed but notice Jesus does not respond to it in verse eight he says Ronnie's take out your bad and do walk out. You see we may not be suffering under an affirmative for thirty eight years. But every single one of us has a different journey in a different struggle and God today maybe is speaking to us and say do you want to be made well no Lord you know I've tried that in the past but for the last thirty years I've had a horrible temper Laure there's no way I can get over it well no lord I you know be nicely made well and everything but I watch pornography for years there's no way I could give up this habit I've tried before and it hasn't ended well no lord I I know gossip is bad I know I should give that all but I just can't think of anything else to talk about. But here we do not. And we offer these excuses when God offers healing Notice Jesus did not enter into that battleground he did not banter with the excuses Oh well let me see if I can carry you closer to the pool so you can get in more readily. As I would Christ it so he said Brother lift up your beheaded her highs off and walk. The same promise is offered to us today. Today do the same to every single one of us do you want to be made well I don't know the struggle I don't know the addiction Jesus done. To you want to be made while will know the Lord now who do you want to see because if we desire it by the grace of God He is the one who will do it and die that he is the one who will call us to rise and the one that gives us the strength to do so. And through the power of Christ today we can say Yes Lord I want to be made well. Yes Lord I want to experience that healing from these trials in My Lai Yes Lord I want to walk forward in faith Yes Lord I want to experience that victory in you Yes Lord I want to be one. You see today I firmly believe. That there is healing at the foot of the cross and I believe we say Amen this morning because we've experienced it. We've experienced that healing in the cross and Jesus offering that same healing to us today he can turn our tragedies into joy he can turn the heartache into a whole. Jesus can take these trials into a blessing today we are going to close where we began Hebrews Chapter twelve Hebrews Chapter twelve considering verses two and three. Hebrews Chapter twelve. Verses two. And three we are reminded here in verse two looking on to. The all of their hand the finisher of our Fain who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross despising the shame and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. In verse three four consider him who endured such hostility from sinners against himself lest he be calm weary and discouraged and years today who is it that we consider do as Christ. And when those trials come before them we think there are two great Remember consider Jesus Christ remembered to look at the land because that's where the power is found today by the grace of God May we recognize that through his power we can overcome the trial may we see that there are blessings may we recognize that it is Avon's that we indeed are a child of God and he is working in our behalf and may we faithfully see the good that can come through the trial. You see. Her predecessor. Had been slaughtered. Killed by a proud and ruthless King. And yet there she stood before him wondering if her own life would be taken but she was not called for fame she was not called for fortune she was not called for a life of ease rather as Stern knew that she had been called for such a tongue as that and then we see the story of another man. A man who by all intentions was abandoned a man who seemed as though he may have been forgotten a minister of gone and yet there he was despised in on a lonely island. And there as he was shackled on the Lord's day on the Sabbath day he receives this incredible vision that is the foundation of our faith in. This three angels message that we proclaim by the grace of God. And there on the Lonely Island apparently deserted and painted by men God gives this man an incredible vision that thousands and millions would read for years to come. A man who by faith could say that in heaven there will be no more thieves for you see it was the seeds that separated him from his loved ones. No longer will I be alone no longer will I be isolated by heavens favor I can look forward and know that some day soon I too will be there. And yet the story is told of of another man. Of a man who his advisor of sorts sold him you're doing it all wrong. You should know better than Matt you could be king this whole nation could be yours why do you have to mess it up why do you have to sit there idle the as they bind you why don't you take it before the courts why you scored and beat you could be free. And yet you see the one who had it all wrong was Judas. For Jesus knew that the only way to Stetson's captives free was for him that night to be bound. By the grace of God We can look today at the one who overcame in flesh and blood and know that we too can overcome flash and blah. Choosing to rejoice in the trial is not natural. But it's heavenly and God has promised us today he who began the good work not going to see only hear the good work in you. I know him as fairly bringing you to to the degree to the college the procedure the program that's not in the focus is that we becoming more like Jesus through the process and today God is calling us and he says you know when that trial becomes strong Don't grit your teeth. Don't bear it as long as you can. Rather remember to law. Looking on to Jesus. And by the grace of God These challenges that he brings into our life may we grow there by. The fire design your prayer today. And if that is what you just stand with me help me Father God. Lord today as we have looked at your where. We have seen so many different circumstances in the life of your children that looked hopeless circumstances that seemed as though the wall was before them and there's no way they could cross the sea and you have father you took their pain and turn it into joy you take that trial and you turn it into victory you took that lonely island and you gave a vision that has a blast every single one of us here hundreds of years later and so father to day we want to praise you we want to think you so much for even the challenges that have come our way that have drawn us closer to your side Lord I just think you so much that Jesus gets it that Jesus knows that Jesus went through it and that Jesus will continue to carry us through. Then Q Lord for reminding us that yes we might walk through the fire but Jesus is walking with us. And Father we just desire the change of heart today we desire to become more and more like you we desired to look with your eyes Father help us to remember our true purpose their reason we are here today is to become more and more like Jesus. Open our eyes so that we can minister to those around us and to reveal the love and the grace that you have so. We thank you a range of. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W. Verse or.


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